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S Fall, 2011—

Commander’s A comments If you have just gotten out of the service things like employment, education and medical care are important to you. Joining a veterans organization is probably the last thing on your mind. Even if you have been out a while there doesn’t seem to be enough time. We know. We have been there. What you will discover, though, is that at some point in your “transition,” you will need the support of friends, people you can count on…like in the service.

this job. During this term, with God’s help, I would like to help The Sons of AMVETS improve their membership. The Sons have been a great asset to this organization. I would also like to improve our own membership. During this term I would like to find us a home  place to meet  I would like to pursue this opportunity. The ESSA program (Americanism) is the only thing this state does outside. I would like to find other ways to support our committees through this state. With this we need a lot of prayers and a lot of support from everyone. Everyone working together we can build a great organization. Looking forward to working with everyone.

AMVET Of The Year

That is where AMVETS comes in.

From the President


t is a great honor to have been elected president for the AMVETS Department of North Carolina Ladies Auxiliary. I will do my best to be an asset to this organization. I have a great slate of officers and do not foresee any problems that cannot be resolved. We have already been approached to form two new auxiliaries, which is a good sign. We are looking forward to a great and productive year. If I can be of assistance to any one, any auxiliary, any member of the Sons of AMVETS or any AMVETS member, please do not hesitate to contact me. Linda Starnes, President Ladies Auxiliary AMVETS Dept. of NC



s your new state commander, I would like to thank the Lord for this opportunity to serve this fine state. I would also like to thank the veterans who have the confidence in me to do

N.C. Dept. Commander

Lacy L. Shepherd


arry Owen is an AMVET member from 1998 until present. As a founder of NC Post 333 in Swannanoa Valley, he has carried every post position with honor, pride and selfless dedication; he held each office with determination and boundless energy to create a post of distinction, always willing to lend a hand on any project and mentor those whom follow. He promotes AMVETS everywhere he goes at town hall meetings to festivals like at the Bele Chere and Sourwood, to the gas station and grocery store. Larry Owen has wittingly planned, coordinated and conducted numerous activities to promote AMVETS in his community by helping fellow veterans with claims processing, to serving BBQ at the Sourwood Festival. He continuously creates new ways to integrate AMVETS goals with community needs, by applying for a grant through Swannanoa Valley Medical Center to help those in need of assistance with minor medical cost and solicits A standing ovation is given as Larry local businesses to advertise on our web site. He serves as Owens (left) receives the AMVET of Community Service liaison with Black Mountain Chamber of Commerce, initiated AMVET participation in the the Year Award from Jim Ely. Black Mountain Christmas Parade and Sourwood Festival. Larry has tirelessly connected with other service organizations for joint support for programs like Toys for Tots, yard sales and feeding the hungry. Since Post 333’s inception Larry has held every post position, from Commander

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To find the film after 65 years is amazing enough, but for the plane to crash right near the sub.... God had to have been looking out for those young men. Read this short note before viewing the clip. FILM FOUND OF B-29 CREW RESCUED BY SUBMARINE - THIS IS AN AMAZING STORY his is worth watching. An entire crew of a B-29 (12 aviators) was rescued by a U. S. submarine after their plane was shot down in 1945,70 miles off the coast of Japan. The entire rescue was filmed in color video but then sat in a guy’s closet until now. It also shows their transfer to another submarine that is likely headed back to port before the one that accomplished the rescue. Can you imagine: 65 yrs AFTER your own rescue, you get to watch it on film?


Veterans News.........................................................7 State Convention Photo-Ops...................................8 Post Reports...........................................................10 Special Items of Interest...................................... 15

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dear to us to thy never-failing care and love, for this and the life to come; knowing that thou art doing for them better things than we can desire or pray for; through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

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NEC’s Report


I Michael W. Rozmaryn NEC AMVETS Dept of NC

am proud to be elected to the position of National Executive Committeeman for the AMVETS Dept of North Carolina. As you know the deadline for this issue of the state paper is prior to the National Convention. At convention I will be attending the training program for new NECs. I am anxious to learn my duties and responsibilities. I will do my best to fulfill them. There will be a full NEC report at the October D.E.C. Hope to see everyone in Statesville.

Special Member: Ray Buie

HELP FUND EDUCATION FOR VETERANS AND THEIR FAMILIES Annual Scholarship Winners Selected WASHINGTON, June 22 — AMVETS, the nation’s fourth largest veterans service organization, announced the 2011 winners of its National Scholarship Program. Graduating high school seniors selected to receive four-year undergraduate scholarships of $4,000 are Derrek Christians, Syracuse, Neb.; Camille Little, Fayetteville, N.C.; MeKalah McElrath, Cleveland, Tenn.; Mark Straub, Everett, Wash.; Jennifer Uliano, Smithtown, N.Y.; and Zachary Zins, Powell, Ohio. Graduating high school senior Amanda Fadden of Clemmons, N.C. was selected as the $1,000 scholarship winner of the JROTC scholarship. Veterans selected to receive four-year undergraduate scholarships of $4,000 are Michael Canty, Novato, Calif.; Goins Duncan, Jr., Inman, S.C.; and Veronica Jones-Felton, Hephzibah, Ga. Veterans Ryan Walker, Snellville, Ga.; and Daniel Whittaker, of Los Angeles, were each selected to receive a $3,000 Memorial Scholarship in the name of Dr. Aurelio M. Caccomo. The winners were selected on the basis of academic excellence and financial need. Since its inception in the 1950s, the AMVETS National Scholarship Program has awarded more than $2 million in scholarships to veterans and graduating high school students who are sons and daughters or grandchildren of American veterans. A leader since 1944 in preserving the freedoms secured by America’s Armed Forces, AMVETS provides, not only support for veterans and the active military in procuring their earned entitlements, but also community services that enhance the quality of life for this nation’s citizens.

AMVET of the YEAR, continued from cover


or those of you on the Department e-mail list, you received an e-mail from Ray Buie just before State Convention this year. He stated that due to his wife’s health and his he would no long be able to be Post 565 Representative. Ray and Margaret were married Feb 13th 1943 – that is 68 years of marriage. Ray Buie joined AMVETS Oct 1, 1982 and is a Life Member. Ray served in the Army during WWII . He was AMVETS Post 565 Commander from 1990-92 and has served as Post Representative for 19 years. At Department level Ray served on the Legislative committee for 11 years. March 31, 1992 National Service Officer Jim Comstock presented Ray with an NSO Cap and made him an Honorary NSO. RAY SAID “HE WOULD NEVER BE ABLE TO GIVE BACK TO THE AMVET ORGANIZATION AND THE AMVET FAMILY WHAT THEY HAD GIVEN TO HIM.  GOD HAS TRULY BLESSED ME.      MARGARET AND I LOVE  ALL. OF THE AMVET FAMILY.  VERY MUCH,,   GOD BLESS YOU AND ALL VETERANS.” Ray, thank you, for your many years of service to veterans and your community. You will be greatly missed at DEC and Convention.

to swab. His dedication and unyielding selfless efforts for AMVETS, veterans and community service is commendable above reproach. As an active member of NC Post 665 in Asheville, he served as VAVS Representative at the Asheville VAMC and volunteered as Service Officer and attended the VAVS Committee meetings. He has conducted bingo games for community entertainment and post fund raising. Larry Owen is greatly involved with AMVETS, he currently chairs the Department ROTC Committee, post Service Officer and First Vice and self nominated for Department 2nd Vice Officer to fill an unexpected vacancy. Larry is a member of the Buncombe County Veterans Council Me-

Piedmont District Shot Gun Raffle


he winner of the shot gun Vickie Collins (from Post 760 Welcome) and Jerry Robbins. Jerry is the co owner of the Pawn Shop who donated the gun. The Wadesboro Pawn & Gun LLC 359 E. Caswell St., Wadesboro, NC 28170 Thank you, Jerry for your support of veterans and their communities. Piedmont District raised $600.

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morial Team with 335 hours volunteered in fiscal year 2010. He continues to support hospitalized veterans at the Asheville VAMC by serving breakfast to CLC residents, helping with AMVET Super Bowl party for hospitalized veterans, participates in “Because We Care” Day, distributed packages during Christmas Gift Giving and many other hospital supported activities. North Carolina Post 333 recommends nomination of Larry Owen for the 2011 Battleship Award. Alyce M. Knaflich Commander NC Post 333

Battleship Award— Pg. 6




Cont. AUXILIARY LIAISON DEPUTY PROVOST MARSHAL Anne Capucille – Post 635 COMMANDER JUDGE ADVOCATE Richard (Dick) Barringer – Post 845 5809 Deven Circle Lacy L. Shepherd – Post 316 James Craven – Post 777 233 Redwood Dr. Raleigh, NC 27604 253 Cartledge Creek Rd. 4026 Beech Acres Lane Mocksville, NC 27028 (919) 872-1277 Rockingham, NC 28379 Winston Salem, NC 27106 H (336) 753-1518 (910) 895-3056 (336) 924-9848 C (704) 233-7997 SERVICE OFFICER NATIONAL GUARD LIAISON NSO Stephen R. Smith – Post 225 1st VICE COMMANDER NEC AMVETS RIDERS LIAISON P. O. Box 4066 Bruce Arton – Post 42 PDC Mike Rozmaryn – Post 845 Carl Morgan, Jr. – Post 845 New River Air Station P. O. Box 453 1540 Lower Palmer Road 144 Hawksbridge Road Jacksonville, NC 28540 Shelby, NC 28151 Salisbury, NC 28164 Mt. Airy, NC 27030 (910) 449-5344 (704) 600-5860 H (704) 279-2092 (336) 786-4461 C (704) 213-1326 W-(704) 422-2528 2nd VICE COMMANDER LEGISLATIVE DIRECTOR David Beam, Sr. – Post 101 ALTERNATE NEC HISTORIAN Robert D. Williamson – Post 317 P. O. Box 398 PDC W. F. (Bill) Clark – Post 906 Woodrow Bowman – Post 13 705 8th Street Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870 PMB 10579 P. O. Box 1246 Pembroke, NC 28372 (252) 676-0691 Southport, NC 28461 Lexington, NC 27293 H (910) 522-1011 W (910) 457-7097 (336) 243-2380 C (910) 827-1061 C (910) 448-1775 rd 3 VICE COMMANDER Grover (Buddy) Waller – Post 845 INSPECTOR GENERAL SONS OF AMVETS LIAISON Mike Reaves – Post 101 PDC W. F. (Bill) Clark – Post 906 9325 Fisher Road PROVOST MARSHAL P. O. Box 1323 PMB 10579 Rockwell, NC 28138 Monroe Poplin – Post 845 Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870 Southport, NC 28461 H (704) 279-3929 1765 Liberty Road W (910) 457-7097 C (704) 400-4434 Gold Hill, NC 28071 C (910) 448-1775 (704) 279-7385 NATIONAL SERVICE OFFICERS FINANCE OFFICER Laura L. Britton – Post 906 WESTERN DIST. COMMANDER R2SD Garry King NSO Phil Reilly P. O. Box 10179 Keith Dean – Post 441 (336) 714-0822 Fort Bragg, NC Southport, NC 28461 31 Zenith Drive AMVETS – P. O. Box 25160 W (910) 457-7097 Sylva, NC 28779 Fayetteville, NC 28314 C (910) 294-1976 (828) 586-6170 NSO Russell L. Woodall, Jr. (910) 396-6826 PIEDMONT DIST. COMMANDER (336) 714-0823 EASTERN DIST. COMMANDER Charles Claybourn – Post 777 NSO Stephen R. Smith Franklin Scott, Jr. – Post 227 4933 Country Ridge Road NSO David Turner AMVETS – P. O. Box 4066 900 West Church Street Clemmons, NC 27012 (336) 714-0787 New River Air Station Williamston, NC 27892 (336) 778-2482 Jacksonville, NC 28540 (252) 217-9894 (910) 449-5344 NSO Howard Montgomery (336) 714-0779


PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER DEPUTY JUDGE ADVOCATE Nancy Shiverdecker – Post 845 Tom Nichols – Post 201 13470 Old Beatty Ford Road 359 Lake Royale Rockwell, NC 28138 Louisburg, NC 27549 (704) 267-6410 (252) 478-2825 ADJUTANT CHAPLAIN Jennifer Drum – Post 42 Keith Dean – Post 441 1011 Caldwell Circle 31 Zenith Drive Shelby, NC 28150 Sylva, NC 28779 (704) 487-6753 (828) 586-6170

AMVETS National Service Officers VA Regional Office 251 North Main Street, Room 414

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Winston Salem, NC 27155 FAX (336) 714-0858


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ou just have to appreciate this one. Young people forget that we old people had a career before we retired. Charley, a new retiree-greeter at Wal-Mart, just couldn’t seem to get to work on time. Every day he was 5, 10, 15 minutes late. But he was a good worker, really tidy, clean-shaven, sharp-minded and a real credit to the company and obviously demonstrating their “Older Person Friendly” policies. One day the boss called him into the office for a talk. “Charley, I have to tell you, I like your work ethic, you do a bang-up job when you finally get here; but your being late so often is quite bothersome.” “Yes, I know boss, and I am working on it.” “Well good, you are a team player. That’s what I like to hear.” “Yes sir, I understand your concern and I’ll try harder.” Seeming puzzled, the manager went on to comment, “It’s odd though you’re coming in late. I know you’re retired from the Armed Forces. What did they say to you there if you showed up in the morning so late and so often?” The old man looked down at the floor, and then smiled. He chuckled quietly, then said with a grin, “They usually saluted and said, Good morning, Admiral. Can I get your coffee, sir?

Offering Military Discounts

here is no way we can ever properly thank members of the US Military for all that they have done. They are certainly not paid enough for their work and their great sacrifice. Iraq and Afghanistan have been particularly tough and stressful for members of the military, their families and loved ones. We have found over 200 stores and services doing their part to make life easier by offering discounts to active, reserve, and retired members of the US Military and their immediate family members. Please help spread the word via Facebook, Twitter and Email to those you know in the military about this resource. If you have additional suggestions please comment below and they’ll be added on an ongoing basis. For veterans of Iraq or Afghanistan, please check out IAVA. Members there are offered vouchers to many retail stores, such as JC Penney. Two important caveats.  First, some stores offer discounts only at the owner’s discretion and other discounts vary by state.  Second, many stores that give a military discount don’t advertise it.  It is always worth asking a store whether they have one or not and to have your military ID on you.

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Family Programs Resilience, Readiness, and Wellness Family Programs Mission

Welcome to the July 2011 edition of Family Matters, our Family Programs’ monthly publication. The North Carolina National Guard Family Program is dedicated to establish and facilitate ongoing North Carolina National Guard Family Programs has a multitude communication, involvement, support, and recognition between our Guard Families and the Guard in of free programs, resources and specialists available to you across the a partnership state. that promotes the best in both. We assist Commanders and Units as they support and prepare theirmonthly families during peacetime and mobilization to to accomplish fully supportive Military This publication is designed keep youa informed. Please share with military families, friends, and colleagues. Chain of Command that enhances wellness and readiness of the North Carolina National Guard and its Family Members Chain of Concern.

About Careers Family Programs Child & Youth Programs Contact Us Donations Employment Readiness Program Events Calendar Family Assistance Centers Family Matters Family Readiness Groups Legal Assistance Program

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Military & Family Life Consultants NC Air National Guard Veteran Partnership


AMVETS Department of North Carolina

USS North Carolina Battleship Award

The Award


hen the Battleship was dedicated in 1962 AMVETS Department of North Carolina chose to name the highest award given in the department the USS North Carolina Battleship. This award is comparable to the National Silver Helmet Award. Criteria to receive this award: Nominee shall be a resident of North Carolina (not limited to AMVETS member) Consideration for this award will be bases on the nominees’ outing working the following areas. a. VAVS b. AMVETS Programs c. Leadership d. Service to Veterans and families e. Improvement of our community and state This year’s recipient Michael Rozmaryn joined AMVETS in 1983. Henry “Cappy” Capucille, was his first mentor who Mike credits with teaching him the principles of AMVETS and instilling the value of AMVETS service to veterans and his community. During his 28 years with AMVETS Mike has served on every committee, is a Past Commander, and has done volunteer work at Salisbury VA. Mike has worked at National District II, and National level. Locally, Mike works with the City of Rockwell and the surrounding community in helping veterans and others in need. This year at State Convention was elected National Executive Committeeman.

To understand the award you need the history of the Battleship itself.



hen the keel of NORTH CAROLINA was laid in October of 1937, she was the first battleship to be constructed in sixteen years. She became the first of ten fast battleships to join American fleet in World War II. NORTH CAROLINA (BB 55) and her sister ship, WASHINGTON (BB 56), comprised the NORTH CAROLINA Class. Following them were the SOUTH DAKOTA Class – SOUTH DAKOTA (BB 57), INDIANA (BB 58), MASSACHUSETTS (BB 59), and ALABAMA (BB 60) – and the IOWA Class - IOWA (BB 61), NEW JERSEY (BB 62), MISSOURI (BB 63), and WISCONSIN (BB 64). At the time of her commissioning on 9 April 1941, she was considered the world’s greatest sea weapon. Armed with nine 16-inch/45 caliber guns in three turrets and twenty 5-inch/38 caliber guns in ten twin mounts, NORTH CAROLINA proved a formidable weapons platform. Her wartime complement consisted of 144 commissioned officers and 2,195 enlisted men, including about 100 Marines. During World War II, NORTH CAROLINA participated in every major naval offensive in the Pacific area of operations and earned 15 battle stars. In the Battle of the Eastern Solomon’s in August of 1942, the Battleship’s anti-aircraft barrage helped save the carrier ENTERPRISE, thereby establishing the primary role of the fast battleship as protector of aircraft carriers. One of her Kingfisher pilots performed heroically during the strike on Truk when he rescued ten downed Navy aviators on 30 April 1944. In all, NORTH CAROLINA carried out nine shore bombardments, sank an enemy troopship, destroyed at least 24 enemy aircraft, and assisted in shooting down many more. Her antiaircraft guns helped halt or frustrate scores of attacks on aircraft carriers. She steamed over 300,000 miles. Although Japanese radio announcements claimed six times that NORTH CAROLINA had been sunk, she survived many close calls and near misses with one hit when a Japanese torpedo slammed into the Battleship’s hull on 15 September 1942. A quick response on the part of the crew allowed the mighty ship to keep up with the fleet. By war’s end, the Ship lost only ten men in action and had 67 wounded. After serving as a training vessel for midshipmen, NORTH CAROLINA was decommissioned 27 June 1947 and placed in the Inactive Reserve Fleet in Bayonne, New Jersey, for the next 14 years. In 1958 the announcement of her impending scrapping led to a statewide campaign by citizens of North Carolina to save the ship from the scrappers torches and bring her back to her home state. The Save Our Ship (SOS) campaign was successful and the Battleship arrived in her current berth on 2 October 1961.  She was dedicated on 29 April 1962 as the State’s memorial to its World War II veterans and the 10,000 North Carolinians who died during the war.

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VA Creates Women Veterans Call Center Major Outreach Effort Launched WASHINGTON (July 07, 2011) - The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has embarked on a major initiative to reach out to women veterans in order to solicit their input on ways to enhance the health care services VA provides to women veterans. “We are taking a proactive approach to enhancing VA health care for women Veterans,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki. “We are seeking the input of women Veterans so that VA can continue to provide high quality health care to the growing numbers of women veterans.” Representatives at VA’s Health Resource Center (HRC) are placing calls to women Veterans nationwide, asking them to share their experiences with VA and suggest potential enhancements that will further VA’s mission to provide the best care anywhere. Women veterans are one of the fastest growing segments of the veteran population. Of the 22.7 million living veterans, more than 1.8 million are women. They comprise nearly eight percent of the total Veteran population and six percent of all veterans who use VA health care services. VA estimates by 2020 women Veterans will constitute 10 percent of the Veteran population and 9.5 percent of VA patients. The HRC, which started placing calls on June 1, is contacting women Veterans who have enrolled, but have not begun using VA services. “Through this contact center, we are placing friendly, conversational calls to women veterans,” said Patricia Hayes, chief consultant of the VA’s Women Veterans Health Strategic Health Care Group. “We want these veterans and their caregivers to talk candidly about why they are not using VA, whether they are aware of the gender-specific services we offer, and what additional services they would like to see VA offer.” The HRC representatives making the calls are also informing women Veterans about the services VA offers and quickly connecting them with appropriate departments if they are interested in trying VA health care. Veterans who have complaints about VA are connected to a patient advocate who helps resolve issues. VA has trained professionals in all aspects of women’s health, including general primary care, osteoporosis management, heart disease, mental health care, menopausal services and obesity-related issues, such as diabetes. Preventive screenings for breast and cervical cancer are also areas in which VA excels. Soon, all VA facilities will offer comprehensive primary care for women from a single provider. The Women Veterans Health Care program has made significant changes in the last few years to enhance the health care offered to eligible women veterans. This progress includes: • Adopting key policies to improve access and enhance services for women veterans; •

Implementing comprehensive primary care for women veterans;

Conducting cutting-edge research on the effects of military service on women’s lives;

Improving communication and outreach to women veterans; and

Providing mental health, homelessness and other services designed to meet the unique needs of women veterans

For more information about VA programs and services for women veterans, please visit: and

Veterans Legislative Day


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At table right is Commander Oceanus Lowery Left is Speaker of the House Honorable Tom Tillis, right is President of MOAA Fred Black. At podium is Tom Nichols.



Convention is a lot of work it makes some people tired..

Lee Bowden plays Taps to close Memorial Service

Commander Award to Elsie for all her hard work and dedication to AMVETS

Commander Lowery and his wife First time the Meritorius Service Medal has been given to an Auxiliary Member. PDC Gerry Pion presents to Silvia Rowland.

..and others hungry!

Keynote Speaker Col John A Nicholson USMC (ret)

Head table

Post Flags for Memorial Service

-- Page 8 --


vention The Ladies and Louey

Installation of officers NFO John Mitchell swears in new Commander Lacy Shepard

POW/ MIA table

National Anthem

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post 13 - Lexington Members of the Davidson County Honor Guard for veterans include (from left) Henry Decker, Bill Benton, Woody Bowman and Bryce Younts. Veterans council establishes honor guard BY DARRICK IGNASIAK The Dispatch, reprinted with permission


ilitary veterans who die in the county now have an opportunity for an honor guard during their burial proceedings. The Davidson County Veterans Council recently formed a county honor guard to ensure family members have the chance to use the group’s ceremony at their loved one’s funeral. The Davidson County Honor Guard was established because the county has historically had an honor guard for police, firefighters and members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, but not just for veterans, said Woody Bowman, commander of the Davidson County Veterans Council and a member of the Davidson County Honor Guard. Bowman said the death of a veteran from a heart attack in Davidson County two years ago caused him to begin thinking about the need for an honor guard for all veterans in the county. He said the VFW wouldn’t provide an honor guard at the man’s funeral because he was not a member of that organization. Bowman said it’s been about a year and a half process for the Davidson County Veterans Council to form the Davidson County Honor Guard. The process consisted of the veterans council having to secure rifles and ammunition — the Davidson County Honor Guard uses blanks — from the United States Armory in Missouri. Bowman said the Davidson County Veterans Council also had to gain approval from the National AMVETS to form the honor guard. “We put off actually starting this thing until we got our rifle and ammunition because the major purpose” of the honor guard is the salute, Bowman said. He said the Davidson County Honor Guard received word from the United States Armory in April or May it could get the rifles and ammunition needed to estab-

lish the honor guard. Bowman said members of the Davidson County Honor Guard had to purchase their own uniforms, and the Rowan County Honor Guard also assisted in establishing the county’s new group. The Randolph County Honor Guard provided most of the training. He said the Davidson County Honor Guard will need to buy flags and winter uniforms as it continues to conduct funeral proceedings. Within the last two weeks, the Davidson County Honor Guard has conducted its routines at three funerals, Bowman said. He said while five members of the honor guard have been present at the funerals, the Davidson County Honor Guard already has 20 members. “I was pretty nervous, but I’ll tell you what, it’s an honor to be able to do this for any veteran because a veteran is a veteran,” Bowman said. “It doesn’t matter whether they have seen combat or whether they went overseas. They were willing to go.” Bowman said the Davidson County Honor Guard provides its services free of charge. He said the service is valuable for family members of the deceased veterans because it provides closure. Bowman said the Davidson County Honor Guard will conduct the service for any veteran, but the burial must be in Davidson County. He said the Davidson County Honor Guard also is recruiting members. Members must have had an honorable discharge from the military, he said. Bowman said members of the Davidson County Honor Guard want to present the colors at baseball and football games, but they need flags before they can do so.  For more information concerning the Davidson County Honor Guard, contact Bowman at 243-2380, Wade Taylor at 239-5970 or Bill Benton at 746-5257. Darrick Ignasiak can be reached at 2493981, ext. 217, or at All rights reserved. This copyrighted material has been re-published with permission. Links are encouraged.

post 18 - Spring Lake


Interested in getting the word out on your next event or spreading the news of a successful fund-raising idea? Please contact Nancy Shiverdecker for submissions to be included in the newsletter and/or on the website

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post 101 - Halifax County ouring Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, DC. L-R:  Commander David Beam, PLC Roger Fenwick, Auxiliary President Marcia Fenwick, PDC Mike Reaves, PDC Jean Reaves.  Picture by PDP Pat Pulliam.

Marcia and Roger Fenwick at Sunset Parade.

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Pat Pulliam presented a certificate of appreciation to Bodie Fenwick for his continued support to the Ladies Auxiliary.  L-R:  Sarah Fenwick (Mother) Pat Pulliam Roger Dale Fenwick, Jr. (Father) Well done Bodie!

Eastern District Commander David Beam, Sr. swearing in Chris Curdes as 269 Post Commander.

The post presented a plaque of appreciation to Sons of AMVETS member Roger Dale Fenwick, Jr. L-R:  Sarah Fenwick (Wife) Roger Dale Fenwick, Jr. and Roger Dale Fenwick, Sr. Mike and Jean Reaves at Sunset Parade.  

Flag folding ceremony on the 3rd of July.  Pictured are:  Mike Reaves, US Army Sgt. Willie Reaves, Jean Reaves, David Beam and Roger Fenwick. Pat Pulliam and Marcia Fenwick presented the POW/MIA table on July 3rd.  

David Beam and Pat Pulliam Iwo Jima Monument - The Marine Corps Bugle and Drum Corps performed a Sunset Parade in front of monument.

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post 845 - Rockwell Carl Morgan and Roulette

2011 Sons of AMVETS Officers

2011 AMVETS Auxiliary Officers

Hoppy put that paddle down!

Cashier and Pit Boss David Hand and Dick Barringer

Paul D. receiving Meritorious Service Award. Paul was unable to attend State Convention this year.

Joann Myers sworn in as Post 845 Commander

All our scholarship recipients and their families

Elaine you bid how much? Black Jack

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post 845 - cont. Sons Commander John Drew presents Sonny Miller with Sons of the Year award.

Commander Hopkins presents the E Rowan JROTC Sharp Shooter Rifle

Above: Table for Las Vegas Night

Rita Chastain donated some of her beautiful jewelry she make for the auction.

Tim Elron presenting Scholarship Award in his son’s name Nathan Elrod

Above: Turkey in May. Carved by Judi B .

Who is that at the Craps table?

Sonny said this is a fund raiser for Breast Cancer

The M and M dispensers went for $2,000 funny money Texas Hold’em

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post 905 - Asheboro AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary 906 sponsored a drive for letters to our troops at our local schools. Mrs. Newman’s third grade class at Southport Elementary School was a participant, with the students writing letters and/or pictures for troops in Afghanistan. Auxiliary President Pat Walters and Commander Jerry Wolf visited the class to thank them for their letters and informed them that they will be included in a care package that the auxiliary will be sending to Afghanistan. AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary 906 Pat Walters, President Boiling Spring Lakes, NC 910-845-3498


A-1 Lawn Care

Ashley Furniture Homestore


k n a h T u o Y A2z Publishing Inc.

Carlina Cranial Spinal Nrosrgy. D & S Discount Tobacco Store In Home Care Services Industricare

NC Employment Sec Comm. Penguin

Scott's Lawn Care Inc.

The Winning Team Inc.

U S Leisureasual Furniture Ytm Properties

Betty Eubanks SILVER

Webco Enginering CORPORATE

Buie Norman & Co.

Global Process Automation Inc. Northstate Drywall Inc. Triad Auto -- Page 14 --

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NC AMVETS NEWS­ WIPPERMAN APPOINTED AS ASSISTANT SECRETARY FOR VETERANS AFFAIRS RALEIGH - Administration Secretary Moses Carey today announced that Timothy E. Wipperman of Durham, an attorney and U.S. Army veteran, has been appointed as Assistant Secretary for Veterans Affairs, effective July 11. He will serve as Director of the N.C. Division of Veterans Affairs (NCDVA). “Tim brings exceptional credentials and a welcome degree of experience and commitment in serving veterans,” Carey said. “At a time when our military community is expanding, his leadership will help us carry out the Division of Veterans Affairs’ motto of ‘helping those who served.’” “I am excited about this opportunity,” Wipperman said. “Each generation of veterans faces unique challenges, while at the same time sharing in some that are common to veterans of all eras. I look forward to helping North Carolina’s veterans receive the benefits they deserve.” NCDVA serves as an advocate for veterans and their families offering assistance through a network of District and County Veterans Service Offices. Its staff assists in the presentation, processing, proof and establishment of claims, privileges, rights and benefits as they may be entitled to under Federal, State or local laws. NCDVA also provides skilled level nursing care and provides burial plots to qualified veterans of North Carolina, as well as a scholarship program for children of North Carolina disabled, combat or deceased war veterans.

VERY RARE & Unusual WWII Photographs Isn’t it amazing how a film could last so long in a camera without disintegrating? Fantastic photos taken 69 years ago. Some of you will have to go to a museum to see what a Brownie box camera looked like? PHOTOS STORED IN AN OLD BROWNIE CAMERA Thought you might find these photos very interesting; what quality from 1941. These Pearl Harbor photos were found in an old Brownie stored in a foot locker and just recently taken to be developed. They are from a Sailor who was on the USS Quapaw ATF-110. PEARL HARBOR December 7th, 1941

The A6M2-N float plane version of the Zero did extremely well, suffering only a small loss in its legendary maneuverability. Top speed was not affected, however, the aircraft’s relatively light armament was a detriment.

HARVS on the way in shot by a P-47. Rare shot.

Snow on deck. USS Philippine Sea North Pacific 1945

Approximately 800,000 veterans currently reside in North Carolina, which also counts about 120,000 active members of the military and 25,000 guard and reserve forces. Combined with the many military bases located here, the total impact on the state’s economy is about $25 billion annually.

Deck crew climbing up to get the pilot out. He did. That’s a fuel tank his foot is on. Empty? Bougainville.


Wipperman has 21 years of active duty in the U.S. Army, both as an officer and an enlisted man. He served with conventional and unconventional units including more than three years with the Alaska Army National Guard. As an attorney, he has represented clients in all levels of the North Carolina state court system in criminal and civil cases. Wipperman earned his law degree in 2005 from N.C. Central University School of Law, where he was a Senior Editor of the NCCU Law review and received the Floyd B. McKissick Award for Leadership and Scholarship. He is a life member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, AMVETS, Association of the U.S. Army and Military Officers of America Association, as well as a member of the American Legion, the American Bar Association and N.C. Bar Association.

Japanese Kawanishi H8K seaplane after strafing. Kwajalein

Marines disembark LST at Tinian Island.

Timothy E. Wipperman

Outside Bastogne

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U.S. munitions ship goes up during the invasion of Sicily.

German 280mm K5 firing

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