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If you want to develop the knowledge of how to jump higher, then looking for specific training exercise to pinpoint the correct muscle groups within you which help with leaps, can certainly start to make you reach a little higher in the world. Success in any sporting arena means having some advantage over your opponents. Whether that is pure skill, or the ability to run a little faster or jump a little higher, can mean a thin line between success and falling short. Basketball, volleyball, the high jump and football immediately spring to mind when thinking of people jumping to make hoops, clear a bar or catch or reach a ball. If you can just reach that little bit further, then you could make your dreams come true. Knowing how to jump higher comes down to some basic techniques, some exercises to work at which will target the fibres deep within your muscles. Training for jumping is training to develop better explosive velocity from your muscles. Essentially you want to teach them how to react with better speed. The more intense the burst of energy that can be produced for a leap, the further into the air you are likely go. Warming up through jogging and skipping rope are great ways to get the body ready for stretching. These two disciplines especially will add some good general fitness and cardiovascular conditioning to your overall health, as well as providing good training for the muscles that will be worked further in making jumps. Stretching the calf muscles by raising yourself onto your toes and back down repeatedly will start to work on developing speed and strength within them, as well as adding strength to your toes for that little extra push. Squats, jumping exercises and more rope skipping will add much needed flexibility in the ankles, hips and knees. These need to be free and conditioned well in order to make the most of what your muscles are trying to deliver. The simple but disciplined exercises which can deliver extra speed, power and control, will help to improve your jumping techniques

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==== ==== Vertical Jump Training -the Jump Manual ==== ====


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