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m pr evailing w inds and stor ms enjoyment of particular views

compass, the pr incipa l objects to be k ept in v iew ar e: shelter

d the disposition of its var ious rooms in r efer ence to the points

d stor ms. aspect: w ith r egar d to the aspect of a dwelling-house,

lter another and mor e important one from pr evailing w inds

r e var ied aspects. one part can also often be so projected as to

ation to the high-pitched roof, gr eater pictur esqueness, and

nged for m, in its var ious modifications, ar e a mor e per fect ad-

o often ar e, a mer e char acter less box. on the advantages of the

n not easily be made pictur esque, but need not be, as such houses

ments of a dw elling. the con venience of the house as a whole must

have an influence in deciding the disposition of the var ious apart-

besides those mentioned in the pr eceding section should of course

of its coolness. ar r angement of booms: but other consider ations

in hot climates, a northern exposure is sometimes chosen on account

be avoided, our most disagreeable stor ms coming from that quarter.

middle states gener ally, a northeaster n aspect is, if possible, to

sur e is most desir able for the pr incipal rooms. in the norther n and

in cold and temper ate climates a souther n or southwester n expo-

affor ded by the situation; exposur e to or protection from the sun.

i n the pla ns pr esented i n other ch a pter s. h av i ng utilit y con-

together w ith those of other persons, w ill be found elabor ated

offer a few hints for gener al application. our ideas on this point,

families r equir ing pr ecisely the same accommodations. we can only

featur es, mode of construction, etc., will vary accor dingly, no two

the a r r a ngement of rooms, in common w ith the a rchitectur a l

pur pose, in its details, being a lmost infinitely var ied, of course

the entir e structur e to the pur pose for w hich it is er ected. this

the end to be secur ed is the most per fect adaptation possible of

not be sacr ificed to promote the comfort of a single apartment.

rooms, too, most closely r elated in their uses should be broug

consider ations w ill per mit, extended w ings and long passages. t

w e should study compactness, avoiding, so far as other importa

and con venience in per for ming the domestic labors of a househo

employ as few of them is possible. to promote the saving of lab

i n differ ent ones, r ather it desir a ble for ev en the w ea lth y

and the car es and vex ations attending the employment of bad

r ich as well as of the poor. the difficulty of getting good servan

ar r angement of rooms. this is necessary in the habitations of t

stantly in view, labor-saving must be made a prominent idea in o

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