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Colonialism: ● New territories of Spain extended through most of central America and the U.S. ● Colonial period lasted for 300 years (1521-1810). ● Aztecs and Mayans were the only people who lived in Mexico. ● Mexico was then known as New Spain . ● The Spaniards ( native or people of spain) took over the territory with high civilizations. ● Independence from spain was proclaimed in 1810 and achieved in 1821 by a treaty called: Cordoba ● The Treaty of Cordoba helped establish Mexican Independence. Cultures: ● Culture has changed rapidly during the 19th and 20th centuries. ● Mexico was known for Folk Art. ● Folk Art has largely influenced European traditions. ● There are 3 main groups of people: European/Spanish, Native Americans, Mixed European/Spanish Native American ● Mexicans eat a variety of spicy foods as their tradition. Fruits and vegetables were also important. ● Soccer is the most popular sport ● They celebrate Cinco de Mayo and the Day of the Dead. ● The Cancun is Mexico’s most popular destination for tourists because of it’s history and beautiful cities.

Economy: ● Economy in Mexico is the 13th largest in the World. ● (late 1990s) Majority of the population has been part of the Middle class which is growing. ● (2004 - 2008) Population has been rising, poverty has also been rising from (2006 2010). ● The gap between rich and poor in Mexico is widening across most developing economies. ● Mexico mostly does manufacturing. ● (late 1960s) Manufacturing grew rapidly. ● Mexico is getting help from the U.S on Manufacturing goods.

Life Today: ● People have to find adequate schools in Mexico. ● There is no lack of private schools, but the number of bilingual schools is limited. ● Mexico has a comprehensive legal immigration policy which affects Mexicans and foreign nationals. ● Changes in the law of immigration was announced on May 2011 and changes came into force in November 2012.

Central America & The Caribbean

Colonialism in Central America: ● Central America is made of the seven independent nations which are: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. ● Central America was one of the Areas in the Americas controlled under the spanish and portuguese. ● Provinces in Central America were ruled by a small amount of governors or mayors Colonialism in the Caribbean ● The caribbean is the most diverse region in the world. ● It has small geographic space. ● The Caribbean was important during World war 2 in undoing of colonialism. ● Rivalries made a contested area during European wars.

Culture in Central America and Caribbean: ● Latin Music is popular ● Traditions are mostly based on the heritage of the maya ● ‘Basketball is a popular sport in the Central America

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