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Âť This Did Not Go Well


Âť Spring 2011


ng us to our next ingr edient: go to the post office and bu y

m agnesium). w hen the touch explosi ve is tor n or even squeezed

of dry ice to paint to the size of the can to how full it is. if you

that w ill di

lated (padded) en velope. you k now, the type that is double

har d it w ill ignite the pow der ed magnesium (sort of a flash light)

ar e r eally pissed off at someone, you could place it on their door-

or an ything

. separ ate the layers and place the mild ther mite in the

and then it w ill bur n the mild ther mite. if the ther mite didn't

step, k nock on the door, and then run!! paint w ill fly all over the

stuff 'em up i

ction, w her e the letter would go. then place m agnesium

blow up, it would at least bur n the fuck out of your enemy (it does

place! 14. ways to send a car to hell: ther e ar e 1001 ways to destroy

light it. stea

in the outer layer. ther e is your bomb! now to light it: this

wonders on human flesh!). 13. paint bombs: to mak e a pain bomb you

a car but i a m going to cover only the ones that ar e the most fun

br eak into t

r ick y part a nd har d to expla in. just k eep exper imenting

simply need a metal pain can w ith a r efastenable lid, a nice br ight

(for you), the most destructive (for them), and the har dest to tr ace

slide it into

ou get something that wor ks. the fuse is just that touch

color paint (gr een, pink, pur ple, or some gross color is per fect!),

(for the cops). place ther mite on the hood, light it, and watch it

you catch th

ve i have told you about in another one of my anarchy files.

and a quantity of dry ice. place the paint in the can and then drop

bur n all the way through the pavement! tape some coy bomb to the

is also called

ht want to w r ap it lik e a long cigar ette and then place it

the dry ice in. quick ly place the top on and then run like hell! w ith

hood, a x le, gas ta nk, w heel, muffler, etc. put the ta mpon, dirt,

tor, etc. now


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