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Home of the D3S Wolves! John Marshall High School | May 2012

CNH Key Club Region 7 Division 3 South

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Hello fellow wolves! So far my job as John Marshall High School’s Bulletin Editor is flowing smoothly. I’m getting accustomed to working with my laptop a lot, and honestly, for Key Club it’s worth it. As I record what happens during events, I realize how more active we grow as citizens and how closer we’re growing as a family. I believe John Marshall High School is very successful in terms of members. We were able to start off with a lot of members and continue to have an acceptable amount. For every event we have, more volunteers participate to the point where we are known in D3S for always having the most members. This month, I was impressed when our members gradually overpopulated the May DCM. I’m really proud of how this club is growing and I only wish to publicize and show our club for the true success we are as a whole. Your Bulletin Editor, Arianna Dela Rosa

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Verdugo Hills 10K Trail Hike

Hi there Key Clubbers! It's been awhile since I've gotten the chance to sleep in on the weekends. Why? Well it's all because of the service-packed events we've been having. One of which was the Verdugo 10K Trail Hike Volunteering! Waking up at four in the morning and stumbling in the dark with boxes in hand, I didn't regret signing up for the event. I was put in charge of registration and I saw so many dedicated faces eager to run and trek through the mountain trails. It inspired me because of the spirit radiating from people both young and old. It was nice seeing genuine smiles of contentment as they reached the finish line. Someone actually came up to me and told me how proud he was of all the volunteers for dedicating their time to give back. He was enthralled by the fact that these young kids were already doing so much for others. He saw hope. Jeffrey Padilla

Key Clubbers were given the opportunity to help cheer on the runners by giving them water, support, and serving in any way possible. This volunteer work was definitely a good way for key clubbers to involve themselves in important events in the community. Many key clubbers set out for an early morning adventure to Verdugo Park to help volunteer at the 10K trail hike on May 6, 2012. A few people were asked to go to the start and finish line to help cheer on the runners. At the finish line, the tired faces of the runners changed to bright smiles when they heard our loud cheers urging them to end the race strong. Other key clubbers were asked to help at the water stations to hand out to the runners that had finished to rehydrate them. The runners really seemed to enjoy our radiating spirit and enthusiasm for volunteering. Chantal Mendoza

I attended the Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast earlier this month and the least I can say is "it was worth it". I helped load all the supplies the day before and I helped unload the next day. Helping the Kiwanis and talking to them was interesting and after all, they're part of the family too! Service itself already has a reward of its own, but I was ecstatic to indulge in the buffet of pancakes, sausages, and coffee with my fellow Key Clubbers!

Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast

Kevin Kim

My experience for the Pancake breakfast would be one that was unforgettable. At first, the fact that it was on a Saturday and it was early in the morning didn't really grab my attention. Yet is it Key Club after all. So I decided to go anyways. There, we folded pamphlets; help spread awareness for Key club, fundraised for the event, and of course, ate pancakes. That took about the whole day. The funny part was that Marshall Key Clubbers didn't arrive until 11; and I was there since 7. That point is that me and 1 other person only showed Marshall rep. since the early hours went directly to Hollywood High. The moment was amazing because not only I'm getting hours, I also met brand new friends. Plus, this was the first event I didn't go with my sister. That was a first. Despite the fact I'm not really a pancake fan, the event overall was one that will always be in my memories. Go Key Club! Aaron Dela Rosa

The Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast is an annual event in which pancakes are sold to raise money for their organization. Key Clubbers helped by setting up booths, chairs, tables, etc. This event helped us become closer to our fellow Kiwanis who made Key Club possible for all of us.

MacArthur Park Cleanup/May DCM As a division, many key clubbers from D3S worked together to throw away trash at MacArthur Park. Parks are an important part of society for keeping social interactions and maintaining a unity in the community; therefore, it is important to keep the area clean! Plastic bags and gloves were given to each member in order for everyone to do their duty and help clean up the park. A divisional meeting occurred beforehand, which informed key clubbers of the progress of other schools.

On May 28th, Division 3 South had its second DCM on its new term. Representatives from each clubs discuss their involvement within the community in the past month. Our Lieutenant Governor held a voting on what D3S’s colors would be. The initial colors, burgundy and gold, were invalid because it was a region color. Our second choice, blue and silver, was almost a unanimous vote. The LTG also encouraged members to send it cheer suggestions which would be used throughout the division. After discussing important matters, members at the DCM played icebreakers so members can be interactive amongst each other. These activities concluded the DCM portion of the day. After the DCM, members started cleaning up MacArthur Park as an act of service towards the community and also a commemoration for Memorial Day. After cleaning the park, members were treated to lunch and were given hotdogs and drinks. Since there were extra hotdogs, some members decided to feed the underprivileged people in the park. This only proved that Key Clubbers aren’t just there to do the work, but that they are also sincere in their hearts to offer a welcoming gesture to anyone and everyone. When the event came to an end, Key Club not only cleaned the park, but it also showed its purpose as unison. Muaz Jefri

Member of the Month

John Marshall Key Club would like to award Cynthia Wong as Member of the Month for May. This year has been her first year in Key Club and she has already proven to be a dedicated member. She grew from only attending general meetings to volunteering and attending numerous events like the Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast. She has also gone to John Marshall High School's Musical Theater and Key Club Social where she first fell in love with Key Club. Her attendance to her first Divisional Council Meeting this past month caused her to say that with each event her love for Key Club keeps on becoming stronger. Ever since then, she has become a great member and we hope that she continues to be one.

Officer of the Month

John Marshall proudly bestows the honor of Key Club’s Officer of the Month to Erik Guzman. He has been very active this month in terms of events. He attended Verdugo 10k Mountains, where he helped distribute water and cheered on for the runners along with other fellow Key Clubbers. He helped round up people to go and support our Yogurtland Fundraiser. He also helped volunteer at our school’s play and Fashion Show, where we sold hot dogs, chips, and beverages to people. As Spirit Chair, he was able to liven up the people and brings smiles to their faces even when there were some mishaps that had occurred. Erik has given us great support and has shown exemplary work as an officer. Even though it is only the beginning of our term, being benevolent as he is, he will continue going to future service events and bring joy to members and encourage them to come as well.

May 2012 Calendar


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Key Club Meeting/Volunteer for Mr. Fris’ show









Ronald McDonald House

Banquet Performance Meeting

Key Club Meeting



MacArthur Park Clean Up/May DCM

30 Key Club Meeting




Volunteer for Mr. Fris’ Show


Key Club Meeting






6 Verdugo Hills Volunteering



Lutheran Church Volunteering

Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast



Yogurtland Fundraiser

Musical Theater/Key Club Picnic



Fashion Show Volunteering





Upcoming Events/Projects Name of Function


Additional Notes

Aloha Dance Volunteering

Fri, 06/01/12

Held in Gym

General Meeting

Wed, 06/06/12

Held in Gym; Lunch


Sat, 06/09/12


Ronald McDonald

Mon, 06/11/12

5-8 P.M.

General Meeting

Wed, 06/13/12

Held in Gym; Lunch

General Meeting

Wed, 06/20/12

Held in Gym; Lunch

Ronald McDonald

Mon, 06/25/12

5-8 P.M.

Division 3 Banquet

Thurs, 06/28/12


Can tabs


25 can tabs per hour; If it is over 500, then 50 can tabs per hour


President - Jeffrey Padilla

Vice President - Bryan Mendez



Vice President - Chrisline Raymundo

Treasurer - Jorge Lopez



Secretary - Erick Reyno

Bulletin Editor - Arianna Dela Rosa



THE CHAIRS Erik Guzman Spirit Chair

Chantal Mendoza Historian

Kevin Vu Kim Fundraising Chair

Aaron Dela Rosa Member Relations

Marian Montano Freshmen Representative

Janine Raymundo Sophomore Representative

Anna Enriquez Junior Representative

Emily Dang Senior Representative


JMHS May Newsletter  

This newsletter contains key club events, articles, photos, and important news pertaining to the month of May.