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How to Perform Toll Free Number Check As most of us are aware, a toll free number is a telephone number that a caller can make calls without having to pay any charges. The charges are payable by the individual or business house that is receiving the calls. Toll-free numbers are more commonly referred to as 800 numbers after the original area code. But with massive demand for toll-free numbers, the scenario has changed and toll-free numbers today start with the additional area codes like 888, 877, and 866.

As of now, there are four toll free area codes, 800, 888, 877 & 866. It may be said that technically they all serve the same purposes. However in terms of their marketing standpoint and for the advertisers, there are some subtle differences and there is no denying that 800 number is supreme and is the king of all toll-free numbers. There is a clamor among business enterprises to acquire toll-free numbers as customers will be motivated to call them more frequently leading to efficient Customer Relations Management (CRM) and greater opportunities to improve sales. One major reason for the popularity of 800 numbers is that the charges payable by the receiving party have drastically come down. When the 800 numbers were first introduced they were quite expensive and also hard to obtain. But today they are extremely affordable and setting up is also simple. Customers like toll-free numbers because they need not pay to call. Business houses like them because customers will be encouraged to call often. Businesses also like them because they are portable and they create a more effective national presence and they have additional capabilities in terms of reporting and routing unlike local numbers. So if you are running a business – whatever be its size and scale - you can obtain your own toll free number and mention it in all your trade advertisements, sales promotion

literature and other marketing campaign activities. The toll-free number will elicit tremendous customer response as callers will not be obliged to pay the charges. Besides, mentioning a toll-free number will enhance your company image and also make it look professional to all your customers and business associates. But it is essential that you periodically check whether the toll-free number is working well as otherwise you will be missing out a lot of calls from existing and prospective customers. If your toll-free number does not work, your customers will not only be annoyed but may even lose faith in you. Toll-free numbers also provide the owner with useful information about the caller including the caller’s number even if the caller ID information is blocked as well as other tracking capabilities. Malfunctioning of the toll-free number will defeat the purpose for which it is installed. It only takes less than a minute to test if your toll free number is working well and his small effort will save you the anxiety of losing out any incoming calls. Simply stated, there are two types of toll-free number services. There are vanity number owners and there are regular phone companies. Most business owners who understand the importance of toll-free numbers opt for vanity numbers. You gain a significant increase in customer calls when you have a vanity number as vanity numbers are a lot more easily remembered by the customers.

How to Perform Toll Free Number Check  

Toll-free numbers also provide the owner with useful information about the caller including the caller's number even if the caller ID inform...