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One of the things my members tell me is that they struggle to fit fitness into their lifestyle or stick to a fitness program. What they are looking for is an efficient fitness program that is easy to fit into their lifestyle and above all effective. So I made it my mission to find a solution and I found it. Scott Tousignant is often called the "Ten Minute Man" as he has devised an effective program of working out in 10 minute blocks. In fact with only 20 minutes a day you can effectively burn fat and have a lean muscle building program that builds nice lean muscle, you can even develop six pack abs, if that's your heart's desire. The great thing is that Scott understands the challenges of managing your fitness routine into a busy lifestyle, staying motivated and creating the healthy body you desire. He has been into health and fitness for most of his life from working out in his parent's basement at the age of 14 until now. One of his goals at that age was to own his own health club. He studied the sciences at High School and graduated from the University of Windsor, with a Bachelor in Human Kinetics with an honors degree Movement & Science Kinesiology. After taking some training courses Scott eventually owned his own health club but it wasn't what he had hoped for. Long hours took their toll on Scott's health club dream and it was no longer fun. He had put on 45lbs, had no energy left over for his wife and children, and while he was so busy running his health club he no longer got to work one on one with clients, which was his true passion. Scott chose to sell the business and return to his passion, personal training clients in their homes. During this time he began to experiment and create programs that he used with his clients to get great results as well as creating the program that he used to return to his former fit and lean self. This experience has given Scott the personal experience that allows him to truly understand his client's needs. Around this time Scott realized that he only had so many hours in a day and would be able to share his knowledge and expertise with many more people by creating online programs that people could use in their own homes. Using his expertise in Sports Psychology he developed his Unstoppable Fat Loss Programs which deal with mindset and motivation. His online business now takes up most of his time, and he is able to touch many more people from all over the world as their virtual personal trainer. Scott's only offline personal training clients started with him at the age of 80 years and now at 88 years old are fitter and stronger than ever traveling the world and living a full life. This is certainly something to aspire to. Many of us set ourselves goals or targets to reach our hearts desire, Scott believes that for many of us goals end up representing just another task or more work in our lives, he prefers to define his strongest desires as his mission - something to achieve, something he is passionate about - rather

than a goal, which seems like work to him. There also has to be a big enough why, so rather than counting calories or running 5 miles per day the aim is to be happy with the way one looks and feels, find the passion in your mission. An example of this would be the elation you feel when trying on a piece of clothing that has not been worn for a while and now you find it fits beautifully or is even too loose! This is greater than the effect of seeing the numbers decline on the bathroom scales which doesn't always reflect in your appearance. In order to be "Outrageously Healthy" you have to try to be the best you can be physically, mentally and spiritually. The program came from experimenting to get the right balance. Scott realized that breaking his fitness workout into chunks was the best thing for him to balance his health, happiness and family. It is designed for people who work at home and don't have time for the gym. The Fat Loss Quickie Workout is on YouStream, a password protected site, so members can either do the workouts in realtime or later with the recorded session. Nutrition plays an important part in overall appearance and Scott keeps nuts or fruits at this desk so he can have a healthy snack if he feels hungry. Most people think they are eating a lot healthier than they actually are and should be more honest with themselves, Scott says. Writing down all the foods eaten in a week helps to highlight where improvements can be made. When people are not progressing Scott says that reducing rest periods between sets of exercises or increasing the intensity of the exercise can really help. A big part of living "Outrageously Healthy" is stepping out of the comfort zone and pushing yourself a little harder each time. Scott advises to either cut back or remove alcohol from your life as fat burning, muscle building and alcohol do not mix. The 90/10 rule is a must: Eat and drink healthily for 90% of your time and then the other 10% of things can be the things you consider treats. To encourage first time exercisers Scott recommends finding something you enjoy because you will feel better and are more likely to continue if you're doing what you enjoy. Start out slowly, gradually increasingly the intensity. Mindset is extremely important. Instead of setting a goal go on a mission to be "Outrageously Healthy" and be the best you can be.

You can learn more about Scott Tousignant, one of our Outrageously Healthy Experts, by listening to his recorded interview or by reading the transcript at Lenore Miller is the Creator and Founder of She brings together both tools of the conscious and unconscious mind to help you create the Outrageously Healthy Life you deserve. You can listen to Lenore's expert interviews by becoming a FREE member of, where you will hear authorities speak on everything from fuelling your body and exercising efficiently, to motivation and having a wardrobe that has you feeling fabulous. She also offers you the opportunity to work at an unconscious level by participating in group and individual coaching calls. Lenore is a Keynote Speaker, Result Coach and NLP Practitioner and she holds a Bachelor of Social Science and a Diploma in Relationship counselling.

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