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Winter, 12/13—



Greetings AMVETS, Ladies Auxiliary and Sons. hope everyone had a good DEC in Statesville. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Sons for a great luncheon at the DEC. It was enjoyed by everyone. By the time you read this letter all the elections will be over. (I hope everyone exercised their right to vote.) I had the pleasure of going to Black Mountain for the opening of the State Veterans Home. More details at the January DEC, also I had the honor of going to Post 201 for a ceremony to Salute the Veterans. I was invited to attend a fund raiser in Albemarle. Let’s not forget Camp Corral, this camp is for Wounded Warriors children and it’s a good place for the kids to talk with other kids about what they are going through. The holiday days are almost here. I hope everyone has a great season and God be with you. Last but not least, we all need to be more diligent in our reporting of our programs. N.C. Dept. Commander

David Beam, Sr., NC Dept. of AMVETS Commander


Have a safe and happy holiday season everyone. Past Commanders properly presented plaques Left is PDC Oceanus Lowery, Right is PDC Carl Morgan. When these two PDC’s left office there was a glitch in the Past Commanders plaques. They were properly presented at the October DEC in Statesville.

From the President


ur DEC meeting in Statesville was a great one. We missed several of our officers due to family commitments. The fish fry sponsored by the Sons of AMVETS was a big hit I believe. The food was great and so was the company. Thanks to the Sons for letting the Auxiliary have a silent auction on Saturday afternoon. This was a big hit as well for the Auxiliary and N.C. Dept. President Sackettes. Thanks to all Auxiliaries LINDA participating in this. A good time STARNES was had by all and everyone made money. Our National President will be visiting us at the January DEC Meeting in Clemmons. We will have a reception on Friday evening so everyone can meet her. Also, we will be having our Reverse Drawing as well. AU X I L I A RY The proceeds from this will go to our Scholarship Fund and Ways and Means. Everybody get your ticket as soon as possible. Thanks for letting me serve as your President another year. Linda Starnes NC AMVETS Auxiliary President

NC AMVETS NEWS­—Winter, 2012-13

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Our Country - Patriotic Music Video

his video salutes America and the veterans who have sacrificed to make Our Country great. We’re proud of America and our military who serve so faithfully. Please enjoy this tribute which is the culmination of a four-year process in which we dedicated ourselves to writing and re-writing until the messaging was just right. The video features US Veterans, heroes, mothers of the wounded and fallen, and images of what America represents. The song was also interpreted for the hearing impaired. Our Country - Patriotic Music Video was released to the public this morning on YouTube. Here is the link: watch?v=e8jFb1pmHjQ Thanks, Steve Huff Compass Media Productions


A Prayer For Those We Love Almighty God, we entrust all who are

July 15 to print September 25

dear to us to thy never-failing care

October 15 to print December 25

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and love, for this and the life to come; knowing that thou art doing for them better things than we can desire or pray for; through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

NC AMVETS NEWS­—Winter, 2012-13 BY Michael W. Rozmaryn NEC, PDC


NEC Report

attended the Pre NEC Meeting, the National AMVETS Convention, and the Post NEC Meeting in August 2012 at Daytona Beach, Florida. At the Pre NEC Meeting, all reports from each state were presented and accepted. At the National AMVETS Convention, it was voted on and accepted to go to the JOHN ASCUAGA Nugget for the 2016 National Convention. At the Post NEC Meeting, it was brought to the NECS that the hotel in Michigan was bought out by a new Company. The AMVETS asked a few questions about the company that bought them and that would anything change in the contract. Thirty days later, no answer was received. This gave the NECS the right to cancel the contract in Michigan. The NECmen were told that all the hotels that bid for the 2016 National Convention, would be able to put a bid in for the 2013 National Convention. All hotels accepted and gave us a new Presentation for the 2013 National Convention. After their presentation, the NECS voted to go to the JOHN ASCUAGA Nugget in Sparks, Nevada for 2013 National Convention. The 69th AMVETS National Convention will be JULY 24, 2013 to AUGUST 4, 2013. The opening session for delegates will be Wednesday, July 31, 2013. At this point the meeting was adjourned. On September 28th, I received an email for National Headquarters showing that 14 of our AMVETS Families will be losing their TAX EXEMPT STATUS because of failure to turn in their 990’s. At this time, all have been contacted and currently attempting to regain their Tax Exempt. I will be attending the Fall NEC in Alexandria, Virginia in December 2012. All this was reported at the State D.E.C. Meeting in Statesville, N.C.

AMVETS in Service, Michael W. Rozmaryn, N.E.C. AMVETS Department of North Carolina


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NC AMVETS NEWS­—Winter, 2012-13


NATIONAL CONVENTION July 24 - August 4, 2013

1100 Nugget Avenue Sparks, NV 89431

 Reser­va­tions: (800) 648‑1177

PARK­ING: Com­plimen­tary for AMVETS Guests

Room Rate $89

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NC AMVETS NEWS­—Winter, 2012-13 Local News----------------------------------------------------

Pfeiffer University’s NC AMVETS

Career Center 1 Provides Color Guard for Richfield, NC McDonalds

Above: Left to right Joseph Cutrone – NC Career Center 1 Computer/Network Specialist Ronald McDonald Jerry Pion – NC Career Center 1 Deputy Commander Charlie Cosgrove – NC Career Center 1 Commander Center: Left to Right Joseph Cutrone and Jerry Pion Prepare to Present the Colors Far Right Brian Graves - Stanly News and Press Reporter Below: Far Left Grimmis Ronald McDonald Charles Cosgrove preparing to play National Anthem North Stanly County High School Cheer Leaders Joseph Cutrone and Gerry Pion Bowing Heads Preparing for the Innovations

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NC AMVETS NEWS­—Winter, 2012-13



his was a fundraiser in August for Memorial Day. We raised money for the different veteran’s programs we participate in and our local veterans. We have a great bunch of volunteers and supporters. Thanks! Marcia Fenwick Auxiliary President

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NC AMVETS NEWS­—Winter, 2012-13


David Beam Sr PDC Bill Pulliam and auxiliary member Karen Schoonover outside for the balloon releasing at the POWMIA ceremony 15 September 2012

L -R Mary Hatchell, President 320 & Cora Brigman, 1st Vice 320 at the POWMIA Ceremony on Sept. 15, 2012

Dot McNair chairperson for 26 years and Pat Pulliam at the 26th annual POWMIA ceremony in Littleton NC.

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This is what it is all about! Shirt by AMVETS. Modeled by Pat Pulliam.

NC AMVETS NEWS­—Winter, 2012-13


ROWAN COUNTY AT THE ROWAN COUNTY COURT HOUSE WITH AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary Department PRESIDENT LINDA STARNES, Local Auxiliary Member, Judi B, Local President, Rita Hall, and Local 3rd Community Service Officer, Ashley Patterson, October 8th, 2012.

A proud tradition—

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NC AMVETS NEWS­—Winter, 2012-13

Camp Corr al

We have asked all posts and districts who can to donate $500.

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NC AMVETS NEWS­—Winter, 2012-13

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NC AMVETS NEWS­—Winter, 2012-13

AMVETS Gift Membership


ive a currently serving soldier a gift in your name for only $30. We will send a gift letter in your name to an active-duty soldier letting them know you appreciate their service and they are now AMVETS members. AMVETS is chartered by congress to help veterans and we work for them every day. Send $30 payable and addressed to: AMVETS Gift Membership 4647 Forbes Blvd., Lanham, MD 20706

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AMVETS Dept. of NC P.O. Box 1360 Welcome, NC 27374-1360







WE HAVE:  A strong voice for veterans in Congress.  Many local, state and national scholarships.  Our state VA hospitals

actively supports friendship among all veterans.

 Several national insurance programs  Our Special Olympics programs.  A State Service Officer who has the answers.  Various activities in our communities.


Application for membership - please print NC AMVETS Department Headquarters, P.O. Box 1360, Welcome, NC 27374-1360 New Annual  Renewal  Life Membership (Post dues may vary depending on area.)

Name Spouse Address Phone City, State, Zip Branch of service

Year entered service


Service # Type of Discharge Sex:  Male Date of Birth




Signature Post Authorizing Officer

 Female

Winter, 2012/13  

The North Carolina AMVETS News