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" Yesterday SheLeft" by JMS777VS DDSD

My Pillow, Now Wet, Hold Tears, I've Wept, The Sun, It Set Her Light, It Kept.

The Moon, Tonight, Did Not Appear, No Light, Would I Find, Around Here, Hurt, In Pain, Went And Sat By The Pier, My Heart, My Joy, Now Filled With Fear.

Collapse, I Did, Tear After Tear, Imagined, I Did, I Whispered In Her Ear, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy I Am Here, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy Can You Hear.

Today, He Came, Oh So Very Near,

I Know, He Saw, Another Lonely Tear, I Know, He Wished, To Find Her Always Here, Alone, Afraid, My Brother Whispered In My Ear, I Know, I Know, She's No Longer Here, Last Night, I Dreamed, She Whispered In My Ear, Please,Go Tell Her, That Mommy, Mommy Is Always Here.

Yesterday She Left  
Yesterday She Left  

Poetry by JMS777 VS DDSD