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The Minnesota American Veterans News Volume 12Number 1Summer, 2009Chartered by Act of Congress, July 23, 1947

Commander’s Corner A Message from the Commander


would be remiss if I did not thank all of you for the vote of confidence that you put in me to be your state commander for the upcoming year. It will be a daunting task, but with the support of the state officers and post commanders and the rank and file, I know that my term as AMVETS Commander will be a success. At the State Convention, I listed a set of objectives that I would like to come to frui‑ tion in the upcoming year. Get a newspaper up and running. We can

Commander Mike Cook

check that off the list, because you are read‑ ing this column in the first issue of that pa‑ per. Without the dedication of Roger Stelter, Post 31 Waseca, our Department PR Man for this 2009-2010 membership year and Kelly Nguyen, Post 1 Mendota, our Department Adjutant, we would still be talking about the newspaper instead of reading it. I made a pledge to visit all posts through‑ out the year, and so far I have visited 11. Membership is always an issue, but I think with the incentives that I brought forward, I

am confident that we will have a substan‑ tial increase during the year. If you have any sug‑ gestions or questions about anything, feel free to call me anytime at 952-956-2211 or Kelly at the office at 651-293-1212. Once again, thank you for the opportunity to serve as your commander this year.  Mike Cook

What’s Inside

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“The future of our Armed Services and the future of this country will be integrally linked to how we treat our veterans.” - George Washington

Minnesota American Veterans News - - - Summer, 2009

Congratulations to our New National Officers The 2009-2010 AMVETS National Officers are:

National Commander Duane Miskulin from Wisconsin National 1st Vice Commander Jerry Hotop from Missouri National 2nd Vice Gary Fry from Pennsylvania National Judge Advocate Dan Snyder from Ohio NSF Board of Trustees Jimmy T Smith from Tennessee NSF Board of Trustees S. John Sisler from Illinois

AMVETS Membership Application

Yes, I want to join AMVETS! I certify that I meet the membership requirements— I am serving or have honorably served in the U.S. Armed Forces (Active, Guard or Reserve) after September 15, 1940. Membership Type:

Annual ($30.00*)

Life ($150.00*)

Name: Address:

City: State:

ZIP Code:




E-mail Address: Home Phone: Date of Birth: Branch of Service: Date Entered Service: Date of Discharge: Type of Discharge: Method of Payment:

VISA or MasterCard

Check or Money Order

Credit Card Number: Expiration Date: Signature: Date:

* A national minimum amount that many vary from state to state or from post to post.

Members must be prepared to provide proof of military service. AMVETS Membership Department 4647 Forbes Boulevard Lanham, MD 20706-4380

Vol. 12, No. 1


Minnesota American Veterans News - - - Summer, 2009

Post Reports Post News is excerpted from written reports submitted at the SEC meeting.

Post 1 - Mendota

put up outside Building 15. It is then stocked with fish. The residents then fish and as they catch them, they receive a hat, have their picture taken Submitted by Commander Kelly Nguyen with their fish. It is then that the fish is taken to the filleting table, filleted, ost 1 has had a great year, both in activities as well as membership. then whisked over to the deep fryer. In just a matter of moments, the fish We started out with Memorial Day ceremonies on the Sunday prior is on their plate! Our post donated $1,500 towards the program this year. to Memorial Day at the Fort Snelling Chapel where we post over There are also antique cars that come In and park alongside the road near‑ 200 crosses. est the door. This year there were over 20 cars. You are able to take rides Each cross has the name, rank, and hometown of each soldier who has in them, also. It is great fun. lost his life since September 11, 2001. Each of the next of kin is notified to come to the service, held at 11:00 a.m. in honor of their loved one. The soldiers are from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North and South Dakotas. Submitted by Commander Joe Mauricio It is a memorial service like no other. ave a taco nights each week at Spinners to raise money for dona‑ The saddest is the addition of approximately 50 names per year since tions. They received $1,000 from a private donor to donate to their 2002 when we first started this. Veterans’ Memorial Fund. Post had a play they put on, “Mennecanos EVENTS On Monday, Memorial Day, our Post Honor Guard holds ceremonies Play”. The play was well worth the money they spent. They donate monies at five cemeteries from Eagan, Inver Grove Heights and Mendota Heights. to the food shelf. They held their annual enchiladas sale on Friday, May In June, some members head up to the Veterans Rest Camp on Big Marine 20th at Our Lade of Guadalupe Church. for Flag Day where they have a ceremony for the destroying of the flags. In They marched in the Cinco de Mayo parade. The post donated 2,000 July, it is a big one for us on the second weekend with Mendota Days. We pounds of food to the Food Bank. They marched in a parade in West St have a beer garden along with the AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary who have Paul. a food booth. We also celebrate our anniversary on July 17. This year will mark Post 1’s 27th anniversary. In October, we hold our annual membership dinner at the club. In No‑ Submitted by Adjutant Lloyd Gerard vember, we have our annual White Clover drive at Walmart in Eagan. We heir membership is 22, with 19 being life members. They do the best also have two Veterans’ Day ceremonies. One on the Sunday nearest at the they can with who they have, as some are snowbirds and/or retired. Fort Snelling Chapel and another on Veterans’ Day. In December, we help They are looking for improvement with helping to grow from the our auxiliary with the shopping, wrapping and shipping presents for two top, like getting our AMVETS Department newspaper back up and running. families to Neighbors Inc.


Post 5 - St. Paul


Post 8 - Aitkin



Post 1 is also involved in sending care packages to the soldiers over‑ seas. We recently sent five boxes of toiletries, batteries, candies and more to the troops in Afghanistan. We also donate to local schools for held trips and scholarships. We have a White Clover Princess who is currently attending the Uni‑ versity of Minnesota Duluth. We donate and participate in the Glass Slipper. This is a program where people donate shoes and dresses; they are hemmed/fitted for girls less for‑ tunate so they can go to prom in style. This last year, not only did we do‑ nate the dresses, but also $1,000 towards their program. The woman cried when these were delivered to her. It was quite moving. We also donate to the Armed Forces Service Center and the Fisher House. We need to sup‑ port our troops and as much as possible. We hold an annual Super Bowl party at the VA Home in Minneapolis. We were last out at the VA Home in Minneapolis for the Muskies Inc. fish‑ ing opener. This is a fabulous time, not only for us, but for the residents as well. This year the weather was fantastic. The residents have a pond that is

Post 12 - Hibbing


Submitted by Commander William Cogger he post remains involved in the community sponsoring and donat‑ ing to local programs and events, as well as increasing membership. Their goal is to help the community as much as possible along with “remembers our Veteran’s”. They are having a Memorial Day Observance and a troop send off is scheduled for June 2009. They continue to honor the veterans. With their gambling venture, their donations include youth sports, school programs, Honor Guard, AMVETS and VFW Veteran programs, veteran funerals, scholarships, and assist with benefits for persons of all ages that are stricken with a rare or terminally ill disease. They cover a large area of the Iron Range with the athletic and scholarship programs, health and safety, and patriotic programs and events. They encourage their youth to help out by volunteering. NEC Ray Gerving: Our National 4th District Commander Harold Reed has reported that the membership in the 4th Dis‑ trict has 76,649 members; this makes us the largest district in the country.

For membership or program forms, go to Don’t forget to submit your programs to Department each month. Let us know what the program was, how many people, hours and the cost, if any. Also donations made. I know most posts donate to the VA’s and to their communities. Blow your own horn! We want to know what you have been up to! To see the types of programs AMVETS National has already, go to www. and click on Programs. They have material for planning your programs and events. Lots of useful tools. Hope to hear from you soon!

Vol. 12, No. 1


Minnesota American Veterans News - - - Summer, 2009

Post Reports Post News is excerpted from written reports submitted at the SEC meeting. National Commander Chad Hapner stated the national finance is being watched closely during these times, but we are holding our own. National Programs Director Beryl Love continues to call on all posts to fulfill their charter obligations by providing the post level support we have sworn to provide. National Legislative Director Ray Kelly continues to be an advo‑ cate on Capitol Hill for all veterans. National Membership Director Mark DelPiano is pleased that AMVETS members continue to use the on‑line data base for membership reporting. It is growing in usage. Membership has stepped up recruitment of female veterans. National Service Director Denny Boller is pleased with the AMVETS National Service Officers throughout the country. They helped to recover more than $400 million in benefits for our veterans. And this was done with fewer service officers.

Post 23 - Owatonna


Submitted by Commander Jim Steinbauer orking on care packages for servicemen/women currency over‑ seas. The Post has a stand at the Cashwise Foods for May 29~’ & 3e for fundraising. The Post will have a new commander next year, Tom Voge. Hopes we have a good convention and apologizes for being unable to attend, due to family. Submitted by Charter Member John Standke sking where the quarterly newspaper is. Talks about all the meet‑ ings he has attended nationwide. He will continue to be a member of the Military Honor Color Guard to pay tribute to our deceased veterans. He is a special deputy with Steele County, volunteer driver for the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society. He will maintain his membership, but will not be an active member. Wondering what direction the AMVETS Department of MN is going. Concerned the show of past commanders at our department meetings is low. Will continue to work with the VAMC for a possible clinic in the Owatonna area. He will always cherish and remember his association with many veterans from the WWII to present. A great association. Wishes for a great convention and future and the enjoyment of time spent at the convention.


Post 31 - Waseca

he has to work. Have a good convention, Commander. Submitted by John Fuchs elped with sales of fundraising tickets for the post, Honor Guard at funerals, sent get well & sympathy cards, attended Memorial Day in Morris, WWII & Korea recognition and gave medals to local WWII veterans. As JA for the Department, he reviewed three posts in need of updates to their Post Constitution/By‑Laws. Very happy with the new Alexandria clinic that takes a burden off the St Cloud VA and helps cut costs in travel for veterans. Proud of Post 33 in Virginia and notes they are a very good bunch of people that are doing wonderful. We need new blood from young and new members. Let them express their ideas as they need to be involved to keep the ball rolling.


Post 556 - Forest Lake


Submitted by Commander Jerry Ewald oping that many of our post commanders attend as new officers will again be elected to do the important jobs of leading our organization. The Post will be having their pancake breakfasts this summer. The proceeds are donated to worthy causes. Many of their members also belong to other veterans organizations. And all are proud to belong to AMVETS.

AMVETS Millennium Post 2000 - Inver Grove Heights

Submitted by Commander William Cogger Georgia and Richard Salsbury have promoted White Clovers at the en‑ trances of super markets and “big box” stores for seven years and have raised over $30,000, which is being donated back into the community via civic projects, sponsorship of a boy scout troop, packages to Iraq troops, etc. Most recently, Millennium Post 2000 has donated, in their name, $11,000 to the BEST Foundation which will select a Simley High School senior of a veteran, or active military parent, to receive a $500 scholarship


Submitted by Commander Roger W. Stelter embership is at 33, 13 of which are life members. Like many other posts, struggling to keep its membership actively involved. Looking to expand its membership in the coming year by reaching out to new potential members and revisiting older veterans or those who have not renewed their membership.

Post 290 - Morris


Submitted by Commander Tom Tucker hey are working on getting a new Veterans’ Van for the area. They work with their auxiliary with things as Meet the Candidate, troops leaving, WWII & Korea veterans recognition, Membership Happens, fish fries, and other things. They were really excited to host the SEC meeting in February. They are very proud of their post and those currently serving in our Armed Forces. He is sorry he could not make it to the convention as

Vol. 12, No. 1


Minnesota American Veterans News - - - Summer, 2009

Taps Post 1 Mendota: Terry Ayd - March 8, 2009 Post 4 Winona: Michael Pellowski - November 14, 2008 We must be grateful that by the service of these AVMETS in the Armed Forces of the United States of America, we are truly a free people in a free land.

Post 11 St. Cloud: Donald R. DeChambeau - January 9, 2009 Post 19 Lake City: Alvin Hinck - November 10, 2008 Post 23 Owatonna: Rick R. Mork - December 15, 2008 Post 31 Waseca: Victor Charles St. John - December, 2008 Post 33 Virginia: George Moylan - December 21, 2008 Post 151 Appleton: Bernard Sprauge - September 15, 2008 Post 2000 Inver Grove Heights: Kevin C. Salsbury - June 14, 2009 Alfred C. Woolgar - June 22, 2009 Marion “Mick” Lumby - June 30, 2009

A Special Tribute In loving memory of Al Woolgar


Submitted by Gene Richgels, PDC e are sad to inform you of the passing of Alfred (Al) Woolgar, Minnesota PDC. He died June 22, after a long battle with diabetes, cancer and heart ailments. At 14, he “misrepre‑ sented” his age as 16, and was a glider pilot in the D-Day invasion. After years in the Army Air Corps, he left and joined the Air Force, where he was instrumental in forming the SAC Elite Honor Guard at Moffett Air Force Base in Nebraska. He served his country well in three wars, and was active in the Minnesota AMVETS until his health slowed him down. He will be sorely missed by friends and family.

Right: Gene Richgels, Minnesota PDC, Al’s wife Jolly, who was a department officer, and Al holding a veterans home made mantel clock with an engraved plate thanking them both for their service to AMVETS and their community.

Vol. 12, No. 1


Minnesota American Veterans News - - - Summer, 2009

Federal Legislative Update

Senator Ben Nelson (D‑NE) has introduced a companion bill, S. 563, but it has not had any legislative action yet. H.R. 23 will nest be heard by the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs.

will make it easier for VA to process Vietnam War veterans’ claims for service‑connected conditions that are linked to toxic exposures during the Viet‑ nam War and that are identified in current law.

Minnesota Congressman Introduces Bill for Improved spouse Benefits

Currently, VA requires Vietnam veterans to prove a “foot on land” occurrence in order to qualify for the presumptions of service‑con‑ nection for herbicide‑exposure related illnesses afforded under current law. This issue has been the subject of much litigation. However, Con‑ gress did not intend to exclude these veterans from compensation based on arbitrary geo‑ graphic line drag by VA.


House Passes Bill Extending Veterans' Benefits to World War II Mariners


he House of Representatives has approved a bill that will entitle Merchant Mariners from World War 11 to additional veterans benefits. H.R. 23, the Belated Thank You to the Merchant Mariners of World War 11 Act of 2009, establishes a Merchant Mariner Equity Com‑ pensation Fund and allows qualifying Merchant Mariners to receive monthly payments of $1,000 out of that fund. House Veterans’ Affairs Com‑ mittee Chairman Bob Filner (D‑CA) introduced this same bill in 2007, and he reintroduced it on January 6, 2009.

This bill establishes in the Treasury the Merchant Mariner Equity Compensation Fund for payments by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs of a monthly benefit of $1,000 to each individual who, between December 7,1941, and December 31,1946, was a documented member of the U.S. Merchant Marine including the Army Transport Service and the Naval Transport Service. Of the 250,000 Mer‑ chant Mariners during World War II, fewer than 10,000 are believed to still be alive. Vol. 12, No. 1

ongressman Tim Walz (H‑LAN) has joined Representative Steve Buyer (R‑IN) in introducing H.R. 2243, the Surviving Spouses Benefit Improvement Act of 2009. This bill increases Dependency and Indemnity Com‑ pensation (DIC) paid to surviving spouses of vet‑ erans who died while on active military duty or as a result of service‑connected injuries or illnesses. Currently, the DIC rate is 43% percent of the compensation paid to a totally disabled veteran. The Surviving Spouses Benefit Improvement Act of 2009 would increase the amount of de‑ pendency and indemnity compensation (DIC) to 55% percent. The increase would bring DIC in line with other federal proms that give survivors 55% percent of their spouses retirement pay. Furthermore, H.R. 2243 would end the SBP DIC “widow’s tax” where DIC offsets SBP $1 for $1 of DIC paid. About 340,000 spouses get DIC payments. Other than cost‑of‑living adjustments the rates have not been increased in more than 26 years. The bill has been referred to the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee.

Agent Orange Equity Act


n May 5, 2009, House Veterans’ Affairs Com‑ mittee Chairman Bob Filner introduced a bill that would clarify the legal presumption of exposure to Agent Orange for veterans who served in the vicinity of Vice H.R. 2254, the Agent Or‑ ange Equity Act, would allow Blue Water veterans and every service member awarded the Vietnam Service medal, or who otherwise deployed to land, sea or air in the Republic of Vietnam, full coverage under the comprehensive Agent Orange laws Congress passed in 1991. If enacted, this bill

Chairman John Hall (D‑NY) leads the Subcom‑ mittee on Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs, the subcommittee with jurisdiction over these issues. He stated, “With this legislation Congress will leave no doubt that the ‘Blue Wa‑ ter Navy’ and all combat veterans of Vietnam are intended to be covered and compensated; thus ensuring that these veterans will receive the disability benefits they earned and deserve for exposure to Agent Orange. This is the cost of war. We asked these brave men and women to fight for us and serve their country, and it is a grave injustice that they have had to wait this long for treatment. We must place care of our soldiers among our top priorities. This applies for all past, present, and future conflicts.” The bill has been reed to the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee.

Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee Approves Four More VA Nominees


t a hearing on Tuesday, May 13, the Sen‑ ate Veterans’ Affairs Committee unani‑ mously approved four more nominees to be part of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) leadership team.. The approvals were Roger W. Baker for Assistant Secretary for Informa‑ tion and Technology; Will A. Gunn for General counsel; Jose D. Riojas for Assistant Secretary for operations, Security and Preparedness; and John U. Sepulveda for Assistant Secretary for Human Resources and Administration. The nominations now go to the Senate floor for final confirmation. 6

Minnesota American Veterans News - - - Summer, 2009

Department Commander Mike Cook 6175 132nd Way, Apple Valley, MN 55124 952-956-2211 Dept. 1st Vice Cmdr/Adj./Office Manager Kelly Nguyen 648 Marie Avenue W., Mendota Hts., MN 55118 651-216-4200 Dept. 2nd Vice Commander/1-Yr Trustee Allen Elsbury 3328 Corliss Trail, Rosemount, MN 55068 651-322-7489 Finance Officer Mike Nelson 1011 41st Avenue NE #103 Columbia Hts, MN 55421 612-978-6368

State Officers

John Fuchs Judge Advocate/Historian 47633 250th Street, Morris, MN 56267 320-589-4395 Provost Marshall/3-Yr. Trustee Allen Weyaus P.O. Box 647 Onamia, MN 56359-0647 320-630-2489 Finance Man/Chaplain Nick Basarich 4020 9th Avenue West #325 Hibbing, MN 55746-3028 218-263-5657 Service Officer Chuck Conroy 9285 Robert Trail South Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076 651-544-6906 NEC Ray Gerving 2700 94th Avenue, Brooklyn Park, MN 55444 763-639-5670 Alternate NEC/2-Year Trustee Dick Volkert 2400 Dodd Road, Mendota Heights, MN 55120 651-454-4422

VAVS Minneapolis John Austin 2268 7th Street West Saint Paul, MN 55116 651-698-3104 Public Relations Officer Roger Stelter 16451 Snake Trail, Waseca, MN 56093 507-835-7901 Hospital Service Foundation Lawrence Dean 1247 East County Road B Maplewood, MN 55109 651-484-2837 Dept. White Clover Princess Jayme Conroy

Post Meeting Locations Post 1 1323 Sibley Memorial Drive Mendota, MN 55150 651-688-7408 Last Weds at 7pm

Post 11 VAMC St Cloud 4801 Veterans Drive St Cloud, MN 56303 3rd Tues at 10:30am

Post 26 Brainerd A.L. 708 Fort St Brainerd, MN 56401 1st Thurs 7pm

Post 3 Ponemah, 56666 Sat 7pm

Post 12 704 W 41st Street Hibbing, MN 55746 1st Tues at 5pm

Post 28 Carlton VFW 3rd Tues at 7pm

Post 4 302 E Sarnia Winona, MN 55987 1st Tues at 7pm Post 5 209 W Baker St Paul, MN 2nd Thurs at 6:30pm Post 8 20 1st Ave NE Aitkin, MN 56431 2nd Tues at 7pm Post 10 Giant Valley A.L. #234 38 Minnehaha Ave S Mpls, MN 55406 2nd Sat at 2pm Vol. 12, No. 1

Post 13 233 S Olive St Waconia, MN 55387 3rd Tues at 8pm Post 19 218 W 4th St Redwing, MN 55066 4th Weds at 6:30pm Post 23 135 W Oakdale St Owatonna, MN 55060 4th Mon at 7pm Post 24 1247 E Cty Rd B Maplewood, MN 55109 Thurs 7pm

Post 31 VFW Post 1642 113 Elm Ave W Waseca, MN 56093 1st Tues at 7pm Post 33 Servicemens Club 227 Chestnut St Virginia, MN 55792 Last Weds at 6:30pm Post 47 142 N Boradway Albert Lea, MN 56007 5th Mon at 7pm

Post 53 777 Grand Avenue Onamia, MN 56359 2nd Mon at 6pm Post 151 448 S Munsterman Appleton, MN 56208 2nd Mon 7pm/winter 8pm/summer Post 290 507 Pacific Ave Morris, MN 56267 1st Mon at 8pm Post 556 556 SW 12th St Forest Lake, MN 55025 As Needed Post 2000 7510 Concord Blvd E Inver Grove Hts, MN 55076 1st Tues

If you would like to be added to this list, please send your information to: 7

Minnesota American Veterans News - - - Summer, 2009

Commander Mike Cook with our Department White Clover Princess Jayme Conroy.

Dick Volkert and Jack O’Brien, both members of Post 1, are building needed crosses for the Memorial Day service at the Fort Snelling Chapel. Each cross represents a serviceman/woman who has given the ultimate sacrifice for our country since 9/11. The name, rank, hometown and where served, of the soldier, is listed on each individual cross and layed out in the island area at the Chapel. The families of the fallen are invited to the service. Post 1 has been doing this with the Chapel for the last seven years. The soldiers listed are from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North and South Dakotas.

Members at the SEC meeting in Morris in February.

Vol. 12, No. 1


Minnesota American Veterans News - - - Summer, 2009

Post 1 Honor Guard at Fort Snelling Chapel on Memorial Day.

White Clover Princess Jayme Conroy at the VA Home Minneapolis with a resident on Super Bowl Sunday. Jayme sat and visited for most of the afternoon with this resident. They had a great time together.

Installation of officers at the 2009 Department Convention at South St Paul, Sunday, May 17.

Minnesota Commissioner of Veterans Affairs Clark Dyrud with Commander Allen Weyaus at 2009 Department Convention.

Vol. 12, No. 1


Minnesota American Veterans News - - - Summer, 2009

Minutes of Convention-May 2009 Saturday, May 16, 2009 11:00am Post Colors by Provost Marshall Dick Volkert, stepping in for Ken Weyaus. Invocation Pledge of Allegiance Preamble by Mike Cook Roll Call of Officers: Cmdr Allen Weyaus Present, 1st Vice Mike Cook Present, 2nd Vice John Austin Present, Adjutant Kelly Nguyen Present, Judge Advocate/ Historian John Fuchs Present, Finance Officer Mike Nelson Present, Chaplain Nick Basarich Present, Provost Marshall Ken Weyaus Excused, 1-year trustee Allen Elsbury Present, 2-year trustee John Fuchs Present, 3-year trustee Dick Volkert Present, Finance Committee Man Nick Basarich Present, Hospital Service Foundation Lawrence Dean Absent, VAVS Minneapolis John Austin Present, VAVS St Cloud Bob Kmitch Absent, Legislative Officer Mike Cook Present Roll Call of Past Commanders: Immediate Past Gene DeGier Absent, John Standke Present, Dick Volkert Present, John Fuchs Present, Gene Richgels Present, Mike Nelson Present, Hank Johnson Excused, Erv Krosch Absent, Ray Gerving Present, Al Woolgar Excused, Richard Lynch Absent, Lawrence Dean Absent Roll Call of Posts: 1 Mendota Present, 2 Rochester Absent, 3 Ponemah Absent, 4 Winona Absent, 5 St Paul Absent, 8 Aitkin Present, 10 Minneapolis Absent, 11 St Cloud Absent, 12 Hibbing Present, 13 Waconia Present, 19 Red Wing Absent, 20 Albany Absent, 21 Detroit Lakes Absent, 23 Owatonna Present, 24 St Paul Present, 26 Fort Ripley Absent, 28 Carlton Absent, 31 Waseca Present, 33 Virginia Absent, 47 Albert Lea Absent, 53 Onamia Present, 151 Appleton Absent, 290 Morris Present, 556 Forest Lake Present, 2000 Inver Grove Heights Present Reading of Official Minutes from February 7 SEC meeting in Morris. Correction: Post 556 was present, not absent. M/M by Ray 2nd by Allen to accept the minutes as mailed out and corrected. M/C Introduction of guests: Barb Meyer President Aux 295 & Cmdr Mike Post 295. White Clover Princess from Post 1 Jayme Conroy. Finance Report: Given verbally by Mike Nelson Old Business: None New Business: Cmdr Weyaus stated that ONLY 1. Motions and discussions on motions to be brought before the convention and 2. Rules of Convention and 3 All Post Reports. Suggestions for the good of the organization: None Benediction Retiring of Colors Closing of the SEC Opening of Convention: 12:05pm. Post Colors by Provost Marshall Dick Volkert Invocation by Chaplain Nick Basarich Pledge of Allegiance by all Preamble by 1st Vice Mike Cook Roll Call of Officer Roll Call of Past Commanders Roll Call of Posts Convention Rules: Read by Mike Nelson Finance Report: Given verbally by Finance Officer Mike Nelson. M/M by Kelly Nguyen Post 1 to approve

Vol. 12, No. 1

finance report 2nd by Mark Kronholm Post 1 subject to audit. Discussion. M/C Reminder: When making a motion or addressing the floor…the delegate shall rise, addressing the chair, state name and post prior to proceeding. Budget Report by Finance Man Nick Basarich M/M by Nick Basarich Post 12 2nd by Ray Gerving Post 1 to accept the budget report for this year. M/C Bills / communications…Read by Office Manager Kelly Nguyen Post 1 Officers Reports: 1st Vice Commander Mike Cook: Membership: in correspondence with what was discussed at the SEC Meeting regarding the membership drive contest. (Sent to all post commanders/adjutants with minutes) 2nd Vice Commander John Austin: June 20…be out at the Veterans Home in Minneapolis. There will be no cost to us. Americanism contest…committee will be meeting after this meeting. NEC Ray Gerving: Report on table. I have a copy of Nationals proposed budget. I also have a copy of the National District Commanders, NEC reports, etc. if anyone wants to see this. National 4th District is largest district. Submit programs to Department so that the Adjutant can submit them to National. It is important to have this done. There are only a few posts that have submitted anything. VAVS Report John Austin: I would like to congratulate Post 1 for their donations. We are going to have a banner year. Legislative Officer Mike Cook: Nothing getting done this year, as the budget doesn’t have much there. They really didn’t cut the veterans affairs budget. M/M by Kelly Nguyen Post 1 to accept all reports with the inclusion of the written reports. 2nd by Mike Nelson Post 13 M/C Gene Richgles Post 2000. In the absence of the Commanders report: Giving verbal report: We do blackjack at VAMC each month. Gave over $1000 for fishing dock at Inver Grove Heights. There is a boy scout troop that we sponsor financially. Testimonial luncheon for Al & Jolly Woolgar. We gave an award to Richard O Salisbury and his wife. The Salisbury’s have single handedly raised over $30k with white clovers. Gene Richgels Post 2000: One major thing…of the 30k from their raising…going to give 11k to “Best Foundation” elect seniors from Sibley High School for scholarships. We try to give the scholarship to a son or daughter of veteran/soldier. The award is given in the name of the Salisbury’s. Post 53 has no written report. Given verbally by Cmdr Weyaus. April 29 helped sponsor a Pow-Wow. They have done other Pow-Wows. He gave a short report of what they have been doing and what they are up to. 5 min break…new business will be up when we get back. Reconvene: New Business: Credential reports…11 posts…22 delegates…8 voting states… 1 for charter 2 for 1st 10 and then upscale. Ie Post 1 = 8 delegates. M/m by Ray Gerving Post 1 2nd by Dick Volkert Post 1 to accept credential report. M/C 1st Round nominations: Allen Weyaus for Commander. Declined. Mike Cook nominated. 1st Vice John Austin/ Kelly Nguyen. 2nd Vice Allen Elsbury. Finance Officer

Submitted by Kelly Nugyen

Mike Nelson. Judge Advocate Jack Fuchs. Provost Marshall Allen Weyaus. Finance Committee Man Nick Bassarich. Nominations will remain open until tomorrow. John Fuchs Post 290: Resolutions…read fully today and shorten them tomorrow. 1st Reading: 2 resolutions for By-Laws; 17 resolutions to the Constitution. Allen Elsbury Post 1: White Clover Princess: Appointed by new commander. Mike Nelson Post 13: From the Finance Meeting, 4 donations $1000 each for each…MACV, DAV Rest Camp, Valley Forge Sauk Center, VICTRI…for $4000.00 total. Move that we accept the 4 donations for $1000 each 2nd by Kelly Nguyen Post 1. Q: by Roger Stelter Post 31 as to where the money come from? Mike Nelson…savings account. Discussion regarding checks coming in from Midwest Publishing and where the newspaper is at. Need to contact them and find out about the newspaper. Mike Nelson Post 13: Suggest Dick Volkert handle newspaper: Dick: Can we do this tomorrow after the elections to discuss about who sits on this committee. Dick Volkert Post 1: Newspaper report: Has WI newspaper in hand. Passed around. Our Posts have to send in reports on what the posts are doing. Wisconsin goes through American Graphics and Design Inc. Constitution and By-Laws…administrative changes to changes. Ray Gerving read. Discussion on State Fair and whether or not we should continue this. Comments from the floor: Kelly Nguyen Post 1: Didn’t care for what I witnessed. Sponsor…don’t put them all in your post. Lyle Cromer Post 31: Can’t sign up a member at that table… Joe Mauricio Post 5: When I was out there, they would take applications…don’t know where (which post) they are going to? A few were doing Legion work from the AMVETS booth. Ray Gerving Post 1: Incoming commander should choose a new person to head the committee out at the state fair. Standke Post 23: Worked state fair…our new incoming commander was signed up at the state fair. Roger Stelter Post 31: Commenting on the WI AMVETS newspaper: Think it’s a good format…they pay for the paper thru the membership dues. How would we pay for this? Where do we advertise? Limits on how we advertise and who advertises? I will volunteer with Dick to get paper going. Dick Volkert Post 1: They do the mailing. They pay for the postage. They get a percentage of what they take in off the ads. Dan Smoot Post 1: Leave it to the committee. Mike Cook Post 1: M/M to move the convention up to the last weekend of April…2nd by Dan Smoot Post 1. Lyle Cromer Post 31: VFW/Legion…state conventions…It was decided after moving the convention around that you can have it when you want it, we’ll have it when we want it. Dan Smoot Post 1: This is AMVETS…not the VFW, Legion, DAV, etc. We are AMVETS, not an auxiliary to the other veteran’s organization. Mike: withdraw motion. Withdraw 2nd by Dan Smoot. Kelly Nguyen Post 1: M/M to donate $500.00 to Special Olympics. 2nd by Joe Mauricio M/C


Minnesota American Veterans News - - - Summer, 2009

Minutes of Convention-May 2009 Lyle Cromer Post 31: ROTC at Mankato State…Had the flags in the color guard on wrong side. Unacceptable. Old Business: June 20th…VA Home…John Austin… we are going to do it. Are we going to play bingo? We can donate about $75.00 - $100.00. Be there at 1pm. Present colors, callers, ice cream, etc. Good of the order: Allen Elsbury: Post 1: DAV Rest Camp…literature up on table. Jerry Ewald 556: Rest camp: Pics new things going on. Mike Nelson Post 13: Vets home bingo night..need check for this. Ray Gerving Post 1: M/M to donate $100.00 for bingo on the 20th. 2nd by Dick Volkert. Sat June 20th. M/C Jerry Ewald Post 556: Recently we received 200 pins. Handed out to many people. Allen Elsbury Post 1: Rest Camp: Our chairman invited the AMVETS Dept commander to a meeting anytime he wants to. Mike Nelson Post 13: Thank you, Dan Smoot for getting this convention together. (Applause) M/M by Nick Basarich 2nd by John Austin to adjourn. M/C Retiring of Colors Convention adjourned at 3:15pm Will Reconvene at 10:00am for Memorial Service AMVETS Department of MN Memorial Service Sunday, May 17, 2009

Adjutant Kelly Nguyen Present, Judge Advocate/ Historian John Fuchs Present, Finance Officer Mike Nelson Present, Chaplain Nick Basarich Present, Provost Marshall Ken Weyaus Excused, 1-year trustee Allen Elsbury Present, 2-year trustee John Fuchs Present, 3-year trustee Dick Volkert Present, Finance Committee Man Nick Basarich Present, Hospital Service Foundation Lawrence Dean Present, VAVS Minneapolis John Austin Present, VAVS St Cloud Bob Kmitch Absent, Legislative Officer Mike Cook Present Roll Call of Past Commanders: Immediate Past Gene DeGier Absent, John tandke Present, Dick Volkert Present, John Fuchs Present, Gene Richgels Absent, Mike Nelson Present, Hank Johnson Excused, Erv Krosch Absent, Ray Gerving Present, Al Woolgar Excused, Richard Lynch Absent, Lawrence Dean Present Roll Call of Posts: 1 Mendota Present, 2 Rochester Absent, 3 Ponemah Absent, 4 Winona Absent, 5 St Paul Absent, 8 Aitkin Present, 10 Minneapolis Absent, 11 St Cloud Absent, 12 Hibbing Present, 13 Waconia Present, 19 Red Wing Absent, 20 Albany Absent, 21 Detroit Lakes Absent, 23 Owatonna Present, 24 St Paul Present, 26 Fort Ripley Absent, 28 Carlton Absent, 31 Waseca Present, 33 Virginia Absent, 47 Albert Lea Absent, 53 Onamia Present, 151 Appleton Absent, 290 Morris Present, 556 Forest Lake Present, 2000 Inver Grove Heights Present Finance: Mike Nelson: Approved yesterday. Reports: Lawrence Dean: Nothing from Hospital Service Foundation

Chaplain: (Invocation) Loving God, eternal in Heaven, our hearts are lifted to You in prayer. We do so, Lord, in thanksgiving for the life of these AMVETS. We thank You, Lord, for the love of them for You, for our country, and for family and friends; loves that has enriched all of our lives.

Old Business: By-Laws change/update…Read over by Ray Gerving…Went thru all changes/updates/corrections. M/M by Kelly Nguyen Post 1 2nd by Mike Nelson Post 13 to accept the constitution & bylaws. M/C

We must be grateful that by the service of these AVMETS in the Armed Forces of the United States of America, we are truly a free people in a free land. Your holy and infinite blessings be with the family and loved ones of these AMVETS in all of time.

Resolutions: Judge Advocate Jack Fuchs address the resolutions…short version. John Standke: requested to be excused from rest of convention. M/M by Jack Fuchs to accept all resolutions. 2nd by Dick Volkert Post 1. M/C

Lord, receive these AMVETS as Your own. Bless them with life everlasting. Amen.

Guest: Commissioner Dyrud entered/addressed membership. Presented award…certificate of recognition from Gov Pawlenty to Commander Weyaus.

Post 1 Mendota: Terry Ayd March 8, 2009 Post 4 Winona: Michael Pellowski November 14, 2008 Post 11 St Cloud: Donald R DeChambeau January 9, 2009 Post 19 Lake City: Alvin Hinck November 10, 2008 Post 23 Owatonna: Rick R Mork December 15, 2008 Post 31 Waseca: Victor Charles St John December 2008 Post 33 Virginia: George Moylan December 21, 2008 Post 151 Appleton: Bernard Sprauge September 15, 2008

Roger Stelter Post 31 Cmdr Waseca-addressing Commissioner…college system/National Guard soldiers…when called up in middle of semester and getting the tuition/credits/ when called up and resuming…they are losing the tuition/credits and having to start over. Is there a way to help these students so they may receive their tuition back or earn the portion of the credits for the class? Send Commissioner Clark Dyrud this as email…need to protect their monies and time spent. Dick Cruz Post 5: Trade schools too. Commissioner will look into this. Thanked Commander Weyaus for an outstanding year. Glad to be a member of AMVETS. John Fuchs Post 290: (addressing Commissioner) Happy you joined our group. Break…

Chaplain: (Benediction) The love of God, which brings to us comfort and peace from our Lord, be with us always. Amen. Memorial Service Concluded Reconvene of Convention Sunday, May 17, 2009 Post Colors by Dick Volkert Invocation Pledge of Allegiance Preamble Roll Call of Officers Cmdr Allen Weyaus Present, 1st Vice Mike Cook Present, 2nd Vice John Austin Present,

Vol. 12, No. 1

Credential Report: Mike Nelson Post 13: 28 registered…11 posts 25 present to vote. 13 is quorum New Business Nominations: go thru the offices then vote on them. 2009-2010 Department Commander: Mike Cook

nominated. Dan Smoot moved to have unanimous ballot for Mike Cook. 2nd by Kelly Nguyen. M/C 1st Vice Commaner: Kelly Nguyen nominated. John Austin nominated. Ballots distributed. Counters selected. Kelly Nguyen is elected. 2nd Vice Commander: Allen Elsbury. M/M by Ray Gerving 2nd by Dick Volkert to have unanimous ballot for Allen Elsbury. M/C Finance Officer: Mike Nelson. M/M by John Austin 2nd by Nick Basarich to have unanimous ballot for Mike Nelson. M/C Judge Advocate: John Fuchs nominated. M/M by Lawrence Dean 2nd by Dick Volkert to have unanimous ballot for John Fuchs. M/C Provost Marshall: Allen Weyaus nominated. M/M by Jack Fuchs 2nd by John Austin to have unanimous ballot for Allen Weyaus. M/C Finance Committee Man: Nick Basarich nominated. M/M by Mike Nelson 2nd by Allen Elsbury to have unanimous ballot for Nick Basarich. M/C Commander-elect Mike Cook spoke to membership. Put out proposed short/long term ideas for next year. 1. Getting posts more involved in the Dept. 2. Each post should send newsletters to department monthly. I will commit to everyone that I will sit in on one meeting at each post. Jack Fuchs: Provost Marshall is empty. Commander Weyaus stated this will be handled with the new commander. Installation of officers. M/M by Lyle Cromer 2nd by Mark Kronholm to bring in any guests for the officers…m/c Mike Nelson Post 13: Presented check to Dan Smoot for room here at VFW. Token of appreciation for use of meeting room. He then presented a check to outgoing commander. Suggestions for the good of the order Motion to adjourn by Dick Volkert Post 1 2nd by Mike Nelson Post 13 M/C Benediction Retiring of Colors SEC Meeting: Opened by Outgoing Commander Allen Weyaus Posting colors Invocation Pledge Turn gavel over to commander elect Mike Cook 1st order of business: appointments now or at 1st SEC… White Clover Princess Jayme Conroy spoke to membership thanking her for appointing her as the White Clover Princess for the Department and that if anyone would like her to be at their post for parades and/or events, contact the Department office as Kelly has her information. Mike Nelson Post 13: If a Post requests her, the Post is responsible for her bill. M/M to accept all appointments by Lyle Cromer Post 31 2nd by Dick Volkert Post 1 M/C The Fall SEC will be September 12. I’ll let you know where it will be and give you adequate time so you can be there. Commander-elect Mike Cook’s phone number: 952-9562211. Call anytime when your Post needs something. I want to let you know I’ll be there for you and help in any way I can. M/M to accept the findings of Americanism contest by Mike Nelson Post 13 2nd by Allen Elsbury Post 1. M/C


Minnesota American Veterans News - - - Summer, 2009

Minutes Continued... Stephen Engel from Post 151 Appleton, grade 12 won the essay contest at Department level. Ray Gerving Post 1: Valley Forge: National gives state airfare, weekend at Valley Forge… doesn’t cost us anything…9-12 grade. M/M by Mike Nelson that by August we have some names we still have to work on a drawing…2nd by Lawrence Dean Post 24… Lyle Cromer Post 31: If there isn’t enough info to the students… Mike Nelson Post 13: Drop this motion/2nd Withdrawn by Lawrence Dean Post 24. Kelly Nguyen Post 1: explained that the info sent to each post at least three times for

the National Americanism contest. There should be no reason they couldn’t have gotten something into Department. It is also on under programs. Good of the order: M/M by Mike Nelson 2nd Dick Volkert to adjourn. M/C Gene Richgels Post 2000: I brought some pictures of Al Woolgar and his wife, Jolly. I also have pictures for the newspaper and for National. Meeting adjourned Benediction Retiring of Colors 


Incentives 2009‑2010

From Commander‑Elect Mike Cook


t the Spring SEC in Morris, this proposal was brought on the floor and later adopted to go into effect at the Department Convention in South Saint Paul. I have designed a plan to increase membership with the following incentives:

1. Three Day weekend at Grand Casino Hinckley

2009‑2010 Meetings & Locations Fall SEC

Saturday, September 12, 2009 11:00 a.m. Appleton Post 151 Commander Richard Anderson 448 South Munsterman Appleton, MN 56208

Spring SEC Saturday, February 6, 2010 11:00 a.m. Forest Lake Post 556

2. Two Tickets to a Minnesota Timberwolves Basketball game

Commander Jerry Ewald

3. Two tickets to the Minnesota Wild Hockey game

Meet at VFW Post 4210

4. Two day weekend at Mystic Lake Casino

556 SW 12th Street

5. $100.00 Gift Certificate In order to be eligible for any of these prizes, the post must increase their mem‑ bership by 20%. The post with the largest increase over 20% will get first choice from the prize pool, with the remaining posts being awarded prizes based on the next largest percentage. The incentive program runs through our 2010 Department Convention in Aitkin. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 952‑956‑2211. Sincerely, Mike Cook AMVETS Department MN 2009‑2010 Commander‑Elect

Vol. 12, No. 1

Forest Lake, MN 55025

2010 Convention Saturday, May 15‑Sunday, May 16, 2010 11:00 a.m. Saturday/ 10:30 a.m. Sunday Aitkin Post 8 Commander Jack Steffes Meeting location to be determined Aitkin, MN 56431


Minnesota American Veterans News - - - Summer, 2009

Post Officers POST 1 COMMANDER Mark Kronholm 2184 Schoolmaster Dr. Chaska, MN 55318 612-708-1910 POST 1 ADJUTANT Kelly Nguyen 648 Marie Ave. Mendota Hts., MN 55118 651-406-8152 kellymnguyen@ POST 2 COMMANDER Jolene Patterson 3008 Salem Meadows Dr. SW Rochester, MN 55902 POST 3 COMMANDER Lawrence E. Stillday, Sr. P.O. Box 85 Ponemah, MN 56666 218-554-7425 POST 3 ADJUTANT Richard Graves P.O. Box 85 Ponemah, MN 566660085 218-554-7401 POST 4 Commander David Graves 416 Steuben Street Winona, Mn 55987 507-454-1613 POST 4 ADJUTANT George Braunteiter 106 Wisconsin Ave. Cochrane, WI 54622 608-248-2474 POST 5 Commander Raymond J. Rangel 2220 Conway Street Saint Paul, MN 55119

Vol. 12, No. 1

POST 5 ADJUTANT Michael Medina 1618 Hague Ave. St. Paul, MN 55104 651-645-0587 POST 8 Commander John Washtock 46356 287th Lane Aitkin, MN 56431 POST 8 ADJUTANT Lloyd Gerard 31142 380Ph St. Aitkin, MN. 56431 218-549‑3441 POST 10 COMMANDER Danial Till 5220 W. 102nd St., #311 Bloomington, MN 55437 952-831-6959 POST 10 ADJUTANT Craig Maehling 1082 14th Ave SE Mpls, MN 55414 612-331-2593 POST 11 COMMANDER Don Gilbert 24870 22nd Avenue St. Augusta, MN 56301 612-272-1557

POST 13 COMMANDER Guy Streater 217 1/2 E Lake St Waconia, MN 55387 952-442-5002

POST 24 COMMANDER Al Busse 956 Cook Ave. E. St. Paul, MN 55106 651-771-1568

POST 33 COMMANDER George Howard 1033 6th Avenue N., #6 Virginia, MN 55792 218-741-6474

POST 290 COMMANDER Tom Tucker N 841 Maylott Avenue Hancock, MN 55045 320-392-5901

POST 13 ADJUTANT Walter Schmakel 348 W. 4th St. Waconia, MN. 55387 953-442‑4272

POST 24 ADJUTANT Lawrence Dean 1247 Co. Rd. B Maplewood, MN 55109 651-484‑2837

POST 33 ADJUTANT Michael Neubarth 173 Fernberg Ely, MN 55731 218-365-6441

POST 19 COMMANDER Janice Hinz 29676 Flower Valley Rd. Red Wing, MN 55066 651-338-2970

POST 26 COMMANDER Floyd Hardy 8200 Woodrow Rd. N.E. Brainerd, MN. 56401 218-764-3122

POST 47 COMMANDER Ruth Perry 121 Fenton Road Albert Lea, MN 56007 507-373-2245

POST 290 ADJUTANT Erv Krosch 509 E. 9th Street Morris, MN 56267 320-589-2916

POST 19 ADJUTANT Joyce Maldondo N. 4003 U.S. Hwy. 63 Ellsworth, WI 54011 715-792-5407 POST 20 COMMANDER Eugene Koopmeiners 15722 390th Street Avon, MN 56310 320-746-7676 POST 20 ADJUTANT T. Joseph Schwab 335 Golfview Drive Albany, MN 56307 320-845‑4848

POST 11 ADJUTANT Philip Landwehr 56 - 33rd Ave S #243 St Cloud, MN 56301320-253‑0703

POST 21 COMMANDER Eugene Fohs 1233 Richard Ave. Det. Lakes, MN 56501 218-847‑4144

POST 12 COMMANDER Bill Cogger 704 W 41st Street Hibbing, MN 55746 218-749-5187

POST 23 COMMANDER Tom Voge P.O. Box 81 Nerstrand, MN 55053 507-334-3238

POST 12 ADJUTANT Dick Mattson 715 E. 39th Hibbing, MN. 55746 218-262‑1523

POST 23 ADJUTANT Evelyn Hershberger 422 E Vine Owatonna, MN 55060 507-451-6091

POST 26 ADJUTANT Clayton Eisel 8514 Sleepy Hollow Rd. Fort Ripley, MN 56449 218-829-6860 POST 28 COMMANDER William J. Warren, Jr. 3678 Carlton Street Barnum, MN 55707 218-389-6014 POST 28 ADJUTANT Gary Aho P.O. Box 35 Wrenshall, MN 55759 218-384-4587 POST 31 COMMANDER Roger Stelter 16451 Snake Trail Road Waseca, MN 56093 507-835-7901 rstelter@hickorytech. net POST 31 ADJUTANT Lyle Cromer 219 7th Ave. NE Waseca, MN 56093 507-833-7722

POST 47 ADJUTANT Les Shaunce 528 Alice Ave. Albert Lea, MN. 56007 507-373‑0134 POST 53 COMMANDER Kenneth Weyaus 16004 Migizi Dr. Onamia, MN. 56359 320-532‑3632 POST 53 ADJUTANT Diane Nickaboine 19100 452nd Street Onamia, MN 56359 POST 151 COMMANDER Gary Running 385 210th Avenue Appleton, MN 56208 320-289-1240 gmrunning@ POST 151 ADJUTANT Ronald Kohlman 350 Rooney Ave W Appleton, MN 56208 320-289-3284

POST 556 COMMANDER Jerry Ewald 13735 Nurelius Ln. Lindstrom, MN 55405 612-257‑5791 POST 556 ADJUTANT Keith Hegstrom 56 N.W. 4th St. Forest Lake, MN 55025 651-464‑2497 POST 2000 COMMANDER Dale Larson 3256 70th Street East Inver Grove Hts., MN 55076 651-455-6558 POST 2000 ADJUTANT Gene Richgels 8417 Corcoran Circle Inver Grove Hts., MN 55076 651-699-1537 ______________ If you have additions and/or changes to be made to this list, please send them to: AMVETS Dept. MN MN AMVETS News Room 302 Veterans Service Building 20 West 12th St. St. Paul, MN 55155


Minnesota American Veterans News - - - Summer, 2009

03/25/2007 - 06/30/2009

Famous Dave's of America Inc.

Abdo Consulting Group Incorpor

Frank's Cleaning Service

Adjustable Joist Co.

Gene Elling

Allison-Williams Co.

Gene Klaphake

Amplio Marketing Inc.

Goldberg Bonding

Becker Bros Inc.

Goltz Pharmacy

Broadway Station Restaurant Inc.

Grand Commercial Real Estate


Gruys Borden Carlson & Associates

Christopher Maclennan

Jessica Grosset

City View Hardwoods Inc.

Jimmy John's

Concrete Mobility LLC

Joe Rice

Construction & General Labor

Kees Foreign/Domestic Auto Work

Country Liquor Inc.


Damarc Quality Inspection Services

Layton Landscaping

Dean Pelnar

Mc Donalds of Rogers

Delano Dairy Queen

Metals Marketing Inc.

Drexel Vanevery

Metro Produce Distributors Inc.

Duffey Paper Co.

Michael Trucano

Eap Fleet Service

Michaud, Cooley, Erickson

Eclipse Salon and Spa

Midland Equipment Company

El Tapatio Mexican Restaurant

Midwest Superior Drywall

Engineered Polymers Corp.

Modem Express

Express West Inc.

Moran Incorporated

Eye Fashions

Mr. David Satnan



Vol. 12, No. 1




Minnesota American Veterans News - - - Summer, 2009

Mr. John Dearing

Teams Corp.

Neaton Brothers Erosion

Terry Graff

Neisen Liquors

The John Roberts Co.

Network Management Company

The Olive Garden

New Horizon Feeds

Timberwolf Lumber

Nicollet Technologies Corp.

Transmission Shop Inc.

North Shore Agency Ins. Center

Twin City Refreshments

O'Connell Excavation and Plumbing

Universal Spray & Dry Wall Co.

Oliva's Welding & Millwrights Service

Wayne Transports Inc.

Olmstead County Lumber Mart

Zayic Concrete Work



Omni Environmental Inc. Prestige Cleaning Roettger Ridge Kennels Ron Christenson Rudy Luther's Hopkins Honda Ruth Arneson Schindler Elevator Corp.


Schlenner Wenner & Co.

Sears Imported Autos Inc. September House

St. Anthony of Padua St. Clements Church Starkey Labs Strike Master Inc. Tabaka's Super Value Vol. 12, No. 1



Dicklich and Associates Hubbard Broadcasting SILVER Lakeland Construction Minnesota Twins CORPORATE

Berg Professional Staffing Kasper Farms Mankato Implement Co. Northwest Excavators Inc. Retail Contracting Inc. Structured Frisbee Corp. Ulland Brothers Inc. 15

The Minnesota American Veterans News Room 302, Veterans Service Building 20 West 12th Street St. Paul, MN 55155

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The History of American Veterans T

ruly AMVETS was born in the midst of war, for it was in August 1943, with victory still two years away, that a new organization, later to be known as the American Veterans of World War II, had its beginning. Overseas, the tide of battle was turning. The Allies had swept through North Africa and Sicily. In the Pacific, fighting raged in New Guinea. Thousands of Americans had made the supreme sacrifice. Hundreds of others were being mustered out of uniform with battle wounds and medi‑ cal discharges. These men who fought in history’s greatest war found it natural to seek each other’s company. They were united by similar experiences ... in jungles, in the Arctic, in deserts, on mountains, at sea and in the skies. Thus, out of such comradeship, AMVETS came to be formed in Washington, D.C., two independent veterans clubs, one on the campus of George Washington University, the other of veterans employed by the government, joined together to sponsor a servicemen’s party. By September 1944, other such veterans’ clubs organized throughout America—in California, Florida, Louisiana, New York, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Tennessee and Texas.

President Truman also commented, “Were I a veteran of this war, I would prefer to have a veteran of World War II looking after my affairs, than a veteran of some other war.”

On November 11, 1944, a Veterans Day article entitled “12,000,000 in Search of a Leader” appeared in Collier’s. This story, written by Walter Davenport, introduced the clubs and outlined their three mutual aims: to promote world peace, to preserve the American way of life and to help the veteran help himself. In December, 18 leaders representing these nine groups met in Kansas City, Mo. There, a national organization was formed and on December 9, 1944, the name “American Veterans of World War II” was chosen. The word AMVETS, coined by newspaper headline writers, soon became the official name. The white clover, a flower that thrives in freedom throughout the world and is symbolic of the struggle during World War II, became the adopted flower of AMVETS.

For nearly 10 years, AMVETS did not accept into membership servicemen and women who served after May 7, 1975. On May 31, 1984, President Ronald Reagan signed Public Law 98-304, which amended AMVETS’ congressional charter to open membership to those who served honorably and actively after May 7, 1975. AMVETS is now the only congressionally chartered veterans’ service organization that recognizes the sacrifices of these veterans and service persons by extending membership eligibility to them.

In October 1945, two months after the end of World War II, the first national convention was convened in Chicago. In 1946, AMVETS petitioned Congress for a federal charter. AMVETS, having displayed dignity and a sound approach to national problems, won the deep respect of Congress and on July 23, 1947, President Harry S. Truman signed the AMVETS charter. The words of the Senate Judiciary Committee echoed throughout the land: “The veterans of World War II are entitled to their own organization” and AMVETS being “organized along sound lines and for worthy purposes ... having demonstrated its strength and stability is entitled to the standing and dignity which a national charter will afford.”

When the war broke out in Korea and again in Vietnam, AMVETS requested Congress to amend the charter so that those serving in the U.S. Armed Forces would be eligible for membership. On September 14, 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the bill redefining the eligibility dates for AMVET membership, stating “Any person who served in the Armed Forces of the United States of America or any American citizen, as an American citizen, who served in the armed forces of an allied nation of the United States at anytime after September 15, 1940, and on or before the date of cessation of hostilities as determined by the government of the United States, is eligible for regular membership in AMVETS, provided such service when terminated by discharge or release from active duty be by honorable discharge or separation.” On May 7, 1975, President Gerald R. Ford signed Proclamation 4373, terminating the Vietnam era and announcing the cessation of hostilities. Effective May 8, 1975, the armed forces became a peacetime service.

At the 46th and 47th national conventions, the contributions made by the National Guard and Reserve forces were recognized and membership eligibility was extended to include all ready reserves. Membership in AMVETS is now open to any person who is currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces or who has served actively and honorably at anytime after Sept. 15, 1940, including all National Guard and Reserve personnel who are now serving or have been honorably discharged since that date. At the 49th National Convention in 1993, the eligibility of merchant marines who served this country in time of war was addressed and approved. Merchant marines who are considered veterans and eligible for VA benefits (and have received a DD-214 from either the Navy or the Coast Guard) are eligible for AMVET membership.

Vol. 12, No. 1  

Minutes of Convention - May, 2009............Page 10 State Officers/Post Meeting Locations .........Page 7 Application for Membership .........