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Duke Dog Pride


Duke Club fundraising has increased by 95% over the last five years. This growth is a reflection of JMU alumni and fans’ immense passion for the Dukes, and their willingness to support our mission. We will continue to move forward through the generosity of our current donors and the addition of new Duke Club members.

Goals for 2012

Dear JMU Family and Friends, The past twelve months mark, yet, another record year for the Duke Club. In 2011, our annual gifts increased by 38%, and our membership increased by 40%. These are remarkable statistics, and they reflect the growing support and generosity of our alumni and fans. The result of your investment has been success in competition and in the classroom. In the last two years, JMU has won more CAA Championships than any other school. More importantly, our student-athletes are graduating at a rate 12% higher than the national average. Your support makes these achievements possible. I thank you for all that you do. For those who are not currently Duke Club members, I hope you will join us in our mission. We strive to achieve excellence on and off the field, and produce student-athletes who will go on to lead meaningful and productive lives. It all begins with resources. In this booklet you will find out more about who we are and how you can help. I thank you for your time, energy, and passion. With your support, we will continue to make JMU Athletics the very best program it can be. Go Dukes!

$2.1 Million



Jeffrey Bourne Jeff Bourne Director of Athletics James Madison University


D u k e C l ub M e mb e r s


Scholarship Gap Accomplishing these goals will provide significantly more funding for deserving student-athletes. Also, by reaching 3,500 members we will continue to grow our foundation of donors, which last year surpassed most of our CAA competitors and peer institutions across the nation.


Scholarship expenditures for 20112012 JMU student-athletes total $6.3M, which is an increase from $4.0M in 2007. A priority for the Duke Club is to close this gap each year by growth in membership and participation in the 110% program.

Pride in Who We are - Pride in Where we’ve been - Pride in where we are going - Proud to do my part

Message From the Director of Athletics


Duke Club Goals

Duke dog pride highlights Duke Dog Pride set out in January of 2011 with the goal to add 2,011 new Duke Club members. The previous record for a single year was 769. While the ambitious goal was not fully achieved, the results were remarkable. Over 1,400 alumni and friends joined the Duke Club as new members, increasing overall membership by 40%. The resulting impact on our teams and studentathletes was $437,000 in funds for scholarships and the general operating budget. Thank you to everyone who made Duke Dog Pride a success!


2012 Duke Club Brochure  

2012 Duke Club Brochure

2012 Duke Club Brochure  

2012 Duke Club Brochure