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Âť Prosthetic Soul


Âť Fall 2011


of a semi-circle, whose r adius was equal to a fourth of the circum-

facilitates the coaptation of the soft parts and diminishes the

where the bone is to be saw n. great care should be taken to preserve

dir ec

fer ence of the limb at the point selected for the section of the

danger of injur ious tension upon the sutur es. another, and by no

the w hole thick ness of the muscles at the base of the flaps, and


bone. an incision was made in the course of the lines thus mar k ed

mea ns the least, mer it of this oper ation is the certa int y w ith

not to thin them except in the dista l ha lf of their length. the

of gu

out, through the integuments first, w hich w er e dr aw n upwar ds

w hich it enables an inexper ienced oper ator to mak e a good stump.

oper ation by tr ansfixion is the most r apid, and is the one gener-


by an assistant, and then obliquely through the muscles. after the

in this oper ation the length of the flaps must depend in some degr ee

a lly to be pr efer r ed, but ther e is no objection to either of the


soft parts wer e thus completely divided, the r etr actor was applied,

upon the r ange of contr actility of the muscles w hich enter into

other methods. in cutting from w ithin outwar ds, a little a ddi-

to la

and the bone saw n as high as possible bet w een the flaps. in this

their for mation, or, in other wor ds, the near er to the k nee the

tional skin may be saved by dr awing the integuments gently upwards

r ath

oper ation the for m of the flaps, owing to the tapering of the thigh,

a mputation is per for med the longer should the flaps be cut. as a

towar ds the body befor e cutting them through. the flaps may be

m ay e

is almost ex actly the sa me as in the method by tr ansfixion as just

gener a l rule, the length of the flaps should be equa l to thr ee

held in pr etty good contact w ith each other by str ips of adhesive



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