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Journalism and Media Studies Centre, The University of Hong Kong


Journalism and Media Studies Centre


Founded in 1999, the Journalism and Media Studies Centre (JMSC) at The University of Hong Kong (HKU) offers professional journalism education at Hong Kong’s premier university in an exciting international environment.

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The JMSC offers graduate and undergraduate degrees, seminars, workshops and courses for news professionals at all levels of expertise. Leveraging its unique position at the crossroads of China, Asia and the West, the JMSC’s programs and research have made it a focus for understanding the exciting changes underway in journalism throughout the region. The JMSC’s emphasis on professional education is designed to produce graduates for the local, regional and international media.

Our home at historic Eliot Hall The JMSC is housed in Eliot Hall, which was built in 1914, three years after the founding of HKU. In 2001, the university transformed Eliot Hall into a state-of-the-art facility for training journalists that features the latest in computer and multimedia technology, while also preserving Eliot Hall’s rich heritage.

Our vision and mission Vision: Promote civil society and an informed citizenry through a vibrant and professional news media; enhance professional standards and journalistic integrity. Mission: Pursue excellence in journalism and foster Asian voices in the international media.

Master of Journalism (MJ) Sarah Chakales (2010) Jonathan Stray (2010) Carol Zhou (2008) Ivan Broadhead (2004) Robert Olsen (2009) Clement Rossignol (2010) Saul Sugarman (2009) Stuart Biggs (2004) Lorea Solabarrieta (2010) Marco Lui (2010) Kiu Lam (2003) Caroline Malone (2008) Mona Lam (2007) Timothy LeeMaster (2003) Mayella Cheung (2001) Nevin Nie (2006) Sun Min (2002) Matt Ho (2004) Kim Huang (2009) Asad Ali (2010) Margaret Conley (2007)

Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism (PDipJ) 23

Tesa Arcilla (2008)

Master of Philosophy (MPhil) 24

Olga Wong (2005)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 25 26

Li-Fung Cho (2008) Fu King-wa (2009)


Sarah Chakales MJ 2009 Writer, CNN International (Hong Kong)

Sarah is now a Hong Kong-based writer for CNN International.

“Studying alongside students from dozens of different countries was an additional highlight for me. Between completing a multi-media assignment with a South African classmate, producing a documentary with a German and a Hong Kong local, and studying ‘Covering China’ with an Australian – it was a truly international education. The internships I acquired through the JMSC were also invaluable. My first was at the South China Morning Post producing online videos and the second was with CNN International, which ultimately led to a full-time job.

“My experience at the JMSC was extremely valuable because it introduced me to the nuances of news reporting in Asia. I became instantly aware of the major players in the region, and the significance of important historical events as they relate to events today. The knowledgeable faculty also helped expand on the skills that I had already begun developing during my undergraduate journalism studies.

“As a Hong Kong-based writer for CNN International, I script television stories on business and market-related developments in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as around the world. Asia is quickly becoming a powerful economic force on the global stage, so it’s exciting to have the opportunity to follow the action so closely.” Sarah is a graduate of the University of South Carolina Honors College with a BA in Broadcast Journalism.


Jonathan Stray MJ 2010 Interactive Newsroom Technology Manager Associated Press (New York)

“I was really impressed with the experience of the faculty and the people they were able to connect me with. Also, the internship program threw me into a newsroom for the first time, which is something I badly needed.�

Before his journalism studies, Jonathan designed software for Adobe Systems.

Jonathan is an accomplished freelance journalist and a computer scientist. He has written for the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard University, International Herald Tribune, New York Times, Foreign Policy,, and CNET covering science, art, and the social impact of technology. Previously he designed software for the California-based Adobe Systems. He has also built interactive fire sculptures for the award-winning art group Interpretive Arson, done time as a technology entrepreneur, and hiked into the Ethiopian highlands to swab babies’ eyelids in the name of epidemiology research. He is now the senior technologist in the interactive and multimedia stories department of the Associated Press. He has a Honors BSc and a MSc in computer science from the University of Toronto. He blogs at


Carol Zhou MJ 2008 News Anchor/Reporter, Phoenix TV (Hong Kong)

Carol on a story at the DMZ (Demilitarized zone) between South and North Korea.

“Being a television journalist is not easy in the era of ‘any minute is your deadline.’ JMSC program empowered me to confront such challenges and prepared me to survive well in the news industry where major breaking news always comes unexpectedly.” Carol began working as an intern in 2004 in the Beijing bureau of Phoenix TV, a privately owned Mandarinlanguage television broadcaster based in Hong Kong that airs in mainland China, during her final year of undergraduate studies at Communication University of China. At graduation, she was assigned to work fulltime in the bureau covering political and social news in China. In 2007, Carol took a hiatus to study for her MJ at JMSC and after finishing in 2008, she was transferred to Phoenix’s Hong Kong headquarters. Since then, she has covered stories locally and around Asia, including Thailand’s political riots.


Ivan Broadhead MJ 2004 Freelance Investigative Journalist/Voice of America Correspondent Ivan interviewed the Dalai Lama in Arunachal Pradesh near Tibet in 2009.

“The academic rigour and the breadth of the practical elements of the MJ, unequivocally, these are the foundation of my journalism career. And my springboard into the profession was the opportunity to learn under, and benefit from the contacts of a faculty that embraces the entire spectrum of professionals, from international newspaper editors to media law specialists and former war correspondents.”

Ivan dreamed of being a journalist even before his days as an undergraduate. However, after London University and the College of Law of England and Wales, he found himself immersed in a career with the British government. Ten years later, hoping to fulfill his dream and change career track, he graduated with distinction from the JMSC. Since then, he has traveled the world to report on a wide-range of human interest stories for print and radio, including South China Morning Post, Sydney Morning Herald, Radio Television Hong Kong and the Australian Broadcasting Corp. His awardwinning work has shed light on issues including China’s links to HIV transmission in southern Africa, human trafficking in Nepal and women’s rights in Iran. He is currently traveling on assignment to Antarctica while simultaneously trying to edit his latest radio documentary, an investigation into state-led racism in Asia.


Robert Olsen MJ 2009 Asia Reporter, Forbes (Hong Kong)

“Studying at the JMSC gave me the career I’ve always wanted. Although I had done some entry-level reporting previously, the curriculum took the capabilities I already had and lifted them to a higher level while also introducing me to a much broader range of skills.”

Robert covers business news in Asia in both print and video for Forbes.

Robert was hired as a reporter at Forbes after completing an internship that had been arranged through the JMSC. During his studies, he also had internships with Bloomberg TV and The Economist Group in Hong Kong. His current role involves covering the business news in Asia in both print and video. “As a graduate, I can see the success of this program demonstrated by all the faces and names of my former classmates that I see every time I attend a press conference, turn on the TV or read the news online.” “The two features of the JMSC that stand out the most, in my opinion, are the wide level of expertise and the network of contacts that the faculty has to offer its students. The teachers seem to have worked in all the biggest newsrooms across the region.” Robert received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration from Washington State University.


Clement Rossignol Lagandré MJ 2010 TV Producer, Agence France Press Asia Pacific Desk (Hong Kong)

“My year at the JMSC made me more demanding with myself: more methodical and disciplined; more inquisitive; more rational in my chain of thoughts; more demanding when it comes to the quality of my journalistic output.”

Clement works as a TV producer for AFP’s Asia Pacific Desk.

Clement, a French native living in Hong Kong, was hired by AFP’s Asia Pacific’s television desk as a TV producer, after completing a summer internship there. His duties including converting English-language stories into French by translating and linking them to written news stories from the wire, entering them into the system, recording the voice-over and doing the necessary re-editing. Clement also brings the various stories AFP receives from video journalists around the region to AFP’s high technical standards by adapting scripts and producing the stories. And he gets to work on his own stories, conducting interviews, filming, editing and solving technical problems linked to the recent high definition upgrade. Clement has a BSc(Hons) in European Logistics Management from the University of Huddersfield, England, and a background with an international trading company in Hong Kong.


Saul Sugarman MJ 2009 Reporter and editor, Bay City News (San Francisco)

“I think between the time when I started at JMSC and now, I developed a lot of confidence that I didn’t have when I started. And I think that has been a very important part of my career.”

After earning a BA in political science in 2007 from the University of California-Davis, Saul traveled to China to teach English and landed a gig writing for the Guangzhou Morning Post. In 2008, he enrolled in the MJ program at JMSC to further develop his journalism and multimedia skills and gain additional work experience, including for Time Out Hong Kong, Far Eastern Economic Review and The Wall Street Journal. Just as Saul was graduating from the JMSC, he was hired in Hong Kong as a multimedia producer for the financial news provider, Bloomberg. In 2010, Saul returned to the U.S. and is a full-time reporter and swing shift editor at Bay City News, a hyperlocal news wire that covers breaking news across the San Francisco Bay Area for more than 100 print news organizations, television stations and online publications. His stories have appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News and MSNBC and have been linked on the websites of The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and National Public Radio. He offers this advice to students:“Really take advantage of the program’s resources. Where else will you find a former Thomson Reuters bureau chief, New York Times editor, BBC reporter, Pulitzer-nominated writer, and others? And if you show the faculty how much this career matters to you, they will always support you.”

Saul reports and edits for Bay City News, a hyperlocal news wire in San Francisco.


Stuart Biggs MJ 2004 Reporter, Bloomberg News (Tokyo)

“The JMSC experience has been invaluable. Years into my professional life, my opinion of the program hasn’t changed. Perhaps the opposite is true. The more I find myself in complex situations, the more I remember the importance of understanding the issues, ethics and our responsibilities as journalists that professors drilled into us.” Stuart, a British native, came to the JMSC after teaching English at schools in Japan for two years. While at the JMSC, he interned at the Far Eastern Economic Review and Dow Jones Newswires. After graduating, he joined South China Morning Post as a business and technology reporter. In 2006, he returned to Japan as a reporter for Bloomberg. Stuart received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in History from Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.

Stuart covered the arrival of the nuclearpowered USS George Washington aircraft carrier in Japan in 2008.


Lorea Solabarrieta MJ 2010 Business News Anchor and Reporter CCTV News (Beijing)

“Taking my Masters at the JMSC was one of the best things to have happened to me! This course de-mystified the profession and equipped me with a broad range of multi-media skills. In today’s competitive job market, you need to be a well-rounded and sensitive storyteller. From print to radio, television to online content, I learnt how to be an enterprising journalist.

During her JMSC studies, Lorea was a campus reporter in Hong Kong for U.S.based ABC News.

The stimulating teachers and the hardworking students push you to challenge yourself and to decide and focus your energies on the right career path. You leave the JMSC with a stronger sense of self, direction and confidence.”

Lorea started her TV career at Hong Kong’s TVB and RTHK channels, as a travel/lifestyle and arts/culture presenter and writer. While studying at the JMSC, she was World’s Business News Anchor and reporter for greater China for NHK, Japan’s public broadcaster, as well as an ABC News-On-Campus reporter for The University of Hong Kong. Lorea has a BA in Sport Science and English Literature from Loughborough University and post-graduate diplomas in Dance and Choreography from London’s Contemporary Dance School and New York’s Broadway Dance Center.


Marco Lui MJ 2010, BJ 2007 Reporter, Bloomberg News (Hong Kong)

“The MJ program, especially the business journalism courses in the curriculum, has prepared me very well to write concisely, speedily and accurately for an international financial audience. With the training at JMSC, I had an edge over other candidates for the intern position, which led me to a fruitful career at Bloomberg.”

Marco was recruited by Bloomberg after a successful internship there.

Marco was hired as a full-time employee at Bloomberg in Hong Kong in June 2010 after a ten-week internship there. He now covers financial market news. Prior to joining Bloomberg, Marco wrote his own column in Money Times, a weekly magazine owned by the Hong Kong Economic Times, after graduating from JMSC’s Bachelor of Journalism program in 2007. In the column, “Fund Focus,” he commented on the global mutual funds market. While at the JMSC, Marco also worked as an intern for Associated Press, Metro Daily and Cable TV.


Kiu Lam MJ 2003 Internal Communications Associate Manager, Hong Kong Disneyland

“At the JMSC, I truly came to understand the art of journalism. I learned from some of the best and was given plenty of opportunities to sharpen my writing and thinking skills through course discussions, assignments and, of course, an internship. I also met and befriended a diverse group of fellow students who came from all over the world and from all walks of life. Not only did we learn from the best, we also learned from each other.” While at the JMSC, Kiu interned at The Nation, an English-language newspaper in Thailand. HK Magazine recruited him to work as a lifestyle reporter after graduation. He joined Hong Kong Disneyland in 2004 and was promoted to Internal Communications Associate Manager in 2008. He is responsible for various in-house publications and internal communication for 5,000 staff members. Kiu received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Immunology and Cell Pathology from University of London, UK.

Kiu participated in many Hong Kong Disneyland projects, including 2008 opening of the attraction “it’s a small world.”


Caroline Malone MJ 2008 Senior Producer, Al Jazeera English (Doha, Qatar)

“I chose the JMSC because it offers a broad spectrum of courses including print, online and TV journalism. It certainly provided that. The international team of teachers and support staff helped me to set up an internship with Newsbreak magazine in the Philippines, where I travelled and wrote articles, and put me in touch with the Jakarta Globe newspaper in Indonesia, where I worked as copy editor for a year.”

Caroline Malone (left) in Al Jazeera’s office in Kuala Lumpur in 2009 with Iris Fok, a senior newsroom coordinator.

During a stint in London producing for Sky News TV, Caroline landed what she hopes will be her “dream gig” – Senior Producer with Al Jazeera English. In September 2010, she moved to Doha, Qatar, to an international newsroom with staff from more than 50 countries.

“As Senior Producer, I’ll be both output producing (researching, writing, editing pictures, commissioning graphics) and package producing (putting own stories together and voicing). In the future I may also be doing the same out in the field.” Caroline is a 2002 graduate of the London School of Economics with a Bachelor of Science degree in Philosophy and Economics.


Mona Lam MJ 2007 Reporter, TVB News (Hong Kong)

“The JMSC opened a new door for me. I’ve always been interested in journalism, but it wasn’t until my MJ program that I was encouraged to give broadcast a try. I learned about all the industry’s fundamentals. And the things taught at the JMSC – whether it’s the writing techniques or the values that reporters are supposed to hold – turned out to be immensely useful in my job.”

Mona outside Bei Tucheng subway station in Beijing during the Olympics’ opening ceremony.

Mona interned for Star TV News, a regional broadcaster, before being hired as a part-time reporter during her final year at JMSC for Television Broadcasts (TVB), Hong Kong’s largest terrestrial television station. After completing her studies, TVB hired her as a full-time English-language reporter. She has covered many major mainland China stories, such as the Beijing Olympics, the launch of the Shenzhou 7 space mission and the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. She is also an anchor of TVB Pearl’s daily news headlines and financial updates. Mona received her Bachelor of Social Sciences Degree in Psychology from The University of Hong Kong.


Timothy LeeMaster MJ 2003 Investment Banking Reporter, Cai Business Indepth (Hong Kong)

“The internships arranged through the JMSC were one of the highlights of the MJ program because they gave me valuable writing experience with major publications, including the Asian Wall Street Journal, Businessweek, Far Eastern Economic Review and the finance magazine, Asiamoney. That allowed me to generate a series of clips which helped me break into the industry.�

When he started covering the investment banking industry, Timothy had the skills needed to cover a complex financial beat.

Tim is responsible for reporting equity, debt, and mergers-and-acquisition deals that investment banks originate in Greater China for the domestic and international markets at Cai Business Indepth (CBID), a start-up newswire and financial data/analytics provider based in Hong Kong. He also covers the development of the private equity and hedge fund industry in the Asia-Pacific region. Before CBID, he covered a similar beat for three years at the South China Morning Post, the largest Englishlanguage newspaper in Hong Kong, and spent two years at The Standard, then a business-oriented Hong Kong newspaper. He graduated with distinction from the JMSC, where he interned at several publications. Timothy received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from University of California, Los Angeles.


Mayella Cheung MJ 2001 Deputy Head of New Media, Radio Television Hong Kong & Managing Editor of Media Digest

“Enrolling at the JMSC was no doubt one of the best decisions I have made. I was then a Programme Development and External Affairs Officer at RTHK, and it was during my study in 2000 that I was transferred to the newly established New Media Unit. The knowledge and insights I gained from the MJ course largely enlightened my career path

and equipped me with new perspectives on journalism and media issues in the new digital media environment. I was being empowered and inspired so much by the teachers and fellow classmates both inside and outside the classroom. And the valuable friendship and happy memories shall always be deeply cherished throughout my lifetime.”

Mayella worked her way up to key roles at RTHK, and now manages its website and magazine.

Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) is the sole public broadcaster in Hong Kong. Mayella has more than 15 years of extensive experience in various dimensions of the media industry, including internet project management, program development, publication, external affairs and event organization. Currently, in addition to being webmaster of RTHK ON INTERNET (, Mayella is also managing editor of RTHK’s monthly publication Media Digest. She also worked for the Canadian Chinese Broadcasting Corporation in the 1990s. Mayella received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Commerce and Economics from the University of Toronto, Canada.


Nevin Nie MJ 2006 Reporter, DebtWire (Hong Kong)

“The JMSC helped me access the resources I need to do what I want to do, which is to write in English and cover financial markets. I enjoy working for DebtWire very much, and still reach out to what I learned from Gene Mustain’s and David Plott’s classes to describe complicated financial situations in plain English. Doreen Weisenhaus’s training in Media Law also helped me because I have to go through U.S. and Hong Kong court documents to figure out what’s happening to bankrupt companies.”

Nevin worked at South China Morning Post before joining DebtWire, where he covers the debt problems of Chinese companies.

While at the JMSC, Nevin interned at South China Morning Post and International Herald Tribune. With his mainland Chinese background and internship experience, the SCMP business desk offered him a job after he graduated in 2006. While there, he developed an expertise in the debt-financing market. A year later, Nevin moved to DebtWire, a subscriptionbased newswire owned by Mergermarket Consulting, part of the Financial Times Group. Fund managers and traders rely on his reports on Chinese companies and the problems they have – or may have – handling their debts. Nevin received his Bachelor’s Degree in Economic Journalism in 2005 from the Shanghai University of Finance & Economics.


Sun Min MJ 2002 Vice President, Research Department of CITIC Securities Co Ltd. (Beijing)

“My year at the JMSC was the most valuable experience in my life. I got to feel the passion, the tension, and the vigor of the international media arena, and was lucky to work and study with talented and inspiring people. I learned new ways of thinking about life and of understanding people’s conflicts and desires. What I learned has been a great help in both my journalism career and consulting practice.” Sun Min, a former reporter, recently joined CITIC Securities as Vice President of the Research Department.

Min was a reporter at China Daily, an English-language newspaper in China, before enrolling at the JMSC in 2001. She returned there after graduating and later became its chief financial reporter. She joined Kroll, a U.S.-based risk-consulting firm, in 2006 as a senior analyst and was promoted to associate director in 2008. She has worked on several due-diligence and fraud-investigation cases for multinational firms investing in China. She was promoted to director at Kroll in 2009 and joined CITIC Securities Co Ltd, an investment bank based in China, in 2010 as Vice President of the Research Department. She is mainly in charge of report review, editing and media relations. Min received her Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature in 1998 from Beijing Foreign Studies University.


Matt Ho MJ 2004 Deputy Chief, Beijing Bureau, News & Public Affairs, Commercial Radio

“After the dot-com bubble burst and I was accepted to study at the JMSC, I never expected my life to change so much, but it has. Now, I cover riots in Lhasa, experience aftershocks in the epicenter of Sichuan, feel the pain of children suffering from poisoned milk or industrial pollutants and talk to financial regulators and ordinary people about the impacts of a financial tsunami generated across the Pacific.”

While visiting space control center in Beijing in 2008, Matt tried out the phone state leaders use to talk with astronauts.

Matt joined Commercial Radio Hong Kong in 2005 and became one of its Beijing correspondents a year later, covering political and socio-economic development. Prior to joining Commercial Radio, he was a sub-editor with Hong Kong’s Television Broadcasts (TVB) 24-hour News Channel. He also was an international trade specialist with the Hong Kong government, and later worked in product development for a tech start-up. Matt received his Master of Practicing Accounting from Monash University, Australia, and a Bachelor of Economics Degree from The University of Hong Kong.


Kim Huang MJ 2009 Reporter, Hong Kong Economic Times (Hong Kong)

“JMSC teachers’ requirements on course assignments forced me to produce professional-level student works. My two internships in Jakarta and Hong Kong also awarded me high-quality published stories. These clips and the experience gained from the process helped a lot for getting a journalism job after graduation.�

Kim monitors stock markets and writes business features and news stories.

Kim now works as a reporter for the Hong Kong Economic Times, a leading Chinese-language business newspaper, where he writes breaking news at the speed desk, monitoring stock markets in Hong Kong and China as well as writing feature stories on listed companies. This Chaozhou native from Guangdong province found the newswriting and financial reporting courses useful for his current job. What he learned at the JMSC, including internships at The Jakarta Globe and South China Morning Post, allowed him to work independently during his probation period and secure the job. Kim received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Shantou University in China.


Asad Ali MJ 2010 Staff Writer, GolinHarris (Hong Kong)

“At JMSC I gained a comprehensive idea about how the media industry actually functions, largely because of the professors who were all extremely cooperative, and being veterans in their fields their insights were more than useful. I also learnt a lot from my fellow students all of whom were from diverse backgrounds, both culturally and professionally. This gave me a truly global exposure that I think is necessary in media.”

After graduating from the JMSC, Asad had job offers from newspapers in his native India, but he chose to start his career in Hong Kong to gain quality international exposure by working for the public relations giant GolinHarris. He received his BA in English from Calcutta University, West Bengal in 2009.

Margaret Conley MJ 2007 Reporter, Bloomberg TV (Shanghai)

“I’m extremely grateful to Professor Ying Chan and the JMSC to have learned from the best. The voices of Jim Laurie and Rob McBride echo in my mind when shooting, and the valuable writing tips learned from Thomas Abraham and Gene Mustain are in constant use.”

Shortly after graduating from the JMSC, Margaret was hired by the US-based American Broadcasting Company (ABC) News as a digital reporter to open a one-person bureau in Jakarta. Similar bureaus – where reporters write, shoot and edit their own pieces – were also opened in Seoul, Dubai, New Delhi and Nairobi to boost ABC’s global coverage. After two years, Margaret transferred to ABC’s Tokyo bureau. Margaret’s work was featured on, ABC Radio and ABC News Now and was also aired on ABC network programs such as World News Tonight and Good Morning America. In September 2010, Margaret was hired by Bloomberg TV to report for its Shanghai bureau. Before coming to the JMSC, Margaret worked in the entertainment and news divisions for major U.S. companies, including the ABC Television Network and MTV News.

Margaret covering a volcano evacuation in the Philippines for World News Tonight while a digital reporter for ABC News in Asia.

Margaret received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from Columbia University, USA.


Tesa Arcilla PDipJ 2008 News Correspondent and Presenter Russia Today (Moscow)

“There’s no doubt that a good journalist is not one steeped in theories because journalistic skills are honed best through experience. In this regard, JMSC has given us the privilege to share and learn from the experience of distinguished journalists who patiently allowed us to pick their brains, sincerely prepared us for the real challenges of the profession and constantly pushed us to rough it out with the best in the field and excel – with our integrity intact.”

Tesa reports from Moscow for a 24-hour news channel.

Tesa is a versatile journalist, with close to a decade of experience in print, both for a newspaper and a magazine, and on television, where she now works, as a news correspondent and presenter for Russia Today, Russia’s first 24-hour English-language news broadcaster, which has correspondents in New York, Washington, London, Paris, Delhi and Tel Aviv. One of Tesa’s first assignments was to go to Vienna to cover the spy swap between Russia and the United States, the biggest such exchange since the end of the Cold War.

“Vienna was where the spy swap was reportedly going to take place. As we were reporting it, no officials wanted to confirm the news. As we now know, it did all happen, but the media played a big role in getting this story out and it was great to be a part of it.” Before joining Russia Today, she worked for Television Broadcasts (TVB) in Hong Kong as a business producer and reporter and as a news anchor. She has freelanced for CNN, worked on a show for Al Jazeera English and was a senior writer at The Peak Magazine in Hong Kong where she profiled prominent people, including Chris Patten, the former colonial governor, and film star Jackie Chan. Prior to joining the JMSC’s Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism program in 2007, the widely traveled Tesa also wrote travel stories for the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Tesa received her Bachelor of Liberal Arts Degree and Master of Arts Degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from University of Asia and the Pacific in the Philippines.


Olga Wong M Phil 2005 Senior Reporter, South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)

“My days with JMSC are memorable. The wide-range of learning opportunities offered is precious to both my personal and career development. I was also overwhelmed by the chance of meeting veteran journalists and experienced research fellows from around the world, with whom I was encouraged to exchange ideas on daily basis.”

In 2010, she received an honourable mention from the Society of Publishers in Asia and a gold award in the Consumer Rights Reporting Awards for revealing developers’ tricks in shrinking flat size. Before joining SCMP, Olga worked at Ming Pao Daily News, a leading Chinese-language newspaper, for seven years as its environmental news reporter. She was awarded the “Best Young Reporter” by the Newspaper Society of Hong Kong in 2001.

Olga completed her degree of Master in Philosophy at JMSC in 2005. During the two-year program, she evaluated the use and misuse of statistics in public health reporting in Hong Kong. She also learned documentary filmmaking with Loni Ding, a US Major topics she has recently covered include the renowned independent filmmaker. mismatch of housing demand and supply, how During her undergraduate study at The University of property developers exploit buyers by shrinking the Hong Kong, Olga interned at CNN and Ming Pao, the flat size and adding ineffective green features, the latter which helped her to “develop my strength in review of the urban renewal strategy and the new covering environment and urban planning issues, design models unveiled for the West Kowloon Cultural showed me the significance of local news in improving our daily life.” District. Olga has been working at the South China Morning Post since 2007. Her stories cover a wide range of issues, including urban regeneration, housing needs, development sustainability, town planning, urban design and heritage conservation.

Olga’s reporting revealed how property developers exploited buyers by shrinking flat size and adding ineffective green features.


Li-Fung Cho PhD 2008 Teaching Consultant, Department of Sociology, The University of Hong Kong

“My time at the JMSC was life-transforming. From giving birth to my two lovely boys to completing my PhD, I have achieved more than I ever thought possible. Professor Ying Chan has always said at the JMSC, ‘be careful what you dream for, it may just come true.’ For all the dreams I have realized these past

years, none would have been possible without Professor Chan’s academic guidance and inspiration, patience, tough love and, most importantly, for inspiring my thesis research by sending me off to China to learn how Chinese journalists, every day, are striving to do good journalism.”

Dr. Li-Fung Cho received her PhD in 2008. Photo credit: Jue Sun, MJ 2006, who is now studying for a PhD in sociology.

In her dissertation, Dr. Cho examines investigative reporting in mainland China through news media organizations known for their exposes of government corruption and social ills. She is currently teaching at the Sociology department at HKU, with expertise in investigative reporting, journalistic professionalism, media, culture and communications in China. Dr. Cho was also a reporter at 21st Century World Herald, a newspaper in Southern China that was shut down after it published articles calling for political reform. Dr. Cho was born in Taiwan and went to the U.S. with her family at age 8. Prior to coming to Hong Kong, she worked for more than ten years in San Francisco for non-profit organizations advocating for low-income Asian American youths and their families. Dr. Cho received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Economy of Industrial Societies from the University of California at Berkeley, USA.


King-wa Fu PhD 2009 Research Assistant Professor, Journalism and Media Studies Centre, The University of Hong Kong

“Many people have learned about the JMSC because of its excellence in training professional journalists as well as its internationally famous MJ program. But less known is that the JMSC is also a wonderful place to conduct world-class media research, particularly when studying China media or public health issues. I am one of the beneficiaries of this relatively unexplored virtue of the JMSC. ”

Dr. Fu researches media’s role in mental health issues and has already secured a major grant.

The second PhD graduate from the JMSC, Dr. Fu joined its faculty as Research Assistant Professor. His research focuses on the media’s role in mental health issues including suicide, health communication, youth and the Internet, media research methods and statistics for journalism. Within eight months after joining the faculty in 2009, Dr. Fu secured a major competitive grant of more than HK$475,000 (US$61,000) from the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong for a project that aims to investigate a theory-driven approach to developing a community-based mental health promotion program. Dr. Fu has a MA in Social Sciences and a MPhil in Engineering from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and an undergraduate degree in Engineering from The University of Hong Kong.

Who has hired our graduates? JMSC graduates have been hired by many organizations in Asia and elsewhere, including newspapers, television news operations, wire services, the financial industry, and government. The companies or organizations where our graduates have received jobs include: (partial listing)

ABC News Agence France Presse (AFP) Apple Daily Asia Society Asia Television (ATV) Asian Private Banker Associated Press Baker & McKenzie Bank of China Bloomberg Burson Marsteller Cai Business Indepth Caixin Media CBS News CCTV China Daily China Youth Daily Chinese University of Hong Kong City University of Hong Kong CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets CNN International Commercial Radio Eight Custom Media Ernst & Young Esquire Forbes Franklin Templeton Investments Global Times GolinHarris Hang Seng Bank Hong Kong Academy of Medicine Hong Kong Disneyland Hong Kong Economic Journal Hong Kong Economic Times Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Culture Hong Kong SAR Government: - Civil Engineering Development Department -

Environmental Protection Department Hospital Authority Hong Kong Information Services Department Leisure and Cultural Services Department Office of the Ombudsman Radio Television Hong Kong Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority

Hong Kong Tatler Hong Kong University of Science and Technology HSBC Hurriyet Daily News i-Cable News Ink Publishing InMagazine International Herald Tribune KPMG Kroll Media Corp Singapore Mergermarket Ming Pao Daily News Muse Newsweek Next Magazine NHK World Now TV Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide Oriental Daily Panacea Publications Phoenix Television Russia Today Shanghai Media Group Shantou University Sing Tao Daily Singapore Press Holdings Sky News SmartTone-Vodafone South China Morning Post Star TV Television Broadcasts (TVB) The Jakarta Globe The Standard The University of Hong Kong The Washington Post Thomson-Reuters Time Out Hong Kong UPI Asia Voice of America Wall Street Journal Asia Wen Wei Po Yazhou Zhoukan YLE-Finnish TV


VIEWS For further information, please contact:

Journalism and Media Studies Centre G24 Eliot Hall, The University of Hong Kong Pokfulam, Hong Kong Tel : (852) 2859 1155 Fax : (852) 2858 8736 E-mail : Website :

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