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Things to Consider Whilst Choosing Internet Phone Service

VoIP is the acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. If you want to truly conduct business operations efficiently in the present computer age and want to avail the numerous benefits of advanced communication technology, then you have to install VoIP phone system at your business premises. VoIP is the latest communication marvel that uses the Internet connection for transmitting the voice unlike the traditional phone system. VoIP converts ordinary analog audio signals into digital signals that can be sent over the Internet.

When you speak using VoIP technology, your voice is converted to an electronic signal which is then broken down into packets, compressed, and sent to the receiver. At the receiving end, the packets are reassembled, decompressed and reconverted into a voice signal by hardware and software. You can straightaway start using the VoIP facility provided you have a reliable broadband connection and either VoIP phones or VoIP adaptors. Alternately, you can use microphone and speakers connected to your computer. Choosing the right VoIP service provider can be quite a daunting task but it will pay off well in the end if you are able to select the ideal provider. You must choose a service provider that is appreciates of your nature of business and is sensitive to your communication needs. Here are few things to consider when choosing a VoIP service. •

Your VoIP service provider must be reliable and be in a position to offer 24X7 uninterrupted service as your business can ill-afford to miss any phone calls.


You should choose a VoIP service provider that is capable of providing all the features that you need including call waiting, 3-way conferencing, extra lines, distinctive ringing – amongst many others.

VoIP has numerous attractive features like speed dialing, find-me-follow-me, do not disturb, and call transfer, toll-free numbers, caller ID blocking, multi-ring facility, distinctive ringing, enhanced voicemail, area code selection, anonymous call block – amongst others. Be discerning and buy only the features you need or else you will end up needlessly overpaying for features you may not use.

One thing you should definitely ensure is the 911 service that is offered and never hesitate to seek clarifications from the prospective provider. The fact is that large provider companies are beginning to provide 911 service that is just as robust as 911 on a land line.

Availability of number portability (if you need to keep your old number) is something you will have to find out from the service provider.

The rates offered should be competitive and check for international rates if you need frequent international calling. This can mean a huge savings for you.

More importantly, find out if the VoIP provider offers a 30-day free trial and money back guarantee. This will help you to ascertain whether things are running smoothly before making a final commitment. If there is no money back guarantee, then ignore the provider.

When you are finalizing a VoIP service provider, choose the one which has no set up fees. Quite often, the monthly fee will be low but the company will trick you into charging exorbitant set up fee.

Do not straightaway opt for the least quote as reliability and reputation of the VoIP service provider is far more important. The best way to do this would be to search the Better Business Bureau for complaints against the provider company.

Some service providers offer a referral incentive scheme. They may provide you a free month of service for every buyer you refer. This can be a great deal for you and you can save a lot of money.

Things to Consider Whilst Choosing Internet Phone Service