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Virtual PBX Service and voicemail system

PBX, the acronym for Private Branch Exchange, is a hardware based phone system that is now becoming increasingly obsolete. Today, you can avail all the most sophisticated features of a telephone system without buying any expensive hardware. Virtual PBX, quite often called a virtual receptionist because of the extremely useful auto attendant feature, is the order of the day. Virtual PBX helps all businesses, regardless of their size and scale of operations, project the image of a large corporate. The caller will hear a customized greeting which can sometimes be also used for delivering some small short messages about the company’s products/services. The virtual PBX recording will sound like you are sitting physically before the caller extending hospitality.

A virtual PBX comes loaded with many extraordinary features such as voicemail, fax mail, auto attendant find-me/follow-me call forwarding and many more. The voicemail programs are versatile and can be tailored to suit your needs, whether you need a single voice mailbox with a local phone number or a toll free number or even a larger program with many voice mailboxes for a distributed work force with multiple office locations. Further, each voicemail box includes voice to email facility to enable you click and listen to messages via your computer, Smart Phone, or Blackberry. You can also check voicemail remotely from any local cell phone or telephone line. As part of an auto attendant feature, each extension has call forwarding to a department or staff member. If the telephone call is not answered, the caller is automatically sent to voicemail. Another noteworthy feature is an auto attendant greeting provides a menu of options, multiple voicemail extensions, voice to email—and more. When the customers dial your number, they first hear a professionally recorded greeting that gives them the option to dial by name, dial by department, or dial by extension. If no

one answers the extension after 4 rings, or if the extension is busy, then the system automatically sends the caller to a professional voicemail system. It is to be noted that with the virtual PBX voice mail system activated, you have the features of a high expensive phone, without spending heavily for it and in a cost effective manner. These mail systems are largely helpful for small and medium business firms who cannot afford installing and maintaining expensive telecommunication devices for enjoying similar features and functionalities. There are also some value added features included in most virtual PBX voice mail systems -voice to email, fax, fax to email, extension dialing, e-mail message delivery, forwarding of messages, and cell phone notifications. In keeping with today’s global economy, the voice mailbox is accessible from anywhere in the world at any time. There is also an option provided to save previous messages without having to delete them. These virtual PBX voice mail systems have proved to be immensely helpful to a large number of business houses, self-employed professionals, medical fraternity, traveling executives, field workers etc. The system is maintained in such a way that even uneducated phone users will find it easy to operate, as no extra hardware or software is used for the system to work. In order to stay and survive in the highly competitive world of business, maintaining an excellent communication system is of paramount importance. By implementing high-tech virtual PBX and voicemail system, you can comfortably meet your business communications needs in totality without making huge investments.

SOURCE: RingCentral

Virtual PBX Service and voicemail system  

These virtual PBX voice mail systems have proved to be immensely helpful to a large number of business houses, self-employed professionals,...