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Cultures of Four Countries Author: Jihan Khalaf

Colonialism: ● New territories of Spain extended through most of central America and the U.S. ● Colonial period lasted for 300 years (1521-1810). ● Aztecs and Mayans were the only people who lived in Mexico. ● Mexico was then known as New Spain . ● The Spaniards ( native or people of spain) took over the territory with high civilizations. ● Independence from spain was proclaimed in 1810 and achieved in 1821 by a treaty called: Cordoba ● The Treaty of Cordoba helped establish Mexican Independence. Cultures: ● Culture has changed rapidly during the 19th and 20th centuries. ● Mexico was known for Folk Art. ● Folk Art has largely influenced European traditions. ● There are 3 main groups of people: European/Spanish, Native Americans, Mixed European/Spanish Native American ● Mexicans eat a variety of spicy foods as their tradition. Fruits and vegetables were also important. ● Soccer is the most popular sport ● They celebrate Cinco de Mayo and the Day of the Dead. ● The Cancun is Mexico’s most popular destination for tourists because of it’s history and beautiful cities.


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Economy in Mexico is the 13th largest in the World. (late 1990s) Majority of the population has been part of the Middle class which is growing. (2004 - 2008) Population has been rising, poverty has also been rising from (2006 2010). The gap between rich and poor in Mexico is widening across most developing economies. Mexico mostly does manufacturing. (late 1960s) Manufacturing grew rapidly. Mexico is getting help from the U.S on Manufacturing goods.

Life Today: ● People have to find adequate schools in Mexico. ● There is no lack of private schools, but the number of bilingual schools is limited. ● Mexico has a comprehensive legal immigration policy which affects Mexicans and foreign nationals. ● Changes in the law of immigration was announced on May 2011 and changes came into force in November 2012.

Central America & The Caribbean

Colonialism in Central America: ● Central America is made of the seven independent nations which are: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. ● Central America was one of the Areas in the Americas controlled under the spanish and portuguese. ● Provinces in Central America were ruled by a small amount of governors or mayors Colonialism in the Caribbean ● The caribbean is the most diverse region in the world. ● It has small geographic space. ● The Caribbean was important during World war 2 in undoing of colonialism. ● Rivalries made a contested area during European wars.

Culture in Central America and Caribbean: ● Latin Music is popular ● Traditions are mostly based on the heritage of the maya. ● ‘Basketball is a popular sport in the Central America

Economy in Central America and Caribbean: ● Central America has lots of Agriculture ● The population of Central America and Caribbean is:197,385,196. ● The most population distribution is: population 15-64 years old.

Spanish Speaking South America Spanish Conquest and Rule: ● ● ●

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Cultures of Four Countries  
Cultures of Four Countries  

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