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The video fight

Two boys were playing with his PSP. They called Joaquin and Javier. Joaquin was very angry and he decided to challenge Javier with a fight in his PSP, a video fight.

They fought in a fight video game. In the video game they were very strong ant they had specials abilities.

Joaquin started the fight with a quickly punch attack ant it was very efficient. Javier was very weak for the quickly punch attack of Joaquin.

It wasn’t the end and Javier attacked Joaquin with a fire attack. Joaquin was burned. Javier was proud.

Joaquin wanted to do a final attack and Javier wanted too. They died in the attempt, they do and auto K.O. with the force of his attacks. They were result the battle with a draw and they were happy.

The videofight  

A videofight