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Ms. Katherine  Hart  Smith   Ms.  Kathryn  A.  Belfance,  Ms.  Denise  Houston,  Mr.  Tom  Pitts,   Mr.  Jack  Weisensell  and  Hill  Hardman  Oldfield,  LLC   Cordially  Invite  You  to  Attend   a  Reception  Honoring  

CONGRESSWOMAN BETTY  SUTTON   Wednesday,  August  4th,  2010   6:00pm  –  8:00pm     at    

The Home  of  Ms.  Katherine  Hart  Smith   5130  West  Bath  Road   Akron,  OH    44333  

Co-­‐Host  $500    •    Guest    $150   Checks  are  made  payable  to  

Betty Sutton  for  Congress   1700  W  Market  St   #155   Akron,  OH    44313   To  RSVP,  please  call  Brian  Weeks  at  (330)  319-­5172  or  email   PAID  FOR  AND  AUTHORIZED  BY  BETTY  SUTTON  FOR  CONGRESS   Contributions   are   not   tax-­‐deductible   for   federal   income   tax   purposes.   Federal   law   requires   Betty   Sutton   for   Congress   to   use   its   best   efforts   to   collect   and   report   the   name,   mailing   address,   occupation   and   employer   of   individuals   whose   contributions   exceed   $200   in   an   election   cycle.   Individuals   may   contribute   a   maximum   of   $2,400   per   election   (the   primary   and   general   are   separate   elections)   to   a   federal   candidate.   Contributions   from   corporations,   national   banks,   labor   organization   treasury   funds,   foreign   nationals   without   permanent   residency   status,  and  federal  government  contractors  are  prohibited.  Contributions  must  be  made  from  your  own  personal   funds  and  not  those  of  another.  Betty  Sutton  for  Congress  does  not  accept  contributions  from  federally  registered   lobbyists.  

Printed in  House  ~  Labor  Donated   06/21/10  

Congresswoman Sutton fundraiser invitation  
Congresswoman Sutton fundraiser invitation  

Fundraiser reception for Congresswoman Betty Sutton, August 4, 2010