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Life for a struggling online marketer can be brutal. Why is that the people who need to earn money really quickly are the ones least equipped to do so? For that same reason, the person who needs to read this article most urgently is probably the one person who never will. While answers to both the question above and the implied question may elude most of us, the truth is a that most people who can read this article can in fact earn extra money really fast with a little knowledge and the will to put that knowledge into action. There are certainly many ways to earn extra money online and off-line. Most people will never know them all. In this article however, I would like to talk about a quick and easy way to earn extra money fast, no matter how dismal your situation may look. This strategy will require the use of a PayPal account, so you will want to go over to and open an account right away. As well, you will need a Business Account or a Premier Account. This will allow you to receive unlimited amounts of cash into your account. To earn money fast using this strategy, you will now need to find any program online that meets the following criteria. 1. The program must allow you to join as an affiliate, and promote it without having to purchase the program yourself. 2. The program must pay a decent percentage of the profit to you. The higher this commission, the better the program. It is not uncommon to find programs paying 100% commission. 3. The sales page of the program must be really enticing, so that a large percentage of the people who see it will want to buy the product. 4. The cost of the program must be low so that most people can afford to buy it. 5. The program must have wide appeal so that most people who read the sales page will be able to relate right away and express some interest. That may sound like a tall order but let us look a little closer. Did you know that there are quite a lot of programs online these days that offer 100% commission without having to purchase them personally? Yes there are. The good thing is that a number of these programs are of high quality and are really worth the asking price. I have purchased a number of these programs, and in some cases, I went on to make a profit from

them in a very short time. Let's look a little further as well, shall we? The number one thing that most internet users have in common is the fact that they all can use more money. Don't believe me? Next time you talk to your buddies about their online surfing habits, ask them this question. "Would you be interested in earning money from your internet activities?" I will guess that more that 6 out of every 10 will say "yes". So take it for granted that each person who sees your site will want to earn extra cash. Now as for cost, think about this. It is widely believed that people will more quickly spend money that they have in a PayPal account compared to cash from a local bank account or borrowed money from their credit cards. So then, if your prospect has money in PayPal, the decision to buy a $5.00, $7.00, $10, or a $15.00 program will not be so hard to make after all. So the question now remaining is this: Where do you find such a program? Most of these programs are found in the Internet Marketing industry. You will find them surfing through traffic exchanges such as webbizinsider, hitpulse, trafficg, hitsafari,, and many more. Just look for programs that have a Paypal button at the bottom of the page and read the sales copy. Pretty soon you will find several programs that meet the above criteria. Sign-up for this program, get your own promotion link, and then start to promote it using the same traffic exchanges, and free add sites.. You may use, EzineArticles,,, and any free resource you can find to promote the program. None of these advertising sites will cost you money. You will only need to spend productive time to promote your program and watch the money roll in. That my friend, is how you earn extra money fast and without the usual inconvenience of a J.O.B.

Anthony Chambers is an online marketer and expert writer with many articles online. If you found this article useful, Anthony can direct you to a free-to-join program that will pay you 100% commission for every person you sell. Visit him at: Earn Extra Money Fast

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