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1st Tito's Cocktail or Corona



DJ Kirk Cummings!

Coupon Available at SPLASH BASH Entrance

4343 North 7th Avenue Phoenix facebook.com/stacysatmelrose





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It’s National Pride Month!


his month we celebrate National Pride Month and the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall riots. In Arizona, we’re celebrating Bisbee Pride, Flagstaff Pride and Splash Bash Weekend. In 1989 my first boyfriend and I visited New York City. Boy, did we pick a good weekend! We saw a parade coming our way; it was the 20th anniversary Stonewall march so we joined in for our very first LGBTQ event. Hundreds of thousands of people marched together, ending in a rally in Central Park. It was the first time I ever held hands with someone in public!  This month you can celebrate National Pride Month here in Arizona at Bisbee and Flagstaff Prides. If you want to enjoy our freedom in Phoenix, stay the weekend with old friends and make new friends as ION Arizona, RipplePHX and Hustle take over the Embassy Suites Hotel Phoenix Airport June 7-9. The fun starts at Charlie’s for your last chance to win free tickets and purchase discount tickets then it’s back to the hotel for Splash Bash in a FREE shuttle. After Splash Bash on Saturday, June 8, we’ll head over to Stacy’s @ Melrose in the Splash shuttle again for the official after party. Get a coupon at the entrance of Splash Bash for a $2 Tito’s cocktail or a Corona. Join us back at the hotel for the first ever HUSTLE Disco Dive Sunday party. Expect it to get a little crazy!  30


Now that summer’s here, what better time to lay out by the pool or cuddle up next to your air conditioner with a good book? This month we review several great LGBTQ books, including an interview with personality Frank DeCaro, author of Drag: Combing through the Big Wigs of Show Business. You’ll notice that RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant and Tucson’s own Tempest DuJour graces the cover. Check it out on page 38. I’m very proud of my awesome staff, contributors, advertisers, supporters and readers. It’s been an adventure, to say the least. Next month is our 18th birthday. Where were you July 2001? Were you in Arizona? Were you in diapers? Well, you’re all here now and we’re going to celebrate by introducing our own ION theme song, our own ION App available in Android and Apple stores and a new ION website. The best is yet to come! Celebrate National Pride Month by joining me at Arizona Pride Festivals, stay with me Splash Bash Weekend, let RipplePHX give you an HIV/STD test at one of the many clubs and clinics found in this issue, read a good book and party responsibly. Use ION as your guide to all the fun in the sun! Sincerely

Jack M. Tesorero Proud Gay

Friday, June 14, 2019 TIME EVENT Noon Pride Village 5:30 pm Lingerie Pub Crawl 8:00 pm Street Dance 8:00 pm Comedy Show 8:00 pm Pride Risqué Extravaganza Male & Female Burlesque The De Strangé Sisters 9:00 pm Taylor Reneé Cameo Saturday, June 15 2019 TIME EVENT 8:00 am Pride Village 9:00 am Pride Parade 10:00 am Day Stage 11:00 am Pool Party Noon Community Stage Noon Youth Zone 7:30 pm Bisbee Pride Main Stage 8:00 pm Comedy Show 8:00 pm Under 21 Dance 9:00 pm Drag Show 10:00 pm Dance Regular Admission Ticket includes: $45 Headliner Show $30 & Dance $15 VIP ticket includes: $80 Friday Night Dance $15 Show tickets $30 Dance $15 Two Drink Tickets $15 Meet & Greet $20 Redemption Sunday $5 Sunday, June 16, 2019 11:00 am Bisbee Pride, Inc. & Bisbee Hot N’ Spicy Present: Magic Theater Mimosas & Hot N’ Spicy Bloody Mary’s Twisted Sister Bingo* Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence *$1 per card per bingo game Fun n’ games, The BTC, DJ Rebyl, Go-Go Party Boys N’ Girls, giveaways, prizes and more! 32


Splash Bash! It’s a shark attack! Splash Bash style! Ring in summer with the best pool party in whole, wide world! (Hey, it’s true!) Join ION Arizona and RipplePHX for Tito’s Handmade Vodka “Splash Bash!” Music, DJs, go-go dancers and fun! The sexiest people in town will be at the Embassy Suites Phoenix Airport Hotel at 2333 E. Thomas Rd. For tix got to IONAZ.com It’s better than ever! (See ads all over this issue!)

Arizona LGBTQ Pride is Everywhere! The Grand Canyon state is showing its LGBTQ Pride everywhere! June 8: Celebrate the first ever Mohave County Pride in beautiful Kingman at Metcalf Park! Learn more at MohavePride.org June 14-16: It’s the 15th Annual Bisbee Pride. Singer David Hernandez will entertain you, and you can’t miss The Screaming Banshee. Visit BisbeePride.com for a complete list. (See ads pp. 32 & 33) • June 21-23: Flagstaff Pride in the Pines. Cool your heels up in the High Country with the Lumberjacks. Check out FlagstaffPride.org for everything.

Pride Night with Phoenix Mercury Get rowdy with the Phoenix Mercury when they play the Los Angeles Sparks on Pride Night! Things get crazy on Friday, June 14 at the Talking Stick Resort Arena, 201 E. Jefferson. St. in Phoenix. Tickets on sale now at PhoenixMercury.com (See ad on p. 29) Photo by LeakedGlass



Ignite: United & Equal Eight days. 22 testing venues. Zero stigma. It’s HIV Testing Week. Do you your status? Need to re-check? This is a great time to take care of yourself and others. Take advantage of the convenient locations and times at your favorite bars and other locations. Remember: We’re all equal! June 22-29. More info and a full schedule at SWCenter.org/NHTW2019. (See ad on p. 37)

Stonewall Anniversary Party at Pat O’s Bunkhouse Things got pretty wild 50 years ago in a little bar New York City bar called The Stonewall Inn right after Judy Garland died. We’re celebrating our rights today with a black out party, a tea dance and fun! It all happens at June 28-30 at The Bunkhouse, 4428 N. 7th Ave. in Phoenix. (See ad on p. 26)

JUNE 2019 ION EVENTS DATE Sundays 7 8 8 8 8-9 14 14-16 15 21 21 21 & 22 21-23 22 22-29 28-30 29 JULY 3

EVENT LOCATION CITY Banana Hammock Sundays Charlie’s Phoenix Splash Bash Kick-Off Party Charlie’s Phoenix Mohave County Pride Metcalf Park Kingman Foam Party Charlie’s Phoenix AZ Men of Leather Night The Anvil Phoenix Splash Bash Weekend Embassy Suites Airport Phoenix Pride Night w/ Phx Mercury Talking Stick Arena Phoenix Bisbee Pride Historic Bisbee High Heels & Harnesses The Anvil Phoenix Bearracuda The Rock Phoenix Pups & Handlers Night The Anvil Phoenix Customer Appreciation Party Dick’s Cabaret Phoenix Flagstaff Pride in the Pines Various Flagstaff Leathermen Auction The Anvil Phoenix Ignite Nat’l. HIV Testing Week Valleywide Stonewall Anniversary Weekend Bunkhouse Phoenix Gear Night The Anvil Phoenix Carnaval Latino



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Wig Lit By Deon Brown


ith a little bit of lipstick and a powderpuff you could be another Garbo ... in the rough. Writer, actor, talk radio host and pop culture personality Frank DeCaro published his opus magnus all about drag (with a cover photo of Tempest DuJour by ION contributing photographer Scotty Kirby, no less.) We chatted with “Drag Hag Number One” all about the craft and culture in his new book. ION: How did you reign in so much drag? FDC: It was daunting at first. There certainly could’ve been more, but I focused on the ones who meant and mean something to me. Every time you turn over one glitter encrusted stone you’d find another one! “Oh my god! There’s more!” It’s encyclopedic in its approach but there’s an arc to it. It’s about the development, acceptance and mainstreaming of drag. I like history, but I love pop culture; I wasn’t dying to write about Elizabethan drag, or dive into the music hall tradition of Britain. ION: Is drag mainstream today?

Lypsinka Photo by Steven Menendez

FDC: In a way, it was always mainstream. It just wasn’t allowed to be presented in all of its many rainbow colors. Even in the mid20th century you could turn on Here’s Lucy! on

the TV and see Jim Bailey, the gender illusionist deluxe, and it was accepted. There was nothing more mainstream than a show starring Lucille Ball with a drag queen—although he hated that term—performing. It was deranged and wonderful. To me, drag queens are really the last bastion of true entertainment, and a throwback to the golden era of entertainment. They’ll do anything to make sure you have a good time; it could be juggling knives, impersonating Carol Channing, or doing magic, it doesn’t matter what it takes. ION: Drag has always existed, even during the most conservative times. FDC: My god! Now I have to be even gayer? What do I have to do!? It’s like a glitter bomb! In the most conservative times is when you need it the most. That was part of my impulse to write the book and make it my mission. You have a drag name, right? FDC: Phatti Lupone. I kinda do look like Patti Lupone on a helium pill. I played a Jewish mother named “Goldie” in a web series called Spooners I looked like a character from The Far Side. I’m not exactly glamorous.

ION: Name the top five drag queens of all time who made the greatest impact. FDC: Charles Pierce, Flip Wilson, Charles Bush, RuPaul, and Milton Berle. That’s a good mix. ION: Who’s the greatest unsung hero of drag? FDC: I don’t think it’s so much that he didn’t get the credit, the tragedy is more that he didn’t get a longer career because he died so young, and that’s Charles Ludlam. [Playwright and star of The Mystery of Irma Vep.] His career—like so many others— was cut short. It’s not so much that they weren’t understood or were underappreciated, but there was so much more work and creativity left in so many. It’s not an easy life. It’s interesting to me that so many never got to be senior citizens— and it’s not just because of the AIDS crisis. Anything from suicide, murder, to cancer, or addiction. They had a lot more glamour and glitter to give. (pauses) Wow! That’s a downer! (laughs) ION: Is there any drag taboo? FDC: The most exciting thing about drag right now is there’s such an expansion on what drag actually June 2019 WWW.IONAZ.COM 39

ION: You’ve parlayed your expertise in drag discussing at the Chicago Humanities Festival. means. You can be a man with a beard—or a woman with a beard! I know there are people who are real purists, but if you’re fierce, it doesn’t much matter what genitalia you have or how old it is; if you can step your pussy up and be entertaining once that curtain goes up, anything can happen. Do it right! Get out there and live your drag truth!

FDC: My goal is to go to cities around the country and have panel discussions with local drag talent and performances. Another is to turn the book into a documentary series for television. I want it to be serious. It’s a story for everybody. ION: What do you want readers to come away with after reading Drag? FDC: Be cognizant of what came before. I write books like this and The Dead Celebrity Cookbook because there’s so many people whose legacies are not being preserved. That troubles me greatly. My mission is that if someone picks up this book then they’ll know who Sylvester or Charles Pierce or Divine were. I’ll have made my contribution is to polishing their stars. The crime isn’t not knowing something, the crime is not caring that you don’t know something. Being curious is the thing. Lack of curiosity is about the worst feature in a person. There! That’s my soapbox!

Varla Jean Merman Photo by Rex Bonomelli

Drag: Combing Through the Big Wigs of Show Business By Frank DeCaro The Boulet Brothers Photo by Dusti Cunningham

Publisher: Rizzoli | Hardcover | 256 pp. | $35.00 SRP Available on Amazon for $22.48


ead any good books lately? Books are just like TV, but for smart people. (And there’s no commercials.) Summer’s a great time to pick up a good read. ION made it easy for you. We’ve picked out a pile of books to entertain, educate and enlighten you. You might even pick the one that’s a little bit racy. There’s something for everyone. Relax. Here’s some of the best in LGBTQ reading that’ll keep you turning pages all summer long. (And we have a long summer here in Arizona.)

The Stonewall Reader

June 28, 2019 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, the most significant event in the gay liberation movement. This is a collection of first accounts, diaries, periodic literature, and articles from LGBTQ magazines and newspapers at the New York Public Library that documented both the years leading up to and the years following the riots. Most importantly the anthology spotlights both iconic activists who were pivotal in the movement, as well as forgotten figures. Published by Penguin Classics $18.00 SRP | Paperback | 336 pages | Kindle $11.99 Available on Amazon for $11.78

We Are Everywhere: Protest, Power, and Pride in the History of Queer Liberation

by Matthew Reimer & Leighton Brown Need a photographic history lesson about the fight for LGBT rights beyond Stonewall? Check out this rich and sweeping history of the Queer Liberation Movement. Our history hasn’t been taught in schools; it’s been passed from person to person. Here we are, in these pages. This is our fight, our history, and we must learn it, embrace it, and never forget all those who fought and died so that we may live. From the creators of the Instagram account @LGBT_History Published by Ten Speed Press $40.00 SRP | Hardcover | 336 pages | Kindle $19.99 Available on Amazon for $25.47

David Sedaris

Theft by Finding: Diaries (1977-2002) and Diaries: A Visual Compendium

America’s funniest writer, the OCD Sedaris is a keen observer of the Human Condition as well as his own foibles. Theft by Finding contains his best journal entries. The Visual Compendium offers readers a scrapbook view of his life accompanying his diary’s observations. Sedaris will read on Saturday, June 15 at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe. Tickets at Changing Hands.com

Theft by Finding Diaries: A Visual Compendium Quality Paperback | 528 pp. Hardback, 256 pp. Available on Amazon Available on Amazon $12.23 print, $1.99 Kindle $18.99 print, $19.99 indle

Mr. Know-It-All: The Tarnished Wisdom of a Filth Elder by John Waters

No one knows more about everything―especially everything rude, clever, and offensively compelling― than John Waters. The man in the pencil-thin mustache, auteur of the cult movie classics Pink Flamingos, Polyester, the original Hairspray, and A Dirty Shame, is one of the world’s great filthiest, funniest, wittiest sophisticates, and in this book, Waters serves it up raw. Don’t miss him Sunday, June 30 at Celebrity Theatre, 440 N. 32nd St. in Phoenix, courtesy of Changing Hands Bookstore. Tix: 602-267-1600 US.MacMillan.com/FSG Hardcover | 385 pp. $16.95 print SRP | $11.95 electronic Available at Amazon.com for $17.70 print $13.99 Kindle June 2019 WWW.IONAZ.COM 43

Too Much Is Not Enough A Memoir of Fumbling Toward Adulthood by Andrew Rannells

From the star of Broadway’s The Book of Mormon and HBO’s Girls, dig into the heartfelt and hilarious coming-of-age memoir of a sexually confused Midwestern boy surviving bad auditions, bad relationships, and some really bad highlights as he chases his dreams in New York City. Honest and hilarious, this is an unforgettable look at love, loss, and the powerful forces that determine who we become. Published by Crown Archetype $26.00 SRP | Hardcover | 272 pages Available on Amazon $11.30, Kindle $12.99

Sissy: A Coming of Gender Story by Jacob Tobia

From the moment a doctor put “male” on Jacob Tobia’s birth certificate, everything went wrong. Naturally sensitive, creative, and glitterobsessed, Jacob was labeled “sissy.” Jacob invites us to rethink what we know about gender and offers a bold blueprint for a healed world free from gender-based trauma and bursting with trans-inclusive feminism. Writing with the fierce honesty, wildly irreverent humor, and wrenching vulnerability Sissy guarantees that you’ll never think about gender--both other people’s people’s and your own--the same way again. Even St. Oprah picked this as a favorite read. Published G.B. Putnam’s Sons, a division of Penguin Random House, $26.00 SRP | Hardcover | 336 pages Available on Amazon $17.10 44



By Taylor Saracen for Kyle Ross This coming-of-age fictionalized biography and selfdiscovery about Helix model Kyle Ross, who struggles to find acceptance from friends and family while also confronting an emotionally abusive mother. Writer and educator Taylor Saracen says, “I seek to de-stigmatize those who work in the adult film industry by showing how closely their struggles mirror our own.” TWINK is not an erotic novel. It is intended for young, gay readers. Professionally written, it will be also be of of interest to Helix fans, no doubt. Kyle is engaged to Helix model Max Carter. Lucky him! Quality paperback | 204 pages Available on Amazon, $15.67 print, $7.19 Kindle.

Far from the World We Know by Harper Bliss

Romance for the lesbians we love! Broken from past trauma, Laura heads to small-town Texas, where she crosses paths with sharp-witted Tess. Laura isn’t ready to open up again— but her feelings for Tess are undeniable. Will Tess be able to get past Laura’s defenses? Will Laura allow herself to love, and live, again? Find out in this powerful new novel by charttopping author Harper Bliss. Eat your heart out, Barbara Cartland! Quality Paperback | 223 pages Available on Amazon $13.99 print | Kindle $12.99

Best Gay Erotica of the Year, vol. 4 Edited by Rob Rosen

Much like a fine wine the “Best Gay Erotica” series just keeps getting better. With erotic stories from hot tops and bossy bottoms, to the rough-and-tumble type just asking to get downand-dirty. Pour yourself a glass and curl up with this pot boiler. Clothing optional. “Readers looking for some quick, blazing-hot reads will enjoy this sizzling, high-energy anthology.”— Publishers Weekly CleisPress.com Quality Paperback | 216 pp. $16.95 print SRP | $11.95 electronic Available at Amazon.com for $9.93 print $9.43 Kindle



Glamourhood with Carnita Asada!

Carnita Asada presents an all-inclusive talent competition open to everybody, no matter how they self-identify. Show the world what makes you unique! Looking for singers, stand-up comedians, drag performers, painters, magicians, dancers, and burlesque entertainers. Prizes and cash winnings, plus paid bookings for the winner! The magic starts on Friday, June 28. The show starts at 9:30 p.m. at Paz Cantina, 330 E. Roosevelt. No cover! Free parking on 3rd St. & Portland. Reach out to MissCarnitaAsada@ gmail.com or Instagram @CarnitaAsada if you’re interested.







Cruisin’ 7th

Sunday Extravaganza Fundraiser w/ Regina Gazelle



Cruisin’ 7th


10:00pm The Rock

The Cotton Club Revue Presents “Duets” w/ Devina Ross Mugged w/ Doja & Brii


10:30pm Karamba

Ruby’s Fathers Day Show


10:00pm The Rock

Late Nite Snax w/ Benaddiction


10:30pm Karamba

The Queen’s of Karamba


10:00pm Charlie’s

The Strip Factor - Claudia B, Piper M’Shay & Adriana Galliano




Claudia’s Karaoke Cabaret “Sing with the Queen”

Wednesdays 8:30pm


La Loteria with Susan Martell

Wednesdays 9:30pm


Wednesdays 10:30pm Karamba

Diamond in Fuego Karamba Girls Show with Mileena Dallas & Fernanda Vargas


10:30pm Karamba

Aubrey Ghalichi Show


10:00pm Charlie’s

Piping Hot Thursdays with Piper M’Shay

2nd & 4th Fri 10:00pm The Rock

Coco’s Charm School


TGIF (Thank Grande Its Friday) with Espressa Grande


Cruisin’ 7th





10:30pm The Rock

The Boys & The Booze With Diamond Dallas & The Sinful Studs Special Event Rotating Drag Shows




New Times Best Drag Show Freaky Fridays with Celia Putty



BS West

Elements - The Valley’s Top Drag Entertainers


10:30pm Cruisin’ 7th

Lady Christian’s Lady & the Tramps


10:00pm The Rock

The Barbra Seville Show




Saturday Under the Stars With Claudia B




Pussy LeHoot & Friends


10:30pm Charlie’s

Latin Explosion With Adriana Galliano


10:30pm Karamba

Ruby Reynolds Show June 2019 WWW.IONAZ.COM 47



Jennifer Lopez

Jenny from the Block only wears haute couture now that she’s rich and famous, but she has her own cheap-o fashion line for everybody else available at Kohl’s. J-Lo gets On the Floor on Sunday, June 16 at Talking Stick Resort Arena, 201 E. Jefferson St. in Phoenix. A perfect Father’s Day gift―for you, that is. More expensive than a ticket to one of her awful movies, but way better! Get your tickets at TicketMaster.com or call 800-745-3000

Khalid with Clairo

Khalid made history by becoming the first and only artist to occupy the entire top 5 of the Billboard R&B Songs chart. Dig those sexy vocal vibes when he heats up the summer night with Clairo on Thursday, June 20 at Gila River Arena, 9400 W. Maryland Ave. in Glendale. For tickets go to Ticketmaster.com. or call 800-745-3000. Find out more about him on KhalidOfficial.com

Shawn Mendes

We can already hear the screaming of Tween girls and gay boys everywhere. The dreamy 20-year-old Canadian heartthrob and Calvin Klein underwear model (who is not gay, despite persistent rumors. Damn.) brings his love to the stage on Friday, July 5 at Gila River Arena, 9400 W. Maryland Ave. in Glendale. For tickets go to Ticketmaster.com. or call 800-745-3000. Find out more at ShawnMendesOfficial.com

JUNE 2019 ION CONCERT CALENDAR DATE ARTIST LOCATION PHONE 1 Luis Miguel Talking Stick Resort Arena - Phx 800-745-3000 7 Foreigner Pool @ Talking Stick Resort - Scotts 800-745-3000 12 Train, Goo Goo Dolls Ak-Chin Pavilion - Phoenix 800-745-3000 16 Jennifer Lopez Talking Stick Resort Arena - Phx 800-745-3000 20 Khalid & Clairo Gila River Arena - Glendale 800-745-3000 22 Santana & Doobie Bros. Ak-Chin Pavilion - Phoenix 800-745-3000 23 Rob Thomas Comerica Theatre - Phoenix 800-745-3000 26 Paul McCartney Talking Stick Resort Arena - Phoenix 800-745-3000 29 Indigo Girls The Van Buren 800-745-3000 JULY 5 Jon Bellion Comerica Theatre - Phoenix 800-745-3000 9 Shawn Mendes Gila River Arena - Glendale 800-745-3000 June 2019 WWW.IONAZ.COM 49

The Try Guys: Legends of the Internet

These former Buzzfeed bros promise to try anything once. (Anything? Hmmm ...) They’re on tour bringing an evening of comedy, spectacle and friendship in this interactive show. Saturday, June 22 at Comerica Theatre, 401 W. Washington St. Get your tickets at TicketMaster.com or call 800-745-3000

Jonathan Van Ness

The Emmy wining, fey, foppish, funny Queer Eye grooming guy (and UofA Wildcat) alum brings a show with “cirque-duso-gay-realness” between stand-up sets inspired by his lifelong obsession to be a figure skater—just in time for the 2022 Olympics in Beijing. Friday, June 21 at the Comerica Theatre, 401 W. Washington St. in Phoenix. Visit TicketMaster.com or call 800-745-3000

John Waters

The man your parents warned you about. The creator of movie classics like Pink Flamingos, Hairspray and Serial Mom comes to town in his one-man-show, “This Filthy World.” Bound to be disgusting. Don’t miss it! Sunday, June 30 at Celebrity Theatre, 440 N. 32nd St. in Phoenix. For tix go to CelebrityTheatre.com or call 602-267-1600


7-23 7-7/26 8 thru 9 thru 18 19 21 21 22 22-23 30



Summer of Tennesse WilliamsMesa Encore Theatre The Addams Family AZ B’way Theatre - Peoria Musical Mayhem Scorpius Dance Troupe Single Black Female Black Theatre Troupe - Phoenix Man w/ Pointed Toes Hale Ctr. Theatre - Gilbert Freak Show StandUp Live - Phoenix Jay Leno Talking Stick Resort - Scottsdale Jonathan Van Ness Comerica Theatre - Phoenix The Try Guys Comerica Theatre - Phoenix Eddie Izzard Orpheum Theatre - Phoenix John Waters Celebrity Theatre - Phoenix


480-644-6500 623-776-8400 ScorpiusDance.com 602-258-8129 480-497-1181 480-719-6100 800-745-3000 800-745-3000 800-745-3000 800-745-3000 602-267-1600

June 2019 WWW.IONAZ.COM 51



March 2019 WWW.IONAZ.COM 53



They Can Work It Out Yesterday Starring: Himesh Patel, Lily James, Kate McKinnon, Ed Sheeran

Papi Chulo Starring: Matt Bomer, Alejandro Patiño After a newlysingle Los Angeles TV weatherman Sean (Bomer, White Collar, Will & Grace, AHS) calls it quits with his boyfriend, he’s put on leave following an embarrassing on-air meltdown. Struggling to right his life and find a sense of purpose, he directs his energy into home improvement and hires Ernesto (Patiño, FX’s The Bridge), a middle-aged Latino day laborer to help with a few odd jobs. Despite the language barrier (not to mention having nothing in common), the two men develop an unexpected but profound friendship in this darkly comedic reflection on class, ethnicity, and companionship in contemporary, hustle-bustle Los Angeles, in addition to saying something about xenophobia and asking if language is the only way to communicate?

American Idol, season 7 (2004) gave contestants one task: sing a song from The Beatles songbook. Many of the young hopefuls gave the judges a blank stare; they were only vaguely aware of the Fab Four’s music from the 1960s. Idiots. What if the entire world forgot The Beatles? Struggling singer/songwriter Jack Malik (Patel) sees his dreams fading. Only his friend Ellie (James, Cinderella) believes in him. It’s just a day in the life, but after a freak bus accident occurring during a mysterious global blackout, Jack wakes up in a world where the biggest boy band of all time never existed. He’s got a ticket to ride, introducing the music of the moptops to an incredulous new world while his tough as nails agent (McKinnon, SNL) puts his star on the charts. He finds himself in times of trouble. Will he lose Ellie along the way or will they come together and get back together where they once belonged? Because she loves him, yeah, yeah, yeah! Opens June 28

Opens June 7 June 2019 WWW.IONAZ.COM 55



Aural Fixation

by Peter Lora PeterWasTheWolf@Gmail.com


Hurts 2B Human

It’s hard to believe it’s been 19 years since P!NK’s debut album. The P!NK perspective, carved out with 2001’s M!issundaztood and perfected by 2012’s The Truth About Love finds P!NK with a silent majority type of fandom. In a world where no one sells albums, her last album Beautiful Trauma was one of the bestselling of 2017. Combined with ticket sales to her live shows, she rivals Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift.

everyone’s surprise, she maneuvered the opposite with 2015’s E*MO*TION, a synth-pop love letter to the 80’s, not only in composition but as a cohesive collection of songs. Dedicated builds on its predecessor with a sense of sophistication. “Julien” is a smart daytime disco banger, something we’d expect from another pop phoenix, Robyn. “Want You In My Room” is George Michael’s “I Want Your Sex” for the Millennial. Jepsen’s only misstep may be the album’s curation; “Too Much,” “The Sound,” “Party for One,” feel unnecessary. Dedicated solidifies Jepsen as a mainstay that’s only getting better. Available Now

All the P!NK signatures can be heard on Hurts 2B Human, anthemic ballads with the peppering of stray expletives and the all too human lyrics. Ballads, “Walk Me Home,” the SIA penned “Courage,” bore and Khalid collab “Hurts 2B Human” and dance track “Can We MAGDALENA BAY Pretend” are pleasurable background music at their best. It’s not stand-out work, but P!NK knows slow and steady wins and long after the Swifts and the Grandes have faded, most likely she’ll THE DL SONGS TO DOWNLOAD still be standing. Available Now

Carly Rae Jepsen


Many don’t survive the curse of the One Hit Wonder. After Carly Rae Jepsen released blockbuster break-out hit “Call Me Maybe” she was surely doomed to obscurity. To

ARTIST - SONG Magdalena Bay – “Only If You Want It” Charli XCX – “Blame It On Your Love” feat. Lizzo DJ Seinfeld –  “Electrician” Tyler, The Creator – “EARFQUAKE” Lana Del Rey – “Doin’ Time” Barney Fletcher – “Better Than You” Park hye jin – “Ahead of Time” FKA Twigs – “Do It For You” Mark Ronson – “Don’t Leave Me Lonely feat. YEBBA” Trixie Mattel – “Yellow Cloud” June 2019 WWW.IONAZ.COM 57

Bitch Fest I

n a salute to National Gay Pride Month we put the spotlight on the newly reissued sleeper gay camp classic, BOOM! Much maligned, 50 years later it’s better than ever. First, you’ve got every gay boy’s ideal fag hag, LGBT champion and AIDS activist, Elizabeth Taylor at her bitchy best in this $10,000,000 bust (which was a lot of money in 1968.) Liz and Dick were everything. Gay playwright and party monster Tennessee Williams penned the tale. Plus, you get fay fop Noël Coward. It’s a perfect gay storm, Mary.

BOOM! Starring: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Noël Coward A huge (and I mean huge) critical and box office flop in 1968, BOOM! Tennessee Williams considered it the finest film adaptation of his work. (He wrote the screenplay, so, of course, he would say that.) ‘’You know what I need to get me over this depression this summer? What would do more good than all the shots and pills in the pharmaceutical kingdom? I need myself a lover.’’ You can’t argue with that. Meet Flora “Sissy” Goforth (Taylor, oh, c’mon! You know who she is), the reclusive Richest Woman in the World, who’s dying in a fabulous minimalist

home atop an Italian island. A drifter, Christopher Flanders (Burton, Liz’s real life husband), drops by to couch surf. Nicknamed “Angelo della Morte” he has a reputation of visiting ailing dowagers right before they conveniently expire. Is he really the Angel of Death? Expect the requisite histrionics you get in any of Williams’ work, plus plenty of wild scene-chewing. It’s dreadfully miscast (Taylor is way too young and Dick is way too old) and terrifically overwrought. Faggy British playwright Noël Coward is the Witch of Capri, a role offered Katherine Hepburn who, insulted, refused. So why watch it? Elizabeth Taylor, bitches! She’s exquisite. (Girl gets a blood transfusion wearing a mariboutrimmed white peignoir!) Tan, busty, blowzy, and dripping with two million dollars worth of Bulgari jewelry (plus her own 33-karat bauble, the Krupp Diamond), she stops the show in a Kabuki-esque headdress by Karl Lagerfeld, which still influences designers and drag queens today. New on Blu-ray including commentary by John Waters, it’s an absolute “must” for your gay film library, if only just to hear Liz beller, “Shit on your mother!” Available now ShoutFactory. com $23.99 and Amazon $24.96

June 2019 WWW.IONAZ.COM 59



Little Miss BBQ A

mericans can be weird, goofy, happy-go lucky-people. (Look, we unleashed RuPaul out to the world, right?) but we take some things very seriously: our dogs, superhero movies, and barbecue. It seems like every region of the US of A has their own special barbecue, making it the best. Here in the Valley we have lots of different barbecue joints—Trapp Haus, Honey Bears, Bobby Q’s, Joe’s Real BBQ, the list goes on. But I don’t think you’ll find anyone willing to argue about Little Miss BBQ’s spot in the Hall of Barbecue Fame. Yelp named it the Number 2 “Best Place to Eat” in the entire nation in 2018 based on reviews. The’ve also been featured on the Food Network as one of the “Top Places to Eat.” The popularity of the original on University and 44th Street spurred the opening of a new Sunnyslope location housed in a former Mid-Century Modern bank. This young

maid opened to great fanfare in November, 2018. No wonder. Their CentralTexas style barbecue is a hit, smoking up three tons of brisket a week. That’s the size of an adult African Forest Elephant. That’s a lot of meat. Their special Angus beef comes from a ranch in Minnesota and smoked over Arizona wood (mostly pecan.) The hysteria about Little Miss BBQ is understandable. Check out their fabled viands: Choose from lean or fatty brisket and chopped brisket, pulled pork, turkey, a house-ground combo of beef and pork sausage, pulled pork and turkey breast. You can buy it buy the pound, if you like. It all sells by the end of the day, if not earlier. If you like, try one (or several) of their meats on a sandwich. Our hands-down favorite is the El Jefe: a moist loaded with sausage, plus your choice of chopped brisket, pulled pork, or turkey with sauce, slaw and pickles plus one side for $10.50. A carnivore’s delight. Check out their Plates, a choice of meat plus two sides. We opted for the 2 Meat Plate weighing in at 3/4 pounds. We opted for their irresistible June 2019 WWW.IONAZ.COM 61

sausage along with several slices of turkey (which was, admittedly, a little on the dry side, but nothing that can’t be remedied with any of their three barbecue sauces found on each table.) These combos range from $11 to $20. If you’re lucky, on Thursdays you might get in on some hot Pastrami action. On Fridays and Saturdays only they have Beef Ribs ($22 per pound) that look like the kind they served on The Flintstones. (Remember the Brontosaurus Ribs that tipped the Flintmobile over? They’re that big.)

or half-pan. Dessert? Yep! Try Bekke’s Smoked Pecan Pie, an old family recipe (Seriously.That’s not a joke) that they claim is the most labor intensive item on the menu. $5 In case you haven’t heard, the lines to order and wait times can be staggering. They open at 11 a.m. We were there at 11:05 and there was already a line. Is it worth it? We think you’ll say, “Hell, yes.” (The full bar including local brewskies makes the time pass by quicker.)

Choosing sides is a toughie. The Ranch Style Beans are spicy, delivering a nice kick. The Mac & Cheese is a crowdpleaser; for the first time ever someone figured out a way to fix them where they aren’t cooked into mush. The housemade Potato Salad has perfect cubes of potatoes in a creamy dressing—not like that awful, sweet, food service salad by Reser’s. But the real champ is the Jalapeño Cheddar Grits with just enough “bang” to make you take notice. Early Birds scarf up the popular Mixed Veggies made with fatty drippin’s from the brisket; this often sells out. These sides are all available by the pint, quart

Little Miss BBQ 8901 N. 7th St. in Phoenix 602-314-6922 Tues. thru Sun. on LIttleMissBBQ.com 62


Life isn’t perfect. But your swimwear can be. That’s why ION Arizona chose the ideal swimsuits and tanks from Addicted by the ES Collection for you. Because to look good in the water you have to wear the right swimwear. They’ve got plenty to choose from that you’ll look great in. You’ll be on “Bae Watch” all summer long wearing these. Check out the extended photo shoot online at IONAZ.com 64


Photography by: LeakedGlass Art Direction by: Alex Campos Styling and Photography Assistant: Rafael Santana Models: Robert Renteria, Gary Garcia, Aaron Hanchey, Ryan Santana, and Zach Gignac Addicted ES Collection is available at Addicted.ES/en/ Special thanks to Project Publicity and Matt Solberg June 2019 WWW.IONAZ.COM 65



June 2019 WWW.IONAZ.COM 71

Stacy’s @ Melrose Karaoke (W)

Bar 1 Karaoke (W)


OZ Bar Pocker (W)

Charlie’s Karaoke (W)

Charlie’s Karaoke (W)

Bar 1 Karaoke (W)

The Womack Bingo No She Didnt

Bliss/ Rebar Taco Tuesday Trivia (W)



Charlie’s Pipin’ Hot Thursdays (W)

Charlie’s Loteria Night (W)



The Rock Barbra Seville Show (W) Bunk House Tea Dance Party Bunk House Blackout Night


Karamba Skin Tight Beach Party

The Anvil Leatherman Auction


Flex Spas Kink Night

Bisbee, AZ Bisbee Pride

The Rock Late Nite Snax

The Anvil APAH Pup Night

The Rock Bearracuda

Phoenix Mercury Pride Night

Cruisin 7th TGIF (W)

Stacy’s @ Melrose Splash Bash After Party




JUNE 2019

The Cash Country Thunder (W)

Dick’s Cabaret WTF Wednesday (W)


BS West Underwear Nite (W)

Karamba Ariana Grande Show


Karamba Aubrey’s Male Turnabout


The Rock Mugged

OZ Bar Bingo (W)

Cruisin 7th Cruisin Play Mates (W)



Charlie’s Undie Monday (W)

Bunk House $1 Bud Light Draft


Cruisin’ 7th Tia’s Teasers (W)

Charlie’s Sunday Funday (W)


Stacy’s @ Melrose Karaoke (W)

Stacy’s @ Melrose Flesh (W)


BS West Industry Night (W)

Karamba Ruby’s Fathers Day Show


FEZ $5 Big Margaritas (W)


OZ Bingo Night (W)

Bar 1 Karaoke (W)

Cruisin’ 7th Tia’s Teasers (W)

Bisbee, AZ Bisbee Pride

The Rock Late Nite Snax

Charlie’s Loteria Night (W)

Bliss/ Rebar Taco Tuesday Trivia (W)


Charlie’s Splash Bash Kick off Party

The Cash Country Thunder (W)

Cruisin 7th Cruisin Play Mates (W)


Roosevelt Row First Fridays (M)



Dick’s Cabaret WTF Wednesday (W)


THURSDAY BS West Underwear Nite (W)




Stacy’s @ Melrose Karaoke (W)


Bar 1 Karaoke (W)

BS West Industry Night (W)

Charlie’s Sunday Funday (W)


OZ Bar Pocker (W)



Charlie’s Undie Monday (W)



Cruisin’ 7th Sunday Extravaganza










DIRTY DADDY DANCERS 10pm HH $3 well/dom $2.50 pint 1-8pm

WILD MEN of the WEST 7:30pm HH $3 well/dom $2.50 pint 1-8pm

BEER BUST $3 Pitchers All Day HH $3 well/dom $2.50 pint 1-8pm

Bar 1

HH 10am-7pm

$2.75 Domestic Bottles 7pm-9pm

$1.50 Bud Light Drafts $2.75 Canned Beers ALL DAY

HH $2 OFF Well/Beer/ Select Apps/Wine/Prem.Spirits

Brunch Specials 10a-3p $12 Bubbly $6 Bloodys/Sangria

$12 Bubbly, $6 Bloodys 10a-3p 1/2 OFF Cock. 2-7pm KARAOKE 9p

Elements Show 10:30pm $5 Tito’s Handmade Vodka All Night

Buy 1 get 1 for $1. Go-Go Dancers, Extended Patios VIP

Sunday Funday KARAOKE 10p $2 doms - $3 Marys & Mimosas

2-4-1 8am-2pm HH 2pm-8pm $2.50 Miller Products 8pm-cl

2-4-1 8am-2pm HH 2pm-8pm $2.50 Bud Products 8pm-cl

FryBread w/ Joe Jackson 12p-9p JAZZ w/ Kenny Thames 7:30pm


BOGO Wells & Dom Until 8pm

BOGO Wells & Dom Until 8pm

Beer Bust $2.50 until 8pm SL Plat. boys $5 U-call-it penny drinks

The Cash

Fireball Fridays $2 AMF, Dom, Vodka Red bull till 11p $100 Ciroc

$6 Ciroc $2 AMF, Patron, Corona


$3 Pitch/2-4-1 Well-Dom 2-7pm $1 Draft 7pm-9pm $5 Crown 9-12a

$3 Pitch/2-4-1 Well/Dom 2-7pm $1 Well 7-9pm $3 D. Eddy 10-12a

Super Happy Hour 4-7pm $3.50 Pitch, Lg Isld, AMF’s Open-Cl

HH $2.75 Well/Dom 6am-8pm Espressa Grande 10:30pm

Dirty Daddy Dancers 4:30pm Lady Christian 10:30pm

HH $2.75 Well/Dom 6am-4pm TS Dancers 10:30pm

2-4-1 VIP & 50% off Cover 7-10pm

Off the Hook Tons of Prizes & Giveaways

2-4-1 Cover, Wristbands & VIP Dances

HH 3:30-6:30pm & 11pm-Close $2 OFF Apps / Well / Wine / Beer

$5 & $6 Big Brunch Drinks 10a-3p HH 3:30-6:30p & 11p-close

$5 & $6 Big Brunch Drinks 10a-3p HH 3:30-6:30p & 11p-close

Happy Hour Drink Specials 10:30am -6pm

Happy Hour Drink Specials 10am-6pm

Vaquero Fridays 9-11pm Reverse Happy Hour $3 Drinks

Top 40 Saturdays 9-11pm Reverse Happy Hour $3 Drinks

Top 40 Sundays Ruby Show $3 Pitchers Beer Bust

Oz Bar

$3 Well & Dom $6 Call ALL DAY KARAOKE 9pm-Cl POKER 7pm

$3 Well & Dom $6 Call ALL DAY Darts 2pm KARAOKE 9pm-Cl

$3 Well & Dom $6 Call ALL DAY Bingo 1p


$3 Well & Dom Until 8pm $4 3 Olives & $3 Fireball Shots

HH $3 Well/Dom Btl/Drft 12/8pm All Male Revue 10pm

Football Sunday 7p $3.50 Dom Pitch, Mimosas & Bloody Marys

HH 2-4-1 Well & Dom 2-8pm KARAOKE 9pm Drag Show 10p

2-4-1 11a-7p KARAOKE 9p Barbra Seville Show10p

HH 2-4-1 Well & Dom. 11am-cl Drag Show 10p

HH 4-8pm $2.50 Rolling Rock $4.50 Pinnacle Flavors 8pm-Cl

HH 4-8pm $2.50 Rolling Rock $4.50 Firball 8pm-Cl

$2 Rolling Rock & Well open -7pm 7-10pm $2.50 Wells & Rolling Rock


BS West Bunkhouse

Cruisin’ 7th

Dick’s Cabaret FEZ Hula’s


The Rock Stacy’s





Live Music on the Patio Tom Walbank 7p DJ Dirtyverbs 10p

Free Dance Party 10pm DJs Sid the Kid, BOBFelix & More!

Flawless Fridays with China Collins

Saturday Night Starrletts with Janee Starr




Hot Club of Tucson 10:30pm Club KARAOKE 10pm 2-4-1 9p-Close KARAOKE



Beards, boxers & Briefs $1 OFF HH $3 well/dom $2.50 pint 1-8pm

$2 Miller High Life & well vodka cocktails 8pm-close

2-4-1 WELL 8pm-close HH $3 well/dom $2.50 pint 1-8pm

KARAOKE 9pm HH $3 well/dom $2.50 pint 1-8pm

$1.25 Bud Light Drafts, $5.25 Martinis 7pm- Close

KARAOKE 9pm $2.75 well, dom bottle & drft

$6 Huge Long Islands

2-4-1 U-Call-It 10am-2am (except shots & pitchers) $4 Bellinis

HH ALL DAY $2 OFF Well/Beer/ Select Apps/Wine/Prem.Spirits

$3 OFF Taco Platters $6 Big Margaritas

20% OFF ENTIRE BILL (excludes discounted items)

$20 Any wine bottle $15 Any wine bottle w/ food purchase

HH Drink Specials

College Night 2 for $1 Go-Go Dancers - VIP

Thirst Trap w/ Men of BS $4 Heineken / $6 Absolut & Jager

2-4-1 8am-2pm HH 2pm-8pm Pool Tournament 9pm

2-4-1 8am-2pm HH 2pm-8pm Dart League 7:30pm

2-4-1 8am-2pm HH 2pm-8pm KARAOKE 9pm $3.75 L.I.

2-4-1 8am-2pm HH 2pm-8pm Undies/Leather night $1 Off

Underwear Night $2 off with your pants off

Ladies Night $3 Dom Pitch $3 Shots $4 Wine

Adonis Lounge 2-4-1 Until 8pm

KARAOKE w/ Tony Hummel BOGO Wells & Dom ALL DAY

1/2 Priced Well and Beer



Country Thunder Thursdays $3 Blue Moon $3 Titos Underwear Party 8pm-Cl 50% off w/ your Pants Off $3 Jack

2-4-1 Open to Close KARAOKE 9:30pm

$5 Ketel One/Malibu $3.50 Dom Pitch $3 1800 Tequila 8pm-Close

2-4-1 All Cocktails & Beer Open-Close

HH $2.75 Well/Dom 6am-8pm TS Dancers 10:30pm

HH $2.75 Well/Dom 6am-8pm

Wasted Wednedays HH $2.75 Well/Dom ALL DAY

HH $2.75 Well/Dom 6am-8pm Wild Men of the West 10:30pm

2-4-1 Cover, Wristbands & VIP Dances

Amateur Night Starts at 10pm

WTF Wednedays $5 Cover and almost everything else!

Thirsty Thursday $5 off Cover w/ ION AZ Ad

$5.55 BIG Margaritas ALL DAY HH 3:30-6:30p & 11p-close

$5.55 Classic Martinis ALL DAY HH 3:30-6:30p & 11p-close

$2 OFF Glasses of wine 50% OFF Bottles of wine

$5.55 BIG Signature Cocktails G Spot / O Spot / B Spot/ A Spot

Mysterdy Mondays $5 Mystery Cocktail/Shot

2 N’ 2 2 apps & 2 cocktails $25

All Night Happy Hour Regular Happy Hour all Night

Facebook/Twitter Special Text “Hulas” to 90210 after 6pm

Cumbia Night $3 Pitchers Karamba Girls Show

Urban Thursdays Aubrey Show $3 Pitcher $3 Drinks

KARAOKE 9pm $3 Drinks / $3 Pitchers $3 Well & Dom $6 Call ALL DAY Trivia Night 8pm

$3 Well & Dom $6 Call ALL DAY Poker 7pm

$3 Well & Dom $6 Call ALL DAY Poker 7pm

$3 Well & Dom $6 Call All DAy KARAOKE 9pm-Cl POKER 7pm

HH 2-4-1 4-8pm $2 Well & $3 Domestic

HH 2-4-1 4-8pm $2 Well & $3 Domestic 9pm-Close

2-4-1 4-8pm Sinful Studs 9pm-Mid

HH 2-4-1 ALL DAY Beautiful Losers Comedy SHow

HH 2-4-1 Well & Dom 2-8pm KARAOKE 9pm

HH 2-4-1 Well & Dom 2-8pm

HH 2-4-1 Well & Dom 2-8pm Underwear Night

HH 2-4-1 Well & Dom 2-8pm Drag Show 10p

KARAOKE 9pm-Close HH All Day & $2.50 Rolling Rock

HH All Day $5 Martinis All Day & $2.50 Rolling Rock

2-4-1 4pm-Midnight Happy Hours Midnight- Close

HH ALL DAY Thursdays Only 2-4-1 from All Other Bars



90s House Party 10pm w/ DJ Sid the Kid 90¢ PBR Br

3-4-1 Well Drinks 8p-Close KARAOKE

Geeks Who Drink Trivia Night 8pm


Tequila & Mexican Beer ALL DAY



Live Music

Salvador Duran 7pm OPTI CLUB Dance Party 10pm

Viva La Diva Show with Diva

2-4-1 All Day Go Go Boys 11pm








1. Anvil

2424 E. Thomas Rd.

(602) 334-1462

2. Bar 1

3702 N. 16th St.

(602) 266-9001

3. Bliss/ReBar

901 N. 4th St.

(602) 795-1792

4. Boycott Bar

4301 N 7th Ave.

(602) 515-3667

5. BS West

7125 E. 5th Ave., Scottsdale

(480) 945-9028

6. Bunkhouse

4428 N 7th Ave.

(602) 200-9154

7. Caravan Taphouse

4835 N 15th Ave

(602) 274-7756

8. The Cash

1730 E McDowell Rd.

9. Charlie’s

727 W. Camelback Rd.

(602) 265-0224

10. Club Volt

3108 E. McDowell Rd.

(602) 244-1465

11. Cruisn’ 7th

3702 N. 7th St.

(602) 212-9888

12. Dick’s Cabaret

3432 E. Illini Rd.

(602) 274-DICK

13. FEZ

105 W. Portland St

(602) 287-8700

14. Flex Spas Phoenix

1517 S. Black Canyon Hwy.

(602) 271-9011

15. Hula’s Modern Tiki

4700 N Central Ave # 122

(602) 265-8454

16. Karamba

1724 E. McDowell Rd.

(602) 253-0689

(602) 254-0231 x

17. Kobalt

3110 N Central Ave. Park Central (602) 264-5307

18. Los Diablos

1028 E Indian School Rd.

(602) 795-7881

19. NuTowne Saloon

5002 E Van Buren St.

20. OZ Bar

1804 W. Bethany Home Rd.


21. Plazma

1560 E Osborn Rd.

22. The Rock

4129 N. 7th Ave.

(602) 267-9959 (602) 242-5114


(602) 266-0477 (602) 248-8559


23. Stacy’s @ Melrose

4343 N 7th Ave.

TUCSON Address

(602) 264-1700 Phone


24. Hotel Congress

311 E Congress St., Tucson

(520) 622-8848


25. IBTs

616 N 4th Ave, Tucson

(520) 882-3053 June 2019 WWW.IONAZ.COM 77




Dear See What Happens When You Take The VERGA Better Than His Wife Does??? TRAIGHT UP F*CKERY

This month’s Favorite Bitch® is dedicated to queens who are cuckoo for straight dudes!           Dear Miss Tiger, I’m straight but even I’m over Grindr! Whenever guys message me, they either ask if I’m generous or they solicit massage services. WTF???    

¡Puta! Ay, papí ... No te soporto … jajaja     Hi Miss Tiger, I bottomed in a swimming pool and didn’t use lube. Now my sphincter is raw and wondering if it’ll go away soon?       — Puppy      Dear It’s Called A Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich For A Reason,   

Dear Is It Because Your Profile Pic Is So Raggedy That These Hoes Think The Only Way You’re Getting Dick Is If You’re Paying For It?

One, I’m not a proctologist. And, two, the only raw thing you need to be worrying about is that eggplant you decided to ride. In the meantime, Desitin your hole and, darling, do sashay to the free clinic at your earliest convenience!

… or is it payment for keeping your closeted shenanigans a secret … or is it just the result of using a gay app that’s no longer an LGBTQ owned company? 

Dear Miss Tiger, My cousin’s husband doesn’t wanna play around anymore. I told him that if he stops, then I’ll be forced to bring his wife the receipts. What do you think?


— Kyle

To all the hot messes sendin’ unsolicited DMs about your need for a sugar daddy and otherwise. Instead of being an undercover ho’ on Grindr … try being a professional ho’ on Rent. Men 

Dear Will You (And Every Goddamn Beauty Blogger) Stop With The Receipts Already,

— Anonymous

¡Hola, Mamí! You gotta help me with my f*ckbuddy. I’m into straight dudes and he’s married; we have a good thing the way it is. He’s talking about leaving his wife and moving in together. He’s not the only straight guy I’m doing! HELP!  — Alejandro   

Speaking of receipts, it looks like your cousin’s husband is the one with receipts … and you got returned, hunty!

The Miss Tiger Show Every Thursday at 8 p.m. MST Live on MissTiger.com Advice Columnist • Radio Personality ... and everyone’s #FAVORITEBITCH Website: MissTiger.com   Instagram/Twitter:  @MissTiger   Advice: Tiger@MissTiger.com  June 2019 WWW.IONAZ.COM 79

by Addison DeWitt

A was better than Olive Garden.” But did they have endless soup and breadsticks?


urry, hurry, hurry! The RipplePHX Spring Carnival was as fun as, well, a threering circus! The highlight was the “Sexiest Bartender Contest.” The best of the best created their own special Singapore Slings, Peached Whales, Hershey Squirts and (my own favorite) Pink Squirrels. Stacy’s @ E Melrose’s Austin Brault (A) was the winner! (Shown here, left, with a handsome buddy. Sorry, but my sloppy journalism and a teeny bit too much responsible sampling made me forget his name.) Handsome Austin’s cocktails make my pants fall down! I’m cuckoo for the cleft in his chinny-chin-chin. Fortunately, RipplePHX’s Andy Castano was ably assisted by the one and only Hannah (B) to help keep all hottest pricks at this circus relegated to your fingertips with a simple test. Know your status, folks! A gigantic Emm Jay (C) toured Italy where he attempted to push the Leaning Tower of Pisa over! (I bet you’ve never seen a picture like this before!) He said, “Italy


Ted Kirby celebrated his half-century time here on Earth in style. He chatted up fellow cat lover gal pal Michelle King. (D) And, no. “Cat lover” is not a euphemism for anything nasty. Darling Josh Rivers cozied up with his new beau, James Stravato. (E) #Delicious!





RuPaul stole more of your money at her DragCon in LA. That oh-so-edible Bobby Garcia Veyna piled on the war paint Trixxie Mattel style for the event. (F) I’m dying to know: “How’s your tuck, stud?” Apparently Prince Joshua (G) is royalty somewhere in far away Thongland. Andrew Christian made him an Ambassador for DragCon. His Twerkiness recently tweeted that he’s interested in being a “Pup Master.” (H) Am I missing something here? Explain.


une 8: Venus enters Gemini just in time for Splash Bash! It’s a Flirt Fest when this happens. Imagine Pop Rocks in your underwear. (If you wear any.) The planetary marriage also encourages Intellectual pursuits, so be a smarty; choose a book from ION’s “Summer Reading” suggestions. ¶ Friday, June 21: The Summer Solstice happens at 8:53 a.m. Arizona time. Now the Sun enters Cancer. Your wild social life cools down. Connect with your new friends on a more meaningful level. No, this does not mean “hooking up” with some rando because it “feels right.” ¶ June 26: We all need to be ready when Mercury enters Leo the Lover. It’s all about making a big commotion. But be careful! Mercury is quick and Leo is a show-off, so sometimes our words come out too fast. Like verbal diarrhea. Watch it! ARIES Mar. 21 - Apr. 20 Your enterprising spirit is open full-throttle. Are you ready to collaborate with others and help them with their ideas? Family issues ... well. You know. Family. Sheesh. TAURUS April. 21 - May 20 Make a few concessions here and there. Demonstrate your flexibility now so you’re not such a pill about it later. Venus and Gemini give you a blank check to boost your love life. GEMINI May 21 - June 21 Real intense vibes has you looking for answers, but don’t go looking for them in a Beyoncé song. Your birthday has you investing in something valuable: yourself. Look for your daily structure to change. CANCER June 22 - July 22 There’s a lot to look out for, but even more to look forward to. The New Moon’s lunation has questions and answers for you. If it’s your birthday you’ll explore new trends you might not otherwise try. Don’t get too crazy. 82


LEO July 23 - Aug. 22 Financial prospects are looking up! Good news! You’ll meet many influential people. Your anxiety level is low; this is good because your flatulence and gas will be minimal. VIRGO Aug. 23 - Sep. 22 Don’t let Venus’s silly affectations let jealousy ruin your Solstice. Talk about issues with neighbors or colleagues. Mercury clears up any ambiguities. It works in your favor. LIBRA Sep. 23 - Oct. 22 Be more diplomatic. We all know you can be a little bitchy, it’s no secret. Progress with a project and at home and work is blossoming, so it pays off. If you’re nice. SCORPIO Oct. 23 - Nov.23 Time to show someone to the door. You know it’s been coming. Then it’s time to take full advantage of your new, sexy self. An interesting opportunity and success is coming. SAGITTARIUS Nov. 23 - Dec. 23 Don’t launch any large scale projects. You have a few existential doubts, thanks to stupid Saturn. The good news is you meet new people who expand your cosmic consciousness. Mind blown! CAPRICORN Dec. 23 - Jan. 20 It’s all about finding a balance between your needs and your relationship needs. The Solstice brings an even match with them. Mercury helps to keep you from screwing it all up. AQUARIUS Jan. 21 - Feb. 19 Don’t get paranoid. People who love you can’t get enough of you, thanks to Venus. You’re popular! People like you! Almost as much as they like Ariana Grande. Almost. PISCES Feb. 20 - Mar. 20 This solar cycle compounded with the Solstice has you eager to learn. Be reasonable. With everyone. An unavoidable confrontation with your family or with friends is a win-win.

Profile for ION Arizona

ION Arizona #216  

The June Issue of ION Arizona Magazine Featuring Summer Reading, Drag: Combing Through The Big Wigs of Show Business by Frank DeCaro, and Ad...

ION Arizona #216  

The June Issue of ION Arizona Magazine Featuring Summer Reading, Drag: Combing Through The Big Wigs of Show Business by Frank DeCaro, and Ad...