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WYD in rio! A short story about WYD

produced by the Department of Pastoral Preparation of the WYD Rio2013 Institute DireCtors: Priest Arnaldo Rodrigues priest Leandro Lenin Story and Screenplay: Gabriel Cruz Drawings and concept art: Sami Souza Graphic Desing: Gabriel Cruz Sami Souza TraNSLations: Bernardo da Costa Maria Cristina Terceros Anika Martin Claudia Giampietro Krysztof orczyk StĂŠphanie Nizery Wyd Rio2013 logo: GustavO Huguenin

Thanks to: Archbishop Orani JoĂŁo Tempesta President of wyd Rio2013 Institute bishop Paulo Cezar Vice-president of wyd Rio2013 Institute bishop Antonio augusto Dias Vice-president of wyd Rio2013 Institute Mons. Joel Portella Executive director of wyd Rio2013 Institute

City of Rio de Janeiro, August 21st 2011, 5h30

Dear friends! You are now about to go home.

Your friends will want to know how you have changed after being in this lovely city with the Pope and with hundreds of thousands of other young people from around the world.

I am pleased now to announce...

....that the next World Youth Day will be held in 2013...





What was all that screaming? At five thirty in the morning on a Sunday?!?

The World Youth Day 2013, dad! The WYD2013 will be in Rio de Janeiro.

WYD! World Youth Day with the Pope...


Vatican, 1984

Saint Peter’s Square

It all started in 1984, when there was the International Jubilee for the Young, with Pope John Paul II.

It was when the youth received, for the first time, the Pilgrim Cross, which would become one of the most important symbols of the WYD.

On the following year, the UN declared 1985 as the International Youth Year.

In March, of that year, there was another international meeting and the Popeinsisted with

the World Youth Day..

Since then, every year, it takes place in the dioceses , on the Palm Sundays, and every 2 or 3 years it happens internationally.

I mean...

And all this noise for that?

I known that seeing the Pope up close seems cool and all... But, is that all?

It’s not just meeting the Pope... It’s taking part on the World Youth Day .

And also meeting young people from all over the world.

Meeting, World Youth Day, all the same.

You’re right, da!

Meeting, is a part of the World Youth Day.It’s the same thing. But it is a meeting that will help on the real youth days.

Son, you’re not making any sense!

We are always searching for the meaning of all thing we do, dad. All of this comes from the desire that we have for happiness, for beauty and for justice.

and there are so many things we do... we study, we play, we work....

but it always seems that something is missing‌

we date...

It’s as if it’s something that goes beyond all reality, and by everything we do it calls us to seek it.

It’s the Mystery.

By the same way that it called the heart of John and Andrew on that Day…

Behold, the Lamb of God!

Is it really Him?

Let’s follow Him.

That challenge made them both go after Christ.

They needed to know if He was the answer to so many other questions.

What do you want from me?

Master, where do You live?

a simple question, led to something extraordinary.

“Come and see!� on the Meeting with Christ... on the friendship with Christ...

and there the mystery reveals itself... And gives meaning to everything.

I really mean everything... It even gave meaning to our biggest dramas...

...even these days, with the meeting of Christ’s friends:

The Church

WYD - Buenos Aires

Only by welcoming Christ, dead and resurrected, you may reponde to the great and noble yearnings of your heart.

Because he knew the how big is the desire in every heart of our youth, Blessed John Paul II decided to meet them in the World Youth Days

Youth: Christ, the Church and the world await the testimony of your lives, based on the truth that Christ himself revealed.

The Pope thanks your testimony and encourages you to be always witnessesof God's love, sowers of hope and builders of peace.

wyD - Madrid

Friendship with Jesus will also lead you to bear witness to the faith wherever you are.

And Pope Benedict XVI, seeing the beautiful gesture of his predecessor, gives continuality to it, with a lot joy and Faith.

even when it meets with rejection or indifference.

We cannot encounter Christ and not want to make him known to others.


do not keep Christ to yourselves!

Share with others the joy of your faith.

And that’s it!

Now if you excuse me... What are you going to do?

I’m going to get ready for the WYD 2013.

Isn’t only in 2013?

That’s why I’m so happy.

You’re going to help us, aren’t you? Yes dad, it’s olny in 2013. And we have a lot to do in order to get ready.

Well son, we all are, aren’t we? But only us? Do you think it will be possible?

Don’t worry dad. I’m sure we will have the help a great people.

Let’s go then?

A short story about WYD Rio2013  

The XXVIII World Youth Day will be held from 23 to 28 July 2013 in the city of Rio de Janeiro and has as its motto "Go and make disciples of...

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