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Cheap Virtual Phone Service Given today’s global economy where competition and business rivalry are getting increasingly fierce, most business enterprises have come to recognize the need for an efficient communication system. Most analysts agree that a hosted PBX virtual phone service, with all its attendant features, is the best available option. The hosted PBX offers a lot more benefits than the traditional hardware-based systems – not to speak of the considerable money savings. Besides, the onus of maintenance and back-up support for this virtual PBX system lies with the service provider and that should provide you immense relief.

The method of operating a virtual PBX system is uncomplicated and all you have to do is to popularize the local number or 800 that will be assigned to you amongst your customers and business associates – as all the incoming calls for your business will get centralized. It is now acknowledged that virtual PBX is the ideal communication system - particularly for self- employed professionals, SOHO, small and mid-sized business houses. The services are provided through a hosted server that employs high-speed bandwidth Internet connection or telephone networks. Because the PBX services are shared by a large number of subscribers, the monthly rates are cheap and affordable to all subscribers. A hosted PBX virtual phone system is so called because of its capability to provide almost all the functions and features of a regular PBX system used by big corporations. With the availability of a hosted PBX virtual phone system, it is now possible even for small businesses to enjoy features like call waiting, call transfer, call forwarding, follow me, find me, fax to email, virtual receptionist, caller ID, music in hold and a lot more. Virtual PBX services have other additional useful features including online voicemail, online call logs, dial-by-name directories etc

Interestingly, answering several calls simultaneously without annoying the caller with busy signals is a distinct advantage. The call routing service facility will facilitate the incoming calls to be directed to different sections or to the consecutive telephone lines of the individual employees, including their personal or mobile phone numbers. This is a tremendously useful feature as it will help you manage your business from any part of the world – so essential for businesses that entail nationwide or overseas operations. During earlier times, PBX systems were very costly and only huge corporations could afford it and enjoying the sophisticated features of a PBX remained a distant dream for most small and medium sized business enterprises. But with technological advancement, all businesses - regardless of its size and scale of operations - can now opt for a hosted PBX virtual phone system. Finally, those planning to avail the hosted PBX system must understand the need to select the right service provider. Since communication is critically important for the dayto-day business operations as also to its growth, it is essential that you tie up with a reliable and reputed hosted PBX service provider like RingCentral. Ring central is among one of the frontline hosted PBX virtual phone service providers and they have a customer-base of around ten thousand spread across the globe. RingCentral provides all the telecommunication capabilities that today's businesses and household demand, while completely eliminating the need for expensive on-premise phone systems. To avail the most reliable virtual phone system, visit:

Source: RingCentral

Cheap Virtual Phone Service  

The method of operating a virtual PBX system is uncomplicated and all you have to do is to popularize the local number or 800 that will be a...

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