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QUESTIONING THE SUBURBAN DREAM Is this still how we define success? in which, the impacts of a lack of susta i na ble subur ba n pla n ni ng on the hea lth a n d h a ppi ness of this a n d futur e gener ations is consider ed. as w ell as ways to use cur r ent methods a n d idea ls to cr eate a pr agm atic li v i ng space w ith the r esources w e a lr ea dy h av e. the book is the summ ation of a semester's worth of r esea rch a n d field wor k .

ok ing, as w ell as for washing. con venience of access: in m a n y

habits of the fa mily w ill have a controlling influence. one w ill

ground, w hich must, ther efor e, always enter into the account. it

tude: a s

es near ness to one's place of business, or to the r ailway station

seek the fr equent«d str eet or highway, while another will choose

sometimes costs mor e to pr epar e the grounds for building than to


stea mboat la nding, has natur a lly consider a ble influence in

a quiet lane or an out-of-the-way nook. it is not necessary, as man y

build the house. this is w ell enough w hen advantages ar e secur ed

— but is

er mining the choice of a lot. this circumsta nce should not,

seem to suppose, th at a fa r m-house or the r esidence of a m a n of

w hich r ea lly war r ant the outlay; but the circumstance should

shelter e

w ever, have too much w eight. an additional quarter of a mile

leisur e should be close to the highway. a sufficient distance from

have its due w eight in deter mining ones choice. the adaptation of

tr ees, bl

ded to the tr i-daily walk of a man of sedentary employments may

it to avoid the noise and dust, and secur e pr ivacy and quiet, is far

the sur rounding soil to the pur pose of cultur e and the grow th

ar e equa

an advantage r ather than otherw ise ; and often a much better

pr efer able; but at the sa me time, unless one desir es to cut himself

of tr ees may be consider ed under the same head. a good gar den plot

unk now

e can be obtained for the sa me a mount of money by for egoing

off from all intercourse w ith the wor ld, his house should be easy

in the vicinit y of the house is very desir able, but w e find little

of hilly

e slight a dva ntages of a mor e centr a l loca lit y. w her e mer e

of access. suitableness of ground: the cost of building, digging

soil in this country that may not easily be brought to the desir ed

stands f


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