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Creative Non-Fiction Tuesday, May 10, 2011 1:09 PM

2004, my first day of school at Dobson Academy. Amused at what I see before me, I seemingly glaze with my glistening brownish eyes at the woman I discreetly love. I‟ve been told that there is no such thing as love at first sight, but in this moment I beg to differ. I just made my acquaintance with her no more than twelve past six. Open house is an event I‟ll remember for the rest of my life due to the fact that

this girl approached and introduced herself to me. The aroma she has on and the sparkle in the mirrors some would call eyes were soon to become my motivation and joy throughout the rest of the day. As I introduce myself I begin to realize my love for girls. Paying close attention to details and personalities I make the observation that she likes me I thought to myself. Coming to this new revelation, I ask all my „new‟ friends at this new school and environment in which I had just transferred into, what the situation is on this girl, blonde-haired angel, I had the luxury of meeting. With my Intel on this „situation‟ the extensive gut wrenching feeling sit in the pit of my stomach. I approach her. Knowing that she likes me the same way I like her. Getting to know her, I eventually come to the conclusion that I have to find out get to the point and ask her who it is that who she likes. Now or Never I thought to myself. A couple silent seconds after I decide to get the courage to approach her. "Hey, Emilee." "Hey" she answered smiling. "I have a question for you." " Ok, what is it?" " Uhh, Who do you like?" Expecting a hesitant answer, I took a moment to think of what to say next. in anticipation. I could see that she was hesitating to answer and almost instinctively blurted out “Me?!” Coming to the realization of my misunderstanding she slowly, but surely explains to me that at the time she currently likes another guy. My heart, shot down. Like Goliath was slung down by the young and mighty warrior David, I wanted to drop and fall to the ground.

About Seven years through my life and am somewhat bashful when it comes to girls. First she was a best friend, and now the love of my life! My mom calls it puppy love, I call it my only weakness. Every opportunity I get I come over to her house. I told my mom how much I

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only weakness. Every opportunity I get I come over to her house. I told my mom how much I liked her and that one day I‟ll kiss her. I feel like it‟s finally time to kiss her. I don‟t know how to do it though. While I‟m here at her house I‟m doing the homework I was told to bring while

her mom and mine study together. Sitting at the dining room table thoroughly browsing through the math book I spilled water on, she comes to sit next to me. Sitting next to me she begins flirting with me saying things like “You look cute” or asking “Do you like me?” At this point my heart starts beating at what it seems like 200 beats per minute, my head fills with blood turning the tip of my ears red and goose bumps consume my body like a swarm

of bees on honey. Hesitantly I begin to answer, yet nothing comes out. Trying to speak more than once I stutter saying “I don‟t just like you, I love you.” Apparently, I didn‟t speak loud enough so she asked me “What‟d you say?” In addition to all the rest of my symptoms of

anxiety the base of my palm calmly warmed up and were sweaty as we joined hands. I try talking once again but struck at the realization of what had just come from my own mouth, nothing came out. “Jordan, tell me what you said!”she exclaims, “I know you said something”. Neither denying nor accepting what I said I take the paper in front of me and write on it the words: „I Love You‟. Looking at what I wrote, we both are somewhat confused as to what will

happen next. “Awwwww, I love you too!” she says as she stares at me. At this moment I‟m looking away pretending to do my homework in front of me. Like a vulture waiting for its dying victim, I feel her eyes staring me up and down. My heart‟s racing again and I have that warm fuzzy feeling that starts at the center of your body and expands to all ends. Keeping my head

straight and trying not to acknowledge her, she smooches me on the cheek. Whether I expected it or not, she gave me the best kiss ever! Why was it the best you ask? Because it was

my first…

3. I‟m 17, been through all the girls, I like to call it the land of milk and honey. There are girls who are sweet like honey and others, like rotten milk; look good on the outside but are bad on the outside.

Through trials and many different varieties I was finally able to come to terms with myself to officially settle down. This girl was the first in my list, the primary option when I woke up in the morning the one who could make a tragic day like a day on the beach. Water mist blowing on my face. Her kiss sweet like I‟ve never tasted before, dad

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after day, one hour a day she was mine and I was hers. People would ask about us, seeing us together each day. We lived at a distance from each other and had never officially been on a date. We had a class

together, where we first met and to this day I‟ll never forget the first time I saw her. Pretty to the eyes like a sunset on the horizon but still real. Our relationship was one that many came to question and envy. Rumors here and rumors there, it was something I was used to but for her, she hadn‟t truly been exposed to. She‟d say things about every other day about someone teasing her about me or how she got certain looks from certain people. I tried to tell her, guess she didn‟t listen about the many people she‟d meet because of me. It had been a while since either of us had been in a relationship or for me, been that close to a girl. Other girls had really lost their flavor; they just didn‟t look as good as she did and that was something I can say I was proud of. With our many complications, we only got to hang out so much. I couldn‟t drive and didn‟t have a car, at best, school was our only option.

Rooted on about a month of getting to know each other, this was the same amount of time we were together. What I thought was meant to be, though it came to an end, it was a new and now comforting experience settling down for the first time.

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