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An optimizer is any software that works with your system to accelerate the speed of your Internet connection. This program works well with broadband Internet connections though it can also be used for local area networks and dial up connections. Though there are certainly commercial optimizer models, you will be more served with a free version, which could be downloaded from the Internet itself. This free software supports all Windows versions and legally distributed for public use. It works by increasing your Internet speed by as much as two hundred percent and is frequently recommended by Internet service providers in areas that have a relatively weak Internet signal. An optimizer is usually classified as an EXE file. This means that the executable file is downloaded directly into your system. However, this software works from your end of the Internet connection. It cannot increase the speed by which your Internet service provider is transmitting its signal. It does this task by removing the chokes installed on Windows, which allow it to get an Internet signal through local area network at low speed and Ethernet. If you are living in area that already has a weak Internet signal, you may not be able to get a signal at all. With the use of an optimizer, you can improve your signal. By downloading the file, you will instantly be able to connect to a previously feeble Internet connection. Such software has allowed people living in weak signal areas to utilize all the bandwidth that their Internet service provider allots to them. It is easy to use and works well with most operating systems. In addition, it does not have to cost you a fortune as you can get it inexpensively. Of course, the final decision is still yours but why settle for advertised free products that perform poorly. A system optimizer works on your personal computer in many ways. Aside from increasing your Internet speed, it can also fix errors in your system by scanning it and making the necessary repair on detected system errors. This leads to an increased PC performance. By cleaning your system, the program also prevents undue crashes from occurring in your system while you are using the Internet. With such tasks done, you can now enjoy faster Internet connection and better system performance. However if you are still not satisfied with these results, you can always remove the program from your system by deleting the executable file. If you noticed that your personal computer is now running at noticeably lower speed than before, it must have system errors in it. These errors could be so numerous that a free scan result might surprise you. Aside from slowing your computer performance, errors can also lower down your privacy protection. You can correct all of these by simply downloading a system optimizer. You can safely remove all system errors together with junk files and application conflicts that your computer may have. If you feel that your system needs upgrading, try a free scan of your system to get an idea of what you are having.

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==== ==== Topoptimizer - Trustable System Optimizer Utilities Suite 2 ==== ====

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