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Is it so important in this age of nuclear threat, AIDS, terrorism, and polyester shirts that magazine covers, buildings, entrances, corporate logos, lipstick ads, or abstract collages be beautiful?

Was it important that Hadyn played beautifully at Prince Esterhazy’s musical soirées for 80 people? That Dürer signed his etchings in much more elegant letterings than is available from all of today’s computer typesetting marvels? That Stradivari treated the w ood of the violins to built for a handful of clients in Cremona in a way that hasn’t been duplicated for centuries?

Yes, the Answer is Yes HENRY WOLF

WELLCOME I think that the most important part of representing ourselves in our portfolio is explaining who we are and why are we doing what we do. This is why i want to start this little piece of myself by introducing me to you. My name is Juan, Juan Walter Millet, Johnny, Watler or as i like to call myself as a designer, WAT. I am a 23 year old boy from Barcelona, the city where i grew up and love.

CV ABOUT ME Well, its always difficult to talk about ourselves but anyway. I think that i can proudly say that i am an excellent worker, and I’m not talking only about being a waiter or any service job, including those, but also because i tend to never fail, whenever i do a commitment despite it’s important or not i make sure i finish what i started.











Another positive aspect about myself may be that I have quite a creative mind. As a designer this have always helped me

WORKING EXPERIENCE One of the most representative aspects about myself is that i have been working since i was 15 years old and i have never stoped. 2012: I was a ground Sailor in Port Adriano, Ocibar 2014: Worked in the Palmaquarium as a clerk 2015-2016-2017: For this period i worked as a writer in Surf House Barcelona, a job that i kepis during my first college year. I would have another job as a waiter in an Uruguayan Restaurant in Mallorca. 2015: Between my job as a waiter and college i managed to organize a downhill skateboard event in the pyrenees for over 110 people. Currently: Working as a designer in Relevance Marketing.

WORKING EXPERIENCE 2007-2011: Educación Secundaria Obligatoria (ESO) In Jesus Maria school. There was also a year when i went to study abroad to Ireland which helped me a to with my english. 2011-2013: I studied the science mention for my Batchillerato in CIC. Also took the first certificate Exam. 2013-2014: Studied for a whole year Biology in the University ob Balearic Islands (UIB). Even thought i loved most of it i ended changing my mind about it. 2015- : Currently studying as a 3rd year student in ELISAVA school of Design. Specialized in Graphic Design.

WORKING EXPERIENCE Languages: I speak catalán and spanish as my native languages and have a First Certificate level (Cambrige)


I think that the most important part of representing ourselves in our portfolio is explaining who we are and why are we doing what we do. This is why i want to start this little piece of myself by introducing me to you. My name is Juan, Juan Walter Millet, Johnny, Watler or as i like to call myself as a designer, WAT. I am a 23 year old boy from Barcelona, the city where i grew up and love. There are plenty aspects of my life that could help me explaining to you who am I but i think that the most representative ones are the fact that i skate and have been doing it for more than the half of my life, i love going to concerts, there’s no happier place for me than a music festival, i also ( like to thing ) read a lot and for the final trick i enjoy both good music and films. I am that average kid who happened to spend lots of years studying to become a scientist but one day actually noticed that he speeded more time drawing in his books and his class notes, which ended with him start focusing more on drawing than on the science itself. Despite this formality i like to think that i actual took something really nice from this years and kept everything related with the scientific method, logic reasoning and ( for me ) the true meaning of life. It was after my first year in Biology when, thanks or despite some unfortunate *THINGS that happened, when i finally decided to study design an make it a living out of it, so i signed as a graphic design student in ELISAVA and here we are.



GOOD OLD DESIGN STUDIO This is the most typical exit for any designer, but lets be true to ourselves, its how life goes and there is nothing bad about it, but, it’s very important for ourselves as designers to really work in a place where you can do what you do. I have been working in a Marketing Consultory Agency, and believe i have learned more than i can tell, my skills have been improved way more than i could expect, but i have never done anything creative yet, and i think that if you stop creating and evolving, something inside you dies. Thats why i would really like for a studio that is making a difference, and where you can enjoy even when you are working late hours to finish a project.

Of course there is always the second option, create your own studio, and i do really think that it might actually happen some day, and the moment it does happen i will work my ass to work for all those things i actually talked about before. In addition to other projects such as identity, graphic for the space (interior), posters, catalogues‌ If i had to choose some studios right now i would aim for HEY, LO SIENTO or OUTRO.

Getting to this point i will now stop talking about my life and motivations, even thought i must insist that each of them have a very important roll when talking about my designs. I must say that this now is the most difficult section of my portfolio, and don’t think i say this because i don believe in what i do because i do, but because of the variety of different projects that i have done such as personal, profesional or as a student. If i must describe myself when it comes to design i think that i would go for someone who likes to make an impact. I love contrasts, colors, bold typography and abstract figures and illustrations. Having something to do with my love for the sixty’s and the psychedelic music and graphics, i tend to try and use it when i’m working, so when it actually works it gets reflected on the final product. Furthermore i also like punk and chaos and destruction and irregularity, which is kinda similar to psychedelia but i always say that good psychedelia is represented in the most fine graphics. As far as my skills go, i do work comfortably with programs like illustrator and photoshop, must say that illustrator as my top tool, whenever i design i always keep this program open, even if i’m editing texts, i love to at least try and work with typography for example as a illustration. I also think of myself as a good illustrator myself, with my own style yes, which is not usually recurrent when it comes to fine designed projects, but i am pretty proud of my sketchbooks

and my free time drawings. And last but not least calligraphy. I would be lying if i told you i am an expert, but i was lucky enough to learn from two of the top calligraphers in the world and i haven’t stoped since i started. ( its a work in progress ) Just to finish this introduction for this last section, i have to say that even i do have what i like to say it’s my own style i also have notable skills when it comes to do any design i must. With this I’m only saying that i am kind of a chameleonic worker to, and ready to work in any project i have to and put my best effort in it.




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Juan Walter Millet Illustration & Design +34 619 056 481 Via Augusta 180 ent 1Âź 08021 Barcelona, Spain

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