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ped thoroughly dry, using a piece of cha mois sk in for this

end the usefulness of the r azor, unless the edge is ground back

theirs ar e super ior to all others and that they have at last pro-

r azors ar e di

. even this w ill not r emove all the moistur e, so the blade

past the rust spot. in such a case ther e is always the liability of

duced a r azor that is destined to r evolutionize shaving. if a man

rust; and ow

be dr aw n across the strop a few times, or else left exposed

not getting a good edge. in w iping the lather off the blade never

uses one he is less lik ely to cut himself, but this is a ll that can

if not quite

ir for a few moments until the little particles of moistur e

use a glazed or coarse paper. tissue paper is the best. man y over look

r easonably be said in their favor . of course, if it w er e impossible

mak e the cor

oved by the cloth have evapor ated. then you may r eplace

this point and by dr aw ing the blade str aight across a glazed or

to shave w ith the or dinary r azor w ithout cutting one's self, then

safety r azor

or in its case w ith the expectation of finding it in good

har d finished paper, tur n the edge, and then wonder why the r azor

the safety r azor would become a necessity. the truth is, how ever,

few years an

on w hen you next use it. rusting must be pr evented, espe-

has lost its keenness. dr aw the blade over the paper obliquely, away

that an yone w ho has a good k een smooth-cutting r azor, lathers

now in use. t

upon the edge, w hich seems to rust mor e quick ly than an y

from the edge, in the same dir ection as when stropping it. of r ecent

the face thoroughly, and w ill lear n if he does not alr eady k now,

microscope, p

art of the blade. a tin y rust spot on this delicate line, by

y ea rs a gr eat number of sa fet y r azors h av e been i n v ented a nd

how to handle the r azor proper ly, w ill run almost no danger. such

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