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Newsletter for members of the Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU

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Volume XXVIII | Number 1 | January 2016


What an exciting season at the Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU! If you have not yet had the opportunity to view our two fantastic temporary exhibits, “All This Has Come Upon Us” by Mark Podwal, and “Discovery and Recovery: Preserving Iraqi Jewish Heritage,” I urge you to come to your Museum - you are in for a real treat! There is a very interesting link between the two exhibits. Two of the works in the Podwal exhibit relate to the expulsion of the Jews to Babylonia in 586 BCE by King Nebuchadnezzar, and include the quote from Psalm 137:1 By the rivers of Babylon we sat and wept as we remembered Zion. The Iraqi exhibit provides the opportunity to display the rich cultural heritage of the now-extinct Jewish community in Iraq, with its origins dating back 2,500 years to Babylonia. Both these exhibits leverage the strengths of two major institutions by providing direct synergies between FIU’s School of International and Public Affairs, the Center for Global Jewish Communities and JMOFFIU and the shared missions of enhancing the understanding of the universality of religion. It is through our presentation of exhibits such as these and related programs, that we offer a path towards, acceptance, equality and peace for all. As we usher in the New Year of 2016, I urge all of you to join us in our efforts, to make your own commitment and bring others to support this important work of our Museum.

Chair Kenneth M. Bloom, Coral Gables

Sincerely, Kenneth M. Bloom Chairman of the Board

Table of Contents Chairman’s Message........................................................................................2 FJHM, Judges & Lawyers, and Breaking the Glass Ceiling................................3 Cover Story—Discovery and Recovery: Preserving Iraqi Jewish Heritage.........4-5 Exhibition — Mark Podwal: All This Has Come Upon Us............................................6 Keys to the Collection......................................................................................7 Happenings...................................................................................................8-11 Events.............................................. ........................................................12-13 Professional Development and Creative Writing/Art Contest ………………..14 FIU Symons Fellows.......................................................................................15 Membership.................................... .........................................................16-17 Supporters......................................................... ......................................18-19 Memorials and Tributes..................................................................................20 Volunteers and Heritage Society....................................................................21 Museum Information and Coming Soon.........................................................22 TILES Image: MOSAIC photo: Felix Glickstein on alligator in Jacksonville, 1916. Cover Image: Tik (Torah case) from Baghdad, 19th-20th centuries.


TILES | Newsletter of the Jewish Museum of Florida – FIU | January 2016

Vice-Chairs Isabel Bernfeld Anderson, Miami Beach Paul Drucker, Boca Raton Elliot N. Stone, Miami Treasurer Boris Rosen, Surfside Secretary Jonathan Macy, Bay Harbor Islands Advisory Board Members Ellie Aibel, Coral Gables Elaine Bloom, Miami Beach Stephen Fain, Tamarac Frank Futernick, Miami Frances Gaynor, Pinecrest Ira D. Giller, Miami Beach Leslie Jay Gross, Miami Norman Levine, North Miami Beach Allen Levitt, Coral Gables Gwen Margolis, Coconut Grove Joseph W. Pallot, Miami Daniel Weiss, Miami Beach Leonard A. Wien, Miami Beach Judith Wurtman, Miami Beach PAST PRESIDENTS W. James Orovitz (deceased) – MOSAIC Founding President Maynard Abrams (deceased) Helene Herskowitz, Delray Beach Sandra Angel Malamud, Sarasota Norman M. Giller (deceased) – Museum Founding President Norman Levine, North Miami Beach Helene S. Dubbin, Miami Ira D. Giller, Miami Beach Leonard A. Wien, Miami Beach Linda B. Zilber, Bay Harbor Islands Elliot Stone, Miami HONORARY COUNCIL MEMBERS David Adler, Miami Beach Harold Aibel, Coral Gables Sheldon Anderson, Miami Jerry Blank, Sun Valley, Idaho Betty Cooper, Miami Beach Michael Dribin, Miami Beach Helene S. Dubbin, Miami Murray H. Dubbin, Miami Samuel J. Dubbin, Miami Harvey J. Feld, Tampa George Feldenkreis, Miami

Mikki & Morris Futernick, Coconut Grove Jeffrey Gilbert, Miami Beach Jane Goodman, Miami Beach Sonya Rabin Greenfield, Miami Nicki Englander Grossman, Hollywood Judy Gilbert-Gould, Miami Daniel F. Herz, Plantation Lewis M. Kanner, Coral Gables Betsy Kaplan, Miami Justice Gerald Kogan, Miami Jack H. Levine, Miami Morris D. Levitt, Coconut Grove Alan Levy, Ft. Lauderdale Saundra D. Lieber, Aventura Norman Lipoff, Miami Hannah Lipton, Aventura Hazel M. Mack, Jacksonville Julian Meitin, Orlando Avis Lee Neiman, Miami Jonathan Nelson, North Miami Norma Jean Ober Stone, Coral Gables Michael Orovitz, Bay Harbor Islands Doris C. Rosenblatt, Tampa Lina Zargar Samimy, Coral Gables Gloria G. Scharlin, Coral Gables Shirlee Segall Schiller, Miami Beach Louis Schneider, Port St. Lucie Gerald K. Schwartz, Miami Beach Norman Schwartz, North Miami Beach Teddi B. Segal, Hendersonville, NC Tamra Sheffman, Miami Beach Gary P. Simon, Miami Marilyn K. Solomon, Coconut Grove Jean Soman, Miami Stanley G. Tate, Bay Harbor Islands Jackie & Bob Traurig, Coconut Grove Linda Widrich Weitz, Miami Beach Pauline Winick, Miami Beach Sharyn Wittner, St. Petersburg Linda B. Zilber, Bay Harbor Islands EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR & CHIEF CURATOR Jo Ann Arnowitz FOUNDING EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Marcia Jo Zerivitz


Chairman’s Message


January is Florida Jewish History Month! Kick-off Celebration January 3, 2016 at 2 p.m.

Sharing Memories of Jewish Life in Iraq In conjunction with the current exhibition, Discovery and Recovery: Preserving Iraqi Jewish Heritage, the Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU (JMOF-FIU) invites the community to partake in a very special program where Iraqi Jews who now live in Florida can share their memories of life in Iraq, and visitors can contribute their own memories or questions. Initiated by the Museum, Florida Jewish History Month has been observed since 2003, when Gov. Jeb Bush signed a bill declaring the statewide observance. Florida is the first state in the nation to have a month dedicated to the tremendous contributions of Jews in its growth and, in 2006, the concept led to the creation of Jewish American Heritage Month that is now observed each May. Artist Romero Britto created the official logo for the Florida observance. The museum’s curriculum is approved by the Miami-Dade County Public School Board and distributed to schools in Florida’s 67 counties. The educational materials for Florida Jewish History Month and a speech for anyone to deliver to a group can be found on the museum’s website: RSVP: 786-972-3175 or

FJHM Around the State! In honor of Florida Jewish History Month, JMOF-FIU is featuring a pop-up exhibit at the Marion County Library Headquarters in Ocala throughout the month of January. The exhibit highlights the contributions of three Jewish pioneer Ocala families, Rheinauer, Peyser and Frank. Ben Rheinauer, or “Uncle Ben,” as he was referenced, was one of Ocala’s pioneer merchants and influential in the creation of Ocala’s first hospital. His brother, Charles Rheinauer, was elected mayor in 1906. Charles Peyser operated Ocala’s last cigar factory, El Tropico, which managed to survive the Great Freeze in 1895 that wiped out the local cigar industry. Marcus Frank, served many years on the Ocala city council and represented Marion County in the Florida Legislature. Though small, Ocala’s Jewish community and these individuals, have played an important and lasting role in shaping the city of Ocala and Marion County. For information visit

14th Annual Judges and Lawyers Event | Wednesday, January 20, 2016, 5:30 p.m. Keynote Speaker Judge Scott M. Bernstein, Associate Administrative Judge of the Family Division. Justice vs. the Holocaust Is there ever a time when the Rule of Law must be bent? May a Judge refuse to enforce the law? The German Judicial system had a long tradition of legal excellence. Yet Judges in Germany between 1933 and 1945 interpreted and enforced oppressive Nazi laws without dissent. What does this say about our ides of justice? During the talk, Bernstein will discuss the philosophy of judging and whether lessons from the Holocaust apply to Judges today. $36 Admission; Free for JMOF-FIU Members

Seeking Nominations for 2016 Breaking the Glass Ceiling Annual Awards Deadline: Friday, January 29, 2016, 5 p.m. The Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU is proud to announce its search for nominations for its Breaking the Glass Ceiling Awards. JMOF-FIU is celebrating the 20th year of this annual award that is presented to women who have broken the proverbial glass ceiling in professional fields that are normally dominated by men. Nominees are also judged based upon activities in the Jewish and civic communities and serving as role models for other women. The deadline for nominations is Friday, January 29, 2016 at 5 p.m. The 2016 Breaking the Glass Awards ceremony will take place on Sunday, April 3, 2016, featuring the honorees discussing the obstacles they faced and how they broke through the glass ceiling. To see the past winners or submit a nominee for the 2016 awards, please visit and download the nomination form, or contact the JMOF-FIU Membership Department at 786-972-3164 or TILES | Newsletter of the Jewish Museum of Florida – FIU | January 2016


Feature Exhibit

Right: Detail of Tik (Torah case) and Glass Panel from Baghdad, 19th-20th centuries. Below: Early efforts to dry the books and documents outdoors, 2003. Photo courtesy of Harold Rhode.

On View Through March 6, 2016 The Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU has the distinct honor in presenting this once in a lifetime exhibition that details the dramatic recovery of historic materials relating to the Jewish community in Iraq from a flooded basement in Saddam Hussein’s intelligence headquarters, and the National Archives’ ongoing work in support of U.S. Government efforts to preserve these materials. Discovery and Recovery is presented in partnership with the National Archives and Records Administration. In both English and Arabic, the 2,000 square foot exhibit features 23 recovered original items and a “behind the scenes” video of the fascinating yet painstaking preservation process.


n May 6, 2003, just days after the Coalition forces went into Baghdad, American soldiers entered Saddam Hussein’s flooded intelligence building. In the basement, in four feet of water, they found thousands of books and documents relating to the Jewish community of Iraq — materials that had belonged to synagogues and Jewish organizations in Baghdad. The water-logged materials quickly became moldy in Baghdad’s intense heat and humidity. Seeking guidance, the Coalition Provisional Authority


placed an urgent call to the nation’s foremost conservation experts at the National Archives. Just a week later, National Archives Director of Preservation Programs Doris Hamburg and Conservation Chief Mary Lynn Ritzenthaler arrived in Baghdad via military transport to assess the damage and make recommendations for preservation of the materials. Both experts share this extraordinary story and take you “behind the scenes” in brief video: exhibit. (This video is in the public domain and not subject to any copyright restrictions.) Given limited treatment options in Baghdad, and with the agreement of Iraqi representatives, the materials

TILES | Newsletter of the Jewish Museum of Florida – FIU | January 2016

were shipped to the United States for preservation and exhibition. Since then, these materials have been vacuum freeze-dried, preserved and digitized under the direction of the National Archives. The collection includes more than 2,700 Jewish books and tens of thousands of documents in Hebrew, Arabic, Judeo-Arabic and English, dating from 1524 to the 1970s. The special website, launched to make these historic materials freely available online worldwide, is “The Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU is thrilled to host this once in a lifetime exhibition,” notes Jo Ann Arnowitz, JMOF-FIU’s Executive Director and Chief Curator. “After working with the NARA on the planning for the last two years,

Feature Exhibit

Left: Before Treatment: Rabbinic Bible from Venice, 1568. Below: Passover Haggadah from Vienna, 1930.


The dramatic story of how these materials were found, rescued and preserved is one worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster. A short film captures these heroic efforts. The section includes the actual metal foot lockers used to ship the documents to the United States.


I am so happy to see this finally come to fruition. The exhibition is particularly important because it provides a link to the 2,500 year history of the Iraqi Jewish community that is now dispersed throughout the world.” Visitors will find it fascinating to learn about the amazing discovery of these records, documents and books, and the three-year preservation efforts of the NARA team. We urge everyone to come and see this remarkable exhibit and to attend the many related programs we will be offering, including films, lectures, concerts and a conservation workshop.” The preservation, digitization, and website were made possible through the very generous financial support of the U.S. Department of State. The National Endowment for the Humanities in partnership with the Center for Jewish History were very helpful in providing key start-up support for the project. The Jews of Iraq have a rich past, extending back to Babylonia. These materials provide a tangible link to this community that flourished there, but in the second half of the twentieth century dispersed throughout the world. Today, fewer than five Jews remain.

DISPLAY HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE: • A Hebrew Bible with Commentaries from 1568 — one of the oldest books in the trove • A Babylonian Talmud from 1793 • A Torah scroll fragment from Genesis — one of the 43 Torah scroll fragments found • A Zohar from 1815 — a text for the mystical and spiritual Jewish movement known as “Kabbalah” • An official 1917 letter to the Chief Rabbi regarding a request to Allow Jewish Prisoners to Attend Worship for Rosh Hashanah • Materials from Jewish schools in Baghdad, including exam grades and a letter to the College Entrance Examination Board in Princeton regarding SAT scores • A Haggadah from 1902, hand lettered and decorated by an Iraqi Jewish youth • A lunar calendar in both Hebrew and Arabic from the Jewish year 5732 (1971-1972) — one of the last examples of Hebrew printing produced in Baghdad

This section explores Iraqi Jewish history and tradition through recovered texts, including a Torah scroll fragment, a Hebrew Bible with Commentaries from 1568, and a Babylonian Talmud from 1793.


Constancy and Change: Using recovered texts, this section explores the pattern of Jewish life in Iraq. Highlights include a Haggadah, siddur (prayer book) and an illustrated lunar calendar in both Hebrew and Arabic (one of about 20 found that date from 1959-1973).


Selected correspondence and publications illustrate the range and complexity of Iraqi Jewish life in the 19th and 20th centuries. Original documents and facsimiles in flipbooks range from school primers to international business correspondence from the Sassoon family.


Iraqi Jewish life unraveled in the mid-20th century, with the rise of Naziism and proliferation of anti-Jewish propaganda. In June 1941, 180 Jews were killed and hundreds injured in an anti-Jewish attack in Baghdad. Persecution increased when Iraq entered the war against the new State of Israel in 1948. In 1950 and 1951, many Iraqi Jews were stripped of their citizenship and assets and the community fled the country en masse. This section includes the 1951 law freezing assets of Iraqi Jews.


This exhibition was created by the National Archives and Records Administration, with generous support from the U.S. Department of State. Local exhibition sponsors: Congregation Beth Jacob, the MiamiDade County Tourist Development Council, the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners, Nancy G. Pastroff, Kenneth and Barbara Bloom, Elliot Stone and Bonnie Sockel-Stone, and Isabel Bernfeld Anderson. More information is available at and

It is not surprising that the Coalition Forces turned to National Archives conservators for help. Learn about transformation of these materials from moldy, water-logged masses to a carefully preserved, and accessible enduring historic legacy. View the National Archives’ state-of-the-art treatment, preservation, and digitization of these materials.

TILES | Newsletter of the Jewish Museum of Florida – FIU | January 2016



ALL TH IS HAS C O M E U P O N U S... M A R K P O D WA L Mark Podwal training docents.

On View Through March 13, 2016 Artist, author and illustrator Mark Podwal, is best known for his drawings on The New York Times OP-ED pages. The exhibit features archival pigment prints of Podwal’s drawings and paintings of historical threats of antisemitism, combined with verses from the Book of Psalms. Each image in this series depicts a tragedy or injustice in Jewish history, from slavery in Egypt through the Holocaust. According to Podwal, “the paintings and drawings in this series are a disturbing reminder of how Europe’s extensive history of ‘Jew-hatred’ laid the groundwork for Terezin and Auschwitz.’’

Related Events Advance tickets available at: | RSVP: or 786-972-3175 Wednesday, February 10, 2016, 7pm Rembrandt and the Old Testament Lecture presented by Ronni Baer, Ph.D., Senior Curator of European Painting at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. An exploration of the ways in which this master artist was able to re-imagine biblical subjects in deeply human terms. About the Speaker: Dr. Baer has spearheaded numerous acquisitions and gallery installations at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and has been responsible for the exhibitions The Poetry of Everyday Life; Rembrandt's Journey (co-curated with Cliff Ackley); and El Greco to Velazquez, for which she was awarded the Encomienda de la Orden de Isabel la Católica by King Juan Carlos of Spain. In October of last year, her exhibition, Class Distinctions: Dutch Painting in the Age of Rembrandt and Vermeer, opened at the MFA. It was the first show devoted to the study of how rank and status are reflected in seventeenth-century Dutch portraits, genre scenes, landscapes, and decorative arts objects. Sponsored by Judith and Richard Wurtman. Free for JMOF-FIU Members; $10 Non-Members; FREE for FIU Students (with valid ID)

Tuesday, February 23, 2016, 7pm CONCERT SERIESJOURNEY THROUGH SOUND: Exploring Jewish Life Through Music Presented by FIU School of Music and Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU and Florida Grand Opera. Concert 4: Weinberg, Forgotten Genius The series continues with a concert devoted to the chamber music of Miecyslaw Weinberg, in collaboration with Florida Grand Opera (FGO), as a prelude to their upcoming production, the first in Florida, of the composer's opera, The Passenger (pictured right). The program will include a string quartet as well as works for voice and strings, both original and adapted by Jason Calloway from operatic excerpts, to feature FIU alumni performing as cast members of FGO. The composer's most important work of chamber music, the piano quintet, will be presented by Heather Coltman, Dean of the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters at Florida Atlantic University, who is a frequent Amernet colleague, and a devotee of Weinberg's music. Free admission; Reservations required by February 20, 2016.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016, 7pm CONCERT SERIESJOURNEY THROUGH SOUND: Exploring Jewish Life Through Music Presented by FIU School of Music and Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU Concert 5: Music of the Shoah The Amernet performs a program of the vast body of works for quartet composed during the Holocaust, in many cases actually in the Terezin camp, by composers including David Gruenfeld, Pavel Haas, Gideon Klein, Viktor Kohn, Erwin Schulhoff, Leo Smit, Viktor Ullmann, and more. $10 JMOF-FIU Members; $18 Non-Members; FREE for FIU Students (with valid ID)

Exhibition sponsors include Funding Arts Network, Robert Arthur Segall Foundation, Dr. Paul Drucker, Burton Young, Kenneth and Barbara Bloom, Elliot Stone and Bonnie Sockel-Stone, Isabel Bernfeld Anderson, and Anonymous Donor. 6

TILES | Newsletter of the Jewish Museum of Florida – FIU | January 2016


Keys to the Collection Offering an inside peek at JMOF-FIU’s vast collections From the Collections of the Jewish Museum of Florida, originated by Marcia Jo Zerivitz, Founding Executive Director.

Program of groundbreaking ceremony at Florida International University, January 25, 1971. Anna Brenner Meyers was a honorary pioneer of the institution. Born in Lodz, Poland, Anna Brenner Meyers (1896-1983) immigrated to the U.S. with her family in 1900. She was a distinguished lawyer, teacher, social worker and a champion of many social causes. After working as a nurse and social worker in New York, Anna earned her law degree in 1934 and moved to Miami, where she continued to practice until 1978. Anna was known as the “First Lady of Miami Beach” and “First Lady of Education in Dade County,” where she served as a member of the Dade County Board of Education from the 1930s to 1971. Anna was a delegate to the World Zionist Congress in 1937 and she received numerous honors for her service to many Jewish organizations, including the Eleanor Roosevelt-Israel Humanitarian Award and Solomon Schechter Medal by the Jewish Theological Seminary.

Wedding invitation of Fannie Brash to Louis Philipson, 1903. Fannie, one of 11 children, was born in Apalachicola, FL 1880 to Henry and Henrietta Brash. The Brash family had settled in Jackson County in 1874. Fannie’s father, Henry, was first elected Mayor of Marianna in 1879 and served three terms.

Fannie Brash's engagement portrait, 1903. Fannie was married to Louis Philipson in Birmingham, AL, on January 4, 1903. Over 70 yards of ribbon was used to make her dress, which was made by her mother, Henrietta Brash.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers ownership (Glazer family) with the Vince Lombardi Super Bowl Trophy during the post-game celebration of Super Bowl XXXVII at Qualcomm Stadium on January 26, 2003, in San Diego, CA. (L to R): Owner/President Malcolm Glazer, Avie Glazer, CoChairman Joel Glazer, Co-Chairman Edward Glazer, Kevin Glazer (front), and Co-Chairman Bryan Glazer Malcolm Glazer (1928-2014) purchased the NFL team Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1995. On January 26, 2003, the Bucs defeated the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XXXVII franchise’s first world championship in its then 27-year history. The Glazer family continues to own and operate the franchise. Malcolm Glazer was born in Rochester, New York and got his start working for his father’s watch business. At age 15, his father passed away and he took over the business, growing it exponentially and starting his business career. A long-time Palm Beach resident, Glazer was also a wellknown philanthropist, making significant contributions to charitable and educational causes through the Glazer Family Foundation. It’s important to remember that the museum would not have its extensive collection if it weren’t for so many of you who have graciously donated your family’s memorabilia to be preserved and available for future generations. To add items about the past and current Florida Jewish experience to the museum’s collection, please contact the registrar at 786-972-3167. Learn more about our latest Keys to the Collection

@JewishMuseumofFlorida |

@JewishMuseumFL | #JMOFcollection TILES | Newsletter of the Jewish Museum of Florida – FIU | January 2016




TEEN AND FAMILY EDUCATION PROGRAMS Seth “Brimstone” Schere: Jews in Hip Hop

The Shabbos Project Family Program

Kids Night at the Museum


Teachers' Professional Development Workshop: “All This Has Come Upon Us”

TILES | Newsletter of the Jewish Museum of Florida – FIU | January 2016




JMOF-FIU 2015 Volunteer Recognition.

JMOF-FIU 2015-16 Advisory Board and Honorary Council Installation.


Left to right: Installing Officer Senator Richard B. Stone, Advisory Board Chair Kenneth M. Bloom, Executive Director Jo Ann Arnowitz, FIU Provost Kenneth G. Furton.

MIAMI PIANO CIRCLE: KLEZMER TANGO FUSION TILES | Newsletter of the Jewish Museum of Florida – FIU | January 2016







TILES | Newsletter of the Jewish Museum of Florida – FIU | January 2016

Happenings Events


TILES | Newsletter of the Jewish Museum of Florida – FIU | January 2016



Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU 301 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach 33139 Special Guide for Programs at the Museum • January 2016 - March 2016

Please remove and save this special guide so you won’t miss out on any of these educational, fun and enlightening programs. All programs take place at the Museum unless otherwise indicated. Advance tickets available at: RSVP: or 786-972-3175

JANUARY 2016 Sunday, January 3, 2 p.m. Florida Jewish History Month Kick-off! Free and open to the public (See Page 3) Monday, January 4, 7 p.m. Mondays at the Museum Series Jews of the British Raj: Sephardim in India Lecture by Dr. Nathan Katz They were the Jews of the British Raj. They hailed from around the Middle East and sought prosperity and security under British shelter. They settled in Mumbai, Kolkata and Yangon mostly. Although they hailed from Basra, Baghdad, Aleppo, Turkey, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, they came to be called "Baghdadis." $5 JMOF-FIU Members; $10 Non-Members; Free for Students with valid ID. Wednesday, January 6, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Jewish Walking Tour of Miami Beach The tour includes an overview of the more than 100 years of Jewish history of Miami Beach; discussion of significant Jewish people and organizations, both present and past, in Miami Beach; and a review of various architectural styles found in the city, including Jewish contributions. Meeting point: Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU, 301 Washington Avenue. $10 Museum Members; $15 Non-Members Thursday, January 7, 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Jewish Food Walking Tour Learn the history of the SoFi neighborhood and the staple Jewish-owned restaurants in the area past and present, and taste samples of foods from Jewish restaurants. This Walking Food Tour is a fun adventure for locals and visitors alike — and your taste buds will thank you! Museum members $36; Nonmembers $46 (includes museum admission and exhibition tour). RSVP: 786-972-3175 or info@ **Advance reservations are required. 20 people max per tour. 12

No refunds. Tours are rain or shine and last approximately 2-3 hours. Tour distance is approximately 2 miles. All ages and fitness levels are welcome. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing! Meeting point: Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU, 301 Washington Avenue. Monday, January 11, 7 p.m. Mondays at the Museum Series Was Islam Originally a Jewish Messianic movement? Lecture by Bella Tendler A look at some of the conspiracy theories and controversies surrounding the rise of Islam. $5 JMOF-FIU Members; $10 Non-Members; Free for Students with valid ID. Tuesday, January 12, 7 p.m. CONCERT SERIES-JOURNEY THROUGH SOUND: Exploring Jewish Life Through Music Presented by FIU School of Music and Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU Concert 3: Musica Sefarad The Amernet String Quartet will explore lesser known concert repertoire of the Sephardic tradition, including works commissioned for the Amernet's performance at the Kennedy Center in November. The cast of that concert will remain the same, including guitarist Adam Levin and mezzo soprano Rachel Calloway. Inspired by JMOF-FIU’s current exhibition Discovery and Recovery: Preserving Iraqi Jewish Heritage, the program will include a new arrangement by Jason Calloway from Iraqi musical tradition. $10 JMOF-FIU Members; $18 Non-Members; FREE for FIU Students (with valid ID) Wednesday, January 13, 7 p.m. FILMS: “Baghdad Twist” and “Baklava and the Meaning of Life” In conjunction with the exhibition, Discovery and Recovery: Preserving the Iraqi Jewish Heritage, JMOFFIU presents two short films. Using archival images, home movies and family photographs from Iraq, Baghdad Twist (2007) pulls back the curtain on Iraq's once thriving Jewish community. In Baklava and the Meaning of Life (1999), Iraqi-born sculptor Helene Simon discusses her life and shows us

TILES | Newsletter of the Jewish Museum of Florida – FIU | January 2016

how to make her famous Baklava. Free for JMOF-FIU Members; $10 Non-Members; FREE for FIU Students (with valid ID) Sunday, January 17, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Professional Development K-12 Teacher Workshop Discovery and Recovery: Preserving Iraqi Jewish Heritage Preserving Cultural Heritage: Life in Diaspora (See page 14) Tuesday, January 19, 7 p.m. Jews from Arab Lands Keynote Speaker: Ambassador Danny Ayalon Presented in partnership with AJC and Israeli Consulate Free for JMOF-FIU Members; $10 Non-Members; FREE for FIU Students (with valid ID) Wednesday, January 20, 5:30 p.m. Annual Judges & Lawyers Event Keynote Speaker: Judge Scott M. Bernstein, Associate Administrative Judge of the Family Division (See Page 3) $36 Admission; Free for JMOF-FIU Members Friday, January 22, 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Jewish Food Walking Tour See January 7 listing Sunday, January 24, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Symposium: Jews of Color Co-organized with FIU and Tel Aviv University, international scholars and graduate students will present short work-in-progress presentations on the theme of Jews and color, followed by a round-table discussion. Pre-Registration Required. Please contact Jessica Beck for more information: Wednesday, January 24, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Jewish Walking Tour of Miami Beach See January 6 listing Monday, January 25, 7pm Mondays at the Museum Series Spain’s Newly Instated Right of Return Law

Lecture by Raanan Rein of Tel Aviv University A collaboration between FIU's Global Jewish Studies Program, LACC and the Spanish and Mediterranean Studies Program. Free and Open to the Public. RSVP Required by January 24th. Wednesday, January 27, 7 p.m. FILM: “The Forgotten Refugees” Introduction by Executive Producer Avi Goldwasser Using personal testimony, rare archival footage, and images of exodus and resettlement, this 49-minute documentary explores the history and contributions of Middle Eastern and North African Jews, the enormously rich cultures they were forced to leave behind, and the ultimate extinction of these indigenous communities, some of which had flourished for over 2,500 years. Presented in partnership with JIMENA: Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa. Free for JMOF-FIU Members; $10 Non-Members; FREE for FIU Students (with valid ID) Sunday, January 31, 2 p.m. Roger Grunwald: The Mitzvah Project The Mitzvah Project is a combination of theater, history lesson and conversation in which actor and child of survivor, Roger Grunwald, explores one of the most shocking aspects of the Jewish experience during the Second World War. Through the story of Christoph Rosenberg, a German half-Jew, the one-person drama — created with director and co-author Annie McGreevey — reveals the surprising history of tens of thousands of German men known as "mischlinge" — the derogatory term the Nazis used to characterize those descended from one or two Jewish grandparents — who served in Hitler's army. Grunwald's lecture delves deeper into the history that produced these mischling-soldiers — men who were the product of two centuries of GermanJewish assimilation, intermarriage, conversion and the striving of a people committed to calling the German Fatherland their home. Free for Members or with Museum admission.


FEBRUARY 2016 Monday, February 1, 7 p.m. Mondays at the Museum Series The World of the Cairo Geniza: Everyday Jewish Life under Medieval Islam Lecture by Oded Zinger Oded Zinger is the Perilman postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Jewish Studies at Duke University. His research focuses on the relationship between law, gender and the communal life of Jews in the medieval Islamic world. Next year he will be a fellow at Israel Institute for Advanced Studies as a member in the "Jewish Women’s Cultural Capital from the Late Middle Ages Through the Early Twentieth Century" research Group. He will speak about the Geniza and what we can learn from the way Jews used Muslim legal venues. $5 JMOF-FIU Members; $10 Non-Members; Free for Students with valid ID. Tuesday, February 2, 10 – 11 a.m. PJ Library: You Never Know! Join us for a special story related to Mark Podwal and an interactive program where children will explore the ancient legend of righteous individuals living in secret throughout the world who only appear when needed. You Never Know: A Legend of the Lamedvavniks is a PJ Library book adapted by Francine Prose with pictures by Mark Podwal. It is also a Winner of a National Jewish Book Award. Coffee, Juice and healthy snacks will be served. $6 for adults; Children and Members Free. Wednesday, February 3, 7 p.m. FILM: Iraq N' Roll Musical performance by Yair Dalal, Composer, Violinist, and Oud player Filmmaker Gili Gaon follows popular contemporary Israeli rock musician Dudu Tassa as he embarks on a deeply personal journey to reconnect with the musical legacy of his grandfather, Daud al-Kuwaity. Daud and his brother Saleh, the al-Kuwaity Brothers, Jewish musicians who lived in Iraq in the 1930’s, were the most celebrated musicians and composers of their time, often performing in the court of the King, and are still considered to be the creators of modern Iraqi

music. When they immigrated to Israel in the 1950’s, however, their middle-eastern music was not embraced by the Westernoriented cultural establishment of the nascent state, and they became marginalized and almost forgotten. Free for JMOF-FIU Members; $10 Non-Members; FREE for FIU Students (with valid ID) Sunday, February 7, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Jewish Walking Tour of Miami Beach See January 6 listing Sunday, February 7, 2 p.m. The Art of Restoration (Part 1) Presentation by George Schwartz Free for Members or with Museum admission Monday, February 8, 10 a.m. Conservation Workshop George Schwartz (Part 2) $15 (includes materials) Space is limited. Monday, February 8, 7 p.m. Mondays at the Museum Series Why the Rapid Increase in Crypto Jews? Lecture by Dr. Abe Lavender, FIU Beginning in the 1970s, among descendants of 'Marranos' of Spanish and Portuguese ancestry, there has been a strong increase of interest in their Jewish ancestry, with many actually returning to an active identity and practice as Jews. This talk will discuss this phenomenon and discuss the reasons, reactions of other Jews, and consequences for descendants and the overall Jewish community. $5 JMOF-FIU Members; $10 Non-Members; Free for Students with valid ID. Wednesday, February 10, 7 p.m. Rembrandt and the Old Testament Lecture presented by Ronni Baer, Ph.D., Senior Curator of European Painting at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. An exploration of the ways in which this master artist was able to reimagine biblical subjects in deeply human terms. (See page 6). Sponsored by Judith and Richard Wurtman. Free for JMOF-FIU Members; $10 Non-Members; FREE for FIU Students (with valid ID)

Thursday, February 11, 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. Jewish Food Walking Tour See January 7 listing Sunday, February 14, 2 p.m. Brothers in the Lord: Family, Faith and Betrayal in Colonial Mexico Lecture by Ronnie Perelis Sephardic merchants developed dynamic trade networks throughout the global markets of the early modern world. Ties of family and kinship were essential for the maintenance and success of these networks. Prof. Perelis will explore the intimate relationships at the heart of a Crypto-Jewish family in the New World. Free for Members or with Museum admission. Monday, February 15, 7 p.m. Mondays at the Museum Series Lecture by Deena Grant $5 JMOF-FIU Members; $10 Non-Members; Free for Students with valid ID. Monday, February 22, 7 p.m. Mondays at the Museum Series Lecture by Carol Lipszyc $5 JMOF-FIU Members; $10 Non-Members; Free for Students with valid ID. Tuesday, February 23, 7 p.m. CONCERT SERIES-JOURNEY THROUGH SOUND: Exploring Jewish Life Through Music Presented by FIU School of Music and Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU Concert 4: Weinberg, Forgotten Genius The series continues with a concert devoted to the chamber music of Miecyslaw Weinberg, in collaboration with Florida Grand Opera (FGO), as a prelude to their upcoming production, the first in Florida, of the composer's opera, The Passenger. (See page 6) Free admission; Reservations required by 2/20/16. Wednesday, February 24, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Jewish Walking Tour of Miami Beach See January 6 listing Sunday, February 28, 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Jewish Food Walking Tour See January 7 listing

MARCH 2016 Sunday, March 6, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Jewish Walking Tour of Miami Beach See January 6 listing Tuesday March 8, 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Jewish Food Walking Tour Wednesday, March 9, 7 p.m. CONCERT SERIES-JOURNEY THROUGH SOUND: Exploring Jewish Life Through Music Presented by FIU School of Music and Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU Concert 5: Music of the Shoah (See page 6) $10 JMOF-FIU Members; $18 Non-Members; FREE for FIU Students (with valid ID) Thursday, March 10, 7 p.m. BOOK READING: It Happened in Miami, the Magic City: An Oral History Myrna Katz Frommer and Harvey Frommer It Happened in Miami features nearly seventy fabulous voices including more than fifteen minimemorists, telling stories, offering perceptions on subject matter as far back as memory allows up to the exciting headlines of today. Sun and fun, yes, but the story is much more than that. $5 Admission; Free for Members and FIU Students Wednesday, March 23, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Jewish Walking Tour of Miami Beach See January 6 listing Sunday, March 27, 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Jewish Food Walking Tour See January 7 listing Thursday, March 31, 7 p.m. FIU Strings Orchestra with violinist Robert Davidovici Artist-in-Residence Robert Davidovici, violinist, leads the FIU Strings Orchestra in a program of Romantic works from the 19th and 20th century. $5 JMOF-FIU Members; $10 Non-Members; Free for Students with valid ID.

SAVE THE DATE! Wednesday, March 16, 6:30 p.m. | Purim Party 2016 Please join us for a very special evening, as the Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU presents a Purim Food & Wine Party, featuring a selection of local South Florida celebrity chefs under the direction of Chef Allen Susser. Each chef will create an original recipe for one course of a delectable four-course meal. Top contributors will have the opportunity to act as sous chef, joining the celebrity chefs on stage as they demonstrate their recipes, that will be prepared and served to the attendees by our kosher caterer. Distinct wines will be selected to coordinate with the various recipes. This event promises to be both entertaining and delicious! Cost per person is $350. Please contact Development Director Susan Gladstone for sponsorship opportunities and to make your reservation: 786-972-3162 or TILES | Newsletter of the Jewish Museum of Florida – FIU | January 2016


Education Events

Professional Development Workshop Sunday, January 17, 2016, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Preserving Cultural Heritage: Life in Diaspora In conjunction with the exhibition, Discovery and Recovery: Preserving Iraqi Jewish Heritage, Valeria Cababié-Schindler, Adjunct Professor in FIU’s Department of Religious Studies, will serve as the keynote speaker. Cababié-Schindler’s expertise lies in the adaptive strategies of Latin American immigrants to Miami. The exotic Iraqi setting will be made familiar as common elements, based on her area of expertise, will be made tangible based on our familiarity with Latin culture in our midst. This workshop responds to essential questions regarding cultural preservation, acculturation and adaptive strategies. The content is vital to teacher awareness as s/ he encounters students who represent a range of relationships to ethnic identity and/ or countries of origin. The workshop experience also raises the practitioner’s awareness and primes skill sets regarding their relationship to both themselves and their students. Informed by the dramatic on site exhibition, cultural heritage will be explored in national, community and personal/family terms.

Torah Scroll Fragment (Genesis 11:19-16:12), Baghdad, 19th-20th centuries.

Annual Writing/Art Contest Winners We are pleased to announce this year’s Annual Statewide Writing Contest winners. Inspired and informed by the exhibition, Mark Podwal: All This Has Come Upon Us, we included an Art component as we have done occasionally in the past. Young writers and artists responded to the prompt: Find a quote that inspires hope or alludes to the theme of survival. Incorporate this quote into either a creative writing or visual arts piece, as you depict: 1). an incident when you, or someone you know, experienced a difficult time and 2). how you or the individual overcame the challenging situation.” The quotes came from a wide range of sources and reflected Podwal’s integration of psalms from the Jewish tradition as part of the total work. We would also like to acknowledge our volunteer readers who evaluated submissions and aided in finding the superior efforts: Linda Dillon, Elaine Litvak, Georgia Nimer. Veronika Pozmentier, Mort Scharfman. We are also grateful to the teachers who guided this enrichment opportunity!

Here is a list of the winning entries. In addition to prize award, students received a merit certificate and a free trip for their class to visit this year. Works are on view in Bessie’s Bistro. Writing Contest Winners: Middle School Division 1st Place ($125) Bella Komisar Jevsky Miami Arts Charter School, Miami “The Summer that Worried Me out of My Mind” 2nd Place ($75) Yael Bister RASG Hebrew Academy, Miami Beach “She is a Jew” 3rd Place ($50) Carolyn Foster Lamar Curry Middle School, Miami “Being” Art Contest Winners: 1st Place ($125) Gitel Lipsyzc Lubavitch Educational Center, North Miami “Reblossom” 2 Place ($75) Blake Wood nd

R. Dan Nolan Middle School, Bradenton “Jewish Perseverance Throughout History” 3rd Place ($50) Noam Erez Highland Oaks MS, North Miami Beach “… Don’t turn around and give up…”


TILES | Newsletter of the Jewish Museum of Florida – FIU | January 2016

Education Events

Symons Fellows: Global Jewish Communities Initiative Sponsored by Jonathan Symons Thanks to the generosity of Jonathan Symons, the Global Jewish Communities Initiative was set up in Fall 2013. After two years of successful and even frenetic activity the Initiative has now become the Global Jewish Communities Program directed by Dr. Tudor Parfitt, Distinguished Professor in the Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs and President Navon Professor of Sephardi and Mizrahi Studies, Florida International University. Each year the Program selects fellows to participate in its activities. Fellows must be taking courses at postgraduate level in order to receive funding from the Program. They contribute in various ways to the Program’s activities and particularly to a Monday Symposium and lecture at JMOF-FIU. This is the second article featuring students who are participating in this Program.

Yoletta Nyange

Yehonatan Elazar

Two summers ago, Yoletta was immersed at the library of the University of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, searching for written clues on the Jews of the region of the Great Lakes of Africa where she was born. After years of collecting snippets of information from oral sources and traditions, hushed conversations and guilt-ridden admissions whispered swiftly by elders (L-R) Betsy Kaplan and Yoletta Nyange too soon gone, she had grown the more intrigued by the sheer absence of documents and records on the topic. Having unsuccessfully browsed through a few European colonial archives and public libraries, she flew to the cradle of humanity, in search of the raw, undistorted, undiluted and unedited history of the Jewish peoples living on the tributaries of the Nile river, two thousand miles south of Ethiopia.

Yehonatan is pursuing a Master's degree in Religious Studies with a Concentration in Latin American and Sephardic Studies. He was approached by Dr. Parfitt and was invited to be a Symons Fellow where he is expected to maintain high grades, participate in a class on a weekly basis at JMOF-FIU, and lead research in a Jewish-related topic.

On a day when she looked particularly discouraged, the Director of the University’s Institute of Ethiopian Studies, Professor Ahmed Zakaria, a Muslim, sat Yoletta in his office, kindly poured her a cup of tea and after hearing of her efforts advised her to contact the world’s expert and FIU’s Distinguished Professor Tudor Parfitt. After ushering in the Ethiopian and Jewish New Years with Israeli friends in the capital, she returned to London where she wrote to Professor Parfitt. His instant response stood as another clue that piecing this critical story together mattered. From that moment, a superb order of events whisked her away from Tunis, where she was living, to Miami to grow her research. Yoletta will be writing the world’s first academic research on the Jews of the Great Lakes of Africa into the global fabric of Judaism.

While taking a leave of absence from teaching high school government in Liberty City, she began taking courses in Biblical Hebrew and the Dead Sea Scrolls in FIU's Department of Religious Studies. She enjoyed it immensely so she decided to apply to the graduate program, as well as for the Symons Fellowship. As a Symons Fellow, she is expected to engage in various research projects — part of which will lead to a master's thesis. In addition, the fellows meet once weekly to share research pursuits, as well as to attend Monday night lectures at JMOF-FIU. It has been a rich year of lectures! Currently she is doing research on her master's thesis, which will be on the book of Esther in the Hebrew Bible. She is undecided about future plans. One possibility is to return to her teaching position. Another is to pursue further graduate studies.

Yehonatan leads research about the descendants of Spanish and Portuguese Jews who migrated to Hispaniola (Dominican Republic). He has been researching this in the D.R. since 2007 and academically since 2014 at FIU. He spent 5 weeks there during the months of May and June 2015, researching the inhabitants of a town called Bani. He interviewed twenty women, collected their saliva samples for DNA testing, and collected their genealogies. He plans on pursuing a Ph.D. in Judaic Studies and also obtaining an advanced rabbinic degree.

Ruth Marks Ruth is pursuing an M.A. in religious studies from FIU's Department of Religious Studies. Her area of concentration is Judaic studies, ranging from Biblical topics to contemporary Judaism.

TILES | Newsletter of the Jewish Museum of Florida – FIU | January 2016



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$50 BASIC FAMILY Tyler Abella & Family Beverly & Joel Aberbach Eli Abramson & Family Shiri Abramson & Family Iris Acker Anita & Ken Adams Michelle Adelman & Family Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Adler Niv Aiges & Family Jonathan Akar & Family Rachel Alexander & Family Marta Alfonso Joy Alon & Family David & Annette Alpert Janine & Neil Alter William Altfield Linda S. Altshuler Brandan Amazon Chance Ammirata & Family Jamie Annis & Family Lynn & Michael Aptman Jackson Arnberg & Family Haron & Marlyn Asbel Ryan Auspitz & Family Bruce & Dr. Wendy Autenrieth Logan Aversa & Family Jackie & Ron Baer Jerry & Lori Baer Irving & Elaine Baker Marshall & Rochelle Baltuch Luca Barbosa & Family Donald & Barbara Barron Al & Judith Bash Evan Bass & Family Jessica Bass & Family Gabriel & Gabriela Martinez Baum Maximilian Baumann & Family Allison Benezra & Family Ene Benjamin & Herbert Klein Marilyn Benjamin Jenna Benowitz & Family Jose & Oleva Benry Aaron Berger & Family Jayne Berezdivin & Family Aaron Berger & Family Hailee Bergman & Family David & Khiara Berkowitz-Sklar


DeeDee Berkowitz Haley Berkowitz & Family Benjamin Berkson & Family Talia Berler & Family Bill & Batzi Berman Doris & Allen Berman Jack & Helen Berne Bea & Bert Bernstein Julian Bernstein & Family Max Bernstein Dr. Abraham Bichachi Samson Bienstock & Family Ida Bild Alan & Barbara Bisno Sammy Bitchatchi & Family Mia Bilchik & Family Alan & Barbara Bisno Smmy Bitchatchi & Family Hailey Blinderman & Family David Block & Family Jared Block & Family Allison Bloom & Gabriel Rutman Susan Bloom Charlene Blue Betty Blum Kayla Blum & Family Spencer Blum & Family Zachary Blum & Family Danielle Bodner & Family Ethan Bohm & Family Logan Bomar & Family Emily Bonene & Family Megan Bonner & Family David & Gabriella Bonwitt & Family Sophia Borzillo & Family Morgan Botknecht & Family Louise & Jerry Boyarsky Della & Stanley Bramow Howard Brayer & Donald Szumowski Harrison Breslow & Family Peter & Andrea Britell Morris N. Broad Justin Brod & Family Jeanette A. Brodkey Alan & Vicki Bronfman Samuel Bronstein & Family Jacob Brosius & Family David Brothers & Family Judge Joel H. Brown Lily Brown & Family

Ryan Bullock & Family David Burger & Family Hannah Burnstein & Family Drew Burnstine & Family Alyssa Cagen & Family Hudson, Raftin & Savannah Cain & Family Steven L. Cantor Dr. Stephanie & Francis Carter Jonathan Casaverde & Family Daniela Casillas & Family Morgan Cassius & Family Jacqueline Cassuto & Family Elinor Catsman Noah Celler & Family Sy & Joyce Chadroff Max Chalik & Family Marc Chaneles & Family Sue & Steve Chase Jacob Chess & Family Sharon Chizik & Family Adam Cohen & Family Alexa Cohen & Family Alyssa Cohen & Family Ethan Cohen & Family Harris & Marlene Cohen Jack Cohen & Family Jason Cohen & Family Jameson Cohen & Family Jason Cohen & Family Jeremy Cohen& Family Louis & Barbara Cohen Lucille & Herbert Jay Cohen Nancy Luria Cohen Shaina Cohen & Family Talia Cohen & Family Vanessa & Jacob Cohen Dorothy Cohn Zachary Cohn & Family William & Barbara Cooper Zachary Cooper & Family Joey Cordover & Family Ryan Corman & Family Jonah Covas & Family Patricia Taxman Craven Family Cornelia Crisan Remy Cross & Family Robert Csete & Family Paul & Jolie Cummings

TILES | Newsletter of the Jewish Museum of Florida – FIU | January 2016

Matthew Czerenda & Family Louis D’Antuono & Family Reese Dan & Family Benjamin Daniel Sandra Darrall Emily Davidovic & Family Marion Davis Megan Dermer & Family Lloyd & Florence Deutsch Bob & Carol Dickman Victor & Rosa Dickstein Marshall & Laura Zaban Dinerman Celeste Doliner Wayne Domash Lisa & Jeff Donner Daniella Donshik & Family Elena & Andrew Doyle Terry & Mel Drucker Jessica Dulberg & Family Maurice Dweck & Family Andrew Ebenbach & Family Zachary Eccher & Family Rachel Edelstein & Family Mark Eichel Evan Eiglarsh & Family Amanda Ellman & Family Ian Elmowitz & Family Deborah England Barbara & Michael Epstein Roger Epstein Linda J. Esposto Emily Esrubilsky & Family Patricia Etkin & Robert Goldberg Carol & Robin Faber Ethan & Jared Fabrikant & Family Joseph Faradji & Family Joseph Farina Mackenzie Farkas & Family Jacob Fein & Family Adam Feinstein & Family Dr. Charles & Marilyn Feldstein Sarah Feller & Family Agustin Felman & Family Anna & Harvey Felsher Liliane Fenton & Family

Natalie Fernandez & Family Mr. & Mrs. Fred Feuerman Brandon Fields & Family Grant Fields & Family Hailey & Jordan Fine & Family Pat Fine Samantha Finkelberg & Family Richard & Susan Finkelstein Ben & Eva Fireman Ron & Eva Fisher Leslie & Virginia Fiur Tomas Fiure & Family Evan Flechner & Family Edward & Sandra Folb Florence Forman Zachary Foster & Family Megan Franco & Family Judge Bernard & Edythe Frank Fleur & Simon Frank Matthew Frank & Family William Frank & Family Davey Frankel & Family Mary & Ralph Franklin Karly Friedland & Family Jenna Friedman & Family Rebekah Frommer & Family Michelle Fuerst & Family Barbara & Richard Funk Heni & Henri Galel Andie Galpern & Family Emily Garmizo & Family Sierra Gavilondo & Family Joshus Gavsie & Family Jill, Arnold, & David Gellman Edward Gelwasser & Family Pamela & Leonard Geronemus Ori Gershoni & Family Paige Gerson & Family Skyler Gerstenfeld & Family Leia Gewirtz & Family Jean & Leonard Gilbert Joseph Gingold & Family Lilly Gitlitz & Family Norman Gladsden Abe & Shulamit Gittelson Dr. & Mrs. George Glantz Gillian Glater & Family Dylan Glottmann & Family

Madison Golan & Family Aidan Gold & Family Leah Gold & Family Madyson Gold & Family Maia Gold & Family Brian Goldberg & Family Juliana Goldfarb & Family Phyllis B. & *Norman Goldman Harold S. Goldstein Robert Goldszer & Madalyn Mann Zoe Golomb & Family Maxwell Good & Family Connor Goodman & Family Garret Goodman & Family Daniel Goodsite & Family Amanda Gordon & Family Jean & Howard Gordon Taffy Gould Isaac Grapin & Family Alex Greenberg & Family Ellis & Patricia Greenberg Max Greenwald & Family Bruce & Evelyn Greer Maxwell Gregg & Family Alan Grinspun & Family Julia Grobman & Family Genne Grodin & Family Judyth Groner Judge Howard Gross Emma Grungold & Family Harold Guarino & Family Gabriel Gunn & Family Sylvia Gurinsky Jenny Haber & Family Jenna Hack & Family Sandy & Jeff Hackmeier Joshua Halprin & Family Harriet Halpryn Joshua Hamburger & Family Cameron Hamersmith & Family Sophia Handley & Family Lawrence & Susan Hantman Sean Harkins & Family Arlene & Elliott Harris Gail & Ed Harris Samantha Harris & Family Pablo & Marisa Haspel Samantha Hawkins & Family


Jack Heller & Family Landon Heller & Family Sam & Arlene Heller Marilyn & Carl Hellman Sam Hendler & Family Sylvia Herman Rachel Hernandez & Family Adriana & Sophia Herrera & Family Lindsey Hersey & Family Adam & Ryan Herskowitz & Family Joshua Hertz & Family Hugo Hervitz & Esther Feldman Alyssa Herzbrun & Family Irene Hinden & Debbie Iwaskow Wendy Hinden & Kathryn Livelli Parker Hirsch & Family Jacqueline Hochberg Annette Hockman Carson Hoffer-Hawlik & Family Carol Hoffman David Hoffman Cami & David Hofstadter Brooke & Rebecca Holschauer & Family Marylin Holzberg Alfred & Lucy Holzman Jackson Holzer & Family Paul Horowitz & Family Richard & Sonya Pallot Horwich Brian Horwitz & Family Ethan Hunt & Family Shane Hunter & Family Jake Iseman & Family Kevin Jackson & Family Noah Jackson & Family Abigail Jacobs & Family Jason Jacobs & Family Jonathan Jacobs & Family Richard & Judith Jacobs Stanley & Judy Jacobs June & Stuart Jacobs George Jacobson Amanda Jaffe & Family Harrison Jaffe & Family Leonard & Linda Jaffe Michael & Cherie Joblove Abigail Joseph & Family Dr. Nkamany Kabamba Dr. Sharmin Kadish

Giancarlo Kahn & Family Marvin & Beverly Kaiman Dennis G. Kainen Marcus Kallor & Family Aiden Kaminsky & Family Mitchell Kaminsky Monte Kane Stevie Kane & Family Sydney Kantor & Family Arielle Kaplan & Family Bryan Kaplan & Family Douglas & Marlyne Marzi Kaplan Rachel Kaplan & Family Herbert & Vera Karliner Blake Katz & Family Brian Katz Reece Kauffman & Family Sari Kaufman & Family Emily Kay & Family Jamie & Joshua Keller & Family Marcos & Fanny Kerbel Gabrielle Kerness & Family Natasha Kertes Jack Kessler & Family Liana Keusch & Family Jordan Kinder & Family Rabbi Danny Kirsch Irwin & Sue Klau Anita & Warren Klawans Danton Klein & Family Ethan & Spencer Klein & Family Steven & Susan Kobetz Sophia Kofman & Family Eugene & Audrey Komrad Abbie Kopelowitz & Family David & Stefanie Kopetman & Family Alexandra Koran & Family Joanne & Jay Koren Elvis Kotikovski & Family Jacob Kotler & Family Ilana Kozloski & Family Blake Kravitz & Family Sol Krevat Harrison Krimsky & Family Koby Krinsky & Family Evan Kuperman & Family Ryan Kuttler & Family David & Susan Kwilecki

Mr. & Mrs. Alan Kwoczka David & Susan Kwoczka Macy Lamb & Family Sophia Lambert & Family Alyssa Lander & Family Barbara & Marvin Landstein Linda & Howard Landy Brooke Lanster & Family Andrew Laub & Family Joan & Jerry Leader Dr. & Mrs. Harvey C. Lebos Joshua Lederberger & Family Catherine Lederman & Family Sophie Leibowitz & Family Sarah Leiva & Family Jared Lennon & Family Mende Lerner & Harriet Stein Rachel Lerner & Family Zoe Lerner & Family Martha Lester Kailyn Letts & Family David Levens Deven Levine & Family Dr. Eleanor & Gil Levine Jack & Jordan Levine & Family Spencer Levine & Family Adam & Leslie Levinson Roy Levinson & Family Zachary Levinson & Family Lawrence Levy & Roberta Lipnack Brian Levy & Family Jaime Levy & Family Jenna Lewen & Family Sydney Lewis & Family Megan Lichtman & Family Asher Lieberman & Family Joshua Lieberman & Family Cantor William Lieberman Chaim Lieberperson & Jenni Person Barbara & Alfred Liebman Andrew Lips & Family Gillian Livingstone Gerard Lob

Samantha Loeb & Family Jordyne & Joshua Lowenstein & Family Marina & Jeff Lubow Ingrid Luft & Family Peter Luria Jonathan Lynn & Family Alina Macaulay & Family Hazel M. Mack Marcus Madison & Family Ilyssa Mann & Family Alexander Marcovich & Family Danielle Marks & Family Ronda Martin & Bennett Packman Jonathan Martinez & Family Jacob Mass & Family Zachary Matlick & Family Amanda Mayer & Family Emily Mayer & Family Jonathan Mayer & Family Mark Mayrsohn Debbie & Randy Mazie Alexa Mazioff & Family Deborah Meitin Christine Meland Joel Melnick Jonas Meltzer & Family Lynn & Martin Mendelssohn Harvey & Randi Meshel Julian Michanie & Family Julia Migram & Family William Milgrim & Family Matthew Miller & Family Lisa & Howard Millhauser Edwin & Gloria Mittleman Ezra Mizrahi Joseph Mogul & Family Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Molko Molly Morrina & Family Robin Moscovitch & Family Sara Moskovitz & Family Sharon & Jeffrey Moskovitz Eric Muller & Family Celia Mussman Sammy Muster & Family Robert L. Nefsky Cantor Rachelle Nelson Gabriella Neufeld Alyson Neulander & Dorothy Neulander

Major Michael Neulander Ira Newman Honorable Robert H. & Gail Newman Jake Nissen & Family Alexa Novie & Family Rita Norton & Scott Rosenberg Mort & Milly Nyman Richard O’Brien Murray & Harriet Oback Linda Oldenburg Zel Oliver & Family Rhoda & Joseph Oppenheimer Louis Orcinolo & Family Max Orovitz & Family Brian Ortiz & Family Noa Ostrow & Family Rachel Padnis & Family Suzanne Pallot Taryn Panter & Family Ashley Paseltiner & Family Robin & Bob Pearsall Jacob Perez & Family Sydney Perkins & Family Diane Person Jacqueline Petasne & Family Rabbi & Mrs. Marc Philippe Jamie Philipson & Family Briana Pident & Family Caleb Piderit & Family Salomon & Herta Pila Max Pinkiert & Family J. David, Pamela & Crystal Pitcher Alexander Plewinski & Family Jack Poland & Family Dylan Poliakoff & Family Dimitri Politano & Family Luke Pollack & Family Julian Pollak & Family Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Pomerantz Jordana Pomeroy Corey Popowcer & Family Joseph Portnoy & Family Brett Posner-Ferdman & Family Tomas Potlach & Family Sadie S. Preter Hannah Prezant & Family Gary Price Ann Rabinowitz

Leroy & Shirley Raffel Zachary Randolph & Family Bella Raoli & Family Sonya Rapee Ally Ratner & Family Ilene & Jay Rechtman Bruce & Lea Reich Jacob Reich & Family Jonathan Reilly & Family Arline & Allan Rein Jenna Reiner & Family Robert & Toby Reisman Aleeza Reisner & Family Haley & Hudson Revesz & Family Vanessa & Gary Ressler Alexander Richardson & Family Rachael Ricisak & Family Jordan Rindler & Family Madison Ring & Family Rochelle Ritter Olga Robbin-Rogers & Sydney Rogers Alan & Judy Robbins Sherry Kaplan Roberts & Dr. Alice Randolph Dr. Meri-Jane Rochelson & Dr. Joel Mintz Harrison Rode & Family Allie & Emily Rodman & Family Evelyn & Paul Rodriguez Joseph & Aida Roisman Annie Rojzman & Family Lee Rosen Susan Rolnick Sheila & Sam Rosen Valerie & Robert Rosen Robert & Beatrice Rosen Madison Rosenbaum & Family Hillel Taylor & Lucille Rosenberg Jake Rosenberg & Family Gabrielle Rosenblatt & Family Joel & Ellen Rosenblatt Lucy Rosenblum & Family Norma Rosenfeld Jessica Rosenstack & Family Susan Rosin Dr. & Mrs. Michael Ross Dr. Deborah Roth Rosemarie Roth Charlie & Mac Rothkopf & Family

TILES | Newsletter of the Jewish Museum of Florida – FIU | January 2016



Shaun Rousso & Family Dan & Janine Rubens Maggie Rubens & Family Morgan Rubin & Family Julian Rubinovich & Family Jordan Ruddy & Family Mya Rudolph & Family Talia Rumsky & Family Gina & Richard Russ Cheryl Rusten & Margaret Ouderkirk Jordan Ruth & Family Rachel Salas & Family Adele & Joel Sandberg Douglas Sandler & Family Alexis & Mia Sanford & Family Brooke Savitt & Family Frank Santoro Jane & Ronald Schagrin Elliot Scherker Rabbi & Mrs. Solomon Schiff Benjamin Schiller & Family Martin Schliefer Benjamin Schneider & Family Reuben Schneider Sydney Schneider & Family David Schulman & Family Dori Schurr & Family Jessica Schwartz & Family Judges Lawrence & Caryn Schwartz Steven & Mali Schwartz Norman & Roberta Schwartz Steven Schwartz Louis Harrison Segall Dr. Robert & Susan Segaul Abigale Sekoff & Family Charlie Seldin & Family Ralph & Shirley Seltzer Molly Sepsenwol & Family Natalia Serber & Family Ellis Sevilla & Family Jake Seymour & Family Jack Shacter & Family Nina Shalom & Family Zachary Shanborn & Family Joe & Sheila Shaoul Nicholas Shapiro-Lopez & Family Norman & Sandra Shapiro


Evan Shattenkirk & Family Bernard Shavitz Carol & Murray Shear Ryan Sheffield & Family Marcia & George Sherman Philip Sherriton & Family Shiraz Shiff & Family Cary Shookoff Dr. & Mrs. Irving Shugar Neil Shulkin & Family Rabbi Judith & Brian Siegal Janice & Alan Silver Barbara Silver Susan & Stephen Silverstein Beau Simon & Family Rabbi Rashi Simon Judge Stuart & Rochelle Simons Shai Sims & Family Adam Singer & Family Aiden Singer & Family Barbara & Edward Sirkin Ethan & Gavin Sklar & Family Shoshana Sklar & Family Benjamin Skromme & Family Salomon Slatkoff & Family Jack Sleeman & Family Lisa Sloat & Hank Klein Michael & Susan Slotnick Fortuna & Saul Smukler Bernard Sobel Sophie Solarana & Family Ana Solis & Family Olivia Solomon & Family Sean Solomon & Family Charlie Sommer & Family Jakob Sontag & Family Julia Soskin & Family Selma Spaccarelli Bill Lieff & Ann Lieff Spector Rabbi Jack Sparks Mr. & Mrs. Howard Spiegel Jacob Spiegelman & Family Toby Squire & Family Alexa Stafman & Family Mitchell Stahl Elliott & Michelle Starman Barry & Rae Stein Steven & Gayle Stein

Nicole Steiner & Family Corey Steinman & Family Oliver Stern & Family Jake Stober & Family Marvin & Sandra Stonberg Aaron Stone & Family Nathaniel & Beverly Stone Dawn Stone Jacob Stone & Family Alex Studnik & Family Taylor Studnick & Family Hanna Suchman & Family Nicole Sugarman & Family Sammi Suss & Family Maxwell Swickle & Family Frankie Tal-Shaher & Family Max Tauber & Family Yair Temkin & Family Lois & Warren Tepper Jill Tescher & Family Aaron Thaler & Family Benjamin Thorpe & Family Chase Timinsky & Family James & Marina Tischenkel & Family Randy Tomme Beryl Topin Heather Touby & Family Ana Tous Eleanor Townsend Jake Trachenberg & Family Judith Rood Traum & Sydney S. Traum Debbie Potash-Turner & Michael Turner Kayla Truke & Family Brett Van Dam & Family Milena & Nathalie van der Reis & Family Ross Vaygensberg & Family Jayson Verebay & Family Sandra Virden Marni Vogel & Family Jessica Wainland & Family Matthew Waldman & Family Mildred Wasman Barton & Lyanne L. Wasserman Shelby Wasserman & Family

TILES | Newsletter of the Jewish Museum of Florida – FIU | January 2016

Rabbi Adam Watstein & Family Jacquelyn Weider & Family Sharon & Aaron Weil Anton Weinberg & Family Benjamin Weinberger & Family Dr. & Mrs. Ephraim Weinstein Gabriel Weinstein & Family Helen & Alan Weinstein Jordan Weinstein & Family Norma Weinstein Zachary Weinstein & Family Addyson Weintraub & Family Alan & Denise Weisberg Danielle Weisfisch & Family Matthew Weissmann & Family Simon Weizman & Family Joshua Weltmann & Family Julia Wengier & Family Logan White & Family Matthew White & Family Zachary Whitehead & Family Peter & Esther Whitmore Zach Wiener & Family Dorothy P. & W. A. Williams Nathan & Hadassah Windmiller Inna Windsor Aaron Winer & Family Mort Wise Julius & Sarah Wishnia Danielle Wolfe & Family Emily & Max Wolfman & Family Janet & Peter Wolk Jordan Woolfson & Family Dr. & Mrs. Sydney D. Wruble Cory Wurtenberger & Family Carly Yudell & Family Shai Zachar & Family Stephen Zack Craig Zager & Family Andrew Zaiac & Family Lucas Zaret & Family Eli Zemach & Family Marcia Jo & Elliott Zerivitz

Drs. Carl & Paula Zielonka Jake Zimelman & Family Hannah Zimmett & Family Jonathan Zinn & Family Edward & Phyllis Zissman Marlene Zuckerman GENERAL MEMBERS FOR DEC 2015 TILES $40 AND BELOW Barbara Abraham Ben & Irene Abramowitz Lillian Abrams Diane & Roger Abramson Martin Ackerman Paul Ackerman Marilyn Adani Sari Addicott Michael Alcivar & Ximena Parea de Alcivar Al Alschuler Frances Aronovitz Pamela Asher Genie Ayer Martha K. Backer Dotty Baier Ted & Carolann Baldyga Jorge & Barbara Bargman Lori Barrist Pat Barron Alice Barth Louise Bauer Leslie & Joel Baum Regina Wang Baumann Sandra Becker Bruce Beeber Myrna Bergen Sheryl Berkowitz Eva Berman Audrey Bernstein Berta Bernstein David & Martha Bernstein Harriet Bial Tana Bigio Regina Bisk William & Joan Blakesberg Stephanie & Tom Bloom Charlene Blue Gerald Bodner Mark Braginsky Myrna & Seth Bramson Lois Brandenburg Sandra Breiterman & Gordon Loader Stephen R. Brenner Peter & Andrea Britell

Maxine Brody Jacob Brodzki Sue Browning Barbara Bulbin Maurice & Ruth Burg Elbe Burke Jerry & Ronnie Burns James & Marianne Carr Mr. Frances & Dr. Stephanie Carter Mitchell & Walli Chefitz Sara Chiz Norman Ciment Donald & Betty Clarick Carol Clein Bruce A. Coane Alvin & Tamara Cohen Joyce Cohen Lenny Cohen Dr. Myron & Tina Beth Cohen Sandra & Sheldon Cohen Sydney Cohen Bob & Maxine Cohn Ruth Cooper Judith M. Cope Judge A. Jay Cristol Donna Cutler Lee Damsker Lois Danis Sandra Darrall Cheryl Davis Sharon Davis Marilyn Dernis Donna Diamond Lois Randall Diamond Linda Dillon Celeste Doliner Karyn Dornfield Daniel Doscher Dr. David Drelich Marc Drucker Jacqueline Edelstein Rabbi Abraham Mann & Joan Ehrlich Sam Eisen Barbara Eisenberg Herbert & Carolyn Eisenberg Sheila Elias Doris Elkins Barbara & Michael Epstein Marcie Ersoff Gloria Ezrin Sarita Hleap-Faitelson Zevulen & Ana Fayngold Alfred & Susan Feingold Helene Feingold & Samuel Rosen Judith & Joel Feinman


Regina FeldmanGoldstein Catherine Feller Annette Fentin Joseph & Brana Fils Marcie & Kenneth Finkel Fela & Leon Fintz Ed Fisher & Paul Petrella Rick Flaste Judith Ford Rob Freeman Dr. Issac & Sheila Fried Susan Fried Arlene Friedman Rabbi Seymour & Dvora Friedman Lesley Frohman Melissa Fronstin Veronica Fuchs William & Susan Ganz Esther Garazi Sabeto Garazi Gertrude Garfield Inge Gatto Luz Geduld Ronald Gelles Linda Gergel Ronald Gerstl Ted Ginsburg Sanford B. Glatzer Gui Gleizer Frances Glick Esther Glickman Mel & Mara Gober Ruth Goldberg Charlotte Goldfarb Alice Goldhagen Susan Goldin Alice Goldstein Irvin M. & Mona P. Goldstein Barbara Goldwich Mary Gomez Martha Gonzalez Lorenzo Rhonda Goodman David & Selma Goodwin Glenn Gopman Howard & Rosalie Gordon Roberta H. Gordon Sari Gottlieb Phyllis & Leonard Grand Lynda Green Freda Greenbaum Howard & Ruth Greenberg Julian Greenspan Arleen & Larry Greenwood Carr Grigg Rita Grinberg Lillian Gross

Rochelle Grossman Max & Barbara Hagen Hope & Warren Hagler Harriet Halpryn Harry Hanauer Martha Harris Rachel Heimovics Steven Hersh Evelyn Hershbein Paula Hertzberg Melanie Ann Hines Eleazer & Gretta Hirmes Bella Hittner Marilyn Hoder-Salmon Joel Horwich Allison Hotten Jane Howard Dr. & Mrs. Larry Hurwitz Elizabeth Hutter Alma & Irwin Hyman Ilana Ilan Paul & Nina Indianer Robert & Carolyn Isacovici Mona Israel & Ira Adler Anne Bloom Israel Mora Israel Elaine & Mervin Jacobs Robert Jacobvitz Arlene JacovitzManheimer Sarita Kainen Roberta Kaiser Eve & Walter Kamlot Marvin & Itte Kantor Mary Rose Kaplan Michael & Ellen Kaplan Richard Kaplan Ellen & Zooey Kaplowitz Mark & Elaine Karlin Michele Karsenti Miriam Kassenoff Dr. & Mrs. Eugene Katz Hardy & Vicki Katz Lillian Katzin Deborah Kaufman Fruma Kaufman Lois Kaufman Madeline Kern Lawrence J. Kessler Barbara H. Keyes Richard & Sarah Kimball Bernita King Ida Kirsner Adolf & Emily Klainberg Mr. & Mrs. Elliot B. Kleiman Rochelle & Paul Koenig Helene & Ronald Kogos Shelley Kolber Barry Konovitch David Korros

Andrea Kovacs Mr. & Mrs. S. Kraemer Mitchell Kraus Irving & Marilyn Kreisberb Rosalind Kulbersh Sara Lampert Hollis & Michael Landauer Rochelle Lanster Abraham Lavender David Lavin Pamela Lear Ronald Lehrer Linda Leibovici Debra Leibowitz Lynn & Paul Leight Monica & Martin Lemelman Myrna Leonard Kim Lerner Paula Levine & Barry Harris Joe & Beata Levine Burton & Judy Levinson Sara B. Leviten Marvin Levy Arnold & Saundra Lieber Charlotte Leichtung & Daniel Zaslowsky Janet Liedeker Esther & Tzvi Litvin Kurt & Anita Loeb Pearl & Melvin Lubart Edith D. Lundy Hillelene S. Lustig Sheila & Cyrus Mager Robert & Gina Manne Belle & Jack Marcus Evelyn Marcus Marilyn Marcus Marnin Marcus Sidney M. Markowitz Allison P. Marks Ruth Marks Nicole & Harry Martin Michael Ray Mason Susan & Fred Mattes Arlene & Sherwin Mendell Kenneth Mendelsohn Elysa Merlin Rosalind Merritt June Mersky Susan & Larry Metsch Asher & Luba Milbauer Jane & Yoram Millman Roslyn Mintz Bruce Mintzer Lillian Mittman Bernard Model Nina Moinester Judith Moline Dr. & Mrs. Steve Morrow

Norman A. Moscowitz Dr. Sara and Alan Most Joan Murasaki Barbara & Sanford Musikar Barbara Myers June E. Newbauer Jack Nieman & Rick Reder Mel Niser Ken Novikoff Evelyn Nussbaum Heidi Ober Marta Olchyk Dr. Bobbi Ann Ossip Barbara Ostrow Irvin & Honey Pachter Kalman Packouz Larry & Marnie Paikin Norton & Gloria Pallot Suzanne Pallot Helene Parnes Penny Pasch Betty & Bernard Plotkin Marsha Pollock Mr. & Mrs. Solita Ponte Jeffrey Poppel Kathryn & Donald Porges Adrienne & David Promoff Mary & Steve Quartin William & Melissa Quesenberry Charlie & Gayle Rabins Trelvis Randolph Aliza & Barry Ranish Leonard & Faye Redlich Rita Regev Golda Retchking Rose Rice Nat & Greta Rickoff Rose Robbins Joyce Ronis Mimie Rose Gloria Rosen Kathy Rosen Judith Rosenberg Judy Rosenblum Anne Rosenfeld Ernst & Jeanne Rosenkrantz Alfred Rosenthal Sandy Rosenthal Michelle Rosinek Elizabeth Rossen Alexa Rossy Ellen Rothberg Paul Rothman Melvin Rubin & Susan Scholz-Rubin Charles & Nanette Ruffner Dana Russo

Jeffrey Rynor Deborah Sack Bernard Saklad Migna Sanchez-Llorens Lynn & Matthew Sarnell Irv & Selma Schein Mort Scharfman Leslie & Madelyn Schere Jack Schillinger Morris & Eleanor Schimmel Janice Schneider Michael & Sandra Schneider Alma & Harold Schoffel Norma & Fred Schrager Abby Schwartz Ellen G. Schwartz Jane Schwartz Maxine Schwartz Zelda & John Schwebel Natalie Segal Pearl Seidler Dr. Arthur Seigel Eileen L. Seitlin Jack & Shirley Seitlin Bessie Selevan Glenda Shacter Mr. & Mrs. Warren Shanske Dr. & Mrs. Ira Shapiro Merrill & Robyn Shapiro Stanley Shapiro Dr. Allen J. Shaw Dorothy Sheffman & Donald Russell Arthur Sheldon & Judith Clein Ira Sheskin Dr. & Mrs. Frederick Shuster Geri Siegel Harold & Susan Silberman Bella Silver & David Eckhaus Gail Silver LaQuine Simmons Heather Simon Stuart & Rochelle Simons Harriet Singer Dr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Singer Peter Singer Rachel Singerman Barbara & Ed Sirkin Judith Reisen Skillman Judith Sirota Isaac & Rebecca Sklar Hinda Smith Bernard Sobel Maxine Sobel Howard & Sharon Socol

Gerry Sohl & Genia Fromm Esther Sokolsky Marjorie Sommer Mara Beth Sommers Shirley Spear Barbara & Peter Sperber Bernice Stander Molly B. Stein Thelma Stein Charles & Roberta Steinberg Dr. Seymour & Shirley Stern Cara & Mayer Stiebel Annette Stiefbold & Edwin Bell Willasue Susskind Robert & Rita Swedroe Irene Szulman Sheila Taplin Romelle Weinkle Tarler & Nathan Tarler Sylvia B. Tendler Marilyn & Howard Tendrich Roberta & Harvey Tertelbaum Mickey & Sherman Tobin Marilyn Trager Denis & Linda Trupkin Alan Trustman Dr. Barbara & Barton Udell Max Vlessing Rabbi Charles & Marilyn Wallach Karen Warner Claire Warren & Jerry Mandel Patricia Watson Leon & Marcia Weil Barbara Wein Andrew Weinberg Bob Goldberg & Dodie Weinstein Helen & Alan Weinstein Gerry & Jean Weiser Helen Weiss & Zelde Krulewitz Fay Weiss Judi Gottlieb & David Weissman Susan Weitz Kenneth Werden Bonni Whited Goldie Wigutow Phyllis & Marty Winston Nancy Wolcott & Jeff Donnelly Dr. Bruce Wolf Marvin Wolfman Sheila & Leo Wynberg Edward & Arlene Yelon Dr. Joyce Zaritsky Edward & Elaine Zuckerman

TILES | Newsletter of the Jewish Museum of Florida – FIU | January 2016



Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU Supporters The JMOF-FIU prospers from the generosity of its many donors. From those who gave the first gifts to open our doors in 1995 to those who contribute now, we thank you all for your continued support. Names of contributors of $5,000 and more are engraved on a stone commensurate to the size of the gift and placed on our Major Gifts Wall in the Museum lobby. The names that follow are as of 8/1/15. Italics indicate new or increased commitment since the previous issue of TILES.

$2,000,000 and above PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE Miami-Dade County Building Better Communities Bond Program & Cultural Affairs Council City of Miami Beach Mayor, Commissioners & Cultural Arts Council $500,000 - $999,999 MUSEUM CIRCLE Deborah Regal Feterson Estate Mrs. Arnold (Muriel) Rosen Giller - Grossman Families Paul Drucker Leonard Wien Family Leonard & Sally Robbins Applebaum Foundation, Inc. $100,000 - $499,999 LEADERSHIP CIRCLE Blank Family Foundation Harvey R. & Roberta Chaplin Dr. Edward & Joanne Dauer & Family & Reva Dauer Helene and Murray Dubbin Gladys Fineberg Mikki & Morris Futernick Russell & Ronalee Galbut Herbert & Fran Gaynor Barton S. Goldberg Greater Miami Jewish Federation Marcia & Lewis Kanner Marcia Simon Kaplan & Family Marshall Landy Norman & Sylvia Levine Isabel May - IMO Samuel May Bess Myerson Orovitz Family MariLyn & Herbert Potash Clarice Reiss Charitable Trust-Mal Englander & Ewald Ziffer, trustees Patricia Russell Estate Robert Russell Foundation - Norman H. Lipoff, Chair Gloria & Howard R. Scharlin Family Louis Schneider & Rosalie Ehrenberg Robert Arthur Segall Foundation Jean & William Soman $50,000 - $99,999 PACESETTERS Leonard Abess, Sr. - IMO Bertha American Express Charitable Fund Isabel Bernfeld Anderson - IMO Bernfeld & Anderson families JoAnn & Dr. Robert Bass Braman Family Foundation Jack Chester Foundation Colonial Bank (formerly Jefferson: Arthur Courshon, Norman M. Giller, Bart Goldberg) Congregation Beth Jacob Isabel & Joseph Davidson Foundation Evelyn & Irving Denmark & Family Lynn Girsh Greenberg Traurig, P.A. Nathan & Sophia Gumenick Philanthropic Fund HUD Block Grant Program Jefferson L. Ford Memorial Foundation, Elinor Catsman, Trustee John & Darla Karlton Deborah & Bruce Kaye


Ida Lee Koenigsberg IHO Marcia Jo Zerivitz Harry Kramer Memorial Fund Les August & Tom Dean, trustees Thomas Kramer Marc Levin Alan & Diane Lieberman Boris Malina Sue & Leonard Miller Stephen & Sandy Muss Selma Oritt Foundation-Neil Rollnick, Trustee TUW Posnack Foundation of Hollywood Marsha & Alan Levy Schoenbaum Family Foundation Teddi & Norton Segal Family Foundation Jackie & Robert Traurig Marcia Jo Zerivitz $25,000 - $49,999 FOUNDERS Harold & Ellie Aibel Shirley & Jules Arkin Diane & Harvey Birdman Stephen H. Bittel Kenneth M. & Barbara Bloom The Shepard Broad Foundation, Inc. CCR Companies (Leslie Jay Gross) Eddie Cole Mike & Betty Cooper Sidney & Lorraine Cooperman Hazel & Judge Irving Cypen Dade Community Foundation Esformes & Mason Families George Feldenkreis Lawrence & Suzanne Fishman Florida Humanities Council Dr. Phillip & Patricia Frost Niety & Gary Gerson Carl & Cynthia Goldman Jane & Jerrold Goodman Flagler Greyhound Track - Florence Hecht, Isabelle Amdur, Barbara & Fred Havenick Funding Arts Network Renee & Howard Gross - Gross Family Foundation Ruth Frank Gross Unitrust IMO Olga & Eugene Guttman Heller Brothers Packing Corp. The Hirsch Family Lillian Horowitz David & Francie Horvitz Family Foundation Elmer A. & Roslyn Hurwitz Estate of Bernard Janis Jay W. Jensen Arthur M. Kahn Knight Foundation Gabriela Landau - IMO Rabbi Sol Landau Donald & Judy Lefton Esta & David Levinson Morris & Rhoda Levitt Natalie Lyons

TILES | Newsletter of the Jewish Museum of Florida – FIU | January 2016

$1,000,000 - $1,999,999 DIRECTOR’S CIRCLE State of Florida Dr. Harold Posner — IMO Ilse Falk Posner Bernice Samkoff Jonathan Symons Mercedes - Benz of Coral Gables Jim & Amy Multack Abraham & Avis Neiman Dr. Sidney Olson Shaun & Michele Orcinolo Rita & David Perlman Brenda B. & Lewis B. Pollak, Sr. Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc. Quittner Family Resnick Family Ruth Robbins Dora & Leonard Rosenzweig Candace & Lloyd Ruskin Noreen Gordon Sablotsky The Schaefer Family Raquel & Michael Scheck Family of Sidney Z. Schwartz Sam Seitlin Sandy & Charles Simon George Simon - Susan Helfman The Spalding Financial Group, Inc. - Sherry & Ken Fardie Elliot Stone & Bonnie Sockel-Stone Sun-Sentinel/Jewish Journal Stanley & Joni Tate Temple Emanu-El Temple Zion Israelite Center Leon Tenenbaum The Miami Herald Helen Uchitel Estate Cecile Weiss Linda Widrich Weitz - The Jack Widrich Foundation Florence Wise Estate Linda Brown Zilber $10,000 - $24,999 TRUSTEES David & Hinda Adler Anonymous - IHO Burnett Roth Beach Bank Belfer-Ferenczi Families The David Berg Foundation Nikki Bergstein Citigroup Foundation Mark Cohn Arthur and Carol Courshon Reba Engler Daner Gordon Deckelbaum Felicia O. Deutch Ruby Diamond Foundation Helen Salomon Eggnatz Nancy & Martin Engels Expressweb David & Jerome Fleeman Toby Friedland Evelyn, Ben & Harold Gaines June Baumgardner Gelbart Foundation Marsha & Jeffrey Gilbert Phyllis B. Goldman, IMO Norman Goldman Marci & Ross Goodman Mario & Teresa Kreutzberger

Neil & Sandra Angel Malamud Miami-Dade City Commissioner Sally A. Heyman, District 4 Bruce Kaplan Jonathan & Tina Kislak Kathy & Robert Klausner Elliot Kleiman - IMO Judith Adele Lassar Lehman Brothers Alan & Hannah Lipton IMO Ben Lubitz: Bea, Alan & Jon Neil & Sandra Malamud Senator Gwen Margolis J. P. Morgan National Endowment for the Humanities Lisa S. Newman Isaac and Nieves Olemberg Premier Developers Estate of Eva Rabin RFLP Group IHO - Doris & Frank Rosenblatt Stephen & Laurie Riemer Martin & Doris Rosen Steve Rosenberg Rosenzweig-Coopersmith Foundation Helen & Burnett Roth Rubin-Prager-Hymowech Families Ruden McClosky Norman & Ruth Russ Debra & Gerald K. Schwartz Melvin Shifke - IMO Lorraine Jack F. Shorstein Norman Shulevitz Foundation Martin & Sara Solomon Samuel M. & Helene Soref Foundation Ted & Rosalind Spak Gale Goldstein Tucker Senator Sherman Winn Isidore & Patricia Wollowick Foundation Women’s American ORT Aaron, Mark, Sharon & David Wolfson IHO Sorrell L. & Jacqueline Falis Wolfson Judy and Dick Wurtman Phyllis & Robert Yawitt & Family Manuel & Hilda Zaiac $5,000 - $9,999 FELLOWS Rebecca Ackerson Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity Gary, Appel, Paradigm Tax Group Richard Ashenoff Wendy Belkin Bank of Boston Florida Esther K. & William Belfer Estate of Bernie Bercuson Marshall Berkson Peter L. Bermont - IMO Ronni Robert L. Beskind Walter & Adi Blum Foundation, Inc. Bronstein-Rose-Unger Families Brown Charity Foundation

Support Burdines Carol Gross Clarkson Rachel Denburg-Levine Lawrence & Yuki Denmark Yaffa Dermer - IMO Jay Dermer Linda Dillon Melvin & Lois Douglas Clifford & Janice Dubbin Phil Emmer Dr. Harvey & Karen Feld David & Norma Fenton Fine & Greenwald Foundation, Inc Pat & Martin Fine Fleischmann’s Yeast Albert H. Friedman & Rose Kanner IMO Isaac Fryd - by Business Associates & Wife Carol & Lee Futernick Marisa Anne Galbut & Jenna Beth Galbut Edgar (Buddy) Galvin - IMO Reuben & Barbara Goldman Ganz Family Foundation Rosemary and Leo Gelvan Fund Gibralter Bank Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Miami Gerson Preston & Company, P.A. Robert Goldberg IMO George Goldbloom Goldstrom-Goudiss Families Herb & Beth Gopman

Judy Gilbert Gould and Children Bobby & Nancy, Carolyn, Mark & Belinda Lauren R. Gould, LeRoy Goldstein, Taffy Gould Sonya Rabin Greenfield Dolly & Ernie Harris Daniel Herz Brenda & Alan Himelfarb Debbie & Dr. Andrew Hirschl Joel Hoppenstein HSBC Republic Melanie Jacobson and Michael Coleman Jewish Chautauqua Society Federal IMLS Jewish Community Foundation of the United Jewish Community of Broward County Karen, Ronni & Mortimer Kass Raananah Swirsky Katz & Family Roslyn & Jerome Kaufman Elliot Kleiman - IMO Lenore Kleiman Judy & Franklin D. Kreutzer Sarah Bramson Kupchik Landstar Development The Levine Family Levine Realty, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Philip Levitz Jan & Dan Lewis Sarah Luddle Estate Nanette & Bud Mayer Tamar Mayer for her Family

Sheryl & Julian Meitin Mellon Private Asset Management Gordon R. Miller, MD Howard R. Miller Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan)/ Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Miami Robert & Robin L. Moel - IHO Herbert & Jeanne Kay Malka Mordujovich Morjaim Family Morrison Brown Argiz & Farra, LLC Martin & Cindy Nash Ruth Neinken Dr. Stephen & Georgia Nimer Northern Trust Bank Orange Bowl Foundation Joseph W. Pallot Pasadena Homes Marlene & Michael Perlmutter Dorothy & Aaron Podhurst Gabriel Powell Quality Meats Miami Beach Rabin-Newman Families Rachlin Cohen & Holtz LLP Abe and Sarita Resnick Vinson & Randa Richter Craig Robins Stephen & Sharon Silver Rose Herman & Evelyn Rubin Mollie Rudt

IMO Muriel Rusten - Isabel Bernfeld Anderson Sagamore Hotel Sydell & Quentin Sandler Leroy & Renee Schechter Beatrice Schwartz Estate Samantha & Eric Seiden Daniel J. Shapiro, M.D. Louella Shapiro
Leon, Josh, Alan Sirkin Family Cecily Silberman Silverman-Hunter Families Steel Hector Davis Hana Stein Special Events Catering Charlotte Stevens Senator Richard & Marlene Stone Levi Strauss Foundation SunTrust Banks SunVest Communities Targum Shlishi, Inc. Lady Suzanna P. Tweed & Carleton Tweed Charitable Foundation, Inc. Harold & Carol Unger Israel Weisman by his son Ezra Sam & Dusty Weiss Marcella Werblow - IMO Bertha Abess Florence Wise Sharyn Wittner Roland Wood - IMO Judy Wood World Erotic Art Museum - Naomi Wilzig


Two handsome plaques with ceramic headers replicating images of two stained glass windows in the Museum are displayed in the Museum lobby for contributors in the $2,500 and $1,800 categories. This is a memorable way to pay tribute to loved ones or to permanently inscribe your own family name for all to view. $2,500 – CHAVERIM Leonard Abess, Jr. Samuel I. Adler Family American Jewish Committee AmTrust Bank/Ohio Savings Bank Associated Photo & Imaging Micky & Doris Biss Carol Gross Clarkson Samuel & Judy Cuenca & Meschoulam Family DuPont SentryGlas Dr. Lawrence & Suzanne Fishman Bruce Fitell Cipora & Guido Fraiman Gerson Preston & Company, P.A. Taffy Gould Dr. Tiberius Grun Jay & Clayre Haft Avi Hoffman Indian Creek Hotel Israel Discount Bank Patricia Johns & Michael Rudd Marshall Karasik Eleanor M. & Herbert Katz Family Marcos, Fanny & Dennis Kerbel IMO Ida Lee Koenigsberg from her family & friends Rafael & Rebeca Kravec Sarah Bramson Kupchik IHO Rabbi Sol Landau from his family & friends Tania & Israel Lapciuc Mr. & Mrs. Emanuel Lassar Richard Levine Mellon Private Asset Management Barry & Toba Meiselman and Family Monroe & Judith Milstein Norwegian Cruise Line Linda & Joseph Pallot Milton & Anita Katz Paris Peacock Foundation

Melvin & Janet Richard

Harry Rosenzweig Harry & Ruth Rott IMO Mason & Delores “Sis” Schwartz Sheldon Ribotsky & Levine, CPAs Rick Silverman & Family Sirkin Family IMO Beatrice (Bea) Small from her loving family William & Jean Soman - IHO birth of Gabriel Erik Reiter, - IHO birth of Joseph Bernard Reiter, - IHO birth of Noah Marcus Reiter, - IHO birth of Sarah Caroline Dereser Soman Manuel Stern - In Memoriam Stiller, Zucker, & Trupkin Families Jonathan Symons IMO Cyril & Hazel Symons Sandra Tavlin Sooky Lehrman Trattner Samuel A. & Louise K. Tucker Ret Turner Madeleine & Bernard Wall Sylvia Ziffer - IMO Ewald Ziffer

$1,800 - CHAI CLUB A Star Contractors, Inc. Elinore Aronovitz IMO Judge Sidney Aronovitz The Sol & Lillian Ash Foundation Benjamin P. Baum Jocelyn Berman Jeffry, Edna & Jonathan Bernstein IHO Fannie & Harry Greenberg Michael & Linda Bittel Eileen & Robert Brautman Peggy & Jacob Brodzki Family Ann Broad Bussel & Family Lena Weinkle Chaikin - IMO Leo Chaikin Helene & Jeffrey Chait IMO Alain Albert Chalem Audrey Rothblatt Chenkin Elaine Cohen & Karl Mindlin IHO Helene Dubbin

Dorothy P. Cohn - IMO Fritzie & Nat Cohn Yaffa Dermer Betti Dulberger Burton Engels - IHO son-in-law Ira Giller Vivian G. Epstein - IMO Leon Epstein Sylvia & Robert Feltman Eloah & Mark Fisher IHO Kenneth Bloom Jefferson Ford Memorial Foundation Bruce & Susan Frank Daniel & Shirlee Cohen Freed Carol Fryd Donna Feig, Don, Michael & Fred Garvett IMO Robert & Leta Garvett Donna & Steve Feig - IHO Helene Dubbin & Teddi Segal Lenore Gaynor June Baumgardner Gelbart Foundation Helen Geller Gibbs Family - IHO Nell Gibbs’ 90th Birthday Jeffrey Gilbert IMO Felix Glickstein Ethel Gold Sally Goldman Morton & Gloria Goudiss - IMO Sol & Josie Goldstrom Annette & Ellis Gordon & Ellen & Marvin Schwartz - IHO Roberta Gordon Roberta Gordon, Ellen & Marvin Schwartz, Howard & Rosalie Gordon - IHO Annette & Ellis Gordon Morton & Gloria Goudiss - IMO Lee & Marie Goudiss Dale & Charles Gratz - IMO Minnie & Irvin Salsbury Dr. Maurice & Sonya Greenfield Joyce Barsky-Greenstein Susan Gumbiner - IMO Leo Gumbiner Malvina Gutschmidt Sara Halam - IMO Henry Halam IHO Birthday of Martha Hessel Arthur H. Hertz

IMO Fay & Larry Hochen Elaine Kahn Beverly & Marvin Kaiman Samuel & Helene Kantor Joan Kasner - IMO David Kasner, M.D. Sue & Stan Katz/Doris & Bob Trohn - IMO Philip & Beatrice O. Trohn Erwin I. & Wendy Katz Howard & Barbara Katzen Hyman Kirsch Foundation IHO Judith & Elliot Kleiman’s 40th Anniversary Diana & Milton Kramer IMO Lachman Brothers Jeanne L. Landers Edna C. Lavitt Julian & Betty Lehman Howard & Judge Joan Lenard & Family Henry L. & Joan A. Lewis Juliet Lieber IHO - Irving & Beatrice Lippton’s 60th Anniversary IMO Lawrence H. Mann – Arnowitz, Mann, Raskin families & friends IHO - Gertrude R. Miller’s 80th Birthday Sheryl & Julian Meitin Miami Beach Chamber IHO Norman Giller Mr. & Mrs. Michael Milberg Carolyn & Leonard Miller IMO - Sandra Miriam Mordujovich Ken Myers - IMO Stanley Myers Ruth Neinken June Newbauer Rhoda & Joseph Oppenheimer Rhoda & Joseph Oppenheimer - IHO 50th Anniversary Maurice, Anna and Maureen Ostro IMO Max Ostro

TILES | Newsletter of the Jewish Museum of Florida – FIU | January 2016



$1,800 - CHAI CLUB (continued) E. Albert Pallot Nancy Pastroff Brian C. Perlin - IMO George Goldbloom Dorothy & Stanley Pierce Politano Family - IMO Sofia & Jacob Mishkin Gabriel Powell Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Raijman RBC Wealth Management Martin & Anita Reingold/Lester Families IMO - Henry Reinhard Vinson & Randa Richter Norma Fuchs Resnick Minnie Rosenkranz Betty W. Rosenstein Rosenthal Family - IMO Hilda Becker Ruskin Family Jack & Harriet Safian & Ruth Klotzkin IMO Robert “Ruby” Salstein Julio & Rela Schniadoski Shirlee Segall Schiller & Eva Rabin

Rina Scott - IHO Ester & Arie Weinberg Yolande L. Selik - IMO 50 years of marriage to Jerome Selik Yolande L. Selik - IMO Jerome Selik Murray & Carol Shear IMO Sylvia Shorstein James & Debra Siegel Isaac & Rebeca Sklar Joseph M. & Marilyn K. Solomon IMO Mollie Glass Newman Spier Norma & Morton Steele Arthur T. Tenenbaum & Company, CPAs & Friends - IMO Ewald Ziffer The Travelers Foundation K. Peter & Yvonne R. Wagner Dr. Florence O. Wechsberg Elena & David Weck Elena & David Weck - IHO Their Friends A.B. & Helene Weiner Cecile Weiss - IMO Milton Weiss Earl & Sally Wiener IMO Albert Weitzman David & Ruth Wilkes

Allan P. & Norma Wilson Phil. Fund Harvey & Clara Young Miriam & Milton Zatinsky Fay Zinn

CUBAN CAMPAIGN: MEMORIAL TO SENDER & JULIA KAPLAN Alegre & Alberto Barrocas Esther & William Belfer Marc Belfer Jack Chester Stacy Belfer Cohen George Feldenkreis Lea & Jorge Ferenczi Oscar, Edward & Susan Ferenczi Solomon & Esther Garazi Fanny & Marcos Kerbel Rebeca & Rafael Kravec Lidia & Moises Kriger Luisa & Dr. Isidoro Lerman Moises & Zoila Levin

Jose & Ofelia Lurie Martin Mayer Sal & Sarah Mitchel Isaac & Nieves Olemberg Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Raijman Morris & Susy Rapport Brett Ratner for Mario & Fanita Presman Abe & Sarita Resnick Julio & Rela Schniadoski Isaac & Rebeca Sklar Saul & Rita Srebnick Lisa & Manny Synalovski Elena & David Weck Elena & David Weck - IHO 6 Friends Reinaldo & Arleen Winer

Consider a Gift Your contribution helps to preserve and share our Florida Jewish history collections through our exhibits and programs. Contact: Susan Gladstone at 786-972-3162 or

Memorials and tributes (September - December 2015) Chanukah Greetings to… Adam & Shelley Booken Brian & Wendy Perlin Maddi & Steve Sackel Jodi & Rory Schneider Chad Tendler Jackie & Bob Traurig Sylvia Tendler In Honor of... Ellie & Harold Aibel’s 60th wedding anniversary Renee Gross Mona Holtz Robert Miller Kenneth M. Bloom Mark Fisher Commissioner Sally Heyman The Herbert Cohen’s new home Jackie & Bob Traurig

Birth of Mason Rydet King Skeeter King Frumkes Gloria & Norton Pallot’s 65th wedding anniversary Sylvia Tendler Jackie & Bob Traurig Edith Reich at 97 years young Roberta Gordon Dr. Alan Sobel’s 85th birthday Fran Gaynor Speedy Recovery... Richard Baron, Esq. Daniel Avram Weiss Herbert Cohen Jackie & Bob Traurig In Memory of...

Stanley Arkin Daniel Avram Weiss Eileen Bartell Roberta Gordon Stanley Bramow Phil & Irene W. Shiekman Nathan Esformes Phil & Irene W. Shiekman Jerrold (Jerry) Goodman Marcia Jo & Elliott Zerivitz Jack Kleiner Daniel Avram Weiss Arlene Narson Daniel Avram Weiss Art Teitelbaum Kenneth M. Bloom Melvin Turner Susan & Charles Stratton

Jill Arkin Daniel Avram Weiss

When a contribution is made (minimum amount: $18), acknowledgements are sent to both the donor and donee. Send a tax-deductible check payable to the Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU, or call 786-972-3163 or visit and click on the Join and Support tab. Please indicate the reason for the contribution and where acknowledgement is to be sent. Thank you!


TILES | Newsletter of the Jewish Museum of Florida – FIU | January 2016


Heritage Society Consider becoming a member of the Heritage Society by making a planned gift to the museum, which can help provide for the future growth of our operations, programs and exhibits. For more information, please contact Susan Gladstone, or 786-972-3162.

We thank and recognize some of those members who have made this commitment. Michael Craig Aller Isabel Bernfeld Anderson Bernie Bercuson* Mark B. Cohn Helene & Murray Dubbin Helen Salomon Eggnatz* Myra Farr* Deborah Regal Feterson* Ira Giller Norman Giller* Barton & Sandy Goldberg Frances L. Gross (Leslie Jay Gross) Eugene Guttman*

Bernard Janis*

Lewis Mittman

Beatrice Schwartz*

Jay Jensen*

Michael D. Orovitz

Tamra Sheffman

Lewis & Marcia Kanner

David* & Rita Perlman

Samuel Silver

Marshall Karasik*

Dr. Harold Posner*

Gary & Julie Simon

Marc & Henrietta Katzen

Eva Rabin*

Robert H. Traurig

Ida Lee Koenigsberg*

Leonard Robbins*

Jacqueline Traurig

Sarah Kupchik*

Ruth Robbins*

Gale Goldstein Tucker

Marshall Landy*

Muriel Rosen*

Helen Uchitel*

Myrna Leonard

Patricia Russell*

Leonard A. Wien

Norman Levine

D. Jerry Sall*

Florence Wise*

Sarah Luddle*

Norma Salz

Marcia Jo Zerivitz

Boris Malina*

Bernice Samkoff*

Howard R. Miller

Shirlee Segall Schiller

* deceased

Museum Volunteers and Opportunities Would you like to volunteer? No prior experience is needed – we provide all the training. Volunteer Opportunities include: Docents, Administrative and Oral Histories Call today to become a part of this experience: 786-972-3163. Chair of Volunteers: Isabel Bernfeld Anderson Oral History Program Rosalie Ehrenberg Elaine Litvak Kathy Rosen Administrative & Event Support Isabel Bernfeld Anderson Alice Barth Wendy Belkin Dorothy Cohn Skeeter Frumkes Inge Gatto Marliyn Klainberg

Janet Liedeker June Mersky Irene Shiekman Erica Silver Janice Silver Claire Warren Sonya Vinitskaya Docents Jorge Bargman Howard Brayer Linda Dillon Elaine Brauner Dobin Lisa Donner Al Greenspoon Judith Greenspoon

Joel Horowitz* Shirley Kahn Andrea Julie Kovacs Marilyn Levingston Miriam Levy* Elaine Litvak Barbara Musikar Georgia Nimer Veronika Pozmentier Barry Ranish Mort Scharfman Myrna Shanker Allen Shaw Susan Shapiro Jonathan Symons Ana Tous*

Janet Wolk Judith Wurtman *In traning

Teen Docents Philip Friedman Rachel Gotterer Devon Kassal Ian Whatley

TILES | Newsletter of the Jewish Museum of Florida – FIU | January 2016



Contacts To contact a staff member at the museum, please dial 786-972-(extension). For general information about the museum, including location, hours, directions and admission, please call the main line at 305-672-5044. NAME


Jo Ann Arnowitz

Executive Director / Chief Curator



Susan Gladstone

Development Director JMOF-FIU


Chaim Lieberperson Education Manager


Todd Bothel



Eva Shvedova

Admissions / Groups / Museum Store


Roberta Gordon

Administrative Coordinator


Howard Horowitz

Fiscal Administrator & Grants Manager


Jackie Goldstein

Assistant Curator


Nancy Doyle Cohen

Membership Director


Gita Shonek

Marketing/Program Director


Dominique Schwartz Accountant


Pierre Delerme


Maintenance Supervisor

Hours: The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. We are closed on Mondays and holidays.

Admission Adults $6.00

Adult group (20 or more) (group reservations required) $5.00

Senior/Student $5.00

Museum members


Family $12.00

Children under six


School group, per child

Saturdays FREE


To book a group tour for students or adults, call 786-972-3176.

Winter/Spring Exhibit Schedule Discovery and Recovery: Preserving Iraqi Jewish Heritage

On view through March 6, 2016

Mark Podwal: All This Has Come Upon Us

On view through March 13, 2016

Cinema Judaica: The Epic Cycle (1947-71)

March 29, 2016 – October 23, 2016

Susan Miller: Testament in Stone

April 12, 2016 – September 11, 2016

JMOF-FIU’s Home to Home exhibit on loan at the Alper JCC January 7-May 3, 2016 This fun-filled exhibit allows children and families to experience the challenges faced by all immigrants, through hands-on activities such as weighing options of where to move, packing your most important belongings into a small suitcase and learning to shop in a grocery store with all the labels in a foreign language. Dave and Mary Alper Jewish Community Center is located at 11155 SW 112 Avenue, Miami. Public exhibit hours are Sundays noon to 4:00 p.m. or by special appointment, 305-271-9000. If you wish to borrow this exhibit for your community, please contact 786-972-3166.


TILES | Newsletter of the Jewish Museum of Florida – FIU | January 2016


So What Is The Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU? The Jewish Museum of Florida opened in 1995 in a former historic synagogue that housed the first congregation on Miami Beach. Built in 1936, the Henry Hohauser designed building that underwent a two-year restoration, boasts Art Deco features, a copper dome and 80 stained glass windows. In 2007, the museum expanded into the original 1929 synagogue next door after a one-year restoration, now The Jonathan Symons Building. Both buildings are on the National Register of Historic Places. In 2008, the two buildings were connected with a skylighted Bessie’s Bistro. The museum is much more than beautiful buildings. It is a place that presents its own and traveling exhibits, sponsors cultural and educational programs, houses a Collections & Research Center reflecting 250 years of Florida Jewish history, and communicates Jewish history, art, culture and values to Jews and non-Jews alike in an informal mode. The museum is also a place where Jews of all ages and stripes discover and reaffirm their rich heritage – thus helping to strengthen Jewish identity and ensure Jewish continuity. So how did all this get started? You may already know if you are among those who participated in and enjoyed the exhibit MOSAIC: Jewish Life in Florida that traveled to 13 cities (1990-94). Depicting Florida Jewish history from 1763 to the present, this was a statewide grassroots project to collect material evidence from the time Jews were first allowed to live in the Sunshine State. Thousands of photographs, artifacts and oral histories were gathered from families and this collection continues now in the museum, which was created as a result of the interest and support garnered from the original MOSAIC project. Where the traveling exhibit was the launch, the Jewish Museum of Florida further delves into the state’s rich Jewish history of yesterday and today – for the future. Historic Partnership with Florida International University (FIU) Following the approval of the museum’s Board of Directors, Florida International University’s Board of Trustees and the Florida Board of Governors, the museum became part of the FIU family in December 2012. This historic partnership leverages the resources of the museum and FIU, igniting a new era of interdisciplinary education and research focused on the history of the Jewish experience in Florida, the ways in which Florida Jews influence and are influenced by the cultural dynamics of Florida, the nation and the world, and issues of discrimination against all peoples in Florida throughout history. A key component of the partnership is the relocation of a variety of FIU programs, including the Jewish Studies Certificate Program, to the museum’s facilities. The plan also includes the expansion of academic programs and research endeavors designed to educate FIU students, faculty and the greater Florida community about the challenges of the immigrant experiences shared by all ethnicities in the State. Whether your family has lived in Florida for eight generations, as some have, or just arrived – YOUR story is an important tile in the MOSAIC. Join us!

Yes! I want to help preserve Florida Jewish history through the Jewish Museum of Florida – FIU To join online visit and click on the Join and Support tab. Or clip this form and mail to 301 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139 or fax to 305-672-5933. Basic membership benefits: • Free museum admission for a full year • Subscription to TILES, member newsletter • Invitations to exhibit openings and special events • Discounts in Museum Store • Access to the Collections & Research Center Enroll me as a new member Re-enroll me Call me to discuss an upgrade of my current membership level. Phone: ______-_______-_________ Your Name: _______________________________________________________________________________ I am a current member, and I want to give a GIFT MEMBERSHIP to: Gift Membership Name: _______________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________ City: _______________________________________________________________________ State: _______ Zip: _____________________ Membership benefits last for a FULL YEAR. Please check the level of your annual support: $1,000 Benefactor $250 Patron $40 Single Parent Family

$1,000 Corporate Benefactor $125 Donor $40 Senior Couple

$500 Sponsor $50 Basic Family $36 Individual

$500 Corporate Sponsor $30 Senior Individual

Enclosed is my tax-deductible check, payable to: JEWISH MUSEUM OF FLORIDA - FIU for a total of $ ____ , _________ or charge my: VISA MasterCard American Express in the amount of $ ____ , _________ Credit Card #: _______________________________________________ Expiration Date: _______ /_______ Security Code: ___________ Name on card: _________________________________________________________________ Phone (day): _______-_______-_________ Address: ____________________________________________________________ email address: __________________________________ City: ___________________________________________________________________ State: _______ Zip: __________________________ TILES | Newsletter of the Jewish Museum of Florida – FIU | January 2016


Jewish Museum of Florida


301 Washington Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33139


The Museum is supported by individual contributions, foundations, memberships and grants from the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture, the Miami-Dade County Tourist Development Council, the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners and the City of Miami Beach, Cultural Affairs Program, Cultural Arts Council.

Visit the Orovitz Museum Store for unique, one-of-a-kind gifts for everyone! Shop a wide selection of jewelry, museum memorabilia, home goods, Judaica, books, cards, children’s gifts and more! Join to save: Museum members SAVE 10% on store purchases. Open 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Sunday, Tuesday – Friday For store information, call: 786-972-3176 Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU 301 Washington Avenue • Miami Beach, FL 33139 305-672-5044 •

JMOF-FIU Tiles Winter 2016  
JMOF-FIU Tiles Winter 2016