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Wolfgang News John Marshall High School | September 2013

CNH Key Club Region 7 Division 3 South

Letter from the Editor

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We had a lot of fun events this past month, with a lot of new faces emerging. Were you one of them? If this is your first year in Key Club don’t shy away from volunteering because you don’t know anyone who’s going! Sign up anyway and meet new people! Make new friends, break out of your shell! That’s part of what Key Club is about, as our mission statement indicates: “Caring: it’s our way of life” September was kicked off with the Los Feliz Street Fair and played host to the Love Share 5k as well as our annual Regional Training Conference and culminated in the Thai Food Festival, with Ronald McDonald volunteering being the first and third Monday as always. October has a lot of fun things in store, so be sure to remember the Important Dates to follow later. Fall Rally is just around the corner, so be sure to get your member dues in ASAP! You MUST be a paid member to be eligible to go to Fall Rally so don’t delay! News regarding upcoming events will be presented throughout the month so check our Facebook page regularly! Howling for service, Your Bulletin Editor Raymond Lobaton

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Los Feliz Street Fair Love Share 5k Thai Food Festival Member of the Month

5. Officer of the Month 6. Important Dates

Los Feliz Street Fair

Volunteering at the Los Feliz Street Fair was my first time volunteering for Key Club, and it gratified me to be able to help my community. Personally, I found the experience to be a lot of fun. I was able to set up booths with my best friend and we had fun trying out various props. It felt really good to be able to people out, and it makes me look forward to the next event. Volunteering made me feel my role helping the community out is very significant, there should be a lot more people helping to better the community. I believe with more volunteers around it would improve the virtues of many people. I think it's great that Key Club does what it does: not only does it benefit the community but it also allows the members to feel a sense of fulfillment. -Janelle dela Cuerva

Love Share 5k The LoveShare5K was really an amazing event that I'm glad I went to. I made a whole new bunch of friends who I really had fun with! We cheered for the people who reached the halfway point of the marathon and, I admit, it was a really great feeling to have seen the smiles on their faces. We also received really cool shirts for volunteering and it was the very first shirt that I received for doing so! I was really excited and proud of myself to have helped them with the marathon. I'm planning to try to go on every key club event from now on!! -Kyla Yu

On September 14, 2013, my friends and I participated in the Love Share 5k, which worked towards honoring the officers and firefighters who served on 9/11, as well as raising funds for non-profit organizations such as those fighting childhood obesity. Although the event started out slowly with setting up chairs and tables, it turned out to be one of the most fun events I've ever been a part of as a Key Club member. After walking a decent distance from Wilshire/Western, our fellow Key Clubbers and I were put to the task of cheering on and encouraging the runners who reached the halfway mark of the 5k event. Armed with inflatable sticks, we screamed our lungs out and made so much noise I'm sure China heard our supportive cries. Seeing the happy and sometimes familiar faces of our Korea Town community was a marvelous sight to see. We saw little kids running their hearts out, the heart-warming sight of people with disabilities blazing through, and the average citizen working hard to reach the finish line. When a very old lady came through the half-way point, our friend Mark Shin was even able to snatch a kiss from her by being kind and giving her a stamp to signify that she's nearly there. At the end, on our walk back, we had a large section of Wilshire closed out to cars and there all for our enjoyment. It's been a long time since I've been able to run freely through the streets and enjoy Los Angeles for the beautiful city it really is. Being able to have a good time with my friends and seeing the happy faces of the runners made it one of the best events I've ever been to! -Khoa Tran

Thai Food Festival What is the Thai Food Festival? The Thai Food Festival is a cultural festival in which authentic regional cuisine from the four regions of Thailand can be tasted. Thai food vendors gather from all over to allow the guests to sample and savor their national dishes and delicacies. I couldn’t resist such an amazing opportunity to bring friends along and help set up this event and perhaps, try some of the foods. As this was the first annual event in Los Angeles, it was a brand new experience for all volunteers; however, we all felt very close to the friendly staff and enjoyed a great day at this wonderful festivity. While I only expected to receive hours for volunteer work and some food samples, friendships and beautiful memories that will last forever were created. Once there, the first person my friends and I met was Fursty Sarjai, the vice president of the Key Club, who gave us a very warm welcome. Little did we know that we’d build a strong friendship with him over the course of a few hours. As he showed us around, we met really nice and even famous chefs, such as Chef Jet. We were assigned a few tasks, such as distributing spoons, forks, ice, and water. It was during this we met some new faces from the club. One of the harder tasks that we were later assigned to had to have been filling up a tray with water and carrying it over to the booth.

Water kept spilling and my clothes were soaked by the end of the trip! After setting up for the event, the real fun began. Although I signed up for the 1pm to 3pm shift, I ended up staying until 6pm with my new and already acquainted friends. We saw the place come to life with people from many different backgrounds ushering in to try the cuisine. During this time, we handed out wristbands to the guests and bussed for trash, which were actually much more fun that they sounded. It was great seeing such nice guests, who complimented our assistance and our school. After a while, we were able to try some of the foods, which were out of this world. We were also provided with quality refreshments, such as Thai tea and coconut soda. As I didn’t really like coconut juice, I was skeptical of the soda, however, it was delicious! I recommended them to my friends and we shared the awesome experience of drinking them for the first time. As the sun was setting, I felt the disappointment sinking in as the event was ending. It felt really short and I was sad that we’d have to wait an entire year to return. Overall, it was a cultural experience that I will never be able to forget. Hopefully next year, more people can volunteer! I know I’ll definitely be going! -Brian Woo

Member of the Month

Lia Kim

For the month of September, the member of the month is our Lia Kim! Lia is a freshman in our wolf pack, but she has already established a reputation that raises her further than her high school level. This month she entered in Key Club International’s Shoe Contest and described why Key Club is a perfect fit for her. After Lia explained her interests in becoming a member of our “Ohana,” not only for serving her community, but also for the “perfect fit,” we knew that she was not an ordinary member. Only three months into the school year and Lia is already showing leadership qualities! Her passion to get involved in her neighborhood is inspiring, not only to her peers, but adults as well. Lia’s active participation is commendable; we are delighted that such a young individual has shown an interest in Key Club’s values. We can already see her ardor infecting her fellow wolves with a similar excitement for volunteering and a broader perspective in advancing our community as students!

Officer of the Month

For the month of September, the officer of the month is our Pakpoom Sarjai! Pakpoom is John Marshall Key Club’s recently appointed Vice-President. He is familiar to what the job entails, bringing fresh ideas to board meetings, and familiarizing with his fellow wolves quickly as well. This September, Pakpoom volunteered for the neighborhood Los Feliz Street Fair and Thai Food Festival and contributed plenty of proposals for the upcoming October month. At the street fair, he easily displayed his sociability with other students and eagerness to help community leaders with directions on setting up their vending stand. Furthermore, his recognizable talent of introducing our younger key clubbers to volunteer duties proved advantageous in maintain an efficient schedule. Pakpoom’s service at the Thai Food Festival also enlightened his capabilities as a leader through his enthusiasm to accomplish as much as he can with a positive attitude. We are glad to have Pakpoom on board in teaching students Key Club’s way of life and know that he will continue to strengthen our club’s bond as a wolf pack!

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Pakpoom Sarjai Vice President

Important Dates Date:

Name of Event:


Wednesday, 10/2/13

General Meeting

Held at the Boy’s Gym

Saturday, 10/5/13

Light the Night

Monday, 10/07/13

Ronald McDonald House

Interclub with Franklin, Stem, and Hollywood. Walking to help funding for a cure to blood cancer! 5 P.M. – 8 P.M.

Wednesday, 10/9/13

General Meeting

Held at the Boy’s Gym

Saturday 10/12/13

Kiwani’s Duck Splash

Sunday 10/13/13


Wednesday, 10/16/13

General Meeting

Held at Verdugo Park! Assist in manning a booth, helping out in the rubber duck race, and play with the kids! Fundraising and walking to help find a cure for AIDS! Go to our Facebook page for more info! 5 – 8 P.M.

Saturday, 10/19/13

Halloween Club Social

Monday, 10/23/13

Ronald McDonald House

The first major club social of the year! Dedicated to icebreakers, games, and meeting new people! Free snacks! 5 P.M. – 8 P.M.

Wednesday, 10/30/13

General Meeting

Held at the Boy’s Gym

2013-2014 Board

President: Anna Enriquez

Vice-President: Fursty Sarjai



Vice President: Marian Montano

Treasurer: Zhitong Qiu



Secretary: Janine Raymundo

Bulletin Editor: Raymond Lobaton



2013-2014 Chairs

Senior Class Rep: Tiffany Chan

Junior Class Rep: Ernestine Hong



Sophomore Class Rep: Arbyn Olarte

Historian: Michelle Simbajon Email:


Projects and Fundraising Chair: Colene Encarnado Email:

Freshman Class Representative: Nicole Luu Email:

3636 Woodview Terrace Indianapolis, IN 4668 – 317-875-8755 – US and Canada – 1-800-KIWANIS

John Marshall Newsletter September  
John Marshall Newsletter September