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It is an absolute myth that women don't like first date sex. Why in the world would any woman who is open to sex on the second or third date not be open to it on the first? The fact is, if she is attracted to you, and you make the right steps to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, she will jump into bed with you at the first opportunity. Still, she won't tell her friends! The 3 Steps To First Date Sex 1) Because of the strong social stigma against sex on the first date, you're going to need to break down the barriers of what a "date" is. Instead of going to a restaurant, or to the movies, or to coffee, or to a night out on the town, you're going to have to pick something a bit more quirky. Take her to a wrestling match, or to a sports game. You may even get away with some dance lessons together. This will also give you the opportunity to get close, and to make her jealous by dancing with the other women! 2) She needs to be horny. Women get horny when they are relaxed and in the company of someone who turns them on. Here is the tough part. You can't act overtly sexual or she'll feel that she's succeeded, and she might "make you wait" if she feels that. The idea is that she'll keep putting sexual connotations out there that you won't fall for, and she'll keep trying harder and harder throughout the date. This will drive her mad! 3) Right, the date has gone well, you're not acting desperate, and she's horny as hell because you haven't been responding "normally" to her sexuality. Now is the time to unleash your animal instinct. You're going to get her alone with you 3. Get her alone with you. This is the hardest step. You can't say "let's go home for sex", but you can say "oh, you should quickly pop into my place so I can show you ". Get her home, offer her a drink, and treat it as though it's the fifth date. Chances are she's turned on like hell because of the uniqueness of the evening, and your constant dodging of sexual advances. She won't even notice that it's the first date!

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==== ==== The Tao Of Badass ==== ====

The Tao Of Badass