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What Are the Benefits of Using IP Phone? IP telephony is an advanced technology that enables audio, video, wired as well as wireless communication, through the use of Internet Protocol (IP) networks. Internet Protocol Phone or IP phone offers a host of benefits like cost savings, scalability, less initial investment, improved performance etc. There are three different types of communication connections possible in IP telephone system telephone to telephone, telephone to computer and computer to computer.

The foremost advantage of IP telephone system is its cost effectiveness – particularly for business enterprises that make frequent long distance calls. With the use of this technology, there can be tremendous savings when making long distance calls. The savings in telephone costs can run into millions of dollars for big business organizations that heavily rely on the phone for business communications. Because VOIP technology relies on the Internet and not on an expensive dedicated network like traditional phone systems, IP phone service providers are able to pass on the benefits to the consumers by charging considerably lower prices. As IP telephone system is software-based, it becomes easily scalable and also makes integration with other applications feasible. Interestingly, adding a new phone to an already existing IP telephone system needs no extra line - unlike traditional phone system. With continuing advancements in VoIP technology, the voice quality of the IP phone has improved drastically in recent times. The persistent complaint of poor voice quality and long time delays in transmission have almost become things of the past.

Experts agree that the voice quality of IP telephone system today compares favorably with that offered by its rival PSTN and conventional phone systems. It is reported that the delay in transmission has been reduced to an acceptable 250 milliseconds or even less. As is known to many, the installation of Internet telephone system requires much lower investment as compared to the traditional PSTN services. The savings are not merely in terms of money but also time. Because of its reliability on software, the maintenance charges for IP telephone system are only marginal and any technical problem can be easily diagnosed and instantly rectified. It is amply evident that more and more business organizations are switching over to IP telephone system to enjoy better quality and cost-effective communication facilities. Though VoIP technology admittedly offers quality communication, a high speed reliable broadband connection is a basic prerequisite to enjoy the communication of voice, video and data over a single line and at affordable rates. Traditional telephone services do provide basic features such as call waiting, three-way conferencing, voice mail and caller identification. IP phones also enable all of these features and, in fact, a number of additional features absent in the traditional telephone network. IP phones, for example, can enable a user to place a call on hold and pick it up from any other point with an Internet connection, transfer a call to a telephone on some other network, make incoming calls ring at several telephones on different networks simultaneously and even deliver voicemail messages via e-mail. Thus, installing the IP Phone System in your business premises holds a lot of benefits and can significantly contribute to the overall productivity of your business. Today there are numerous IP phone service providers that offer end-to-end solutions for all your communication needs. They not only set up the whole system, but also provide the instruments and render the maintenance services.

What Are the Benefits of Using IP Phone?  

As IP telephone system is software-based, it becomes easily scalable and also makes integration with other applications feasible. Interestin...

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