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I want you to pay close attention here because if you have been struggling to make progress then this article holds the key to massive change if you can recognize it and then take action. But first, do me a favor. I want you to go down to your local gym. If you're not a member then go take a free tour. This is important. You're going to do a little bit of research. I want you to first go and take a look at all of the people who are using cardio equipment. Take a good look at their bodies. Ok, don't stare but take note of the what the body of an average user looks like. Next, I want you to go over to the section where the weights are. Now, what do you see? What does the average body look like? If your gym is anything like mine then you'll notice that the people in the weight lifting section are in significantly better shape then those going through their mindless cardio sessions. But apparently you and I are the only ones who are noticing because year after year it seems as though most people who want to lose fat opt first for cardio equipment and "maybe" add in some half hearted dumbbell curls. See "muscle building fat loss" is something few people experience and this is one of the biggest reasons quick and permanent weight loss continues to be so elusive to people. Now is strength training PROPERLY with intensity a magic pill to fat loss? No. But it's pretty darn close.

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==== ==== Customized Fat Loss ==== ====

Customized Fat Loss