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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Kamloops to get first government-run cannabis store The BC Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) announced Wednesday that Kamloops will be the first location in British Columbia to operate a government-owned cannabis retail outlet. The 3,000 m2 BC Cannabis Store will be located in the Columbia Place Shopping Centre in Sahali. Kamloops was selected as the first location in the province because of our municipality’s readiness for the zoning of cannabis retail operations. The BC LDB is currently considering a number of locations across various municipalities for the location of other BC Cannabis Stores and is focused on ensuring a careful and efficient roll-out that will provide the best possible customer experience and compliance with all health and safety regulations. “We have been working collaboratively with the provincial government throughout the changing legislation,” said CAO, David Trawin. “The City of Kamloops will proceed to work in this manner as the public-private retail cannabis model rolls out in Kamloops.” The Kamloops BC Cannabis Store will be staffed with approximately 20 employees, including a store manager, assistant manager, and knowledgeable cannabis consultants. Postings for these roles are expected to be published within the next week on F"#"$%& C'()"*): The federal Cannabis Act – Bill C-45 – received Royal Assent on June 21, 2018, setting the stage for the production, distribution, sale, possession, and consumption of non-medical cannabis, beginning Oct. 17. The federal government will be responsible for licensing and monitoring cannabis producers and for setting industry-wide rules and standards for the cultivation, processing, packaging and advertising of non-medical cannabis.

P$'+,(.,%& C'()"*): The BC Provincial Government has appointed the Liquor Distribution Branch to be the sole wholesale distributor of non-medical cannabis, while retail sales will be offered to the public through a combination of public and private retail store locations as well as online government sales. Once legislation is adopted, the Provincial Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (formerly the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch) will be responsible for licensing and monitoring private non-medical cannabis retail stores. The Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch will only issue non-medical cannabis sales licences to retail operators that have received a council resolution supporting the operator’s site-specific provincial licence application. The City of Kamloops participates on the Joint Provincial-Local Government Committee on Cannabis Regulation (JCCR), whose mandate is to provide a forum for timely and effective communication and consultation between local governments and the Province in the development of the provincial regulatory framework for legalized cannabis. L'.%& C'()"*): In an effort to keep pace with federal and provincial regulations, the City of Kamloops has amended its Business

Licence and Regulation Bylaw and Zoning Bylaw. There are four zones in which nonmedical cannabis retail stores may be located subject to specific proximity criteria. The report and amended bylaws can be viewed at Additional City bylaw changes will be forthcoming to create the cannabis licensing application process and business licensing requirements. These bylaw changes will be coordinated with the provincial licensing requirements once the provincial legislation is finalized. The City’s participation on the JCCR ensures that it has the most up-to-date information concerning the provincial cannabis licensing process, which will assist in the development of a local application process that is both fair and equitable. The City will not accept applications for non-medical cannabis retail stores prior to the full implementation of federal and provincial regulations. Private operators will be expected to go through the City’s official permitting process, not through a delegation to City Council. Information on provincial applications and the online application portal can be found at Additional information is available on the following provincial web pages: For additional information on non-medical cannabis business licences in the City of Kamloops, contact Dave Jones, Business Licence inspector and Property Use coordinator, at or 250-828-3594.

Five things that could save your summer road trip With more than 5,000 kilometres from coast to coast, it’s no wonder Canadians are fans of summertime road trips. Hitting the road with your windows down and your favourite tunes on the radio is one of summer’s simplest pleasures, only enhanced by how beautiful our country’s landscapes are. But before heading out, it’s important that drivers are prepared in case of an emergency. Here are five things to check before you head out on your next adventure: 1. P*45 *% 060(&0%4. 5$-. Your kit should include non-perishable food, bottled water, washer fluid, a spare tire, jumper cables, jack and tool kit, first aid supplies, flares, candles and matches or a lighter, flashlight, batteries, and your cell phone charger. Keeping this small yet crucial kit with you could help you avoid roadside disaster. 2. V08$4,0 6*$%-0%*%40. Your tires, brakes, steering and suspension should all be checked out by an automotive professional to en-

sure that they’re running smoothly. Poor performance from any of the above can spell danger when your trip calls for high speeds, bumpy road driving or quick stops. 3. B($%& * +*45"1 #0- !' 50.#. How frustrating is it when you’re ready to leave the house and can’t find your keys? Now imagine that happening when you’re a hundred miles from home and can’t go anywhere. You will thank yourself later for this foresight. 4. T!1 "1. Keep your eyes peeled for the next gas station when your fuel drops to one quarter full. Don’t risk unusually long distances between stations that could see your road trip plans coming to a halt because your vehicle won’t take you any further. 5.H*/0.!"(1*10(=!(5$%!()0(.

Keep your owner’s manual, registration, license and proof of insurance with you, and ensure they are valid for the length of your trip. If you don’t have your vehicle’s manual anymore, most automakers offer PDF versions online. – NC

Council adopts Affordable Housing Strategy Kamloops City Council approved the Affordable Housing Strategy at last week’s Council meeting. This strategy will guide the City’s housing-related investments and activities over the next five-plus years across the full housing continuum. It explores actions that can be taken across the entire housing spectrum, with particular emphasis on non-market housing. KAMPLAN: City of Kamloops Official Community Plan (OCP) identifies the following three specific goals related to affordable housing: • H!"#$%& A''!()*+$,$-.: to ensure there is an adequate supply of housing to meet population growth and improve affordability across the housing continuum • H!"#$%& D$/0(#$-.: to increase the diversity of housing types to create inclusive and complete neighbourhoods • H!"#$%& '!( V",%0(*+,0 P!1",*-$!%#: to provide a range of housing options for persons with disabilities, seniors, low-income individuals and families, and those who require ongoing supports The City utilized a variety of stakeholder engagement tools to gather feedback to help shape the strategy, including neighbourhood meetings, online surveys and workshops for community partners, businesses and developers. Three strategic priorities and 17 objectives emerged from the engagement and research process to move the City towards its affordable housing goals. The three priorities are strategic leadership and coordination, innovations in land use and built form, and project support and capacity building. “This document will play an important role in the development of new projects and will strengthen existing measures the City has been taking to increase impact” said Natalie Serl, acting Social & Community Development supervisor. The full Affordable Housing Strategy can be viewed at

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Prep your lawn for summer

Healthy lawns provide kids and pets with a safe, soft place to rest or play. Did you know your lawn also plays a significant role in cooling the environment around your home? These are just some things to think about as you get back to the garden. • When caring for your green space, remember that just like all living things, plants need food. Turf fed three to four times a year develops a deep

Java Mountain News 2 July 12, 2018

root system that can resist heat, drought and wear. It also develops thick green top growth to naturally resist weeds, disease and insects. • Look for a fertilizer with higher nitrogen and potassium, the first and last numbers on the bag. These are the nutrients that help promote a stronger root structure, disease resistance and hardiness that will help your lawn during the dog days of summer. • Nutrients provide grass with the ability to withstand drought in hotter summer temperatures, and to survive the winter and bounce back in spring. You can find more helpful information about the right way to fertilize online at – NC

Kamloops Tsunami swimmers make podium at Revelstoke Swim Meet

Music in the Park At Riverside Park (Rotary Bandshell) July 2018

MAKING WAVES. Victoria Karpuk finishing strong in the 50m butterfly competition in Revelstoke over the weekend. Submitted photo

Eighteen members of the Kamloops Tsunami Swim Club competed last weekend at the Revelstoke Invitational Swim Meet. Gwenna Faupel and Cooper Heide each captured a bronze medal in their respective divisions. Emerson Faupel, Liam Blackall, Megan Hanry, Caiden Blackall, Kayleigh Roberts, Victoria Karpuk, Gwenna Faupel, Jared Roberts, Cooper Heide, Michael Karpuk, Ethan Hanry, Jakob Faupel, Alexis Cloet, Alexandra Karpuk, Hayley Branchflower, Raina McEachernToombs, Kara Branchflower, and Denae Branchflower were among the Tsunami who set personal bests on the weekend. In relay action, the Boys Division 3 team, consisting of Jakob Faupel, Cooper Heide, Michael Karpuk and Jared Roberts, fin-

ished in third place in the 200m medley and fourth place in the 200m freestyle relay. The Girls Division 6 team of Raina McEachern-Toombs, Alexis Cloet, Alexandra Karpuk and Hayley Branchflower, finished in third place in the 200m medley relay. The Girls Division 7 team of Raina McEachern-Toombs, Alexis Cloet, Denae Branchflower and Hayley Branchflower, finished in second place in the 200m freestyle relay. The Girls Division 4 team consisting of Alexandra Karpuk, Gwenna Faupel, Victoria Karpuk and Kayleigh Roberts, finished in third place in the 200m freestyle relay. Next up for the Tsunami will be the Golden Invitational Swim Meet July 14-15.

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Artist Name Music Style Rollin Trainwreck dynamic roots & country Suzi Rawn rockin’ blues Swamp Music Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute Tim Williams porch blues Frapp City classic rock Tri-Continental 3 blues greats Me & Mae country rock The Sturgeons root rock Ben Klick country CIFM Presents: Pure Petty Tom Petty Tribute Marshall Potts singer/songwriter Three Kings featuring Henry Small A Royal Trio Cécile Doo-Kingué blues Mid-Summer Night’s Jam BCLC Presents: Gord Bamford Canadian country classic Echo Nebraska roots David James & Big River Johnny Cash Tribute Shattered Blue classic rock Tyler Allen & The Hot Red Hayseeds old style country The Award Winning Sue Foley country blues Sean Ashby Sarah McLachlan guitarist

Free musical entertainment - all summer long - 7 to 8:30 p.m. Rain or shine. Bring a lawn chair or blanket and come early for the best seats. Schedule subject to change. *Free parking at Riverside Park during July and August.

At McDonald Park (Gazebo) Date Artist Name July 11: Kira & Evan July 18: Alset July 25: The Yale County Jug Band

Music Style soulful classic female rock jug band fun

Free musical entertainment every Wednesday all summer long 7 to 8:30 p.m. Rain or shine. Schedule subject to change.

Sunday July 15

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Promotions, Media Relations & Publisher of the Java Mountain News 273 Nelson Avenue Kamloops, B.C. V2B 1M4 Phone: 250-376-3672 E-mail: Java Mountain News 3 July 12, 2018

A,+5&7 T+<& • KAMLOOPS HIGHLAND GAMES, Sat. July 14, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. (gates:7:30 a.m.) at Albert McGowan Park, 2025 Summit Dr. (water park in park). Taste/learn about some great scotch, watch the caber toss, the pipe bands & dancers! Lots of great vendors & entertainment! Sit in the beer gardens & watch the 6-time world champion SFU pipe band! Admission: $10/adult; $8/senior; $5/child. • P•••••• X T!•"••• presents X FEST 2018, at Prince Charles Park, 11th Ave. & Columbia St., July 16 – 28, presenting an exciting new, female led, retelling of T!• T!••• M#$%•••••$ (Mon, Wed, Thurs, & Sat eves) & T!• T!••• MUNSCH-K•••••$ (Tues & Fri eve – often at both 5& 7 p.m.), a zany adventure highlighting five Robert Munch stories. Plus, there will be 2 Pay-What-You-Can Matinees: The Three MUNSCH-keteers, Sat. July 24, 2 p.m.; & The Three Musketeers, Sat. July 28, 2 p.m. – allowing Project X to make outdoor summer theatre accessible to everyone. • CSRFD SUMMER EDITION – BBQ IN THE PARK, hosted by Rotary Family Dinners, Wed. July 18, 4 – 6:30 p.m., at McDonald Park. Hamburgers & hotdogs will be ready at 5 p.m. Come early if you want some play time! Bring a chair, blanket or towel to sit on the grass. Dinners for those facing challenges, or just needing a break from cooking dinner. Open to families with children 17 & under. • KAMLOOPS INTERNATIONAL BUSKERS FESTIVAL, July 26 – 29, downtown & at Riverside Park, 100 Lorne St. Thurs: 5 – 10 p.m. Fri & Sat: 12:30 – 10 p.m. Sun 12 – 6 p.m. Kamloops welcomes the world! Professional street performers from our region & from across Canada, Europe & Australia, will perform at this family oriented, free festival presented on outdoor stages. Entertainers include acrobats, magicians, jugglers, hula hoops, musicians & more! Food Village at Riverside Park. FMI: 250-828-3316;;; • FIRST SATURDAYS GUIDED TOURS at K"&'••($ A•• G"''••), 101 – 465 Victoria St., first Sat of each month, 1 p.m. in Central Galleries. Explore & engage with KAG exhibitions, ask questions & learn about the stories behind the art work. Led by local artist & art instructor Emily Dundas Oke. Free admission; open to all ages.

JMNEWS CLASSIFIEDS Have an item to sell? Looking for an item? Having a craft fair or bake sale? Place your ad in the Java Mountain News C'"$$+5+•*$ section for only $15/week (up to 30 words). Send your information and payment to Java Mountain News, 273 Nelson Ave. Kamloops, B.C. V2B 1M4 or call Judi at 250-819-6272 at least one complete week before the event. Pre-payment is required.

Kamloops United Church

• RIVERSIDE PARK TOURS, presented by Kamloops Museum & Archives. Join KMA for a tour of this local Kamloops gem. Delve into the history of the land & shoreline & its many users over the years. Also explore the public art that currently beautifies this downtown landmark. Dates & times: Fri’s, 10 – 11:30 a.m. Aug. 3 & 31; Fri, 2 – 3:30 p.m. Aug. 3 & 17. Registration: $5. Meet at Heritage House in Riverside Park. Wear comfortable shoes & be sun safe by wearing sunscreen & a hat! FMI & to register: 250-828-3500 or • MOONLIGHT MOVIE NIGHT, Fri. Aug. 24, 7 – 10 p.m. at Riverside Park. Bring the family for the family movie night under the stars. Admission by suggested donation: $3 or $10/family. All proceeds to CMHA Kamloops. Concession. Activities for the whole family. This year’s movie is C•••. Movie begins at dusk. With anticipated cooler temperatures in the evening, pack some warm clothes along with blankets & pillows & lawn chairs. • T!• F••#*+". S'+($ perform MONTHLY IMPROV SHOWS at the Stage House Theatre, 422 Tranquille Rd. Doors: 7:30 p.m. Show: 8 p.m. Tickets: $15/advance at, or $20 at the door. Schedlue: July 21: B!"#$ B%"&'!( B)&*+ P",(-; Aug. 18: S(,). ‘&’ S).. Parental discretion is advised; recommended for 16 years of age or older. FMI: • RUIN & RENEWAL: FIRE ON THE INTERIOR PLATEAU, exhibition at Kamloops Museum & Archives, 207 Seymour St., June 15 – Sept. 29. • KAMLOOPS TRAVEL CLUB, an informal group that gets together regularly for weekly meetings to talk about travel at The Art We Are. Call James, 250-879-0873. • THE BIG LITTLE SCIENCE CENTRE, 655 Holt St., open Tues – Sat, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., with daily hands-on fun in the exploration rooms; interactive science shows at 11 a.m. & 1:30 p.m. S566!, S#$!75%!: July 10 – 14: 11 "6: T!• A&"/+.0 M"0.••+$& S!•1. Explore magnetism & take away some magnetic magic tricks to try out at home! 1:30 .6: F".•"$•+• F••••$ 3 M••+•. S!•1. A force is a push or a pull. Explore the different types of force surrounding us & how they create movement. Be prepared for some surprises & to make things move. 250-554-2572. • OVERLANDERS DAY in McDonald Park, 501 McDonald Ave., Sun. Aug. 19, 12 – 9 p.m. An Old Fashioned Family Picnic featuring a wide array of family activities, such as sack races; egg & spoon races; pie eating contests (for youth & adults); traditional multicultural music; Lions Club breakfast; Taste of the North Shore (in support of Meals on Wheels); Open Mic; BC Wildlife Park; face painting & much more. • RUBE BAND practises most Mon., 7:30 p.m., at the Old Yacht Club, 1140 Rivers St. New members welcome. Call Bob Eley, 250-377-3209. • K"&'••($ S•.+••$ A••+4+•) C•.••• hosts BINGO every Tues at the Brock Seniors Activity Centre, 1800 Tranquille Rd. Doors: 5 p.m. Games: 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. 19+ event; fully licensed concession. • GAMBLERS ANONYMOUS meetings Thurs., 10 a.m. at Desert Gardens, 540 Seymour St. Call Wally, 250-679-7877, or Sunny, 250-374-9165.

Brock Activity Centre

Thrift Shop

Brock Shopping Centre

425 St. Paul Street Open: 10 AM – 3 PM Monday – Thursday

Turnover of great merchandise daily.

B!=( B5-= )& T+<&!


Tuesday Nights Doors open 5pm Games start 6pm

Concession Drinks Snacks Coffee/Tea

Sandwiches Bring your friends and your appetite!

BCLC License # 70136 Must be over 19 to play

Java Mountain News 4 July 12, 2018

Goodies Weekly Dinner options

WANTED: ADVERTISING REPRESENTATIVE Java Mountain News is seeking an advertising representative to join the team. The qualified person will develop and maintain a client base throughout the city. Send resume and cover letter to: Publishing Editor, 273 Nelson Ave., Kamloops, B.C. V2B 1M4 or E-mail

Pinantan East Paul Lake Community Association

5th annual


Winds of Change Counselling 10 years in private practice Affordable assistance with: • relationships/interpersonal conflicts • stress, abuse, depression/anxiety • anger, changes/challenges in your life

Lana Mineault, MSW, RSW #102 - 774 Victoria Street • 250-374-2100

SUN. AUG. 26 • 10 AM - 3 PM Pinantan School & Grounds, Pinantan Lake (29 km up Paul Lake Rd) CALL FOR VENDORS Fee (10’X10’ outdoor booths • must supply own table): • $20/vendor • $10/kids 16 & under • $30/table sharing

Email Charity: Phone Autumn: 250-573-2073

Java Mountain News 5 July 12, 2018

Marion Schilling Safer Schools Project gets underway The City of Kamloops has contracted Rivermist Excavating Ltd. to carry out pedestrian safety improvements along Park Drive, from Valleyview Drive to the west boundary of Valleyview Centennial Park, as part of the Safer Schools Program. Preliminary work will begin July 11, with construction starting the week of July 16. Completion is anticipated for the end of August. Construction is scheduled to occur Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., with the possibility of some weekend work. The project includes reconstructing the sidewalk located on the east side of Park Drive; improving signage; intersection improvements; replacing catch basins; formalizing driveway letdowns and crosswalk improvements. Driveway access to residents and businesses will be maintained throughout the project. Pedestrian access will also be maintained. Motorists are asked to obey all traffic control personnel and equipment when driving in the vicinity of the construction. Important construction updates will be posted at www.kamloops. ca/capitalprojects. Questions can be directed to the Civic Operations Department via email at or by calling 250828-3461.




Pipeline protest closes popular provincial park If you were thinking of heading out to North Thompson River Provincial Park just outside of Clearwater this week for some camping, think again. The Ministry of Environment said the park is closed due to a protest against the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project. An Indigenous cultural event first closed the park to the public from July 6 to July 9 but the Ministry of Environment says “some event participants remain on site” to protest the pipeline. The ministry said BC Parks is maintaining the closure while “efforts are made to respectfully resolve the situation.”

“The Province recognizes the right to engage in peaceful protest, however also recognizes that people and families who are simply wanting a camping experience in this particular park are – regrettably – being inconvenienced,” stated a ministry spokesperson. In an effort to accommodate those impacted by the closure, BC Parks is advising affected campers and is offering refunds for fees already paid. Campers are also being assisted in making alternate arrangements at nearby provincial parks or other private campsites.

A!"#$% T"&$

• DROP IN ADULT BADMINTON at the OLPH Gym (rear entrance), 635 Tranquille Rd., every Tues, 7 p.m. Mixed group of players; intermediates – advanced. Cost: $5. Birds supplied. Call Robert, 250-579-0193. • HOT YOGA IN THE PARK, every Tues., 7 – 8 p.m., at McDonald Park, throughout July & Aug. All ages & abilities welcome. Bring your own mat or enjoy the grass between your toes. • SHAMBHALA MEDITATION GROUP offers meditation in the LOADERS Shambhala Buddhist tradition. Sat, drop-in 9:30 – 11:30 a.m.; Mon, 7 PADDLEWHEELER BOATS – 8:30 p.m.; Thurs., 7 – 9 p.m. with available meditation instructions. 433B Lansdowne St. Call Liz, 250-376-4224. • GERMAN CHOIR group meet every 2nd Thurs, 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. at North Shore Community Centre, 730 Cottonwood Ave. Call Frieda, 250-376-3814. • UNPLUGGED ACOUSTIC JAM SESSIONS, on the 1st & 3rd Monday of the month, at the Alano Club, 171 Leigh Rd., 7 – 10 p.m.; No cover. All acoustic musicians welcome. Call 250-376-5115. • KAMLOOPS FLOOR CURLERS floor curl every Mon, Tues, TO ORDER, Thurs, Fri, 9:15 – 11:30 a.m., at Heritage House. Everyone invited to CALL WALLY join. FMI: Maureen, 250-554-2422. 250-578-0211 • MOUNT PAUL UNITED CHURCH THRIFT SHOP, 140 Laburnum St., open Tues. & Thurs., 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

JMNEWS CLASSIFIEDS Have an item to sell? Looking for an item? Having a craft fair or bake sale? Place your ad in the Java Mountain News C!"##$%$&'# section for only $15/week (up to 30 words). Send your information and payment to Java Mountain News, 273 Nelson Ave. Kamloops, B.C. V2B 1M4 or call Judi at 250-819-6272 at least one complete week before the event. Pre-payment is required.

Java Mountain News 6 July 12, 2018

Summer Camps at BIG Little Science Centre Camps include movement, science exploration & experimentation, construction, & loads of hands-on fun – a great way to learn about science. Sign up for a week (or more) of summer science awesomeness.

Camps run daily from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., for a week at a time. Cost: $180/week; members/$170/week. Registration forms: blscs. org/scamps.htm or the BLSC, 655 Holt St. 250-554-2572.

S!"#$ W%& S'(#)'# C*+", Aug. 13 – 17 (For ages 5

around them while their body is busy. Fun STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math) science at its best.

& up. Must have completed Kindergarten.) Hands-on science activities mixed with games, experiments, crafts & art. Bubbles, rockets, chemistry, crystals, dinosaurs, volcanoes, treasure maps, puzzles/mysteries, roller coaster construction, Zorbs, & more! Each week contains different activities & most requested favourite activities, allowing children to participate twice over the summer. Active science learning allows a child’s brain to discover the world

Remains of missing Kelowna man found in Kamloops The B.C. Coroners Service has identified remains discovered in Kamloops along the Thompson River last week as belonging to a missing Kelowna man. “RCMP can now confirm that the deceased individual has been positively identified, by the Coroners Service, as missing person Martin Joseph Thiffault, of Kelowna,” related RCMP Cpl. Jesse O’Donaghey, spokesperson for the Kelowna Regional Detachment. Thiffault was last heard from on April 19 in Kelowna and a missing person’s investigation was launched on April 24.

The remains were spotted along the banks of the river near the Kamloops Airport by a pedestrian on the afternoon of July 6. “The Kamloops and Kelowna RCMP detachments have been working collaboratively with the B.C. Coroners Service following the discovery of the human remains,”said O’Donaghey. According to Kamloops RCMP Cpl. Jodi Shelkie, the death is not suspicious. Thiffault’s next of kin have been notified of his passing.

J!)(%$ S'(#)'# C*+"

Aug. 14 – 18 Hands-on science activities mixed with games, experiments, crafts & art. Get wet while making bubbles & discovering how sticky water is, make rockets, do chemistry, examine the micro world around us, make & eat pizza, dig for dinosaurs & much more! Active science learning allows a child’s brain to discover the world around them while their body is busy: fun STEM science at its best.

R%-%.(', C*+", (For ages 9 & up) Week 1: July 30 – Aug. 3. Week 2: Aug. 21 – 25 Design, build, & program your own robots. Using the Mindstorms LEGO robotics systems, create your own works of art/science & put them through their paces. Learn how to go fast, be strong, use sensors, run mazes, & much more. Extra coding opportunities & games will be included to help campers create the ultimate robots! Outdoor fun will include the water slides & Zorbs, & more.


••••••••• •••! "#• ••• $•#%• "•&'%(: )•$*#•), •#++%••, (#-••, •+-%•. •%!# *%•)/••!, !%'00••!, *##•'•!, !•••1•!, &'•••)!, •••. $'%% &•/• •# !-'•. ••%% 2-+' •# #•+•• • 250-376-3672

kamloops insurance When you want something covered. open Monday to Saturday til 6pm Open Every Day

| f. 250.374.7463 t. 250.374.7466 250-374-7466 #220-450 Lansdowne Street (Next to London Drugs) Java Mountain News 7 July 12, 2018

JMNews 12 July 2018  
JMNews 12 July 2018