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in sh av ing themselves, a nd m a n y w ho, a fter a few u nsuccessful

thus in point of time, money and health, the man who shaves himself

given, will, with some little pr actice, soon be able to shave himself


attempts, give it up in despair and go to the bar ber shop. we believe

is a decided gainer . ther e ar e few things in life that ar e r ea lly

easily and even better than the bar ber can do it for him. first-class


most of these would much pr efer to shave themselves if only they

tools ar e necessary at the very outset. no matter how sk illfully » ior Titletools, they w ill in var iably produce poor one may handleterm infer


could do as w ell as a bar ber . the a dvantages, indeed, seem to be

difficult to per for m w hen one thoroughly k nows how to do them. project » Title shaving is no exception. the art of shaving can be easily acquir ed

w holly w ith the m a n w ho shaves himself. in the first place the

if one only has the w ill, and the necessary pr actical infor mation.

r esults. probably as man y failur es have r esulted from the use of


shaving is done in the pr ivacy if his ow n room. he has his ow n r azor,

this book, w hich, as far as w e ar e awar e, is the only one tr eating

poor r azors, strops, or soap as from the lack of k now ledge how to


cup, soap, brush and tow els, w hich can be k ept scrupulously clean

the subject at all completely, endeavors to supply such infor mation

use them. in or der that the best possible r esults may be attained,

of th

and sanitary. thus avoiding a constant danger of infection. ther e

; as w ell for the improvement of men accustomed to shave them-

good tools and sk ill in using them should go hand in hand. the

of co

is no long wait for the call of "next.'' after the first cost of the

selves, as for the instruction of begin ners. w e believe that a n y

shaving outfit should consist of one or two good r azors, a first-

in sel

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