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Printed for Joel M. Hawkins be effected by first intention or by gr anulation. the end of the stump w ill be flat, or per haps slightly rounded, w ith a centr al depr ession cor r esponding to the end of the bone, and w ill in most instances be capable of sustaining consider able pr essur e. the w hole stump tapers symmetr ically, and is admir ably fitted to support the w eight of the body in the conical sock et of a moder n artificial limb. if this method is adopted in cases in w hich the tissues have become consolidated and adher ent to each other

r ee, upon the natur e of the lesion for w hich the a mputation

r for med. be sufficiently protected by the soft parte, and a

stump may be the consequence. this oper ation, ther efor e, an-

rs better for pr imary than for secondary a mputations, and i

k it can be show n that for the latter class of cases, another

hod (the double-flap oper ation of ver male) is to be pr efer r ed.

r esults of this oper ation, w hen per for med upon a proper class

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er ent sides of the limb, and w ill ther efor e depend, in a gr eat

in which, the phenomenon k now n as ph a ntom limb sy n drome is ex plor ed a n d used as a meta phor for emotiona l or u ni v ersa l loss. the book is used as a promotion for a ppleton's new pa per li ne ca lled r ecov er . demand a special descr iption. its chief peculiar ity consists in

is, nevertheless, so differ ent from the common oper ation as to

tion of the thigh and ar m, a method by circular incisions w hich

of a hollow cone. lar r ey and dupu ytr en adopted, in the a mputa-

the incisions ar e so managed as to give to the section the for m

tion of the soft parts. circular a mputation of the thigh, in w hich

the bone at the highest possible point above the level of the sec-

car e must be tak en to r etr act the muscles strongly, and to saw

sect up the sk in in the for m of flaps than of a cuff, and especial

project 01

the limb, dividing everything to the bone. a thir d, and, if ne

base of w hich the k nife is again applied, and again car r ied ro

sur face of the muscles at once assumes the for m of a cone, at

divides all the soft parts near ly or quite to the bone. the

possible, and the surgeon, by a single circular sw eep of the k

dupu ytr en. an assistant dr aws up the sk in and flesh as muc

circular incisions, and is most r eadily obtained by the metho

the bone the apex. this for m is the r esult of sever al consecu

w hich the cut margin of the sk infor ms the base, and the en

the for m of the section, w hich is that of a deep hollow cone,

PROSTHETIC SOUL Or, an experiment in Promotion and Amputation.

from the effect of pr evious infla mmation, it w ill be easier to dis-


mer ated, ar e such as leave little to be desir ed, w hether the cur e


of subjects and w ith a due r egar d to the thr ee points above enu-

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s must often be decided by the state of the integuments on


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