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Fall, 2010

Vol. 14, No. 3

commander’s Remarks By Commander Ramos


his first quarter has been a very busy one. We had a very successful Transition/E-Committee meeting. Utilizing the first meeting as a starting point for the “business” of being an AMVET was an important first step. We learned about relying on our District Commanders more, we decided to arm our district commanders with tools on how to do their jobs, and we began a path to streamline VAVS and how to get service directly to the hospitals. At National Convention, we had 96 Delegates, more than any other department. Your California AMVETS showed up in force and the rest of the nation noticed! We networked and made some very good connections…but it wasn’t enough. We need to increase our presence and create some good lasting alliances in order for California to get a seat on the big stage. But we as a department need to step up…we need at least 200 delegates to make a difference! So how do we get there? Commitment and Excellence.

Commitment – We have begun a journey to create a

better department. How are you doing with this? I challenge each post to be better, to focus on two things: Membership and Programs. Get compliant. If you don’t know how, ask your District Commander. If he/she doesn’t know… make them get the answers! Commit to calling all of your annual members, make sure they renew. Call each of your expired annual members and get them to join again. Challenge each member to bring one new member a month in.

1st Vice Report


Excellence – what does your post do? Is it a dry, stale meeting? Or do you engage your members? Do you strive to help your community, your fellow veterans and their families? Do you give of yourself? Two things you can do, Hold a free meal for the community. No, requirements, just feed the unfortunate. Another great idea is to do a clothing drive. Gather all of the discards you can…get those articles to the nearest thrift store or even an AMVETS Thrift store! The point is… an AMVET that helps others is truly an excellent Member. On that note… Make sure you all give a call to PDC Mel and Francis Posey and to PDC Beverly Grabel. They tirelessly gave their time to the Hospitality suite. Each day they stocked, served, and catered to everyone that walked through the door. They truly portray the meaning of excellence. Can you do one thing? Think about it, one thing…sound easy? What if that one thing was to get a new member? To help a Veteran find some benefits? Help someone in the community? OR, even go to National Convention? Think about it, and then act on it. Be the real thing…be an AMVET. I hope we all get to see you in Bakersfield for DEC. Remember for Executive Committee Members, it is a mandatory meeting! That’s right…all District Commanders, Area Commanders, and officers are required to attend. If you are interested in helping out or being on a committee, please make time to attend as well. Talk to the Executive Director about expense reimbursement. So until, then, Drive on AMVET! Be proud!

Commander Ramos

By 1st Vice Commander Jerry Greer

would like to say hello, and introduce myself to all of the members of Team AMVETS California. I am Jerry R Greer and for the last two years, I was District 16 Cdr. I went to the Department Convention in Modesto this last June and got myself nominated as the Dept. 1st Vice commander and the majority of the delegates there voted me in as your Dept. 1st Vice. I vowed to do my very best for team AMVETS Calif. for the ensuing year. I am doing that at this time. On July 23rd and 24th I attended the transition meeting in Tulare. I have visited two posts up here in the north, and I went too the AMVETS National Convention in Louisville KY in August. On August 27th I could be found at the Grand Opening of our new Depart-

ment HQ at 120 North “M” Street in Tulare, CA. I am looking forward to seeing and talking to all of my fellow AMVETS at the DEC in Bakersfield on October 1st and 2nd. I would like to get some of your ideas about membership. How can we get our members to renew, pay their dues as soon as they get their notice from national, and how do we recruit new members? We are 10,000 strong in Calif. and that is good but since this is the best dam veterans organization in the U S A we should be able to have one hundred thousand by the end of my term!  Commander Ramos has extended the veterans outreach program for a six month period starting Sept. 1st. and running until March 1st 2011. For those who don’t know, this program is where you can sign up a new ANNUAL member and the Dept. will give

them their first year membership “Free”. This is a great opportunity for your post to increase its membership. Here is another idea, you don’t have to only sign vets that live in your neighborhood or town you can sign up friends or family members that live elsewhere, just remember that you need to get a copy of their DD214 form (that is their discharge paper) or active duty card if they are still active. We need to be vigilant on verification of their eligibility. Also “ALL” Posts have to become Compliant with all State and Federal forms, such as IRS, Incorporation, EIN #, Secretary of State filing, & nonprofit filing. This has to be done yesterday, so if you have any questions get in touch with Executive Director Rose Blackman. I guess I have rattled on long enough so I will leave you with work your membership! 

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DEPARTMENT OFFICERS FOR 2010-2011 Commander Charles Ramos


1st Vice Commander Jerry Greer


2nd Vice Commander Mike Clay


Northern Area Commander Bud Simmons


Central Area Commander Frank Guerra


Southern Area Commander John Bernier


Finance Officer Phil Plascencia


Upcoming Events............................................................................................. 6

Judge Advocate Chuck Kissel


New Changes to CA Veterans & Military Code.............................................7

Provost Marshal Ben Aguayo


ALL VETS SHOULD COPY THIS............................................................... 8

N.E.C. Man Ronald Ferrara


Veterans’ Medallion Available for Order.................................................... 10

Alt. N.E.C. Man Filbert Bejarano


Director at Large Baldy Salmon


Director at Large Ray Delgado


Chaplain Tom Sarchipone


Chief of Staff Jeff Sharp


2—California AMVETS Voice

120 North “M” Street


Officer’s Reports.............................................................................................. 3

AMVETS Riders........................................................................................... 12 National Pics by Al Verrett........................................................................... 13 Operation Welcome Home........................................................................... 14 Post Reports.................................................................................................. 17 STAND DOWN 2010.................................................................................... 23

Vol. 14, No. 3

2nd Vice Commander's Report By Mike Clay


ello, and thank you for your confidence in electing me to this office. We are off to a fair start on Programs Reporting this year. Thus far, 34 posts have reported activities on the National website, giving us 62% reported. That’s not bad, but we can do a lot better, 49% of our posts still need to get started on this year’s reports. So I ask that you get on the reporting bandwagon if you have not already. We need to work on building pride within the Department. We all wear our hats to meetings, and some of us have stickers on our vehicles, but how many of us really proclaim in a loud voice, “I’m a California AMVET, and I’m dammed proud of it.”? We need to show our colors more in our communities and let the whole world know we’re proud to be AMVETS, and proud of our Department here in the great state of California. Show your colors! Remember: IF YOU DIDN’T WRITE IT DOWN, IT DIDN’T HAPPEN, so report, report, report.

Benefits Please visit the National website, and click the “Member Benefits” button on the left hand side of the page, or go directly to and note the various providers that AMVETS has as providers of benefits.


Recall: grades K and 1st do the American flag drawing; grades 2-5 do the posters, and grades 6-12 do essays.  See for program details.   K:  (1) Scheler $50 post 56; (2) Farrow $40, post 40; (3) Silva $20, MAL 1st: (1) Brown $50, MAL; (2) Lutfi $30, Post 18; (3) Tembrock $20, post 40 2nd: (1) Gonzales $60, MAL; (2) Stephens $40, post 40; (3) Berereia $20, post 56 3rd: (1) Yeates $60, post 56; (2) Rechin $40, post 40; (3) Murillo $20, post 18 4th: (1) Roberts $60, post 40; (2) Godoy $40, post 18; (3) Peralta $20, post 56 5th: (1) Brown $75, MAL; (2) Giuseponi $50, post 40 (3) none 6th: (1) Sartuche $75, post 56; (2) Khan $40, post 18; (3) none 7th: (1) Altermatt $75, post 56; (2) none; (3) none 8th:  (1) none; (2) none; (3) none 9th: (1) Bielecki $125, post 1996; (2) Buzzanco $75; post 18; (3) none 10th: (1) Perez $150, post 56; (2) Atwood $75, post 1996; (3) none 11th: (1) Pals $200, MAL; (2) Cruz $125, post 56; (3) none 12th: (1) Mogk $200, MAL; (2) Turner $125, MAL; (3) Garcia $50, MAL   MAL = not represented through a post   Tallies:  Total payouts $2K thru Dept. Americanism line item budget; Post 18 had 5 Dept. Americanism Chair Winners; Post 40 had 6 winners; Post 56 had 8 winners; Post 1996 had 2 winners; there were 8 MAL winners.  Total winners out of 39 possible was 29.    National winners are: Bielecki, Post 1996 Sartuche, Post 56, Post 56 and Post 56 -C: Kissel 

From the Desk of the Executive Director By Rose Blackman


e have a busy year ahead of us. First I want to thank everyone who attended the convention in Modesto and hope to see all of you in Santa Maria. We have two main things to focus on before the end of this year. First is getting all posts in compliance. The district commanders have been sent the information as to what posts are in compliance and which ones are not. They have also been given the information on how to help your posts get into compliance (I’ve also included that information in this paper). To maintain our non profit status the dept. needs to have copies of every post’s paperwork. Second: ANNUAL RENEWALS: We had hundreds of new members signed up under the Veteran’s Outreach program last year; as a result our total numbers increased significantly and hopefully will continue to do so. In addition to adding new members we need to retain those who have already joined. Hopefully many of them have had a chance to attend your post meetings and functions and have seen what a great organization this is and they want to continue helping your post help veterans and their families.

Vol. 14, No. 3

Renewal reminders have already been sent out to the members from nationaL. If your members have not renewed it will be your responsibility to contact them and encourage them to do so. Once the member sends their money and renewal reminder to your post contact person, that person needs to fill out a dues remittance form and send it along with the proper amounts of money to the dept. We will then send the post the member’s membership card for 2011 and the post can deliver it to the member. In this paper you will see a graph of each post and the number of renewal cards national sent us for each post. It also contains the number of renewals rec’d in the dept. office as of Sept. 1 ON PAGE 10. Next newsletter I will print how well your post is doing at getting your renewals sent in. If you do not know who your annuals are, the post commander has access to that information by going to the national website and clicking on membership access, then post roster. This will give you a list of all of your post members, annuals and life, the date they joined and whether or not they have renewed (it will show the expiration date). All ANNUAL memberships signed up prior to Sept. 1, 2010 expire on Dec. 31st of 2010.

CONGRATULATIONS to Post 56 and 1996 for having AMERICANISM winners at both the Department and National levels. This is post 56’s first time entering any students in the contest and they had three winners at national. Here is a challenge for all of our posts: Get involved with your schools and have them enter next year’s contest! First judgings take place at the post level, then you send your 1st place winning entries on to the Department AMERICANISM committee (they must be received by the committee no later than June 1st). For forms and information on the theme go to and click on programs then in the drop down box click on AMERICANISM. You will learn what the theme is and be able to download the forms needed for the students to enter the contest. This will be our last paper before the holidays so I want to wish you and yours happy, and safe holidays!  Yours in service, Rose

California AMVETS Voice—3



orld War I mothers of sons and daughters in service displayed a Blue Star flag with both pride and concern knowing their children were in harm’s way. The Blue Star represented both their pride, and their hope. A large part of the Blue Star program was to initiate whatever efforts they could to some day bring their children safely home. When the war began claiming the lives of many of young Americans, a new flag developed. When a son or daughter was killed in action a gold star was sewn over the blue one, completely covering it. In May 1918, the Women’s Committee of National Defenses suggested to President Woodrow Wilson that those mothers who had lost a family member in the war should wear a black band on their upper-left arm, adorned with a gold star. In a letter affirming his support for this proposal, President Wilson referred to these women as “Gold Star Mothers.” It was the beginning a new tradition of patriotic support for those who serve our Nation in uniform.

Project Gold Star began accepting Donations upon the signing of the Bill. Checks made payable to “CDVA Project Gold Star” can be mailed to Project Gold Star, 1227 O St, Room 300, Sacramento, CA, 95814 or FAXED to (916) 653-2611. For more information please call (916) 653-2192. Please donate to this non-profit 501(c)3 organization, “Project Gold Star” in care of the VetFund Foundation (Tax ID # 20-5195691):

Vet Fund Foundation Project Gold Star 2001 N Street, Suite 210, Sacramento, CA 95814

Gold Star Family License Plate Bill

On September 26, 2008 Governor Schwarzenegger signed SB 1455 – the Gold Star Family License Plate bill– authored by Senator Dave Cogdill (Modesto). This bill authorizes the California Department of Veterans Affairs to sponsor a Gold Star Family specialized license plate program and waives the 7,500 minimum applications requirement. This bill authorizes a family member of a member of the Armed Forces who was killed while serving on active duty in the military to apply for a special license plate with a design containing a Gold Star and the words “Gold Star Family.”

Project: Gold Star

The Gold Star Family License Plates will be produced at no cost to the state’s General Fund, so fundraising will be necessary. The Department of Veterans Affairs is authorized to actively seek donations to pay for the costs of implementing the program (estimated to be $300,000). So, the Department of Veterans Affairs has established Project Gold Star to help raise the necessary funds. All of the money collected by Project Gold Star will be deposited into the Gold Star Family License Plate Account. Gold Star Families have endured a most painful sacrifice for the sake of our country. The Department would like to show them our gratitude and support by initiating this program as soon as possible. We are counting on the public to offer their support.

It’s official,

DD-214’s are NOW Online

4—California AMVETS Voice

AMVETS with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and CDVA Secretary Roger Brautigan at Governor’s Office, August 5, 2010. The AMVETS Foundation donated $55,000 to the Gold Star License Plate Fund. L to R: John Reece, Past Department Commander; Pete Conaty, AMVETS Legislative Advocate; Governor Schwarzenegger; Mel Posey, Past Department Commander; Charlie Ramos, Department Commander, Lorraine Plass, Department Legislative Chair; Secretary Roger Brautigan, CA Department of Veterans Affairs.

Northern Area Report

By Northern Area Commander Bud Simmons


am currently working on scheduling Northern Area Meetings, the first one is set for Saturday, September 11 at Yountville following the AMVETS Appreciation Day Picnic. I have put word out to District/Post Commanders re hosting future meetings and will schedule as soon as I receive word from them. I have been actively following up on the cut made in the Governor’s request to fund the County VSO’s an addition $8.4 mil which has been stalled.  . On 7 August I attended the Dedication of the Pearl Heart Memorial in Sacramento and then to Davis for the PGR Recognition event where we have a (membership) booth which Mary White & I will be handling. August 14 is “Spirit of 45 Day” at the Lodge at Paulin Creek here in Santa Rosa where AMVETS conducted a Flag Presentation Ceremony as part of the days activities. On 22-23 August, we had a membership booth at the Pacific Coast Air Museum Air Show here in Santa Rosa. On 28 August, we set up a AMVETS conducted Flag Retirement Ceremony at Vineyard Commons, a local retirement community. On November 7 we have arranged for a (membership) booth in Sacramento for the Vettes for Vets Car

Vol. 14, No. 3

Northern Area, cont.

show at the Auto Museum. On November 11, will be participating in the largest Veterans Day Parade north of San Francisco in Petaluma. We will be one of the sponsors which should give AMVETS some good P/R here in Sonoma County.  I will monitor on a regular basis the validation of posts within the Northern Area.    Bud Simmons -  “TEAM AMVETS” Department of California Northern Area Commander 

Southern Area Report

By Southern Area Commander, John Bernier


he 11th, 12th, and 13th of June attended the AMVETS department convention in Modesto. The convention was very upbeat and the progress of AMVETS was brought to the floor by President Pidgeon of the service foundation. The new officers elected were well received. 19 June, attended post 2007 meeting and presented gold post pins to members. Additional pins are on order for members who did not receive their pins. 3 July, went to the traveling wall with post 20, 2007, 311, district 17 commander, and members of Barstow AMVETS home. Passed out AMVETS membership forms and listened to guest speakers. 5 July, was called to Past Commander Benton’s house. Commander Benton was near death. The hospice nurses and family were there most of the day. 7 July 2010 Dell Benton passed away, 14 July, 2010 attended Commander Benton’s service, I will miss him. He was a good friend and a great veteran.a 10-15th August attended AMVETS national convention in Louisville, Ky. 20 August, attended grand opening of Vets center in Alpine, California. 27 August attended grand opening of Dept Headquarters and Foundation Service office in Tulare, CA. Carl Bates is the Service Officer there.



egan Bielecki, NJROTC, straight-A student from Enterprise High School in Redding has earned an expense paid trip to Freedom's Foundation Leadership Conference November 4-7, 2010 at Valley Forge near Philadelphia. Her essay was well received by the judges at the AMVETS Department of California convention making her eligible for this trip. Gabrial Brown, now a 6th grader at Douglas City School, won a 3rd place at the AMVETS National convention competition. His poster depicted the Victory of our new country over the British. The American Flag is larger than the British flag and he wrote that the victory gave us freedom and that is why we celebrate the 4th of July. The theme for their competition was: "Why Do We Celebrate the 4th of July?" Contact: Dave Cockrill, Commander 530-357-2535 or Auxiliary Americanism Chair, Debbi Johnson 530-357-2535 e-mail:

Vol. 14, No. 3

Central Area Report

Submitted by Jerry Guevara, Adjutant, Post 22


s in the past and will continue to be in the future, Commander Frank Guerra, strives to make the Central Area Posts active in the events and functions that they work on by bringing the focus on AMVETS and what it stands for. Since the last report published in the Voice all the posts have been very active, please see their reports in this issue: Posts 22, 56. First of all, I’d like to Welcome Home, all AMVETS members from the Central Area, who attended the National Convention in Louisville. There was a lot of information shared and it is most important that WE, in turn, share what we learned with other members of your posts. At the same time, I’d be very remiss, if I didn’t also extend a rather big welcome to all the returning soldiers from the Gulf wars. May God smile on you and may you be blessed and Honored by our Nation for a job well done. I wish to send out a very LOUD thank you to all the area post Commanders for continuing to do an outstanding job. I would also like to see us in the Central Area get more involved at the National level as well as locally. Remember, that as of September 1st, we will again be offering free annual membership to all veterans. Again, under the Outreach Program, we can sign up new members and get them involved in your post activities and meetings. It is important for you to let them know that by us offering free memberships that they also need to bring something to the table. That becoming an active member means just that active. The Central Area Committee again sponsored the 2nd Annual Membership Drive and Bar-b-que. This event took place Sunday September 12th, at Tulare Veterans Park in Tulare. All posts were active in putting this on for ALL members of the central area. It is our hope that this is an annual event to showcase AMVETS to the community and promote what we do best – work as a TEAM





ore. – ogether veryone chieves Again, we generally meet the 1st Sunday of each month. The location does vary and depends on which post wants to host that meeting. So, should you wish to attend (please do so) call to find out where we will be meeting. Thanking everyone again for what they do to promote AMVETS. See you at Bakersfield for the DEC. 

California AMVETS Voice—5

Legislative Advocate's Report By Pete Conaty

UPCOMING EVENTS IMPORTANT DATES: 2011 AMVETS DEPARTMENT of CALIFORNIA SPRING Department Executive CONFERENCE January 21-23rd (Friday to Sunday) Santa Maria Inn 801 South Broadway, Santa Maria, CA $94 plus tax reservations must be made BEFORE Dec 21, 2010 Reservations: 800-462-4276 or 805-928-7777 Fax: 805-928-5690 We will be having a banquet on Saturday night, more information on that to come.

We must heal the wounds of war we cannot see


Printed in Capitol Weekly, June 24, 2010 or too long, America has been in denial about the true cost of war. We have honored our veterans with our lips but we have refused to acknowledge the wounds we don’t see, the deep, painful psychological scars borne by so many of our veterans. Thankfully, we are at last beginning to recognize the depth of this problem. We are beginning to reach out a helping hand to those men and women who have borne the heat of battle and come home forever changed. In his State of the State speech, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke eloquently and frankly about these wounded warriors and our obligation to make them whole again:  “Too often our soldiers bring back the enemy with them in their heads. We are seeing and hearing all about a lot of post-traumatic stress syndrome . . . Those men and women need help.” California’s concerted effort to help these veterans, however, dates back nearly three years, when the Armed Force Retirees Association, the Vietnam Veterans of America and other veterans groups won Governor Schwarzenegger’s signature on AB 2586, a groundbreaking law designed to give our most traumatized soldiers a chance to confront and overcome the psychological wounds of war. Under this alternative sentencing law, a judge first determines if a defendant is suffering from combat-caused post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  If he is, the judge can steer the defendant into a psychological treatment program rather than jail. Without treatment, many of our fallen heroes would find themselves trapped in an unending cycle of crime and punishment as they struggle with their inner demons. Eight months ago, the U.S. Supreme Court faced this issue and came down on the side of California’s law in a landmark ruling on the impact of combat stress on veterans. In that case, the high court reduced the death sentence of Korean War veteran George Porter to life in prison. The Florida jury that sentenced Porter to death in a murder case did not know he had fought in some of the bloodiest battles of the war. He came back a “changed and traumatized man,” the high court said. The sentencing jury would likely have spared Porter from the death penalty if it had known of his “horrifying” battlefield experiences, the justices said. AB 2586 was the first bill in the United States that offered alternative sentencing to combat veterans of all wars.  AB 2586 was cited by the Supreme Court in its ruling as evidence that changes concerning veterans with PTSD were being made by the judicial system. This ruling is of major importance because it is the first time the first Supreme Court has recognized the long-term, traumatic impact of combat on our veterans. It will undoubtedly be cited in many cases throughout the nation. But the goal of California’s law is not to spare veterans from the death penalty but to offer them the treatment that

6—California AMVETS Voice





Vol. 14, No. 3

Legislative Advocate, cont.

prevents their trauma from escalating out of control as it did for George Porter. Perhaps if such a law was on the books when George Porter returned from Korea, he would have gotten treatment the first time he committed a minor crime, and not only his life but those of his victims would have been spared. California has made a good start but the battle is not won. This year, a coalition of veterans groups, led by the Vietnam Veterans of America, is supporting AB 1925 by Assemblywoman Mary Salas. AB 1925 is a bill that would allow counties to establish courts for veterans, just as there are other special courts.  Several counties, such as Orange, Santa Clara and San Bernardino, have already established veterans’ courts.  AB 1925 would provide a framework for those counties that wish to avoid the mistakes made by the legal system during and after the Vietnam War and are still being made today. These are Americans who have volunteered to go in harm’s way in defense of freedom. They may not have shed their blood in battle but they carry within them wounds we cannot see, wounds that we must help them heal.

New Changes to CA Veterans & Military Code & Impact to all California Counties


ince 1889, the Legislature has supported the designation of a military veteran to be responsible for the disposition of the remains of indigent veterans or their widows. Accordingly, the Legislature established a procedure whereby the local county board of supervisors could designate a recipient for the purpose of proper remains disposition. The new code establishes procedures whereby all (not just indigent) unclaimed remains of veterans and veterans' dependents could be identified and designated to a veterans' remains organization (VRO) for proper burial. The recent changes, signed by the Governor to the CA Veterans & Military Code authorizes a Veterans Remains Organization (VRO) to take responsibility of burial of veterans. The Missing in America Project (MIAP) meets the criteria as established. MIAP conducts funeral escorts in Oregon and California. Specifically, MIAP has a city ordinance in place in Redding, CA and undergo annual training, inspection and certification by the Redding Police Department. The new changes mean that the Missing in America Project will now be conducting funeral escorts and interring veterans all over the state with increased frequency as all funeral homes shall give us the information needed to bury/inter hundreds of veterans from every town in California. The State requirements are to bury in a State or VA National Cemetery. The Missing in America Project needs volunteers in every county to step forward to be nominated as the County “VRO” to ensure that every veteran is given the honor and respect due him with a proper interment. We also will need volunteers to form the MIAP Escort Riders that will have statewide permission to take them to their final resting place. The Missing in America will also need donations to pay the Funeral Permit Fee and Certified mail fee for every veteran as detailed by the Veterans Code. This does not include an Urn if needed. Total cost would be $50.00 per veteran processed and interred.

Vol. 14, No. 3

Department Legislative Chair Lorraine Plass Department Legislative Chair

I am deeply honored to have been appointed as the new Legislative Affairs Chairperson by Commander Ramos. I spent this past year working with former Commander Mel Posey and Pete Conaty as part of the Legislative Committee. I testified on behalf of AMVETS at several veterans committee hearings in Sacramento and have been learning the ropes with Pete Conaty. There is certainly a lot to learn about the Legislature and veterans issues. AMVETS is certainly fortunate to be represented by someone who is well respected in Sacramento. Pete is the acknowledged “go to guy” for veterans issues around the Capitol. This has been an exciting year with several important veterans’ issues being sent to the Governor. In order to prepare for next year’s legislation, I will be working with Pete to develop a state level Legislative Platform on Veterans Issues. We will also be looking for AMVETS members from around the state who would like to serve on the legislative committee. I am attaching a list of key websites for AMVETS members who are interested in following veterans’ legislation and issues.

USEFUL WEB SITES FOR VETERANS ADVOCACY: To find your state and local legislator: 1. You must first find your 9 digit zip code. To do this go to and type in your address. This will tell you your 9 digit zip code. 2. Next, go to this web site: Enter the 9 digit zip code and it will tell you who your U.S. Congress and State Legislators are. To find California veterans bill information: To access all portals of California State Government (Assembly, Senate, Governor, CDVA, National Guard, CA law, etc): To find California Military and Veterans Code: http://www.leginfo. How to read a California Legislative Bill: Documents/09-LegGuideReadingBills.pdf How to write a letter in support of a bill: Documents/09-LegGuideLetter.pdf

California AMVETS Voice—7


Below are web-sites that provide information on Veterans benefits and how to file/ask for them. Accordingly, there are many sites that explain how to obtain books, military/ medical records, information and how to appeal a denied claim with the VA. Please pass this information on to every Veteran you know. Nearly 100% of this information is free and available for all veterans, the only catch is: you have to ask for it, because they won’t tell you about a specific benefit unless you ask for it. You need to know what questions ready to have an advocate who is willing to work with and for you, stay in the process, and press for your rights and your best interests.

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CARES Draft National Plan

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M21-1 Table of Contents

Clarification on the changes in VA healthcare for Gulf War Veterans

Mental Disorders, Schedule of Ratings PART4/S4_130.DOC

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Mental Health Program Guidelines asp?pub_ID=1094

Directory of Veterans Service Organizations cfm?template=view Disability Examination Worksheets Index, Comp exams/index.htm Due Process Duty to Assist Electronic Code of Federal Regulations Emergency, Non-emergency, and Fee Basis Care Environmental Agents Environmental Agents M10 asp?pub_ID=1002 Establishing Combat Veteran Eligibility EVALUATION PROTOCOL FOR GULF WAR AND IRAQI FREEDOM VETERANS WITH POTENTIAL EXPOSURE TO DEPLETED URANIUM (DU) and See also, Depleted Uranium Fact Sheet EVALUATION PROTOCOL FOR NON-GULF WAR VETERANS WITH POTENTIAL EXPOSURE TO DEPLETED URANIUM (DU) Fee Basis, PRIORITY FOR OUTPATIENT MEDICAL SERVICES AND INPATIENT HOSPITAL CARE Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependants 2005 OR, Forms and Records Request General Compensation Provisions Geriatrics and Extended Care Guideline for Chronic Pain and Fatigue MUS-CPG mus/mus_base.htm Guide to Gulf War Veteran’s Health

8—California AMVETS Voice

Mental Illness Research, Education and Clinical Centers MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Centers of Excellence My Health e Vet NASDVA.COM National Association of State Directors National Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Neurological Conditions and Convulsive Disorders, Schedule of Ratings http://www.warms. OMI (Office of Medical Inspector) Online VA Form 10-10EZ Parkinson’s Disease and Related Neurodegenerative Disorders and, Peacetime Disability Compensation usc&docid=Cite:+38USC1131 Pension for Non-Service-Connected Disability or Death and and, Persian Gulf Registry ID=1003 This program is now referred to as Gulf War Registry Program (to include Operation Iraqi Freedom) as of March 7, 2005: Persian Gulf Registry Referral Centers Persian Gulf Veterans’ Illnesses Research 1999, Annual Report To Congress http://www1.’_Illnesses_Appendices.doc Persian Gulf Veterans’ Illnesses Research 2002, Annual Report To Congress Phase I PGR Phase II PGR Policy Manual Index Power of Attorney Project 112 (Including Project SHAD) Prosthetics Eligibility Public Health and Environmental Hazards Home Page

Vol. 14, No. 3 Public Health/SARS Publications Manuals Publications and Reports cfm?webpage=gulf_war.htm Records Center and Vault Homepage Records Center and Vault Site Map REQUEST FOR AND CONSENT TO RELEASE OF INFORMATION FROM CLAIMANT’S RECORDS Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans Illnesses April 11, 2002 http://www1. Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans Illnesses Research and Development cfm Survivor’s and Dependents’ Educational Assistance title38/partiii_chapter35_.html Title 38 Index Parts 0-17 ecfr&tpl=/ecfrbrowse/Title38/38cfrv1_02.tpl

District 2 Report Ann Reeder District 2 Commander 323-517-1145

DISTRICT 2 MEETINGS SCHEDULE ALL MEETINGS BEGIN AT 10:00 A.M. Location: 1958 Marine Ave., Gardena, CA 90249

Part 18 cfr&tpl=/ecfrbrowse/Title38/38cfrv2_02.tpl

JULY 10, 2010 SEPTEMBER 11, 2010

Title 38 Part 3 Adjudication Subpart A “Pension, Compensation, and Dependency and Indemnity Compensation 3dc&tpl=/ecfrbrowse/Title38/38cfr3_main_02.tpl

NOVEMBER 13, 2010

Title 38 Pensions, Bonuses & Veterans Relief (also § 3.317 Compensation for certain disabilities due to undiagnosed illnesses found here) 0d3157fbf8f8801bc9b3dc&tpl=/ecfrbrowse/Title38/38cfr3_main_02.tpl

JANUARY 8, 2011 MARCH 12, 2011

Title 38 PART 4-SCHEDULE FOR RATING DISABILITIES Subpart B--DISABILITY RATINGS 95c0&rgn=div6&view=text&node=38:

MAY 14, 2011

Title 38§ 4.16 Total disability ratings for compensation based on unemployability of the individual. PART A “SCHEDULE FOR RATING DISABILITIES Subpart à “General Policy in Rating cgi/t/text/textidx?c=ecfr&sid=1b0c269b510d3157fbf8f8801bc9b3dc&rgn=div8&view=text& node=38: U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims VA Best Practice Manual for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) pub/PTSD%20Manual%20final%206.pdf VA Fact Sheet VA Health Care Eligibility

District 5 Report


VA Life Insurance Handbook ¬” Chapter 3 GLIhandbook/glibookletch3.htm#310

Per phone call with Mike O’Brien today, Junior Past Post Cmdr, the Post staff is looking into participating in an event which may result in some funding in the next month or two. If that fails, they will likely close the Post.  

VA Loan Lending Limits and Jumbo Loans VA MS Research VA National Hepatitis C Program VA Office of Research and Development VA Trainee Pocket Card on Gulf War VA WMD EMSHG VA WRIISC-DC VAOIG Hotline Telephone Number and Address htm Vet Center Eligibility - Readjustment Counseling Service htm Veterans Benefits Administration Main Web Page Veterans Legal and Benefits Information VHA Forms, Publications, Manuals VHA Programs - Clinical Programs & Initiatives cfm?pg=13

Vol. 14, No. 3

Post 85

Post 26

Per phone call with Gary Pforr, Post Cmdr, they had an East Bay Stand Down from Aug 5 to Aug 8. It was very successful with some 15 members of Post 26 involved. Various services were made available for homeless veterans and other activities conducted. There was a softball tournament and bar-b-q conducted in July.

Post 6

The cycle of funding requests for last year has been concluded. Each of the organizations which requested funds received some measure of funding and are very appreciative of AMVETS support. Funding was requested directly by requestors and issued directly by Foundation/Department. Jim Reese, Cmdr Dist 5

California AMVETS Voice—9

From National Membership Director Phil Ledwell POST Total renewal # renewed Cards on file Sept l –Nov30 MAL 214 31 1 43 2 2 3 16 4 108 6 50 11 0 18 18 1 20 47 22 38 26 19 3 30 16 1 33 0 34 27 40 11 48 54 50 not yet charter 53 14 2 56 213 65 0 66 15 3 80 10 85 1 88 4 1 94 0 96 21 98 49 99 51 100 7 101 59 113 45 2 116 10 311 13 367 8 1 542 9 700 16 922 19 940 14 1240 152 3 1775 14 1 1776 30 1944 4 1990 1 1996 42 2002 3 2003 7 3 2007 22 2009 23 2813 19 1 7093 1 9126 7 17 not revalidated 989 not revalidated 7 10—California AMVETS Voice


he Green-for-Green Hats program will be kick started again beginning Veterans Day, November 11, 2010 and will run until Memorial Day, May 31, 2011. I thank all of you for your efforts in recruiting new members, and want to let you know that AMVETS appreciates your efforts. I know that some of you expressed concerns at convention about the awards process, and I answered as sincere as I possibly could about the process. National doesn’t make the individual awards; the post does along with the Department. If the form for nominating these persons isn’t submitted to National along with proof of the recruited members, then National can’t give an award. Please make sure to get these forms submitted to National and to the attention of Membership. Carolyn Taylor manages this process. The form link is below. Please share this with your members.

America’s Heroes At Work


he following information is to help our returning veterans suffering from PTSD/TBI to secure employment. The DOL has undertaken a project that focuses on the employment challenges of service members returning to the United States with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and/or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD). The goal of the project is to educate employers and the workforce development system on TBI and PTSD as well as on accommodations they can make for these individuals. This website is designed to be a link to information and tools that will help service members, primarily returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, affected by TBI and/or PTSD succeed in the workplace.  Some of the resources include: job sharing, coaching and mentoring programs, fact sheets, training tools and success stories.  For all these resources please visit: 

Veterans’ Medallion Available for Order New Option for Marking Veterans’ Graves in Private Cemeteries

WASHINGTON - Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki announced today that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is offering bronze medallions to attach to existing, privately purchased headstones or markers, signifying a deceased’s status as a Veteran.   “For Veterans not buried in a national or state Veterans cemetery, or those without a government grave marker, VA is pleased to offer this option that highlights their service and sacrifices for our country,” said Secretary Shinseki.  

Vol. 14, No. 3

Medallion, cont. Each service has own medallion.   The new item can be furnished instead of a traditional government headstone or marker for Veterans whose death occurred on or after Nov. 1, 1990, and whose grave in a private cemetery is marked with a privately purchased headstone or marker.   Under federal law, eligible Veterans buried in a private cemetery are entitled to either a government-furnished grave marker or the new medallion, but not both.  Veterans buried in a national or state Veterans cemetery will receive a government headstone or marker of the standard design authorized at that cemetery. The medallion is available in three sizes: 5 inches, 3 inches and 1 ½ inches in width.  Each bronze medallion features the image of a folded burial flag adorned with laurels and is inscribed with the word “Veteran” at the top and the branch of service at the bottom.  Next of kin will receive the medallion, along with a kit that will allow the family or the staff of a private cemetery to affix the medallion to a headstone, grave marker, mausoleum or columbarium niche cover.   More information about VA-furnished headstones, markers and medallions can be found at    VA is currently developing an application form for ordering the medallion.  Until it is available, applicants may use the form for ordering government headstones and markers, VA Form 40-1330.  Instructions on how to apply for a medallion are found on the VA Web site at hm_hm.asp. Veterans with a discharge issued under conditions other than dishonorable, their spouses and eligible dependent children can be buried in a VA national cemetery.  Other burial benefits available for all eligible Veterans, regardless of whether they are buried in a national cemetery or a private cemetery, include a burial flag, a Presidential Memorial Certificate and a government headstone or grave marker.  The new medallions will be available only to Veterans buried in private cemeteries without a government headstone or marker.  Families of eligible decedents may also order a memorial headstone or marker when remains are not available for interment.  VA operates 131 national cemeteries in 39 states and Puerto Rico and 33 soldiers’ lots and monument sites.  More than 3 million Americans, including Veterans of every war and conflict -- from the Revolutionary War to the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan -- are buried in VA’s national cemeteries on more than 19,000 acres.  Information on VA burial benefits can be obtained from national cemetery offices, from the VA Web site on the Internet at   or by calling VA regional offices toll-free at 1-800-827-1000.


District 6 Commander Report

his is my first report to my District and whoever has privilege to the information. I was elected District 6 Commander at the State

AMVET meeting in Modesto on 06-13. Our first big project was July 4 selling Fire Works at the Booth in Tulare, excellent participation from Post 56 selling fireworks. •

July 24, First meeting with State Commander, Charles Ramos. Transition meeting with State Team- AMVET.  All day meeting at the new State Offices in Tulare, from  0800-1700. • August 1, Met with Central District Commander Frank Guerra.  Good exchange of information. • August 2,   Attended Visalia City Council Meeting with Jerry Guevara (Post 22 member) and State Commander Charles Ramos.  Presented Visalia Police Chief and Visalia Fire Chief with Care Bear which will be given out to traumatized children when the need arises. • August 11 -16, Attended AMVET National Convention in Kentucky.  The meetings and camaraderie at the convention were very good.  California had 94 delegates at the convention.  • August 21,   Posted Colors at the Tulare Library for the Library’s official opening. • August 27,   District 6’s Grand Opening of Service Office at 120 North M Street, Tulare, Reception and Ribbon Cutting.   Many dignitaries were present and State Officers were  present to answer questions about getting Service for AMVET in need.  Attendance from District 6 was poor.  I would like to encourage at least one representative from each post in District 6 to participate in functions of this type to take information to their posts. As of 09-05-2010  I have received only one report and that was from Post 56.  Please get your reports to me ASAP. August 28,  participated with Post 22 (Jerry Guevara) and Post 56 Commander, Tom Donwen at Walnut Creek Retirement Home for Veteran Appreciation Day at the Retirement Home.    September 11,   Blood drive scheduled with Fire Department.   Post 56 Color Guard will post colors at the Memorial Building. September 15,   Post 56, Honor Guard, and District 6 Commander will participate in Tulare Parade.  This will start Tulare County Fair. October 1-2,   Fall DEC meeting in Bakersfield, CA at the Marriott hotel.  Each post can send 2 delegates.   Please attend and learn more about what is happening.  The number for reservations at the Marriott Hotel is 661-3231900. In addition to this, I am in the Post 56 Honor Guard and we have had 17 funerals since the State Meeting in June, 2010.  I hope to see as many of you from District 6 at the Bakersfield meeting as possible.  There will be good fellowship, good information on how to write reports, how to get grants, vans, and other items you might need.     

If post 65 has e-mail please send to me.  Thank you.  Alex Halley, Commander (559) 302-7155 (559) 625-4643

Vol. 14, No. 3

California AMVETS Voice—11




A leader since 1944 in preserving the freedoms secured by America’s armed forces, AMVETS provides support for veterans and the active military in procuring their earned entitlements, as well as community service and legislative reform that enhances the quality of life for this Anation’s citizens and veterans alike. M V RS










ET E AMVETS is onesince of the largest congressionally-chartered veterans’ S RID A leader 1944 in preserving the service organizations the America’s United States, and includes members freedoms securedin by armed RIDERS fromforces, AMVETS provides support for eachveterans branch ofand thethe military, theproNational GuardM and Reserves. For ApplIcAtIon activeincluding military in EMbERShIp morecuring information, their visit earned entitlements, as

Riders: or anyone interested in joining. well as community serviceAMVETS and legislaPlease take the time to visit, we are using this tive reform that enhances the qualRadio Station for ity of life for this nation’s citizens anda Membership Drive and to promote our project RIDER EMbERShIp • Membership in theM National AMVETS Riders shall be limited to memCamp Hope. Please share this site with all your posts. veterans alike. bers in good standing of AMVETS, AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary, and Sons of   • Membership in the National AMVETS Riders shall Bull Durham 1ST. V. Pres. AMVETS. AMVETS is one of Roger the largest be limited to members in good standing of AMVETS, Nat.veterans’ AMVETS Riders 574-583-9410 • Members must be theand legally or be the AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary, Sons ofregistered AMVETS. owner of a motorcycle congressionally-chartered

Rider Membership

spouse of the legally registered owner within the state of registration. service organizations in the United • Members must be the legally registered owner of a States, includes members from • Members must show for membership application a VALID Stateand Drivers motorcycle or be the spouse of the legally registered each branch of the military, including License with atheMotorcycle endorsement, A VALID State Motorcycle Regisowner within state of registration. the National tration, and PROOF of insurance meeting State and Federal Regulations to Guard and Reserves. For • Members must show for membership application a more information, visit the Chapter President and one other elected officer. VALID State Drivers License with a Motorcycle • There will be no HONORARY memberships in endorsement, A VALID State Motorcycle Registration, and PROOF Departments of insurance meeting State and Federal National, or Chapters of the AMVETS Riders.  Regulations to the Chapter President and one other elected officer.

www. AMvEtS . oRg .

AMVETS Legal Clinic


• There will be no HONORARY memberships in art ofRiders. Chapman Law's new Military National, Departments or Chapters of the AMVETS

Personnel Law Center, the AMVETS RIDING FOR THOSE WHO SERVE Legal Clinic is housed in the first floor of the law school building. As the name implies, the AMVETS Legal Clinic is a cooperative effort with AMVETS Department of California, a non-profit organization that is committed to veterans and community service. Another key supporting partner is Brandman University, whose campuses provide satellite office space for clinic participants in the Western United States. Some campuses are on military bases, and many others are near to the law school. Eventually, the arrangement will allow the Chapman clinic to serve all of California and its 200,000 military families spread over 27 bases. Second- and third-year students at Chapman handle all facets of cases, under the supervision of faculty members and private attorneys. “This is a great opportunity for Chapman students to practice a specialized kind of law as the clinic also meets a vital community need,” said Kyndra K. Rotunda, Director of the Military Personnel Law Center and Visiting Assistant Professor of Law at Chapman. The Family Violence Clinic, the Alona Cortese Elder Law Center and the Tax Law Clinic are among the other opportunities for students to learn by doing while also serving those in need.


Contact: Fax: 714.628.2576 Mail: Kyndra Rotunda, Military Personnel Law Center Chapman University School of Law One University Drive Orange, CA 92866

12—California AMVETS Voice

Vol. 14, No. 3

Pictures by Al Verrett

Commander Miskulin presenting membership award to Post 56 Commander Tom Donwen

Post 99 delegates at National Convention in Kentucky

Vol. 14, No. 3

California AMVETS Voiceâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;13

OPERATION WELCOME HOME BUDGET NEWS September 1, 2010 - - - Dueling budget bills voted on yesterday!


or those who care about our veterans and want them to have the opportunities and help to claim all of the benefits owed to them for their brave and honorable service to our country, the two budgets debated at the State Capitol yesterday couldn’t be more different. The Republican budget proposal included the Governor’s proposed $11,000,000 funding for Operation Welcome Home and to provide funding to county veterans service offices (CVSOs) and to veterans service organizations (VSOs). The Democrat budget proposal slashed the Governor’s proposed $11,000,000 to only $3,400,000. When viewed against the enormity of California’s $90 Billion budget, $11,000,000 is a miniscule amount yet would make such a great difference in the number of veterans that could be helped to receive federal veterans benefits. It is especially troubling that some members of the Legislature do not understand that by weighing the cost and benefit of veterans programs. Funding Operation Welcome Home would actually lead to more money flowing into the California economy. Both versions failed to garner the number of votes needed for passage with Republicans voting for their version and against the Democrat version and the Democrats voting for their version and against the Republican version. The California Legislature remains unable to pass a budget with no end in sight.

AMVETS Department of California Commander Charlie Ramos delivers remarks

AMVETS, Department of California has approximately 10,000 members, over 50 local posts and is the California unit of AMVETS. AMVETS or American Veterans was formed in 1944 to help WWII veterans obtain the benefits promised to them by the federal government. AMVETS continues this commitment to America’s veterans, their families, and the active military by assisting them to secure their earned entitlements.  AMVETS strongly supports legislation to provide extended care services to veterans which will improve the needs of an aging veteran population. 

AMVETS Joins Major California Veterans Organizations to Support Operation Welcome Home

On August 5, 2010, AMVETS joined together with other leaders of California’s veterans service organizations at the State Capitol in support of “Operation Restore the Funding”. AMVETS’ State Commander Charlie Ramos, Past Commanders John Reece and Mel Posey, and Department Legislative Chair Lorraine Plass traveled to the State Capitol in Sacramento to participate in a press conference for Operation Restore the Funding. Operation Restore the Funding seeks to convince the Legislature to restore full funding for the Governor’s Operation

14—California AMVETS Voice

Welcome Home initiative. The press conference was attended by over 30 leaders representing 9 national and state veterans service organizations. These groups came together to support Operation Welcome Home (OWH) which would assist many of California’s 2.1 million veterans and their families. Senator Jeff Denham and Assemblyman Paul Cook, chairmen of the Senate and Assembly Veterans Affairs Committees and champions of Operation Restore the Funding, spoke about the need to care for our returning veterans. Denham is a Gulf War veteran and Cook is a Vietnam veteran. Organizations which attended the press conference:   ●AMVETS, Department of CA ●American Legion, Department of CA ●CA Association of County Veterans Service Officers  ●Vietnam Veterans of America, CA State Council ●Pete Conaty and Associates ●Student Veterans Alliance ●Student Veterans of America ●Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of CA ●Military Order of the Purple Heart, Department of CA ●American GI Forum of CA “This funding is absolutely critical to the success of Operation Welcome Home. Without this funding, California’s veterans will not get the government benefits for which they are entitled” stated Pete Conaty, advocate for AMVETS and several veterans groups at the State Capitol and a Vietnam veteran. In February, the Governor announced his Operation Welcome Home initiative (OWH). The California Employment Development Department will identify and direct California’s approximately 30,000 newly discharged veterans per year to the County Veterans Service Offices (CVSO’s) and the Veterans Service Organizations (VSO’s) to file claims and help these veterans get connected to health care, educational benefits, and employment assistance as well as other federal benefits. In order to implement OWH, the Governor put $8.4 million for this program in his May budget. However, in mid June, the Legislature’s Conference Committee on the Budget cut this funding by over $7 million. California is home to 2.1 million veterans. Currently, the state budget allocates $2.6 million to the CVSO’s in 56 California counties. As a result of this chronic underfunding by the state, CVSO offices are understaffed and many are or have faced cutbacks and staff reductions. In spite of this CVSO’s were able to bring in $100 of federal veterans benefits for every $1 spent by the state. 

Vol. 14, No. 3

**SECRETARY OF STATE Send your Articles of Incorporation to get your Corporation number to: Secretary of State, Document Filing Support Unit, P.O. Box 944260, Sacramento, CA 94244-2600. A self-addressed envelope and a letter referencing the corporate name, a return address and the name and telephone number of the person submitting the document also should be submitted.

Fees The fee for filing Articles of Incorporation for a nonprofit, nonstock corporation is $30 Payments for documents submitted can be made by check or money order. Checks or money orders should be made payable to the Secretary of State.

Copies The Secretary of State will certify up to two copies of the filed document without charge, provided that the complete copies with any attachments are submitted to the Secretary of State with the document to be filed. Any additional copies submitted will be certified with payment of $8.00 per copy. Note: If forming a nonprofit public benefit corporation, one additional copy must be provided for the Secretary of State to forward to the Office of the Attorney General as required by California Corporations Code section 5120(d). If your post has misplaced your Articles of Incorporation you can requests a copy by going to the Sec. of State website (, click on business entities, (listed under business programs), left side of page click forms, in search box type in Business Entities Records Order Form, fill out, send in with Fee to get a endorsed copy of your Articles of Incorporation.

Franchise Tax

After filing its Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State, the nonprofit corporation may apply for tax-exempt status in California by mailing an Exemption Application (FTB Form 3500), along with an endorsed copy of the Articles of Incorporation and all other required supporting documentation, to the Franchise Tax Board P.O. Box 942857 Sacramento, California 94257-4041

Vol. 14, No. 3

Form 3500A can be accessed from FTB’s website at or can be requested by calling FTB at (800) 338-0505. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY FILED AND do not have a copy of your LETTER OF DETERMINATION call: 916-845-4171 and request a letter, have your Entity ID number ready.

Statement of Information

A Statement of Information (Form SI-100) is required to be filed with the Secretary of State within 90 days after filing the Articles of Incorporation and biennially (every two years) thereafter during the applicable filing period. The applicable filing period is the calendar month during which the initial Articles of Incorporation were filed and the immediately preceding five calendar months. (California Corporations Code section 6210, 8210 or 9660.) The required statement can be filed online at Alternatively, Form SI-100 is available on our website at and can be viewed, filled in and printed from your computer for mail or drop off submission

EIN When your post was first chartered it rec’d a letter from the IRS with your EIN number, (this was required in order to get the charter from national). IF you do not have that letter contact the IRS at 1-800829-4933 and request a letter.

ATTORNEY GENERAL To get a Attorney General printout go to http://rct.doj.; “Search for a Registration” page will pop up, click on “search for an organization, when that page comes up go to the bottom and fill in your Post FEIN (this is the same as your EIN) or Secretary of State number, (you do not need to fill in all of the boxes), hit enter and a page will show up that either has your post info or a 1. If it has your post info click on the post name and all of the information will pop up, print out the page. If you are listed as “not registered or inactive and you have been filing your RRF-1, then you need to contact the Attorney General’s office to find out why. Or if a 1 pops up (I have no idea why this comes up) contact the Attorney General’s office to find out why you are not on their list.

AMVETS ARE ONLINE Check out the websites of some of our posts to see what they are up to. If you find a site you like contact the post to learn how you can set up your own. Post 2 Post 6 Post 11 post11 Post 26 Post 40 Post 53 Post 85 Post 311 varstowamvets311@yahoo. com Post 940 Post 1240 Post 1775 Post 1996 Post 9126

You can contact them by mail: P.O. Box 903447 Sacramento, CA 94203-4470 or call 916-445-2021. ext 4.

California AMVETS Voice—15

Friends of AMVETS


Advantage Unlimited Environmental


Aend Industries Inc.

Core-mark International Inc. GOLD

Bacome Insurance Agency

Otto Instrument Service Inc.

Direct Construction

Quail H Farms Llc

Eileen Jagneaux

San Francisco Fire Protection

Harry Williams Construction


Herkert & Son Inc.

Algood Ink Tattoo

Jenkins Automotive Inc.

Carolyn Curci /Leo

Martinez Used Cars

Law Office/Perciliano Martinez

Mendez Medical Center Inc.

Minuteman Transport Inc.

Mobile Choice

Miranda Dairy A Cal Partner

Nieves Central Construction Handyman Svc. Pizza Patron Primarq Incorporated Redi Room Velascos Mexican Restaurant Zebron Corp. Ted Lamont Inc.

16â&#x20AC;&#x201D;California AMVETS Voice

Deadlines for Quarterly Submissions by Issue

Issue Convention Book Vol. 14, No. 4 Vol. 15, No. 1 Vol. 15, No. 2 Vol. 15, No. 3

Deadline April 1 December 1 March 1 June 1 September 1 Vol. 14, No. 3

POST Reports Here are some great ideas your post can do to help veterans and your community!

Post 18

Submitted by Ivan Ashbaugh


uring this reporting period, (June 1,2020-August 31, 2010) the Legion of Honor (Honor Guard) participated in five funeral services. In addition, Chuck Kissel and the Legion of Honor, Honor Guard, presented a decorative American flag, on a pole and stand, to Ronald Larson, Esq., in the offices of Grant Genovese & Baratta, LLP. This was in recognition of his dedicated work and success in litigating the Department of California’s case against the previous members and directors of the local Service Foundation and D & R Construction and others.

Delegates attended several of the committee meetings that took place during the convention and received a lot of information that they were able to share with post members that were unable to attend. Picture by Al Verret

Post 22

POST 22 ACTIVITIES SINCE LAST VOICE ARTICLE Submitted by Jerry Guevara, Post 22 Adjutant


everal members attended the State Convention in June at Modesto and were active by working the credentials table as well as having White Clovers available. Upon returning from the Convention several members participated in the yearly Flag Retirement program. This was held at the local baseball stadium home of the Visalia Rawhide and was in conjunction with their Veterans Appreciation Night on June 14, they also provided free tickets for all area veterans. Everyone enjoyed not only the programs that were put on but also a great ball game. During the 4th of July weekend several post members again worked a veterans fireworks booth selling fire works to the citizens of Visalia. Members worked quite a few hours during the selling days – July 1st thru July 4th. At the same time that members were working the fireworks booth several members (doing double duty) also helped with a clothing donation drive – sponsored by Old Navy/The Gap at the local shopping mall. Members helped customers coming into their store with the signing of letters that were also being sent to the troops. Old Navy/The Gap made a large donation as well of t-shirts that were also sent to the veterans overseas. (Nicholas Williams – right.) On August 2nd post member Jerry Guevara attended the Visalia City Council meeting, along with State Commander Charlie Ramos and District 6 Commander Alex Halley and there they presented to the Chief of Police Colleen Mestas over 125 Care Bears that will be used by the patrolling officers in cases where family issues are involved and to help provide relief during those unpleasant situations. Several members set up and promoted a program to support the Stories of Service with the help of local high school students interviewing the World War II veterans that participated. Following that, they had also set up and promoted a program honoring over 2 dozen World War II veterans from the surrounding community in conjunction with the national rollout of the Spirit of ’45 August 14th. All told, there were ap-

Vol. 14, No. 3

proximately 200 people that attended this event. Helping local veterans is what we do and several members helped with a spaghetti feed at the Veterans Memorial Building to help support a local veteran who is having a severe medical issue with an ill daughter and to help cover added medical expenses. There was also planning of a Car Show and Motorcycle Run that was presented and hosted by a local veterans group Central Valley Vietnam Veterans. Several post members worked with them and helped to coordinate the program. All the proceeds from this function, which attracted close to 20 cars and approximately 60 motor-cyclists, benefited the local Children’s Autism Foundation. There were several military informational tables, plenty of food and music available for all that showed up. Walnut Park Retirement Home in Visalia, in conjunction with their corporate company Holiday Living is partnering with Post 22 in doing a DVD drive, on behalf of DVD Taskforce. There is to be approximately 18 drop off locations and was announced at a Freedom Day celebration. During this event there several informational tables set up, veteran guest speakers, music/songs, appetizers and drinks were provided for the people that attended. A lot of work was put into this event by a couple of members and the management staff of the retirement home. Currently members are still supporting Central Area Commander Frank Guerra and attending his monthly meetings and are working on the 2nd Annual Membership Drive and Bar-b-que. This event will have taken

California AMVETS Voice—17

POST Reports Here are some great ideas your post can do to help veterans and your community!

Post 22, cont.

place on the 14th of September and be covered in the next issue of the voice under the article for the Central Area. Several post members have been working (since April) as game day staff for the local Single A baseball team – Visalia Rawhide and discuss veterans issues (when they can) with customers attending the ball games. As you can see, Post 22 continues to have a large participation of members working hard to promote AMVETS and attending the monthly meetings. With so many functions and events, more members are being asked to step up a little more. If you feel that you’d like to be a part of an ACTIVE group of veterans, please attend one of our meetings which are the 3rd Thursday of each month at the Veterans Memorial Building on Center. See you there.

Visit our website 18—California AMVETS Voice

Vol. 14, No. 3

POST Reports Here are some great ideas your post can do to help veterans and your community!

Post 26


embers of AMVETS Post 26 recently worked in various capacities at East Bay Stand Down in Pleasanton. The event ran from August 5th through 8th, although some of us have been working to plan the event since last January. Post 26 members in the first photo include (left to right):  Ron Zachary, Bryan Zachary, James Oram, Gary Pforr, and Dennis Ergas. AMVET Post 26 members not mentioned were Ron, Bryan, James, and Dennis all worked as security personnel and enthusiastically volunteered their services wherever and whenever help was needed. Gary Pforr served as Communications coordinator for signage, telephone, radio, internet access, camp layout and computers. Members not shown included Steve Nichols, who volunteered for security duty and is still working as After Action coordinator; Nathan Johnson who served as Encampment coordinator and was responsible for setting up all the tents, trailers, vans, tables, and chairs; John Reese who served as Information coordinator and published a daily informational newspaper for the participants; and Denver Mills, who is Chairman of the event.  Other Post 26 volunteers were members Safety Coordinator Spike Schau, Volunteers Mike Keppel, Jeff Jewell and John “TJ” Trujillo. General Bart Gilbert was our Military Protocol Coordinator. The four day event is the largest and longest in the nation and served 405 homeless veteran participants, including women and children. Almost 2,300 volunteers supported the event on one or more days.  8,263 meals, contributed by sponsoring organizations, were served. The main objective of the event is to break the cycle of homelessness in which many veterans find themselves stuck. Upon arrival, the participants were assigned to tents and were issued new clothing and sleeping bags.  Then they headed for showers, haircuts, and chow.  The vets and family members were provided with a safe environment in which they could concentrate on taking maximum advantage of services available to them. Participants were offered medical and dental care, legal advice, as well as consultations with numerous social services and administrative organizations and agencies. On Saturday, judges and their staffs representing seven counties held Homeless Court, which was probably the most popular offering of the entire event. Even the DMV was present to resolve license issues and to issue ID cards. Whether it was final relieve for an ongoing  aggravating toothache, or settlement of a long standing legal problem, every attending vet appeared very pleased with the services they received and expressed their sincere thanks.  membership/benefits.html

Gary Pforr Commander Post 26 Concord

Vol. 14, No. 3

California AMVETS Voice—19

POST Reports Here are some great ideas your post can do to help veterans and your community!

Post 34

Post 40

Rodney McClain

Sonoma County Air Show 2010


ichael Ottolini AMVETS Post 40 of Sonoma County had an exciting and successful weekend (Aug 21 & 22)at the “Wings Over the Wine Country” Air Show at the Sonoma County Airport. We had a recruiting booth with brochures, posters of programs sponsored by AMVETS, pictures of our local activities, and applications (especially our own “home-grown” variety). Hattie Stone, our Chaplain and 92-year-old WWII veteran, had her vintage Navy jeep on display. Our “attraction” netted nine new members, and many other potential recruits who took applications with them. Our Post Color Guard posted Colors both Saturday and Sunday. One of our younger members, Brian McKeown, who served in Iraq with the 10th Mountain Light Infantry, raised the colors with the assistance of Bud Simmons. The Color Guard wore our new ceremonial uniform featuring kilts with the American Heritage tartan, white shirts and Air Force blue berets. Claude Ashen and Dave Richey flanked the flag bearers with rifles. Post Commander Jay Matthews performed Colors in place of Bud Simmons at the Saturday ceremony. Respectfully submitted, Dave Richey, CFO Post 40

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POST Reports Here are some great ideas your post can do to help veterans and your community!

Post 56

2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser owned by LeRoy and Anita T. Hall, American Patriots. This Patriotic vehicle is dedicated to memorializing the American Veterans and helping to keep alive the tradition of giving support to our military at all times.  It is displayed at various car shows throughout California and Nevada and at special functions approved by Amvets Post 56.  The vehicle displays such things as memorabilia of various military conflictS by all branches of America such as models of various historical ships, airplanes, helicopters, and tanks.  It displays various insignia of each military branch and has a  DVD /sound system displaying  patriotic programs dedicated to each service.

What’s New? Post 56 is having a fantastic 2010! The year started with our first sponsorship of the 2010 Americanism Project and Contest. In all, eight schools were selected for our inaugural year. We had a tremendous response to our requests for entries from the Tulare Union School Districts. We had over 300 entries ranging from kindergarten to twelfth grade. We selected 28 winners at the local level and presented the winners with gift cards and certificates at their school’s end of the year assemblies. Our first place winners were submitted to State Convention in Modesto, CA. We did outstanding at the state level coming away with eight winners out of 29 possible winners!!! From state, we had five first place winners submitted to the national convention in Louisville, KY. Again, we were victorious with three winners from the five entries that were submitted. We already have next year’s project ready to go with more schools wanted to participate in the contest. We believe next year will be better than our first year but nothing shows the willingness and eagerness of our Tulare students and community to participate and work together with our Post 56. Our post has been very active in other projects and events in this year. Our post donated $500.00 to the Wheel Chair Olympics in Denver held July 2nd. Post members volunteered at Veterans Freedom Festival in August, 2010 to explain different AMVETS programs at the Sierra Hills Retirement Center in Porterville, CA. Our post received thanks and appreciation for our part in the festival. In addition, the Post 56 Color Guard was on hand to present the colors at the grand opening and dedication of the Tulare Public Library in Tulare, CA on August 21st.

On August 27th, our Post and Color Guard participated in the grand opening and dedication of the new AMVETS Department of California Service Office and State Headquarters in Tulare, CA.

In September, our post will not only be donating their blood at the 9/11 Central California Blood Drive but will also volunteer their time and energy to provide a Spaghetti dinner and child care services to donors at the Tulare Veterans Memorial Building. Central Area California, with our assistance, will be putting on a picnic at Tulare Memorial Park on 9/12 to honor all veterans and their families. We are expecting to show our presence at the Tulare County Fair in September. This year will continue to be exciting and filled with greater challenges and rewards!!!

Post 116

Vol. 14, No. 3

California AMVETS Voice—21

POST Reports Here are some great ideas your post can do to help veterans and your community!

Post 922


ost 922 Shafter has several activities planned for the Holidays. On November 10th we will be feeding local vets and their families. Currently we are collecting toys to give to the children of returning Iraqi veterans at West LA and Fresno VA. We will also be handing out gifts to the shut ins at the Veterans nursing homes. As in the past we will be handing out hand made crocheted or knitted lap blankets. For more information on post 922 meetings and activities contact Commander Clifford Pierce, Sr. (661) 630-5005 PO Box 991 Shafter, CA 93263-0991

Post 2007

Post 1775 Put your Post in front of the public.


MVETS Post 1775 Commander, George Little, who is also the incoming District 1 Commander, put together a group to honor Veterans in the La Mesa California Flag day parade on June 5th, 2010. Post member Ronne Padilla put his karaoke system on the trailer and played patriotic music. Most of the people watching the parade stood and saluted as we passed. Commander Little also had a supporter passing out fliers inviting folks to join us at the post home to learn more about AMVETS and that we are more than just a thrift store. 

Roger Kransankas, John Bernier, Amy Scruggs,Larry Thompson, Dave Adems, Al Watson,Victor Cabrera, Bruce Gattie, and Gary Douglas

Post 2813


ther Post 2813 News: On Sat, Sept 18th the post hosted an informational and membership booth at the V.V.A. annual car show. We have bingo every Saturday night. AMVETS Post 2813 meets on the first Thursday of each month at 7 pm at 554 Rio Linda Ave in Chico. Anyone interested in finding out more about AMVETS or volunteering are welcome to visit one of our meetings. AMVETS Post 2003 meets the first Thursday of each month at 7 pm at the Veterans Memorial Hall in Corning.

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Post 1996

AMVETS Leo P. Simon Post 1996, Redding CA


hat a Summer! We have not slowed down for a minute. One of the Hi-lights of the summer was presented to us by one of our Americanism winners, Gabrial Brown. Gabe not only took first place with his poster at the local level, he also received a first place at Department. His younger sister Natalie received a Dept. first place for her flag drawing, so both entered into the National contest. Young mister Brown received third place in the National Americanism Contest for 5th grade. Pictured right is Gabrial Brown, National 3rd place winner 5th grade, and Debbi Johnson, Auxiliary Megan Beilecki, 9th grade Dept. essay winner from Redding, receives her all expense paid trip from National AMVETS to Freedom’s Foundation in Valley Forge this November. By the time you read this we will have helped Honor Flight Northern California put together two flights to Washington DC. Post 1996 members put in many, many hours getting these flights accomplished. It all starts with funding, this year again the AMVETS CA Service Foundation came through with two donations that made the first trip in June possible. Then the work starts, all the arrangements need to be made. Airline ticketing, Hotel rooms ( 2 nights), 9 meals per flyer (usually 50) need to be arranged that’s 450 meals. We arrange for busses and scheduling to

1996) that have gone on Honor Flights in CA, some of them multiple times. Pictured bottom left is our new CMDR., L. David Cockrill, making sure one of our “Greatest Generation” gets enough to drink. They pay $300 to be able to spend three days working their behinds off just to help veterans. We’re proud of them all. Other news about Honor Flight, Honor Flight Network is now a recognized Program under National Programs. It has its’ own category under Program Reporting. This means that any AMVET who donates time (or money) it can be reported just like Americanism or Supporting our Troops. For us here in CA it allows a post to apply for funds from the Foundation for your support of Honor Flight. That is, if your Post has its’ corporation papers in order. Pictured below is 1996 member, Christine Sullivan, Guardian on the June 2010 Honor Flight. Another item of interest is that we are working to form two more Honor Flight “HUBS” in CA, one in San Diego and the other in the Los Angeles Area. If any of the posts in Southern CA want to get involved in Honor Flight go to the Web site or contact me. Post 1996 has a large contingent of members that work tirelessly in support of our Veterans both fallen and returning home. As Patriot Guard Rider members, many of our members spend several days a week rendering honors to our fallen heroes at the Northern California Veterans Cemetery located in IGO just outside of Redding. The funerals may be solemn, but the welcome home celebrations at the Redding airport, for our returning vets, certainly keep us focused on Veterans Helping Veterans. The big project that many of us are working on now is the next North Valley Stand Down which will be held October 22-24 at the Shasta District Fairgrounds.

North Valley Stand Down Association ANNOUNCES

October 22, 23, & 24 “For All Homeless Veterans” get into Arlington National Cemetery to witness the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. While all this is going on Debbi Johnson of Post 1996 Auxiliary goes to the application list and calls each WWII veteran and guardian arranging their presence on the flight. The real work is put in by the guardians. There have been about 10 AMVETS (not all

Vol. 14, No. 3

“A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out”

Shasta District Fairgrounds Inside Fusaro Hall & Trinity Hall Hwy 273 in Anderson California

REGISTRATION STARTS AT 8 AM Friday & Saturday California AMVETS Voice—23



Veterans and Military Retirees:


f you’ve have lost your DD 214 and would like to retrieve a certified copy, or other important service record page you might be missing, this Web site will get the forms back to you much quicker than the past 4-6 weeks it has routinely taken you in the past. Follow the instructions explicitly and print out the request. You should have your records back in about two weeks.

Non-Profit U.S. Postage PAID ROYAL OAK, mi 48068 PERMIT #792

Attention Veterans!


All American Veterans who were honorably separated after September 15, 1940 or are now serving in the Armed Forces, National Guard or Reservists, are eligible for membership in AMVETS.

Application For Membership I apply for:  New Annual


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Membership Fees:


LIFE: $180

New and Renewal Dues varies between Posts.

*Post dues vary.


Vol. 14, No. 3  

Department of California AMVETS NEWS - Fall, 2010

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