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Toll Free Numbers Can Raise Your Business There is no denying that having a toll-free number will go a long way in helping businesses to develop a brand image and gain increased customer recognition. It is therefore worthwhile to examine the various benefits that business houses can derive by owning toll-free number. One of the chief benefits of having a toll free number is to inspire confidence in the minds of potential consumers. Customers feel that they are dealing with a trustworthy organization the moment they come to know the business has a toll-free number.

Studies have conclusively shown that prospective customers favor calling a business with a toll-free number than paying for calls. When you list your toll-free number, your customers appreciate you care enough for them and they can call you any number of times without having to pay for the calls. The competition among businesses is getting fiercer and one assured way to wean away prospective customers from going to your competitors and luring them into your fold is to offer a toll-free number. If your business has a toll-free number, then the consumer’s perception of your business will be it is professionally managed and they are not dealing with some smalltime business owners. Even if you run a small home office with a toll-free number, consumers will immediately presume that you are managing a large company. Interestingly, toll-free numbers allow you to use the same number for receiving both local as well as inter-state calls. This is a great opportunity for your business to develop national presence. Even assuming you do not offer your service in certain areas toll-free numbers have the flexibility to block calls coming from those areas.

It has been conclusively established that the response rate is nearly 30 percent higher if your trade advertisement carries a toll-free number. By mentioning a toll-free number, your business may appear like a major corporation to clients which will prompt him/her to immediately call you. By offering a toll-free number, you are creating an opportunity for customers to call you without having to pay. This encourages potential customers to repeatedly call you and eventually place orders over phone. Thus toll-free numbers are a powerful and costeffective marketing tool. Toll-free numbers provide you the facility to track calls and maintain detailed record of the number, time, date and duration of every call. This is indeed an excellent avenue for generating leads which in turn can lead to more sales. Customers are likely to more frequently interact with you if you have a toll-free number and that can facilitate building a better customer rapport leading to possible repeat orders. A toll-free number works regardless where you are located and this is a great advantage if you shift you business or open a new office. You can move from one state to another, and yet your toll-free number will remain the same and you will not lose out on any customer calls. Customers may not be willing to place an online order unless they are satisfied that the company has genuine contact particulars. If you can offer a toll-free number on your business web site, a customer will make a quick call, hear your greeting message and feel more confident to place an online order.

Toll Free Numbers Can Raise Your Business  

Toll-free numbers provide you the facility to track calls and maintain detailed record of the number, time, date and duration of every call....

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