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Employer Relations & Recruiting Services Newsletter Fall 2013

Inside This Issue JMU Welcomes You............................... 2 VACE Conference................................... 3 SoACE Conference................................. 4 Career and Internship Fairs................... 5 OCR Opportunities................................ 6 CAP Features New York......................... 6 The Big Move........................................ 7 Dukes Study Abroad............................. 8 New Major at JMU................................ 9 Student Shout Outs............................ 10 Stay Connected with CAP.....................11

Important Dates N ovem b e r 4: Sp ri ng 201 4 Recruit in g Se a s o n Regi strat ion Begin s Sp ri ng 201 4 Career & In tern s hip Fa i r Regi st rat i on Begin s De c em b e r 8-11 : So u t he rn Associat ion o f Col l ege s a nd Emp lo ye rs Con feren c e Fe b r ua r y 18- 1 9 : Sp ri ng 201 4 Career & In tern s hip Fair Ap r i l 23 - 25 : Vi rgi n i a Asso ciat ion o f Col l eges a nd Emp lo ye rs Con feren c e S U M MER 2014: C a ree r and Ac ademic Pl a n n in g Of fice Move s

JMU Welcomes You!


A world-class faculty that stresses teaching and mentoring students. A curriculum that not only provides a well-rounded liberal arts foundation, but also emphasizes hands-on learning experiences that give a JMU education real-world relevance. An educational community that stresses teamwork, collaboration and strategic partnerships with business, industry and the community. And an ethos of public service that ranks JMU among the 8 percent of American colleges and universities designated by the Carnegie Foundation as a Community Engaged Institution.


- Pam Brock, Madison Magazine


51 st

Anniversary of VACE

All college personnel and employers are welcome! Registration is open to members, as well as non-members.

VACE is about strengthening relationships. It’s about connections between employers who hire college students and university career services offices. Our upcoming conference is a chance to network and communicate‌ to discuss college recruiting and develop ideas for the year ahead.

Come join us. 3


Monumental Learning Capital Networking Historic Fun

December 8-11, 2013 • Network with 300+ human resource and university career professionals Chantilly, Virginia • Opportunity to earn NBCC and HRCI continuing education credits • Choose from 50+ presentations and roundtable discussions • Connect with 25+ exhibitions • Network with government officials and employers at our first ever Agency/ Employer Fair

The FIRST 125 registrants will receive keynote speaker Stephanie Vance’s book “The Influence Game.“

NOTE AND SPOTLIGHT SPEAKERS Stephanie Vance Keynote Speaker The Advocacy Guru see Stephanie on Monday, December 9

Matthew Pellish Keynote Speaker from the Education Advisory Board see Matthew on Wednesday, December 11

Pamela Green Spotlight Speaker sponsored by Milliken from the Power Project Institute see Pamela on Tuesday, December 10

Tim McManus Spotlight Speaker from the Education Advisory Board see Tim on Tuesday, December 10

Learn why 70% of our conference attendees continue to come back each year.

Full Conference Registration starting at $449. Early Bird Deadline: October 27

Spaces still available in pre-conference activities.

PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOPS AND SITE VISIT • Hard Questions and How to Answer Them: Tools and Strategies for the College Career Coach, presented by Matthew Brendt, The Campus Career Coach • Total Internship Management Academy, presented by Dr. Robert Shindell, Intern Bridge • Diversity, Inclusion, and Multicultural Competency: What do They Mean and Why are They Important to Career Services Professionals, presented by Marian Higgins, The University of Georgia • Northrop Grumman Site Visit

Register Today Southern Association of Colleges and Employers


Reflecting on Fall Career & Internship Fair This was our bi-annual 2-day career fair event open to students of all majors! 130 employers attended the event!

Following the fair was a networking reception in the Leeolou Alumni Center Great Room. 32 companies attended to connect with JMU faculty, staff and senior administration over passed hors d’oeuvres and beverages!

View our photos from the Career & Internship Fair and Networking Reception!

Thanks to all the employers that attended this fall!

Looking Forward to the Spring Career & Internship Fair February 18-19

A 2-day event with different employers BOTH days! There will be plenty of space to mingle with fellow employers, and most importantly students, in the Festival Ballroom. The first day will be followed by a Networking Reception to give employers more time to connect with JMU faculty, staff and senior administration. Personal invitations to follow.

Registration begins November 4th, 2013! on Recruit-A-Duke


Gaining Access to OCR If you wish to set up an on-campus interview with a student and they are indicating that they are experiencing an issue applying, please ensure that they have done the following: • View the Recruit-A-Duke online tutorial. • Once the tutorial is viewed, students must complete a short quiz • Students must allow 1 business day to gain access to apply for OCR positions Students who do not complete these steps will be unable to access any of the On-Campus Recruiting opportunities.

CAP Features New York Alumni This past summer, Employer Relations and Recruiting Services’ Assistant Director, Denise Rudolph and Recruiting Programs Coordinator, Emma Maynard visited New York City to connect with NYC employers. There they came across several JMU alums who have made the “big move” to the “big apple”. In order to enlighten JMU students about the various opportunities and experiences available in New York City, Career and Academic Planning is publishing a special edition of our Alumni Spotlight blog series this semester, entitled CAP Loves NY. In this special edition we’ll be highlighting different JMU alumni who are working in various fields in NYC. The posts will include alumni reflections on what life is like in NYC, how to go about finding jobs there, and what they’ve learned throughout their professional journeys. You can view our first special edition of the series by following this link. If you are a JMU alum who is excited to share your journey from student to professional in the workplace, please contact us at, and you could be the next spotlight! 6

The Big Move

Beginning next fall, Employer Relations and Recruiting Services will be taking up residence in a new addition to JMU’s campus: the Student Success Center (SSC).The SSC will be housed in Constitution Hall, which is made up of the north and west towers of the former Rockingham Memorial Hospital on the north side of campus. The expanded center will include various learning, health and service organizations such as Career and Academic Planning (which includes Employer Relations and Recruiting Services), Community Service Learning, Disability Services, Orientation, the Learning Centers, the Health Center, Judicial Affairs, and several more. JMU started developing the center in 1998, and is excited for its grand opening. Be sure to look out for more information on the “Big Move” in our Spring Employer Newsletter! For more information about JMU’s new Student Success Center, click here. 7

Dukes Study Abroad It is no secret that globalization in the workplace is expanding full force. As the world continues to get “smaller”, we are spending more time interacting with individuals of various other cultures (Zakaria, 2000). Future business leaders must be prepared to interact with people and cultural situations that differ significantly from their North American life experiences (Douglas & Jones-Rikkers, 2001). One way in which students of the 21st century have embraced this increase in globalization is by taking steps to become more culturally aware. At JMU there are several opportunities for students to achieve this awareness; however there is one opportunity that stands out amongst the rest: participation in a Study Abroad Program (SAP). Since JMU’s first study abroad program to London in 1979, students have had the unparalleled opportunity to take their studies overseas. Today JMU offers semester-long programs in England, Belgium, Spain, Italy and China. Additionally, there are fifty short-term SAPs available to students that span across six continents and last from four weeks to an entire summer. Studying abroad provides students with a chance to change their perspective of the world. Delores Blough, JMU Director of International Student and Scholar Services says, “Part of what people value about diversity is that it does, hopefully, expand everyone’s worldviews. No one would argue in this day and age that having a global outlook is unimportant. Everyone needs that global outlook”. The diverse opportunities that are available to JMU students through SAPs can be culturally enriching, but also life-changing. One student says of her time studying in Florence, Italy, “I gained an entirely new perspective on life. By being placed outside of my comfort zone and into an entirely new culture, I learned more about other people, other ways of life and myself than I could ever learn here at JMU”. Students who take their studies abroad are proven to see a high rate of success professionally. A study that was conducted by IES Abroad found that nearly 90% of study abroad alumni found their first jobs within six months of graduation, compared to only 49% of recent college graduates in the general population who found jobs within a year (IES, 2012). It was also found that study abroad alumni have a high rate of success professionally. The study showed Click to view video that study abroad alumni earned $7,000 more in starting salaries (IES 2012). This can be attributed to the extraordinary skills obtained by studying abroad, such adaptability, global understanding and tolerance, leadership, independence and foreign language skills. Students who study abroad have proven to be excellent candidates for various careers. JMU is proud to send over 1,000 students abroad each year who return to the states with new skillsets and a new outlook on life. For more information on JMU’s Study Abroad Programs, click here. Sources: JMU Office of Public Affairs (2013), Study Abroad Programs and American Student World-mindedness (2001), The effects of cross-cultural training on the acculturation process of the global workforce.(2000), IES Abroad (2013)


New Major at JMU: Biophysical Chemistry

This fall marked the implementation of a new major at James Madison University: Biophysical Chemistry. Biophysical Chemistry is an interdisciplinary area where scientists analyze the physical properties of biological systems. Not only is this the first time that this major has been offered at JMU; it is the first time that it has been offered at any university in Virginia. This new major is available to students through the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry in the College of Science and Mathematics. The Biophysical Chemistry program includes courses that provide a foundation in chemistry with a study of biological systems, and emphasize hands-on learning. Additionally, research is a crucial component of the program. Students who graduate with a degree in this field can be expected to find careers in biochemistry, chemistry, and medicine, and many of these students go on to receive doctoral degrees. Career paths include positions such as analytical/biophysical chemist, science writer, physician, pharmacist, government research scientist, biotechnologist, cancer researcher, and several more. In order to be successful, Biophysical Chemistry students must be curious, have exceptional math skills, and enjoy science. They must also exhibit perseverance, judgment, and good attitude. For more information on this new major and the students who pursue it, click here. *Source: JMU Career Guide (2013)

JMU’s BioScience Building is dedicated to Biology and bio-related majors. The building has many classrooms, labs, and a greenhouse for Biology students. 9

Student Shout-outs JMU Students Love Our On-Campus Recruiting Partners! “American Woodmark seems like a very value-based company who hold employees accountable.”

“With Cvent I felt really welcomed and comfortable talking to everyone, and felt no pressure or anxiety during my interview.”

“I enjoyed meeting everyone from Excella Consulting. They were friendly and great at answering any questions that I had.”

“Hyatt is a great company. My interview was enjoyable and I felt comfortable throughout it.”

“I really like how integrated the TTI employees seem. Everyone that I have talked to was very knowledgeable and nice.”

“Elliot Davis, LLC is a very friendly company with a great forward-thinking attitude, growth potential and enthusiasm.”


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Employers Newsletter Fall 2013  
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