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A brief insight into internet fax method Sometimes managing a messy fax machine can be quite irksome. And adding to that the telephone lines would also call for a strike at times. Here, the advent of internet fax would be a great boon for you. It is a simple technique by which you can send and receive fax using your internet system. The method is web based and it enables you to send and receive messages from almost anywhere with an internet connection. It is quite possible these days as internet is accessible from every nook and corner.

The procedure for securing an online fax is very simple. All you need is to sign up with an internet fax service provider for getting your own fax number which would be local or toll free. This can be used in the same way as the usual fax number. The service provider would charge a small amount for this service. However, you don’t need an extra phone line to do internet fax since it is done online. The process here is that through the fax number, you would be receiving and sending email fax. The fax would be attached to your email as TIFF or PDF format file. The faxes can be accessed from the online interface i.e. the login site where the sending and receiving process take place. The email fax can also be saved online. There are many advantages in using the internet fax and many small and large business owners are constantly switching over to the method. The online fax is relatively very fast and convenient. There is no disparity of busy signals and many faxes can be sent and received simultaneously. Moreover, the fax can be reached anywhere with an internet connection. Above all, you don’t have to handle fax machines and second phone lines too. Since the internet fax has made the advent recently, many people have a doubt regarding the usage. One of the common doubts is whether they can send the faxes to the old traditional machines using email fax. People find it difficult to believe that faxing process can indeed be done without the traditional machines. It is easily possible to send faxes to the traditional machines and if they have your fax number, they can return the fax through their machine itself.

The process of online fax is quite simple. While you are sending a fax, you use your computer and login to the service provider. The message goes from your computer to the fax provider or server. It then reaches the destination fax machine through the phone line. When someone is sending you a fax, the message reaches through the phone line to the server where it is converted into TIFF or PDF file. Later the message reaches to you as an email attachment. The process would be easier if both the parties are using email fax. The faxes would reach as email notification and would be stored there even if your computer is turned off. This would make sure that you don’t miss any faxes as a result of busy phone lines. Moreover, the information would be confidential; without anyone putting their nose into it.

Source: RingCentral

A brief insight into internet fax method  

The procedure for securing an online fax is very simple. All you need is to sign up with an internet fax service provider for getting your o...

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