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imaj associates Response to:   Rhode  Island  Department  of  Educa5on  RFQ   Race  to  the  Top  –  Early  Learning  Challenge  Grant   March  15th,  2013  


  March  15,  2013  

LeZer of  TransmiZal   About  Imaj  Associates   Experience  and   Exper5se:   Educa5on  Clients  &  Projects   Human  Service  Clients  &   Projects  

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RFQ Response:   Objec5ve   Staff  Overview   Exis5ng  Capacity   Project  Plan  and  Timeline   Budget   References  

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It’s not  oHen  we  find  an  opportunity  to  bid  on  work  that  so  clearly  fits   with  our  fundamental  beliefs  and  exper5se.  Imaj  has  extensive   experience  in  graphic  design,  website  design  and  integrated  marke5ng   communica5ons  strategies  -­‐  working  with  both  exis5ng  brands  and  with   new  ones.  We  have  a  substan5al  body  of  work  in  the  Human  Services   area  and  in  par5cular,  educa5on,  along  with  over  twenty  years  of   involvement  and  ac5vism  in  the  area  of  early  childhood  educa5on.  As  an   organiza5on,  we  have  developed  a  rare  combina5on  of  skill  sets  which   combine  thoughWul  design  with  outside-­‐the-­‐box  crea5vity,  strategy  and   enlightened  innova5on.  We  apply  these  skills  to  everything  we  do.     In  the  pages  that  follow,  we  have  provided  a  thorough  response  to  the   RFQ  for  Graphic  Design  Services  for  the  Early  Learning  and  Development   Standards  documents  and  materials.   On  behalf  of  Imaj  Associates,  I  thank  you  for  the  opportunity  to  provide   this  proposal  and  hope  to  meet  you  in  the  near  future  to  explore  the   benefits  of  working  together.   Sincerely,   Jami  A.  OuelleZe   President  and  Brand  Manager  

About Imaj  Associates   A  Rhode  Island-­‐based  company  for  the  past  26   years,  Imaj  Associates  (formerly  Im-­‐aj   Communica5ons  &  Design,  Inc.)  is  an   interna5onally  recognized,  integrated  planning,   marke5ng  communica5ons  and  branding  firm.     Imaj  has  been  responsible  for  the  research,   strategy  and  development  of  strategic  plans,  and   outreach  and  communica6ons  plans  for   educa6on  reform  efforts  including  the  very   successful  READY  awareness  campaign,  designed   to  spark  a  movement  among  Providence   students,  parents,  educators  and  community   members  toward  changing  how  Rhode  Islanders   think  about  educa5on.   From  our  work  within  public  educa5on,  special   educa5on  (through  ten  years  as  the  agency  for   Mee5ng  Street)  and  private  educa5on,  our   understanding  and  ability  to  communicate  early   learning  and  development  standards  through   design  is  unmatched.     We  are  a  full-­‐service  firm  offering  excep5onal   crea5vity,  on  5me  and  on  budget.  Imaj  Associates   is  a  privately  held,  100%  Woman-­‐Owned  Minority   Business  Enterprise.  

Combining the  top  strategic  and  crea6ve   minds  to  develop  highly  effec6ve  results,   including:   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

award winning  graphic  design   communica5ons  research  and  strategy  development   stakeholder  engagement     public  educa5on  strategies   messaging  and  planning   public  and  media  rela5ons   brand  crea5on,  design  and  fulfillment   adver5sing  and  collateral  development   crisis  communica5ons   public  affairs/government  rela5ons  support   event  and  commiZee  organizing  and  support   marke5ng  communica5ons  planning  and  strategies   web  development  and  design  and  emerging   technology  marke5ng.    

Mo6va6ng change  through   strategic  communica6on  &   design   Imaj  has  developed  a  reputa5on  as  the  go-­‐to  agency  for   challenging  work.  Whether  developing  a  process  and   strategy  to  change  ahtudes  surrounding  educa5on,  housing   or  healthcare  issues;  to  rally  the  community  to  act  on  a  given   issue;  successfully  crea5ng  a  change  in  the  expecta5ons  of   the  students,  teachers,  and  schools;  changing  the  way  a   popula5on  perceives  an  issue  plagued  by  s5gma  such  as   affordable  housing;  or  developing  strategic  communica5ons   and/or  marke5ng  plans  to  achieve  those  goals  –  we  have   successfully  created  strategies  and  outreach  campaigns  to   mo5vate  a  fundamental  shiH  in  the  way  people  think  and  in   what  they  believe.  Our  methodologies  have  been  proven   5me  and  again  to  garner  results.   Our  staff  has  experience  running  tradi5onal  and  social  media   campaigns  for  everything  from  non-­‐profits  and  quasi-­‐public   agencies,  to  small  to  large  companies,  consumer  brands  and   major  retailers.     We  have  a  proven  track  record  of  successfully   communica5ng  with  diverse  audiences  about  sensi5ve   issues,  par5cularly  those  related  to  educa5on  and   community  revitaliza5on.    

Experience &  Exper6se  

Graphic design   Social  media/web  ini5a5ves   Educa5on  experience   ShiHing  beliefs  and  behavior   Human  Service  Client  mix   Educa5on   Housing/Community   Environment   Healthcare  

Imaj &  Educa6on   Providence  High  School  Redesign   Project   The  College  Crusade  of  RI  (formerly   the  Children’s  Crusade  for  Higher   Educa5on)   The  College  Access  Alliance   READY  (Raising  Expecta5ons  and   Discovering  Our  Youth)   PEEC  (Providence  Educa5onal   Excellence  Coali5on)   University  of  Bridgeport   Brown  University   Bishop  Hendricken  High  School   Quest  Montessori   Mee5ng  Street   University  of  Rhode  Island   Boston  College   Rhode  Island  College   The  Annie  E.  Casey  Founda5on   MoZ  Founda5on   Nellie  Mae  Founda5on   Providence  College   Rhode  Island  School  of  Design   Bryant  College   The  Providence  Center   Rhode  Island  Department  of   Educa5on  

An indelible  part  of  the  Rhode  Island   community  for  over  26  years  

Human Service  clients   Housing/Community:   •  Rhode  Island  Housing   •  Keep  Space   •  LISC   •  Crossroads   •  Travelers  Aid   •  Mee5ng  Street   •  Rhode  Island  Founda5on   •  NSFRE/Planned  Giving  Council   Environment:   •  TetraTech   •  SafeWater   •  CleanScape   •  Save  the  Bay   •  Buzzard’s  Bay  Coali5on   •  Westport  River  Watershed  Alliance   Healthcare:   •  Lifespan  and  Lifespan  Founda5ons   •  Lown  Cardiovascular  Founda5on   •  New  England  Medical  Center   •  Care  New  England   •  Hasbro  Children’s  Hospital   •  Boston  Psychoanaly5c  Society  &  Ins5tute   •  Integrated  Assessment  Services  

Boston Psychoanaly6c   Society  &  Ins6tute  Website:   CMS  Backed,  Wordpress   based  redesigned  &   developed  by  Imaj  

Rhode Island  Housing:   Community  Insight,  printed   newsleMer  developed  for   community  engagement  

Rebranding Collaterals–  The   Poverty  Ins6tute  is  now  the   Economic  Progress  Ins6tute  

Awards &  Recogni6on   We  haven’t  run  out  of  room  yet,  but   we  have  had  to  move  things  around  a   bit  to  fit  everything.   Imaj  does  award  winning  work.  And   some5mes  we  remember  we  have  to   submit  that  work  to  compe55ons  in   order  to  get  the  awards  and   recogni5on.   But  the  reality  is  that  we  do  award   winning  work  every  day.  Day-­‐in  and   day-­‐out.  Whether  it’s  eleva5ng  the   ubiquitous  to  the  unique,  or  simply   comple5ng  a  mental  puzzle,  Imaj   consistently  drives  home  the  point   with  solid,  relevant  design  and   communica5on.   But  of  course,  at  the  end  of  the  day,   who  doesn’t  like  a  shelf  full  of  preZy   shiny  things?  

Imaj is  the  proud  recipient  of  hundreds  of  na6onal  and   interna6onal  awards   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

New England  Society  for  HealthCare  Communica5ons   (NESHCO)  Awards     Na5onal  Council  of  State  Housing  Agency  (NCSHA)  Awards     Service  Industry  Awards  (SIA)     Telly  Awards     Communicators     Crea5vity  USA  Awards     American  Graphic  Design  Awards     ACI  Awards     MarCom     Summit  Awards    

In addi6on,  our  work  has  been  published  in  renowned  magazines   hardcover  books  including:   •  •  •  • 

The Big  Book  of  Logos   The  Big  Book  of  New  Design  Ideas   Graphic  Design  USA   American  Corporate  Iden5ty  

•  Ready Case  Study   Case  Studies   READY:  Raising  Expecta6ons  and  Discovering  Our  Youth   Project  Scope:     Crea5on,  branding,  communica5ons  and  engagement   In  2003,  the  Rhode  Island  Children’s  Crusade  for  Higher  Educa5on  and  the  Providence  School  Department  had  undertaken  an   enormous  task  –  to  completely  redesign  the  city’s  failing  high  schools.  And  they  wanted  the  public’s  help,  understanding,  input  and   support.  This  was  no  small  task  as  every  audience  had  a  different  level  of  expecta5on  when  it  came  to  educa5on:  from  what   should  be  expected  of  the  schools  and  teachers  to  what  should  be  expected  of  the  students  and  parents.  Every  audience  and   segments  thereof  also  had  different  levels  of  percep5on.  The  experiences  and  situa5ons  varied  so  greatly  that  it  was  impossible  to   start  with  a  campaign,  much  less  ask  for  help.  Furthermore,  language  and  cultural  barriers  were  vast.   Im-­‐aj  started  by  crea5ng  an  integrated  marke5ng  communica5ons  strategy  which  began  with  thorough  research,  focus  groups  and   “living  room/kitchen  conversa5ons”  with  many  of  those  affected  by  Providence  schools.  Not  only  did  we  learn  an  immense   amount  about  ahtudes,  problems  and  situa5ons,  we  also  began  to  establish  rela5onships  with  those  involved.  In  fact,  many   contacts  ul5mately  became  involved  in  the  solu5on  as  a  result  of  the  empowerment  they  felt  for  the  first  5me  regarding  their  own   children’s  educa5on  and  the  system  and  people  that  determined  its  effec5veness.     While  many  issues  came  to  light,  one  thing  became  clear:  we  not  only  had  to  convince  the  public  that  the  high  schools  could  be   beZer,  we  had  to  change  the  ahtudes  and  expecta5ons  of  everyone  involved  –  the  teachers,  the  parents  and  the  students   themselves.  The  first  step  was  the  crea5on  of  a  targeted,  meaningful  name  and  graphic  iden5ty  –  READY:  Raising  Expecta5ons  And   Discovering  our  Youth.     Next  we  got  the  students  and  families  involved  through  an  unprecedented,  well-­‐publicized  design  compe55on  and  special  event   that,  for  the  first  5me,  gave  the  students  a  “voice”  in  their  educa5on.  Through  fliers  hung  everywhere  from  laundromats  to   grocery  stores;  posters  at  schools;  direct  mail  to  students  designed  using  each  school’s  colors;  school  newsleZer  ar5cles;  church   bulle5ns  and  a  dedicated  micro  website,  we  solicited  more  than  200  student  entries  for  the  compe55on  to  crea5vely  present  their   ideas  on  the  need  for  school  reform,  through  works  of  art,  poetry,  essays,  videos  and  performances.  This  approach  electrified  the   intended  audience  and  engaged  them  in  a  profound  way.   By  solici5ng  WJAR-­‐10  as  a  sponsor  for  the  end  event,  we  secured  excellent  earned  publicity  and  support.  Students’  works  were   displayed  and  performed  at  the  special  event,  which  was  incredibly  well  aZended  by  students,  parents,  school  officials,  community   leaders  and  the  media.  Later,  the  entries  were  circulated  through  schools  and  libraries.  Many  things  were  learned  and  many   solu5ons  brought  to  light.  Surprisingly  for  some,  students  wanted  and  expected  to  be  held  accountable  for  beZer  educa5on  but   also  felt  that  the  expecta5ons  of  them  to  do  so  were  very  low.   We  then  set  out  to  educate  the  teachers  and  parents  by  crea5ng  a  rubric  based  on  the  opinions  and  experiences  of  youth  and   what  they  needed  to  truly  succeed,  and  communicated  this  and  the  merits  of  READY  in  ensuring  their  success.  This  educa5on  took   place  at  home  coffee  socials;  in  organized  ‘Study  Circles'  comprised  of  diverse  groups  of  teachers,  students  and  concerned   community  members;  in  compelling  adver5sing  and  email  campaigns;  and  through  editorials,  op-­‐eds,  television  news  stories  and   community  reports  (in  several  languages).  One  hundred  parents  joined  together  in  kitchens  throughout  Providence,  and  more   than  250  people  par5cipated  in  Study  Circles  –  all  raising  what  came  down  to  the  same  three  main  concerns:  quality  instruc5on,   school  culture  and  what  and  how  kids  are  learning.     The  final  report  was  announced  at  a  major  press  conference  and  distributed  to  every  family  with  a  child  in  a  Providence  high   school  as  well  as  community,  poli5cal  and  business  leaders.   The  views  and  solu5ons  ul5mately  became  the  redesign  strategies  the  school  department  has  been  implemen5ng  –  in  fact,   separa5ng  the  larger  high  schools  into  smaller,  more  focused  schools  was  one  of  the  students’  solu5ons.  This  process  began  in   several  schools  but  was,  unfortunately,  put  on  hold  with  the  change  of  educa5on  leadership.   The  READY  marke5ng  communica5ons  plan,  brand  and  communica5ons  materials  went  on  to  receive  interna5onal  award   recogni5on,  including  the  pres5gious  American  Graphic  Design  and  Communicator  Awards.    

Case Studies  


•  Rhode Island  Housing  


Objec5ve We  understand  and  believe  RI  needs  to  and  can  build  the  systems  that   increase  access  to  quality  early  care  and  development  programs  for  the   State’s  highest  need  children.     Ul5mate  goal:  This  quality  early  learning  system  is  impera5ve  to  increasing   school  readiness  and  overall  child  outcomes  for  the  youngest  learners  in  our   state.  

FROM JAMI’S  NOTES  –  will  rewrite  and  edit  

Crea6ve Director  

Jami A  OuelleMe     Published  author,  graphic  designer  and  strategic   planner  Jami  is  the  founder  and  driving  force  behind   one  of  the  region’s  foremost  strategic  marke5ng   communica5ons,  media  rela5ons,  branding  and   design  firms.  Her  na5onal  and  interna5onal   recogni5on  has  included  awards  for  branding,   marke5ng  communica5ons  strategic  plans,   adver5sing,  interac5ve  media,  ar5cles  and   collaterals.       •  Crea5ve  director  and  graphic   designer   •  Integrated  marke5ng   communica5ons  strategist   •  Media  Rela5ons     •  Photographer  

Jami is  the  proud  recipient  of  numerous  non-­‐profit   recogni5on  awards  including  The  Children’s  Crusade   Friend  to  Children  Award,  The  College  Crusade’s   Partner  in  Philanthropy,  and  The  Mee5ng  Street   Walter  Cryan  Award.   • 

See Jami’s  aZached  CV  

Senior Developer  

Jeffrey Morse     AHer  a  decade  of  experience  as  a  graphic  designer,  adver5sing  writer  and   photographer,  Jeffrey  returned  to  school  and  earned  his  MBA  in  Finance   at  Bryant  University.  For  the  next  12  years,  he  played  a  key  role  in  star5ng   and  building  Adheris,  Inc,  a  healthcare  data-­‐management  and  analysis   company  based  in  Boston.  His  contribu5ons  ranged  from  soHware  design   and  development  and  data  analy5cs,  to  sales,  marke5ng,  accoun5ng,  and   ul5mately  leading  the  web  development  team.  Building  the  business   from  an  idea  to  an  industry-­‐leading  firm  in  the  prescrip5on  drug   compliance  industry  with  over  $100  million  in  annual  revenue,  he  helped   grow  and  posi5on  the  company  for  a  highly  successful  sale  in  2006  for   over  $80  million.  Adheris’  prescrip5on  adherence  programs  and  data   analy5cs  con5nue  to  lead  the  industry.    

COO Web  Design  &  Development   Data  Analysis   Lead  Photographer     Clearly  believes  that  he  who  dies   with  the  most  lenses  wins.  

From there  Jeffrey  combined  his  two  greatest  strengths  and  passions,   joining  Imaj  as  COO  while  serving  as  in-­‐house  photographer.  With  his   depth  of  experience,  Jeff  not  only  brings  opera5ons,  analysis  and   business  development  exper5se,  he  balances  that  with  rare  crea5vity,   and  cuhng  edge  informa5on  technology  knowledge.  The  result  has   afforded  a  long-­‐standing  crea5ve  firm  a  beZer  understanding  of  the   needs  of  our  clients  and  a  fresh  perspec5ve  toward  bringing  ideas  to   market  successfully.   • 

See Jeff’s  aZached  CV  

Project Manager  

Ka6e Schibler     Ka5e  began  her  career  with  Im-­‐aj  Communica5ons  &  Design  in   1997  working  on  Lifespan  and  con5nues  her  great  work  as  a   Client  Services  Manager  for  Imaj  Associates.  In  addi5on  to   working  for  Imaj,  she  has  also  worked  for  TracyLocke,  DDB,   Source  Marke5ng  and  Sony  Computer  Entertainment  America.   She  has  led  integrated  marke5ng  campaigns  across  a  spectrum   of  clients  from  Pepsi  and  Clorox  to  TetraTech  &  Safewater  RI,   the  Boston  Psychoanaly5c  Society  &  Ins5tute  (BPSI)  and   Integrated  Assessment  Services.     Ka5e’s  extensive  experience  in  all  facets  of  marke5ng  and  with   non  profits  as  well  as  large  clients  brings  to  bear  authen5c   understanding  and  insight  into  the  complexi5es  surrounding   effec5vely  changing  ahtudes.   Project  Manager   Relentless  aZen5on  to  detail   Believes  that  if  there  is  a  road,  it   must  be  travelled  

Ka5e is  a  graduate  of  Fairfield  University,  has  served  on  its   Alumni  Board  and  volunteers  as  a  career  advisor  to   undergraduate  students.   See  Ka5e’s  aZached  CV  

Other key  personnel   Renée  Isabelle  –  Art  Director   Renée  holds  a  fine  arts  degree  in  communica5on  arts  and   design  from  Virginia  Commonwealth  University,  and  has  7  years   design  experience.  Moving  her  way  up  the  east  coast,  she   previously  worked  at  a  design  studio  in  Washington,  D.C.  and   then  freelanced  in  publica5ons  for  Meredith  and  Hearst   Corpora5ons  in  NYC.  Having  designed  for  a  variety  of  corporate,   nonprofit,  professional  service,  and  individual  clients,  she  has   experience  in  handling  the  design  and  produc5on  of  mul5ple   projects,  as  well  as  working  directly  with  clients  and  printers.   Kris6ne  Allard  -­‐  Senior  media  rela6ons  strategist   Writer:  press  releases  and  newsleZer  ar5cles  

Big Picture  Thinking  for   Project-­‐based  Budgets   That’s  what  people  need  these  days,  as   the  economy  squeezes  their  budgets   5ghter  and  5ghter.  While  it  is  more   important  than  ever  that  firms  guide   clients  through  planning,  marke5ng   communica5ons,  branding,   promo5ons,  fundraising,  and  design   challenges  effec5vely  and  strategically,   it’s  gehng  harder  to  afford  qualified   firms.  In  essence,  needs  are  greater   and  resources  more  scarce.  Many  can   no  longer  afford  to  tackle  their   branding  or  marke5ng  needs  on  a  large   scale.  Rather,  companies  and   organiza5ons  are  being  forced  to  take   smaller  steps,  with  the  big  picture  in   mind.     That’s  why  we’ve  created  a  new   company  that  “gets”  the  big  picture   but  can  also  work  on  a  smaller  scale   when  needed,  from  research  to   planning  to  implementa5on.  

Imaj Resource  Alloca6on   Imaj  Associates  offers  a  streamlined  approach  to   services,  providing  these  op5ons:   •  Supplemen5ng  internal  departments  and/or  agencies   with  exper5se  and  services  needed  to  fill  gaps   •  Project-­‐based  services   •  Fully  integrated  graphic  design,  strategic  planning,  web   &  online  marke5ng,  branding,  communica5ons,   adver5sing,  media  and  public  rela5ons,  promo5on  or   development  services.   We  expect  that  all  of  the  work  outlined  in  this  RFQ  will   be  performed  by  our  internal  staff.  The  CVs  and  job   descrip6ons  for  those  individuals  are  included  in  this   document.  

Project Plan  and  Timeline  

Need to  blow  out  

Before developing  the  Early  Learning  and  Development  Standards  document  and  supplemental   materials,  the  Imaj  team  would  first  conduct  our  standard  discovery  process  to  iden5fy  the   audiences  and  messaging  for  all  materials.    

Discovery" •  • 

Mee5ng with  state  team  lead   and  core  team   Review  of  Rhode  Island’s  Early   Learning  and  Development   Standards  document  


Design selected  by  RIDE  


Discuss design  


Copywri5ng and  edi5ng  of   content  for  materials  (w/o  4/15)  


Present design/naviga5on  for   approval    


Develop design  and  theme  into   the  Early  Learning  and   Development  Standards   document  +  supplemental   materials  (w/o  4/22)  


Post launch  implementa5on   support  2  hours  a  week,   maximum  of  8  hours  total  


Review exis5ng/previous  case   studies  and  best  prac5ces  


Audience segmenta5on  and   messaging  


Client final  approval  of  all  print   materials  (4/29),  revisions  


Present three  conceptual   graphic  looks  shown  in  context   of  a  parent  guide  and  poster  


Provide all  required  electronic   and  print  versions  of  documents   as  needed  for  prin5ng  

Timing: Approx.  2  weeks   Due:  April  15th,  2013  

Web Design"

Materials Design"

Timing: Approx.  3  weeks   Due:  May  6th,  2013  

Budget   Detail  of  Consultant   Name  

Posi5on Title  

Hourly Rate  $  

Number of  Hours    

Total Cost  $  

Ka5e Schibler  

Project Manager  




Jami OuelleZe  

Crea5ve Director  




Renee Isabelle  

Art Director  




Jeffrey Morse  

Sr. Web  Developer  





Tech Support  


10 Total  Request  

$750.00      $18,425.00    

Explana6on of  Other  Expenses                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               (i.e.  travel,  prin6ng,  office  supplies,  educa6onal  materials  and  equipment)   Expense  Category  




no charge  within  state   unknown,  to  be  determined  based  on  quan55es     and  final  design  


Prin5ng Copywri5ng  &  Edi5ng   Stock  Photography  

Unkown at  this  5me     Usage  for  royalty  free  photography,  proprietary  Imaj   photography,  etc.  

Total Request  

TBD   TBD      $1,000.00    


Budget (con5nued)   BUDGET  Mul6-­‐Year  Projects   The  Contractor  es6mates  that  its  budget  for  work  to  be  performed  under  this  Agreement  as  follows:  

Expense Category   salary  &  fringe  benefits   consultant   in-­‐state  travel   out-­‐of-­‐state  travel   prin5ng   office  expense   telephone   educa5onal  materials   equipment   data  processing   rental   Photography  

month 1    $-­‐          $7,055.00    

month 3  




subtotal Indirect  Cost    TOTAL    

Es6mated Expenditures   month  2  




$7,555.00      $-­‐        

$7,205.00      $-­‐          $7,205.00    

$4,665.00      $-­‐          $4,665.00    

References The  College  Crusade  of  Rhode  Island  and  Nellie  Mae   Founda6on   Mary  Sylvia  Harrison,  former  Execu5ve  Director  of   the  College  Crusade  and  current  Vice  President,   Nellie  Mae   781-­‐686-­‐7137   Boston  Psychoanaly6c  Society  &  Ins6tute   Carole  Nathan,  Managing  Director   169  Herrick  Road,  Newton  Centre  MA  02459   617.266.0953    Ext.  101   The  College  Crusade  of  Rhode  Island   Dr.  Todd  D.  Flaherty,  Ed.D.,  President  &  CEO     401-­‐854-­‐5500  Ext.  118  

Contact Details   Jami  OuelleMe   President  and  Brand  Manager   Imaj  Associates   RI/Mass/Maine   Office:  401-­‐491-­‐9665   Fax:  401-­‐539-­‐2350   Cell:  401-­‐465-­‐0983  


RIDE RFP Response

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