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Welcome to  the  Czech  Republic,  to  the  International  School  of  Prague  and  to  the  2014   Central  Eastern  European  Schools  Association  (CEESA)  Middle  School  Girls  Softball   Tournament.  CEESA  events  are  special  in  that  they  bring  our  schools  together  for  activities   in  a  uniquely  international  arena.  For  us  at  ISP  it  is  a  special  honor  to  be  able  to  host  Softball   this  year  and  we  wish  to  thank  all  those  involved  in  the  organisation.     Congratulations  to  the  student  athletes  who  have  made  it  this  far  -­‐  being  able  to  represent   your  school  in  CEESA  is  a  tremendous  accolade  in  itself.  Thank  you  to  all  the  coaches  for   your  tireless  efforts  and  long  hours  in  preparing  your  teams  to  perform  at  such  a  level.     Your  participation  this  week  is  a  marvelous  opportunity.  Take  advantage  of  this  and  the   memories  will  remain  long  after  the  final  pitch.  Play  hard,  play  fair,  respect  yourself  and   most  of  all  respect  the  others  around  you.       Have  a  great  event!!!  

                         Kevin  Hawkins                Middle  School  Principal      

         Joe  Monks              Arnie  Bieber   Activities  Director         Head  of  School     2  

CEESA SOFTBALL  RULES  (ASA  Slow  pitch  +  CEESA  variations)     Duration   Each  game  should  be  7  innings  unless  the  game  is  covered  by  the  15-­‐run  rule.   A  game  will  be  called  when  there  is  a  15  run  lead  after  4  1/2  innings.   No  new  inning  may  start  after  one  hour  and  15  minutes  during  preliminary  rounds   providing  the  game  is  regulation.  Tied  games  will  be  continued  using  individual   game  tie-­‐breaker  rule  until  a  winner  is  determined  (See  Individual  tie  breaker  rule).   Championship  games  only  will  consist  of  seven  innings  or  until  a  tie  is  broken  with   no  time  limit.  Consolation  games  will  follow  same  tie-­‐breaking  procedures  as  round   robin.   In  the  event  that  inclement  weather  affects  the  game  the  host  tournament  director   should  make  a  decision  concerning  how  the  game(s)  should  be  recorded.   There  will  be  a  coin  flip  to  determine  the  "home  team"  for  all  games,  including  the   championship  game.   Before  each  inning,  one  infield  ball  and  two  outfield  balls  will  be  provided  for  60   seconds.     Field  of  play  for  MS  Girls   Outfield  fence  for  girls  180-­‐225  feet   Between  bases  65  feet   Pitching  distance  46  feet   There  will  be  an  extra  safety  base  at  first  base.   A  pitching  strike  zone  mat  must  be  employed.  The  strike  zone  mat  will  be  22  inches   wide,  30  inches  long  and  should  be  flush  with  the  plate.  The  entire  home  plate  plus   the   pitching   mat   is   part   of   the   strike   zone.  The  mat  should  be  made  of  a  rubber   substance,  for  safety  reasons.   There   will   be   a   commitment   line   (for   runners)   halfway   between   home   base   and   third,   a   runner   is   deemed   committed   to   run   home   and   cannot   retreat   back   to   third   base   after   crossing   this   line.   Plays   at   home   are   to   be   considered   a   force   out,   where   a  safety  line  will  be  instituted;  runners  do  not  have  to  touch  home.     Equipment   Non-­‐restricted  or  restricted  Flight  Balls  measuring  at  11”  will  be  used  for  girls.     Batting  helmets  are  required  while  batting  and  running  the  bases.   Catchers  must  use  an  approved  ASA  mask,  but  other  catching  equipment  is   optional.     Players  are  required  to  wear  caps  /  visors  that  are  colored  as  part  of  the  uniform.   Bills  of  caps  /  visors  must  be  worn  to  the  front  and  properly.  


General rules   A   team   may   play   with   a   minimum   of   nine   (9)   players   instead   of   ten   (10)   players   before  forfeiting  the  game.   At   the   MS   Level   (Boys   and   Girls)   after   8   called   balls,   the   batting   team   coach   will   come  into  pitch  and  finish  the  at-­‐bat     No  walks  at  the  MS  level   Out  on  a  foul  ball  with  two  strikes.   The  batter  may  look  at  ONE  CALLED  STRIKE  without  being  called  out  (CALLED   STRIKE-­‐  A  strike  that  hits  the  mat  or  plate,  without  an  attempt  to  swing).    On  the   second  CALLED  STRIKE,  the  batter  is  OUT.   The  substitution  rule  will  be  as  follows:  a  starting  player  may  be  removed  for  a   substitute  and  then  return  the  starting  player  to  the  lineup  (in  the  same  batting   order)  once  per  game.  However,  if  a  coach  substitutes  for  a  player  twice,  the  player   may  not  return  to  the  game  a  second  time.  Also,  once  a  coach  removes  a  substitute   from  the  lineup,  the  substitute  may  not  re-­‐enter  the  game     Tie  Breakers   The   individual   game   tie   breaker   will   be   employed   starting   the   8th   inning.   For   example,   from   the   8th   inning   on,   each   offensive   team   will   start   with   a   runner   on   second  base.  This  runner  will  be  the  player  due  to  bat  10th  in  the  innings  (or  11th  if   an  EP  is  used).   Teams  shall  be  classified  according  to  their  won-­‐loss  records.     How  to  break  tie-­‐breakers  in  a  round  robin   ü Head  to  head   ü Run  differential  -­‐  maximum  runs  to  count  –  15;  after  the  tie  is  broken  by  3  teams  it  then   reverts  back  to  head  to  head   ü Runs  conceded  -­‐  maximum  runs  to  count  –  15,  and  4.  Run  average  (no  maximum)   In   case   there   is   a   tie   to   determine   seeding   for   placement   to   continue   into   a   quarter-­‐final  or  semi-­‐final,  the  head-­‐to-­‐head  tie-­‐breaker  will  be  in  force.  In  the  case   of   a   three-­‐way   tie,   the   second   way   to   break   a   tie   is   by   run   differential   between   the   three  tied  teams,  once  tie  is  broken  it  reverts  back  to  head  to  head.          



These regulations   shall   be   followed   by   students   participating   in   all   events   (whether   athletic,   academic,  cultural  etc.)  organized  and  sponsored  by  the  Central  &  Eastern  European  Schools   Association   (CEESA).   Any   student   who   participates   in   a   CEESA   event   agrees,   by   signing   below,  to  obey  all  regulations.     1) Students  shall  obey  all  instructions  given  them  by  their  host  parents  and  their  coaches   as   if   these   instructions   were   given   to   them   by   their   own   parents.   This   applies   to   all   activities  irrespective  of  location  undertaken  during  the  period  of  the  CEESA  sponsored   event.     2) Smoking,   any   other   use   of   tobacco,   the   drinking   of   alcohol   and   the   use   of   drugs   are   not   permitted.  Students  involved  with  CEESA  activities  may  not  go  to  bars  or  nightclubs.     3) Housing  arrangements  made  by  the  responsible  official  of  the  host  school  may  not  be   changed.     4) Student  curfew  for  all  CEESA  sponsored  events  is  22:00.  Students  must  be  in  the  home   of  the  host  parent  by  this  time.  Students  in  grades  6,  7  and  8  are  not  allowed  out  of  the   host’s  care  unless  chaperoned  by  a  host  parent  and/or  an  event  sponsor.  Schools  and   Families  may  set  earlier  curfew  times.  Families  MAY  NOT  extend  curfew  times.     5) Neither  host  families  nor  students  may  negotiate  changes  to  the  CEESA  regulations  for   students  with  respect  to  curfew,  housing  arrangements,  the  use  of  tobacco,  alcohol  or   drugs  or  any  other  rules  or  provisions  set  forth  by  the  host  school.     6) These   regulations   apply   to   all   students-­‐   both   those   from   the   host   school   and   those   visiting   throughout   the   event’s   duration   and,   for   visiting   students,   apply   also   during   the   journey  to  and  from  the  site  of  the  event.     7) Students  must  display  appropriate  respectful  behavior  at  all  times  to:  their  peers,  event   officials,  event  sponsors,  coaches  and  all  members  of  the  host  community.  




Paykina, Alisa   Bennett,  Naomi   Chernikov,  Varie     Go,  Julie  (Hyun  Jin)   McGrahan,  Jessica   McLeod,  Courtenay   Munn,  Stephanie   Myler,  Julia   Pellicer,  Natalia   Rowe,    Allison   Rowe,  Abigail   Skoblo,  Madison   Vaaler,  Maria   Webb,  Aleksandra  

8 6   8   8   8   8   6   7   8   8   6   7   6   8  

Russia Israel   Russia   Korea   UK   Canada   USA   Australia   Brasil   USA   USA   Canada   USA   USA  

    Bill  Kern   COACH   Mindy  Christensen   COACH  


BRAICH, Svenya   8   USA/Germany   DEHILLOTTE,  Fanchon   8   France   MACMILLEN,  Katrina   8   UK   STOYANOVA,  Diana   8   Bulgaria   JAWORSKA,  Kate   8   Poland   KUCHARSKA,  Kornelia   8   Poland   BUCHAJSKA,  Karolina   8   Poland   KWAN,  Jasmine   6   Canada   RAMSHANKER,  Sneha   8   USA   PARK,  So  Jung   8   Korea   SANFORD,  Mackenzie   7   USA   BORISAITE,  Igne   7   Lithuania   MAGNESS,  Jordan   6   USA   NOCUN,  Weronika   6   Poland         Jeffrey  Miller   COACH   Taylor  Frazier   COACH  


AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL  SCHOOL  OF  BUCHAREST   Christianopoulus,  Jana   Ashenden,  Robynn   Pezzoni,  Giorgia   Reino  da  Costa,  Ines   Fahkri,  Mojan   Forgaciu,  Sara   Consuegra,  Elena   Pandi,  Lea   Kaiser,  Laura   Rusu,  Cezara   Trimble,  Mary   Vaduva,  Clara   Wetzel,  Louisa   Zorlubilek,  Yasmin  

Peg Sewall   Amy  Caramella  

8 8   8   8   8   8   8   7   7   7   7   7   6   6  

Australian American   Italian   Portuguese   Iranian   Romanian   Colombian/Romanian   Hungarian   German   Romanian   American   Romanian   American   Turkish  


AMERICAN  INTERNATIONAL  SCHOOL  OF  BUDAPEST   Guilliams,  Sarah   Jandu,  Ella   Martin,  Sarah  Anne   Niblock,  Molly   Steinberg,  Rahel   van  Wensem,  Emma   Benova,  Liz   Brunet,  Annika   Karas,  Emma   Kim,  Ye  Eun   Oruncak,  Selen   Eigenhuis,  Nieke   Krall,  Emma   van  Wensem.  Cato  

8 8   8   8   8   8   7   7   7   7   7   6   6   6    

Dave Tarbell   COACH   Martin  Murray   COACH  


Belgian UK   USA/Hungarian   CAN   USA/Hungarian   Dutch   Czech   USA   USA   Korean   Turkish   Dutch   USA   Dutch    

INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL  OF  PRAGUE  BLACK   Caroline  White   Youmin  Shin   Thalia  Velez  Rodriguez   Lauren  Looney   Lara  Kellnerova   Jimin  Jeong   Olivie  Holcova   Emma  Nunez  Sindelar   Emma  Bieber   Julia  Lewis   Fozhan  Khamsehpour   Fransesca  Lanzarotti   Moira  Strebel   Alice  Kwon  

8 8   8   8   8   8   8   8   8   8   8   8   7   7    

American Korean   Austrian   American   Czech   Korean   Czech   American   British   Brasil   Iranian   British   American   Korean    

Heather Vlach   COACH   Alyssa  Kolowrat   COACH  

INTERNATIONAL  SCHOOL  OF  PRAGUE  GOLD     Olivia  Ercolino   Elly  Simon   Josephine  Duc   Samrin  Khan   Emma  Arden  Farmer   Mia  Romem   India  Sturgeon   Alana  Monks   Ana  Madrazo   Ashley  Seymour   Mary  Grace  Cook   Presley  Forrest  

6   6   6   6   6   6   6   6   6   6   6   6    

Czech   British   Swedish   Pakistan   American   Israeli   British   British   Spanish   American   American   American    

Heather Vlach   COACH   Alyssa  Kolowrat   COACH  




The ISP Leadership: For your continued support of our Activities programs The Activities Office: Sandra Malinova for your leadership and tireless work with schedules and homestays. Kristina Limova for managing the fine details before and during the event. Grzegorz Wydrzinsky for doing all the running around making sure everyone gets where they need to be. Without this team things don’t happen Site Director: Lyle Bobyk and Lawrence Allen for running the tournament from the field along with the Middle School scorekeeping team The Health Office: Sona, Jiri and Vendulla always on hand in times of need though hopefully we won’t get any casualties. The SCA Sports Booster: Keeping you energised and refreshed, led by Ms. Rep Homestay Hosts – Without our Homestay hosts our CEESA programs simply would not run. Thank you for your time and efforts in being so accommodating to our guests. ISP Activities Association – Led by Jennifer Enkerwitz. Cover Artwork by Emma Bieber. ISP Maintenance for their room set up and clear up Czech Softball Officials Association : For keeping our games, clean, fair and fun Coaches – Their names are in the program, without them we don’t have an event. YOU – The players. Enjoy yourselves.



IMPORTANT CONTACTS       Activities  Director   Joe  Monks   +420  724  216  436     Associate  Activities  Director   Sandra  Malinova   +420  607  076  259    

Health Office   Mob:  +420  606  256  155     Diplomat  Hotel  Prague   Evropska  15   160  41  Prague   Czech  Republic   +420  296  559  111     International  School  of  Prague   Nebusicka  700,   164  00  Prague  6,  Czech  Republic   Phone:  +420  2  2038  4111   Fax:  +420  2  2038  4555  





PARTICIPATING TEAMS Moscow Prague Black Budapest Bucharest Warsaw Prague Gold th

FRIDAY May 9 ISP School Side Field Pool Play Mala Sarka Side Field Drop off at ISP 7.55 Drop off at ISP Welcome in Main Gym 8.10 Welcome in Main Gym 1 Budapest vs Bucharest 9.00am Moscow vs Prague Gold 2 3 Prague Black vs Warsaw 10.40am Budapest vs Prague Gold 4 5 Moscow vs Warsaw 12.20pm Prague Black vs Bucharest 6 7 Moscow vs Budapest 2.00pm Bucharest vs Warsaw 8 9 Prague Black vs Prague Gold 3.40pm Host families pick up students 5.30pm Host families pick up students th SATURDAY May 10 Drop off at ISP 8.15am Drop off at ISP 10 Moscow vs Bucharest 9.00am Budapest vs Warsaw 11 12 Prague Black vs Budapest 10.40am Bucharest vs Prague Gold 13 14 Moscow vs Prague Black 12.20pm Warsaw vs Prague Gold 15 th th rd th 16 5 vs 6 2.20pm 3 vs 4 17 st nd 18 1 vs 2 4.00pm Tournament Banquet/Awards 5.45pm Tournament Banquet/Awards Host families pick up students 6.45pm Host families pick up students

  Note:  Home  Team  is  determined  by  coin  flip