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steep, and finally the gr aph becomes flat ; the plant has r eached

after the age of 10. it should be bor ne in mind, as cattell himself

this cor r esponds to the pupil who does not car e at ail whether he


its matur e height; grow th in height has ceased. figur es 17, 18, and

points out, th at these curves a r e based on aver ages. they show

succeeds or fails. a pupil w ith moder ate anxiety does better; he is

gr ap

19 ar e tak en from cattell's the scientific analysis of personality.

w hat happens in most cases as the individual r eceives the nor mal

wor r ied by the thought that he may not do w ell, so he wor ks and


they purport to show how a person's intelligence, social confidence,

a mount of batter ing from life. the search for patter n they need

pays attention. but if anxiety passes a certain stage, achievement

hum a

and enthusiasm ar e lik ely to change in the course of a lifetime. it

not apply to those w ho ar e particular ly shelter ed, particular ly

begins to fall again; the pupil does badly because he is wor rying


w ill be seen that intelligence seems to r each the top of the moun-

successful, or particular ly tough. those w hom the gods love may

too much. very high anxiety can produce a k ind of par alysis and


tain around 25 years of age, and to go steadily dow nhill until one

still be young at 70. cattell also gives a gr aph indicating the kind

the pupil achieves almost nothing. figur e 21 is tak en from stabil-

at 6 y

becomes old enough to be a pr ime minister. social confidence tends

of relationship that may be expected between the amount of anxiety

ity and change in human char acter istics (wiley, 1964) by b. s. bloom,

to 93

to r ise steadily; as you grow older you become less shy, mor e thick-

a pupil feels and how w ell he does at school. this gr aph is show n

of the u niversit y of chicago. the gr aphs show the i.q. scor es of

(d), fo


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