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Link building is an important factor for SEO success. If you want to get your website on first page of Google for profitable keywords and key phrases, you need to build links for your site. Building links means getting other websites or web pages to link back to your website through keywordoptimized anchor texts. In order to see results from link building, the quality of links is very important. If you can get a few high PR sites to provide links back to your website, it will boost your rankings more than getting 100 websites with PR 0 to link back to you. Now, let me share with you a few tips to build links for SEO success: Link building strategy #1: Write quality content. If you write quality content and put them up on your site, you can attract tons of links back to your site. This is because when your content is good or even controversial, you will attract attention. People will share your content around on the Internet by providing links to your site at different forums, blogs and other social platforms. If your content is newsworthy, people will submit your link to social bookmarking sites like Digg, and Reddit. Link building strategy #2: Write and submit articles. Article marketing is a great way to get back links to your site. For each article that you write, you can include your site's URL in the author resource box. Remember to place keywords or key phrases that you wish to optimize as the anchor text of your links to increase relevancy. Then submit your articles to article directories. There are manual article submission services that you can leverage on. Just Google it and you should be able to find some reputable vendors around. Link building strategy #3: Through partnership and collaborations. If you are a sponsor or speaker for an event, do not miss the opportunity to get a link back to your website. These are usually authority websites and getting backlinks from them will definitely help to boost your site's link popularity. Moreover, you should contact your suppliers, affiliates or business associates and see whether it is possible for them to place your website URL on their websites. Link building strategy #4: Submit your website to directories. Directory links are great one-way links. Come up with a few versions of title, description and keywords that best describe your website. Then, submit your website manually to a list of SEO-friendly directories. If you do not have a list of directory, you can always outsource this time-consuming work to the freelances or professionals. If you want success with SEO, remember - always be building links.

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==== ==== Get 1000s Of Quality, 1-way, In-content Links! ==== ====

Get 1000s Of Quality, 1-way, In-content Links