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Smoking is a highly addictive habit that causes so many health problems and is responsible for millions of deaths each year worldwide. Yet, so many people still find it so hard to quit the habit and start increasing their life expectancy considerably. The health benefits of quitting smoking are huge, both short and long term. Smokers tend to ignore the health benefits of giving up, or choose not to listen when being told. This is a common trait of an addiction held by a person, the denial factors will be their reasoning their continuation of a deadly habit. But the fact is that when somebody does decide to try and quit smoking, the body will start the healing process almost immediately: - Within 8 hours the carbon monoxide levels in their body will drop and the oxygen levels in their blood will increase. - Within 48 hours their sense of smell and taste will improve considerably and the chances of having a heart attack start to decrease. - After 72 hours breathing becomes much easier and the lung capacity increases. Of course the body will continue to heal and the health of a person will increase dramatically the longer they can avoid smoking. Once the initially phase of denying the body the nicotine is craving can be passed, then the process starts to become easier. It is always beneficial for somebody attempting to stop smoking to write down the health benefits of quitting smoking and read them on a daily basis so it starts to sink into their mind set of what they can actually achieve if they can accomplish their goal. Here are some of the main benefits that somebody who quits can expect: - A higher level of fitness will become apparent and those stair climbs and walks that used to make them short of breath will become a lot easier. - No more smelly breath through smoking, or clothes that stink. The house will also smell a lot fresher. - A reduction in serious diseases such as Emphysema, Bronchitis, Heart disease, Cardiovascular disease, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and Cancer to name a few. - The health of a child whose parents stop smoking will increase. - A birth of a healthy baby from a pregnant mother that quits. - Fewer common colds and bout's of flu or tonsillitis. - Financial gain due to the money saved from buying cigarettes. - Impotency. - Improved skin, less wrinkles and more coloration.

- A better feeling within themselves, less tired and lethargic all the time. These are just a few, the list goes on. But these are some that could be written down and looked at every day to help create a sense of reality in a person's mind. The health benefits of quitting smoking add up to so much, it is just a matter of changing the mind set of those that really want to give up so they start to appreciate what it will do for them.

Just the thought of giving up smoking is enough to scare many people away from even attempting it. It seems like such a difficult task for some to attempt on their own or without the help of somebody else. Fortunately there are excellent programs available for helping people in this situation. One such program is called Quit Smoking Today. It is a proven method that has helped thousands give up, many of whom smoked for most of their lives. It uses a successful form of Psychotherapy that will build you mind set for you to make this an easy and painless process. To read more about the Quit Smoking Today system and to download the program click here: ==>

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==== ==== Dejar De Fumar Definitivamente ==== ====

Dejar De Fumar Definitivamente  

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