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Âť Questioning the Suburban Dream


Âť Fall 2010


somew h at elevated site h as m a n y a dva ntages, beaut y of

another behind. one of the worst sites is the steep unifor m side of

all climates we should, if possible, secure a barrier either of higher

should be so

t, salubr ity and dry ness of air, facilities for dr ainage, etc.

a hill, closely sur rounded by other hills equally high and steep.

grounds or thick belts of tr ees (evergr eens ar e best) on the side

pear ance, bei

s gener ally compar atively difficult of access, and unless

the style of building you propose to er ect (if first decided upon)

of the house look ing in the dir ection from w hich violent stor ms

tr ees, etc.: a

ed on the north and w est by higher grounds or by belts of

must be considered with reference to this point. a plain, low cottage

most fr equently come. the north side of a high hill or r idge, wher e

a shelter and

leak and uncomfortable in w inter . some valleys, how ever,

very proper ly nestles in some quiet nook at the base of a hill or

the dir ect r ays of the sun would be excluded for a large portion

to the va lue

ally bleak, the w ind sw eeping through them w ith a pow er

r idge, while the mor e pr etending or namental villa may with equal

of the time, is entir ely u nfit for a building site, su nlight being

point, that w

n even on the hill-top. loudon says, that of all var ieties

propr iety crow n its summit. aspect: the choice of an aspect should

every where essential to health and comfort. in a northern climate,

such situati

sur face, the most desir able site is wher e a prominent knoll

be deter mined mainly by local and climatic consider ations ; a fr ee

a souther n or southeaster n exposur e w ith shelter ing hills on the

doubtless, pr

forwar d from a lengthened r idge, and w her e the latter

play for the cooling br eeze being essenti a l in one place, a nd a

north is gener ally pr efer r ed. in r efer ence to the main points from

not hope to l


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