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With Windows 7 being one of the newest operating systems on the market, it's no surprise that a lot of people are trying to find a registry cleaner that keeps it working smoothly and quickly.  The only problem is that since this operating system is so new, not many registry cleaners even work on it.... let alone work well. So we've been testing all the most popular registry cleaners to see which one stands out for Windows 7. Because Windows 7 has so many new features and a lot of new technology, it's actually quite difficult for many registry cleaners to optimize it effectively. You see, registry cleaners have all been designed to do the same job... and it all depends on how well they do that job to see which is the best. They have all been designed to clean out a part of your system called the "registry", which is a big database that stores all sorts of personal details and settings for your PC. The registry is a very important part of your computer, but is also one which is extremely vulnerable. Because it contains a lot of important information, Windows is constantly opening and editing 100's of registry files... however, in many cases, Windows gets confused and ends up saving a lot of these files in the wrong way. This makes the files corrupt, making them incredibly difficult to read, slowing your PC down and making it have errors. This is a problem which has plagued Windows since Windows '98, and appears to still be present in Windows 7. To fix this, registry cleaners have been produced to scan through the registry and find all the problems that are lurking in there. They work by scanning every registry file and then fixing any of the problematic ones that they might find, which means that in order to have the best cleaner, you need to have one which is going to be able to find and fix the most damaged registry files on your PC... and because Windows 7 is so new, not many cleaners can do that yet. Luckily, there's a cleaner out there which works extremely well on Windows 7. Having tested all the most popular cleaners, we found that this one works very well on the operating system, finding more errors than the other cleaners did. RegAce is one of the latest registry cleaners on the market, having only been released in early 2009... however, it's already become one of the most popular with 100's of downloads a day. Because it's so new, it has several advanced features which allow it to work smoothly on even the latest system. These features include an advanced scanning engine (which finds and fixes the most problems on your PC) and a complete backup facility (which protects your PC from any damage). 

From our experience, the best Windows 7 registry cleaner is a tool called RegAce

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==== ==== Best Registry Cleaner - Fix Windows Errors ==== ====

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