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Practice Statement: Documentary and music photography are my two areas of specialty. Through progression and experience music photography has excelled, becoming my main area of specialty. My work expresses its form into two sections, commercial work and live music. The commercial work that I produce is staged and used for advertisement purposes for musicians, taking the form of flyers, E.P covers or social media banners. The live music work is produced as documents for musicians and venues. Through live music I have photographed bands including, Johnny Foreigner, Gnarwolves and Woahnows. Capturing the musicians’ music is key to my work, making it unique. I post-edit my images focusing on how the musicians play, how their music is seen and how the music feels. Whilst editing I listen to the music so I can envision how they want their images to be portrayed. My images have been featured in a variety of commercial media, examples include ‘Toast Magazine’ and on various venues social media accounts and websites. I have equally been a tour photographer for musicians Sword In Air and Lennie Hammersley. I would suggest that my work fits within a commercial creative market including magazines, musician advertisements and tour photography.


Photographic Achievements:

Photographic Work Experiences:

Publications: “Have Faith In Me” by James Mitchell, Blurb book, October 24th 2013

I am a confident and experienced photographer from Buckinghamshire. I am currently situated in Sheffield through the duration of my MArt course in Photography at Sheffield Hallam University. My style of work links with documentary and commercial music photography.

Tour photographer for Sword in Air and Lennie Hammersley: Joining Sword in Air and Lennie Hammersley on tour was a great experience. This experience furthered my skills in commercial music photography whilst keeping outstanding time management. The images from this tour featured in both musician’s flyers, social media and advertisement. The images were also used in my publication, “Have Faith In Me”, 2013, which explores the way that musicians act and play in different venues. Photographing various venues and bands: Throughout 2014 I have been photographing a variety of bands and venues in Sheffield, expanding my portfolio. I have photographed in The Harley, Corporation, Red house and The Royal Standard. Equally I have photographed known bands such as; ‘Gnarwolves’, ‘Johnny Foreigner’, ‘Screaming Maldini’ and more. Help A Child Have A Chance, Volunteer event cameraman: This day was an event held by the charity ‘Help a Child have a Chance’, who help children who are impoverished fiscally, physically or educationally, to achieve and further their specialist skills. This event was held as three ‘flash mobs’ throughout Sheffield. My role was to help with the projection of music that the dancers needed, as well as photographing and filming the event for the charity. This was a great experience in event photography and it was great to volunteer for such an outstanding local charity.

Exhibitions: Witness Exhibition – Bank Street Arts (March 2013) “Discover” Book Exhibition – Sheffield Hallam University (November 2013)

Residencies: Tour Photographer for Sword In Air and Lennie Hammersley, June 2013. Press: The Harley Live, Corporation Sheffield and ‘Toast Magazine’

Specialist Skills: Adobe Photoshop Adobe Lightroom Adobe InDesign Adobe Bridge Digital Printing Social Media Microsoft Office Film Processing

References: Andrew Robinson Senior Lecturer in Photography Sheffield Hallam University

James Mitchell Portfolio  

A selection of work from photographer James Mitchell. The work features live music photography and commercial images.

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