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Types of Trailers Available For Rental Purposes Trailer rental offers a low cost budget ride for moving large items that cannot be accommodated in your car. It is a great option in lieu of expensive truck rentals, purchasing a trailer itself or leasing a truck to haul your belongings. Trailer generally refers to vehicles that are used for transport of goods and materials. There are different types of trailers available depending upon the size and requirement of the customer.

Travel trailers: These are also called recreational vehicles (RV).This type of trailer provides temporary accommodation for living, travel or recreational use. There are two types of travel trailers mainly Towable RVs: Towed by vehicles like auto, van or pick-up truck. They have all living facilities like kitchen, electricity, water, bedding etc. Motorized RVs: This type of travel trailer is an integral part of a self-propelled vehicle that combines living and transportation into one.

Semi- trailers/ Semi-trailer trucks: This type of trailer is used for commercial purposes. Their carrying capacity is big and requires a car, van or truck to tow it.

Open trailers: This type of trailer is used for disposing off the materials. It is not used for materials that can break but instead for big machines and equipments like farm equipments, medical equipments.

Motorcycle trailer: This type of trailer is used for towing motor cycles or any two – wheels. This can be towed behind trucks. Such trailers may be open or enclosed. This depends upon the size range and the carrying capacity.

Tanker trailer: This type of trailer is used for the transportation of liquids that are highly inflammable such fuels. While transporting the liquids, these trailers require extra caution.

Trailer pushers/ Powered trailer mover: This type of trailer is used for lifting on one end before maneuvering. Mostly, it is capable of lifting boats, trees, Cars or any equipment trailer.

Flatbed trailers: This type is used to transport very heavy materials. To load or unload the material on to the trailer, one requires a crane. One has to be very careful while using flatbed trailers.

Trailer winches: This type of trailer is mainly used on ports for loading and unloading of materials to and from the boats.

Van semi trailers: This type of trailer is used for transporting small machines that require care.


Livestock trailer: This type of trailer is used to haul livestock such as cattle and horses. They are designed in such a way that it has openings at approximately the eye level of the animals to allow ventilation.

Before you rent a trailer, apart from the type and size of the trailer what matters are the weight, the length and height of the trailer. Sanjana Sharma is the author. For more information about Auckland car rental, Auckland truck rental, Auckland van rental, rent a car, rent a truck, rent a van, rent a trailer, truck hire, van hire, car hire, rent car in Auckland, rent a truck in Auckland, rent a van in Auckland, visit

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