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1914Olympian JamesMadisonMemorialHigh School M a d i s o nW , isconsin


{# Life Home.ooms. Ac.rdemics Sporrs... Clubs Seniors. .... ....

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Cove.Design: Tom Troller EndsheeiDesign: Ann Wolberg Advisor: Mr. Tom Grade Co-Editorsin Chief: LisaEcke.randCarolKoch

Homecoming ActivitiesWere Filledto the Brim for the Week

Aite. manyweeksof hard powde.pufffootball practice, the f€malegridderswere preparedto meettbeir challengers.The s€niors corchedby RandyBraun.Ga.ySlernrnd ChrisBake.,defeated thejunio.swilh a scoreof l6-0.Sue Tallardrnd AnneCzynsak, seniorrunningbacksleadthe gradurlingleam. Qurrte.bttck,Lori Wasserbuger inspiredthe junio.s. who werecoachedby Jeff Roberlsand Mr. Soderling. The oulcomeoitheSophomore Freshn,tn

battlewas6-0,a sophomore viclofy.The F.eshmen were instfuctedby Kelly M€uer,Mike weissand Mike Ash. Marcy Onken. sophomo.equaterback. and her t€rmmateswerecoached by Kirk Morledg€ andFritzKaumpf. Whentheshorlseason wasover,theparlicipanls andfans knewtbiswasmorethrn a Homecoming xclivity it was a meanin-qful learning experience.

Mile wcL\\ !nd Snnd! Andrins.. {Upper). Posder Puil King- Rrndy Brxu n (Middle Ric hl) . Sen or Cheer Ler deflo s r p o R d e r t d i f( L o u e r

L e f t ) .P L u y e 6o n b e n c hL e l t r d R i g h rA n n A1 [n . C l i ]r Zl m o n n - L n u r r Oibson.JennilerH€ndficks,SiouxSrevens.Chri\srkcr

ClassCrowns Jill BeylerQueen



Homecoming rhisyearlike lastyearbrokethâ‚Źt.adilion ol the pasl.The court involvâ‚Źdtwo princesses lrom lhe l,es'man.'uphrmore.undiunrorcl.,,,esrnd .,\ p|rf($ e' Jnd I qJccnftom ,he ,eniorcla-. lle p',n.e-e. ure iromLeft to Rightin theUpperRigh!photoKirslenTin, slum(l I ), Mary JanePoue( 1l), LeslieSchor.( l0), A nn (10).KathySergenian (9).andKarinMeyer(9) Morledge,

who is not shown.The sixseniorgirlsnominated 1obe the princesses LelI to Righl in the Homecoming LowerPholoJill Beyler,SandyCrlranach.IngaBrynild son.Kim Ring,Tamm) LaFarga.LisaEckert. nd Laur,l Gibson.The seniorschoseJill Belle. as the 1974HomecomingQueen-


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Spartrnspirilwasheardall overMadisongamenighls, as Memorialcrrrvanswoundiheir way lhroughthe cily. E\â‚Źrrunefirsrp,r.her(d scnuollur - c"r decur]trnp.e* "t sion and pep r.rlly.Then they wereoif. with streamers nyingand hornsblaring.Spartansmadesuchan uproa. throughthc neighborhoods ir seemedrhat ever!one havingthei.license w!s drivingin Men1orial s

youarâ‚Źable1osceabove.Spi.itwashighin all oi thecrravans.but the climax$rs on Farme.Day whentheca.avansof xlo archrivalscamel)ce to lacewitheachother. trr.ingto oul-cheer The enthusiasric lanswereconslantlr_ eachother.But it wasworth il all whenMemorialcame scoreof 28 to 14 overwcst out on top tlith a victorious High.

As alwuys,footballfeverwascontagious thisyearand showcdup many timesin manyfaces.CoachOlsondisplayedonc of hiswinnin-q smilesdu.ingr PepAud anid wascarriedoverto the lotsoi vocalsupport.Thecheering gameswherethe crowdcelebrated manr.a rouchdown.

Theconcentralion theleamshorved on thesidelines rs rlell as the field resultedin scoringplaysand a seasonlilled with victoriâ‚Źs. Theexcitemenr from sha.ingthe Big 8 ritle will stayunli1the griddersstarl pr.rcticing ag.rinand the fansanticipalion for lhe newseason begins.

I Ca.ley,JenniferHendricks,Mary Gilberttakelime to

\ valerieNaughiongivestbecameraa smile.

Ann Suaskadisplals her wasgr€at Studentturnoutat iootballgames iarrnerduds. kling aw.ry and enjoyingthe commotionshe caused. F .mer day l97l dawn€ddark and $mbe. with lhe and$i1l longbe Farmerday end€dthe best$ar-possible promiseol.ain in thexir. But on thc insideMemorialwas drys of the ycat. Every of lhe best remembered as one brisht.chee.ful.rnd lull ol farme.s.AII kindsor them 1o make theserson a rival. and in order foolballt€unrhrs roamedthe hallsin rheirgrubbyduds.The loser LM.C. s s€ason is made be beaten. Harvard complet€.it must caughtin the spirit of the day, was lrrnsiotmcdinto a season is complete rnd Memoriuls whentheybeatYale. barn!nrd!vhena chickenstruttedacrossthe carpet,c c-



i. r;.


f Paula Okey watch€sthe FarmerDayAction.

DaveRemilzandTom Trolle.displayajug full oi spirir

Vi(roriousspa ansliI' .oachOl-on



sh en we bex l W c s L T h c l a s t ti n e th i s w u s a c c o mpl i shed wa s jn 1970when w c s h a re dth e B i g Ei g h r C h a mpi onshi p wi l h J anes v illeCrri g . E v e r s i n c e th e n , th c re seemedro h a ! e been . r J jnx o n M e m o ri a l s p o .ts me nw h e n rhey confro nledW es t in. r n a th l e l i cc o n l e s t. T he nighr of t he W € s t g rn ]e ! l h e re w a s a fe el i ngol i n-




tenseexci tenrcntcspeci al l yw hen rcnrenrbe r inglasr ! er r s cl osedj s ppoi nri ngg,rmc w i th w est. W e w !n t ed. e! enge. W hen the rerms ran ouL on the fi el d.1hec.owd t venr$ild and nev€rqui etedunti l l he fi n.rlsecondsti ck eo a$r ! : t no Memori al had be!renW cst.

Ev er y o n e h a s a p l a c e in life theonlytrouble



f ind i n gi t . So oftenweget off on t hew r o n gt r a c k , doingt h i n g sw et h i n k wesh o u l db u t neverfinding f ulf i l l m e n t , Somepeoplenever fi nd their place, but t ho s ew h od o obtainhappiness. B y S a n d yJ o n e s

.,ll -n l4 wasa special daya1J.M.M.This Friday,September prrents. foundtime to and students dry many teachers, his with BobGrogan. familyand sharepar! of thenselves visitedour otherslike them.Tbe RedCrossBloodmobile so that membe.s of the com_ from 9:00to 3:00 comnrons good fine studen!. alhl€te. and munily*ere able!o backa l06pintsol ll5 donors. BobGrogan.Ofthe friend.junior

blood were receiv€dand greatly appr€cia!ed.Donors rangedfrom workersat Cuna and Rural Insuranc€companies.leachersduring their free time, studentswho w€fe old enough,and parentsof Memorial students.Stud€nts volunteered iheirtameand andteachers as wellasparents was and will long The drive a success effort to help. blood in the liv€s ofmany. be rememb€red

Uppe! Ri8hr. Barb Srcvensrnd Kdrhywrrd *rtchinB overa donor.M6. Emshofisilting*nh a lhermoneterin her mo!th, Loler Lert. Mana Feildr an dKdrh l Kr r ndidingt heblooddnr €


r-i Underthe directionof Ms. Hatchthe comedy'Bare, footIn The Park'proved to be an outstanding success. Castin iheirfirst leadroles,Mary Ba.!leuand Mike Ash portr.ryed theirpartsverypfofessionally. AlthoughCathy playedmLrch Hadley andMark Goldstein olderpa(s. they vell.Theproduction wasmadecomplete didexceptionally

with th€ rolesol lra Musinand Dav€Fey.This playreqJiredmrn) lun! hou^ o{ reLrear'inp. redious rime01'cenery.enthusiastic supportby the d.ama club.and hard work fromth€slagecrew.Wilh .1novicedireclotandnovwill beremembered as icecast,thisrathe.dilficul!comedroneofthe highlighrs ol they€ar.





t' ii,

This year the innovativ€jLrniorsoutdid all previousJuInsteadof haval the Midwinlercoronation. niorClasses they had an aU gradecourl. ingonly Junior all€ndants Eachclasschos€a boy and a girl they wanledto repr€sent thei.classon the Midwinter court. The lwo lreshmanaltendants chosenwereBitsyGalliganand Mark D'Alessio (iar leil). The sophspickedCindy LaFargaand Brian Revello(far righl)- Represenling the seniorclasswereSioux

Stevensand SteveRoberts(secondfrom lell). The three f€malejunior attendantswere (from left 1o righ0 Cindy LeslieBrandenburg. and Lorie Eckerl,and Unde.kofler. representing the male attendanlswere Andy (Tex) Graf, Larry Adams,andJohnGalligan.The king andqueenof Midwint€rwere Karen Deselle,and Tim Kolb (above left).Aboveyou can seequeenKa.en Deselleand Jack up a stormat Midwinter. Pointerdancing

Fun at Midwinter 1974 il-t"1

*F!!:if ENI r:sflrg F l E . r!



8.,1::rl II i-i-ru ]iSIII


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t:f.'.]: r',. &El 1r,.-G 'lt{.:




r-E.{ | I ll


Candi Ring and John Blassicunder an appro, priatesign?

whaL'sin lhe punch?

Ca.ol Koch, Dick crooms, Ba.b Boeheme.Jim Bey€.enjoy sittingasmuchasdancing. Thejuniors spentall day Salurdayd€coratingthe Cafetria andcommonsgetting.eadyfor Midwinter.The Cafele.ia wallswerecoveredwith hea.tsandcupidsin keeping with the rhemeS.w.A.K (sealed with a kiss).Musicwas providedby Skywaywho kept up the b€atplayinga wide rang€ol music.On the oppositepage.couplesare keeping time with the musicin theirown special way.Andy(Tex) Grai and Mary JanePotteraredancing(lop left). Nexr to Tex andMary NancycannongivingJonJackson lo

BonnieLybeck.Ma.y Roddle.SarahBeckmanask andyour numb€ris?

a big smile.Dancingin the midst of eve.yoneis Mary O'Connell and BruceTakowiak (middle l€ft). Secluding themselvesfrom lhe rest of the group ar€ Sue Habl€and Mike Ahrens(middleleil). Sittingthis danceout areChris Waggenerand Joel McNeely (borlom left) and Altison Gritton and Dan Wilson(bouom middle).Takingtime out liom dancingto poseior rh€ came.aare (from left ro right) Randy Hinderman.cena Cobb. Joel Barwinick. andKris Watson.


In mostschools, the IMC is wherestudents go ro srudy. However.our's is unique.Memorial\ studenrsuselhe IMC as a gatheringand socializingareatoo. Above teft, Lisa Reid violalesthe no,eatingrule.Top.ighi, Debbie carland and Karen Zach cuddleup to one of th€ many plaslermen made in ihe aft depr.Occasionalty, one likes

10 get away from it all. and iind a nice secludedptaceto,orjust relax.Lowerright.JenniHansoncombinesr€laxingandstuding. evenwirhoulshoes.IngaBrynildsonalsofindsher own secluded spor,botromtefr.but shetakestimefrom reading to findthecam€rasraringher


CabaretlThis wasthe them€oi the 1974A.F.S.talent (lower shovhostedby NancyGannonandJon Gochberg wide varielr. the oi the show lhe audirighl).Because ol was ready lor more at lhe close ol-the cu(ain. As ence but the A.F.S. sludents are introduc€d at the show. alsatrs for the time an A.l'.S. sludentwasone of the pe.MagdaSchuli(upperleft) !hrilledtie audience fornrers. sith rhe song Blowingin the Wind" singingil in both S$issandEnglish. Ci Ci Ciprianirnadea greataddilionlo the showby

playingth€ harp(lowermiddle).Tb€rewasmuchsinging in !h€ show,bu! a verr_specialsong"Le! There Be Peace On Earth" wassungby Kat€ Gorman(uppefright).All Iol excitem€n! th.oughrh€1alentshos,onecouldf€el.lhe the gr€as€rband. when ljnally they appeared.thev we.e fantastiklAboveleft. BobVolkmanshowshis!al€n1asa danceraccompanied by Brucewencel-Dueto theworkb) theshowproved th€pe.formers. hosts.andlhe produc€rs.



The Fantaslikswasa firsl for Memorial for many r€asons.The red from a classroom to a thealerin theround.Tbiswasthefirs!musicalputon by the d.ama club with a castol only ninep€opl€.Ch€ryl Geie.and DaveFeyhad theleading.oles as lovers.Mik€ Ash and Jon Gochbe.gwerecastas lhe litherswho kept

a wall !hc loversseparaled.RoxrnneThomplo plaJ_ed whichwasonetechnique the lrllhersusedlo keepthelwo loversfron]g€1ling together. I n theleftpicture)ou seethe two loversin eachothersarms.To th€irrightaretheiour mJ,1chd dcrersArd belourhemi.(her)l Geier.insins in thearmsol Neil Schwaiger.


Sincethe themeof Twirp thisyearwas"the GoodOld him agift reminding DayJ'eacbboyon lh€court.eceived ofthe dayspasl.Tbe couft wasmadeup ofone boy from €achgrade(as shownin the lower picture).Sta(ing from ScottMorledge(l l), th€left to right theyare as follo\'_s: ( l2), King BriceKeel(10).KainShulter wally Klashinsk' (10).and KevinQuinn(9). Carryingth€ King'scro{n up

€scort€dby Paul Morl€dge lhe isle wereJulie Schoessow, (upperrigh!).Just befor€th€ crowningof the King the was amusinglyinterrupted by Memorial'sfirst audi€nc€ two streak€rs.Tbe sophomo.eclassel€ctedBrice Keel as the Twirp King. wilh SharonCeleluand ShellyOnken lookingon (upperleft)-All in all thesophsdid a greatjob.





rrrivedat the dance.)ou couldal' As the iirst couples readytell rt $as goingto bc the bestdanceol lhe !ear' theycouldhave h€ardthemusicol Beans. And shen !her,dancedall nighl.Th€r€{as a greatvari€lvof coslunres. someofwhichrequi.edmuchcreativilyandsork Showing th€iroriginalitywereKim DJ-k€and her drle (upper left) posingas a gangnerand I flapper'Boppinon lhe dancelloor are Dan Mcclungand hisdale(upperrrgh!)

. ..:

wasthe Matx brolhersshown One of the beslcostumes right. Sinccthe.e wereonl! lhree on the bottom here $irhout a dat€,but whichoncl Crn came one brolhers. Seivert.and Latson..Jenny guess? They stc.John )ou Krisli Aserland.And on the oppositepage,k€epingrn runewith the rheme(CoodOld Days),Dasn Edge.Paul Skaloskiupperleft.andChrisSheafandherdate.Bcth


Gilbert and Tim Evans.evert back !o greas€rdays. Findinga placeto sit downwasa problemsometimes. So )ou sa1wh€r€you couldlind a place.HereJoannePeirce andDaveOrrfoundtheirplaceononeoftheeating tables. The sophsdid a greatjob in decorating the cafereria and

commonsfilling the wallswith pictu.esol llappersand gangst€rs. cosboysand dancehallgirls.and a variet)ot costumes. As the linishol thelastsongyoucouldnorethe feelingof th€laslyeario. theseniors andtheai. of antici' parionof rheunderclassman lb. thenexlTWI RP.

And the Race WasOn


cl.rss Eachd.t! a studentgocsthroughhisdxilr touLiner stu Fot some studling andoccasionrllr;ring. ridingthebushome Aldenrsthisdailytourincincludes in iF thoughthissound!ver)-ordin! is an expelience problcm ol p.rge. thefe is thâ‚Ź Firsl sell.xsshownon this pushed onto one being waitingfor yourbusandavoiding norgoing] our $.ry.Onceyou findthetightbus\ ou mrght think )ou are homelree.but now)ou are fa'edt!ith


youwill findlhiseasrbolrdingvoutbus.Occusionally in thetop leli pholo.lrl othâ‚Źrlrmes Is likerhestudenls '1 As alwaysthe.e,re rhose not sosimple(Middle-Right). whodo in rheirownway(LowetRight)-Somesrudents r! wdsonlv In thisc,rse providetheirownlransporla(ion. to convert oneway,lhanks10sonlcnudenls$ho decided


Ea c hy c ur M c m o .i a l h a si t s fi rs l s .a n d th i sre r i l stl s th edonk e! bas k elb a l l g rmâ‚Ź . F o r th o s eo 1\o u $ h o di d nor a l l e nd,t his aas an o .d i n rry b rs k e r b rl l g a m e . e x cep!th!l th e pla! ' er swâ‚Źr e on d o n k e y s .T h c tc u ms$ e rc ma dcup of Ju n i or sv s . t he t uc u l ty$ i th c h c e rl e u d e rs fo r b o th si des sh o w ingall t heir en th u s i rs n l .Ev e ry o n eh .rda g o o d l i mc d e sp ilc! he lalls , und th e J u n i o rse n d e du p o n l o p . unl i kc Mr. Rebholz ,dem o n s tra !i n gh i s o w n s 1 y l e(L o w e r Left).

Gre.r lb.m $!s sho$n by Nlr Vosscr.rdling lheball likernd inirnt rs hebrokethroughrhedelense lookinglbr a score(Top Right).And DeniseEmdenrerurning thebrll for sholthroughthehoop(TopLeft).Mr.Toilc) and Mr. Bulovskysir out lor ! coupleofn]inurcsbul rheir herrls.rresrillin iL(Lo$er Right).when rheciockwas stopped.thescoreboard sholvedI ro vicroryfor rhe


A s happense\c r) y e rr rl rb o u t th e s rme l i me. students s t ar l t o wis h awL i \!h c s n o w u n d h o p e l o r s p ri n g.E ach ], er r E ane. c om e s ,b u l fo r th c l i rs t l e a r a t M e mori al the E as t erB unny mrd e a !i s i t to th c s c h o o l .Ab o ve ]ou see M r s . B ec k erac co mp a n i c db ) Me n ]o ri rl s o $ n bunnyrnd her b. r s k el.Duf i n g Ea s tc rv a c r!i o n \ru d e n tso c cupi edthei r r inr ( b) c . r if inf .' ru d \ n p . ! l :,\rrc J L .rb c l i e vci Lot nJ . r . . , 1d \ um e q c re c \rn l u (k \ e n u L .l - r., p e r ' " Ire su r i n F l" r d, r \ \ l e1 , .L d e n r, re rJ rl < d tu .c h o u l rl L < r\Jr ,l i ur


the) i ound thei . w i shesh.rdcometrue. springs s her e. .rnd S pri ng Fevâ&#x201A;Źr" hi l . The courtl rrds se r e clor vdcd w i l h sl udentssunbathi ng,phl i ng $i th i ri sbees,r nd sonr c ti mescrl chi ng up on sl ccp.I nsLe!dol go;ngt o t he caict cri a 10eai . el eryonew enl to l he courtl a.ds . The cam cr ! cJLr!hrP :,| | rGrrdnerJnd K urrrS JI { .,rc<r . f \ incr o! ( r , rdn (Mi ddl e, Lel i ). The beauti i ul w eutherl . r sled couple of w eeks,then the col d returnedonc! agri n . r nd t he st uw i shi ngspri ngw ould r et ut n. dentsfound themsel ves

Ap r il 25 ! nd 26 of 1 9 1 4 .th e J rn rc s Mrd i s o n l v temori l Du n c eCl! b pr c s c nt e dIh c i r n n u rt \p ri n g d rn c c c once.L. Th cr e$. r s ! gr c t v ri e rr o fd rn c c s w i rh N te m o fi .rtH i gh Srl . . r Lr, rc r L, ,. \ <l .r.J t rrr l r ftL . L ru r..n c-e....t e un " p ro red t o t hc p|f lic ip rn rs t h rr n ]o d e rnd rn c c h \ n ow b cco m eone o1 |nr jo r rrr i o fn )s i n th e l i b e rL rt u rrs ti el d l G d !\. T he s hos . pf o! e ds u c ha s u c c e s th s rr rh rc eo J . rhe d a n ces$enr t o S lir t e ..l a n eMe n d c n h a l lrn d Ka re n pxrpc wo n rn a$! r d al S lr te l o r rh e i . d a n c e ..T h cB to o do fthc

Lamb (UppcrRighr).RoxunneThomplo rtsowonan awrrda St!re(Not PicluredHere).ChrisWa8so c. crccutcs.rberutilulposeduringhcrj.rzzdrnlc ( Lotrer Right).Thc erperinent,rl groupshorvs a parrof The B.okenCh.rin (UppcfLefr). WholeMitk rv,rs thetl e ol thedancedoncby Drle F.) and M r)Pcrrill .Under thedi.ectionof Ms Muaslhepâ&#x201A;¬rforn]xnce $asu greaL




MusicMan "Music This yct|rthe dramaclubof J.M.M. presenrcd success. Underthcdireclion M.rn , andit w.rsa sm.rshing Mary Brrtlell.thecast ol Ms. Halchand her co-directo. (uppcrleli) gavea sensational pcrlorrnance erch night. PhyingtheleddroleswereLowellInhornrlong]|i!h Missy McNeely.Missyis shownhe.ewith TerryCclaluplaying lh€ p.rrtof her molhe.(upperright).Oneof the Highlights ol th€ periormancewas lhe brrbershopquaftel


(lowerrigh0.Jon Gochberg.Mike Ash. Sl€veHarrison. kidsin theschool and Drve Fey.Beingoneoflhe smalles! especially for CraigWebbwho played hasils advanlrges, the librarian'sb.o!he.-Te.ri Thompsonshow!her surprise when sh) webb sings The W€lls Fargo Wagon"(low€rleft).I am sur€thal mostwho saw"The a grert MusicMan" wouldagreewilh me thatit was.just plav.

T' I

Two SpecialDaysAt Memorial *

@-f,?@[ f,s



.W&TTH@W#" tr r\rffi Tfr LJ ' L,Ulnt

fu'%ffi,q 6Y THE

CareersDay and Hal Day weretwo ve.y specialdays th.rrhighlighted the year. N4ay8, 1974many peoplefrom all differentwalksof life cameto Memorialand talkedto sludentsrbour thei. occupation.Brad Nordling(cenler .ighl)is vcry inter€sled l-romthe in whutthe rep.esentalive United StalesMa.ine is telling him. And below

Brad.K€vinWaggone.findsout abou!anolheroccupation. Hat daywasalsoanotherspecialatMemorial-For lhe first timein Memorial'shistorywecelebrated Nrtionalhdtday. The hrts iootbxllhelmetsto x top har.Karen Johnsonlak€slime 1ogivelhe canrera a smil€whilewear-



As is traditionat Mernorirlthe P.omcourtis madeup of fiveseniorgirls.and fiveseniorbor-s. The enri.esenior classnominrtes.rnd thenvoteson who thcvwouldlike to haveastheirPromQueen,rnd King.This]-eartheclassof '74 nominared (liom righl ro left) Mart.rSequei.a, Mike Weiss.Ginny Rassmussen, Cindy l,etzold.KevinSt.rirs.

Prom Kins Mark Tomlinsonand QueenBarb Enseldinger.Kirk Morledge. LorieEaronand Mike Lee.Al Pfom lhecamenmancaughL Mafk Tomlinson.rnd Br.b Engeldingerdescending the stairsro s!.rrtthe G.and M.rch. Rightnextdoor.r.eothercouples enjoying themselves on

Saturday. M,ry 25. 1974,wasthe day everyseniorgi.l wasusuallyjam packedas is evidenc€d on thispase(cenwasw.ritinglb.. und everys€niorgul's wallerwasdread- ter andlower.ighl).RandyStarkandPaulaOkeyfounda ing.Prom.For thefirsttime in nicequiel placero rrll (upperlef||.Ingr BrlnildsonJnd washeldal the C.ert H.tll at rhe Union.The bandfrom Paulwort'a[e r resr.'ul trom rhedJncenoo' uhiledo$n Chicago "D.ive waslubulous. Because theyplayedsuch the row Kim RingandJim Park find something funn)to .r vurielyol musicand wereso well likedrh€dancefloor raughal.


Sincethe themeof lhâ&#x201A;Ź dancewas "Sdturday in rhe soughtout all thefounPa.k . thedecorations committee lainsand patio lurniturethey couldfind. Upon entering lhe greathall lhe smellof violetspu1a spellon everlone Mike LeeandLorieExton andsetthe moodfo. everyone. followedthe KingandQueenduringthegrandnlarch(uppe. left). A liltle furlher down the line coupleswalked theirway aroundlhe room(upperrightand lowerri-qht).


Eventhoughmoslpeoplestrrtedrunningoul ofenergya! the end Kelli Dohmand BruceWencelslill foundener-sy 1o conlinuedancing(lowerlef0. Afte. the danccthe lun did notend.JanetCarleyhada posrprompartyandmany or watchthesunrise.Then stayedup to go to moreparties mostwenlhome,bul othersstayedup 1oseehowlongthey

Theyearhasjusrliownbr-my lriend The timehascomelor thelun to end And lbr youto go your$ay. The.evebeena1otolgoodlimes, And somew€fetryrng.1oo. But timesp€nteilherwaybinds when friendships madexretrue.



we vegrowna lot l€arning. in mo.ewaysthanonel Academics were.jusl thebeginning Bul whentheworkwasdone I foundwc d taughleach othcr A lcssonor twoin living Aboulgettingalonglogelher And theh.rppiness in giving. Evenasweleav€theseh.llls Theres stilla Spartdnin us Thal needs no ceilingor brickwalls But slaysuntilourIinish. we ll not forgetth€Green& while Thecolorswill notfade: won l have1ofigh1 Our memories To keepwhatweoncehad. By Ann Allen


FRO NT L- R: PduLS. hm ic . herL.r u r i c Wi n r c r . Kdr h! Sh! ! . ( x r hJ Looner .Re n e eL r $ r e n c e .

Warmweatherbringsstudents outsidc.

Adviso .:( Coh n.I RO NT L- R: ldn H, i. is . M ilc r r ic s . B r i d g c h rr r elr. Nrncy Fe e. Kr lhleenFr r ell) . M I DDLET M . s . C o h n . D e n i s e Fo llcr. Sall\ Elnrc r .Cf l Fr lnk - ELI €nEs enlherDon . E r c n l h e rT. O P r\dn. E\.nthcr. Julic Fclddlrd. Bob Fc.. Bcn H!blc. Sr.\c Fanllc.Dryc

A d v n o r :J C u n i e . F R O N T L - R : J o c l l l c n . B c r h d l cr .Ti m Ai l i n \. P l m A i k i n s .E r i n eA l e \ a n d € rT O P r B I S h i e L d M s .i [e C o n l xr e k.Bn r cc C x r o l l . D n nL u c k .M i ( c A ) h

I Advno r: J. Cru nd r ll.FRO NT L R: Nlr . Cr andlll. Pau i K a r l : . T e r r r _ . llDDI - E: Kllhj K r r i . C i n d ) I - c\1e ..Seck) Heb e. ling.D! v , d HeLn\ lt Hrlrk. Rd nd \ Cd c r - J nn Hc bc r linS.Enc HLllc nir n nK . arieKell). TOP:chcr!l Jdh n.Chr i{ ir e J r c ge. .Chu. k Helf c r ndn. B o b H c i n s .D i n

A d v , \ o r :M D c Y o u n gF. R O N T I R : i t l r D c Y o u n gBe . L n d rH e $ . Ki r n i n H r n s o n .M a u . e e nH r l L .N I l D D L h R o l l I n l v o l d $ d ..l cd i n cH r sc n d n n - L e r l l n r v o l d n l d . D l r c H L l l T O P ] D . n l r n h . Ste r el b L D r vc


A d v r l o r :K . E h l e ( . F R O N T L R M r s E h l e ( . P r \ D d r n l r e l dI. i n d r D c F o l i l n . M ! r ! D o \ l e . C u d D c n e f r n .D e b b i eL o P re n o .M ID D L I: J e a n n r nD e l h l - J u s r l n !D o n o c h u eJ.e 0 D x b r LN . i c k l L oPr cso .D e e An n D o u e h e f l ]S . u eD o r n l i e l dT. O P : D a l eD o \ . J d h nD i b bl c..r o D e i sr r o . M i k € D o u c h e f l lJ. r n F l c r c h f

I A dvno r:A. Dorrn dn d A Tr r r er s e.FRO NT L- R: M r \ H cirie!.Kim Se lle^ .TO P: Fr dnk Bhhr . M r . Tr r v er s r . .igh r.SrevePr!e.To m M iller

A d v i s o r R E h l e i . I R O N T L R : M h . E h l e i . C h i r e E ..k$ n . D cb b i c D l s c h .C r m n r D c L u c . M I D D L E : B r i r n D r s c h .B i l D r $ so tr .( r n l C o n v e r s eD. i l n e D i \ . h T O P : D c n ns D i P l , u r d .E d E r ict$ n . Ei l l D L o .

A dviso r:R Ehift. FRO NT L- R: Enib Her b.Cur h! gr n s o n . K u l h ) H umme l MIDDLE Jo. n Hut f er .Suc Hic k \ . Blr b 5lr s e. L o r r S i l c \ T OP: Mrrc K!lz. Da wn Hr ns en.Tom Hu\ on. Sandr H i c [ s . M .

A d v r s o r M . E m m e d d n .F R O N T L - R C h r r l c sB u \ e .P n u L Ar r n r n !!c, S u e B a [ e r .C i n d ] 8 a r M I D D L E : M r \ E m m e f l o nM . r r \ An d e r so n . A n n A r m {t u n 9 . L r z A n d e h o n .D o n n . A r m i l r g € T O P D a nC o o k$ n . F r r n I B l k e r .J i m A r m {( n ! . D o u gB o \ e r . D r \ c C o o r \o n .

Ad!nor B. EmshoiLFRONT L,R: KevinSergenian. Rick pluts. Cres Sch ilrz MIDDL E: J anes Sanlut t i.Nanc y Rooner ,K d h r - C d L t i g a n . TOP:Ja ne Sch r midrJ. elf Robe s .Sr ev eRober . Sc ou k s c u

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Advtror:B En dle . lRO NT L R M . . Endt e, Sue Lr und e r K _ c n hH u d c l \on . To n) La he n.Chef il M oor m an.M I DDLE: Slr a M o i i r s s e rJ. o h n Knip pe l.L "u rel Mo hs .J enn)L€hm ann.Llnn LeppienT O p : J e a tL a F $n - To m OteAro n. Cr ect iedl, lon O k e6r f on. Br an K . f p i n s k r - .

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Adviso r:K. Ga brie t \ e.FRO NT L- R: Robin Reit . Crbriel:e. P.r F.a$leJ-.lohn Ranas. Drvc wood su ewa ldo .Ed Wn c l. Chuc kwr 8c ner .DonTr oid.

A d v u o r :K C o l d b e r eF. R O N T L - R : M r . C o l d b e r ! .Ji n M o r e te r .C i n d \ o l l r o l o l n v r r r \ . M r _ r e e 1 Q 'r r n . r e d p , r r b ; vtD D r I I,l j !,. M o k l e r . K a l h r t e n ! n l k i . D d ! n Q u i E t e y .B r c n dr e u i g l e t. K€ vi n Quinn. lohn Mulschele..TOP: Klren Otive6on, Kenr Mura). Doug P , r k s .M i k e M t r r \ c h l e Jr .i m L e m a n s k. J m M u \ \ m r d . D o u gC u u n

A d v i s o r B . C r e s E .F R O N T L R . v a l € r i e P u l h f u . l l r n e O\e r sr r d , R o b e r lP e . {o r l l L a u r ! P l u l u -S h e i h R . i n d t .M T D DL L : D cb b i cp r o hdk!. Beckr Pererson-MeltrniePrlnt.. JoAnn Pe!r.e. Lruric Ro$. L i n n R e I T L B . T OM P :r C r c g e -P e r e rP . i k . K e i r P e r e A .To mPi co n e

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A d v i s o f :T . O r i f t i r h .f R O h \ T L R G . r ) L i p p r | l . M lr t Ko si ko {\ki . B r i l n M r u n d . J i ( C r l b e n .D \ r i g h rH o r i € r . M I D D L E : C h e r \t C e i e r . R c n e eC u s m r n .K d h i C e l l e r .A n d r E r d n s .M l r j o r \ J n n se n TOp : N l r Cfiffnh. Md4 Cerhch. Jon (;o.hbera. PennrGitc\. Chnnrnerdnncr. T e t r i L i n k .L r i i \ C r n \ b e r s .

Ae A dv rso r:T. Crud e.IRO NT L R: C en Sunde{ r om -Bill T o \ r c l l .M i .hae lsute .. Cariie Tom lins on.J c anTos ell. M r . G r ldc T O P : S r . \ e S un de r. Nrn c) Sloie . M . r k Sm idebus hDr v eSt one. SuePo p c

A d e i s o rD : . H r d s o n .F R O N T L R S u s r nL e m c n \ .K r nd M cl e r . Ke l tl L u n d e e nG . r e ! M i L l $ . R ! n d ) M o o r c M I D D L E : P d [i M o r h \_l _ ]o d r M e s r e ^ c h m i d rS. . r d h M ! ^ h k € . D a n M . C l u n g . T O P: M r . H .n {n . M u r k L c c m k u i lM . i k e L e e .B i l l M c D e r m i d3. o b L e e .

A dviso r:J Hrring ton, FRO NT L R M r Hdiilnlr on.J e n n JL_! 6 o n . N lag greRoh c t. Str \ dnO es er lc .M I DDLEi M , r k Don a l d s o nT. o m Pappls. Jim Oesterle,Jon Rohrer. TOP: Ri.k P.rdue. Dave Parks. C hrn esFou lkeD,ve . O ii.

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A d \rso r:B. Haiis. FRO NT L- R: Robin Rnc hie.J ohn R i c c i o J, , n i n e S hud ).Rich,.d Struf t e.Par Riv er . TO P: Kim Shraco.Jon Spencer. Han kRich,rd so n. Per erRees e. Ann R€r lie.

A d v G o l I H r r c h . F R O N T L R : J i m D e l u s a .S h d r o nC e l a l u .C . C . C i p r i a n i .T O P D a v eC h n n i a n s o n B , r u c eC L . r k - M l r l D cM r .s. M \

A drn oi B Htrss,F RO NTLR. M r Hr \ \ . M dnhr Br k c r .S r n d ! R u nei. Cind i M.Na ll. Per eM elc her .TO P] J ohn ( ipp€i. R i c k K n o r . B la ineMalb ee .Mar l M id{ iler onBobM eden{ r ld,Sr c lcM c N l l l

Advnor: J. Haugh,FRONT L-R RobertThorslenson. PrlriSlellmach . r . Hl u g h . M ID D L E e r . K n r ! R i c e .D i a n eM . \ . K e vn w t r g s o n c rM L i s a T n ) l o r . L i n d a S r r e L c hD. ! v ) M u l t . S u e R c e . M l r k w ,g l o n e r TOPr Nlark lorle- Rlndl Srcinhrucr.Ros Kxrz, Mrrk Rice. KarhJ

Students take advanrageof rhe mrleriats in lhe S.S.R.M-C.

A d\ 'd V Htu'h I PO \ | L R. M . HeJ r 1.Ke, b Dr c t $ . r / . D o t u uE r eit sn etr tr. r . \ Dnt i r / . t or D, t , n Vt DDt L s t a r o n ol\o n I rra Serser1 ' For I . , e- t ( . r . Dur t in. Ar I D ) . p . V r l ' ohh m. IOP Amr D. r r . AlleCJ r npt o; . e r v m F' r . r b e c ^ . r .D J r -

Anrr$r: J Hein.fRONT L-R: Mr. Hcin. DavcL.6on. Crair Macho MID DL E: Marrh a Cies e.J ulic La6on, Lis a M c ado$. r a f r . T O p . Jo, nneLa menDave . Em m er ic h. Liz Eder .


Ad.i,or R Hu/hL,? rRO\Tt.R V r H o t / h d c r e,.tJ,,.ku ,b .,r r o h 1 . o nP . a o . . . , o 1 h o c . p e , q r J \ 1 ,.1 VtD D L a r . , n n e u e , r o h 1 o n . D l v e H ! , o 1 J p e r e H u J e r S e to e n r s r 1 .r e T O P r o d \ K e n o . s . r o \ t o n e..C e l r H ,.kr . M i l e J o h n \ u nC. h r \ H u r . r .

AdlAor B Ho( t - F V r H o - r r a . t L t r BJr e n :n .tL \( l.F ( f r t s r o n D ( n a e" B t oFcO h \qti '/ | r 1 d \ B . . , J n r n p e c t ) ( ar 1 vtD tr t I, M a r 0 f B r e l f r M , r r ( d f i J,r 1 .1. (: *" u o. (r . 1 ''" v o 'r n 1B"i1t r. J. ! 1 1T,O p D . t r 1 B l o c l \ r / \ . h B? r /r t. D n c Bbchwnz.Randr 3rasn. SreveAerg.Mike Blreman.TomBerg.

A d 'n v r P H u b b 'er. R O N I L R M , H r o b t c p h i F r - . ..Je | 1 ..c1 e H d n m c ' A r l e t r e m b f r n V t D D I f R d n d yI te ,!1 e r I n ^1J1r hi r)e . D a l f . r / p r r r t . . r o t C r a r r t O p S a mu o r , tr e bFn . c I r \r DaveFey,Marv Firzwlrer.

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Advkori R. Hlber, FRONT L-Rr Ter] 8ly. Crrol Brooks.Mdurccn B.adleJ_. Bdrb Bochmc.Peterareyer.Burt Delfuven.MIDDLE: Rhondd Ben$d. Sue Boehnie.Brud DcHivc.. Tinr Esenther.Lcslccsran deDburg,Ri.k Mo is TOP: Jnn Brdndenburs.Rick Benson,Scotr Ree d.Rdn dyHinr jer m r n. J oeLBor s inic kM . r . Huber .

Adv,\or: C Humphrer-.FRONT L-R: Mr HunphrcJ-.K,rht Br..denbu r!. a riln BurkhaultAndf , er Bac h.M I DDLE: Liz B o h t m r n C , ath) Crmpb cll.Cu rt Br unm , Todd Bohi. TO P: Br endaBot t i s .M i k e B o h n _ Mike Brucc,Ne alBr ins e.

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Adviso .:L . lhle nl eldtFRO . NT L- R: Audr q Nohel,D c b b i eB u t t o c k . Ann Bud za k.Bill aollinger .M I DDLE: M r . lht enf e t d r T , etr! Mc A$e en t. Bill McA* â&#x201A;¬eneyJ, am esLuebk e.J im But t erTOP :J e i r M i t t e r . Tony Nuzzo.D.vid Lovell.Rick Lynch.

A d v h o i D J o h n s o nF. R O N T L R : K e n L o e h r e .J, ud JN e sb e r s.R u th M e d e n $ a L Ld i,n d ! L o e h r e rL. r n d r C l i n c ,M r . J o h n so nM TD D L E Ju ti e Natvig. Ira Musin. Jane Mcdensald,Andr- MunB. Mike Lombardino. TOP: Tom Lierz. Kathy Nielsen,Dou-qMcFee.Drve Mrrsh. Crceorr-

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tu1 rLli.Zdh1 Rdmold/enor.M, (runn M o o f e . s h a r o nR i d de . R o b e i rr u n e r

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i.o . R L " r d ( o ! o r o 1 .D , d s ..,\r . 5 ! o u _ {d \ : , D . I 'n . e r . F R O \ T | . r c e .Br d J I l ti o r .. L r m j . t l C \ r j t D l l t - v l D D r I D a r D r . k J .L - ( P a r C l l i o r '. , V r , X i r o e r O p s r e , e s 1 , , r r J . . B o b D r , r \Jt) |\e l


Adviso.:J. Kaliebe.FRONT L-R: M.. Katiebe,Mark Rentund,Jel| Nau-ehron. Brian Nehon. Monica Coia Otivena. MIDDLEi Brenl R aJne.,T'm Had ie\ I 1n e J en. m ( h\ H. at e\ t O p. t ) t er R a ) n e sand) re n!e n. Pd rb je n\e n.v aleneNc"r! ghr on

Advkor: a Kolbe,FRONT L-R: Suzine Kokeile.Laura Krum, Nanc \ K . o l b .K e \ n l i u m D r . M r t e I o e p c . e l O p : s d ) K l en tr S Kr m K u ( h , D : ! e K r u m B n d nJ o h n . o n

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d t \ ulin l- PO \ | | P' ' 1d\ lr r ' ng_ D e b b r ''k '' I O P N l d n e C r r 'e .l k ol' r ( h. M ' t ol' n ""-,"-X-'," Dln Cuern\cj.'ted fleNcr.Tom Hei\cr' A'l\.o


. i r sv Pa l r o i Jo d ) . R O N T L _ R : M r L a cko r e M A d v i s o r I: L a c k o r e F e ' e l , l , r t n e r r r ' A o r l '1 d . d J V l D D l l Po D 'r P' /o r d D J ' V rr R . . , n 'l k r . P h i r p P c r e r . ( a P e r I R o s ( ' Or '' R Jp ( r IOP IR u ( \ o \' R 1 ri M ! ' P ( h . T n o n , . P ; . P;kr1li Rob 'f 'e r '

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sr n d J An d r :1 "JD ' F ( J 'o ' ^ r r ) A J ! . o - : L l r {r e n / . t F O N T l l u r r Ar 'l - o ) vloDLl 5 . l e . i . " *. r . . t "". 'noeIOP 'r l ^ rPd '\"r' q a d r 'o n D !!' q d " m ' R e e S L 'a r r . +t ' n r '. Vir. B u e l o +L e o n r r oB r o - o ! \ '6 e o 'l 4 r d e r 'o r '\4 r L r ' e r '

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Adrsor: L l_€e.FRONT L-R: Mr Lcc_A kd Mohan.Johi Moftison. ,\n. r r.:nF. r ni.e lr.t+ ( . . 8e. ( J \ e. c 1, lu. v t DDt I ( t J r . \ 4 J , . r . I 1 dJMlal-.1 (\ D , r . L. bc . r I \ r er . | r b , p, . J F\J 1 . t o p ( . elr t r s . r . nr , r J rrl' \ l-nn .rr-h l-lie t 1no. J r , r Lr d V J r t

A d sor:.v tcvrne .FRONT L- R: M r . Lev ine.Kim J uiic n\ _T e r i H e s pd. H, pt n. M r DDt L s r e ; r J \."n !r l: l.: Ro r . ' L\ 1c r { . . . 1.i pt.r'd . { lonJo \1.o n.r J r J r J I r . pr I r I e\ , Lr ubd 1 J . i , . ro:r 'rd . r o' ". c r r Fr r u. r , o1. r r n J ed\i J t . r . r , ll' 59 ep .rol B H orne. Je lJu\ id.lcllJu rr' rc)n\

Advisor T. Lo5b!. FRONT L R: Donni Hess.Elen t.tbeck.Ceors€ l v a n o v .C h r n I n m a n .D i J n e H i . k n r n . M I D D L E : J e l i H i .kn r n . Ji ; l r l b e c ! . . J e f iK h i n . M a r . i ! l n h o r n .C r i e t j h n r a e t M . r . L o sh y.TOp : S I e v el r l b e c k .R o d H a n d e l . I h J u s e n s k rM. i k o H e n o . Dtr veIn !$ € tl

A d s r o r : S . L o *e t t . F R O N T L R r M 6 L . w € l i . P a u b C o n i u . Su e Crosse.K.rhl Coss TOp: Beckvcrecn. D l r C r i m n . Ji n r C o o d m a n . C h ! r l i eC a r n e l l M . arkGro\s€


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I Voiq I . RLr \ . t I R: V, \ ( HJ ( h. M J r ! , . HJrirnsrol.Jd ,\dq $r k,rJ,.vn Kr r h! Kins . ( . , r J t c c t r r r O p. I n . t e e t \ r . ( J r r r . h e n Kdber Rnl H, , hr n, Pc Lert , , c k iun.M r M ur le j

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A d ! h o r , C v k 'e , . t R O \ f r r r r '1 , t . P J r t , P <t t .

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A d v i s o r(:. N o u e s l l d .F R O N T L R : M ^ . N o i l e f u d . P dti B[n ch ,Jcfl Beckmann.Darc] Bemis,Cdrol Beckmdn.,Mrriunne Baxtrum.MIDDl E: Srru Bccknrrn.Mark Beduhn,AnnePctcrs.BetsyBeckman,Julie Bcckn!.n. PererBerbce.Llura tlong. TOPj Kcvin Foreyr.John Brk€r. R o l l D o n h o q e . P a u l B e d u h n .R e r H r m ! n n , T o n Bl u € |. M n r k

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x A d v i s o r :K . N u s b a u mF. R O N T L - R : D l v e E n s i s n C . ai l Fa i i , Be cky Enden. Mns Nusbaum.MIDDLE: Blrb Engeldinser.Holly Cook, L,uric Cook. TOP: BruceEnrden.Dennk Emdc.. Prlrick Krunrmey.

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Adrlsor:J. Nidr. FRONT L R: Donn! Mackman. Tenl Mackesey. Ilrrr - Mu rph y. Lru ric S. uon. c . ndr c r M us s c y ,Dc br N l i l l c r . M r . N id ).MIDDLL : Mike Nolz ingerChr . k O hon. L, ur d M nc h e l l .P a l t ! lvhckese!,ChrisropherMnch€|l, M,fk Nlhus. TOP: Mark M.nhart. S'eveMrly. Klren Nclson.

Advisor:D. Okon. FRONT L-R: Eisy Cllhg!n. Lori Smirh,SueHoF nick, Mrs. Olson.MIDDLE: LeAnn L,reo., Lrurx websler,Maraarer voselsang,Srr! Six. TOP: SteveSeybold,Mike Strasmrn, Jin Srein,

Advhor: J. Ohon, FRONT L-R: Ken Sloan. Bob Schlo(hduer,Bfb Stern.Julie Spe€bchneider. MIDDLE: Dian€Stroschien, BeckySrormKcP: nSor ecai . llSchlonhaucr.Jill er, BruceSa nc hc z . J ohnSc hult z . TO Scherderhorn,LeahRu$ell.

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Advisor:w. Olsoi. FRONT L R:.refiSdssr. Sdrdwdden, An. wald billic, Healher wrlers. Mr. Ohon TOP: Rob Schcibc.Mike weiss. Tract Todd. Lindr Thompson.StcveTeel!.

Advisor:Mr. Prrish, FRONT L R: Mr. Pdrish.Lis! Reisdorl Georgc Brlan. Diane Bryant.Marty A.derson. M I D D L E: Ka th y Br ya n .L o r i Beer.TOP: Rick Burishl, Barb Bryant,SteveBurned.Jon Bronsdon, John Blassick,Phil Br!ndl.

Advisor:J. Pare.FRONT L-R Kdthy O Me,r,. Cheryl Porler, Drvid Prob$. Hedth Pois. Br.dler Onmodt. MIDDLEi Amt Pearson,Pa y Ranruez,Laurel Rhodes,Gary Sahagian,Mr. Pare.TOP: Julie Pet€F so n,Ro s€ mar y Sr haSidn, St c v ePet erDav s on. ePea( o nP, h i l O w e n s .

Advnor: S. Parkh, FRONT L-Rr Anne Mrrie Dczonia, Bob Dezonir, Todd Donkle, Joe Docler, Craig Donkle. TOP Anne Docrer.Diane Doll, Rick Dewey,JimCrawiord.Dick Fenn.


Thc Ref watchesfor any illegal movesduring a girt's ''powde.puifgame.

A d v k o i R . P h c l p sF, R O N T L - R : T i m M , r o u . J e i f M d n i o nJi - m M e i xn e r . D a n R , n d d l l .C c r t M e i x n e r .M I D D L E : C o n n i eM d r o l z.N .n cy M i l e s , B i l l P a r p e . M r . P h e l p s T O P : T i m M e i e r . K e vi n M cKe o n . CeorgcSleinfr€lz,Kuen Prdpe.Shron Rrndlll.

A dvrso T r: Patte so n.FR O NT L- R: Kr t h) M ohr . DouSwet c h .M i k e welch,C.eC Porr€r. MTDDLE: Krh walson, Chei Midrhun, Lrui€ vrdlhun,JcflSchuler,Marci wendtand.Erik Trethewey.Cindy Uider kofler,TOP: John Tufgeson,Tim wJrson, aob Schu[,. Mark wend htrd,TomTrerhcwey, Cindy Utyud.

Advisor:v. Prunr, FRONT L-R: Ms. Pruirl, Lisa Genu.C,Clrherine Gojmefuc.Liz Hovelud. TOP: Cry Cibson.DavidCenson,Dan Cer hards,And! Cral BobGrdf.

Adlisor:N. Pedemen.FRONT L-R: Mrrsie Sprecher,pcgsiSutivan. Migdd Sch ue li.Ka rht Spoer l€.M I DDLE: M r s . pede* e n . L o r i Schmidr.ldnc Schmidt, Drnr Sommers.TOp: D€bbieSparold,Ron Sprry.Mark Sp.ith, Elizab€rhSchuu.

A d \ . o H . R e b h o t / I. R O \ T I R F o \ , n n e t h o m p r o . te r , tn r o n d . , o n . V r l i n T h L 'r e l l . I r d J \ r n q o r , i e r e n . t { T l o m p :o 1 l Op Linda Voegclin.Anne Te*s. Mark Thompson,Marhew vaccaro, Bi


Ad visor:M. S c hulerFRO , NT L- Rr Donnr Kolbc J. e n iH a i r n d n nJ. u t i e Hrskins,Mr. Sc hulerM . I DDLE: DougHippe.Ch - i H r ! s . F r a n t H u r ton. Lrnce Hcndrickson.TOP: SleveH,nsoi, Chrjs Kictich.Cres Hdtr 8e n.Mike H!r m s ,Tonr Har lnr unn.

AdvGor:M. Schudegerl.FRONT L-R: Bridc€tByrnes,Andrea Bussr, Jlnel Cakeup.Mr. Schudegeri.MIDDLE: Mar), Bfemer.Kuy Krueger. La ura Bu rke , Chr is Cdr es .TO P: J im Boulllon .T i m B y r n e s ,D r v i d Cares.KIhy Burk€.C l.yton Crlson.

Advisor:G Sisler.FRONT L R: Cindt Cudet,p,ut Dueslf_ Rich Cov_ ert. Cen . C.a m c r .J oni Dur k ee M I DDLE: DennnD a h t e rB , i Custer. Barb Covei,D r dy lFuny , Dln Hac k €rDv , dy neC u s h m aT nO . p rS r e v c Conlezlc. Jack Faun, Scol Crdine, Mike Frusr, Cdn Ctriin_ Mr.

g01inrotheChrisr asspirirby singinS Students carotsin the lMC.

Advisor: J. Skrine. |RONT L R: Dave R€scibc.g.Cus Rrsnrusscn, T e dS c h l r l l M I D D L E : L y n d uT o r k c .J o d iP u LveN r .i cki Sch u n l n nSu . e z o l a d z . T O PM : 6 S k r i n eT , e t r i R l i n , R o b r nRi ch a r d s. Jo h nPr i ce

A d v i s o rK : . M . S m n h .F R O N T L R : M r s .S m ir h .C r th y Fi u g * r td . C r l Fcrlll, MIDDLE: Erin For-.Bcckt Frrn[s. Br]-rn Fietd.TOP ( F o 'l 'c '. D r b b '( | r '\ 1 . I r e al o r . 1 . 5 c \ \ | r . { M i r r | ,) . '.

Ad\iror .r Speer\chneide I Rr .o N T L t t : C l r L c K r h n . K m H cn n j n g . J n r H . n n n E l l t l D D l ! B o b L i n L c ) .S r ! ! e H u r r d h . ( n j Kn L n ti .;. Xrrc GdrnrrnT . O P : 8 4 h C u l l c k \ o i . K u l t c b e r t c i nKm . C o ... L r i c Siedbrfd. Nlr Spccrsrhnâ&#x201A;¬idcr.

A d\r$ : K T Snrilh .IRO NT L l{ : Sr . LeU nr ! n. T ft\le r. MIDDL Un\ e. r gr . I i\ n ShJ c f t t r . Slrflord. Dr$tr Schrocdcr TOP: Mrrr Spencer. S [ ] k rd. Deb rrTrr-ler M . A Sm ir h.


sr.rtlrh( ,k!r\t I t r \ t , \ r . , r d . h c r . \,,,!\ t,r r i . .,tt..i, t, /nr, hi |.,r,Jr ' , f.i ,t, t,,.r ,.! \ l t D n t I t r . . h h . c , , t . , d t r . t . u., ,1 0 . ,t. , I r..L.rr' .1r.h|,h,.ti,\t1.-..r,1,t^ t ( r t ,n ,( , 1 ,, n s ) . L \ n . u ! l i n . s u e I x g ! n . . t t r r i t t t L ns. r L \ e o L D .h h i . t\tu n .

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D \-d.' rJr ",p ..,1 , 5 j. h1.\tJ,\ . \ d. " , r ' c . r FU\tt.k ldr. rl l i r S i \ ' r c p,ut \dc ' , \ 1 ,,r ' ,Jr . vtDt,t F r ,.1 1 /,.... .r !.i\h . Ned' t r r k ! \ h . D e b b i c Pxu li_ Dr n p r u tL . T e ftr IOp: Mr S ode n i n B .

A d L i n t r rD . s r c c ( c l b . r gf.R o N T I R c r n ! , R i n t . S r $ . \o !r r . D !\c R c b h o l r I I l D l ) L t : T o r r R i t c J .v r r i . t t o c b r . .( : h r i sOn n /. .r o h nO: , , f T O P l ', 'r k J J \ ' u f , / . , . 1 \.1 1 .. \,. ' '! .

Ad f$r: ri Sr ol. FRoNT L- Rr Lld. n€ Pope.K l r e n v c n 1 . C j r h ) Srump i.tcslic Tr oiJ .Donnr Hor le. M TDDL€ Kr r t R o m i B . C r ) S e i t ss. I rndr Srong- LinduSmock.Jit Sprccher.Ter) Schwoeetcr. TOp: Dou ! Strub .BiLlTr edinnlcaob k . v ot k m dn.Kar h\T o u \ \ ! r n r .M r S r o .

Memorialsingers pe.lifm rr AFS Show.

Ad\i\o r: L. Stolhor . FRO \ T L- Rr J inr c eDuc h.LD 'i t c k e f l . A m r E ! l. ' rrd ldfc VlDDl. l ' . ' r l lbelr V{ r . \ 1 0 '. *. . t t I . o ho ure .Drn F!* . Lx ur icr : ! r on TO P: Pr lr i C€ b. D r $ n E d - ! eJ. e t f i r coh\oi- NltrrJJones.Lisi Ltken. Nlrs.Strorhc..

A d v N o r :T . T d l i e r . F R O N l L - R P r l l i C a r d n c..Kn r e nSr cck.K Br e n S e l r e r h o l mS. u r r n M o i s o n .T O P : Mlke Srnhl. Iodd Sievci, Mr. Toit $ . A n d \ S e u i e r . J r ]S h o o b e r s

,\drso.:C Th c obr ld.FRoNT L R: N1r Thc obatds.r n d \ C t r I J n r c h . \an cr Buchrn r n.Ch. \ Chonr orLlur . ie Ddf t c \ .Re \ C d t r r n r c h M . tDDLL L nn ! Fr! nk . ! 1* lc nu Cor desTonir . Chx o.D € n ns C t n v c r .D e b . bieDriici\. !rir Dr ier .TO P: Sr er cChom orJ. elt Ct u \ s .R o s e rc o r n € L r , nn r.Jd iie Col u. r l. I J ! n C! s ! d) . Lr ur ! Cot uc c ) .

d \ i s o r :T T u r n e r .| R O N T L . R : K r i n e n B u , kh o td crKl . n D u cn e r , B c r h B *r f . P d u l B r e v i c k M t D D L L T K l r e n D cSe€ . Jr n c M ccr * l C l e n n R r m o s . C r e g T h o l o T O P M r T u r n e .. M i ke R r n o r . D r v; M c C r w -D o n S h i p m , nD . o u gT h o l o


r.& 1,.r":,,r ..1 | k.\,..... B I I l:-ll;.1 :i,ljllr. rRo\-r Jt\.r...r.t.

\ I. , 1 ,.,.:.,( ,h ".\ 'r l r r L r . v I ) L I . r , tB. t s r t c h r NIiLc\t,t( Mh \\.rltl

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k !\u.h1.t' I ku \tt lr I.n B"r !...\.,.. s,,tJq,n LL,l i\ JJ t , r' B nbt J r . J i r ,,.t u ,td \r , B ,,{c. r ( t.s,r 1 ,J.' .iii to t ., bJ f r\ 5 u r B . , r t r n . J f h n EJttr n . Iu h n B.r r Ir r

A d \ i r o r l \ . \ r r t d e n . l R o N T L - R : ( h e r \ JB J I \ r m o s. u {n Ir r n ..r o ^ n n M n n c s i sV I D D L E : ( o l t e e dBurlc. Crtut Kl.Drn. L.LUr! Bc.Icr. Nl^ $ r l d e t r T O P : l ) ! \ r d C x ( f _ s c l r r B x f t c l l .T o 8 r D d o. sr u r n Br \\.

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I RO NI . L R Ki. r . Conr ulc i. s J n d LD r n i ! . M F c r c ! Cor ! c ^. . J im Clic [ . Bc . t \ S r u r c . R o c h c t e DJ \ il\ on. I lr r L Co\ br . ! ir { n B 0 t r . i n . L e n i r S t u l c n hl i ) u n r l c h e \ \ n chd .n!ingp!{ rrnre

1 ) L: lk O \ l. l. k \. I, L ., t, . \..(r. t.. 11jt., rL\li, \t,,!t\,\,tc, n. . r , \ D l , t I o . m . , , t. ' rnr,\er.T!n urr 'i..( 51n Lrlr r gr . linr I e\ ii. I i. n L. ! in. Cr nd\ V r t r J t . C r n d l LJli.!r. TOP: BruceLc ! in t t t , \ t ik e r . m m f . J ohn Lr 6 o n . D r i ( u r . dnr.JefiJoh iron ..ronr r hon Long.J r h Li\ r r r . \.1..

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tFO\r t.R |, \ t . . i . t . u r ..a V.\- .. , . p J r \ t . r . 1 1 . v t D L r t I D ( r \,.( .. p .tr le Or.. I t1.r\,.ctr.t \ t J r . r , \ , , . / 1 ,( . tOp ( r ,n \u\in.r..l,( \ l . , r , r B , b \ r . , r . r r \t !vJ,n


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t Middle Lcft: UpperLeli: Mr. B.r.ler,schoolprincip.rl. i\4r.P.rtterson,llth gradeprincipul.Lowcr Lclr: Mr. Sh!lcr,I lth g.rdeprincipal.

Uppcr RighrrMr. weiss bec mc l0rh grrdc ptinerprl forme.l0th grrde midlear.MiddleRighrrMr. Reinickc. principal.Loscf Righr:Mr. RebhoL.9rhgr.rdeprrnc'pll



L O U nSelln S

I . M.C. The librrir) consultrnlst his \c r {erc M.. Slaudrcher.Mr. Stoll rnd Mrs. wald Nlr. Gftrde $aslhc AY consultrnt. Ms. Mari lrn Murph) (O Rourke)rv!s rhc Av ride The IMC ridcs $ere Lrrr! Ringcr.i\4Lrrge DeMLrtino. B.rrbilr:rw jnter. lvlona Birong rnd Bett) Heasl\ {rs rhc IMC This tcrr lhc llvlC gfLinted rcxdeniccredirlir lS projects in rhe librar\.Thc \rudenl\inrolled reccircd insrrucLionin lib.xr! rvorkplu\ prrclicxlapplic.rtion in librrr) p.ocedurcs. Thc IMC ul\o trught slort telling skills ro H ome Ec studcntswho r!erc in!olred $ith rhe D:ry Cxre The counsclofs$orked $irh stud.ntsb! alphabeticrlgroupings inste!d ol b) grade lcvcl Thi: rllo$ed rh. counsclorsto !vork wirh rill the \Ludentsliom onc l mil). The counselors this )err t!e.e Mr. voss.Mrs. Olson, Mr. Specrsch neidcr.Mr. Sisler rnd Mr. Krump.Theirseorelries trere Mf s. MrLhe!vs.rndM.s. The Adnrinistrution secreraries wereM.\. Butz.Mrs. Holt. Mrs L.rehn.Mrs. Potter.Mrs.Shuster

r on b B . 1 r o m L . e f t1 oR i E h rG i V o:s.l tl r.i l \n Mrrh.*\. D rrL.i dOl :on. B r.bx fu P 0f1c a.Jm spcf\.hicidcr. Cnrr-S \ler. Fritz (xunnrtrd MonJ B tron!



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T opro Bon om.LEIT TO RI G HT: Lar ) Ringc r G . er d! u r ld. L i i H o h . M ! r ! . D i N l r r l i n o .B e u l H e d r l t .P r n S h u n e . . 3 $ b f x $ L n r . r i d l i tu Sr r u drcherIo . m Grdd e.NlJrilr nBuu. Fr dnkSr oll.LLndrLlc hn: ' n dM I i l y n M u r p h r ( O R o u r [ e ) .


Art T hi\ r er r M t. L !\rc n r L L ru g h t Des ign r nd D Ir$ i n g . P ,ri n trn g dnd P r inr m a k i n g M rs E n n re rt on Lr ughl Cc rrn ri c s L rn dD c \' g n ' r nd M r . Curti ,i g h t J c \e l r! nd Cr r t t r . Mr' w o c h i n s k i rl s o t augh(Cer a i c s a n d J e $ e l rv a n d C. af t s . M em or ial s a tt d e Pa rl m e n l$ a s al$. lr s r c e n l e f o f a c ti v i l )' T h i s \ er r . r $ ide v rfrc t) o l c o u rs e \ $er e of f c r ed to s L ri lth c \l rrc d rn _ t er c s lsof lhc l v l c o ti x l s l u d c n ts Dillc r ent p .o tc e ts fL rrg e o rro n r hook ing r u g s to h u n ra n -\r/e o pl \ 1er ligu rc s . rn d Iro m mu c . lnr e t o $ o o tl \c u l p L u re s

T op: Chr is T !l l !rd \ " g o l l tr" beginr t o t k c s h u P e Bo tL o m: P lr r ler f igu re sl o rn re d o n .rn d b ] r r t s iud! nt ! s h o c k c d n ra n ) s l u ' denl\ t hr L e n l e te d th e l MC u n trl t he) gol u s c d to th e q u i e t










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Ab o v e. J anel M at li s o n c h i s e l sa tl ry a t h e r w o od scul pture.B orrom. C h.i s N'l i tc helldem ons t ra lrh e se p a ri e n c en e e d e di n a rt w ork.

ThreeArt Teachefs al work. Top to Bottom. Mrs. Emmerton.Mr. Lawrâ&#x201A;¬nz.andMr. wochinski.

Business Miss No11€stad taught shorlhand.lyping and GeneralBusinessthislear. Mrs. Schmiedhad classesin reco.d keeping.Busi, ness Math and Typing. Book, keepingand BusinessLaw wrs taughl by Mr. Ho!vard- Mrs. WaldentaughtOfficeCo-op,Sec retarialPractice andTyping Mr. Huberwas in chargeof Marketing and Me.chandising. Marketing Co-op. Marketing Man, rge m en t. and Marketing Merchandising. General Businesslaught the srud€nts rboutthe U.S.Economic Syslern.Business Law dealtwirh conlracts.minor'srighls in €1c.Bookkeeping and Accounlingtaughrrhe studenihow a business functions in termsof analyzing andrecord, ing business transactions. Oflice Practicehadan Olficcsimulation project.the classbecamean olfice and all the studenlshad specific jobs. The studentsenrolledin MarketingMerchandising assisr ed in the managementoi the schoolslorero gain p.actical€xperjencein selling,salesp.omo, tionandmerchandising activilies.



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$ Mdry Ll n\srl er r,l ' \ \el J nolher qu< sl run.




BillCookshow\girlsurc not rheonlr-oncswho lindrlp1ng!.rlu.rble.

DebraMillerlindslotsto keephe.busyin olficepraclice



T i m Sta n l e ys â&#x201A;Ź l l sL i sa Trl l or somc candl ,i n the schoolsl ore.

E,nglish English9 wrs laught bl Mrs. K. Ehlcrl, Mrs. Yxlvin. Ms. Hatch and Mrs. Kinder. Mrs. Saulino taught English 9 rnd EnglishI0. Mr. Schwrege.l. Mrs. Slrolher.Mrs. Eerger.Mr. Theo, baldalsolaughlEnglish10.English ll was laught by Mrs. R. Ehlert.Mr. Toit€yand Mr. Parrish. En-qlish Il wrs also larght by Mr. Prrish and Mrs. Pariih. MissHealhtaughlPreThrusl. English9 derll with teaching the sludenlsth€ foundationof whul they rr€ gojng to nccd to knowfor the .€stof thcir English caree.s. Thingslike role'playing, orzrl pr€sen!ations and essrys. Theyrlso srw !he movie'Romeo .rndJuliet' The students in Englishl01ook prrt in film making.filnrvie$ing. lars€rnd smallgroupdiscussions ii .rndindividualized instruclions wriling. hngu.rgeand rcuding. The second semeste. theysclecled mini courses ther.wanledto take. Acling, Grammar. Language Hislorr.. History, Advenlure. Mlstery. Adv.rnced Sludies: Shrkesp€.rre.rnd others we.e

Mrs.Parishgives.rlesson on !vh.rrNOT to do whilegivinga speech.

Englishll consislcd ol r sludy ofAmericrnliteraturcanddrrm,t and as of conrmunication waslaughtthe firslscn]esler. The sccondscmesler lhe sludents also choscf.onrmini The luelfth grade studenrs couldelecllo take eitherEnglish l2 or spcechcommunication. Englishl2 vas a linal coursein reading,wriling. and group discussion.Speechcommunicrtion 1augh1lhe nudenlnol onlyhowto givc speeches bul developedself-

R obbi n R i chardsexperi enced w haLi t w as l i ke to bc bl i nd f or Lrda] .



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h rh' . pr(.enr(d l hel TIJ\ l i rr' \< .r.l r\\nrJLe..

N'l r.S c hwuc gerloo l k s rs i f h c i s a b s o l u te l yth .i l l ed to sce rn ot he.E nglis hf ilm .

Mrs. Parisha1hcrbirthda)p.rrty.

Foreign Language Mrs. K. M. SmithlaughtSpanish I and 2, Mrs. Morse rlso trughtSpanish2 rnd 3. Spanish 2 nndSpanish 4 tleretaughlby Mr. Hubble. Mrs. Cipperly 1augh1 F.ench2 and FrcnchL Mrs. Ver geronl and Mrs. Cohn laughl French1 and Frcnch2. They,rlso laughladvancedFrench.Lalin 2 and 3 wcre laught by Mr. Sl u dacher.Mrs.Conwdy1l1ught Lrtin l. Mrs. Riderwasin chargeol Ccrnranl.2and l. A lbreignlangunge lerdership lea m was lormed vilh the Jeflcrson and Orchurd Ridge reachcrs to improvecommunication and to work on specialprojects. Adv:rncedF.ench mini.rlso star!ed this All oi the Spanishclasses did sonrecooking.rndlhey hadgues! speakers. Spanish3 did a .eserrch projecton stampsand reporling on them orallr-.Sprnish 2 did someskitsbasedon .r storyread



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Mrs.Riderasshelexches hercl.rss howto speakGe.m n.

prepared In GermanI students German l-ood.German2 had a German ChrislmasParl] com pletewilh iood, music.and skirs $hich ecre prepa.edb) the stu dents. German I look a lrip th.oughGe.manywilh lhe assisl The Frenchclttssesrlso had cookingin all levelsshich includ ed makingcrepes. soulfles, c.rkes, etc. The Advancedchsseswere giventhe chanceto ert oul rt a French restaurrnt.The French Theale. cldss put on the phy ..LE BOURGEOIS CENTIL. HOMME. The movie LE BOUCHER w,ls shown1o a11 inlerested Frenchsludents.


.--_-:-.> Mrs. Cohn exphinsthe art ofcookingc.epesto Kale Fitrpatrickrnd Bitl Stoehr.

Mr. Hubblâ&#x201A;Źand Mike DourghtyconieraboulMike'sSpanish



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Mrs. Morselectures to herSpanish class

Mrs. Smith(right)hadhe. studenrs cookSpanishfoods duringlab1ime.

Math were More lhan ll00 students courses this involvedin Math included: y€ar.Th€ coursestaught ceneral Malh. Algebra I & II, Geometry,Advanc€dAlgebra, calculusand ComPr€-calculus, puting I & IL In most casesstud€ntschoselhe methodof l€arnby ing bestsuiledto themselves either attendinga traditionally raughlclassor by completingunipacsat therrown ral€.

Mr- Maxwellexplainsproois10his Geometryclass.

a problem!o tbreeofhis stud€n!s. Mr. Albrechtdemonstrates

a difficuhproblem lookon asMr. Olsonexplains TheseAlgebrastudents


I Mr. Losbyanswe.s quâ&#x201A;Źstions duringscheduleo crass me.




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Mrs. Youngassists someof ber srudents afrerschoolwith somegeomelric constructions.


r' By the endoi the year,srudenrs had agedMr. Hotzhueter considerably.


Mi l ' e \ rl l rn' cn $orl ed on J ceu-ner\ Jnr f r (

Choir Mr. Rocko$ w.rsrhc directol oi ull ol rhe vocrl musicinslruclion ehichincluded SparranChorus. Girl s Chorus..rnd Concert Choir.The SprrranChorusconsistedof 91h bols andgirls -srade *ho gave concerlsund were in groupsthroughouL lhe ensemble yerr. Thc Gi.l s ConcertChoir wasmadcup ofgids ol rll sin-sing abilitics.Thcy grve r€gularconcerLsand went on li€ld trip concerts.Conce.tChojr sas a group of both bols and girls who werc !fter uditioning.into ucccpred. the choir.Thjs )ear theysangrt thc coliseum for ch.rnnelll s birrhd!y cel€b.rtion.The! ,rlso perlormed lheCrrminaBuranurt theSpringConcerralongwirh the SymphonicBand.This pieceis consideredexrrcmel\ hard to

PauluArmirage.Belh Baron.Tin.rH.rriuand BevLucir f.on] the Spr.txn Chorussang Poody'Poointhe'POPS concert.

Gi rl s C horussangthei r hearl sout


M r . Roc k ow dir c c l \ C o m c e rtC h o i r i n r n o rh c r J!n(x\1i !conccrl .

l -l cir l ei( pr es s ionosl D r!c fe \. P !1 1 ! O rrd n e r rn d C h ri \ w rggon.l cmf has iz â&#x201A;¬ S ound so l Si l e n c c .

Thc S p!!rl .!nC horussxngc tIusixr t i. r lll

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Band& Orchestra N{ r . E ndlâ&#x201A;Ź d i .e c L e d th c S tm phonic B ! nd, C o n c e rt Bu n d rn d r hc S pa. t . r n Ba n d . T h e C o n c e rl O r c hes t r ! w. r s d i re c l e d b ) M r. B uc hhx us erT. h i s y c a r u n e w c re d ir c o0r s e wr \ .rd d e d . th e j rz z wor k s hop pr og r.rn l . M o .e to c .rl ins lr um ent l c o m b i n a l i o n s tl e re r r ied. r nd t her e $ u s a l s o i n c re x s e d ens em blâ&#x201A;Źpr r lic i p a ti o n .O l e rn i g h ! t our s $er e t a k e n a n d th e Ii rs l M c m o. ial J . r z zF c s ri v u lw a s h e l d .

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Hom e Economics T his ) er r in r h e H o me E.. d c p a r t |nc ntN{ is sP rui l I tl u g h r A d! x nc c d l' . ot c c L s Mrn . s \l o rl d rn d F anr i \ Liie l o r Sp e c i l L d Nli\ \ M int er lv r \ i n c h l rg c o 1 ' Fr m il\ Liler ndC h i l d Der c lot . r c nt . M rs . L o s e l l g h r Her o. Honr e E c S u rv !\ rn d Her lLhCLir ee. s . A nc $l\ oller cd c o u rs e .N l .rns W or ld. \ ! r s 1|) rbo !s o n l ! !n d t!ught t henrm an ! th i n g srb o u l h o us c holdlilt . S o me o rh e r n !$ s c r e F ood n d C l o rh i n g . cl as s es Child C. r r cx nd ( o n s u n c ri s m . T his ) c Lr rt he H e rl L hC a re c rs cl s s$, r s pur t ialh ta u " h t b ! I



Abore:tht Herochsshls r brrbecuc thatsenldelicious smetts rhroughour thâ&#x201A;Źschool.BclowiSueBr.icr lirstrriesthcautosimuhlor.rndthenr.rkes ro theroadlbr there.rlthing.

Driver E,ducation DrivcrEducrtion{rs r prrcricrlrnd surisrying cl sr lor mostsrudents. S fe driringprocedurcs!vhere taughtin rhreephrses:cixssroom. simuhlionund bchind-rhe-whcel pr.rcrice. I n, slruclron In thethree!rcass as givenby Mrs.Skrine.Mr. Hunr phrcrandMr. Schuler. Mr. Stcckelberg and N4r.Schroedcr Nilh thâ&#x201A;Źbehind-the rssisted $heel dri!inginstruction.



{s-r s finished childrenergcrlr u$!ir Annc C;rrlinghousc Child Development

Ju l i c S t at r r nd J udl , K o s mi n s k ie n h a n c en u p ti n ]e$i th thei t stones


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Physical Education I lr i' ) . r r lhc l c u c h .r\ In l h ! l: , iu. x t o f d .p x .tn rc n l P ht ' ier l $. . c Nlr s . I ) c de A o n .N ' L ' i K o L l! Lh. \ lr s l: m \ h .l l . \l rs i Vr!s . NI r . O ls or . \ lr . K o l P i n . N l r llr r i\ ! nd \ ' { r . S e h o .\\o $ . i U rs c r h' iel\ c r c plr ..L I N l r\ Krrc 3 .l in 1lr .m iddLcol l h c \e rr U n L l k c . 1h, r rs ub er l\ . th c l c i !!h e .\ rr1l h c I ' hI l: d. d. pr r t r c n l rx rg h Lrl r r r os cl \ c r l t ) pc .l tl " \\ I hi' \ c . r h! s b ro u g h r.h !fs c s in ( hc I ' h\ . lid d c fx rtfrc n l . T h c .c !n $ c r . L$o lLlol c h \\ts ' t!rl c d lhc r nLhgr r d. . l n L h e \ep rrl i ,j u c \ !rc g L tc n lr r . lL! \ \ c \ t he o h .rc c l L rn d tl rc ) h r\c r\ Lor lr cs t udenLs nr ! elr lr nr cl] \ nc c d c dl o c o mfl c tc t heD. $ h ilc $ ork r.g x l rh c L .o $ n m r c T his s s im i l rrr 1 o rh c U f i Pre s \ s Lc . rin \ { ulh T h. nif llr r nd l e n L hg rrd c t\ hil! e ! eo. c eur frru l u .l . \t l l l c c lc \c nI h r nd r $ c l J ih g rx d ,jl c \c l ' \ lur lc f t s c ! n c h o o s c$ h i e h l l c l d Lhc \ $ r f t t o s o JL i n . Su .h rs : r . r nr s t or t . . c o -c d .i n d i r i d u trl s por t r .dr nc c I a rd II. u q u a L re s . x nd r . l! r nr c d g \ | rn r\1 re \ r\tl f r n. c d P h\ Ld . i \ tl l s oo l l c rc d . T hi' c our \ . m e c L 'j d tr!\ N $ .c k ! nd lber c i' r ! 1s o .rl trc h i S t. quLr c |nc nL oi r ( l .!\1 o rc l ro u r P e r $c c k . P h\ \ iolo g \ o l c \.rc rs ern d r c hlion\ hLf s bc t$ c c n \l .c \\ rn d per l. r nr ur c e! r c !l $ n u d i c d |en. Lng \ ls l! ru g h lb t th c i \l i d i , \ l Lhebc gi n i n g rn d L h !c n d o J lhc \ . hooL\ ! ur th e rcr\ x l l mi n ul. . un li) r S ir l \ rn d r l j rrri n u l c f un |; . bo\ s .T h c p u rp o !j i ! L d nr c r s ur er hc c r r d i u l t!s c u l o r \ lr . f gLh . l r hc l )!f\o n !n d l o s c crl t hc I ' h\ . Lc l.c lrs s c i rrc h u i l d i rg


Rxnd) BrxunLrkcsx shot duti ng \dt rrced I' h\. E d B cl o$. I ) cnnis( ll! r er holdsVcnc.nt(.1!lu

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.7- ;Uppcr Lclt: Anne Lrrg presses 50 poundsrs I,.rrriccib slrenghtcns her rrms roo. Uppâ&#x201A;Źr Righr:Mrs. demonstrrresa dancepositionto Mike Doughe.rr.Lower Leti: Sophomores linrberup bciorebeginningcondirioning ctass LowerRight:The.rdv!nccd PhyEd ctasslerrnsrhciund.rmcn, Lalsol lencing.

Science The cours€soffercdby the Sci, enceDepartmenl were:BiologyI & II, Chemistry. IAC andStudy. EarlhScience. Physics andPhysical Science.Earth Sciencewas taughtby M.. Zue.ner,Mr. Nidy and Mr. Ha.rington.Insrrucrion in Chemistr)was given by Mr. Ca.y and Mr. Hanson.Physics wasraughlby Mr. Johnson. Physical Sci€ncewas handledbr- Mr. I hlendeld! $hi1e Biology wa5 laughrby Mr. Griiiirh, M.. Bu lovsky.Mr. H€in. Ms. Hanson. Mr. HansonandMr. Lee. Thrs J-ea.major changeslook placein the Biologysection.A11 Biology students wer€ iirsr requifed10 take a l2 weekcore uni1.Alier completing!his unit the sludenlscould s€l€ct6-we€k mini courses for thc femainder of the ]ear. The mini courses werel Animals.Bacleria,Ecology.c€nelics.Human BiologyI & II. Phnt Identification and the Wisconsin Landscap€.The Spring Trip to Afizonaduringvdcalion was usedas credi! iof one mini


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Audio Tulorial labswereused !o givesludents rheopporlunity ro work independently with the use oftapesandslideso. films.

Top: Mr. Bulovskyleclureson cenerics.BoL!orn: Tracy Todd studiesher plan!wbileMs. HansonhelpsBeckypele.son withherspecrmen anda class malepeersthrougha microscope.


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Ann Z\r r s k a l o o k a c L o s el o o k a l s o m c

The Pefsuadei aboveresrndedsudcnk ro rememberJoycew€bner- ii thc lare{.hemislry earb,€xperifrenrsundcrthe $atchtulele


Social Studies A nler ic r n H i \l o ry $ x s L ru g h l b) M r . 8. r . . N l r. S tc c k c l h c .g . M r . T ur ner r nd M.s . R e ffn e fth i s !eNr M r . Lr c k o re , M f. Ph e l p s , M r s . B ec k er rn d Mr. Go l b e rg 1 ! ught W ener n C i v i l i z rti o n . Are a re o l b \ Mr. S t udic s*, r s lr k e n P ar e. M r . G r c g g !n d Mr. K x l i e b e t , r ught US Histo ry . M r. M u e l l e r $as in c h r gc o l P o l i ri ..rl S c i e n c e while M r . S od e rl i n g t{ )o k c rre o l t he P r e T hr us t p ro g rrm. M.. H. r r r ingt on an d Mrs . S w a n s o n taught E c onom i c s .M rs . S rv rn s o n als o t . r ughtS oc i o l o g y . S i ul. r lion g .rm e sw e re rd d e d to t he A nr e. ic a n H i s l o fy c u rri c u l un] . wes t er n C i !. h L rds tu d e n ts under indiv id u !l c o n trrc ts . l n U. S . His Lor ) l h e s tu d e n ts s e re giv c n, r c hoic eo i o n e o l l b u r u n i ts oller ed ins t e. r do i h a v i n gth c m a l l do t he s lne t h i n g . T h c s l u d c n l s enr olled in E c o n o mi c s l c a rn e d .r boutc om par a rl v es h o p p i n g .th c y sel up f anr ilie sw i th b u d S c t\,rn d hr d r o opc r r t e $ i th i n th o s cb u d g et s . T hey : r ls o J o rn e d a c o rp o ra lion of s t udent i n v e s l o r\a n d \p e n t $2500 in t he sto c k n r,rrk e t T h e P oli S c i c lLr s sl o o k e d rL p o l i ti c rl beh. r v ior. r nd h .rd g u e s r s p e !k e rs . T he A nlhr opo l o g ) s l u d e n rs d i d s o e ex c r v r t in g o n th e s c h o o l

A l de.person.Ms. A shman.\pokc l o N 4r.14uel i er' schss

" Brothcr" P hcl psdcnl onnrrl cd w hrr i 1 \Ll s l i kc to gct rn cduc! r 1ondur ing pcri od. th e R cnai ssance

students Thc Anthropology

Lodo sonl eexci rvul rngIor ''pl.rnredrelicsduringrhespring.


Mr. Greggand Mr. Krl i e b c c ru g h t d u ri n g one ol -thei r l i ghl hea.ted

i t t!3s hut derr o g. 3de Mr. B arr di scovered w as 1oget them wr r r len i t 150essxysthan



Special Education & Vocational Education ThisyeartheSpecialEduc,rlion deparhent addeda new teacher, Mrs. Rood. she laught Malh. Malh EnglishandSocialStudi€s. were also laught by and English wilh work Aserlind along Mrs. Educalion. Mr- Hass was in charg€ol .1wo.k-studyp.ogram. The studenlstook variousficld tripsto locrl industri€s. Theyslso went on a 3 day "camp oul by bicycle. In the Vocalional Educalion d€parhlentM.. Shule.taughtlh€ whichwers G€n' draftingclasses €ral Dra fling, Archilectural Drafting,AdvancedDrafling.and Co-op Drafting. Elect.icity,ElecII. EleclrontronicsI, Eleclronics were El€crronics icsIII andCo-op Mf. DeMr. Kollath. raughrby was in charge of Graphic Young Arls I and Il and GraphicArls Co-op. M.. Barth taughl Power and someof lhe Auto Mcchanics Mechrnic classes.Mr. Eha.t I, ll. lll laughlAuto Mechanics InAuto Mechanics. and Co-op were taught by I and II duslrial Haugh. Mr. oiiered All of the Co-op classes wereactualon the job trainjng. both high The sludenls.eceived school cr€dit and pay. In the most of the time draitingclass€s was spentin lab, very lillle lim€ was used for l€clures.Graphic a wo.k at youl Arts wasbasically Auto M€' rate type ofcll]ss. own howto chrnicstaughttheslud€nts make actualreprirs on auto enginesandbodies.

in Aulo Mech. Theoldsaying"Ge! outandgetunder"has.ealmeaning

TheSpecirlEdgirlsweregivena make-up d€monst..rtion.

Ch a d A l l e n ta k e s!i me L ol o o k u p from hi s w o.k

on hisplasticmolder. Ed wittek chccksthepressure

Graphic\studentsma d e u s e o f th â&#x201A;Ź l i g h t trb le for

S peci al E d student D oug Slewar t getsreadyto l ook ar someslides.

A discussion l.rkesplacein oneol Mrs.LeCrands classes


TheThrill of Victory! The Agony of Defeat

THE 1973SPARTANFALL SCOREBOARD GIRL S FROS HW HI TE JMM vswe st JMM vs Enn JMM vs wesr JMM vs Elst JMM vs wen JMM vs Edgeuood JMM v\ tde€lood JMM vs L{Fo lleneRed JNllvl rs LtrFolLercCrly SEASONRECORD: 8 |

AO YSVA R S I T Y VO LI - E Y B A L L J NI M v s \ |e( JMM vs\\ e\l J M M v s hr J M M v s Eds r J M M v s llldd l e r o n I M M v s Lr Fo l l c n e J M M v s Lr Fo l l € r l e J M M v s SunP r a h i e

W W W L w w W w w

Grove W L J M M v s For l J M t l v s Fdd A ^ rrkkiinn\:odin L RI G I O NALS : J NI M \ r Lr F o l l e r r e L SEASO NRE C O R D

CIRLS FROSHG REEN VOLL IYBALL JMNi vs !!n JMM vswe sr JMM\stn n JMMvswen IMM vs tdc€* o od JMM vs Ld Ce{ood JItNI vs l-iFo llulr eRc d JlilNl vs I rFo lcro (irrl SEASONRE('O RD 6 : ]


\f L L L w q \ $ W

BO YS I R E S H M E N VO T. LE Y B . \ L T . W J lvl Nl vr E!! L J NI M v s Lr n L J NI NIv s W . { y s $ c$ lNlM L I M NI v s LJ I N E I I e L J M M v s LaF o l L e r c W SEASO NRE ( O R D : l I

C IR LS vA R S ITY TFN N IS IMN 1 E \\c{ L l i U M vs E 3{ I JMM rs B cl o rr w JN l i u rs Ll Fol c rte r JN IM rJrnes l L l eC rx ' g L P i rk f vs Jrnes rLLl e JMM \\


S E A S ON R EC OR D : l .l

J N I M ! \ . '! n e s v i l L e C r r i g J M N l e i . h n e s r i l l €P x r k e f SE^SON RE(ORD:7-l l'0 sdrneveldRogiotuLs: . lM M h w i r . r l e '8 h r \ I r f . l l e n e S e c f , , 1 s :l - 0 . l MN l \ ' B I L ! n r r i ! r o n I

clRl s.ruN \ \Rs

FRESHMAN FO O TBAI I MENIORI.\I .O REEN: Cr€cn Crccn l: 11 wc{ C.ld 0 :l Frn Goll Cr.en t6 0 c.cun SEASONRECO RD . I ] M LMORI,\L \ \ HI TI . : wh L(e :0 Wcn Blur 6 Wln Cold 6 Ean Purp l. s Rcd


LiFollctrc SE.\SONRECO RD:I +

SO PHO M OR EV , \ R S I T Y fOOTBALL lJ E!{ J NI M 0 !!cn .ls Jl\,1\,1 lq |] Betuir JNIN,t l l E d l g $ u o r tt l I NI M ll iMNI l. , lL' r leLLc i J aneivLlcCr t r L ! l + J N I N l J ar es v lLle Pn. k i . l l l N l M l0 SEASO NREC O R D :I l

V O L L I ] YB \ I I I \ 1 N Il \ $ e n J\lV r\ LN J\liV !r $.n JNllvl vs trn J \ l N l v sE c L o i l JUNl \s F-dge$r.d JMM 6 L.Follcrr. .lMM vr LdfoLletre CraiE


( i t R L S \ ' t ttsl TY co l I llUiu $\\en JlvlMrs$en J N I M v s L l k hn rr . l N l M $ $ 'h 1csfl d I N IN l Lc\Jtd l I l N l v'sswDh! h \ r tr D d r ctr J N l M v r D r h !r d - D r r e n J \ 1 ! | v i t s t u r ) i e l d C !n r r r l . l \ l i U ! \ l l r d tr n dAr n ,r l r o r d

11 6

SO PHO ] ! I O R ET L A K E S IIOOTBALI ll l\.n JMM 6 ]MM l 5 Wc { 6 [dn Gol,i l1 JN,jI1 0 ldn Pur pc ll JNIII 0 LdL. ller r cRed l l J N I M l 1l Ldl. Ll. r c \ \ ' hir c l l J N I M SEASO NRECO R D ] , . 1

ll 1. 1 Il tl 1

:6 JMM i 13 J r nes v illc I ( I LE r j jJ ng, 1ll. I.r' IMM Pr r k er : l Rr c lneHoni. l ] J lllM CI TY RLaO RDT2' l CO NFERENCTRECO RD i- I SEASO NRECO RD:s I


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Ti s l , A S O \ R E C OR D ]-

( ; I R L S VAR SIT\: S\l l N Il \,tl \C

J N I \ 1 l 16 ll\1! l Lq JNlnl

\ A R S I T \ ( R O S SC O L ]\ I R \ B f o o I i s l J F r n I n f 1 ] L '. d r l ThirdPL.c ql l). il\ rrl 17 .tNN l t M r d l u u e n l i \ i r . '1 f d . L L 1r ni nl' l 'o u d h P ! . c w.n ll ll , M i l $ J u k e .N i r r . L.\ rl,in.Ll: S \rh PlJce l16n,,irr. !i JlllN1 16 JM\l Motroni l'.ov! JNM t0 JMll Ll\ F o i l A r k L n : o nl n \ i r r r . n l | f t h P l 'c e l i 0 p r i f G

)l i0 :ll ll 16

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T[ird Phce

8: p. nr'

Third P nce

ril points

L r l r l l cr r c h n u {i l l c


J!n .n i l l r I'rrkcr c t T \ N ll fT( H ^ N tPtON S ( O \ F F RIN ( t N l h l I s F ( T t o \,\l ( H A \ l PtO\S SI\TI


. ] U NIOR V,\R SIIY S \\ I\ N IIN C . l N I\ l l l l tn n . l \ l N l 10 6 $ .n ] u M l l 0 Bc r 1 l \ l \ l l l5 L n fo L e [c ?.1

sdonl P ice

L L lV \l I

W w w

s l - : A S O NR E C O R D :r ) l 6 0 0 6

VARSI TY I I O O TBAII li M oD. M ( ; or r J M lr l r l Ra. LnePJ r k . r NlM l8 M r dt r oi \ c d . lI 1Nl l0 Lll. il. r r c J llj I 1 ! l Bc lot r J lr M LI N JMM

C onl i renceT oufdrfrc nL


ll i Pr .\e r CITY ]!I TET C H AN l PION S

tl .1 5 .1 5 L5 l ll

g@B Caplain I nga s n e a k s a p e e k l o th e iield.

hevAnoth€r one of Tom's spectacular

'ems b@efr

F . Zabi l and B . Y an€w

co.T. Trollerusesthe m€gaphone

ov€ranSmilinM. J. Potter.J. To$ell,and K. Desellese€mrathercontented other!icto.yl

But I thinkB. Yatesmisunderstoodll

74 Chee.leuding The 197.1 Squlds. (P icturc\d nd ldcnrific at ion\ TopB o rrom) so ph omo r es : P r r r t (ran rmer, Prm K.a nr m er . Ann N lo r e dse. El en Koc h, Lis . Schtrelicr.Clndy King. Freshman DiDi Nlcl.lr_.c-DrdncBlc lo$. TrmmJ Reil\. ( ! t h) Ser ec . nbn. Bnsr Grlli-qa n.Fr es hm r n lV hite r Bcv L uci!. Di. ne M . l\ . S h!ron Ki.g ..ror Un! er r ! t r . MimiTrlL rrd vrsir! Squad:Kr . en De SelL e. Don nr S in- ! ler J. e! n To\eLl. Mlrr Jrnâ&#x201A;¬_Toors Pouef. JrnerL iidq uin . S!. Koenig.Fr nh Z abir. Lisa De let rnd Cr p[ in.

0n'74' SetSights Spartans Ma d i s o n Me mo ri a l s P r e p C ro s s c o u n try T erm . p l a g u e d b y j n l u . ie s a n d th e g ra d u a l i o no f nin e o l l a s l s e a s o n s s la rl rn g v a rs rty .u n n € rs . m e l u p w i th a ra th € r d i s app o i n ti n g y e a .. o v € ra l l . as c o mp a re d w i th th € S p a rta n \ d o mi n a l i o n j n t he p a s l M e m o .i a l ra n onl y o n e p e rfe c t m e e t, t ha ! b e i n g a g a i n s t L a F o l l e tte . T h e J _c a p tu re d all o l th e l o p l i v e p l a c e s an d s c o re dth e i d e a l l 5 po i n ts , b u l s ti l l h a d a re s p € c l a b l e s ho a i n g i n po s ti n g a 5 -2 te c o rd rn du a l a n d l .i -m e e t c o mp e t it i o n . C o a c h S te v e Ba rr ad m i tl e d th a l h i s h a rri e .s ha d to ta k e a b a c k s e a t t o M a d i s o n w e s ! i o r tb e f irs ! ti m€ . l t w a s n o l e d

that much improvement was shown during the courseof the seasonand aswilh a strengthening sisl from lhe undefealed heshmansquad.Coach Barr dryly commenled this follosingprediction: "The Spartanswill return in 7411"Hono.arr_ C aptain for th€ 1973 squad was senior Slu Osloff and Most valuableRunnerhonorswent to sophomo.€ Randy Stailbrd. Senior Sleve was voted the Most ImprovedRunner lo. ihe Spartans.The Mosl Valuable Runnel and Most lmproved Runne.lor the F.eshman SqLrad\aereJ€ff Naughton and Craig Cramer

. i k e C o n r e / ! c . r l s o n$ i l e l . To n ] Ih fl n r r n '. . o m E l l e n b e . l e . .M Ttre ltTt Mem,i!t v r s nr Cr os : Count ) Tunr TO P R O ! r ( L - R ) :J e f i S i n r eT SrereBurn ctf. Jd hdBr r k er * . Dr r e D Alc \ s ioi. Bf uc eN l r l b c c B O T T O M R O w : i n n l n b e . k . M i k e B o h n .J € l f s h o m b e r s '.R o b b ) Se q u e n !.Bi L l * s e n ll r o n p i . t L r e D i c k Br l d \r i n '.C r e i g h r o n . \ nr dnSr nr ef . S! u O \ r t l *. R r n d r S r r l l o r d " .D r D R o s s m i l l e r A t.!retL 1.Ro n su trf c . . Ric h Pur . et tO Hrnlc\t iDen oterlelr er$r dn* \



The l9?:l M€horirl Frerhmrn CrossCountrr Team IOP ROw (L-R): Jim . r l i g C r i m e r . R e e dH u b b r r d .A n d y O oodm r n.M lr k Nt hus. D . n C o o k s o nC M unt z SO Tr O M RO w : J o eD o o t . r .H e d h P o i s .B r e n (C r v e n .J e l I N d u g h r o . . Rocer L!nga$. Rich Sl.ib.d

Our CoachBar. will alwaystell. stretchout good and warm up

Dick Baldwin. "on th€run"



and lhev'reoff and You re on the line.full oi nervousantidpalion,"take your places."the gun sounds. runningll 91

SpartanSpikers ,FRUSTRATED' MadisonMemorial'sPrepVolleyballSquadhad qui!€an unfavorable showingthis pastfall.The Sparrans pre seasonhopess€emedto evapo, rateas they closedou! theirregular seasonwith a I,l0 record. Th€ unlbrtunate spikersmissed a berrhin the StaleTournam€nr for the thifd cons€culive yea. as LaFolle!tede, feat€dthe anemicSpa.tans,2l, in RegionalMatch Play.Coachcary Humphreyadmittedhis fruslrations over ihe seasonand conclud€d thar his leam lackeddeplh and h€ighrin jts playe.s-He felt that a lot of rebuildingwas in storefor rhe Sparlans next year and aho srressedthe pointthal volleyball is playedin sets eachsetconsisling ofthreemalches. and that his Sparlanshad rlon

several individual marches overrbeir opponenis.The FreshmanSquad. underthedir€ctionoi Coachceorge Bulovsky.had a sirnila.fareas his c.ewcooclud€d theseason wirha 2-4 report. Coach Bulovskyfelr that bolh teams exemplifieddetermination and€fforl but recognized ce(ain lactorswhichhindered lhe Spa(anJ success. TheVarsityTeamMembers singled out SeniorPaulWoit astheir Mosl Valuable Player and chose S€niorJohn Jacksonas their Mosr ImpfovedPlayer.SeniorSrev€Col ljnscaptained the Sparlans throughoul the season. The Most Valuable Playe. for lhe Freshmansquadtlas Dan Graf and Mike Ayres was nam€dTeamCaptain-

MVP PaulWoit relu.nsthevolley.

Th e 1 971M em or ill v ar s it r v ollelballTer m . ( L R ) T O P R O w : M a r k M i d d t e r o nM , i k e M e ! € r .D a v eH r | l i . A t d n Be ck n.Ll. John Jackson*,Pcler Reese.Ed Erickson.SteveCottins*,Gary Ceer.CoachGar) Humthrev. ROw TwO: Scotr Lindena!1.Paul Won*, Tom BerB1.Kcn Lerin*, Ron watrer, Scod Rilchiel. ROw THREE: Briln Disch.Jinr poier. SreveCados.Phil Brandr.Robcn Ma in. Absenrfor piclure:Mik€ Bndsatl I Denolestenerwinners

Th c l97r M enr of ir lFr es hm t rvnolLor balT c J t r 1 L R ) T O P R o \ \ C o a c hC e o f s es u l o \ s l r . L ! t r ) G i n : b e f ! .M a r l l roerM . i k e A r r e : . N 1 l r kT h o d l t r o n D . a nw r l r e h . r \ b s e nl(o f Spri r h.Bf uc ewilin. Rus J c n\ c nRO w T w O : B i L S


' 'E v-Ed Jackson- sel for the blockl

R € a c ti o n ss € e mto be di vi dedon the rel b.ees l astcal l ?l

KenLevin on the

LeadSpartan Tallard Sisters Golfers presentnine leam members.Th€ Chris and Sue Tallard were the talentedTallard duo. along side hopesof Madis0nMemori! Golf Teamthis pasl lall. The Mary Shultz,GinnyRossandLaurr Becke.,comprised !hc girlscompeF tans. in only their secondtea. ol ing on the varsitylevcland tournacompetition.were Iucedwith that ageold cursewhichseensnolo.ious ment squrd.Thesegirls alongwith four other leammates enabled for attackingso many sports,like wilh this, in their earlystagesol growrh Memorirl!o linishtheirseason a 4-5 duul mect record.The 197,1 and progress !hu1 is, lack of €ncompassed oullook is quite favorable.Coach ove.lhestrengrh the€nlireSpart.rn squad.To remed) G.eggis optimistic sucha situalion,HeadCoachBruce whichis comingup from the under classman ranksnexlseason. He ltels to establish cregg is.rttempting -cirls goll on a b$is a1Memorial. theleamwil1beconsiderably slronger.rnd is hoping Memorial $ill nlbrtun|lely. the expan' that U Spa.tans b€ xble 10 hosl slow. Orjgra invit.rtional sion hasbc€nrelativelrnext sersonto bring th€ir compelinall),onlyiivegirlscompeted on th€ lion inlo the City. Apparenll'. 1972. with team duringthe lall ol Memorial girls, th€ andMadisonwest arethe th€ additionof lbu. nlore girls goll !€amscompetingin only $ith the Sp.rrtansare established

l he enti re C ounl yl C or ch G f egg wr s al so very pl easedw i t h t he closeness of hi s ter and rg.eed t hat such10gel hernessampl i fi ed ever loner senj oyment ol the seasonand helped1l) l ul l i l l hrs as a C o . r ch. -qoah

S t d e T o u r n . n e n tS q u a d:( L R ) ( ;i n .t R o sCh.k TrLhrd. Sue Trlldrd. Ldurd Bcck$. M r r r S c h u l L /A. r r h c S u tc M e e r .

(L R) ROw ONE: Suc lr llar d: . J an Pepp€r Laur . a B e c k € r ',C i n n y R o $ ', N i c k y L a P r e r o .T O P R O w r M d r y S c h u l r z l .M r r ! l l e a sl € y.C h n s Tallrrdi. ArrceCregg-Coach.' Denotcslellerrinners.


0pposition Memorial Girls0venun Cirls swimming at M adison Memorialis sin1plyextraotdinar)l TheSpartangirlshavea historylhxt wouldmakea baldmans hairstand on end.The enlireprogram.speurhe:rdedby Herd Coach B€th En]shoff,hascapluredthreeoi the las! and have lour SlateChampionships onl) onelossto th€irc.editin allthe fou.yerrsth€yhav€beenin comp€lrtion!In 1970.MemorialIoslth€ir firstdual nreetto MadisonEastby thedomonepoint.Thispaslseason. limitedtheirrivalsto inanrSpartans a tolal of 221 poinrsrs opposedto thei.777 poinlsl,and in one mcet

outscor€d!heir opponenlby more th.rnseventimes. It shouldb€ no surprise then.thattheSpartrnswere b! a undei€al€d in dual conrpelilion sizablenarsin, and havebeenfor years.ln addilion threeconsecutive to their dual reign,the girl's proiicrencybecomes evenmorerpparenl rn tournam€ntuctronas they we.e City, Conferenceand Seclional Champions as well as runne.s-up a1 Strle with n secondplacewin. The JuniorvarsitySquadwas€qLrally as formidableas the va.sity as thcy havebeenundef€ated in alltheirfour years of existenceThis past season

they were returningCity Champs 661 and outscored lheir opponents points10 l,l2 poinrs!Bobb'Reii rnd L.rura Crissinger$ere Co-Most valuable Playerslor the varsjty Squad and Diane Bryanl was the Most Inproved Player.Sue Brker was chosenMost ValuablePlaler for the Junior varsily Team and Ann A.mstrongwas namedMost ImprovedPlaler. Wilh sucha successfulprogran and skillful crew. Coach Emsholl-sSpartansshould renrainthe dominantiactionin !h€ picture. Cilr-andStateswimming

, lie , e r i K a y c '. C i n d yO l ! n d . L a u tuw e b sl e rJu i . n n A l l e n l . C e n aC r u m e rC s im T€r m . l! R) TO P RO w: Ti n ! E s e n t h e r A T het9 7t Me morid tCir t Ss Hanson, Mrry cilberti. Karei zach. Laura Armstrons. Jrne Schmidt, Julie Ann schnidr*, Mrr) Betled, J,!t co Crpr. ii. i.ii i"1",,, e,i c*". te t', H;Jd (oJch Brrh Enrshofi.Row Two: Robin Reil:, BobbiReilx, Ldu.a Crhsincer*.DcbbicClrldndi, Ba.b r-.-, c,i*..Jur,. g, , ,"1 .r* r'.c-r"a'.r.r Kc il) ' . Lr u- Hons ' I \ dt h€z ac h' . s le B a k € r , L i z s h a t a t . . r e 'n t s m n h , c 'm D c l u c '. L i s '( j c n u n g R o w T H R E E : Amy wiiiiams;n,. Dirn€ Brydnt.. cindy Kine1, Krisren Hdnson,shrron King', oici M,lcolm*, cdtrie khmaer*. rrn!, A]i; w; ;;..;. DcnoresLctrerslnneA K!rcn Sleelc r Aserlind. Shrrr!wk!'. Kri{i


Spartan Girls0venrhelming O r c $ould h !!e l o rg re c th L i t M r dis on M em o n a l s J o ur I' ]rc pGl f l s V olley bull S qu !d s e \p e ri e n .e d rh c ' ' r hr jll ol ! ic t ofr" th i s p a s t l rl l . { s r he) nlolded t h â&#x201A;¬ i f rx i c n L s i n l o x n ov c r ! ll l5- ll. eco fd . \L rrs i l ),rn d .l V . oNc h io^nne K o l l :l l h . g u i d c d h e r c r c \ r ! o ! I I \tro n g h o l d j n d u L rl c or ipc r it ior . T h e I!fc e l u l S p rrr n s

$ e re then rsni tedb\ \uch s(!ndouts x s I U V P !nd ( N pl ri n K ,rth) Grl l l g !n . P rtl i S tel l m.rch.r C i nd\ H uns o n. .l orr N {ol l . C rrol B urns rd N I II ' S ue C rrddock l o pfotcl thcnr\e l res to | \!o I0 tri umfhs. bLrck,l ob x c k. i n R csi onrl l nd S cel i onl l p l !) , Lel di ngthc S p!rLrns i nto thci . l i rs t S trLe Tourne!. \l cmori xl bexl

'lhc l9i:l (jiL l]r c : linr nnV! lc ) br ll Sqt r r lis( ( ; ) Cr e e n l \ \ ') \ \ h i r c ( L - R ) T O P R O $ L , ! r Cmie (C). Deb hi uSlc in l( \ ! ) . I ! D ! Rc llt iC) . lr u r i e R ! n ! ! r t r c ( c ) . S r n {l \ , \ o d n . n g r ( w ) . Shn r!n l{!n dtrL1r l v ) . , \ nr ) s . hle. r ( \ \ ' ) . RO $ Tr v O K r ( l r J s c . ! c n i r f ( C ) . a i \ \ ( ; x l L i ! r D( a i ) MrLrc.n Qu iid lw) . Liur ic wr nlc r ( C) . Cr f ul\ n ( ; r c c D( \ \ ) . J . n i l h f l n l r i ( \ \ l . L i i 'l x l ) c f r l L t r d

lh. l97 l Cirl: Voll! I ht r llSqur d ( l R) loP Ro\ \ t l r f . e $ c n d h n d . P c g g JR ! n d r l l . l ! i c Lrird . CtrtunBur n\ ". lr c c , \ r d Dohr f l) ' . s r nd) lens e n '. C L n d \ H ! n \ , n r . r . J i i t o r r . P r l t Sl.Lln rr.hcr'.Slc Cf uddoc [llex . dCor . hJ o] \ nn( olr lh . R O l V T $ O : S d i r r L c e . C C C r n n r n r . l ) c n o r . \1 4 1 . . Brrli sr.rd. LJu.l c l_r ink .ColLecSr n r llnr t t hl ( ; r l l i g l r '. M r r J R c l L t " . '


D ' rrN nd bel ore S hx\ r no delexr ed the S part!ns l or the r r onl) t our Jr xmenl l oss. The! $en t on 10 our do Tosa E rsl ro crpl ure r Thir d Pldce S tLi l cfLrnki ngrnd.rn 8 | lour na. r cnt record Ihe JV i qurd cndcd lhcir serson $i th 6-.1recor d. Sonit ' I . ce. N l V I, rnd C o-C rpl !i . r elnlor ccd l he teal n $ i Lh\l l P S her n Hr r sr nd C o C rptl i n B N .b S tcr n lexding r hc S pLrrtrnsLhroughN $r nning ser son provi di ng val uxbl e e \ per ience lor Iuturc vrf\i 1\ L:onr pct it ion T$o l reshnun l .ums pl rr ed e\ . cpt ion! ll\ rycl l foundi ng out thcir pht FiLh r .onrbi ncd l .l .l i i ni s h. Thc \ \ hiLe S qurd w r\ !i j l ed $i t h t ulent es0e ci rl l \ i n l \1V P xnd Cr pt r in Bit s) c.rl l i g.rn. The) cnded t heir sc! son w i l h t| n r-l record.rr d I au. ie Rxn \rs fi cked thc ! lost I . r -euctte provcd P h)cr. ' l hc Cr cen t c m $. r \ qui tc good b! l i ri sh ing $it h r 6'- l reeord. ,^r r S chl e cr . NI VI '. r nd C rptai n S andl A ndr ingr led ! ht S partans !hrough thc sexson r nd Jeni H arl mrnn {as chosent he M on Inprovcd P l al er. w ir h such abun' dan! tal ent dow n the r r nks. a t f r dF ti on ol pow er shoul d be in st or e lor l he S p.l ftans.

Pr(r\ S.. K rh\ c. $rtch S ndi J returnbillL

Leads 0vergard Spartan Girls For the secondconsecutivc year. theSpart.rn GirlsT€nnisTe,rnlliom MadisonNl€morirl,concludcd their se,rson $ith onlylwo winsanda Sec, ond Placcin the Cilr Tournamenl. JaIn€Over-qard, the Spa.tansMost Valuable Plaler, led the squad throughout the season rurningin !he nost terfornrances.According1o Head Coach N:rncyPedersen, who assumedher ''iirs1 yea. ol coachingwith the Sp.rrtans,Jayne was Memorials only S!ate Tou.nanren!Qualilicr. Shc met greal misforlune lter losing1()theStaleRunnerUp Champron in thee,rrl]roundsol hercompeting calego.y.Susrn Re€dwas the Sparlans#2 SinglesChanlpionin

Claudir J av id t ur n s b rc k th e s h o t

theBig-8Conference.rft€r shelook a Firs!Plac€in herrespective brackeL. Other Big-8 contendersincluded Audrey Nohel. Anne Docre...rnd Te.ri Wi11h.Coach Pede.senalso notedthc lalentof Krrin Mey€r onlylieshmanto compete anderrn a letteron lhe varsitylevel.Karinperlonnedwell in doublescon]petition with shouldadd morest.engthto the Spartansquad nexryerr. Memorials Junio. V.rrsily SqLrrddisplayedgreal overall talentwhich.esultedin r g.oupwell balancedin slrenglh.Allhoughthe girls.otatedplayingpositions during thecourseofihe season. DeZoniawas cons;de.ed the most prolici€nt memberof lheteanr.


' . . :, I



':l. ,n

''$r.,,. 4:'

A nne D octeraw ai !st he ser ve.

L ,e s l i eC r r * l n r d . L i s! The r 97 l M e m o r i l l C i r l s T e n n kT e a n . {L - R ) T O P R O w : C o r c hP c d e r s e n Lckeir. Holh Cook, -reri wnthl. ClroLln Rust.s'. Teti Rtrn. Sullv wsnccl. Chr isO p i l z S u e H i L l i a r dR. O w T WO C l a u d i aJ a v i d .A n n e M r r i e D e z o n i a C o n n ,cC d r l so n '. Jane wegnr. Jryne Overgfd*, DenGeFo*ler- Cldne Levin, Beckt Kaulinrn ROw THREE Kar inM c t e r '. A u d r e yN o h c l *,P , t M c c t r r l h y i .S u s d nR e e d ',A n n eD o c l e a .M d r y C e r l d ch'

Winter Sports CIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL JMM 4 l Mo un tHor eb2T Mon on aCro ve 28J M M25 Mad iso nWei 4l J M M 3l Belo ilMed oria l29J M M l8 JMM ll Ja ne s v illeCr ! ig2l Jan€svill€Parker19JMM 34 Mad iso nEasr40 J M M 26 JMM 24 Edgewood 23 CIRL S I,V, BASKETBAL L JMM 26 Mo un lHor eb8 IMM l9 Mon on aG r ov el7 JMM 2l Ed se wood l9 JMM 1 6Mad is onwc s r l4 Be Lo n Me morialll I M M l5 JMM 2 l Jan €sv ilLeCr ai18 q Ja ne sville Pa rke r20J M M 16 Ma disonEast:8J M M l2

Creenlj LaFollerteCrayI8

MEMORIAL W HI TE LrFolle neRed2 l whir e r 3 wh ite It Ern Pur pl€l2 LrFolle ne Crryl7 whr r e 1. 1


JMM SecondPlace Home $e d ln r ilalional: JMM SecondPlace LrFoll€uear Memorial: JMM





Foudh Place


Two Q ur liii€m

I M M 6 l . l a ne sr i l l e -

BeloirOriordvillelnvndional JMM Sec o n d Place LaFollcte ar MemorLrl:

Fifth Place 69 poi.ts J M M 8 8J a n e s v i l P l ea r k e r8 l

J M M 6 3 B € l o n6 0 M a d i s o nE a n 7 0JM M 6 t J a n e s v i lC l er a i e8 7JM M 5 5 J M M 5 9 R aci n eC a se5 5 MononaCrove55JMM 48 JMM 65 Mldison wen 6:l





M a d i s o nWcsrT2 JM M 7 1

J M M 7 . 1 B el o7nl M a d G o nE an 6 8JM M 6 7 JMM 66Jan€sville Crri8 6i

lj0 polnb

ThndPhce l1l points S e . s o nR e c o r d?: 4 ( d u a l )

JMM 4] M l d i s o i w e n 5 5JM M i 2 ReeionrlSeJ\onR€cord: 8,1|

79 l8 Wa u k e s h d

J M M 81. 72 L a F o l l e t l e 86. 65 J M M 88. 88 A r r o s h e d d '18.16 J M M 82 9l J a n e s v i l l e C l a i g 9t . 5: JMM 87 95 whitfish Bay 85.,18 DualR € c o r d : 5 - 4 Seas on CI TY M EET: CO NFEREN C E I NVI TATI O N A L : BO YS' FRO S H CYM NAST I C S , J M M 60. 80Ea s t6 6 . 1 0 J M M , 18l0W e s l 6 9 . 2 0 J M M 48. 14we s 6 9 . 2 5 JMM 54.80Eastt0.10 J M M 55. 10 ! a F o l l e t t e 50. 10 J M M i4. 80 L a F o l l e t r e i2. 85 CI TY M EET

VARSITY HOCKEY J M M 9 M a d h o nw e r I JMM l0 MadMn Ern 5 JMM 6 Ch_ic,8o Mr JMM i0 ChiclEo Brorher JMM 8 Madkon we( l

J M M 6 M a d n o nWe r 2 JMM a Jrne$ lreCraL!l J M M 7 L r F d l l e L rIe E x s lI J M M 2 ( T r i p l e

VARSI TY W RE S T L I N C M iddlelon. l4 JMM 15 J M M llM adis on We $ 2 1 J M M 25 Belorzl l MadisonEan 26JMM 22 JMM 26Jansevill€ Crni820 M c Far land 29J M M 2 l J M M , r r Bellev i l lrel M r . Hor ebl2 J M M l 8 J anes v ille Par k e r1 9J M M 1 l Slev ens Pl. Pac e l llil J M M 1 8 Conference meet Third Phce

BO YSVARSI TY S WI M M I N G J M M 58 W r u"ato s aE a s l 4 4 M adis onwet 71J M M 5 8 M adk onW en I l2 J M M 7 0

F R E S H M AN C R EEN B A S K L T BAL L G R E E N6 2 L r Fo l l e tl e GREEN 49 EaslPurple35 CREEN l5 w€n whne 1.1 C R E E N ]6 CREEN.Ii Wcn BLue4-1 w e i C o l d2 1C R EEN l ? C R E E N 5 : L a Fo l l e l r e C R E E N , I 5Ea n w h i r e l 0 C R E E N 7 4 Ea r C o l d4 3

J M M l 4 B e l o nM e h o r i a l 0 J M M I M l d i s o nE d r 2




SecondPlace 127points BO YS' VARS I T Y CYM NASTI C S J M M 92. 0iBa r r b o o . l l7 5 J M M 78 71 Ea $ 7 , 1 . 0 8 J M M 77. 9| we s l 0 l . 1 7

ctRLs Jv JMM

B O Y SV A R SITY B A S K E T B AL L J M M 5 9 R a ci n e C a se .l 9

ljifth PLac€ 48 points JMM 5: BeloiM r e m o n r ll l JMM '18Dela\an Dlricn l5 J M M 8 4 M a d i s o nE ! $ 7 9 C€r a i s8 l J M M 8 8J a n c s v i l L


wru$atosa wen 47JMM16 S r .V i c a t u r , l l 1'1 5J M M l 8

STATE J M M l 0 w r n u s a ! E . s t0 J M M 5 M a d i s o nE a d I SeasonR€cord:l1-2

F R E S H M A N WR E S T L I N C J M M l 9 E a s r2 2 J M M 2 8E a r 1 4

F R E S H M AN WH ITE B A S K E T BAL L WH l T E . r l Lr Fo l l e r e R e d ll w e s l w h i r e4 9 w H ITE 1 6 E a r P u r p l c4 7 WH ITE 2 9 w H I T E 4 5 w e s Bl u e4 l WH I T E 2 6 WH l T E 1 9 Ea stC o l d2 8 E a n Wh i r e6 tw H l TE2 T w e s l C o l d5 9 w H ITE 1 8 S O P H O M OR E B A S K E T BAL L JMM 5] M a d k o nw e st7 0 JM M 4 0

B e l o i tM e m o r i a L 5 6 JM M 5l J M M 6 l M a d i \o nEa sl 5 9 l , n e s v i l l eCr r i g i 9 JM M i l I M M ? 6 R aci n eC d sei l M o n o n !C r o v€6 4JM M 4 5 M a d i s o n\ ! ed 6 8JM M ,1 4 IMM J2 J M M 6 8 M a d i so nL N 5 6 Jrnes!rllC e r !i g 7 4JM M 6 l R l c i n cH o a i ck6 l JM M .1 5

Memorial GirlsHustle

Tinr E$n r h e r . . l t r hLcr i r l . D i r n eL i l l e m o ns. r l vrrsnJTe um.TOP RO $( L R) r Rhond!Sens on. . cri R)rn. KIh! cr ' l\ w oo d\rrrd .SucT,lld . d r nd St r eHr ei. KNF. EIlN( ; : s d. d h M a b c h k e T licrn.Mr!rc.n Hd lL.Ch r is Tr lhr d r nd Kc lL)Lund. c n

Jv BNkerb ,LITerm(L. R) ' r O PRO $: M r Ped€^c n.Suc( r ! d d o . k . S hrro nCefrlu . Krini Ar r Lr nd.Ch€n H! r ' . I ! t r r LeFr r n[ . f : R O N T BndgerBr.n€\. Sonjr Lcc. Krrh) Lootrc}. Pdtri S{ellm!.her. Dee,{nn

/ \ r i N ( t u i n ! . ( ;C . . x . h l i d l l \ l l c u . r . , \ n \ S l h c . h r ( i . \tg r I r u r i c T hc 1 9rr.7 .1 rie sh mrnCir lsBAI e( br l Ter m . lL- R) TO P R O $ S u cK r r l \ $ . \| ii( e r. Nlurr Bren rcF c .llc nd Cor c h DehhicKindc r .RO \ T w O : . J n nP c p p .^. uD.n l V r r \ N r n l x L l - $ - L S h r r , [ r \ \ . l i d x T h o n t \ r n.$ .S[]r !n R rnd al.G.Nrcki L oP r enoG - Nlr r ) Hc ! n. \ C. Connicc r r l n ) n - ( ; R O \ r T f l R U l : L i n d t rD c l - o l i r i '\ \ . . l c D iH r i n r r n ( ; . S r n d ! \ 0 t1 .n sr $ . .l u l e S nr(h I. Rnlh elLL ik w. M r . \ G c r LJ r hC. Kf in M c l* w. c | l l r e L c f l n - C

Spartan Cagers TasteVictory

si \,t' *


For the firsttime in overthreeseasons theSpartanbasgot its firsttasteoivictof), postingan eigh! ketballsquad win andel€venlossrecord.Th€ Spartancr€wgot offlo a r€spectable starl loggingvictoriesin fou. oftheir firstseven games.Onegameb€ingp.obablythe suspensefulclir' $as rgainstWesl,whereafterfour hangerof rhe season, periodsol equalplaythe Spa(answeredeadlocked 62-62 *ith ov€.limeplay inevitable. Two overtimeslare. rhe mightySparlans$alkedo|f th€ cour! with their second deieatby only a singlepoinl difici!. Eightgameslate., Memorialhostedthe R€genrs to a 65-63defea!belorea morelhan-capacity Spartancrowd.givingthemth€irde was the siredrevenge. Th€ other standoutperlormance Sparlansout hustlingvicrory over powerfulJanesville Craig,the 197,1 Big 8 Co-champions( Oddlyenough,this y€ar. as lhe Craig occurredfo. rhe secondconsecutive cheerlead€rs and spectators slump€dout oi Memorial. dazedand lear)-eled. Most ValuableTeam M€mb€r. Mark Smidebush. ledthe Spartans throughout !h€season alongwith the hustleoi SteveRob€r1s. T€rry Breusche., Dave Cater" Cates.and sharpshooter Tony Nuzzo who wereall honoraryCaptains.Most lmprovedPlayer honorswentto SteveRobertsandTony Boner"Nuzzo. Ihe vosl valudblernd \4osLlmpro\ed Junior. $ere Juhnc"llipanJnd M rrLh Hdpens respe!ti\ el) .



vrhilr Bnske rbrllTelnr(.L- R) t s aK RO $ Nli[ eQ unn '. N l u k S n r L l c h u \ h 1R. ! n d \ s r r r I i D r \ c ( r r . \ r . a ; c g B x n [ ] i - t s o h! .l l n r r n '. l .n \ N u//o i. Mil.h Hrsrn \ . Br uc eTnc lo$it r k .Sr c \ eR. ben11 F . R O N T R O $ N l r r k ( ; . \ s c r . l e n \ B f t r . \ . h . r '. R o r H r n d e l .J . I n C r L ]i sr n .D ( ,nl to D Pd n rcr.Ch ur I Foulk e.



'1ri I r,

I h e S o n h r m ) . r llJ\ktr b !l Sq u n d b lle fe d J! \cJ:o n \ tri tr..rord h\ '.r'!. r r . . l 1 - ...1 r .,",n I {c H LJ,l r.., D r . k S r . r k c l h c r g n !r e lu n h o $ r o \e n !n J r l lh c \!o r c \ rcfc. l d (i gh( g r n r e \ \ e r c l o n b \ l.s r h r n r lL f! n .L n r m xr !r n Co Jch S rt.l cl bcre dl so f u r c d t h c \ l l l : o l hN r e a m xn d b r o Ic Jr !n r h r r l1 ]cn 1 \rnro \nec l i u.d. eson.\ l . r d n g S$ .c^ Ph L l KcslL r n d Nl' [c l]Jtrn LcrdLi ! R o h f l n d e h R o b K c \o d id n lL kr lr u { 8 .\1 De fcn \n e P J\ehr N l i l c l r t r d . l r n e S h u r r Br . r n d Nli[c sr lh l Be n Htr n r s: (rn. S hurl er. N 1 l c S L r h . ( h u . l \\!!e n cr . r n d NIr L c | r u n M .n l 0n,\cd P l r\cr: \l \'(',ll 1 l \ l lcl r ,' | L J.. .r t :f .,' fr J'n \ l r d ! t r i r ) I r . \ h m ) n Cr ..n 8 6 lc' b r ll \tt0 r d '\!r \i mpl ) .d{rtrd r \ r l r d ) o l l c d th ci. r r l.r i\ u id d r c.r ch Ro n tlo r uercr Lo rn 8.1 'rni n! . t . t n d . o . . [ r m p i !n ' h in tr .L r ! tL \ T h ,\sr \ r h e li^ r J\l M B ri [!1. h ! L ( c r n r t r r h e f u d ! o r r b o lc r o h o ld J C L t ln tir cc h edhl Tht (.!m s \ r ! . . s ! J n h . , L r r i hu r cd n ) g .o d tg r m !..n !r .L io n . h !rd $ork. rnd ri c \ ( c l c n r d r l c i ! \ c J\( fu g c o l 1 6 L p .,i6 n cr g r n r .. R i l k !!n\,n rnd i.hf ZLI.L\) Cr L !n s r .n \cr r cr \ Jn l .d b o tr n d r A Tl r. Mcmofrl F r . \ h m J n \ \ h"igr cf r T.r n r lcd h ) h lg h \.o r .^ Nl.' r I D ]\l csi o rnd \ Dr\.Prrl,,rnd l . i.!p lr in "r \K( On r r /.t( c!r n Qtr r n n .r nd(j re!N l l cr.

C o n c hF f i u K r u n i p l c l r r h c t a m i l l r r r u d . \ r : pr cr r rsr - o d n n d l ti i r rhc\ $.rr r rler\Lnl. co!chrblegtuun T h € 1 9 7 ! ? r F r c \ h m r n $ h i l € B x \ k e r b l l Lr e r d Tr i r !p r a i n r K.C . O p i r r . K r l i n Q u i n n .C r e ! N l i l l c r H i g h \ c o r e r s \ l xr k D tc$ tu a i d D r r e P l r k r R c n i t r L n i nMsc m b e h D l n C r ! 1 .T . o r Yo u i r . To n r N l e [1 . b r . ! . D C h r n r i l n s o nJ. i n r s r c i n h r . h .J e f l O I e ] . !l d r k sn r i l h . S!e \e !lde.d. Dxiitll Du€^1.! nceCcfxlu. Ncrl BrinSe.l\,1le Btrrer. DrlLd H r l LP . P e r e ^ o nr. f n l p r 1 . c k . C Z e r n r u e hnl - f h e l 9 7 l - 7 . 1F . e \ h m r nC r e e nB r s k c r h r Lr cl a m C o cr n r r i n r J m Br r i d e n b u r gr n d l o h n ( i J . l i n g h o u $ M o n I n r t n n c l : . J Gl r r n g h o u * l Vo n V a u r b c J o h nZ i l d ! \ M r n r g c r a j c o r l eI l f \ r n H d J:r i d r cN l !i Vn l u . J b c P h ) c r n n d C a D t r i n Jr l m L c . r ! n \ l i r n l N l i k eR u schr e \p c..!cl \ R e n r l i nn ! M r d b e ^ : P r u E e d u h nR . i r k B c n \ o n.N ,l n r lC o 5 b ].Jo h d C r n d d o c kC . d m C t r i n . l \ 1l e l l d c h . S r c v c. r c n ni n g \.( cfi n Ku m p f. T c r ) M c G l n n n j .J . l l S c h l l f . M i l € S u r . r .

Memorial Green CityCo-Champ Rl D t


forSpartan Wrestling 0utstanding

B.3 . T r m F . i r s c h i cK. c v i nF d r l . l o n M d c r l L T i m K o L b..r cfl Sh o m b € rD Th c t9 ?1 ,7.1 Mr or i. r t wr c { it r gs qur d. t LR) TO PROw : l u n i o r V r r s l r r . o w r $ 'o : H c r d . o r c h l i r n k z u c r n c r .h r i cTr e r h € sr v',Jr n i pru t . p hito tsci.Tt nr I is c t r mI.iegs ieRobins on. Lr ( ! ( e e n , . T i n i M e i c r .c r c ! L i c d e l R . o m T r e r h w J t i . R o w T H R E E : V l r s i l y H e r vyw e i sh l . ic o s r o f l . T i f t r d l . J . p c t A f l n \ l r o n gT o, "c "* d) . loht r Nt ulc hL. rEr wi"g .s,."c,t-.. Fo v+. 1 2 6 'Jo n rrm L ,Dnrn r,. r8r DI c O r ' - t h?- DunSh' nm ! nt . I t i M i k e M u r c h i *. . l . 1 i - T o n S c I o i r '. l ] 3 - M i k e L o n b l r d i D o *. l l l Nl i kt l l o {. a J o n . r v \ b. e, r L r t t r r r '! B I a Du. 8, 1\ . ' . ' b. p . l- t L' r l ^ ".;.. Den oreL: cn er$innc * '

t!resllingfor Memoa yearofoulstanding l97l-74 "as and F.eshmanprograms.The Spartan's Varsity rial s p.oblem,in thepast.wasthelackofall aroundstrenglhin of only a fewwrestlers €ach$eightclass theeminence many thingshavechanged squad. Bul empoweredthe progress hasmetamorphized s the Spartan sincethen.for hasofleredin the Memorial 'lhe selecl season most inlo their dualme€tlotals improved y€ars. M€morial laslthree 2{in seaafter a dismal rhemselves to 6-7.f€'establishinB would unqu€s' efforts year, their best team last and son powerhouses Beloit viciories over be enviable lionably and Don Shipman Craig. Senior and Janesville Memorial proiicien! sere mos! the Spa.lan's Rich Purcell Junior bothwereconierenc€firsl placefinishersnetling tbe team an overallthird placerank (bettennglasl TbeybothtlereSeclional year's5th placeat Conference). qualiliersand Purcellrlas Memorialsonly Slale Meet

I t0

r€presenlalive.Head coach F.ank Zuerner praisedlhe in Most but especially effortsof all the varsitymernb€rs. ValuableW.estler. Rich Purcelland Most lmproved WrestlerMike Mutchler.for .eallycomingthroughwhen ior the squadwereMike Foy ne€ded. Honorarycaptains Programshouldreceive The Freshman andDon Sbipmanspecialrecognilionlor their rema.kablecoachingand this season. H€adcoachBill Cary boastsa achiev€menls city champeriect.8-0 season. four individual undellated pionsin Paul Rausch-gs, Kevin waggoner-105.Dana and a fanlastic.long Sundby-I12.and Fred Flynn-119, team effor! by the enti.esquad.Tom Spurlyand Kevin andDana waggon€rwerechosenMost Improv€dPlayers 10an Sundbywas!h€ Mostvaluabl€Player.whowrestled for lhe squadwere ll-0 individualr€cord.Tri-Captains C.aigWebb,PaulYde,andDaveMcCaw.

T he l97 l-71 Fre rhmd nWr c { lin! Squld ( L- R) TO P RO W r C o d c hI l l C . r t . M l r k K r t / . G e o r g el v l n o v . 5 3 n r$ h i l e . B i l l D l o r r k . . h i l F _ r s rR O $ R ick Ho nra n.Dd veMcc d\ r . Pdul Ydc . Andj M unr s .RO $ T w O : F r e d F l J n n .B r i , n B u r k h , r d r .D a n ! S t r n d b r P T H REE: Ke rii Bru ne r M . ! r I Knr bac h.St e\ eSe\ bold.J in C i l b c ( . J e l l I 'r i r s . h i eT. o n ] L a r s o nT. o f r S p u r l c r .S c o ! B u r L e fS. l e \ e H dnso nsrcvc Ulln ln. RO w FO UR: KLer hG er r . Plul Rlu s . h . R o d R r n e s .K e v r n\ \ l g g o n f . R o g c rL ) n ! a , s . J i m B r l e \ . C r u i g webb, PererHopk,n\. Dan F\enther.

l tl

with0wens Confident Spartans

( L N i n s k i '. J o h . P r B on J. R o g e rR o se * . Th c j97 !?] Memo r ir tv r Anr - Hoc k e)Tc r nr .( L- R) TOP R O w C o d c hv i c L e v i n eJ. i f t P ! r \ o n \ '. w r l \ B l l l H o N d r d *.R O w T w O : T o m P!p p !s* , M r r k C l e n N l a \ $ e l l '. H e d d C o l c h St $e Hollt . J oh i K n , p p e l . . Cr\ Stm'. I e e S k ile". Be; H. bt €". Denores Jo h;:o n".Lrr\ trni. c k . . Sc ouO * c n\ ' . Tom Bluell.Ch 0 c kH e f i e r n u t . D r v eC o o k s o n '.M i k e M i l l e . *.C . e i s h t o nH i n k e s ',J i n rRe e d '.'

Hocke) is iust becominga traditionat Championship Memorial.In l.rn yerr's aclion.the Spxrtanshad theit evet,rt leastup !ill then.postingan l8-5 grertes!scason finr.h.T\i: 'cJ:ur Ihr) rtrr\edrherrlorJl'ruJnimpre"\e the Spr.!ancrewhas spcaking, 2l 2 eiiorr. Prospecti!ely rnd irs firstStatcChxmpionship its cyeson a 2l-0 season marredM€morialsSlatistics ne\t yerr. Only two losses The firsl vas a frusl.atinglossto MadisonEaslin triple overtim€play in Februarywhich left the knotted-slomachcdfansfranticallylearingtheir hrir oull The second game cameal S1.l!eaguins!Supcriorin lhe championship a 2nd plxceStaleberth.Offensivelv netringthc Spart.rns who Mxrk Johnson' wereledby Sophomorc theSpart.rns wilh 7l pointsset r new citr-scotingr€cord.Mosl ImprovedPlayerwrlly Klasinskiwho accountediot 5l points,andJuniorLarry Janicekwith 39 pointsTogether lhe highestscoringline in the histo.! of !he] structured Madisoncomptisingl6l points.Memorialalsoboastsl in Cxptain Drve Cooksonand defcnsemen outstanding CreightonHinkes.$ho w€tep.aisedfor lheir Sophonrore in lhe mosttense efforlsin aidingthegoalies withstanding

siluations. and L€eSkill€who scored19 points.A large they .odeon theconlidence part oi lhe Spartxnssucc€ss had in Lhcmasleryof goalie Most valuablePl.tyer ScottOwcns.Owensalongwith Junio.ChuckH€ifernan whotogelhl-2 goaliecombinalion lorm€da phenomenal 1oan alerag€of onlr-l 6 go.rls er limit€drheiropponenls pergamelIn Sl te Tournament action,theSprttanshold rhc opposition by a.ll-? mara 4-l .eco.dandoutscored gin poslingthreeshulouts.Alongsides€asonlotrls the theirri!rls by an amrzingI7? outscored mightySpartans suchsco.' Besides points!o their361 Botharc records. ing hurelsMadisonMemorialholdsthe longestwinning r1 lhe 'rJre buJstrngl7 consecutive 'L'cJtreverrecurded wins.not to menliontitlesin theCily, Big 8, andSeciional ChJrpron'hip. \e(t \earon' ourlrok .\er) proming as the SFrlans are hopingiot theirbestteamever,bul. any team would be hdrd pressedto matchthe proliciency of this yeafs squad.Lee Skillewill be Captainfor next Aswerechosen yeais team.and Jim andJohn Parsons sislanlCaptains.

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Sieveft andWenc

MadisonMemorials two A -Sraters,BruceWenc€l and Todd Sieverr,put the icingon the cakeas lhe Co_ Most Valuabl€ SwimmerjandCaptainJledlheSparlans 1o one of theirbests€asons ever.Sieve( was not only a doubleStateChampionwith records in the200Individuat Medley(l:59:l)and 100BreasrSlroke(l:01:4)bur also Memorial's first High SchootAl-American in bolh evenrsWenc€lwas the StateChampionIn LhetOOyard Butlerfl)t)J:lr. shich was lhe 5econdtd\Le\rlime eter recordedio the Stareof Wisconsin.HeadCoachcary Kope€nwas €cslaricover the acbievements of this squad andnotedtheeffo.tandaccomplishments ofhis bestSlate MeetSwimmer's- Andy..B.L.A..'Hong,4rhplac€100

LL 4


Backstroke. Andy craf, 6th ptace 100 Butlerfly,|Irh PlaceDivingandScou Morledge, MosrlmprovedSwimm€r. Tom Picone,Andy Hong and BruceWencel,2nd Plac€400 Yard Fr€esiyleRelay to add rhreemore A SlateSwimmers to rheSparran contigenl. CoachKollpinn felttheSpartans hadan "All around€xc€ltent season, and alongwilh tbisreporter,agreedrhatthe season highlighr was their third placefinishat Staleand Sieverr'sA _ Americanselection. Tom Koppand cary Frank led rhe Freshm€nSquadrhrougha respecrable seasonas they werechosen Mosl Valuabl€ Swirnme. andMostImproved Swimme.sresp€ctively.

Tankers Lead Spartan t "-I !'r,..

'," i , .l ,'.


Troller StarsasSpartan Advance Tumblers

Th c l97 l.7l vrhir ) B. ) r ( i\ dr ni. : Tc inr ( l- R) T O P R O $ : C o r c h l l u m . Jim Bou fh.cj. Nlrrk Ctu\ r lnr d.K' dr ( ; oll. r ! . Tinr Thc r s nt r t.K e r i r . R s *. o nS r r u l l i r . i.r. T.n TRiLl c r ' .B. ir t r Br d. r ' RO V T$O : S. o r l {e h ^cdr 1r m Mrrrin Bil[.]. Rr t r d) s hllnr l' . Sr on Kx r r ' . ( c n( C o n l f l r . c i .R o w T H R L I , D. r or e\ lelr c r "L i d c 6 Jo hnNlo rn.n " C. x ! M x t hr i i ,

s, v

T h c L 9 l l 7 l F . N h m r n B o l \ ' C l n r n t r {.r Tu xn r .( l R ) TOI' R O \ r : G l c n nR r n r o \ .D x v eN l r h o i c ) . . Ji dH r ctr d i D !.Pcr cl l d ! l e r l .C o l c h T o n rT o t . ) . R ( ) \ T \ O S c .l r C [r k. D !\e sl !n !. M i k e K . . n I c . l r i . c H c r d r i c I r o f . R i .h S1 !fl n r d N o r l ) .





llcmo rx . S f r r lx n C, lnr nr \ r i. \ Tc r . lr d bj S e o 1 lK i t / . B r i r i Brxlcr. ri,l ro rtu lcr. fu I .d lion *hrl dppcxred1obe r deierl ud cx c [ 1oc dgcw[ ] r eli\ h 8r r . 8?. e5lo N5. lr T h \ n n r l n r c e vl i ! ror) hi\cd rh. squr d\ dux Lnr c c rf . e. d 1oi. 1. ) ic l{ l ns x $ r n n n Bs c n {i rnd tutring rhenron rhc rlgIr \]de ol thc lcdArrlnr thc ltr{ !n1c rhrcc rrn: 1o r.rnn s. Un tu.u 1nr lc lIr.hc \ uc c c s l! l s Fdr 0: { ill lo : r 'r g r m 'n lrrJu rri.i Th r! r f . ou[ ( r ddiD! . \ ] Anr uid l) c n. nn r r T o D r T r o l l c r . l . xr re. Lclcn nrnchos . i c r plr n x nl M o! ! r Lur b. Te r n r M c n r b e f P r l.l 8 rr \Fcirln nnd f lr r c r Kinr C. ller $ho $r . r . r c d l \ 1 o { I n proLedC)nrnrn. rnd S!o1rlvuhrf nnd Kcrin r\dtrmr. rr.c crcr.trr rid High Bnr .p.riiL in! r . s t r . r i\ c L\ l LLl, igr h. \ . 1r ! n. ics n n d . ! \ c r i :

s q u r d{i l l . l r n i o A r i m I h c : s e nd n d B r i J r B r ! d . r.l .) ! n d c d n d i d r l c sl o r t l r e r l r r . u n d n . $ r i o n .i n d $ n h o n r o r cl e l '.m !n S c o l r K ! L / . R r n d r S r r f l n d . r n d . l o h i V o r b o n . r l L tr d d i d sr n n ) n c ronrpeliri!ecdgâ&#x201A;¬tur rhc h.l)rlul Strnrda d.\r :cr\rn I [. Ii.nimii S q u r d .u i d c r H c r d C d r . h I o D 'l o n c l . b r . I c c \ cr r h i r r e r r \r ]l h r l .l ini:h Thc ..c$ :d 1\o Dc$scho. rccordsds! 6 50 rtru ring\corc $r' s e rb y D r \ e S r o n ed n d ! r M i k e K o e p k ch o l d \r h . i r .c u r l xu r .l si r h x 5 . 7 0 . H i s h e n l e t r m\ ( o r e N t r 6 0 8 0 n l r i d \ r l : r {. r n d 1 r r .sn r i r n s p h l e d . l d i n r h eC i r \ M c e l . M o n V n l u l h l c( ; ) m i r D r r . S l o n c r i d R i c [ S t l f l i ) r d . r n l ( ; l c i D R x n ro sr n d N !k! ( .cp l c wcr. chdscnNlon lnrprovcd(jlmfunl

Blossoms GirlsGymnastics

, i m i T u l l a r d .L r u r r C o l u c . r ,t e n i e C l r h n d . C h .i \ T hc 1973 -71 Cirtr' Ctmnr s r ic sTc dm .( L- R) TO P RO w: Robe n ! F o d n e y ,K u r e nC r c g e A o nM Cares. Emilt Herb-Lori wliserburser', Bnrb Brylnr. JuLicLr6en. Crrie lshnuel, Siour S(cvenf. Beckt Nucndorl Srnd) Slanle! MIDDLE ROw: Frirh Zubil'. B€rhCilbcil. Terr Sch$oeeler-MlrJ Cilberl. Pllly NhckeseJ.Chrn Shcrlr. Ciidy King,Donn! Singter,EdieTlckowiJk', Nuct 'ee, Alrr willirnson. K.istin Hrnsod, DebbyCarhnd* co-crrrrin- Krthr_Humni.l*. Mrs. BobbiRcit pcggrSuttivrn BOTTOM ROw: Dirne Eryunr. .oa;ii, N!n.r Brtdsin*. M.rsh! HnnnSron. Brrb EneLedins€r* co ciptrir. Chris w!ggen$' (not pictured Tlnufu L!rfgdt) Kitld



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The l97l'74 Ctrls CymDdsticsPro8run here rl M enor ir l has b c c n h i g h l ye i f l e d i n r e v e r r l $ J y s . Fir s ol! Ll, r hc S p f t r n l e n r o l l m e nhl a sn o r e t h r n doubledsincel,n ser\on\. rnd p!dicipling inrerest in the pro-qramhrs sktro.k!rcdl A tolrl of 3l gnls rron all four erlde lcvclsp.niciprled in HendCorch Cr il Kr lc Beis g t m n r s t i c ss q u a d .( M s C n b r i e l s , ''Crbe-, dssumcdth€ He.d CoJchingposiridi rfter Mrs. (rieger nrovedout ofsr!rc.) Sccondly,lhe lrlentr nd por enr i . l o t t h Lysc ! . s t c u mi s s oe v i d e nlth . l the y€arsro lbllow should bc vert succcslui. The leam hasbcenbolsler€dthe prst feu yeaA by Senior who\ l€rd€rshiprnd Strndour Bfb EnSeldlnger. hlenr hN beenoneoilh€ conrriburingrrctorstd lhe SpJ ir n' . ue! e $ . M t r . E n l c l d i i e . r .J l u n gN r h \ i \ ur hc rs t r l. qur h f d f ! r S c . L" i r s . J n dp l r c r ds c . o n d lo Chris wdggcneis li6r phce honoF on the lloor e$cisc mdt. Ol lhesesir enh only Chris lnd Barb {ttrrlifiedlor St,te. und only Brrb placed tcnth on f r €e ex €r c is eB . r b E n s e l d i n g e$r r s c h o s e nM o s t vrlutrble Ctnnrn and (arh! Honrmel sas voled M os lm pr ov e dC l m n N t . O n l h eJ u n i o rV n ^ i l t l e v c l. EdieTr c k o t r i d k , n dT e ( y S c h s o e s l c*c r rc.ho sen Mon vllulble and Mor lmprovedGymndns respecliv€l!. Crprainslor thisyeias squrdwereMiss Engelding$rnd Debbj Cdnud.

SpringSports GIRLS VARSI TY TRACK INDOOR SEASO N JMM 62 MdfisonErsr 1,1 SecondPhce 52 pdints OUTDO O RSEASO N JMM 66J r n€s v ille Pr r k erl9 Mrdh on Elr s t rJ M M . 17 Cf ii- q22 JMM 8 l J dnes v ill€ JMM 7 l BeloirM c m of idlll Fnst Phc€


RECORD 5_l_l 4_4_0

76 points

Firn Plrce

?0/: poinrs

lirst Phce

60 points

MONONA LEACUE 4-l-l JMM crrdinah l-6-0 JMM Orioles WA U B E S A L E A C U E 5-0-0 JMM Jets l-4-0 JMM cians | .,10 JMM Raiders

C I R L S V R S I TY SOFTBAL L J M M l 2 E d g e s d o dl l

Third Pldce .ll poinrs SecondPlJcc

l3 po'nls B O Y SF R E S H M A N T E N N I S J M M 9 E r {0

J M M 7 E , s t2


B O Y SV A R S I T Y T E N N I S 0 JMM,9 Stoughron IMM 4 Ocononoloc 5 0 9 Adoshead JMM Prrker 3 I JMM west 9 IMM 0 0 LaFollene JMM 9 Beloir l JMM 5 1 Easl 2 JMM 1 Craie JMM 2 D u a lM e l R e c o r d : 45 Record:l-4 Conference T N V I T A T I O N A L SA N D TOURNAMENTS: l nnv i t e 2 n do u ro f 8 t e r m 5 Srou-ehro Men.rirllnvire lrd ourol8 teafrs J a n c s v i l l en v n € 3 r d o u t o lI i r e r n N CilyMeei lrdoulol4le,ms E 'e h rM e e r r r d o u t u f T r e r m s Br-a s d b s e c r i o n r l 4 r ho u L o l qr e d m .

F R E S H M A N B O Ys' s SEBAL L JMM 4 Elr 2 JMM: Eln 0

B O Y 'SV A R S ITY C OL ' Cn!

J M M -19Ersr66 JMM ?l Cr ais30

}. R E S H M A N C OL F I M M . 1 'r L r F o l l e r l e7 i Cily



NineBuilding Spartan

Th e 19 71Bo lr Bls c blltTennr(. l- R) TO P RO wr r s \ l. C o d . hB i l l H o $ r r d .C r c ! B r n k s t .J l c k F n t r n '.L r t r y A d r n s . N I l l . F r u r . Jl m Pn r $ n \'. R o b . n. Cor c h Ri. k Nlalhis oi.Hc r d C o r c h D o u g H o l r R O w T w O : D r v e D A l e s \ t u '. C c i i j ( ; i b s o n *. K e \ i n Ad r n s* .r o h n Keko. Jo hn p drsons *As clth sn ni. Tjn j Wr r s onl.Tin s ut r t ej* . Rod HandeL i . l d c kP o i n r e r '.P h i l K e s s e lD. $ i s h l H o r n c r .R O w T H R L L : G f e g M u l h i so n '.sr u Osh o fl ". . r € r cH d l l . B i l l S h i e l d sD. o n T i o i d .M g r . J o I n K i p p e n .( n o rp ] c l u r c d N l i kcQu n n ') ' B. b s c r s e n i r nS M!ri.roh nson .Eric O nhou, J jmHeb€f t ing.

. n Sl ci n . k € N o l z L i r e r -R r n d j D o c.schTi Th e t9 7.rFre sh dl nBoy r Br s €blllT. dnr ( L- R) TO P R O w B u m ! l o n e s .D a r e P r r k s .M i k e L e m m € r M . i ke St ev cNla r u r r .C o n c hD r v eS o d e r h n rR O w T w O : P c b J o h . s o n . s r c v cU l l m r n .J e l l Se r g e n i .i M Young,Ric h Bens on. bd .h.Mike Bu ttcrTom z .u r . h .S c h , r r Cno Cunin. t lik e D A l e $ b . N o t p i . r u r e d(i e v i n Q u i n n G Serc eni. n. BilLKoop. . f e s S c h 0 L rH ColvanKcvin .

The boys baseballprogrdm her€ al Memorial had w'th a sonrewhat of a downycarroundingout theseason ,l ll-0 record.Bu1 they were neverthclcssin every game.Theywereinvolved in eightone-.ungamesandthey Junio.. gainedin competance ds the seasonprogressed.

John Galligrn. made the A1l-Cityfirst term .rndTim .rsAll-City Stanlcyrlong with Mike Quinnwercselected v.rluwas the Mosl lcammembers. Mike Quinn Sparlans

GirlsGreat Spartan

Cint VuNitr Soliblll TeJm BACK ROw (L R) Corch Mrs CrbncL\' DcniscN1crdonctuil. N la na ceLriz Ho\e lrnd * .NllDDLt RO w M r nr , ler Pr lr \ R J n n c / . T c i . l R r r n . C o l l € c n S r r l l i J . d K f s riA\crlin d.Sdn dJlen* n. Bil\ ) Cllligdn' . M r ur c €nQ u i n n f R O N T R O $ : ( r r h ) C r l l i l r D *. Han so n+. Srnd r And. ingJLt lr i. Fr r nll. Anr ) S. hle . h r i . C in dj_

C nh Jv So rlblll Tu dm . BACK RO w: Colc h M r i\ v r nd e n h u e f € l . . r u ! iL. r i r d . R r c h e l L i n [ . TrmmJ ReiLl).Slc Crdddoc(. DcbbicCdflrn{l r nO r | t O $ ' J o ) L n \ e r l r g h r -D e h b i cs r e i n d l D irn eBue lo* -L esrCr r ig.

Memorials Girls Varsit) Soirball lean] repeatcdl'7 fintll record lbr the secondconsecutive )e.rt. The Squad in especrally slandouts: boasledsev€ral the Spartani top reRhondaBenson. r!i1h122andin CaptainKrlhy bounder Galligan.Most ImptovedPlayerCindr Hanson,and Sue Tallard $ho {ere for lhei. valuable e|fortsin recognized quickness andlead' termsol r€bounds. ership.ChrisTallardwaschosenMost valuablePlay€rand Top Scorer.The JuniorVarsilyprogramhadd verysuccessfulseasonpostinga 5-,1linish betteringth€ir"breakingeven ma.k last MosL Su€Craddocklvaschos€n season. I mproved Pla)cr. PNtli Slellm.rchct captiined lhe squ,rd nd Dee Ann Doughert)was rhe te m s top score. Phler. andMost VLrluable The F.eshmanC.een Squadhad a .oundingout lheir4_ resp€ctable season 2 recordwith a onepointlossto Madioverlime son west in a disappointing theentite lossalterleadingthroughoul game the ciosestdny leam c:rmeto bearingWesl. Ann cap tained the squadrnd was th€ High Rebounder. Nicki LoPrestoand Amy Schlechtwere voled Most lmproved and Most valuablePlryersrespective ly. The FreshmanWhite leam had a few difficultiesand endedrheil season on a I 5 note.their only win against East.SandyAndringacaplainedthe whites and Ma.! Nankavilwasoulstanding as Top R€boundet.High Scorerand obviously.Most valuable PIaler. Co-Mosr lmproved Players wer€Julie Smitl and Jan P€ppe..Ar theendoftheir.iasons.bothFreshman squadscombiledto faceEdgesood recording their finrl !vinby oulscoring th€ Crusaders29-ll. making theil records 6'7. composile


BOYS'VA RSITYTRACK 1974b.oughta litlle dismayro CoachJohnCurrieand his SparranTrack Third PhceCit) IndoorMecr Squad.butjustifiyably so, he tosr27 seniors dueto graduatjon last IndoorRecord:l-2 y€arandonl) fourcameup ro iilt thegapfor rhedisgrunrt€d Spa.rancretr.Du€ OuldoorRecord:2-,1 lo thesecrrcumslances the squadhad ro restricrthei.goalsro a more.ealislic CitI OutdoorChampions l€v€lsuchas bothrh€City IndoordndOuldoortrrleofwhichtheywonone.AtThirdPlaceSpartanInvirarional rheSpJldnsdid nur makern) our.rundin-e our,rdeerroir.,Lhe,none'huurh SecondPlac€at Regionals thel€ss brokefiveprevious schoolrecords, andMike Leeshartered th€880vard ThirdPldceat Sectionals run re(urdto sela ne{ ,rirddrd ui t:)) JndluokSrul(TitteIn lhrLeverl Mite FifthPlaceat State(4-wayli€) Lee and cary Srernw€re Most Valu, NEW SCHOOLRECORDSSET: NEW OLD ableRunne.sthisyearandSreveHan 100yd.dash L€eSkille 9.9 I0.I dler and Osman Sanver were Mon 8E0rd. dash Mike Lee Ir550 l:56.1 Improved Runn€.s. Captains were ij80rd. rela! Revello.Le€Manharr.Skitte I:l1.4 lj3l8 Grry Slern.Mike Lee and Ton Fonr SpringMedle) Revello, Srern.Ski e. Lee l:14.| 3:.18.4 laine.The FreshmanSquad€arneda I000td. run Mike L€e 2118.0 2i20.0 Second PIaceCiryTirle.


GirlsSetTwoNATI0NA Spartan

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Su € T a l l a rd. rs a l reshman.anounded :tate ofi i ci ul s rs she bhzed 10 a 60 0 sct ond q u rrte r m i l e ti mi ng. A s r graduul i ngS eni or thi s \eat she ecl i ps' d thut m a'k lo sel ir N a ti o n a l :1 .10)atd dash recotd i n 56.9 secondslA l ong:i de Mi ss Tul hrd s ph! nonlenr l q u a rte r n 1 i l ep erform.rnce.she $.rs al so ,rnchormanl b. anotherN :rti on l r ecor d- b'caki n g re l a !. S u e. al ong \ri th B rrb Z.ri man. S oni x Lec. rnd Mat\ B erl ach.\ er I ne$ Nd l i onal 8u0 medLc\rel r\ i n ! n out \ t r nd

ing 117.7riming.T$o NurionrlRcc r dislincr indicrtionol lh. ordsl Sprrtungirls pro$essanddoftin.rrron in 1r.rck.Head Co.rchBeth E sholl guidcdher vrrsit\ grrls tulcnl lo irn I l-.1'0sersonrccordrnd hcr imprcssi!e Jv s brokee\en.l.l. Thc Vursrr\girls .rlsoborst \uch lrtles.rsCit\ Ouldoot Chrmpions.ConlirenccduulnleerTrLChrnpions. Conlercnceln\irrtional Chan]piont. Rcgionrl ChrnrPs rnd Slrt! lvleelRunnereup !ttcr I di: srtisl\ing ldssro NIldrson\\ en bl r$o \ l i r \ N I L I 'r 'r r ' lhe lgrl Cirl' Tfu .k Tc r nr ( l R) loPR0$ s ut l, ( r n ! T 'n 'I u n 't r ' l ) o \ \ - l \ \ (' ) {. f f r ( n N 'l lr nd' l'. l i. uo r..c,u ,t)Rins.. r r d. $c lnt r . ( ollc c nlo\ . R c ne eliil.hir. DLrn cD\ . h Pr l \ lc ( r ih\ . |\ x lic I ' t l\ l ) n r N ] J r L.



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$omped \\cst bl -r0 t'oinrsl- N{o\t Virluable Plr\ef



H i n i n g \ \ e n b c r l u \ b \l l o r n ts n o l h i n g In d u a l s n c h o n o r r se n l t{) Er fb


l erdershi l !nd e\ampl e ol Lr "lr uc$r ner" :tnd sporrsnranshr p.r l lh. slr le nreet.A i tcr bci ng cdgcdo ul ol her l9l l !nd conduct l o$rrd lhe ne$ r lr li h u r dle lille. s h e e re n 1 p l i l i e d I tru c s p o rt smrn s heLrrti n her consrrtul ul i ng \ \ 'lsoi c ham pion.N, t is sT a a rd re c e i l e da s p e c i rl M o sr vrl urbl e A $ard Ior h€r l i rut )e.rrs e\tel l enrc i n tfl eI Lot i \ cr sdn l nLs s er bu. gerwas t h e Sp a d a n s Mo s t l n r p to !e d P hl er rs shecompetcdc\ttcmcl \ N el l i n t\o nc\\ t!enl s un. !l ong \i th her u\url hu' dl e$en1 speerrlr l .rs th e Sp a tl a n s = l n ei ghr s horpr , t . t nd dis c u s

L .l ,' rn s * * .' ..r* , ;i ,, , " , ; " , " " , ; . r . r ,,,^ r,, r. m lht u! ' u' NL, i.)L rn t(n , r,,trr.' \\.h { .r' '

sf0\s,.\cr.' . \\h i Lrl hrn, N nr r),crutud L trd r\l crr.rN ' i i cb

--Sound Netters Spartan

l o i R ci !!u '.J n r The 19?l Bo\ r v r ^ t ) Tc nni jT t r n r ( l R ) I o P R O $ f n u l \ x t r o L . r . l l . h l {u r . h 1 . 'l L n E l L . d h t t k c r i P . r . r D d l i \ '. L r i c Il l e m r n n ". I r x nk lLn'J eilHor n' Ken1P c l c AR O $ I $ O : B o bS h u . r . i rL. h f l ' 8 r(ri.ird. .'. N I 'k cl - x . d \" . J o h n a j n n , n r \ N . ( p t e : e n r Ei l LM o n so n (i!r) Sr[!! xn Dr\e RrnIid Nlrrl' Dr \ e Nir Ah' RO \ \ THREL i \ r nner \ lc r et dc not et Ivl€ mori.lls Te nnis Ter m c am e of f $it h a v e r ! r e s p e c r rble sho \vin g this pan s e, r s on pos ling t hr ec s h u t o u l s ! n d . r nd Tour nam enl o L r t c o m e an imp.e s5 ivc In! ilat ional

Under r he dir ec t i o no l H c a d C o a c hT h o m a s Mr T Tofrc \ . t he S par lan sp o s (e dt$ o th i rd p l a c cs h o * r ngsand one se c ondeac h out o l t te a ms i n In \i ta ti o n rl p l 3!. In ol her tennisac t ion-t he S p a tl a n r { e re o n l l a l e r.rg ea s the} h€l d a l- 5 Dual r ec orda n d a I 1 C o n fe rc n c efi n i s hwhi ch endcd rn a 6- ' l c om pos i rere c o rd C o a c h T o l ty l e l t th e hi ghl i ghts of r hes pa. ! anss e a s o n{ ,rs rn i mp re s s i v e l h i tdpl xce Iank i n g in r he Conf e te n c cMe e r. b € h i n d J a n € 5 !i l l eC r.r18and i \ladis on wes t . a ftc r p l a c i n g fi l th i n d u a l meet competts tion. J on Renel u a n d E ri c H i l l e m a n $ e re c hosen N {osr V aluableand N4 o s tIm p to te d Pl a )e ts re s p e cl i vcl \ chri s '' F r ank B ak ar $ rs C a p l u i n i o r th i s )e a rs s quud $hi ch s illh. t ! e lour . eru rn i n g l c tl e rm e nn c \1 !e rs o n Thc Freshm an T ennis S qu a d b ro k c e v e n th i s s e a s o np o sti ng I l -l r ec o. d in Cir \ d u e l n c ti o n . H e rd C o ,rc h Tom Turner nam €d J oe Doc to r !s M o s t Vrl u a b l e Pl !)e r, John (l rrl i nghous cd! M o s l In l p ro !e d a n d K .C . O p i tT as H onor!r\ Capt ain.




E T $


I T I E 5 '}


,\ FS is . r s pec iulc luh L h c)rre t he iir s l peoplc$ h o g e r l o n ]eetlhe . \ lS s t u d cn ts. t hen dur ing L h c \ crr th^n e .d\ l' S c lub ( $ it h Mrs. Ol s on' s . r ndI ' r e\ id c n t (;e ri Ka\ e s s upeni\ ion ): th e r h rv c lund . , r is ingp ro . r.l i ccl s bak c s ales piz \.rl e \.a n d ! Lalc nts ho$ to .!i sc n r one)lor lur ufe AFS sru dent sT. his t c . rr ,\ ti s sp ons or edt s o s t u d cn L \.N{ r gdr S c huelilro n r S s i l rcrland und M onic .r Ol i !ci fr lio B r ur il M .rg d x ! .\m c r ic r n hom e Na s rh e .l xn r esB e\ c r ' sr nd Mo n icx $ .rs r gues tol t hc W i l l i !n ] Prrc h J Lr nil\ .A n! o n c le tti n g t o k no$ one ol l h e s c A FS n u dent \ hx d . r ! ef ! u n i q u ee \ per ienc €.T he E d i to r so u ld lik e t o s hr r e h e f ve r\ ste c ix l c \ per ienc e :

L Jn derr he dir ec t iono i N l r Gruder he r \ udio! i s u .rl C o n \u l Luntlhc A V $or k e rs p ro vi d cr \ alur hlc \ c r r i c c ro N{e mo r ir l.T he s t uden tsd o mo re thdnjus r m ov eeq u i p ' n l cn t i i onr plr c e lo phc e . Ih i \ \cr. s c ! c r x l nude n l s d e \cl o p c dA V pr c s r nl!l i o n s l o r th cir c hs s c s .P r t K ru n l me \ d e v eloped ! s lide/rN p e p ro g fu n rlor lhc do\ r nr o w n



t It was the third daY of school and as I was eating luncband doinghomework our in the courtyard,I was starll€dby a "hello."I invit ed this girl !o join me but I couldn't help ieeling bewil' d€red becausehow many strangersapproachyou wilh such a liiendly greeling?I finally noticed h€r accent and discovered I was in company\!ith our AFS student. Magda. Il took me

threedaysto learnher name but only lhr€e minutes for us to becomel.iends. And that friendship dev€lopcd into a r€achinglearningrelationship. At tim€s I fell like the teacher exposmg Magda 10milkshakes,west Towne, football games,and most rmportant, other sludents. Bu1 more often sh€ wasmy leacherexposingme to a wholedifferenlculture. My favorite memory of



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Pa t K r um m e\ is s ho N n o n th e r ight s nh one ol h i s 1 a \o ri te piec €sof €quip n re n r.$hile br ot her Nli k c {i n se rtp r c r u. e)helpedk c e p th i n g sgoing.ReedHub b a rd d i d a n c r c ellentjob of l o c a t'

Magda and the nicestcompliment l'v€ ever received cameafter a weekof knowing her: I askedher, "Mag' da, wbat mad€ you come out ro the couftyad that thi.d dayofschoolandwant to ger 10 know me?" Sbe told me quite frankly and honestly aqualityladmired in both Magda and "Because you Monica lookedniceand friendlyand I knewI'd lik€you!"




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Biology Honor Society The Biolo-!)HonorSo thi\ cietypcriormcd.rgain bothin )car man] services thcschoolandin thecon]nrunil\.UnderlhelerdershipolCluudeTilrlor.,ChrisMcvo). vicePres..GeriF.eem.rn. sec.. andSueHrnsen.trer:..the BHS didnr.rn! erciting things.Amongthem\vere bhzingr lrril in lhe Kiekholir Woods.holdingr for Science S) mposium n]iddleschoolers. rnd hr\ing! progressive dinner sith .rslidesho$riter' [.1.ds.Thehighlighloithe \e.rrsrs ther nnurl trip to Anronr.


B A C K R O \ r ' l . TO R . ( L r u d . T ! ) L L r . ( l h . s V .vo \. Gc.r l tn F r c c n i r t r I. l r . i r n n e N l r d d r .R u r l , N l e n d e n \ i L dC. n d r Ttr ) l o r .l .i u n , Cib\on.SucCnrddotk..riLlSprr.h . r . F l l c n R , c r c l b r ch .Su . H i cl ,s F R O N I R O \ \ L TO R : S'e .l ( r 1 i I o s .r r L . n c Nr u sh r o i .Sh ci h Rerndl.Ell.i \hd (; lbcd

The l 97l -7 . 1Com put ing ol l5 sluC l ub cons isr ed dents* ho i ncr e. r sed lhe interesli n com put ingr nd provi dedhe lp f or t hosealr€adyi nl erest edin com puli ng. U nd€rth e guid. r nceol Mr. John Mo r ley. ! he club advi sor.the co nr put ingclub l ook sever.rlt r ips ! o assor t cd compul ingcenler sand show edthc mor ie 1984 . B ob B al d$in succeeded K evi n C .aig, s pr esident w hcn K cvi n g . r dur led. The othe. ol l l ce r s{er e: M at l Mathi s V .P. . Ki. mFr eber S ec..and Chr is Kielich Tt cas. TOP Ji nrC l i cl, M I O DLE:Nlr Morl e).Jei i C € r r .Nlr r rM dr hN. S t e \ c T ! j L o r . P ru l Pr r r e .. Sco l l c f u i n c r R O N 'l : Bo b Bxl d $ i n .



T hc CS I bc gL' n!s r re g u l i l r l! ononr ic s c l. r\sd e c l d l n g l o hu) \ onr c s t oc k$ i th th c h c ip ol \ c \ c r ul c om p .rn i c s . Onc c onrpr n) . t he R u rt| l In\ ur . r nc edonale d5 5 0 0rn d sa idt o puLt hc r c r' n 1 fg monc y( hof c iull! ! b i g p ro i i r) x \ idc r L t hc end o l l h e S.o . Icrr lor s c hol. r r s h i Ps wit h S l- 100t ot ! l ( h e s es L u ' d cnl5s c l up u c or p o rrti o n . ru nnr ngbu\ r nes sm e e trn g s rn d $ r iling up P rP e r\.Ac ' co r dingt o lhc W is c o n \;n Str t ut e. lhe CS I $ a s r rc l co r por at i. n ! nd u n k n o s i n g l) t { ic e c om nr i tl e di l l c g .r lr f t r dingac t sr n d c o u l d h L r c bc c n lir ble I n r fi fe \ e r r \ in j. r il or 51 0 .0 0 0o r b o t h: T he high po i n t fo r CS I $ns r I ' dr ) C h i c rs d t.i p. Coineident rl l l P rc s i d € nt Nix on w! s \ l a r_ l n gIn l h e \ nr c hot elr n d c v e r!o n e h rd lun 1r )ing lo \e e h In . The) c v en hr d t he S e c re l v i l tc h Ser \ ic c s us pic iou s l !v

Corporationof StudentInvestor I

024991 MUTUAL



':n r5-n l-:-F;:;;;:;

' ' I his ) c r r ' s de b a tetc rn i l va \ s m llln num b e rb u l h i g h in s pif it seit h .r l o r o l ch s e wor k wit h ! ll m e b e r s . r en] ! r k ed d !i \o r Mr. M uellc r r bou t rh e l o u r' menlberDeb. r t et e a m .T h e o b jec t iv €oJ lhe le m $ a s 1 0 e fl ec t iv eltper s ur d cp e o p l c l o r c er t r in point o fv i c \! th roughs pc r k ing s ki l l s . This y er r ' s LopicB a s : ''S hould t hc F c de ru lG o ! e rn lllentbe r es p0 n s i b l ro e e mplot all c nplo!a b l e U .S .

PLt t uk dr r Rr ghrD : ' d kSrru l l e r

vice-Pres.,hn LucRICHT TO LlaTi NlN. S\srnson A-qent.Rich tlippe CharseofCompulcr ServicesJetlwilchesi.Debi Pet€rson,Malt Mr(hi! liams Chrirm!n ot rhe Borrd- Prr ck Krummcr_ Trelsurer.D!n Rosniller Prrlir Prcsidenr-KevinMcKeon Vice Chlrle ol LcgalAfiJns. denriri!.. Rosr K z Dat u Pc u r r v i c c - P r c si .n C [ d r g e o l S o l i c n r l i o nK , c \ i n L c \ i n v i c c - P r c si n Ch a r g co i Chdsc orStrpplies Slock Research. Kinr Sellers Secrelar!.Creas Po(ef


Dance ''To givestudenls a and chance to chorcograph the 1(rperform"is deemed purpose of thcDrnceClub rnd thosewhopdrticipal' is edagreethalthech.Lnce andchal' bothwo.thwhile lenging. as*ell .rsiun. ofthe Thisyear,membe.s "A D.lnceClubpcrlormed Dry fo. Dancing$j!h Lhe ConcertChoirin thewinter progrrm,performed in the rnd cre' Talent Show. AFS lbr the dances atedbeautiful concerl. spring dunce annurl


*,y LEFT TO R I C H T : T O P T O 8 O T T O M : R O W l ; v a l $ i e N,uehron, Jane Mendalhall,CherdlynRoberts,ROw 2: Su€ Ke; r s , \ a 's . l M c N c 'l J , C i n d J L . t r b . J e J n l o " e l C i n d ) J er n1s ". R O w I T . m m y I c l r r E r . s L e M c c 'n n i l v M c l r Seaueira.ROw 4: Klren vertz. Debbie Daniel. Kin R1ng. RoianneThompto,and nany menben missinslromtneSPring


L TO R. TOP: Don Niehus. Kurt Srurz,Bruc€Dlhncn. Scon DeBoer.DaveHall Davc RegenburBCreg Haugen BetsvSteindl.Donna J0hnKnippcl.MTDDLE: Ldurie I.gwcll, Pam Meier.ChervlCeier.SueTallard SoupvJohnson, cam. N;;cv Miles. T€iii Le{er. alEn Esemher.BoTToM: Mr' Huber (advhor), Rich Kuhulpt,.rohn Robr, Bill

''Thepurpose oi to develop ci!l intelligenc€, civiccon' quali sciousn€ss. lerdership ties,andvoca!ional under prcpal strndingjn srudents ing lor c.rfeers in markeling ' .rnddistribulion. ol Underthesupervision M.. RichardHube.andthe leadefship ol its ollice.s: RichKuhuupt Pres.. PamMeir v.P.. Laur'e lngs€I1 Sec.,SueP. Johnson Treas..Dav€ rnd Greg Hrll Hislorian. Haugen Parliamenlarito rn, D.E.C.A.continued be.Lp.oductive organizalion rnrsyeaf. I helJ mcmbers or jn D.E.C.A.participrted lrom.i tull .lc!ivilies ftrnging initia!ionpicnicanda dance laba! Devils to r leadership HeadLodgeto theState D.E.C.A.Conference.l! GreenLake.


''I fyou wantlo improv€ yourspe.r kingability,dev€lop confidence. andhavefun thenjoin Forensics," says advisorMrs.DonnaBer-eer. Thesethirtysludents sompeledin manymeets. the goalg€l1ing biggesl to the StrteMeer. wasvoted CarolBeckman mostvalu,rble wirhJ.. KirstenTinglummost


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LEFT TO RICHT: BACK ROW: Mrs. B€rser.Clairc Zaiman, Scou Weber,Calot Becknrann, Calht Hadter,Su€ Monson,Kalhy Burke, Polly Davidson,Sarah Hatch, Cree Kamm€r.FRONT ROw: Ann Wolb{g, bick St;ufts, Dav €. F€y , - lulieEe c k m a n n K , r i s t e nT i n g l u n , T € r y S t a t z .J u l i e J o h n s o n .M n s i n g : t : t o th e rm ;b e B R b o a h o

Anyonewhohasever been"lhat n€wkid" in schoolcanreadilyapprecialethe servicesperformed by the friendlymernbersof theHospitality Club. g.oupoi Thisoutgoing picnics. pa. kidsplanned tjes,outingsandolherge! acquainted !ypeaclivilies, besides helpinga1r€gis1ra, tionandgivinglours AII lhiswiththegodlolg€tling newsludents involved and settled assoonaspossible. It's hard1()be new.bul maybea littlelesssowith theunsellish helpof these kids.




rareMenddharr' Mar€a wirrians FRoNr: Mr'sisr€r' Karhv

M . I . L . E. Menl o . ir l s int e. im pr M.l . L. E. , is one$hich $as conceivedlasryear .Thc successl ul p. og. am sal olher Madi sonschoolspr om pledt he P & P councilt o init iat er sinlil ar progra m .A st udenlconmrtl cew rs est r blishcd! o plxn and di recl t he inr er impr o g..rm. Inl cr im did nor becom e .erul y thi s ye. r r ,but t hc m anr hou.s ofhard r vor kinvest edin thc proj ectr. e not in vain.Al readyw ork hr s begunon f or nr , i ng a comm it t eef or nexlyer r rnd t he p. ospeclslook pr om r sr ng.



rtsl ri l l l

l'tF [l.Y.:P

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TOP L TO R.: Pd Nlulcnhy. Miko w ei $. N l d. S$anson. M r Hubblc. R i chrrd H i ppe. BO TTO MM T ar rCi berr.A nnc Mur je Dczonix. R, t r dJ

Language: Spanish

S pani shClub is f or languagel overs These . st udent s ,rrereal l yi nlo t he Spanish l anguageand enjoy lear ning abou! the S panishCult ur e. They hel da Chr ist m asf ies!a and had di nnerin a Spanrshrcstau.a ntin Poyner r e, W i s. Th€ chair m anwr s C l ar€ Zai m an and t he co charr m anwas M ar ie Roeb€r . B A C KS : ueR i rrcrVller . ieNr ugh ton,C hefJlH us. Lnur r Kr um MID D LE :C ar h' Hldlct . M ir ie R oeber.C hrc Zr im cn, Cllh' C oj ner.ckfR ONT: LinddLoh rer. A i nre A Ful. r . M aler Wii l i rnrs. Mrs.K .l h JSnir h.

Music:ChamberSingers TheChambcrSinge.sare a talented bunchofkids. Ron Rockowis !heircon' ductorbut hedo€sa lot mo.ethanconducl.He chothcirsteps,rnd rcographs motionsandgiv€sup a lot ol hisoutside timeto this group. TheChrmberSin-qers are and Conce.tChoi.members hadto trr_ ouf togef in. The) x.e veryclosegroup andenjoysinging.rt businessluncheons undconcerls. B A C K: Te ri Tho nrp \on. M ik e A sh. Drse Fe J-.Alrh e! w \ k ow. C indr Pe uo ld. Lo $e ll ! nhor i. Nidlne crrve n. Sre \e H ! r r i\ on. Mxrt Jrn e Porte .. BilLTlbr ln! . P xr Mu lcrh y. Mis) M c Ne€lJ - . S lere Co llin\ FRONT: Chns wrsaener. lon Cochbere.Chcr)L C erer tli\\ ne : p irii\r N! n. J C rnnon n nd cu L r s r . loc L



MadrigalSingers WhaldoesM.rdrigalmcanl It's r lypcof musicfromrhe lalel6th centur!.Thelords !.c poeticandthc notcsiornl ncs chordssounding agains! €achother.Thismusicstr.le sounos verl prcttyanonew. ThisyearMemorialstudenrs couldlislento !heMadri-s.rl Singe.s rt theChoirConcerts. S T A NDINC: D!if! PrlLoii\ . CLndy P erzold .vtrl€ r€ Nru gh r on. M r r ic - isHuir x s . R ocber. Su eL. Had srdChr D rre F c)- Bill Tyb rin!. S r er e f hr i son (NlELl NG Pe !s ) Rr ndr ll. Cdrhy Hdd le). Srrr P n1! h. Pt r r r r


ThisyeartheJazzEnsemble me1for threedrys a rveekas Y:credilclass.Theytook t.ips !o EauClBire andwhit€water. Their iavofitesrangedirom ''Fortuneof Fools"to "Country RoadJ'.ln Lau.ieEatons opinion. Thisis lhebeslmusicalgroupandthenloslfun. I m reallygoingto missthis groupandespecially I'll miss my Fr€nchho.n. Thatseems 1osumup thefeeling when l€arns1oplayan insomeon€ strument. €specially in ajazz style.theinstrumen! becomes a pa.tolyou. re.r1 T O P T O B O T T O M.L , TO R . BAC K ROw: John Grlliean. Dave Buelow. P a u l H e b e r l e i n ROw . 5 : Sl e veN o v,ck. Ldurie Earon.Dennn DiPi!zz!, G f u n tM ! n h a r r . J oh nL a so d .R Ow ,l : M i k e w e i s s . M r . En d l e .Stu 8 a s. ROw 3: Todd Poinrer.Teiii Thompson. Mike Margeth, Brad DeHuven. ROw :: Rick Rusch,Dave Renrilz. J o h n A h M n , E r i c D r i e s. FR ON T ROw: Joel McNeely.Kurl Heberlein, Jef| Sime. Jeff NruShlon,SleveFun i l e M k s i n g :N a n c yGr n n o n

MarchinsBand Th€ MarchingBandis composedofSymphonic Band membe.s. Theyendu.€7:10 a.m.p.xctices duringiootball season wheretheylea.ntheir Ibrmations diff€renlmarching thatMr. Endleworksout for lhem.ThisMarchingBandis theonewhoplaysourschool songafle.eachtouchdown. All rightl L e t M d r H e t i j _r.i g h ! Pr ti Ge i b

Pep "l KNOW beknowswho I aml "l got! note!l' ''Wi1lyoucomero hislocker wirhmeandguard?' Whenyouhearrny oflhe p.eceding natemcnls, !ou canbesurethalsom€Littl€ Sisis talkingaboutherBig Bl TheBig Brotherprogram ior rheindividualsupport of th€rthl€1es hasjustcon] pleleditssecond suchighlrcesslulyear. I! involves €lementsofsneakiness rnd spyingcombined wilh brk jngskills,a.lislry.andcreativewritingabililics vcry PepCIubhasbeenve.y encrgetically Iedthisyearby SandyCattanxch rnd Sioux Slevens. Theyandthe0lhcl menberspul in ! lot oi!ime ande|fortintosuchproj€cts asp,rinting signs,selling.e lieshn1enls duringbaskcr ballgrmes,andsellin-qll kindsofthingslromsuckers to bumpcrslickersl A bove Suc Jo hn so ich ppinCin I P ep Aud RiCh t To p: Pr €s ident Snndl Cdtran,.h dnd Belor her: vi.e'Prei. Siour Stevens.

The Pom-Ponroutincs weremadeup by a1lthegirls butespecially by Capt.rin TrinkeJcnsen andCo-Crpr. LesrReisdoriTh€girls enlertained PepAuds. nd footballandbasketball crowdsduringhalliimc. Nextyeartheyrvouldliketo perlbrmmo.eoft€n. T OP:Tnn ke Je nsenSuc , Er lc k s on. S hxroDRidd le.Kly (ru c gr r . Andrer Busse rMIDDL E Sd M or lser. Jern nc Kosmins k i. Ann Lrns . Te trt SchRo egler BO TT OM: Ka lhJOmrrr- K in J ur en: . Beth Brron. Karh! King. Anlria




stageLrew -.-....=l (



Thc St lge Cr e$ r \ one Lol xcti vi !) thut is esser t LLr \ o They in the scho ol. t ut dur nruchw ofk belor cand . l ng e\cr ) concer r dL'ncc, rnd ph]. set t ingup t hc pr o per l i ghLing.Piclur edher c rre studcnlswho helPed w i th t he N{usicM r n. I R ON T:Pr ul Zur l. Lr ur c Fx r . n . L L . h r r tl$ .b h . \1 ,,nBt( l n cl l N . r l ( j o d sr en . .l r cl N l .N e e l J M I D D L L : J u l r . Scl [L l c.. C h r ' w r g g o n c r .C r r \ C o o Jd L n TOP




' ' There s no busincssLikc show business.! ! s t he the e ol t he t vl \ l01h|Lnd I l th {r t er b. r llctsho*. U nder th! guidNnceol M iss fl erth. Le slicG . r r hnd. and B obbi Reil. Lhcli gir l: \rrote mon ol t he nine r ou t r ncsr ncm selve\ .

'1 j ]



r ''I believ€ !hatpar!icipationin the ModelUnited Nationsis oncol rhcben expe ences 3 sruoenr cango through, saidDickStrulfer.sho himseliwas thc he.rdof !{o delegations to this),eaissessions ol-Model U.N. s. TheModelU.N. is designed to stimulrteint€res! amongstudenls in theunited Nalionsandin worlda1: faifs.Thereis a delegation composed ofa felvmembefs rnd ledb) a he.rddelegr!e. ol Mr. Under!heguidance PareandMr. Mueller.this oupof seniof\(and one -qf sophomorel) we.epartol a ver)wor!hwhile xndfun learning experience.



I L.TO R.: CaryCeer,Mr. Muellei,Mr. Par€.EricSiedblnd,RichardStauffer.

Policies And Procedures Th€twelvestudents, €ight p.incipal, leachers, rnd parrnecoun€nl.\!no compose cil.controllhemon power in theschoolbehindMr. Barter. ol theirmajor.rcSon1e qereir slucomplishmenc denLsnokingarea.theStu dentRightslnformation Cente.,thestarlof WJMM. lheSludentActivities Committee. andM.l.L.8.. ! andtheCouncilpassed 10helpguard document fighlsprovid€d b) theStu' dentBill fo Righls. Ollicerslbr theC ouncil wereDickSlauffer,chair man.Tom Peterson. sccrc tary.andTom Hall.


EACK: (athy Hammer,Cdil F!r. Md. Alice Kopp. M6, aarb Rider, Ann Waldbillig,M.s. Klrhl Snirh. Mrs. Kifr Cohn, Mr. Hu6ble.FRONT: Marcia Inhorn.Alison Lindsav.Ann€ Malid Dezonia.Tom Hall, Dict Staufier.Dan Rose miller.Barb Morrk. L!urie Niehon. Kalhvcetter.


13 6




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'] ',

T o p : S e n i o iC l a s sO f i c e N :A s u s u a l ,P r e s i d e nKt i r k Morl€dgehasnishandsfuu wilh SueMcoinnily treu, sur€r, Lisa Eckert - Vice-Preside.t.lnd Mlrla Sequena secrerury.Left Middl€: Soph.ClassOflie6: Ann Morl€dg€ treasurer,Belh Cullickson vicePres..and HelenSive.lson P.csidenl.Middle Right: S r . C o m n i l t e e C h a n m € n :T O P : J e a nT o w e l l , H o l l y Cook, Dick Slalfer. Ann Allen. MIDDLE: SueJohns o n . A n n e M a r i € D € Z o n i r , L a u r i . . . E a t o n .K a r e n Schwaiger.BOTTOM: Karen V€rtz. Boltom: Junior Chss Omcos: SuzanneDezoni! Lrbek - treasurer,Juli€ seqeLary.Kirsen

SeniorClass Chairmen

Th€rer.e so e rhingsin lifclh.rtonl) hxppen during )our senior\err, rnd the goalof theseniorch ir en h.r5becnto in!olve.r\ r.rn] possjble ir thesc :rcLiviries. Theresere ll ch.rirmcn for nineconrmillees.$ hoscresponsibilit) $ irsro ofgunr! anoc:rfr) outlhc e\cntsLind probl€llls unrquc roscnror\. Thech.rirm!n andLheif commillecs logethlr$ rLh thccl.rss olllcershildLo mL'kenlLrn)asonirinsLrnd conrrovcrsirl dcclsions: Shouldweall qeargrcen gftrdu3ring go$n\ or should rhcgirlsq caru hirclShould $c gr.rdualc lo Lhcthcmc lionrJohnn)Car\onor Pomp.rnd CircumsrLrnc!.] \l ho $ouldactuull!bu\ a ColossrlConrNiner:) Who \villre getlor r spc!kerl whcreshouLd $e hr! e PronllAllthcic!nd rr) olhercrilic.r I problem\se.e \olvedbt thescinduslrious chLrif mer.thei.comfrLllees. rnd t he chis oljir er s.

in school.rlLverybody w.rlslookcdlbrsa.dto whentheSwordrnd Shield camcout.Theschoolnewspapcfwasrwa.deda Med' alisa rrtingby theColumAssobiaSchohsticPress ciarionandwascitedbr the Associt|lion Wis.Education Councilulongwirhsixpto narejournslrns1(r les:ional .ecei!erhc SchoolBell i\$rrd . Regul. rrrrcles wereLettersro theEdilor, ( Poll) Positivcl) Spâ&#x201A;¬aking Insight(Tom Drvidson). G.ogan).!nd TimeOul (JackPoinrerandOsnl!n Srnlcr).The Editor'in ChieiwasSeniorTom TrollerandtheAdvisorwas Mr. Tom Tofte).

T op Rog .r Corn cL ,\onr nd Te\ crrl. (l) Rdb s(hcibe .s r c \ c Bur ncn.' l in r Kolb .lll Ri(k S, t dbdnd. Liir TJ)ld. ( l) 5r. Nl.n \ s c \ .Su! C r, Ld dr.l. Mxrcir In hor n. ii) N Ir. rI r Mrrir Roc ber . Ibr l t\. l6) Sh cir Reindl.Cindi J.hi\oi. PrnJ Rrmrrer . I \ nc t r d LrNb. (7) L in{h V!d woc ldc r c n. tlrr. ir Hrr ig!)n . P.lJ Dt r r r d n)i. . \nj\ Elln. P!nr ril! n\ . ( 3) Jul' c lluih '. O'n rrn S!d lf . PeEgr C r Ln .Cxrh J B n Jcnbut s (. 9) .lr. l Po,itc.. Ion r Cro gnd-Tom

SwordAnd Shield


Wilderness Studies The WildernessSludies identification, pollutionand Short Course was designed €nvironmentalstudies.ecoto paomoteand offer an syslems, hiking, camping, educaiionalouidoorsitua- backpacking,canoeing,and tion in which studentscould be exposedto wilderness The higblights of this areas-This was achievedby year's activitieswere two participationin such activi- trips to the "Porkies"(Port'€s as plant and animal cupineMts.) in Michigan.

They w€retaken in November and May under the supervisionof Mr. Lee lhlenfeldt. Most of lhe 50 membersof the WildernessStudies CIub participated in

This I e! r $c sls r he in nov.rlion.O f our ver \ o$n hi ghschoolr ! dio slr r ion. To l i sl€no. nor .we hld no chol c e.Bul it \ ur e ber l t he soundof t he advisoast oicel W J M I \ 'l h. r dbeenon ( he dra $lng t io r d ior t hr cc )e r]i bur r his) e r il linLr ll! camc int o or idlne nudcnls $it h m usicund news.Dcnni\ L. r pcewich. gcnerulm anagcr r. ecr uilcd the st!ll D. . l.s $ ho ar c pictur edrBob R\ an. Tonr H erserCindy , Ulsf ud.( Dcn, ni s Lapcewich)Jon . Rohr er . and Kat hr Far lell\ . A. V. hel p edbr lcndingus t heir equi pm cnt .bur lo$ r ds lhe cnd o l r her cLr rLhe\$cr c getti ngshor rso WJM Nl hr d 1ouses0m eult cr nat c$r \ s to brord c! sr ! s sho$n in lhe pier ur c.


:i !he Puttingtogether for Memorialisa Yearbook irmeconsumlng )ear-long, actirit). Beingon thestaff getlingprctures involres la]-ou1s. made.developjng $ritingcop)'andcooperac ing*i1heachotherto completea writtenandpicto.ial historlof lhe)eat. Mr. GradesaslheAdvisorwirh r$o Co'Ediro.s'in'Chiel. LisaEckertandCaIol th€EdiKoch.supervising tor strff.Kim Ring.Liie did a finejobof s€crion. on her completing "ork herselithe earning derdline. Edi tirleoi MostValuable pul tor. PaulaOkeyh€lped theSuPPlemenl. together KelliDohmhadchargeof ol seniot thosehundreds porrraits for he. Seniorsec' !ion.BillYalesin a lasl mrnutesprintpu! together But ou. theSportssection. thanksgo !o Linda sincere our 9th g.ader. Thompson. $ho completed rheUndeF clussseclion andtookover $hen section thercademic i11. RonnlBrbcockbecam€ In rddi!ionlo theirregulu. dutiesLisaEckerthelped finishtheClubsxndAcri!itiessection andCarolKoch rodehcrdon th€Index. Photographers arean 1npartof lhestalf. dispensible Malt Hefty,HeadPhotog' rapher.hada crewin: Mark C.a*ford,DaveHoffmasReed ter.PererBerbe€. JonRohrerand Hubbard. Cind! Ulsrud.Assrslance alsocamelrom Sh€rri Tom Johnson and Luedtke. PatMulcahy. Theeiforlsol th€man) workingwrlh othersludenls rheeditorsandlhecooPera$as l ionol theteachers greatl)appreciated.



di \,,r,


I (im Y.arbook Stafl: STAN D ING (L R), Lha Eck€rtandBillYal€s SEATED(L_R):PaulaOkev Kelli Dohm. Rins-RonnaBabcockandCarol Koch


LIJ R o h r e r , C i n d l U l sr u d ,Bi l l "a n d \ ear bool' Pholoar c D h e r . : S I A N D I N C ( R L J l o r J o l 'n 'o r 'R e r JH u b b a r d . J o n Dr v e Holim - , . e; iLA l t D : M a r k ( r a *. o r d a l d M t r r H e l J both winncs ol the Delone€ Scholashipfor

LindaThorpson, hardat


l I l






Jan A serl i nd

A sampleofTom Troller'sterrifictalents.

Ronna Babcock

Frank Baker

Mike Bateman

Jeff Becker

M ike Ash and Mark Gol dstei nshakehandsas thev crossD al hs.

JiIl Beyler






T h e co n clu sionofthe footbal l seasonb.ought us !o our revel 'ssheda! West


D a wn Blo ch wr tz

Dia n e Blo ch witz

Ste ve n Bo llig

.lo e l Bo twin ick

R andal l B raun

Terrance Breuscher

spenthistimein GraphicArts. SteveDonoghue

K i m R i n g . S c o r t R e e d . Ke lli Do h m . a n d Re d We n ce ld o (hei r thi ng:

Janet Carley

David Cates

Therese Cefalu

The big greenis alwayson the go.

Janine Chesters

James Cipriani

R oc hel l e C ohen

Steven Collins

D avi d C ookson

Everythingwedid wasNumberOne.

Julia Crissinger

Lynn Culbertson

Catherine D aw son


F r i e n d s a n d sm ilin g u su a llyg o to g e lh e r ,a s D ave C ates and C huck Foul ke

John Dibble

Jo e DiSa lvo

Larry (Li brary) R i nger gi ves a S eni or one of hi s many "shutup" l ooks.

DaveCooksonfinds!imeto studyalone.

Nancy Duckwitz

Pat Durkin

Mi chael Dougherty

Jeannel tâ&#x201A;Ź D uranso

A FS studenl Magda S chuel i spendssome ri me to gathâ&#x201A;Źrber thoughts.

Barb Engâ&#x201A;Źldinger

Mary Esenther

A r a r e moment. B etsyS tei ndl and R onna B obcockhard at w o.k.

Thomas Fontaine

Karen Fortner

Mi chael Foy

James Frankl i n


Co lle e nF itzp a tr ick a n d Dia n e B l ochw i tzdi scussthe mattersoftheday.

Mark Frederick

on someheavycoloring. AudrevNohel concentrates

Nancy Ga n n o n

Michael Fries

hermusicaltalents.Pholoby Matl Hefty CindyPetzolddisplays

Jul i e Genna

C heryj G€i er

C h.i sl i ne Ga.!nel

Pa lr icia Ga r d n e r

Donna Ga nl


i '''

' , -,.. .


1' ,- t






**., '--.-4 Kim Se lle r s.Pd m Sp r e ch € r ,a n d Mar]- R i ce fi ngcr p,ri nl duri ng Fami l ) Li fecl ass.

Gerald Gibson

Laura Gib so n

Ma.) C i l berl

C ochbcrg

C i rthe.i ne C o.l me.rc

Matl Fl]nn

M r ch a e l Gr o g a n

Mark Crosse

Richard Cundermann

Nancy Hacker


David Hall, Jr.

Thomas Hall


SusanL. Hansen

Luci nda H anson

Gregor\ H auten

L i f l i n g w e ig h ts,M ike F o y b u ild sh is m u sclâ&#x201A;Ź s.

R ebâ&#x201A;Źcca H eberl i ng


Thomas Hickox

R i c hard H i ppe


M ik e McLi nden's i nteresti s somâ&#x201A;Źw herebeyondhomew ork

D av i d H ol mes

Donna Howie

Christopher Huiras

Ja n Kn ip p e l a n d Ro se m a r ySahagi afltake thi ngs one stepat a ti me.

Steven Irlbeck

Gary Ishmael

Edward Jackson

Low el l Inhorn

James Jasensky

El'zabeth Jed)nak





l Su sa n L Jo h n so n

Jeannette Johnson

Julie Johnson

Mi c hael J ohns on





n Xrx*!rr&& .'wt

\u ln lrr SusanP. Johnson

Thomas Johnson

Ra n d y Stark, Tom Fontai ne,D ave R emi l z, Tom Trol l er. and P aul w oi t add a Y u R a h R ah to the S eni o. Po wd e r Duffsame.

N ancy Jones

Sandra Jon€s

J eff


Ross Katz

Susan Kâ&#x201A;¬lly

Vicki Kietzke

Kirby (Gary Stern)showslhe spirit of our team after a victorioushockey game.

Gregory Knapp

Jan Knippel

Thomas Koepcke

m J oh n K o ke tte

natural sl al e' Jon R eneauand Mi ke H ari u i n thei r

De b o r a h Ko o p


Tamara Lafarga

Simone Koos

C ynthi a Lamb

Judi th K ozmi nski

G u n i l l a An d cr .so n a u a it. so m e lhIn g m o r e r nrere,ri 'l p r han her sorl .

Li sa Lau!enback

Mi ka Leckrone

6 A s a l w a y s .S c o t t L i n de n a uca n ' ! fin d â&#x201A;Ź n o u g hwo r k to ke e p hi m busy.

Mi chael Lee

M a r y Jo n e sd e m o n str a tedher pow ersof concentra!i onduri ng math cl ass.

Cayle Lokken

Ja yn e M a r kle ) -

Ja n ice L u cchesi

D ani el Luck

J anet Li ndqui s r

S heri l l e Luedtke

Mi c hael Lunde

Janet Matti son

Bruce Maybee

Li nda McC l osker

Kevin McKeon

A s y o u s e e ,M r .illn

Pu r ce lld o e sstu d y

. wir h h e r shoesofi

M a r k cr o sse a n d T o m Koepcketry hard to keep up rhei r grades

M i ke McL i ndcn

Y c a fs o f p r a ctice fin a lly n a l \ o fl lo r \nne M a r ie De Z o n ia .

Denise Meadowcroft

C ) nl h i a McN al l

Mel i s s a Mc N eel )

w i l l i am Mei cher

P amel a Mei er

ii i,,l

Ruth Messerschmidl

Ke ll] Meuer


w atch thal 1i !1l efi nger Jefl .

Debra Miller

Jeffrcy M illcr

Karen Mille.


Kirk Morledgc

David Morris

* I

d B ecky He b e r lin gsh o wsh e r a p p r e cia tio nfor runcn.



Pa tr ick M u lca h y

L in d a Ne stig en

N ohel

C ynthi a N ordl i ng

Nu zzo

B ob V ol kman w arms hi s hands.w i th al ot of i magi nati on,as i he temperaturesgo dow n.


M o n ica Olive ir a


B onni e Osthoff

Stuart Osthgff

Mi chel l e P erdue

Cyn th ia Pe tzo ld

Jeanne P hi l l i ps

Jack P oi nter

Margarel P i azza

Terry Potts

M a .ilyn Pu r ce ll

M ich e a l Qu in n

V :ck i K i er,,l e \neal \ i r d gi ggl e:n rhe IMC .

Virginia Rasmussen

Todd R ayne

Kimberly Ring

Susan Ritter

R oberi R obr

S teven R oberts

Jean Robarge

Susan Rosser

Dani(rl Rossmiller

R ol h

R obert R usch


Roberl Ryan

Ji Schermerhorn

Rosemary Shagian

william Schlotlhauer

Mary Schmidt

Terry S mi l h fi nds ti mâ&#x201A;Ź 1o thi nk about rhe future.

Su e Ha n so n lo o ks th ri l l ed at the thoughl ofhomew ork.

Magda Sch u e li

Ja n in e Sh a r p

Nico lle tl Sch u m a n n

Terry Sherven

Mark Schmitz

J ani ne S ev ers on


Erica Shulter

Cyndy Silver






Jâ&#x201A;Źnnifer Smith

L in d a Sm ith

D avc E meri ck and D an C arl s show di strachonsare easy to com e by.

S mi th

M u r y ^ n n Ko o s d n d lwin siste r .Sim o n e sit in the "comi y" chai rs w hi l e !rki ng ti me out ro sharel l ferv l a u g h swilh Nicki Sch u ln a n n .

K evi n S tai .s

Ju lie Sta tz

Betsy Sreindl

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SeniorsWithoutPictures Albert, Stefan Anderson.Sara Cairns, Michael C a rro l l , J e n n i fe r Click, Mary Cornelison,Roger Craig, Kevin Dewey, Lisa Endres,Cathlin Fitch, Karen Fitzwater, Mary

Fletcher,Thomas Freeman,Leslie Knox,Richard Launder,Thomas Mav, Karen McNall, Steven M onicken, Lisa Murray,Mark Nack, Martha Newton,Margaret Richardson, Michael

Rosenthal, Dave Sellers,Kim Sheaff,Mark Stein,Allen Turgeson, John Webster,Paul Zeldin,Eric

JuniorGradsof '74

Cline,Douglas Lardy,Michael Miller,Tom Mirchell,Christopher Setlerholm.Kirsten Von Mettenheim, Kurt white, Timothy

SeniorActivities ADAMS. KEVIN: AV 3 3 yrs.,gymnastics 2 yrs., ''M" club,"Wesl Sid€Story". ALBERT,STEFAN ALI LN. A\N:,u im m ing lir . . . O llm f ian ]earbook.pepclub.powderpufl. S\ro.d& Shield. ANDERSEN,MA RY ANDERSON.SARA ANDERSSON,GUNI LLA: AFS. pepc lub. ARCHER,CHER YL: BoolandSaddlec lub, lrack 2 yrs..stud.act. comm..computrng ASERLIND, JAN: 'M" club.swimlexr, ASH, MIKE BABCOCK, RONNA: AFS. Frenchclub, ed. Olympianyearbook BACKES. MICH AEL: bas eball I y r . , 4 yrs.. 4basketball I yr., football lakesbasketball. BAKER. FRANK (Chris):football 2 yrs.. lennis 2 yrs.."west SideStory", porvderpuffcoach. BAKER,MARTH A: lr ac k I y r . BANKS, GREGORY: bas eball I y r s . , bask€lbell 4 yrs., tootball I yr., "M" BARTL ETT. MARY: AFS, danc e c lub, pep club. "Wesl Side dramaclub, forensics. Sto.y", "Auntie Mame". "Barefoot in the Park", Bye ByeBirdie".powderpuff. Sword & Shield. BASS, STUART: AFS Talenl Show, AV asst..jazz ensemble, Sword& Shield. BATEMAN, MIK E BECKER. JEFF: basketball 2 yrs., golf lbotball 3 y.s., "Wesl SideStory". sem. gred. BECKMANN, CAROL: dr.rmnclub,forensics,pepclub. BEICHER,MICH AEL BENJAMIN. CYNTHIA: cheerleader I yr., Lang.lab. BENSON.RHONDA BERBEE.MARY BERC, IHOMAS : Soph. VP, Swor d & Shie ld, volle yb all 4 y r s . , 4- lak es basketball. BESSMAN. RICHARD: Biology Honof Soc.,Sword& Shielded..computing club. BEYLER,JILL: swimming 4 yrs.."Wes! SideS1o.y",Homecoming Queen.Wilderness studles. BEYLER,ERIC BLANCH, PATTI BLOCHWIIZ, DAWN: AFS TaleniShow. pepclub,pom pom,track I yr., Sword& Shield,dramaclub. BLOCHWITZ, DIANE: pepclub,AFS Tal entShow. BOLLIG, BEV BOLLIG, REED BOLLIG.STEVEN BOTWINICK, JOEL: AFS Talent Show, tennis I y.. BRAUN. RANDALL: basketball 2 yrs.. "M" 4 yrs., JMM Honor Society.marchingband,track I yr., "west SideStory'. "Bye Bye Birdie", powderpuffcoach. BRENZEL , SARAH: dr am a c lub, s t age BREUSCHER.TERRANCE: basketball ,{y.s..Ibotball 4 yrs-,"M" club,tfack I lB0

yr., powderpuifcoach. BROOKS,CAROL: danceclub,stagecre\'. BRYNILDSON, INGA: AFS Tal€nlShow, (captain) 4 )rs., danceclub. cheerleader gymnasiics 3 yrs., Homecoming Princess. . e p c l u b . " We s ! S i d e J M M b o n o r s o c i e t yp Story".stud.act.comm.,MidwinterPrincess. EUELOw. DAVID: AFS TalentShow.chess c lub , j a z z e n s e m b l em . a r c h i n gb a n d . p e p band. "Auntie Mame', 'Bye Bye Birdie". symphonic band,"Music Man". BULGRIN, MASON: concertband.ibotball I y r . , f o r e n s i c sm , a f c h i n gb a n d ," We s t I yr. wildcrness Sid e S 1 o r y " . t r a c k studres. BURNETT. STEPHEN:crosscountry 2 yrs.,Swo.d& Shield,track I y.s. BURRIGHT. RICKY: tabletennis I )-r-, track 3 yrs..,l-lakes baskelball. BUR R O WS ,D A N I A L BUT L E R ,B R E N D A BYR N E S ,T I M : s w i m m i n g 3 y r s . . rad. CAIR N S . M I C H A E L : s e m g pep CARLEY. JANET: Olympianyearbook. club."WestSideSlory". CARLSEN,CLAYTON CARLSTROM, DALE: rrack 2 yrs..volleyball 3yts. CARR. DEBORAH:danceclub,"WestSide grad. Story".sen1. CAR R O L L ,J E N NI F E R CAR U S O ,T O M CATES. DAVID: bnsketball 4 yfs.,cross I yr., 4-lakes c ou n t r y I y r . . f o o l b a l l ! Al t A \ A t H . S A N D R A : H o m e . o m i n g pepclub pres. Princess, CEFALU. THERESE:concerlband,marchband,"Music Man". ingband,symphonic I yr, CHAMBLESS, SUZETTE: lennis "wesl SideStory". Aunlie Mame". "Tom Jones", Captives". CHA P M A N . D E B O R A H : c o n c e r t b a n d . band. swimming I yr., marching CHESTERS,JANINE: spanishclub, computingclub. CIPRIANI, JAMES: football,track. wrest lin g ," M " c l ub . CLJ C K .M A R Y CLI\ E , D O I C t A S d r a m ae l u b .t o r e n 'i c '. JMM honor society,"The SteringMatch", "Fantasiicks", COFFMAN, ANNE: earlygr.rd. COHEN, ROCHELLE| drama club. swrmming I yr-, officeassi.."Auntie Mame", ''TomJones". COL L I N S . S T E V E N : A F S T a l e n t S h o w , foolball baskelball 2yrs.,chambefsingers, I yr., "West SideStory , track 2 yrs.. volleyball 2 yrs. CO N L I N . T H O M A S tennis I COOK, HOLLY: AFS, forensics, y r . , O l y m p ; a ny e a r b o o k .p e p c l u b , " w e s t SideSto.y",powderpuff. COOKSON,DAVID: football 2 yrs..8oll 3 yrs-,hockey I yrs.,"M" club. CORCORAN, BRUCE:concertband,lbot4 y r s . , p e p b a n d ,s y m p h o n i cb a n d . bal l w.estling, 4-lakessoccer, basketbai1. CO R N E L I S O N ,R O G E R CRAIG, KEVIN: sem.gradCR I S S I N G E R J, U L I A : s w i m m i n g 4 y r s . , pepclub,synchronized swimming. CU L B E R T S O N L , YNN I Yr.,PeP CZ Y N S Z A K , A N N E : t r a c k

club,powderpuff. D A V I S .D I A N A DAWSON,CATHERINE: pepclub.spanrsh club,powderpuff. D l B O F R .S c O I l : t o o r b - l l | ) r .. r e n r i . I v.. DEHAVEN, BRAD: football 3 yrs..track marching band.sym4 yrs.,jazzensemble, phonicbandD E WE Y ,L I S A : s e m g . rad. DEZONIA, ANNE: tennis I yr.. pepclub. P & P council."Wesl SideStory". "Auntie M a m e " , " B l e B y e B i r d i e ", "L i ttl e M a r y slfingquarlet.bioloSunshine'.powde.puff. g ) l a b r . . r . 5 y m n h u n ) o r .h e .tr a . In tcr r m Coordinator. I yr s.,4 D I B B L E . J O H N : s w i m te a m lakesfootball I y.. DIPIAZZA, DENNISTAFS Talent Show, jazzensemble. 2 DISALVO, JOE: concertband.tfack vrs. DISCH. DEBRA:lrack I yrs. D O H M , K E L L I : A l S . ch e e r l e a d e r I y r . , O l y m p i a ny e a f b o o k.p e p cl u b , 'w e st SideStory', "AuntieMame",powderpuff. DONOGHUE,STEPHEN:football 2 ]rs. D O R L A N D . M I C H E L L E: "Au n l i eM a m e ", dept "Bye ByeBirdie",officeasst.,guidnnce D O R N F E L D .S U S A N D O U G H E R T Y .M I C H A EL D U C K WI T Z . N A N C Y D U C K WI T Z , P A T R I C K DURANSO,JEANNETTE D U R K I N . P A T : c o n c e ftb a n d , m a fch l n g Dano. EATON, LAURIE: AFS TalenlShow.Jr.. JMM honorsoSoph.Pres.,jazz ensemble. ciety, marchingband.pep band. pep club. ''Bye Bye Birdie". "Little Mary Sunshine". p o u d e r p u t t .. l u d . r \ r . co m m . ') 'n n tu n i , band,MidwinlerQueen. ECKERT,LISA: Jr., Sr. VP, tennis I y... r.ack 4 yrs..Homecoming Princess, JMM honor society,Olympianyearbook,co-ed., pepclub.pompom,powderpuff, DAR award. club. EDER,ELIZABETH: BootandSaddle EDGE.DAWN E M M E R I C H , D A V I D : vo l l e yb a l l I yr ., tennis I yrs.,4-lakes baskelball. E N D R E S ,C A T H L I N ENGELDINGER, BARB:AFS. checrleader I yr., concertband,gymnastics 3 yrs-, marchingband,"WestSideStory'. E S C H .D A V I D F S f \ T H F R . A \ \ F : c o r ce r rb r n d , 'q i m ming 3 yrs.,lalin club,marchingband.officc ass!.,officeco-op. F A R M E R , M A R Y : s w i m m i n g .ski cl u b . waterballet,sem.grad. FAUST. JOHN: baseball 3 yrs.,concerl 4 I yrs., FBLA. track I yr..volleyball I yr. F I E L D S , M A R L A : D E C A, AFS Ta l e n t Show,WJMM. Sword& Shield. F I S C H E R .G L E N F I T C H ,K A R E N FITZPATRICK, COLLEEN: AFS Talenl Show.f otensics. tripletrio. F I T Z WA T E R ,M A R Y FLETCHER,JAN: latinclub.Med.Careers cluD. F L E T C H E R . T H O M A S: "w e st Si d e .., Story"-

F LY N N. MATTHEW: cham ber s inger s . 2 ) r r . Al- S l al\4r(, rhnq .) ]r... rrr.l W e' ( Sr de l) r . . err shou. ro llelb :rlr Story . F ON T AINE.THOMAS: f oot bt ll 2 ) r s . yearbook. track 4 vrs.(captain). Olympian puff cheerleader. powdef FORTNER,KARENTlrack 2 Yrs. FOULKE,CHARLES: basketball 'l Yrs football 2 yrs. F O Y . MICHAEL : foo rba ll 4 Yr s . J M M s r e' r line . H onorSo cie t)..'mph o1 ,band. 4 ! rs. FhANK, DANIEL: BiologyHonor Sociely. dramaclub,marchingband,pepband(directof),"The staringMatch", slagec.ew' symband. Dhonic IR A N KLIN, J A\4 L S lo or br ll s $r m m r lt I yr.,tennis 2 Yfs. F RE DRICK.MARK FREEMAN.LESLIE: ne\rsludenl F R I E S,MICHAEL F R llS , RUTH: AFS. AFS Talenl Show dramaclub,lripletrio. . ad C A LLAGHER.DEBRA:s em gr GALLIGAN. KATHLEEN: baskelbell l yrs.,tennis 2 yfs.,lrack 2 yrs-,volleyball 3 yrs.,slagecrew,slud..rsstin phy ed rnd biologylab. GA NNON. NANCY: AFS Telent Show' concerlband,drama club. chambersingers. symphonicband. pep band. lazzensemble, band."Wesl SideSto.y". pepclub.marcbing "Auntie Mame", "Captives". 'Liltle Mary S un. hrne. po "d erp ufl. dr unr m ujor in band. marching GANT,DONNA: DECA. GARDNER,PATRICIA: pepclub,powderpufl dramaclub,madrigals. benrNgn . cHRISTINE: AFS, c onc er t band,marchingband, pep band, pep club. band. symphonic marchGEIER,CHERYL: chambersingers, ingbxnd,"The Fanlasticks". GENNA,JULIE GIBAON.GERALDrbaseball 2yrs.,"M" club,football 4lrs., track 2 yrs. wrestling- Lyr. CIBSON,LAURA: BiologyHonor Sociely' danceclub,swimming I yr.. Homecomrng pep club, powderpuif."Bye Bye Princess, Birdie". GILB ERT. MARY: AFS, Biology Honor gymnastics I yr., swimming L Society. yr., t rack. Olympia nYear book ,pep c lub, powderpuff, M ILE (lnterim). GOC HBERG, JONATHAN: AFS Talent singers.chambersingers, Sho$,barb€rshop football 2 3 yrs. Sword& OlympianYearbook,slage Shield,"M" clLrb, crew,"WestSideStory", "Bye Bye Birdie", "The Fantasticks" "Liltle MarySunshine", C O JM ERAC, CATHE RI NE: PeP c lub, club. Spanish GOLDSTEIN,MARK: P&P Council(,BiilogyHonorSociety,dramaclub.U of w & wHS \4odelLN /.1& 74. 'Staring Malch", "Bye Bye Birdie", "The Speckled Band", "Barefoot in the Park", Sword & Shield,BadgerBoysState,sem.grad. GOLLER,KIM: gymnastics 2 Yrs, JMM HonorSociety,track I yr., volleyball I ba.kelb3 Srudies.4-lake' 1r..\trilderne's GOODMAN, GARY: AFS Talent Show, dramaclub,stagecrew,OlympianYearbook' UW & WHS ModelUN, "The Fantaslicks". GOSS,KATHY GROGAN, MICHAEL: football-- 4 vrs ' swimteam 3 Yrs. GRONERT, KRISTA: "West Side Storv",

porvderpufi,officeco-op. G RO S5I, \ 4 A R h ':b d \ ( b J l l I i r '. r r r c l I yr.,basketball 4 yrs , "WcsrSideSlort"' GRUNERT, ROBINTofficeco-oP G UNDERM A N N , R I C H A R D : c h e s sc l u b ( pr L. . )d< . 0r r e( c o c d p l u i n rf.o o r b a l l I I I HACKER, NANCY: sem.grad HADLEY. CATHERINE: dramaclub.PeP Spanishclub."Bye Bye Birdclub.forensics, r < , B. - r r r r b u, 1t r n e P J r k . \ 4 u . i c M r n '. club hospitalitY madrigals. HALL, DAV I D J R . HALL. JOHN: baseball 2 yrs.'chessclub. 4-lakesbasketball. HALL, THOMAS: chcssclub.P&P Council. Uw & wHS M o d e lU N . HANSEN, SUSAN A, HANSEN. S U S A N L : A F S T a l e n lS h o w ' deb.rte. BioloeyHonorSociety. HANSoN. LUCINDA: basketball 2 Yrs, tennis 1 yr., volleyball 3 yrs-'powdcr oulT.soflball I Yr. 4 Yrs.. iJ ARI U. M I C H A E L : f o o l b a l l irack I Yr.,wrestling 2 Yrs HARRISON. STEVEN:AFS T.rlentShow' stud dramaclub.madrigals, chambersinge.s, lxng.lab.,"Music Man" HAUGEN. GREGORY:chessclub.DECA' mathsociely,tdblelennis I yr'. lrack 4 irEgEnlEtn, PAUL: AFS Talent show' iazz ensemble.marchingband, pep band' band.'llakessoccer 3 y.s symphonic HEBERLI N G . R E B E C C A : A F S T a l e n r Show,pepclub,triPletrio HEI NS, D A V I D : A F S T a l e n l S h o w , A V asst,.stagecrew. HEI SER,T H O M A S HENDRICKS,JENNIFER: danceclub.pep powderpLtff club,OlympianYearbook, HERvEY. wENDY: PePclub. HERWIC, DEBRA:AV asst HICKOX, THOMAS: baseball- I Yr' HINDERMAN, RANDY: football-- 3 yrs, tennis 1 yr., lrack 2 yrs ' volleyball I l/r) r . . m r t . hr 'r gb x 1 d . \ \ e r t S i d eS l o r ) guagel,b')mphonicbirnd.wrc\llrng I vr. HINRICHS, LOLITA HtPPE, DAVIDTfootball I y' ' gymnastics I yr..volleyball I Yr. HI PPE,RIC H A R D HOFFMASTER. CHERYL: AV asst' PeP club.dramaclub. HOLMES, DAVTD:football 4 v.s, "M" 4 yrs ' club, "West Side Story"' lrack 2 wrestling Yfs. HO RNI CK , S L S A N B i o l o g yH o n o rS u c i e ' r\. pepclub,oflicea.\t.. We't SrdeSlory . ' iB, r eioorr n t l 'e P a r l ', B y e 8 1 e B i r d r e. "Little Mary Sunshine", "Fantasticks"' "M us icM a n " . HOWIE, DONNA: officeco-oP. HUBBAR D ,J U L I A HUI RAS, C H R I S T O P H E R ] A F S , A V - I yr', Biologyllonor dramaclub,JMM HonorSociecietv.debate, t 1. bt lm pi r n ) e a r b o o k . w e 't S i d eS I o r y . ' ' LaDI i\ es . " T l 'e S t a r r n g M a l i h 'l d g e crew. track - I yr., wildernessstudies.4choraliers'"Music Man"' lak€sbasketball. madrigals. INGWELL, LAURIETDECA' powderpulT' I NHO RN , L O WE L L : A F S T a l e n t S h o w , Math society,barbershopsingers'chessclub' JMM Honor Society,"Bye chambersingers, string Bve Birdie"."Little Mary Sunshine", q;arter,volleyball- I yr'' "Music Man", madrigals. "Fantasticks",

IR LB E C K . S TE V E N : 4-l akes bas k etbl ". B i ol ogy H onor S oci ety.concertband, debdte, I L yr., vol ley bal l marchi ng band, track yr-. w i l dernesssl Ltdi es. IS H MA E L. GA R Y : footbal l 3 Y rs . I Y r.. JA C K S ON , E D w A R D : footbal l ''V cl ub. r.rl l el barl 2 1rs. 'ocrer' u l derJA E C E R . C H R IS TIN E : A FS Tal c nt S how ' "B arefoot i n the P ark", "B ye B y e B i rdi c "' Iri pl e tri o. b"\\c tbl l l . I A MFS : 4,rl er IA S F\S K Y . concert band, marchi ng band, w i l dernes s JA V ID , JE FFR E Y A FS Tal enl E LIZA B E TH : JE D Y N A K , S how , dr.rm:l(l rb. l orensrcr. U esr S i de S l ory". "A unl i e Mame". "Tom Jon eJ ' , "C apti vei ', "B arefoot i n l he P ark", "B y e B y e B i rdi e", 'Li ttl e Mary S unshi ne". c onc erl orchcstra."Musi c Man'. w i l dernes s JE A N N E TTE : JOH N S ON , sl udi es. JOH N S ON , JU LIE : cheerl cader Ly r' . pep cl ub. forensi cs.pow derpufl , w i l dernes ss t"d-

ies,pepsquad. J O H N S O N ,M I C H A E L J O H N S O N , S U S A N L . : p e p cl u b , P&P Council,powderpuff. J O H N S O N , S U S A N P . : A F S. D EC A p€pclub,dramaclub(treas.), tOHNSON, THOMAS: foolball ,l yrs-. track 4 yrs. J O N E S ,M A R Y JONES,NANCY: pePclub.PowderPuff JONES, SANDRA: Bool rnd Saddleclub' danceclub,"Tom Jones . J L R R T \ S , J L I F : c o n c e r rb a n d m d r ,i h i n g band.pepb.rnd. KAHN, ELIZABETH:sem.grad KARLS, DANIEL football 2 vrs, 'M" KATZ, ROSS|baseball 2 yrs. basketball I yr., football 1 Yr. KAYE, GERI: AFS (Pres), swimming 2 studies. vrs..wilderness kgiN. rewnENcE: concertband,ma.chingband,wrestling 2 Yrs. KELLY. SUSAN L.: pepclub,dramaclub. KIETZKE, VICKI: AFS, AFS TalentShow' studies $ ildernes\ pepclub.pot{derpuff, K I M B E R L Y . D E N N I S :e a r l Yg r a d KLAILA, RONALD I Yr ., KLASINSKT, PAUL: baseball football- I yr.,hockey I Yr. KNAPP,GREGORY:IMC asst. K N I P P E L . J A N : " T h e S t a f i n g M a tch "' club Spanish "Five in Judgement", fooiball'sem. KNOCHE. DAVID: baseball, gfad.

KNOX, RICHARD studies, KOEPCKE,THOMAS: \rild€rness soccer - 4 yrs. KOKETTE,JOHN: football- 2 yrs.'soccer ,l Y.s. KOLB, NANCY KOOP, DEBORAH: pep club, hospitality club. I Yr', wilderness KOOS, MARY: track Studies. KOOS,SIMONE: danceclub,track I Y. ' pepclub,WildernessStudies. K O Z M I N S K I ,J U D I T H club,stagecrew KRUM, LAURA: Spanish KRUMMEY, PATRICK:AV asst.,comPuF I {l - A R C A , T A M {R A : d r n c e cl u b . Pe P Princlub,gymnastics - 2 yrs.,Homecoming cess, JMM HonorSociety. 181

SeniorActivities LAMB, CYNTHI A: AFS Talent Show, danccclub, ponl pom, "West Side Story", "Bye ByeBirdie". LANZ, DARCY: slud.ass1. injewelrylab. LAPCEWICH. DENNIS: basketballmgr. 2 yrs.,c.osscountrymgr.& L yr.. Ibolball(varsity)stud.trainer 3 yrs., "M" club,compulingclub,"West SideStory". WJMM. LARDY. MICHEAL: WildernessStudies, lennis J yrs.,earlygrad. LAUGHREN, CHARLES: mathsociety,4takesbasketball. computing club. LAUNDER, THOMAS: basketball 4 y.s. LAUTENBACK, LISA: tennis I yr. LAWRENCE, BRIAN: math sociery,Wilderness Sludies, compuling club. LECKRONE, MIKA: AFS. danceclub,pep club. pep band,marchingband,"west Side Story",sympho0ic band. LEE, MICHAEL: baskelball I yr., "M" ilub. loorbrll 4 yrs..JV V HonorSocieLy. track 4 yrs..volleyball I yr., wrestling I yr. LEVIN, KENNETH: golf 3 yrs.,volley, ba ll I yr. LINDENAU, SCOTT: volleyball 2 yrs., Wild€rness Studies,soccer(capt-),ski cruo, I nterimComm..4-lakesbasketball. LINDQUIST, JANET: cheerleader 3 yrs., track 2 yrs.,pepclub.powderpuff, "West SideSlory". LOKKEN, GAYLE: pompom,officeco op. LOVFLI . D{VlD: Aunt ie M ar r e' . . lr ing quartet,orchest.a concerto concert. LUCCHESI,JANICE: pepclub,"Wcst Side Story","Captives". L UCK, DANIEL : bas k et ball 4 yrs., "West Side Story", concertband,merching b:lnd,track I yr. LUEDTKE, SHERILLE: track I yr., pep club,OlympianYearbook,powderpuff, Wilderness Studies. LUNDE, MICHAEL: Wilderness Studies,4lakesbasketball. MARKLEY, JAYN E MARTIN. DAVID: BiologyHonorSociety, Wilderness sem.grad. Studies, MATHIS, MATTHEW: math society,math league, computing club(V P.). \4 \TTISON. JANI I W e. r SideSlor y M AY, KAREN M AYBEE. BRUCE: bas k et ball , l y r s . , crosscountry 2 yrs.,track 2 yrs.,4-lakes basketball 4 yrs. M CCARTHY, PEG G Y: bas eball I r , . , "Wesl SideStory"(stud.dir.),sem.grad. MCCLOSKEY,LINDA: forensics,Home roomRep.,pepclub,Spanish club. McGINNITY, SUE: classoffic€r,dancecrub JMM Honor Societ],OlympianYearbook, pom pom.powderpuff, pepclub. MCKEON,DEVIN: AFS TalentShow,]azz ensemble, McLINDEN, MIKE McNALL, CYNTHIA MCNALL,STEVE:basketball mgr. 2 yrs., footballmgr. 2 yrs.,track 3 yrs. McNEEL Y, MELISSA: c ham bers ingc r s , danceclub.dramaclub. 'Tom Junes. Cap. ti!e. . Ble B)e Bir die . " l he Sr J r ing Match". MEADOWCROFT, DENISE: soitball 2 yrs., powderpuff. MEICHER.WILL IAM


MEIER, PAMELA: DECA. MESSERSCHMIDT.RUTH: sem.grad. MEUER, KELLY: lootball 4 y.s., "M" club,powderpuff coach.swim team I yr., soccer, wreslling- I yr., "WestSidcStory", freshman MILLER, DEBRA:officeco-op. M I LL E R , J E F F R E Y : s o c c e r 2 y r s . , lakesbasketball 3 2 yrs., wrestling I yr. M I I I f R . K A R f N : d r u m ac l u b . . $ i m m i n g 2 yrs.,lrack I yr., "Wesl SideSlor!", "Caplives". M I LL E R , T O M \ 4ll( H I - L L , ( H R I S I O P H F R : m . r t hr o c i . ty, earlygrad. MITCHELL, JOHN MONICKEN, LISA MONSON, SUSAN: torensics. FBLA, pres..pepclub,"Bye ByeBirdie". MORLEDGE, KIRK: class officer (sr. pres.),Ibolball 4 yrs.,gymnastics I yr., JMM Honor Society.Latin club,"M" club, powderpu lf coach,Sword& Shield,volleyball I yr.,4-lakes basketball. soccer. MORRIS, DAVID: football I yr., volleyball I yr., wrestling I yr. MOTT, JOAN: volleyball- 2 yrs., ofiice MULCAHY, PATRICK: AFS TalentShow, AV asst.,barbershop singers, chambefsingers.Olympianyearbook."West SideStory", wilderness sludies. M UR R A Y . M A R K NACK, MARTHA NESTIGEN,LINDA: sem.grad. NEWTON, MARGARET NO H t L . A ( D R F Y : F r e n c hc l u b ,r e 'l 't i s I yr.,tablelennis I yr. NO R D L I N G , C Y N T H I A : c o n c e r l b a n d , "WestSideStory",marchingband,pepcruo, powderpuff. NO V E N S K I , G E O R G E N E : " We s t S i d e Story",dramaclub,officeasst. NUZZO, ANTHONY: football I yr.,golf - 2 \ r s . .b r s k e r b r l l 4 ) r s . .r r a c k | ] r . OKEY, PAULA: AFS, swimming I yr., pep club,, pom porr, "West Side Sto.y", powderpuff,Spanish Club . OLIVA, MARSHA: swimming-- 2yrs. O LI V E I R A , M O N I C A : A F S , A F S T a l e n t Show. ONKEN, VINCENT OSTHOFF,BONNIE: sem.grad. OSTHOFF, STUART: baseball 3 yrs., crosscountry 3 yrs.,track I yr. OWENS, SCOTT: hockey 3 yrs., Stud. Asst-Comm. PAAPE, KAREN: danc€club,pepclub,hos, piralityclub(chairman). PAGE,ALICE: tennis I yr., PAL I O N I S ,D A M : " M u s i c M a n " . PARK, JAMES:soccer 4 lakes;wreslling. PATCH, SARAH: AFS, AFS TalentShow, conce.tband, drama club, marchingband, pepband,"AuntieMame","Captives","Bye Bye Birdie". symphonicband, madrigal singers. PATZER,PERRY PELL I T T E R I , P A U L A : O l y m p i a n Y e a r book, pepclub, powderputf. PERDUE,MICHELLE: sem.grad. PETERSON, DEBRA: danceclub, drama cluD.

PETRILLA, MARY: d,rnce club. PETZOLD,CYNTHIA: AFS Ialent Show, chamber singers, Frenchclub,Olympianyear book,"Bye Bye Birdie"."Litlle Mary Sunshine",Sword & Shield,concertorchestra, "Music Man', madrigals. PEURA, DANA PHILLI PS,JEANNE PIAZZA, MARGARET: cheerleader I yr., dramaclub,"Wesl SideStory",officecoop. P I C O N E , T H O M A S : f oo i b a l l 2 yr s., swimtcrm 3 yrs. POAST,DUANE: sem.grad. POINTER, JACK: baseball 3 yrs..JMM H o n o r S o c i e t y ,b a s k e l b al l 3 yr s., "M " club,football ;l yrs.,stagecrew.Sword& Sbield,lrack I y.. PORTER,GREGORY POTTS,TERRY PRIEBE. THEODORE: AV assi..concert b a n d .t e n n r s | ] r . . t r a c k I ) r .. m l r ch i n g band. P U R C E L L ,M A R I L Y N Q U I N N , M I C H A E L : b ase b a l l 3 yr s., "M' club,baskelball 3yrs.,football 2 yrs., "west Side Story", Sword & Shield, track I yr.,TwIRP king. R A S M U S S E N . V I R G I NIA: p e p cl u b , "West Side Slory", powderpuflstud. acl. studies,soccer RAYNE. TODD: wilderness 4 yrs. REED, SCOTT: foolball 2 yrs., "wesi SideSlory",stagecrew,track 3 yrs. REMITZ, DAVID: AFS TalentShow,Jazz R E N L A U .J O N : We . rS i deSr o r ) . te r n i .. R I C E ,M A R Y RICHARDSON,MICHAEL: sem.grad. R I N G . K I M B E R L Y : A F S, AFS Ta l e n t I yr., pep Show. danceclub, glmnastics club,volleyball I yr., Homecoming Pnncess,OlympianYearbook,"west SideSto.y", Spanish club. RITCHTE,SCOTT: basketball 4lakes, "M" club,crosscountry I yr.,volleyball I vr. R I T T E R , S U S A N : A F S, l r a ck L yr ., club. Spanish ROBARGE,JEAN: dramaclub. R O B E R T S , C H E R A L Y N : AFS, Bi o l o g y Honor Sociely,danceclub.OlympianYearlabasst. book,language ROBERTS,STEVEN: basketball 3 y.s., foolball I )r.. "M l yrs. ROGERS,SUSAN: marchingband,office asst,.cameraclubROHR, ROBERT:dramaclub,football 4 yrs.,swimming I yr.. "west SideSlory". "Music Man", 4lakesbasketball. ROSE, ROCER: baseball 2 yrs-,hockey 2 yrs.,football I y.. ROSENTHAL.DAVE ROSSER,SUSAN: AV asst.,concertband, marching band,pepband,stagecrew. ROSSMILLER, DANIEL: basketball 4 yrs..crosscountfy 3 yrs.,football I yr., JMM HonorSociety,"M" club,P&P Council, Sword& Shield,track I yr., volleyball I yr., soccer 2 yrs,.orchestra, club. ROTH. JANE: pepclub.Spanish RUSCH, ROBERT: baskelball 2 yrs., "M" club,football 4 yrs.,marchingband, p€pband,symphonic band,volleyball- I y,r.,

midwinlerprincess. STITN, KARLA STREI CH. C Y N T H I A STROSCHEIN, CATHERINE: swimmrng I yr.,"WestSideStory".powderpuff STUCKI. NANCY: officeco-oP SUND, RICHARD: BiologyHonorSociely' SVEC,CHR I S T O P H E R SVEUM, JtLL: sem.grad SYLVESTER, JANE: drama club, "Wesl Side Story", skge crew, office co-op'scm. grad. TACKO W I A K , B R U C E TALLARD, SUSAN: basketball I Yr.. golf 2 yrs-,swimfning I Yr'. track 4 yrs (co caf'trin).PowderPUfl TA\ LO R. ( l A t D l - l l I B i o l o E YH o r o r Society. TAYLOR, STEPHEN: BiologYHonor Soclub. computing ciety,mathsociety. TEWS,ROBERI THOLO, DOUGLAS: 4-lakesb.rsketball 2 vrs. TiIOMPSON, TERRI: AFS T ICNIShOW, singers,chambersingers'drama club, iazz ensemble.marching band' pep band,stagecrew' powderband.svmDhonic SEvERSON,JANINE: pepsquad'pepclub. "Bye Ble Birdie"' pufl "West Story". Side olficeco-op. Sunshine' "Little Ma.y S HA RP,JANINE THO M PTO , R O X , A N N E i A F S T a l e n t S HE A FF,MARK Shu$, cnncerlhdnd drnce club. loren'ic'' S HE RVEN,TERRY m.rrchineb:rnd.pom pom '\\e't SideSto tbotba" band, conce.t DON: SHIPMAN. l m p l 'n n r r ". "Bli B t e B r r d r e. p o s d e r p t , l 'y "\ 4( lub' d )rs.. JMM Hu no r Soc r eL) . ic band."The Fantastickt' IVC r'\1 ..wr c s t lr nC J lr \ ' b-rn d. m:rrehrng TIPPLE, RICHARD: track 2 yrs ' soccer SHOENER,STEVEN . 2 yrs. lY' ' t r ac k KIMBERLY: S HR A GO, MARK: foorball 3 Yrs.' TOMLINSON. S HU LLA,KIM 2 yrs.,voltrack powderpuff cheerlea$er, "Auntie 2 Yrs. SHULTZ, MARY: golf le! ball I Y r . Mame" office'officeco-op' Tbu Ft l , J [ A N : B i , r l o g )H o n o t S o c i e t \ . SHUTTER. ERICA: OlYmPianYearbook, cheerleader 4 yrs.,drnceclub,JMM Honpepclub,pepsquad 2 Yrs or Sociely,OlympianYearbook'pep club. S I E LOFF.DAVID BadgerGirls "Wesl SideStory". powderpuif, SIEVERT,TODD: swimleam- 3 yrs . tenrep. Slate yrs. 2 nis TREDI NN I C K , WI L L I A M SILVER.CYNTHIA TRETHEWEY, ERIK: languag€lab isst, S MI DEBUSH,MARK: bas eball 2 Yr s ' band,track I yr.' wrestling 3 symphonic "M" club,basketball 3 Yrs. mgr. track !rs-. 2 swimming Yrs' JENNIFER: SMITH, b dr d . r v. t Ho\4As. marchrng inll uf u Society, Honor Biology SMITH, LINDA: band' symphonic lab ass! pep language . band, Birdie" "Bye Bye ' Studies, Wilderness irack mgr.,wrestling 2 lrs, iennis 2 S MI T H, TERESA: ch eer ler de. 2 Yr s' yrs.,4-lakesbasketball. gymnastics 2 Yrs, sem grad TROtA. LEISA co-op office SPENCER.JULTE: JMM TROLLER, THOMAS: theerleadcr, S P R E CHER.JIL L: AFS' Biology Honor Honor Society,gymnastics 4 yrs.,"Wcsr Society.forensics,track - 3 yrs., pep club' Sqord SideStor\", po$derpuffch(erle.rder. Yearbook. Olympian 4 y r . . . 4 - l d k e f' o o t b a l l I lr a c i & Sbield, co-oP office PAMELA: sPRECHER. yr. STAIRS, DEVIN: football 2 vrs, Stud TURGESON,JOHN Ac!-Comm,.soccer I Yrs TVEDTEN, KEVIN STAM, KATHLEEN TYBRING, wlLLlAMr AFS TalentShow' STARK, RANDALL: basketball 4 Yrs, chambersingers,danceclub' drama club' "M" club, volleyball 2 Yrs.,soccer 4 marchingband.\t:rge(r<$ 'Bxreforolin the yrs.,powderpuf[ cheerleader. Par k ' , B l e B l e B i r d i e . l 'i ! e i n J u d g ( STATZ,JULIE band symPhonic ment", Honor S T A UFFER, RICHARD: BiologY USHER,JENNIFER:officeco-oP. Society,debate,forensics,P&P Council, U ol \ t RTZ, K A R F N : d . r n c ec l u b . f o r e n s i c '' W & WHS Model UN 73 & 74,4-lakesbasJMM Honor Society,pep club.powderpufl yrs., 2 soccer 2 ketball Yrs studies. wilderness STEIN.ALLAN VI G EN, K I M STEINDL,BETSY:DECA' vOLKMAN, ROBERT:AFS TaleniShow' STELLMACHER,LINDA: cheerleader I baskelball 3 yrs.,football I yr'. golf- 3 powderpuff, "wesi Side Story", yr.. DECA, vrs.,"WestSideStory",track I yr. softball I yr. vor l,IgrtgNuetu, runr STERN,GARY: football 4 Yrs,lrack 4 WAGNER, BEV:sem grad yrs.,hockey- 3 yrs.,"M" club,"West Side WALTERS,WILLIAM:'1-lakesbasketball' Story", powderpuffcoach. WARREN, TREIVA pep forensics' STEVENS, SIOUX: AFS. W ATSO N . T I M O T H Y : b a s e b a l l I Y r '' club(vicepres.),gymnastics I yr', track "M" club,baskelball I yr', pepclub 2 yrs., Olympian Yearbook, powderpuff'

tennis 3 yrs. RYAN. ROBERT:WJMM. S A H A GIAN, ROSEMARY: Pom Pom i "AuntieMame". SAXER,NANCY: track I Yr' SCHERMERHORN,JILL: Olvmpianyearclub. book.pepclub,Spanish SCHLOTTHAUER,WILLIAM S CH MI DT. MARY: swim m ing 4 Yr s ' . lrack 4 yrs.,PePclub. SCHMITT.BARBARA SCHMITZ,MARKi 4-lakesbasketball' S CH UELI, MAGDA: AFS. AFS Talent S how. SCHUMANN, NICOLLETT: wilderness Sludies. S CH WAIGER, KAREN: dr am ' r c lub' oowderpuff. iELLEns. rll,t, AFS Talent Show,lrrck club. I Yf.,Spanish SEOUEIRA, MARTA: clnssofficer(sec)' Olvmoi'rn club.J\4\4 Honor S,rcierv. o.rnce Yearbook. PomPom ..BATEIOOI IN SETTERHbLM. KIRSTEN: thePark","Bye Bye Birdie"'stagecrew'wrl

W E B BA. R TH U RJR . "M" club, AFS,forensics. SCOTT: WEBER. svmnasl i cs

2yfs.,4-l akesbasket bal l

WEgstEn. P,qul, uiologvlab asst WE I L A N D , K A T H L E E N w E I S S . M I C H A E L : A F S T a l e n t Sh o w . l baskelball 2yrs., vrs.. foofbrll 4 vrs, iazz ensemble'M" club, marchingband,pep band'.powderpuff c o a c h .s ! u d . a c t . c o m m . ,s y m p ho n i cb cn d , I LE wrcsiljng WELKE, KURT: basketball 2 yrs . soccer. football I yr' studies. wilderness tennis, WENCEL, BRUCE:AFS TalentShow'concert bdnd.Ja1l <n'en'ble. \4 ilJb 'wim I e a m J ! r . . . . ) m p h u . l r cb d 'l J .l r J,i l I \r ' u I - N C F L .S A I L Y B . o l o g yH u no rSo ci e r ) . tennis I yr., marchingband.math leam. band. symphonic WH I t e , f t M e g n L Y : b a s k e t ba l l I Yr .' pepclub,!ollelball I Y.2 Yr s' WH I T E . T I M O T H Y : f o o i b a l l track I Yr.,wreslling I lrWILKtNSON. KATHERINE: sem grad WI L L A D S E N , D A R R E L WILLETT. JASON:crosscountry 3 yrs' w I L L I A M S , J E F F R E Y :t r a c k I Yr ' WI L L I A M S , M A L E A : A F S . d r a m a cl u b . club,hospitality Latinclub.pepclub,Spanish Band" club."The Speckled WI S K O W. A L T H E A : A F S . A FS Ta l cn i singers,chambcrsingers. Show,barbershop marchingband,p€pband."Little Mary Sunband. shinc".s!mphonic w I T E K : E b w A R D : 4 l a k e sb a ske r b a l l I yrs. WO I T , P A U L WOLBERG, ANN: fb.ensics'"Captives"' studles. wilderness WOLTER. SHERYL: swimming 3 !rs-' sludres. track 2 Yrs..wilderness WONN. STEvEN:bnseball 1 vr'. football woiEl-. cAIL: uw & wHS ModeluN WR I G H T ,C H R I S T I E WRIGHT. DEBORAH: danceclub' drama club."WestSideStorY". Y A T E S , WI L L I A M : A F S T a l e n t Sh o w ' DECA. cheerl€dder I yr'. concertband, jazzensemble. gymnrstics 4 yrs'.marchrng band,OlympianYearbook.pep band' slud act.comm..track 2 Y.s. YOUNC. WAYNE: lib.aryclub ZABIT, FAITH: cheerleader 3 yrs, cllss officer,gymnaslics 3 yrs.' pepclub."Bye ByeBirdie", powderPuff. ZACH, LAURA: swimming 2 Yfs' waler swimming 2 yrs. ballet,synchronized Z A I M A N . C L A R E : f o r e n s i cs,p e p cl u l r ' "west Side Slory", powderpuff,Spanish ZELDIN, ERIC ZWEIFEL. JEAN: forensics'wilderness studles.

RememberWhen i Eli"


Skip Day StartedWith

Champagne for Breakfast

Skit Night Left EveryoneLaughing,

Dave Cateskeepsthe Goon Award in the family.

Sr. Boys- Graceful? asMaharaiah. Dick Staufferthinksout all theanswers

Tim (Mrs. Emshoff) and Mike discuss Prom.

B oomerasksMrs. H arris lo Pr om . Sr. Girls like buggingLarry.

But theClassPartyWasa Thing to Remember

l. Seniorsawait resultsof the horseraces. 2. Dave Hall, Sue Chambless,and Dave Knoche try their luck at the tables.

3. Kevin Adams finds himself a winner. 4. Senior Boys gamble their livesaway as always. 5. To t he winner of t h i s h e a te dBi n g o G a me a n o l d 45 record.



. ,l

fl seemto



+j -g

J 4 N . . . and now for the diploma.

Smile -

It can't be that bad.

We'veonlyjust begun.

Thosedarn collars.

Our guestspeaker, Dr. Carl Winters.

Phew! We really made it!




What? A flower lor me?

Happinessis graduatingfrom JMM.

Index Ace,Michael(9)- 47 Adams,John(9)- 47 Adams,Kevin(12)- 59,94, I 16,120, t4 2, 1 89 Adams,Larry(l l) - 19,59, 120 Adams.Leigh(9)-48 Adler, Beth(9) - 40 Aguilar,Ana Maria( l0) - 59,131 Ahern,John(9)- 59, 133 Ahrens,Michael(l l) - 2l, 94 Aikins,Pa m(l l)-4 0, l18 Aikins,Timothy(9)- 40 (9)- 59 Albert,Elisabeth Albert,Stefan( l2) - 178 Alexand€r. Baine(9)- 40 AIIen An , n (12 )- 6, l0l, 137. 142.l9l Allen,Chad- 87 Allen,Joel(9)- 40 Althaus,Sandra(l l) - 103 Ande.sen, Mary ( l2) - 142 (9)- 4l Ande.son, Elizabeth Anderson, Geoffrey( l0) - 48 Anderson, Marta(9)- 52 Ande.son, Mary (9)- 41, 142 Ande.son, Russ(l l) - 48 Anderson. Sara- 178 Andersson, Guni!la(12)- 59,142,l6l Andrews, Mitchell(l l) - 58 Andringr,Saundra(9)- 6,48, 102, It6, l2 l Anthony,Lori (11)- 48 Archer,Cheryl( l2) - 48, 142 Ardele,Michael(10)- 59 Armitage.Donna(l l) - 4l Armitage.Paula(9)- 41,74, 123 Armstron g, An n (9)- 41, l0l, l l6 Armstrong, James(l l) - 41 Armstrong,Pete- ll0 Arny.Carol(9)-48 Aserland. Jan(12)- 59. 142,187,188 Aserlind,Kristen(11)- 26, l0l, 105, t2 l ( l0) - 54 Ash,Katherine Ash,Mike (1 2)- 15 , 24, 32, 40, 132. t42, t43. t87 Austin,Kristina( l0) - 59 Ayres,Michael(9)- 48,99

Bartlett,Mary (12)- 15,143 Bass,Stuart(12)- 59, I33, 143 Bass,Susan(9)- 59 Baleman, Julie(9)- 45 Bateman, Mike ( l2) - 45, 143 Bates,James(9) - 59, I I I Baumann.Jeffrey(9) - 59 Baumblatt, Lori (9)- 59 Bax t r umM , ar ian n e (l ) - 5 l Becker, Jeff(12)- 143,164 Becker,Laura (9) - 59, 100 Beckman. Betsy(l l) - 51 Beckman,Sara(9) - 20, 5l B€ckmann, Carol(12)- 5l, I30, 143 Beckmann, Jeffrey(l l) - 5l Beckmann, Julie(l l) - 51.130 Beckmann, Mark (9)- 51 Becknell, Alan( l0) - 98, 135 B€duhn, Mark ( l0) - 5l B€duhn, Paul(9)- 5l Beer,Lori (10)- 52 Behrens, Barbara(9)- 55 Beicher. Michael(12)- 143 Bemis,Darcey(l l) - 5l Benike,Debra(9)- 55 Benik e, J ulie(l)l - 5 5 . l 0 l Benjamin. Cynthia(12)- 143 Beno,Tena(l l) - 55 Benson, Rhonda(12)- 46, 123.143, t 9l Benson. Rick (9),46 Beran,Beth(9)- 58,74,134 Berbe€, Mary (12)- 143 Berb€€,Peter(9) - 5l (l l)-45 Berg,Steven Berg,Thomas( 12)- 45,9&,143,l9l Berryman, Charles(10)- 38 B€rryman, Cynthia(l l)-45 Bessman, Richard(l l) - 55 B€yer,James(l l) - 20.55,94 Beyer,Jean(10)- 55 Bey lerEr . ic ( 12) -5 5 Bey lerJ, ill ( 12)- 7 , l 0 l , 1 4 3 ,l 9 l Beyler,Mary (9)- 55 Bilk ey M , ar r in( 1 , ) - 4 5 , I l 6 ( I L)- 55.59 Birkemeier, Christine Blaha,Frank(l I) - 4l Blanc h,Pat t i( 12 )- 5 1 , 1 4 3 Leonard(9)-48 Babcock. Blassick, John(10)- 20,52 Babcock, Ronna(12)- 142.150,l9l Blochwitz. Dawn(12)- 45, 144.l9l (10)- 45 Bach.Andrew(9)- 46,93 Blochwitz, Denise Backes, Michael(12)- 142 Blochwitz, Diane(12)- 45, 144,l5l, Baker,Frank(Chris)(12)- 6,41,124. l9l Bluen,Thom as( 1 0 ) -5 1 , I l 2 14 2,1 88 (10)'46 Bly,Teresa Baker,John(9)- 51 Boehrne, Barb( l0) 20. 146 Baker,Martha( l2) - 44, 142.l9l (11)- 46 Boehme, Suzanne (10)- 41, l0l Baker,Suzanne (l l) -46 Bohlman, Elizabeth ( l0) - 59,92.110 Bakken, Jonathan Bohn,M ic hael( l ) - 4 6 , 9 6 (l l) - 59 Bakken,Suzann€ Bohn.Todd (9) - 46 Baldwin.Bob(l l) - l2? Bollig,Bev ( 12)- 1 4 4 ,l 9 l Baldwin.Dick ( l0) - 59,97, I l0 Bollig,Br enda( ll ) - 4 6 Baldwin,Nancy(9)- 59,I l5 Bollig,Patricia(10), 55 Balsamo. Cheryl(10)- 59 Bollig,Reed(12)- 144 Bando,Thomas(10)- 59 Bollig,Steven ( l2) - 144 Bangsberg, Sara(l l) - 59 Bollinger, William(9) 46 Banks,Gloria( l0) - 59 Boruff,Scott(9) - 55 Banks,Gregory( l2) - 107,120,142 Botwinick, Jo€l( l2) - 21,46,144 Barica,Susan( 10)- 78 Boullion, J am es( 1 0 ) -5 6 , l l 6 Ba rke r,Joh n(l l) - 59, 96 (l l) - 4l Bowar,Douglas Barmett,Paul- 54 Brader.Brian(l l) - | 16 Barmore, James(9)- 59 Bradley,Maureen(10)- 46 Ba rr,Cind y(ll)-4 1 B.andenburg, James(9)- 46 Barrett,Scott(l l) - 59

1 94

(9)- 46, 138 Brandenburg, Kathleen Leslie(l l) - 19,46 Brandenburg, Brandt,Phillip- 52,98 B r a u nR , a n d y( 1 2 )- 6 , 4 5 , 8 0 , 9 41, 4 4 Bremer,Mary (9)- 56. Il6 Brenzel, Margaret(10)- 45 Brenzell, Sarah(12)- 45, 144,l9l Breuscher, Terry(12)- 94,107,145, 185 Brevik,Paul(10)- 58 B.eyer,Peter(9)-46 Bringe,Neal(9)-46 Jon(l l)- 52 Bronsdon, Brooks,Carol(12)-,16,I45 Bruce,Mike (10)- 46 Brumm,Curl (10)- 46 Bruner,Kevin(9)- 59, I I I Bryan,George(9)- 52 Bryan,Kathryn(l l) - 52 ( l l ) - 5 , 5 2 ,l 0 l , I l 5 B r y a n tB , arbara B r y a n tD , i a n e ( 9-) 5 2 , I 0 l , l ) 5 Inga(12)- 7.22,30,35, Brynildson, 9 0 , 9 1 ,t 4 5 Nancy(11)- 58 Buchanan. Budzak,Ann (9)-46 Bu€low,David(12)-48,133.145,174 Bu€low,Diane(9)- 48,91,l2l Bulgrin,Mason( I2) - 60, 145,l7l (10)- 46 Bullock,Deborah Burke,Colleen(9)- 59 (10)- 56,130 Burke,Kathleen Burke,Laura( 10)- 56 Burke,Marie(9)- 38 ( l0) - 38 Burke,Steven Burkhardt,Brian(9)- 93, I I I Burkhaull,Brian- 46 Kristen(9)- 58 Burkholder, (12)- 52,96. 138,145 Burnett,Stephen Burns,Carol(10)- 55. 102 Burrighr,Mark (10)- 4l Burright,Ricky(12)- 52.145 Burrows,Daniel-145 Buse,Charles( l0) - 4l Bussan, Mary (10)- 55 Busser, Andrea(11)- 56,l14 Butler,Jim (10)- 46 Butler,Scott(9)- 59,I I t Byrd.Gwain(l l) - 123 Byrnes, Bridget(10)- 56.105 Tim (12)- 56,146 Byrnes, Cain,Mark (10)- 45, 124 Cain,Peggy(9)- 45, 128 Cairns.Michael( l2) - 178 C a i r n sS , t e p h e(nl l ) - l l 0 Cakeup, Janet- 56 Campbell, Cathy(10)- 46 Carley.Janet(12)- 12,146 Carls€n, Clayton(12)- 56,146 Carlson,Connie(9)- 45. 103.I l6 Carlstrom,Dale(12)- 146 (l2)- 146 Carr,Deborah Ca.roll,Jennifer(12)- I78 Carter,Brian(9)- 59 Carter,David(l l) - 59,94 C a s s i d yD, a n i e l ( l ) - 5 8 , 9 4 ,l l 0 (10)-56.I l5 Cates,Christine C a t e sD , a v i d( 1 2 ) '5 6 . 1 0 7 ,1 4 6 ,1 4 8 , l8?,188 Cattanach, Rexfo.d( l0) - 58 Cattanach, Sandra(12)- 7. 58,134, t46 Cavan.Brent(9)-45,9?

Cefalu,Sharon(10)- 25,44.I05.l2l (12)- 12,57,146 Cefalu,Therese Cefalu,Vincent(9)- 80,93 (12) 146,189 Chambless, Suzette Chao,Tonia(l l) - 58 Chapman, Cynlhia(9)- 39 (12)-19.146 Chapman, Deborah Chesters, Janine{l2) - 146 (Chris)(l l) - 94 Childs,Stephen (9)- 58 Chomor,Christine (10)- 58 Chomor,Steven Christiansen. David(9)- 44 Lucille(9)- 45 Christ;son, Cipriani,Cecilia( l0) - 21,44.102 Cipriani,James( l2) - 94,95,Il0, 146, 187 Clark,Bruce(10)- 44 Clark,Scott(9)- 93, I l6 Clauer,Dennis(9)- 58,80 Click,James(9)' 60. 127 Click,Mary - 178 ( l2) - 178 Cline,Douglas Cline,Lynda(9)- 46 Cobb.Gina( l0) - 2l ( I2) - 60,146 Cohen,Rochelle ( l2) - 98. 132,147 Collins,Steven Colucci.Heidie(l l) - 44 (I l) - 58 Coluccy. Jeanne Coluccy,Laura(9) 58.I15. 123 C o n l i nT , h o m a s( 1 2 ) ' 1 4 7 Contezac, Michael(l l) 39,96 Contezac,Sreven(9) - 56 Conlrucci, Kent(10)' I l6 Contrucci, Kirk (9) 60 Converse, Kim (10)- 41,48.60 Cook.Caryn( l0) - 45 , 3 7 .1 4 7 C o o k ,H o l l y( 1 2 )- 5 1 , 1 0 3 1 Cook,Laurie(9)- 5l C o o k .Wi l l ia m( l l ) - 3 9 .6 7 Cookson.Daniel(9)- 41,97 C o o k s o nDa . vi d( 1 2 ) - I 1 2 ,l 1 9 , 1 4 l , t 4 7 ,t 4 9,Bruce(12)- 94,147,185 (9)- 47 Lawerence Corcoran. C o r d e sM , a r i e n e ( 1 0 )5- 8 . l 2 l Cornelison, Roger(12)' 58.138,175. 178 (9)- 47,9l Corwin.Douglas Cosby,Mark (9)- 60,93 Covert,Barb- 56 Covert,Rich- 56 Craddock. John(9)- 39 Craddock. Sue(10)- 19,102.105.l2l, 1 2 7 .1 3 8 C r a i g .K e v i n ( 1 2 ) -1 7 8 Craig.Lisa(9)-47, 102.l2l Craine,Scott(9)- 56, 127 Cram€r,Craig(9)- 19.97 Cramer,Gena(9)- 56, l0l Crawford. James(10)- 52 Crawford.L€slie(10)'60. l0l Crawford.Mark (l l) - I l6 Crissinger. Juli€(12)- 39.147 Laura(l l) - 39,l0l Crissinger, Cross.Jeff'58 Currier.John( l0) - 39 Curtin,Cameron(9)- 56.93 Cushman. Dwayne( l0) - 56 Custer,william ( l0) - 56.129 C z y n s z a kA,n n ( 1 2 )- I4 7 Dabel.Jefiery(9)- 41.93 D a b l .J e a n n i n(e9 ) - 4 t



, '5.




(9)- 56 Dennis Dabler, David(ll) - 96' 120 D'Alessio, Richard(Mark) (9)- l9 D'Alessio, Daniel,Sandra(9) - 60 Debra(10)- 58,129 Daniels, Daniels, Jeffrey(10)- 38,92 Laurie- 58 Daries, Pauline(l l) - 60, 130,138 Davidson, Amelia( 10)- 45 Davis. Davis, Diana(12)- 147,l9l Davis, Peter- 124 Davis. Rob€rt(l l) - 47 (12)- 147 Catherine Dawson. William(9)- 41,93 Da\lson, Scott(12)- 129,148 Deboer, Linda(9)- 41. 102,I l6' 123 Defoliart, Brad( l2) - 46,94,95,I13, DeHaven. I48 Burt (9) - 46 DeHaven, Deluca,Camille(l l) - 41, l0l James(9) - 44 Deluca, Matthew(9)- 44 DeMars. Curt- 4l Denevan. (10)- 39 Deborah Derge, Katen(l l) - 16,19.58,90.9l D€Selle, Lisa( I2) - 178 Dewey, L isa J.(l l)- 91 D ew ey, Richard(l l) - 52 Dewey, AnneMarie( l2) - 52. 103' DeZonia, l3l, 136 ,1 37 ,1 48 ,1 64 Robert(9)- 52,93 DeZonia. (l l) - 137 Suzanne Dezonia, John(12)- 41. 148 Dibble. (l l) - 47 Dicka.Charles Dicka,Dan(9)- 16,47.93 Dennis(12)- 41, 133, 148 Dipiazza, Disalvo.Joe(12)- 41. 146 Disch,Brian(10)-41,98 Debra( l2) - 4l, 123,148 Disch, Disch,Diane(9)- 41, 123 Anne( l0) - 42,52.103,123 Docter, Doctor,Joseph(9) - 52,97 Jeff(9)- 39 Dodge, Doersch,Randall(9) - 47 DeeAnn- 102 Doherty, Dohm,Kelli(12)- 36, 145,148 D oll,D ia ne( I l)- 52 Mark (10)- 44 Donaldson, Ro lf(10 )'51 D onho we, Donkle,Craig(9) - 52 Todd(l I) - 52 Donkl€, Justina(10)- 4l Donoghue, (12)- I45, 148 Stephen Donoghue, Michelle(12)- 39. 148 Dorland, Palricia( l0) - 4l Dornfeld. Susan(12)- 4t, 149 Dornfeld, DeeAnn (10)- 41, 105, Dougherty, 123 Mich ae(l l2 ) - 4l, 7l, 8l, D oughe rty, t49 D ow ,D ale(1 1)-41 Doyle,Mary(l l) - 4l Dries,Eric( l0) - 58,l13 Duch,Janice- 58 Duckwitz, Jay(10)-45 Duckwitz, Kelly(10)-45 Duckwitz, Nancy(12)- 57, 149 Patrick( l2) - I49 Duckwitz, Duerst,Darrell(9) - 45 Debra(l l) - 149 Duerst, Dora(10)- 45 Duerst, Duesler. Kari(9)- 58 Duesler, Pau l(l l)- 56 ,1 27 ( l2) 149 Duranso, Jeannetle Durkee, Joni(l l) - 56 Durkee,Teresa(9) - 54

(12)- 43, 153 Garlne.,Christine Fitch,Karen- 178 cear.Jeffrey(l l) - 54. 127 (l l) - 17,56 Cathleen Fitzgerald, Gear,Keith(9)- 54,93,I I I (12)- I 5l Colleen Fitzpatrick, G e e . , G a r y( l l ) - 5 4 ,9 8 ,1 3 6 (9) 45 Fitzpatrick,Daniel Geib,Patricia(10)- 58,81,133 Fitzpatrick,Kalhleen(9) - 57, 70 ceier,Cheryl(l2) - 24,43,129,132. MarY(12)- 45, 178 Fitzwat€r, 1 5 3 .1 8 6 Jan(12)-41, 151 Fl€tcher, Genna,Julie( l2) - 54,153 Fletcher,Randall(9) - 45 Earnes, Scott(10)- 47 David(9)- 53 Genson, Thomas(12)- l5l, 178 Fletcher, East€rday.Geoffrey( l0) - 38 Genung,Lisa(9)- 53, l0l 54 Floyd.Julie(9) 1 3 3 , Eat on,Laur ie( 12) - 36, 5 8 , 3 4 , Daniet(9)- 53 Gerhards, Floyd,Lauta(10)- 54 135,137,t 49 (10)- 38 Marsha Gerke, (9) 93, I I I Flynn,Fredeick Eberle,Karl (l l) - 58 (9) Mary - 43. 103,I I6, 123 Gerlach, Eckert,Lisa( l2) - 7. 58,l0l, 123,137, F l y n n ,M a l t ( 1 2 )- 1 5 1 ,t 5 4 (9)- 43, 136 Getter,Kathleen (9) 57 Lynette Fon, 150 Gibson,Gary(ll) - 53 Thomas(12)- l5l, 158 Fontaine, Eckert,Lori (l l) - 19.58,l0l Gerald(12)' 94,120,153, Gibson, ( ll0 51.92, Foreyt,Kevin l0) (12)- 45, 150 Eder,Elizabeth 9 l 1 8 4 , t Forther,Karen- 56 Edge,Cindy(l l) - 58 Gibson,Laura( l2) - 6. 7. l0l, 127,153 (9) I l5 57, Roberta Fortney. Edge,Dawn(12)- 27,58, 150 Giese,Martha- 45, 138 Foster,Fred(l l) - 56, 135 (10)- 47 Stephen Eisenberg, Gilbert, Beth- 48 107. 148, (12) 44. Foulke.Charles Tom (l l) - 45,96,124 Ellenbecker, Gilb€rt,James(9)- 43, I I I t 8 7 l 5 l , (10) 92 47, Elliott, Gilbert,Mary (12)- 12,48, l0l, I l5' (9) l2l 40. 103, Denise Fowler, Elliou.Parrick(10)- 47 t 2 7 ,l 3 l . l 5 3 Fox.Carla(9)- 57 Ellis ,Am y ( l l) - 58,138 Giles,Alison(Penny)(l I ) - 41 Foy,Colleen(9)- 123 Elmer,Sally (9) - 40 cinsberg,Larry(9)- 43,99 Foy,Erin(10)- 56 Emden,Bruce(10)- 5l Jon(12)- 23,24,32.43,94, Gochberg, (l l 2 ) - 5 6 , 9 4 ,I 1 0 , l 5 l , M i c h a € F o y , Enden,Dennis(l l) - 29,51,94 1 3 2 ,1 5 3 ,1 9 l 1 5 5 , t 8 8 (10)- 51 (12)- 53,l3l ' Emden,Reb€cca Catherine Gojmerac, Frank,Daniel( l2) - l5l David( 12)- 45, 150,l7l Emmerich, 154 (9)- 40 Gary Frank, Emmerich,Patricia(9) - 49 Mark (12)- 15.143,154 Goldstein, F.ank,Gregory(10)- 92 (10)- 135 Cathlin(12)- 55,178 Endres, Neal Goldstein, (10) 58 Larry Frank, (12) Endres,Michael(10)- 55 Kim - 57,I16, 154 colier, 121 (10) - 57,102,105, Frank,Laurie Patrick(9)- 55 Endres, Coniu,Paula(9)- 49 (12)- 57,124,l5l James Franklin, Tonie(9)- 55 Endres. contarek,Miichael(10)- 40 (l l) - 56 Franks,Rebecca Barb(12)- 34,51,115' Engeldinger, Gary(12)- 135,154 Goodman, (10) 42 Patricia Frawley, (9)- 49,97 150 James Coodman, Freber,Denise(9) - 57 (9)- 23,57 Ensign,David(9)- 5l Gorman,Kathleen (l l) - 57 Kimberley Freber, Allan(10)- 39,92 Erickson, Goss.Kathy(12)- 49, 154 (10)- 54,92 Emmett Frederick, Claire(10)- 4l Erickson. Goltlieb,Sam(9) - 45 Fredrick,Andrea(9) - 54 Edwar d( 10 ) - 4 19,8 | Ef ic k s on, Goulette,Suzanne(9) - 50 (12) - 152,l9l Fredrick,Mark Susan(9)- 39, 134 Erickson, Graf,Andrew(Tex)(l l) - 19,21,53. (l l) - 54 Tracy Fredrick, Erstad,Steve(9) - 54 9 4 ,1 3 8 (l l) - 127 G€ralYn Freeman. Esch,David(12)- 150 Roberl(l l) - 53,94 Graf, 178 Leslie Freeman, Anne(12)- 40, 150 Esenther, Carol(10)- 45 Crant, (9) Ann - 45 Frembgen, Daniel(9)- 40, I I I Esenther, craven,Nadine(l l) - 48. 132 (12) 40, 152 Michael Fries, Ellen(l l) - 40, 123.129 Esenther, Green,Crrolyn(9)- 50,102 Friis,Ruth(12)- 152 Es ent herTina , ( 10)- l0 l , 1 0 5 , l 2 l Green,Rebecca(9) - 49 (10) 56 Debra Frisch. Esser,Ronald(9)- 45,93 Karen(9)- 50,I l5 Gregerson, Frisch,Steve(9) - 56 Evans,Andy- 4l Grimm,Daniel(9)- 49 (9)- 45, 1l I Jeffery Fritsche, Evans,Mark (9)- 49 G.itton,Allison(10)-21,50 Tim (10)- 45,92, I l0 Fritsche, Evans,Terry (9) - 49, 93 crogan,Michael(12)- 94,154 (10) 56 Furry,Darryl Evans,Tim (10)- 27,92 Grogan,Thomas(l l) - 94,I38 Michael(9)- 38 Eveland, Cronert,Krista(12)- 154 Jon(10)- 39 Gaarder, Grooms,John( l0) - 50,124 Gadow,St€ve(10)- 16,98 Fagan,Susan(9) - 5? Grooms,Richard(l l) - 20,50 Debra(12)- 152 Gallagher, Fantle,David(9) - 40 Mark (12)- 49, 107,154'163 Grosse. (10) 54 Pam Gallagher. Fantle,Steven(l l) - 40, 133 Sue(10)- 49 Grosse, (9)- 19,51,9l Callisan,Elizabeth Farmer,Mary ( l2) - 150 Grover,Randy(9)- 40 ' 1 0 2 .l 2 l Far r ,G ail ( l l) - 51.13 6 G r u n e r lR , o b i n(1 2 ) - I5 4 John(l l) - 19,94,107'120' Gudel,Cynthia(l l) - 56 Galligan, Farrelly,Bridget(10)- 40 t32 (l I) - 40, 139 Farrelly,Kathleen Daniel(ll)-48 Guernsey, Galligan,Kathy(12)-42,102'105' Fass,Daniel(9) - 58,93 Debra(l l) - 48 Gue.nsey. 12t, 152 Beth(10)- 57,137 Faust,John(12)- 56,94, 120,150 Gullickson, Gannon,Michael(9)- l8 Richard(12)- 94,154 Faust,Micha€l(10)- 56,92. 120 Gundermann, 1 5 2 ( 1 2 ) 5 9 ' 2 1 , 2 3 , G a n n o nN , ancy Virginia(9)- 50 Fee,Nancy(9)- 40, Il5 Gundermann, (10)- 92 Gannon,Stephen (10)- 43 Fee,Robert( l0) - 40,92 Gusman,Ren€e Gant,Donna(12)- 54.129,153 Feirn,Richard( l0) - 52,92 Gardner,Patricia(12)- 30,175'132' Julie(l l) - 40 Feldman, Haack,Cindy(9)- 40,130 153 Ferrill,Carlisle(9)- 56 Haas.Cheryl(l l)- 56,105,l3l (9) 39 Rebecca Gardner, 75, (l 24, 3l, 32,45, l) Fey,David Ben(10)-40, 112 Hable, 19,92 Steve Gardnef, 130,132,138 Hable,Susan(1l) - 2l Garland,Deborah(l l) ' 22.57' lDt' Field, Bryan(9) - 56 Hacker,Dan(10)- 56 I 1 5 ,l 2 l Fieldhouse,Erik (9) - 58 Hacker,Nancy(12)- 154 (10) I l5 57, l0l, Leslje Garland, ( 186 14. 150, l2) Fields,Maria (12)- 15,47,130. (l 45, 79 Hadley,Catherin€ l) Anne Garlinghouse, First,Eric(l l) - 45 t3l,I32, 154 John (9) - 93 Garlinghouse, First,Phillip(9)-45, ll I Hadley,Tim ( l0) - 47, 110 (10)- 49 Garnett,Charles Glen(12)- l5l Fischer,

Durkin,Pat(12)- 149 (10)- 45 Durkin,Terrance Durkin,Thomas(9)-45 Dvorak,william (9)- 41,93, I I I Dy k e,Kim ( l l) - 26, 45 Dykstal,Timothy(10)- 41


Haen,Sue- 39, 105 (l l) - 40 Hageman, Jeanne Hagens, Mitchell(l l) - 40,94, 107 Hall,DavidJr. (12)- 40,98,129,155, 189 Hall,H€len(Holly)(l I) - 57 H all.Joh n(1 2)- 15 5 Hall,Maureen(l l) - 40, 105,123 Hall,Steve(10)- 40 Hall,Thomas(12)- 136,155 Halstead,Thomas(9) ' 93 Hamann,Rex(l l) - 5l (10)- 45, 136 Hammer,Kathleen Hamroth,Sleve- 57 Handel,Rodney(l l) -49,94.l0'7,120 Handler,Adam (9) - 39 (l l) - 39 Handler,Stephen Hansen,Dawn- 4l Hansen, SusanA. ( l2) - 155,170 Hansen, SusanL. (12)-48, 132,155, l'76 (9)- 4l Hanson,Catherine Hanson,Cindy - 102 Jennifer(l l) - 22 Hanson, Hanson,Juli€ (9) - 50, 101 Hanson,Kristen(9)- 40, l0l, I l5 Hanson,Lucinda(12)- l2l, 155 (9)- 56,I l1 Hanson,Steven Tomas(10)- 40 Hanson, Hardy,Cynthia(9) - 39 ( l0) - 39 Hardy,St€phen Hariu,Mike (12)- 39,94, l5 5, 160 Hariu,Tina (9)- 39,74 Harmann,Jeni- 56 Harms,Michael(l l) - 56 Marcia(10)- 50, I15, 138 Harrington, Harris,Janice(10)- 40 Harrison,Steve(12)- 32, 132,155 Hartmann,Henrik(Tony)(l l) - 56,96 Harmann,Jeni(9)- 102,116.125 Julie(l l) - 56 Haskins, Hatch, Michael(9) - 50, 93 Hatch,Sarah(11)- 130 Greg(12)- 56,129,155 Haugen, Heasl€y,Mary (9) - 100,I 16 Kurt (10)- 57,133 Heberlein, Paul(12)- 133,155 Heberlein, James(10)- 40,92, 120 Heberling, (12)- 40, 155,I65 R€becca Heberling, Charles(l l) - 40, I l2 Heffernan, Hefty,Matthew(l l) - 133 Teri (10)- 49 Heggesta, H€ins,David(12)- 40, 156 Heins,Robert(l l) - 40 Heiser,Theodore(10)- 48, 92 Heiser,Thomas(12)- 48, 139,156 Heitner,Eric(l l) - 41 Helmberger,Cathy(10)- 38 Hendricks, Jennifer(12)- 6, 12,156 Lancy(9)- 56,93,I 16 Hendrickson, Henning, James(9)- 57, ll6 Henning,Kim (l l) - 57 Henry,Michael(10)- 49,92 Herb,Emily(9)- 41, 115 Hervey,Wendy(12)- 48, 156 Herwig,Debra(12)- 156 Hess,Belinda(10)- 40 Hess,Donna(l l) - 49 Hickman.Diane(l l) - 49 Hickman.Jeffr€y(10)- 49 Hickox,Thomas(12)- 156 Hicks,Sandra(11)- 4l (10)- 57 Hicks,Shelley Hicks,Susan(10)- 4l, 127 Hiles,Lora(9)- 4l Hill, David(9) - 40

19 6

Hill, Heather(9) - 50 Hill, Mary - 50 Eric( l0) - 40, 124 Hillemann, Hilliard,Barbara(9)- 39 Hilliard,Susan(10)- 39,103 Randy( l2) - 2l,46, 156 Hinderman, Hinkes,Creighlon(10)- I l2 Hippe, Dougfas(9) - 56 Hippe,Richard(12)- 128,13l, 156 Hirsch,Patricia(10)- 50 Hirsch,Wendy(9) - 39 Hoffman, Susan(9) - 38 Cheryl(12)- 156 Hoffmaster, Hoffmaster,David (10)- 92 (10)- 57, I12, 120 Holl, Steven Holmes,David(12)- 94,156 Holt,Timothy(9)- 39 Holzbauer, John(10)- 39 Homan,Richard(9)- 50,93,ll1 Hong,Laura(10)- 51,l0l Hopkins,Peter(9) - 49, I I I Hopwood,Stephanie(10)- 49 Horne,Jeffrey(l l) - 49, 124 Horn€r,Dwight(10)- 43, 120 Hornick,Susan(12)- 51,157 Hosleu,Glenn(10)-45 Hoslett,Peter(9)- 45, 116 (10)- 53, 121 Elizabeth Hoveland, Hovorka,David(l I) - 45 Howie,Donna(12)- 58.157 Hubbard,Julie(12)- 157 Hubbard,Reed(9)- 54,97 Hudelson,Keith (10)- 42 Huffer,Joan(10)- 40 (12\- 45,132.157 Huiras,Christopher Huiras,Julie(l l) - 45, 137,138 Hum m el,Kat hy- 41 , 1 1 5 , Hunn,Kathryn(l l) - 45 Hunter,Scott(l l) - 38,94 Huttofl, Frank - 56

Cindi(10)- 49. 138 Johnson, (12)- 45, 158 Jeannette Johnson, Johnson, Jeffrey(l l) - 60, ll9 Johnson, Julie(12)- 45, 130,158,186 Karen(l l) - 33 Johnson, Mark (10)- I 12,120 Johnson, Michael(12)- 45, 158 Johnsofl, Palrick(9)- 45,93 Johnson, Johnson,Peter(9) - 45 SusanL. (12)- 45, 134,137. Johnson, 158 SusanP. (12)- 13,129,158 Johnson, Thomas(12)- 37,94,158. Johnson, 184 Valerie(10)- 45 Johnson, Jokerst,Timothy(11)- 94 Jones,Barry (9) - 93 Mary (12)- 58, 158,162 Jones, Jones,Nancy(12)- 49, 158 Jones,Sandra( l2) - 45, 158 Julson,Sue'49 Jurrens, Jeff(12)- 49, 158 Jurrens. Kimberly(9)- 49, 114 Juster,Robert(l l) -47

Kabler,Gretchen(9) - 50 (12)- 159 Kahn,Elizabeth Kahn,Gayle(9)- 57 Kalnins,Sandra(9)- 38 Kammer,Greggory(10)- 130 Kamrath, Steven(9) - 93 Karls,Daniel(12)- 49,94,159 Karls,Karen(11)- 49 Karls, Paul(9) - 40 Karls,Susan(9)- 49, I l5 Karn,Kalhy(t0)- 14,40 Karns,William(l l) - 54 Karpinsky,Brian(9) - 42 Katz, Marc (9) - 41, I I I Katz,Ross(!2) - 44, 128,159 Katz,Sco (10)- I l6 Ingvoldstad,Leif (9) - 40,93 Kauffman,Becky- 60, 103 Rold(11)- 40 Ingvoldstad, Kaye,Geri(12)- 38, l0l, 159 Ingwell,David(10)- 49 Keel.Bryce(10)- 25,92 Ingwell,Lauria(12)-129,157,186 Keeler,Kerry (10)- 50 Inhorn,Lowell(12)- 132,I57 Keeler,Kristen(9) - 50 (12)- 40, I10, 159 tnhorn,Marcia(10)- 49, 136,138 Keen,Lawrence lnman, Christopher(9) - 49 Kelley,Canie(9)-49, 101 lrish,Daniel(10)- 40 Kelly,Katie- 40, l0l,123 Irlbeck,Ellen(9) - 49 K€lly,Sally(9)- 47 Irlbeck,Jim (10)- 49, 96 Kelly,Scott(10)- 49,92 ( 12)- 49, 157 Kelly,Susan(12)- 159 Irlbeck,Steven Carrie(10)-49,101,ll5, 123 Kelso,Robert(10)- 92,120 Ishmael, Ishmael, Gary( l2) - 94, 157 Kempf,Jody(10)- 45 Ivanov,Geofge(9) -49, I I I Philip(10)- 92, 120 Kessel, Kietzke,Cheryl(l l) - 49 Edward(John)(12)- 2l, 98, Kietzke,Vicki( l2) - 159,168 Jackson, Kimb€rly,Dennis(12)- 159 99, t51 K i n g ,C i n d y -9 l , l 0 l , l l 5 Jackson,Peter(9) - 50 King,Deann(9)- 38 Jacobson,Jeffrey(10)- 58 King,Kathryn(10)- 50, 130,134 (12)- 40, 157 Christine Jaeger, King,Sharon(9)- 91, l0l Jahn,Cheryl(l l) - 40 Kippert,John( l0) - 44 Janicek, Julie(10)- 38 Klaila,Ronald(12)- 159 Janicek,Larry(l l) - I I2 Klasinski, Paul(wally) (12)- 25,94. Marjory(10)- 4l Janssen, l 1 2 ,1 5 9 James( l2) - 49, 157 Jasensky, Klein. Jeffrey(9) - 49, 93 Javid,Claudia(l l) - 49, 103 Klemp,Carol(9)- 59 Javid,Jeffrey(12)- 49, 158 Klingbeil,Dan(10)- 40 (12)- 49, 158 Jedynak,Elizabeth Mark (9)- 39,93,I I I Knabach, Jedynak,Thomas(9) - 49 Knapp.Gregory(12)- 46, 159 Cynthia(l l) - 48, 129 Jennings, Knipfer,Kimberley(10)- 57 Jensen, Patricia(l l) - 47 Knippel,Jan(12)- 157,159 Jensen, Russell(9)- 39,99 Knippel,John(l 1)- 42, I 12,129 Sandra(10)- 47, 102,12l Jensen, Knoche,David(12)- 94,159,189 Trinke(10)- 4?, I34 Jensen, Knoch€,Nancy(l l) - 54 Brian(10)- 47 Johnson,

Knox,Richad ( l2) - 44, 178 Koch,Carol(l l) - 20.54 Koch,Ellen(10)- 54,9l Koch,John(10)- 38 Koenig,Susan(l l) - 45,91, I29 Michael(9)- 47, ll6 Koepcke, Thomas( l2) - | 59,163 Koepcke, Kokette,John(12)- 160 (10)- 47 Kokette,Suzanne Kolb,Nancy(12)- 47. 160 Kolb,Timothy(l l) - 19,54,94,I10, 138 Kolbe,Donna(9)- 56 Kolberg,Janice( l0) - 45 Konkol,Ann (l l) - 39 Konkol, Steven(9) - 38 Koop,Deborah(12)- 57,160 Koop,william (9)- 54 Koos,Mary Anne(12)- 160,172 Koos,Simone( l2) - 160,172 Kopp, Thomas(9) - 93 Mark (10)- 4l Kosikowski, Kotch,Jennifer(9)- 39 (10)- 60,134 Jeanne Kozminski, Judith(12)- 60,79,160 Kozminski, Kramer,Pamela(10)- 50,9l Kramer,Patricia(10)- 50,9l Krauth,Thomas(10)- 49,92 Kritikos,Sr€lla(10)- 127 Kroncke,Ann (9)- 49 Krueger, Julie(l l) - 39 Krueger,Kay (l l) - 56. 134 Krum, David(10)- 47 K r u m ,L a u r a(1 2 )- 4 7 . l 3 l ,1 6 0 Krummey,Michael(10)- 51,92 Krummey,Patrick(12)- 51,128,160 Sally(10)- 4? Kuehling, Kuehne,David(l l) - 39 Leslie(l l) - 49 Kuenning, Kuhaupt,Richard(l l) - 129 Kumpf, K€vin (9) - 47 Kuntz,Daniel( l0) - 92 Kurth,Kim (9)- 47 Kuzdas,Dan - 60 LaFarge, Cindy(10)- 19.60 l& Tamara(12)- '7,60,129, LaFarge, Laird,Julie(l l) - 49, 102,105,l2l Lamb,Cynthia(12)- 49, 129,160 Lamb,Lynette(l l) - 49, 138 L a n g ,A n n € (1 0 ) - 4 98, l , 1 3 4 Lanz,Darcy(12)- 160 Dennis(12)- 94,139,160 Lapcewich, Lardy,Michael(l l) - 124,178 Larsen, Joanne(10)- 45 Larsen, John(l l) -26,60,133 Lars€n, Julie(l l) - ll5 Larson,Anthony(9) - 42, I I I Larson,David(9) - 45 Larson,JeffreyL. (l l) - 42 Larson,Jennif€r(10)- 44 L a r s o n , J u li e - 4 5l 0, l Larson,Leann( l0) - 51 (12)- l6l Charles Laughren, Laughren,Ch€ryl(9) - 49 Launder, Susan(10)- 42 Thomas(12)- 178 Launder, Lisa(12)- l6l Lautenback, Brian(12)- 39, l6l Lawrence, Lawrence,Renee- 40 Leckrone,Krislopher(9) - 54 Leckrone, Mike (12)- 54,l6l, 187 Ledbetter,Robin (10)- 54 Lee,Michael(12)- 34,36,43,94, l6l. 188 Lee,Robert(l l) - 43,94 Lee,Sonja(10)- 102,105,121

Manion,Jeffrey(9)- 53 Mann,Alison(9)- 50 Margetis,Mike (9)- 133 Markley,Jayne( 12)- 162 Marks,Robert(10)- 39 Marotz,Connie(9)- 53 Marotz,TimothY(10)- 53 Sarah( l0) - 43 Marschke, Marsh,David(10)- 46, 124 Martin.David(12)- 162 Martin,John(10)- 60 Martin,Patricia(l l) - 60 Martin,Robert( l0) - 60,98 Martinilli.Julie- 54 Massey, Gregory(10)- 38 (9)- 54 Matera.Steven Malhis.Jeffrey( l0) - 50 Mathis,Matthew(l2) - 60, 127 Mathis,Matthew- 162,128 Marhison, Greg( l0) - 39,54.120 Mattison,Janet(12)- 65, 162 M aund,Br ian( 10)- 43 M ax well. G len( ll) - t l2 Maxwell,Greg(9)- 60 May, Kar€n( l2) - 178 Maybee,Blaine(l l) - 44 Maybee,Bruc€(12)- 96, 162 (10)- 46 Theresa McAweeney. william (9)- 46 McAwe€ney, Mccarthy,Patricia(l l) - 60, 103,l2l Mccarthy,Peggy( 12)- 163 Mccaw, David(9)- 58,I I I M c c aw, J ane( ll) - 58 Mcclosk€y,Linda(12)- 49, 163 Mcclung,Dan(10)- 26,43 McDermid.william (10)- 41,92 McEvoy,Kathryn(9)- 59 McFee,Douglas(10)-46 M c c innit y .Sue( 12)- 129, 1 3 7 , 1 6 3 Mclntyre,Diane(Didi)(9)- 59,9l ' McKeon.Kevin(12)- 53, 128.163 Mclinden,Mike ( l2) ' 156,164 McNall,Cherilyn(10)- 38 McNall,Cynthia( l2) - 44, 164 McNall,Steven( l2) - 44,94,178 McNail, Terri€ (9) - 54 M c NeelyJ, oel( 9)- 2l, 38, 1 3 3 ,1 3 5 McNeely,Melissa(12)- 38,32,129, 132,164 (l l) - 48. 127 Mcvoy, Christopher (12)- l2l. 164 Denise Meadowcroft, Meadowcroft,Lisa (9) - 45 J an€- 46 Medenwald, Robert(l l) - 44 Medenwald, Ruth(10)- 46, 127 Medenwald, K€nneth(9) - 59,93 Mehlberg, Susan( l0) - 59 Mehlberg, Meicher,william ( l2) - 164 Meier,Pamela(12)- 129,164 Macho,Craig( l0) - 45, I l6 Meier,Timothy(l l) - 53, I l0 John( I0) - 5l Mackesey, Meinholz,Jefftey(10)- 59 Patrice( l0) - 51, I15, 123 Mackesey, Meixn€r,Gerald(l I) - 53 Terri (9) - 5l Mackesey, Meixner,James(9)- 53 (9) Donna - 51 Mackman, Melcher.Pete- 44 Madar,Marianne(10)- 39, 127 Mefldel,Nancy(Jill)(9)- 39 Mahal,Candace(9) - 60 M endenhall, J ane( l l) - ll, 1 2 9 ,1 3 0 Mahinski. Mark (10)- 54 Linda(10)- 43 Messerschmidt, (9) Maboney. David - 38, I l6 (12)- 164 Ruth Messerschmidt. Malcolm.Gigi(9)- 54, l0l Metcalf,wil,iam (John)(10)- 92, I l0 Malofsky,Lyn ( l0) - 60 Meuer.Kelly(12)- 94. I16, l& Malofsky,Michael(9)- 93 Meyer,Karin(9)- 41, l0l, Il6 Maly,David( 10)- 44,92 Meyer,Michael(l l) - 38,98 Maly,Dian€(9)- 44,91. 123 Meyer,Nicole( 10)- 59 (l l) - 51,94 Maly,Steven Meyers,Jenifer(9) - 38 Manesis, JoAnn(10)- 59 Mickelson, Jean(I l) - 38 Manhart, Gra nt(l l) - 51 ,l3l Middleton.Mark (l l) -,{4,98 Manhart.scotr(9)- 5l

Mark (l l) - 43 Leemkuil, Lehmann, Jennifer(9) - 42 Lenanski, James(9)- 42,93 (10)- 42 Kathleen Lemanski. (l l) - 43 Susan Lemens, Michael(9)- 60,93 Lemmer, Lynn(9)- 42 Leppien, Terry - 40, 129 Lester, Levin.Bruce(9) - 60 L€vin, Claire(9)- 103,I16, 123 (10)- 60 Levin, Jam€s (12)- 60,98,99, 128, Levin, Kenneth I 19,t 6l Lew,Patricia(10)- 49 (l l) - 39 Lewis, Benjamin (l l) - 39 Lewis, Kimberley Lewis,Peter(9) - 39 Lickel,Daniel(l l) - 39 Liedl.G.egory(9) - 42, I l0 Lietz.Thomas(l l) - 46 Diaoe(l l) - 105 Lilleman, Scott(12)- 54,98,161,162 Lindenau, Janet(12)- 39,91, 162 Lindquist, Alison(10)- 48, 136 Lindsay, Link,Rachel(9)- 19, I16, 12l (l l) - 43 Link.Teresa Robert(9)- 57 Linley. Lippitt,Gaty(9)- 43 Tim (10)- 92,I l0 Liscum, Lison, Joan(10)- 49 (9)- 60 Lister, James Loehrer,Kenneth(9) - 46 Linda(l l) - 46, l3l Loehrer, Cayle(12)- 162 Lokken, Micha€l(l l) - 46,94. Lombardino, lt 0 Long,Chris(10)- 54 Long,Jonathan(9) - 60 Carolyn(10)- 49 Longley, Kathy- 40, 105 Looney, (10)- 4l Deborah LoP.esto. Nicki (9)- 41, 100,I l6 LoP.esro. Lovell.David(12)-46 Lucchesi. Janice(12)- 49, 128,162 (l l) - 94 Kenneth Luchene, (9)- 39,74,91, 123 Lucia.Bev€rly L u ck,D aniel(1 2) - 40 ,37 ,16 2 Luebke, James(10)- 46 Sherille(12)- 162 Luedtke, Michael(12)- 39,162 Lunde, Kelley(10)- 43.?9 Lundeen, Lybek,Bonnie(9) - 20 Lybek,Diane(l l) -49, 137 Lynch.Jon(l l) - 59 Lynch,Richard(l I) - 46,94 Lyngaas. Roger(9)- 49,97, III Lynxwiler, Mary( l0) - 60,66

Midthun.Cheri(10)- 53 Midthun,Laurel(l l) - 53 Mil€s.Nancy( I l) - 53,129 M i l l e r ,D e b r a( 1 2 )- 5 1 , 6 5 ,1 6 5 Miller;Gregory(9)- 4l Miller,Jeffrey( l2) - 46. 165 Miller,Katen(12)- 165 Miller,Lynn(9)- 19,9l Miller.Michael(l l) - I 12 ( 10)- 38 Miller,Steven Miller,Thomas(l l) - 41. 178 (l l) - 65, 178 Mitchell,Christoph ( l2) - 5l Mitchell,Christopher Mitchell,Laura(9)- 50 Moeller,Cynlhia(10)- 48 Mohan,Alka (9)- 49 Mohr.Karhy- 53 Mohs,Laurel( l0) - 42 Monicken,Lisa- 178 Monson,Kurt (9)- 49 Monson,Susan( 12)- 130.165 Monson,William(10)- 55.92 Moore,Randall(9)- 43 Moore,Robert( l0) ' 47 Moorman.Cheryl(10)- 42 M o r a n ,P a m e l a( l l ) - 3 8 M o r l e d g eA, n n ( l 0 ) - 7 . 9 , 1 7 .5 0 , 9 1 . 137 Kirk (12)- 34,50,94.137, M orledg€. 1 6 5 ,1 7 4 Scott(l l) - 25.50,94 Morledge, Morris,Barbara(l l) - 136 Morris,Claire(9)- 49 Morris,David(12)- 165 M o r r i s ,R i c k( 1 0 ) - 4 6 Morrison,John(10)- 49.92. I l6 Sara( l0) - 42, 134.138 Morrissey. Laura(12)- 165 Morschhaus€r, Morton.Mary (l l) - 50 Motelet,James(9) - 42 Motelet,Marjorie(l l) - 42 M o t h s ,P a t t i( l l ) - 4 1 Motlet, Tim (9) - 93 Motl, Joan(12)- 102,165 (9)- 19 Mul€ahy,Kathleen M u l c a h yP . a t r i c k( 1 2 )- l 3 l . 1 3 2 ,1 6 6 Munts,Andrew(9)- 46.97.I I I Murphy,Mary ( l0) - 5l Murray,John( l0) - 42 Murray,Kent(ll)-42 M u r r a y ,M a r k ( 1 2 ) -5 l , 1 7 8 Musin,Ira (9)- 46, l3l Mussey,Andrea( l0) - 5l Mussman,Jam€s(ll)-42 John( l0) - 42, ll0 Mutschler, Michael(l I ) - 42.94, I l0 Mutschler.

Nohel,Audrey(12)- 46. 103.152.166 Nordling.Biadley(10)- 33,5l Nordling,Cynthia(12)- 166,187 (l l) - 57.133 Novak.Steven Novenski. Dena(9)- 60 Georgene(12) - 60, 166 Novenski. Nuendorf;Becky- 49. I l5 Nuzzo,Anthony( l2)- 46. 107.166 Nyhus.Mark (9)- 5l, 97 Mary (l l) - 21.123 O'Connell, John( l0) - 57.92 O'Connor. James(l l) - 44 Oesterle, Oesterle.Susan(9) - 44 Jon- 42 Okerstrom. Okerstrom.Thomas(9) - 42 Okey,Jeffrey( 9) - 60 - 3 ,3 5 ,6 01. 6 6 O k e y ,P a u l a ( 1 2 ) 1 Oliva,Marsha(12)- 166 Oliveira,Monica(12)-47, 166 Karen(l l) - 42 Oliverson. Rolf (9)- 50.9l Oliverson, Olsen.Philip(10)- I l0 Olson.Clark(9)- 51 O l s o nS , h a r o n ( l l ) - 45 Olund.Cynthia(10)-42,l0l (9)- 52. 134 O'Meara.Kathleen Ommodt,Bradley(9)- 52 Onken,Michelle(10)- 25 Ooken,Vincent(12)- 166 Opitz, l) - 57,l0l Opitz.Konrad(K.C.)(9)- 57 Orr. David(l l) ' 27,44,94, I l0 Osthoff,Bonnie(12)- 166 Osrhoff,Eric(10)- I 10.120 Osthoff.Ron- 92 Osthoff,Stuart( l2) - 96.120.166 Jayne(10)- 43. 103 Overgard. Owens,Bruce(9)- 50 Owens,Phillip(9) - 52 O w e n sS. c o t t( 1 2 )- I 12 . 1 6 7

Karen( l2) - I l. 53.130.167 Paape. william (9)- 53.93 Paape. Page,Alice(12)- 167 Paik,Peter(10)- 41 Daiva(12)- 38.132.167 Palionis, Palmer,Melanie(9)- 4l Tom (l l) - 44. I 12.I 19 Pappas. Park.James( l2) - 15, 167 Parks.David(9)- 44 Parks,Doug(10)- 42 P a r s o n sJ ,i m ( l l ) - 5 7.9 4 ,I1 2 .1 2 0 Parsons, John(l l) - 57,94.95. I12. 120 Parter,Paul(9)- 39, 127 Patch.Sarah( l2) - 50.132.161.l'76 Nack,Martha- 178 Paui,Lisa(9)- 60,105 Majem,Amaria(9)- 38, 134 Patz€r,Perry(12)- 167 Nankivil.Mary (9)- 50.I l6 Pauli,Daniel(10)- 57. ll0 Natvig.Julie(9)-46 Pauli.Debra(9)- 57 Naughton, Jeffrey(9)- 47,97, ll3 Valerie(l l) - 12,41,129, Pauls,Rick -42 Naughton. Paulu,Laura(9)- 43 t 2 7 ,l 3 l , 1 3 2 Paye.Steve- 4l Nelson,Brian(l l) - 47 (l l)-48 P a y t o nM . elissa (9)- 38 Nelson,qhristopher P e a r c eJ,o A n n( l l ) - 2 7 ,4 l Nelson,Karen(9)- 51, 123 Pearson, Amy ( l0) - 52 Linda(12)- 166 Nestigen, David(l l) - 52 Pearson. Nevel,Alice(9)- 59 Pede,James(9) - 93 Nevel,Barbara(9)- 59 Pelliteri,Paula(12)- 50,167,186 Newberg. Judy(9)- 46 Jan(9)- 38.100,I l6 Pepper, Newton,Margarel- 178 Pepper.Jon (9) - 38 Niehus,Donald(l l) - 57, 129 Julie(9)- 38 Pepper, ( l0) - 46 Nielsen, Katherine Percy,Ch.istoph( l0) - 50 Nielson,Laurie(9)- 18, 136 Michelle- 167 Perdue. Nimmo,Gregory(9)- 59 Richard(l l) - 44 Perdue. Nofzing€r,Michael(9) - 5l

Reed.J am es( l l) - 38 . I l 2 Reed.Sc ot t( l2) - 42.4 6 ,1 4 5 .1 6 8 Reed.Susan( l0) '48, l0l Recse. Peler( l0) -,14,98 Regenberg. David(l l) 56,129 Reid.Ellen( 10)- 48 Reid.Lis a( 11)- 22 Reif . Ann( ll) - 55 Reif .Ann ( l l) - 55 ( I 0) - 3 8 .5 4 ,r 0 l . I l 5 Reif .Rober r a Reif.Robin(9)- 42. l0l Reilly ,M ar y ( 10) 48 .1 0 2 Reilly Tam , m y( 9) 4 2 , 9 1 . 1 0 2l,2 l Reindl,Sheila( 10)- 4 1 . 1 2 7 .l l 8 Reisdorl.Lesa(10)- 52 id( 12) -l l , l 1 3 , 1 5 8 .1 6 8 Rem ir zDav , Reneau. J on( 12)- 12 4 ,1 6 0 .1 6 8 Renlund.Mark (9)-47 Ret!ie.Ann - 44 Ret t ig.Ly nn( l l) - 41 Br ian( I 0) - l 9 Rev ello, Laurel( l0) - 52 Rhodes, Riccio,John( l0) - 44 (9)- 44 Rice.Kathleen R'ce,Mark ( I0) - 44 Ric e.M ar y ( 12)- I 53 . 1 6 8 Rice.Susan( l0) - 4,1 ( I l) 1 0 . 5 6 . 6 6 Ric ha. dsRobin . Richardson. Michael(12) 178 Ric hm ond. Sc ot t( ll) - 3 8 Riddle,Shar on( l I ) - 1 7 . 1 3 4 Ellen(l l) - 55,127 Rieselback. Riley.Thomas(9)- 57 (9)- 20,57.123 Ring.Candice Ring.Kim ber ly( 12)- 7 , 3 5 . 1 2 9 ,1 4 5 , 168 Ritchie,Renee(9)- I23 Rit c hie,Robin( 10)- 4 4 Rir c hie. s c olt( 12)- 5 9 , 9 8 .I 6 8 Rilt er .Sus an( 12)- ll l . 1 6 8 | Rivers.Patricia(9)- 44 Robar ge, J ean( 12)- 1 6 9 Rober t sCher . aly (n1 2 ) - 1 2 9 .1 6 9 Roberts, Jeffrey(l l) - 42,94 ( l2) - 1 9 . 4 2 . 9 41. 0 7 . Rober t sSt , ev en r 69 s 0)- 4 2 Quam,Dou gla(1 ( 1 0 )- 3 9 , 9 2 .I l 0 Robins on. Reginald Quigley.Brenda(9)- 42 RoeberM , at ie( 10)- 5 7 .I I l . 1 3 2 .I l 8 Quigley.Dxwn(10)- 42 Rogers.Perry(9)- 48 Quinn .Ke vin(9) 25 ,42 Rogers.Susan(12)- 169 Quin n.Muu ree n(9)-,1 2.102,l2l Margaret( I0) - 44 Rohe.ty, Mich ae l(12 ) 9, 107, I 68. 184 Quin n. Rohr,Roberr(Jeff)(l2) - 48.94.169 Robre..Jon( l0) - 44. 129,139 Radl.Mary (9)- 20.38 Romig.Karl ( l0) - 58 Ram irez, Palty- l2 l,ll8 Rooney.Nancy(l l) - 42 (9 ) Ram os,Gle nn - 58 .I l6 Ros e,Roger( 12) -94 , I 1 2 , 1 6 9 R amos,Mich ae l(10 )58 Dav€- I78 Rosenthal, Ramuez,Patty- 52 Ros sG . inny( l l) - 55 , 1 0 0 Randall,Beth(9)- 48 Ross.Laurie(l l) - 4l Rand al1Dan . iel(10 )-53 Ross€r. Diane(9)- 55 R an da ll,Peg gy(l I)- 4 8. 102.132 Rosser, Susan(12)- 169 R an da ll.Sha ron(9)- 53 , 102.ll6 Rossmiller, Daniel( l2) - 48.96. I07. R an d all.Susan(1 0)- 4 2 128,136.169 Ranquettc, Laurel(9) 48. 102 Rot h.J ane( 12)- 169 R ap kin,David(10 ) 48 . 124 Virginia(12)- 9. 34, 168 Runey,Sandra( l0) - 44 Rasmussen. Rusch,Richard(10)- 48. l3l Rastas, Carolyn(10)' 18. l0l Rus c h,Rober l( 12)- 4 8 , 9 4 ,1 2 4 ,1 6 9 Rasras, John(9)- 42 Rr.tssell, Leah(l l) - 52 Rausch, Pau l(9)-48 , lll Ry an,Rob€r t( I 2) - 1 3 9 ,1 6 9 Rayne,Brenl- 47 Ryan,Teresa( I I) - 44,56,103.105. Rayne,Todd(12)- 168 r 2l Rayne,Tyler( l0) - 47 Rynes,Roderick(9)- 93. I I I Rebholz, Cindy- l2l Rebholz. Dave- 57 (9) - 57 Redding, Douglas Sahagian, Gary( l0) - 52. 124 (12\- 52,l5'7, Reed,Colleen(9)- 55 Sahagian, Rosemary Reed,Ellen- 127 r 69 Ke nt(l l)- 41 .51.124 P e! e.s. P elersonDeb . ra(12 )- 128.167 P elerso n. Ju lie(l I ) 5 2 (9)' 4 8 P etersonPhilip . (9) '43. 82 R€becca Peterson. (ll) - 52 Steven P elerso n. Thomas(l I ) - 48.9,1 Pelerson. Petran]i. Mark ( l0) - .18 P €trill,r. Ma.! ( ll)- ll. 167 Petzold. Clnthia( l2) - 34.76. 132. 152 .16 7 Pelzold.Robin( l0) -,18 P eu raD.rn . a(12 )- l2u . 167 P ha ro Micha . el(ll) 5 9 (12 ) 167 P hillip s. Je an ne Pi.rzza. Margarel(12)' 18, 167 Piazz.r. Nancy( l0) ' 38 P icon e. Th oma s( l2)- 43. 167.187 Pierstorff. Robert(l I ) 43 P ike.Jod y(ll)',1 8 P oasl.Dua ne(1 2)- 1 67 P ointer. Ja ck(12 )- 19 .50,94, 107. 120 ,ll8, 16 7 P ointe r, To dd(1 0),5 0.92, l3l P ois Hea . lh(9)'5 2. 97 Polidora,Ligeia( l0) - 59 Pope.Lianne( l0) - 58 P ope.Susan ne {9)- 41 . 123 Po(er.Cheryl(9)- 52 (12) 53. 167 Porrer.CregorrP o.te ..Ja mes(11 )-98 P olter,MaryJa ne( I I ) - 7, 21,90.91. l] 2 Potls,Terry(12)- 167 P rakash. Ne eli(1 0)- 57 . 130 P rice.Joh n(9)- 56 (12 )-42, 168 Th eo do re P rie b e, P robst.David(9)- 52 Debra(9)- 43 Prohaska, Pullara, 4.1 Pulver.Jodi( l0) - 56 William(9)- l8 Pulvermacher. 168 Purcell,M arilyn( l2) - 16.1. P urce ll,Rich ard(l 1 )- 96. I l0


Sanborn, Stuarl(9)- 48 Sanchez, Bruce( l0) - 52.82 San!uilli, James(9)- 42 Sanyer.Osman(l l) - 60.96, l18 Saries. Nancy(10)-48 Sasser, Jeffrey( l0) - 52 Saupe.Becky( l0) - 60 S a x eD . a v i d( l l ) - 5 7 Saxe.Kim (9)- 57 Saxer,Nancy(12)- 169,l9l Schaaf, Red- 56 S c h a n €JI ,a m e s( l l ) - 9 4 Schaeffer, Lisa( l0) - 57,9l Schaller, Joan( l0) - 57 Schaller, Julie( l0) - 57,44,135 Schara, Scott(9)- 51,93 Scheibe, Roberl( l0) - 52, 138 Scherrnerhorn, Jill ( l2) - 52,169 Schiltz,Gregory(9) - 42 Schlecht. Arny(9), 102,I 16,l2l Schlimg€n. Michael(I I ) - 55 Schlimgeo. Nancy(9)' 55 Schlotthauer. Robert(l l) - 52 Schlotthauer, william (12)- 52,169 Schmeichen. Paul- 93 S c h m i d tJ,a n e( l l ) - 5 0 , 5 1 ,l 0 l Schmidt,Janel(9)- 42 Schmidt.Lo.i ( l0) - 5l S c h m i d !M . a r y( 1 2 ) , l 0 l . l 2 l . 1 6 9 Schmiechen. Paul(9)- 40 Schmitl,Barbara(12)- 170 Schmitl.Paul( l0) - 92 Schmitz,Mark (12)- 170 Schneide.. Cindy( l0) - 48 Schneide.. James(9)- 16.l8 Schneide.. Judith(I l) - 48 Schoenbeck. Thomas( l0) - 59 Schorr,Leslie( l0) - 7. 39 S c h o r rT, h o m a s( l l ) - 3 9 , l l 0 Schroede.. Dawn(10)- 57 Schuckir. Robert( ) - 39, 124 Schueli, Magda( l2) - 23,53. I49, I70 Schuler, Jeffrey(9)- 53 Schuler. Roberl(l l) - 53 Schuhz, John(9) - 52 Schumann, Nicki ( l2) - 56.l,70,l'72 S c h u t zE. l i z a b e t(hl l ) - 5 3 Schwaiger. Karen( l2) - 30. I37, 170 Schwaiger, Neil (l l) - 24 Schwoegl€r, Terry( l0) - 58. I14 S c o l t , J a y( l l ) - 3 9 Scott.Lynn(9)- 19 Laurie- 5l Scuonne, ( l0) - 38 Seekins, Jeannie Seely.Lori (10)- 38 (9)- 54 S€iverd, Cassandra Sell.Betsy- 48 Sellers, Gay(9)- 58 S e l l e r sK, i m ( l l ) - 4 1 , 1 2 8 .l 5 l , 1 7 8 Sequei.a, Marta(12)- 14, 129,137.


Sequeira. Robe.t( l0) - 96 Sergenian, Jeffrey(9)- 45,93 Kathryn(9)- 7,91. 102 Sergenian, Sergenian, Kevin(9)- 42 Laura(l l) - 45 Sergenian. Sergenian, Roberl(10)- 16,45,120 Serginian, John( l0) - 92 S e t l e r h o l mK,i r s t e n( l l ) - 1 7 8 Seltler.Andy( l0) - I l9 S e t t yS , w a r n aL a t a( l l ) - 4 7 Severson. Janine(12) - 170 (9)- 51,I I I Seybold. Steven S h a r pJ, a n i n e ( 1 2 )1- 7 0 (9)- 55, l0l, I l6 Sharratt.Elizabeth Tanya(9)- l0l Shatrawka.

(l l) - 40 Shaw,Kathleen Sheaff,Christina(10)-27. ll5 Sheaff,Mark ( l2) - 178 Sherven, Tarry(l2) - 170 Shields, Bill- 40,92,120 S h i p m a nD, o n( 1 2 ) -5 8 ,9 4 ,I t0 , 1 7 0 Shirvinski. Steve(l l) - 47 Shively, John( l0) - 55,92 Shoener, (12)- 170 Steven Shoener, Sleven(12)- l?0 S h o m b e r gJ ,effe r y( l l ) - 9 6 . l l 0 Shtago,Kirnberly( l2) - 44, 170 S h u d y , J a n in e ( l l ) - 4 4 S h u l l aK , im - l7l, 185 Shultz,Linda(9)- 55 Shultz,Mary (12)- 100,l7l Shutter,Erica( l2) - l7l, 188 S h u t t e rK, a n e ( 1 0 ) 2 - 5 .4 7 9 .2 Siedband, Eric( l0) - 57,136,I l8 Sievert. Jenniier(l l) - 26 Sievert, Todd(12)- l7l, 173 Silver.Cynthia( l2) - l7l Sime.Jeffrey(l l) - 39,96,133 Sime.Lianne(9)- 39 S i n g l e rD, o n n a( l l ) - 4 8 ,9 1 ,l l 5 Siverlson, Helen( l0) - 59,I37 Six.Sara( l0) - 5l Skewis,Miriam(9)- 48 Skille,Lee(l l) - 59,94.I l2 Skille,Michael(9)- 59 S k o l a s k iM . a rk ( l l ) - 5 5 Skolaski,Paul( l0) 27,55 Slagg,Barbara(9)-41 Sloan,Kenneth(9)- 52 Srnidebush, Mark ( l2) - 43. I07, l7l. 187 S n i t h ,J e n n i fe(r1 2 ) - I0 l ,l 7 l S m i t h ,J u l i e( 9)- 5 9 ,l l 6 S m i t h ,L i n d a( l 2 ) - l 7 l S m i t h ,L o r i ( 9 )- 5 l ( 1 2 ) -I6 9 . 1 7 2 S m i t h ,T e r e s a Smock,Linda( I0) - 58 Sommers, Dana(9)- 53 Sorge,Kevin(l l) - 39,52 Spaith,Mark (9)- 53,99 Spalola,Debra(9)- 53 Spe€rschneider. Julie( l0) - 52 Sp€ncer, Jon( l0) - 44,92 Spencer, Julie( l2) - 172 Sp€ncer, Mark (l l) - 57,94 Spoerle. Kathy(9)- 5l Spray,Ronald(9)- 53 Sprecher, Jill (12)- 58. 127.172 Sp.echer, Marjorie(9)- 5l Sprecher, Pamela(12)- 153,172 Spurley, Thomas(9)- I I I Stafford,Colleen(l l) - 57.102,I2l Stafford,Randy(10)- 57,96,I l6 Stafford,Richard(9)- 57,97.I l6 Stairs,Kevin(12)- 34,59,94.172 ( l2) - 172 Stam,Kathleen Stanley, Sandy- Il5 Stanley, Timothy(l l) - 47,61,94,l2O S t a r k ,R a n d a l(l l 2 ) - 1 5 ,4 8 ,1 0 7 ,l 3 l , t58,172 Sratz,Julie( t2) - 50,79.172 Statz,Kurl (l l) - 129 Statz.Teresa( l0) - 50. I l0 Stauffe,Richard- 44 Stauffer,Richard(12)- I16. 128.130, I 3 6 ,l 3 7 , 1 72 .1 8 8 Stauffer,Ron( l0) - 46,96 Steele, Karen(9)- l0l Stein,AIlen- 178 Steinbach, James(9)- 51,9l Steindl,Betsy(l2) - 129,150,172

Zach. Laura (12) - 177 webster.Joyce( i0) - 8l Zach. P eter(10) - 5,1.92 w e b s l e . .L a u r a( 1 0 )- 5 1 .l 0 l Zahn.Jul i e(l l ) 47 w e b s l e rP . a u l ( 1 2 ) -1 7 8 Zahn. Laura (9) ,{7 Wc g n e rJ, a n e{9 ) - 1 8 , 1 0 3 .1 2 3 Zai man. B arb ( l 0) 47. l 2l We i l a n dK. a l h l e e (n1 2 ) - 1 7 6 We i s sM , i c h a e(l 1 2 ) -6 . 9 , 1 4 .5 2 .9 4 . Zai man, C l ar€ ( l 2) 6. 17. l l 0. l l l . t11 9 5 . l 3 l , l l 3 . 1 7 6 .1 8 8 Zel di n. E .i c (l :)' 17 8 (9) 5l Welch.Douglas Zenor. K a.en (9)- 38 We l c h M . i c h a e l ( l l )- 5 l Zenor. R amona (l l )' ,17 We l k e .K u r t ( l 2 ) 3 8 . 1 7 6 Wencel,Bruce(12)- 21.16.18. I:15. Zernl uehl en.C eorge(9) - 55 Zi l a!y..l ohn (9)- 57 r 7 6 ,1 8 7 We n c e lS. a l l y( 1 2 ) -5 5 . l 0 l , 1 7 6 Zi mmerman, James(9) - i 5 We n d l a n dM, a r c i ( l l ) - 5 1 .1 0 2 Zol adz. S usan(9) - 5 6 We n d l a n dM. a r k ( 1 0 ) '5 3 zurz.P aulli0)-92 ,r . l5 Zw .rska.A nn 55. 8 l Werla.He.berl(9)- l9 Zw ci f€1,Jcan (R cne )(12) .19.177 Wh i t e .B r a d l e (r l l ) - , 1 8 Wh i t e .K i m b e r l y( 1 2 ) 6 0 . 1 7 6 White,Samuel(9)- 50. I I I Wh i t e ,T i m o t h y( 1 2 )- 3 8 . 1 7 8 whitesel.Wade(9)- 54 wiese.Glenda(9) 40 Wiesl.Sheila(9)- 5,1 wila, Scott- 55 Wi l k i n s o nK. a l h e r i n (el 2 ) - I 7 6 wilkinson.Michael( l0) - 54.71.92 w i l l a d s e nD. a r r e (l 1 2 )- 1 7 6 Willcfl.Jason( l2) - 96. 176 Wi l l i a m sJ. e f f r e y( 1 2 ) 3 8 . I 2 8 . 1 7 6 Wi l l i a m sM . a l e a( 1 2 )' 5 4 .l l 0 . l 3 l . ( 9) - 57, I I I Ullm an.St ev en 116 Uls r ud.Cy nlhia( l l) - 53 , 1 3 9 w i l l i a m s .R o n a l d( l l ) - 5 5 Under k of lerCy . nlhia( ll ) 1 9 . 5 3 williams.Scoll(9)- 54.93 J oy ( 9)- 57, 9 1 .l 2 l Unv er z agl. w i l l i a m s o nA , l l a ( 9 )- 5 0 .l 0 l . I l 5 ( 12)- 17 5 Us herJ, ennif er w i l l i a m s o nA . n l y ( 1 0 )- 5 0 .l 0 l w i l l i s . K i . k ( 9 ) '3 8 Vaccaro,Malthew(9) - 53 wilson.Bruce(9) 50.99 Linda( 1 1 ) -5 3 .l l 8 Vanwoelder en, Vastola,Anthony(Paul)( l0) ' 50. 124 Wi l s o n .D a n( l l ) - 2 1 . 5 5 w i n e r .S h a r i( 1 0 ) -5 5 Vertz,Karen( l2) - 58. 129.137,lt5 w i n g . T i m o t h yl l 0 ) - l l 0 Vidlock,Robert( l0) - l8 Wi n s l o nG , illi!m(9)' l9 Vigen.Kim ( 12) - 175 Wi n t e r .L u u r i e( 9 ) - , 1 01. 0 2 .1 1 6 Vivier,Robert( l0) 92 Wi r l h ,T e r r i e( I l ) - 5 0 .l 0 l Voegelin, Linda(9)- 5l (9)- l8 Wise.Gr€gor)Vog€lsang. Margarel(l l) 5l w i s k o w .A l t h e ( 1 2 \ - 5 4 .l l l . l ? 6 Volk m an.Rober (t l2) ' 2 3 .5 8 . 1 0 7 . Bruce(1 2)- 2 1,55.197. T ackowia k. wilek. Edward(12) - ,12.87. 176 166.175.185 173 w o i r . P a u l( r 2 ) - . 1 5 9 . 8 . 1 5 8 .1 7 6 .l 8 , l ( l 2 ) 1 7 8 Von M er t enheim Kur . t Tackowiak. Edith(9)- 55.I l5 Wojtal.J udr'( I l) - 50 Tallard,Chris( I l) ' 55.64, 100.105. (9)- 50 Wojtal.Kathleen ( l0) - 42 wagener.Charles l2l wolbergA . n n ( 1 2 )- 1 9 . l l 0 . 1 7 7 .1 8 5 . . is{ I l) - 2 1 .I 1 . 5 3 .7 5 . T allardM , a ry(Mimi)(9 ) 5 5. 91.I 15. waggenerChr 186 132,135 123 Wolberg.Peter(10)- .19 Waggener. Wade(9) il Tallard.Susan(12)- 55.100.105.l2l. Wo l t e r .R o n a l d( 1 0 )- l 9 W.rggone.. Kevin(9)- 31.44.I I I 129,I7l Wo l t e . .S h e r y(l l : ) - . 1 9 .1 7 7 waggone.M . ar k ( l 1)- 4 4 . I l 9 T aylor,Cla ud eIII (1 2)- 1 27.l7l ( l l ) - 9 . 11 . 77 w o n n .S t e v e n W agnerBev . ( 12)- I 75 Taylor.Cynthia(10) 127 Wo o d . D a v i d ( l l ) - 4 2 waldbillig.Ann ( 9) - 52 .1 3 6 Taylor.Deb.a(9)- 57 w o o d w a r dS . a l l y( l l ) - 1 6 5 waldbillig.Willi.rm{ I I ) - 55 Taylor,Lisa(9)- 44.67,138 w o r e l .G r i l ( 1 2 ) 1 7 7 waldo. Susan( l0) -.{2 Taylor,Patrick(9)- 55 w o r l . N e i l( l l ) . 1 9 walter.Ron- 98 (12 )- I27 .l 7l T aylor,Ste ph en w r i g h t .C h r i s t i e i l 2 ) - 6 0 .1 7 7 walters.Robert(9)- 54 T aylor,Tho mas(ll) - 55 .94 w r i g h r .D e b o r a (hl l ) - 1 7 7 ( william 5 4 . walt er s . l2) 175 Teela, Sleve(9)- 52 w) nn.Hilhr) .19 w.rtd, Kalhy( l l) - 14.,1,{ Tews.Ann€(9)- 51 W.rrfield.Cindy(l l) - 44 Iews.Robert(12)- 174 Yarish.Terruncc(9)- 57 W rren,Sara(9)- 52 Tirnothy(l l) - 94, I l6 Theissen. Y u l e sw . i l l i a m ( l : ) t i ,9 0 . 1 7 7,Treiva(12) 175 Todd ( l0) - 59.92 Theissen, Y d c .M a r k ( l l ) 5 7 W as s er bur ger Lor , i ( l l) 1 8 . l l 5 , l 2 l (12)- 58. 174 Tholo.Douglas Ydc.Paul(9) 57. I I I Walers.Heather(9)- 52 Tholo.G.egory(9) 58 YeLuel. Susan(9)' 55 ( wals on. I l) : 1 . 5 l (9) Kr is t en 52. I l6 Linda Thompson, Y o d e r .L i s a ( l l ) '5 4 W at s on,M ar k ( ll) - 55 Mark (9)- 51,99 Thompson, Young.Thonra\(9)- a-l Te T homp son . r.i(12 )- 12 .17,53. 132. wat s on,Tim olhy( 12)- 5 1 . I 2 0 .1 7 5 . Y o u n g Wa . l n e( l l ) - 1 7 7 187.t 88 133,1 7 4,t86 Youngs. Deborrh(9)- 55 (9) 99 (12 ) W.rtlers. D,rniel 129, 24 . 51. T homp toRoxan . ne webb,Ar lhur( 12)- 17 5 t14 Z r b i t . F i l h {l l ) '9 0 . 9 1 . I i 5 . 1 7 7 webb.Cr iig ( 9) - 12,39 . I I I Tborstenson, Roberl{9) - 16.44 Z a c h .K a r e n( l l ) - l l . 5 l . l 0 l W ebb.Ric har d( ll) - l1 5 Terri(9)- 5l Throndson, Z r c h . K a t h e( 1 0 )- l 0 l ( ll) l l 0 . 1 7 6 (9)weber . Sc olt ll6. 5l Thurrell,Malin

Debora(9)- 55.102,l2l Steindl, Randall(10)-44, I l9 Steinhauer. George(l l) - 53 Steinmetz, Linda(12)- 172 Slellmacher. Patricia(10)- 44, 102. Stellmacher, 105 Slern,Barb(10)- 44.52.102 Sle.n,Gary(12)- 94,95. I 12.159, 172,18 4 turb (l l) - l,l Slevens, Sue(Souix)(12)- 6. 19.I I5, Stevens, 134,I 73 (l I ) - 54,87 Douglas Steward, Srirh,Karla(12)-54 Steve- 48 Stoeher, William(9)- 59.70,99 Stoeh., David(9)-42, I l6 Slone, Nan cy(ll) - 43 S t one, Stormer,Rebecca(9) 52 Michael(9)- 5l Slrassman. Cynlhia(12)- 173 Streich, Linda(l l) - 44 Stfeich, Srrong,Linda(9) - 58 Holly( l0) - 55 Srrope, (12)- 173 Catherine Srroschein. Diane(9)- 52 Stroschein, ( l0) - 58 Strub,Douglas Stucki,Nancy( l2) - 173 58 Catherine(10)Stumpf, Sullivan, Margaret( 10)- 51, I l5 Sund.Richard(12)- 173 Dana(9)- 93. I I I Sundby. (l l) - 42 Steven Sundel, Glen(9)- 43 Sundstrom. Suler,Michael(9)- 43 Sultie, Joan( l0) - 50 Christopher(12) - 47, 173 Svec, (12 )- 17 3 S veum,Jill (l l) - 60 Jonathan Sweet, Julie( 10)- 38 Swoboda. Jane(12)- l7l Sylvester. David(9)- 48 Szuchan. Lynn(10)-48 Szuchan,

Tinglum.B.itt (9)' 59 TinglumKir . s t en( l I ) - 7, l l 0 , 1 3 7 Tit us .Kr is t i( 12) -174 Todd,Tracy(9)- 52.82 Tomlinson. Carolyn(9)'43 Tomlinson. Mark (12)- 10.l,l, 94,95, 174 Torke,Linda(9) 56 Torke.Mark (9)- 44 Toussaint, Kathryn(l I ) - 58 Towell.Bill (i0) 42.96 Towell,J ean( l2) - 41,90 ,9 1 , 1 2 9 .I l 7 . 174 Traxler,Starc(9) 57 Tredinnick. William( l2) - 58, 174 Tresler,Terry(10) 19,54.92 Tr elhewayE. . ik ( 12) 53 ,l l 0 , 1 7 4 Thomas(l2)- 5.1.I10, 174 Tretheway, Troia,Donald( I0) - 42.92. 120 T.oia,Leisa(12)- 174 Tr oia,Les lie( ll) - 58 Tr oller Thom , as( l2) - 8. 1 3 . 9 0 .I 1 6 . I 38, 158.175 Turgeson. John( l2) - 18.51. 178 Tvedten. Kerry(9)- 9l Tv edt en. Kev in( 12)- 17 5 Ty b. ing,W illiam( l2) - 5 3 . 1 3 2 .l 7 5 , 186


-*, a: t .,|

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'3 r, '-( 1



James Madison Memorial High School, Class of 1974 Yearbook


James Madison Memorial High School, Class of 1974 Yearbook